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TreeHouse Info Booklet

TreeHouse specializes in helping buyers, sellers, and developers navigate the urban Denver market. This is our informational booklet. If you or anyone you know is looking for guidance in your search for real estate in Denver, look no further!


SPECIAL ASSETS SPECIAL ASSETS TREEHOUSE BROKERAGE & DEVELOPMENT TREEHOUSEDENVER.COM It is no secret that today’s real estate market is very internet driven. At TreeHouse, we believe that the internet will never replace a skilled transactional broker, but acknowledge the importance of our online presence. We are committed to search engine optimization (SEO) and understanding how people find brokers on the internet. We also place great importance on prominent internet presence for all TreeHouse listings. It is our job to ensure your listing stands out from all that is out there and sells quickly! WEEKLY SALES MEETINGS At TreeHouse, we focus on conducting meaningful and comprehensive company-wide sales meetings each and every week. These meetings are designed to promote collaboration within TreeHouse (activity breeds activity), provide crucial market information, and encourage sharing of wisdom and resources to benefit all broker associates. We believe these regular meetings help create a fun yet competitive environment that leads to more purposeful and productive broker associates. TREEHOUSE BRAND Our brand is a unique and special aspect of the TreeHouse business. We fit between the stodgy national brokerage chains that ignore local markets, and the small mom-and-pops without the bandwidth to grow. Our brand represents our relevant and sophisticated brokerage business that proudly reflects our definite place in the growing Denver real estate market. We all know brand is important in real estate, and TreeHouse has the local name recognition and track record to help you meet your goals in this competitive market.

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