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Traditions Dear Thy - Milton Hershey School


Milton HersHey scHool ® AluMni MAgAzine

Traditions Dear

spring 2012

fellowship weekend 2012

Celebrating 50 years in business: Capozucca Brothers • Alumnus teaches respect and

stewardship for marine environment • MHS moves from couch to 5K

Welcome from... Nicole Rode

greetings, Alumni!

i am honored to

write to you about

my experiences with

Milton Hershey

school as a first-year

teacher. i wasn’t sure

where to begin until i

was sitting in church

and our pastor said,

“never give up on

your dreams…” My

thoughts went to

December 2008 when

i was introduced to

Milton Hershey school

as a student teacher. From the moment i stepped foot on campus, i knew it was

my dream to serve the students in this school and uphold the values and mission

that make this the greatest school ever established.

i student taught in a fourth-grade classroom and remember learning so

much about being a good teacher. What was most visible was not how much

knowledge my mentor teacher had about academics, but the amount of respect

she had for each one of her students and the importance of teaching character

education. it was obvious to me that if i wanted to teach here, i had to do more

than know how to teach curriculum. i had to make this experience personal and

invest my time, emotions, and myself in order to get the most out of my students,

being here, and appreciating all that the school has to offer.

By the time my student teaching experience was over, i wanted nothing more

than to be a fourth-grade teacher in the exact room where i student taught. As

luck would have it, there would be a fourth-grade position coming available after

i graduated in May 2009. MHs had changed my life, and teaching our kids had

forever made a positive impact on me! i was certain this was the time i would

finally live out my dream to be a teacher at MHs and serve kids in need, kids

who also taught me that i needed them.

i applied, did mock interviews, was observed by the principal and veteran

teachers, and guess what? i didn’t even get interviewed for the job. i knew in my

heart that i was meant to teach at MHs, so i decided to do more. i applied to

be a substitute for the rest of the 2009 school year. Afterwards i taught summer

school at MHs for two years while i started my career as a teacher in another


When i applied for year three of summer school, i was informed of an

available fourth-grade teaching position. never giving up the dream i had to

work side by side with the greatest teachers and students i have ever met, i

applied. today, i am happy to say i am living my dream as a fourth-grade teacher

in the exact room where i student taught three years ago. every day i walk in the

door, i feel so blessed to be a part of one of the greatest missions in the world: to

serve kids in need, whom i need as well.

nicole rode

MHs Fourth-grade teacher




The Mission of “Thy Traditions Dear

is to share the stories of the Milton

Hershey School family with our alumni,

students, staff and retirees in honor

and celebration of our founders,

Milton & Catherine Hershey.

Advisory Board

Lew Webster

Sr. Director, Student Character &


Fonati Ward ’01

Lead Transitional Living Coordinator

Pastor Mike Wagner

Director, Religious Education

Sharon Hufford

Associate Director,

Middle Division Home Life

John Hanawalt ’70


Kim Garosi

Admin. Assistant, Elementary Division

Doreen Garman

Coordinator, Alumni Campus

John Forry

Home Life Training Specialist

Tracy Fellin

Coordinator, School Communications

Deanna (Bradley) Slamans ’91


Susan Alger

Coordinator, School History


Catherine Skena

Coordinator, Alumni Programs

Assistant Editor

Ralph Carfagno ‘73

Sr. Director, Alumni Relations & Programs


Traditions Dear

Milton HersHey scHool ® AluMni MAgAzine

spring 2012

fellowship weekend 2012

Celebrating 50 Years in Business: Capozucca Brothers • Alumnus teaches respect and

stewardship for marine environment • MHS moves from couch to 5K

More than 700 students, staff, alumni

and guests participated in the second

annual MHS Alumni Association Cancer

Care 5K on April 21. Proceeds from the

event have surpassed $15,000, and will

be used to provide assistance to alumni

who are battling cancer. Pictured, from

left, are eighth-grade student Amanda

Dayton, seniors Paul Lyons and Abayomi

Olaogun, Bill Coskey ‘79, and eighthgrade

student Leila Asemani.



2 Celebrating 50 years in

business: Capozucca Brothers

6 Alumnus teaches respect and

stewardship for marine environment

12 MHS moves from couch to 5K


4 School and Student News

8 Department of School History

10 Fellowship Weekend 2012


14 Alumni Relations News

16 Alumni Association News

and Class Notes





Thy TradiTions dear 1

As they celebrate the 50th anniversary of capozucca

Brothers plumbing and Heating in pittston, Al ’54 and

ray ’57 capozucca know their lives could have turned out

quite differently without the wisdom of their mother and

the generosity of Milton s. Hershey.

in 1945, their father died of black lung disease—the result

of working in the coal mines near their home in pittston.

their mother struggled to raise three young boys on social

security benefits, prompting their oldest brother, reno, to

quit eighth grade and work in the mines. not wanting to lose

her entire family to the mines, their mom took the advice

of a family friend, Dino stella ’41, an MHs (then Hershey

industrial school) graduate from a nearby town, and found

what promised to be a better way for her youngest sons.

Al and ray arrived at MHs in september 1949. ray

was going into fifth grade, and Al

started in eighth grade. the opportunity

to learn a trade at the school would give

them options other than working in the

mines or the factory back home. they

both wanted to be carpenters, but their

uncle Arthur encouraged them to learn

the plumbing trade so they could work

all year long and work indoors.

the boys were close, living together

at green Hill for all but one year of their

time together at the school. When they

needed to speak to each other privately,

they spoke in italian, a skill they learned

from their mother and grandmother.

Both recall their years at MHs

fondly. they worked hard and bonded

with their classmates. Many of their

friendships continue today through their

involvement in the alumni association

and participation in MHs events.

2 Thy TradiTions dear

Celebrating 50 years in business:

Capozucca Brothers credit Milton

Hershey with giving them their start

By Emily Nardella

“i have only missed three homecomings,” says Al, who

sometimes made six to seven trips to the school each year,

“two when i was in the service and in germany and one

when my son was born.”

“the friendships, the closeness we had. it’s an

experience that you go through—like being in the service.

it’s hard to explain,” says ray. “our ties are still very

strong. My dearest friends for more than 60 years are [the

late] Bob Adair ’57 and Dave Bowser ’57. i still keep in

touch with Bob’s wife, Bev, and Dave. these are guys you

will never forget in your life. they used to call us home

boys, and they knew what they were talking about.”

in addition to building friendships, they learned their

trade as their mother wisely put their social security

benefits into savings.

“our teachers and houseparents were

all super people. they looked out for

our betterment. their hearts were in it,”

says ray.

“it was a very special place,” says

Al. “through the legacy of his school,

Mr. Hershey took over where my

father couldn’t and gave me a home

and education. i always said i had two

fathers—the one who brought me into

this world and Milton Hershey.”

they were thankful for the

opportunities at the school but looked

forward to returning to pittston. Al

declined an offer to work for the

Hershey estates after graduation, and

ray, who excelled in wrestling, turned

down a college wrestling scholarship.

they both worked for area plumbers

when they got out of school and learned

the electrical trade on the job.

the desire to stay rooted

in pittston fueled ray’s

decision to start the business

after both brothers completed

military service. He was

frustrated by the wages

contractors paid him and

vowed he would start his own

business or move to a larger

city to find work. When

he started his plumbing and

electrical business in the

spring of 1962, he quickly

accumulated more work than

he could handle alone and

convinced his brother to join

him that fall.

the young capozucca

brothers were very

compatible in business. they shared the same work ethic

and put in long hours, often working seven days a week.

in the late 1970s, a good family friend died, and they

purchased his retail fuel and oil burner business, adding it

to their complement of services.

“it’s been great. We’ve worked for one big boss—the

public. We never had a day off, but we never had to lay

anyone off either,” says Al. “We were very fortunate to

have rewarding work that has enabled us to live a good,

comfortable life in an area that’s very depressed.”

Milton Hershey school gave me my life. it’s that

simple,” says ray. “they educated us in a trade and gave

us the opportunity to stay with it and earn a good living.

We’ve been able to give our children so many opportunities

because of it.”

While they both regret missing time with their

budding families, there is satisfaction in having created a

strong business for the next

generation of their close-knit

family to carry on. Al retired

in 2005, giving his half of

the business to his son, Allan.

Al’s wife, pat, continues

handling bookkeeping for the

company as she has for more

than 30 years. ray’s son,

ray, Jr., is prepared to assume

the other half of the business

when ray retires in a couple

of years.

Al wishes he could have

personally thanked Milton

Hershey, who died just four

years before they came to his

school, for the opportunities

he was given, and he has

uttered many quiet thank you’s to him throughout his life.

“i thought about Milton Hershey many times while i

was out on the road in the middle of the night to make

a repair,” says Al. “that school was my life, and saying

‘thank you’ helped keep me going. He never left my mind.”

“if it weren’t for Mr. Hershey, i don’t know what we

would have done. Mom didn’t have the money to send us

to college. We would have had to work in the factory like

all the other kids. He made our life everything it is today.

We owe that to the Milton Hershey school,” says ray.

their mother made the sacrifice of sending her two

youngest sons away to school for several years, but she had

many years to be proud of their success. she died just seven

years ago at the age of 94. ray claims that, although she

only had an eighth-grade education, her decision to let

them go to Milton Hershey school proved just how smart

she was.

Thy TradiTions dear 3

The Student Voice

10th-Grader writes

about District Chorus


by Riviera Sperduto,

MHS Sophomore

As the choir began to sing and

the voice parts melded together

at the start of the first rehearsal,

you could tell that this was not

your ordinary choir. i came into

Waynesboro High school not knowing what to expect, wondering if it was

going to be similar or different than the District chorus. When i walked into the

auditorium, my old friends from District chorus came in to greet me warmly,

almost immediately. it was a welcoming experience like no other. i also made

some new friends there, and they were just as friendly as my old District chorus

friends were. i made a great connection with them over those three days and i

will not forget the experiences i had with them. Also, i auditioned for All-state

chorus while there. it was nerve-wracking, but i still managed to do my best on

it. overall i placed 12th out of 26, so i was six places away from going to Allstate.

i am proud of what i did, and i am going to work my hardest so that i can

improve my skills and hopefully go to All-state next year. When it came time

for the concert, all 200+ of us put forth our best efforts and created a spectacular

concert. As a kid only in high school, i am looking to try to pursue a career in

musical theater and hope to be up on the big stage of Broadway someday.

Student finds success by

choosing health lifestyle

by Deleila Alloui, MHS Junior

A healthy lifestyle entails

making various changes in

your life that include eating a

well-balanced diet, exercising

regularly, and maintaining a happy

and stress-free life. At Milton

Hershey school, we recognize

the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles to both the student body and the

faculty on our campus. this year, our goal is to make sure that we all not just

learn about the factors of being healthy, but also make these factors part of our

everyday lives.

the school has been doing it through various activities on campus, such as

zumba dance classes, keeping the fitness room open daily, and even holding

workout sessions after school. the students have been meeting this goal by taking

part in these activities, and they are slowly changing their lifestyles in a positive

way. the student government Association has been encouraging these students

through posting interesting facts around campus and awarding the students who

are taking part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

it is important to know that anybody can obtain their personal goals if they

are willing and determined. last year, i decided that i needed to change my

lifestyle to be healthier, which included eating better, and working out more.

After about half a year, i lost 50 pounds. this just shows that determination in

meeting your fitness goals can get you very far.

4 Thy TradiTions dear

Senior learns to be better

leader through wrestling

by Sharron Townsend, MHS Senior

Wrestling to me is more than just

a hobby or an activity; it’s my life. i

have been wrestling for four years.

i joined wrestling because i knew

it could teach me a lot, and that it

did. it taught me how to become a

champion, how to battle, and how to

be a better leader.

in wrestling, i was always

surrounded by people similar to

myself -- young, full of energy,

motivated for success, and self-less.

everyone was there to push others.

i can recall one kid who never

wrestled a varsity match, but yet he

came to practice day in and day out

to give 100 percent every day. even

though he didn’t wrestle as much,

he knew that because of his efforts

he was bettering someone else. We

strongly believe, “team above self.”

the toughest time for me was

when we started post-season. things

just weren’t the same without all of

the guys in the room. i had to adjust

to that. time was winding down

and there were things that i still had

wanted to accomplish. We worked at

stepping things up in the room, and

the results showed. Wrestlers made

names for themselves and represented

Milton Hershey well. one wrestler

in particular, omri Johnson, had an

incredible career, not to mention one

of the best seasons he has had yet,

ending as a two-time state qualifier

to join me on the wall with my

sixth-place finish in the state piAA

Wrestling tournament.

Senior David Demler

receives Manada

Conservancy Environmental

Achievement Award

Milton Hershey school ® senior

David Demler has been named a

recipient of a Manada conservancy

environmental Achievement Award by the Hummelstownbased

Manada conservancy. the award is given annually

to a high school senior from MHs, as well as lower

Dauphin and Hershey High schools, who has “excelled in

environmental studies and contributed to the stewardship

and protection of natural resources.” Winners receive a

cash award and a conservancy membership.

Demler, of newville, has been an MHs student since

seventh grade. He served as an environmental education

department intern since ninth grade and has participated

in numerous activities promoting good environmental

practices at MHs. He also is a member of the ice hockey

team and participates in the art media co-curricular


currently, Demler has an internship with great saves

productions at the giAnt center in Hershey. He plans

to attend point park university in pittsburgh to major in


“He really ‘gets it, when it comes to being green,”

said crystal Huff, director of MHs Agricultural and

environmental education. “While his career ambitions

are not in the environmental field, he has developed an

environmental ethic that will help him to be a good citizen

of the planet earth.”

the Manada conservancy is a land trust — a local,

non-profit organization — dedicated to the preservation of

the natural, historic, agricultural, and scenic resources of

Dauphin county and to the promotion of environmental


Tops in


senior John

Blanton left the

April skillsusA

state competition

with a gold

medal in related

technical Math,

while senior emily schurgin earned a silver medal

in culinary Arts. skillsusA is a national nonprofit

organization serving teachers and high school and college

students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical,

and skilled service occupations. congratulations to the

medalists and all of MHs’s state competitors, pictured

here with co-Advisor Josh Brunk ’05. From left, Kaylee

Kilgore, tyrone robinson, Brunk, Anna Marhefka, John

Blanton, and emily schurgin.

School and Student News

Agricultural Secretary visits MHS class

in recognition of national teach Ag Day, March 15,

pennsylvania secretary of Agriculture george greig

stopped by nick isenberg’s Agriculture and natural

resources class. pictured here are, from left: Brittany

strausser, Krystal Moore, lily o’Brassill, tevin scott,

shakira Morales, ryan lake, robert guseman,

secretary greig, saraBeth royer, and Jenna Mosser.

royer and Mosser both are pennsylvania FFA officers.

secretary greig also presented isenberg with a certificate

commending him for excellence in agriculture education.

Visit to Twizzler


eighth-graders Jerrica

Bechtold, gianna trivett,

and Jabesso yadeto shinka

model the latest in hairnet

fashion while visiting y&s

candies, the Hershey

company subsidiary that manufactures twizzlers licorice.

the students and adults, paired with their student homes

through project Fellowship, toured the plant in April. More

than 700 people – including students and staff from 35 student

homes – attended the event. project Fellowship volunteers

comprise staff from the Hershey company, Hershey

entertainment & resorts, the M.s. Hershey Foundation, and

the penn state Milton s. Hershey Medical center.

Good dog!

sixth-grader gavin

Harris works with lucy,

a service dog in training.

sharon stalker and her

husband Brian, houseparents

at student home sherman,

have trained numerous

dogs over the years for

susquehanna service Dogs.

students in the home can volunteer to assist with the care

of the dogs. sharon was featured in March in a story on

ABc27 for her work with the service dog organization.

Thy TradiTions dear 5

At Aquarium of the Pacific,

alumnus teaches respect and stewardship

for marine environment By Perry Hampton ’76

i recently had the distinct pleasure of hosting a dinner

and reception with Milton Hershey school and the

MHs Alumni Association for alumni who live in the

southwest united states at the Aquarium of the pacific in

long Beach, calif., where i am vice president of animal

husbandry. it was great to see all the alumni, most of

whom i had never met, and just a few who i remembered

from my days at MHs. everyone seemed to enjoy the

evening with updates and comments from senior

Director of Alumni relations and programs

ralph carfagno ’73, chair of the Hershey

trust company and the MHs Board of

Managers robert cavanaugh ’77, and

member of the Board of Directors and

Hershey trust company Joe senser ’74. i

was thrilled that MHs chose to hold the

event at our aquarium.

Working in the public aquarium field is

admittedly a rather unusual profession, and

certainly not something i ever imagined

that i would be doing when i was a student

at MHs. like many of the other students

who experienced working in the barns at

6 Thy TradiTions dear

the time, i wasn’t thrilled about having to go out in the cold

mornings to have my feet stepped on, or my face slapped by

a cow’s wet tail, but even then i had a special affection for

the animals which i’m sure somehow helped guide me into

my later career. of course, the animals that my staff and i are

responsible for now are a far cry from the cows at MHs.

i learned over the years, however, that whether it’s a

cow, shark, snake or sea otter, caring for them requires

patience, attention to detail and, most of all, a deep

sense of responsibility. the animals don’t care

that you had a tough day yesterday, or that

it’s a holiday, or that you really want to cut

out early today to get to the game. they

depend upon us for everything, so we have

to deliver. the work and study habits i

developed at MHs helped to instill those

View of the Long Beach Aquarium’s Great

Hall of the Pacific, featuring a life-sized model of

an adult blue whale and calf.

Perry moving a Southern Pacific rattlesnake

that was loaned to the Aquarium from the

Los Angeles Zoo as part of an exhibit featuring

venomous animals.

values in me as a young student, and i try to

pass them along to my staff.

i started as a volunteer at the new england

Aquarium in Boston, shortly after graduating

from long island university, where my

interest in all things related to the ocean was

cultivated. it was also where i met my future

wife Jackie. We soon moved to Maryland,

where i was fortunate enough to get a

position at the newly built national Aquarium

in Baltimore. i ended up spending 15 years

there, caring for most of the animals in the

collection at one time or another, supervising

the volunteer diving program, and eventually

serving as assistant curator of fishes.

in 1997, after talking it over with my

family, we decided that it was time for a

change of venue and moved to long Beach,

where the Aquarium of the pacific was under

construction. i became one of the curators

responsible for hiring staff, building animal

holding facilities and acquiring the specimens

that would eventually make their way into the

Aquarium’s displays.

i am extremely fortunate to have been

able to pursue a career that puts me in daily

contact with lots of interesting and unusual

animals, but the best part without any doubt,

is the opportunity to work with a great group

of people who are highly motivated and

passionate about their work.

it is especially rewarding to see the

reactions of our guests, particularly children,

as they marvel at the strange, but

often beautiful, creatures

behind the glass. our

goal, however, is to

be more than a

building full of

pretty fish. We

hope that our

visitors will

leave with a

greater sense

of respect and


for the marine

environment, and

from what they are

telling us, it seems to be


Perry briefs other staff members before a specimen

collection dive in California’s Northern Channel Islands.

Guests watch as volunteer SCUBA divers work in

the Aquarium’s Blue Cavern exhibit.

Thy TradiTions dear 7

Department of School History

History’s Mystery: A second date stone on

The Homestead

recent renovations to the birthplace of Mr. Hershey

uncovered an unusual architectural feature – and one

hidden from view for more than 100 years.

When isaac

and Anna

Hershey, great


of Mr.

Hershey, built

the stone

portion of

the Homestead in 1826, they included a date stone on the

second floor over the main entrance. A recent renovation

to the front porch exposed the original brownstone

entrance stoop. A closer examination of the stoop proved

this to be no ordinary stoop, but a second date stone also

inscribed with the date of 1826.

the appearance of two date stones with the same

date is not uncommon in this area of pennsylvania. in

recognition of the pennsylvania german heritage of the

area, a farmhouse might include one stone in german, like

the one on the second floor stone at the Homestead, and

a second adjacent stone in english. What is unusual is that

the second stone located in the stoop only includes a date,

yet appears to be in the same style and hand as the secondfloor


the reason

behind the

location of the

stone is also a

mystery. Did the

Hersheys change

their mind? Did

they decide they

wanted more

than just a date

to appear on their stone? Being good pennsylvania german

farmers, perhaps they then decided to reuse the stone –

taking advantage of its size and strength and recycling it for

a very practical purpose.

While we may never know the answer, the stone

has been removed from its place of hiding and placed in

storage at the MHs Heritage center. A solid piece of stone

measuring slightly longer than four feet long and two

feet deep, its sheer size and weight prevent its immediate

exhibit, though visitors can request to see the stone on their

next visit.

8 Thy TradiTions dear

Students march in Hershey Memorial Day


A contingent

of students again

honored Milton

Hershey school’s 55

gold star alumni in

this year’s Hershey

Memorial Day

parade on May 28. A

number of students who participated last year have already

expressed interest to march again this year. Many positive

comments about the school’s participation were received,

including this from a local resident, “At the Memorial Day

parade yesterday, the most moving tribute was the senior

Division Milt group, with the gold star…with the t-shirts

that had a photo of a fallen Milt. there was clapping from

everyone who saw that group...What honor they paid to

those fallen.”

Test your knowledge of cultural fun facts

the “centennial timeline” located in the Milton

Hershey school Department of school History at

Kinderhaus highlights 16 watershed events in the life of

the school between the signing of the Deed of trust by

Mr. and Mrs. Hershey in 1909, to the year-long, schoolwide

centennial celebration in 2009. A new interactive

component to the timeline allows students and visitors

to test their knowledge of popular culture and American

history for each of those 16 years. the activity is

appropriate for children of all ages and can be completed by

individuals, families, and even adults. We invite you to test

your knowledge on your next visit!

Fun Fact Answer

The Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies. Pirates win 8-5. The game was

broadcast from the studios of KDKA with sound effects since the announcers

were not present at the game, but simply given reports from a telegraph wire.

Thank You, donors,


the Department of school

History thanks the following people

who donated objects and/or photos

to the MHs Heritage center at

Kinderhaus as of April 30, 2012.

it also extends appreciation to

those who shared objects with the

center. if anyone has inadvertently

been missed, please contact the

Department of school History so

the listing can be included in an

upcoming issue.

Donald Allender ’51

terry Baylor

nelson Durand, HM

stacey Fink

Brian garman

John geist ’37

Harrisburg Veterans center

gary Hawbaker

Harry Heath ’60

Millie landis-coyle

gerald long ’55

Bruce McKinney ’55

Joseph Meizen ’55

Michael Mulderig ’71

luther o’shell ’58

lois peterman, HM

Jane seiverling

Jennie stella

Department of School History

Alumnus added to Gold Star exhibit

A new gold star alumnus and casualty of the

Korean War is now part of the exhibit in the

Founders Hall Heritage room. corporal paul

H. rickmers ’48 was killed sept. 15, 1951, in an

automobile accident in Arkansas enroute home from

randolph Field, texas, where he was stationed with

the Air corps. An article in the november 1951 The

School Industrialist reported that, “paul was well-liked

by all.” paul learned the printing trade at Hershey

industrial school and worked for the Morning Press in

Bloomsburg before joining the Air corps. An article

in that paper a few days after his death confirmed

his former classmates’ view, “it is going to be quite a

time until most of us around the office will come to

realize fully that the lad with the sunny smile won’t

be dropping in anymore to say ‘hello.’”

What do Dan Marino, Godzilla, and SpongeBob

SquarePants have in common?

At one time or another, each of these

personalities has been immortalized in

chocolate by the Hershey company.

next time you are on campus, take

some time to visit Kinderhaus and see

the variety of molds — both metal and

plastic — that help trace the history

and evolution of the chocolate-making

process. thanks to the generosity of the

Hershey company, students and visitors

now have the opportunity to handle

molds once used in production, trace

past marketing and promotional tie-ins

with outside companies, and observe how

the molding process has changed from

Mr. Hershey’s earliest years in lancaster

to the present. this exhibit is an effort

to better enhance the overall heritage

curriculum of the MHs Department of

school History and to better connect our

students with a specific aspect of their

own legacy.

Revisit the days of Camelot at Homecoming

Do you have fond memories of the camelot room? Be sure to include

a visit to the clyde stacks gallery as part of your 2012 Homecoming

schedule. the gallery will be transformed into a realm of valor, honor,

courage, and good manners. if you have any photos of the camelot room,

please contact susan Alger at or (717)520-2010.

Thy TradiTions dear 9

10 Thy TradiTions dear





Thy TradiTions dear 11

MHS moves

from couch

to 5k

By Deanna (Bradley) R. Slamans ‘91

Q: What


12 Thy TradiTions dear

do you get when you combine

six houseparents, 65 students, and

two home life administrators, three

afternoons a week for two months?

The first ever Couch-to-5K® training

program at Milton Hershey School!

During the winter months, on the campus

of MHs, students and houseparents find

it difficult to remain active outdoors due

to the busy days and shorter evenings. But

this past February, a group of houseparents

and students decided to start a new running program that

trains participants for a 5K race, 3.1 miles.

the training program is called couch-to-5K ® and

was started by cool runnings © , a run training program

that boasts becoming fit enough to run a 5K in just two

months. the program is nine weeks long and utilizes a

three-days-a-week run/walk method that slowly increases

the amount of time running while decreasing the amount

of time walking.

For example, during the first week of training,

participants are walking 90 seconds and running 60

seconds, alternating that walk/run method for up to 25

minutes. it is designed to slowly train your heart, body and

mind to the runner’s world.

As the training continued, the transformation began to

take place. students became more and more excited about

how long they were able to keep running. even the faster,

fit runners began to encourage the slower ones to keep

Above and on the facing page: MHS students line up before the first

race on May 2.

going, reminding them that they could

do it.

one student shared that she has used

her inhaler less, since she started the

program, sleeps better at night and lost

four pounds during the first two weeks

of training.

During the fifth and sixth weeks of

training, the intervals increase to 10

minutes of running and only three or

five minutes of walking, or recovery

time, for a total of 25-35 minutes. As

students began to run longer and faster,

they started to get excited about running a 5K.

they were able to show off all of their hard work during

the annual campus-wide Fitness Walk on May 2. the walk

is sponsored by the MHs Health and Fitness committee,

and the committee invites the school’s more than 1,800

students, along with houseparents and staff, to walk a 5K.

the couch-to-5K participants decided that, with their

training completed, they were going to run the entire

course. Along with the 70 couch-to-

5K runners, another 130 students and

staff members came out to run with the

participants, making it a race for 200


the MHs Fitness Walk is not the

only race in which MHs students

participated during the school year.

Houseparents and students ran in the

chocolate tour, a 10K race, or 6.2

miles, to help raise awareness for cancer.

Houseparent Aimee sonderman has

run a 5K each month of the school year

with her student elijadah Warner.

couch-to-5K students and staff were selected as MHs

Wellness Warriors for the month of April because of their

commitment to fitness.

Editor’s Note: The writer, Deanna Slamans ’91, is one of the

houseparents who participated in the Couch-to-5K program.


to MHS Wellness Revolution

the spartan Fitness room is a hub of activity before the sun comes up. Many

Milton Hershey school students are not only awake at 6 a.m. — but they’re actually up

and running. But that is not all MHs students are doing to embrace the spartan Wellness

revolution, the healthy living initiative the school launched at the beginning of the

school year. the school also made significant changes to student home and dining hall

menus. And entire student homes are joining the “revolution” by bicycling together,

walking together, and other activities that will set the course for a healthy future.

the goal is to effect a true change of mindset and practice among MHs students.

the school wants them to take responsibility for their individual health and fitness by

making wise food and beverage choices, getting enough exercise, limiting screen time

and getting adequate rest. “And, we want them to learn those habits so they carry them

into adulthood,” MHs president Dr. Anthony colistra ’59 said. “that’s a lesson that

will last a lifetime.”

Thy TradiTions dear 13

Alumni Relations News

Alumni re-connect at regional events

More than 80 gather for Florida Alumni Dinner

Alumni and their guests had an opportunity for

fellowship and an update about MHs and the MHs

Alumni Association on saturday in orlando. Among

those representing the MHs Board of Managers, MHs

and MHsAA were gen. richard zilmer ’70 (ret.), Dr.

Anthony colistra ’59, ralph carfagno ’73, catherine

skena, Amy (Mccloskey) tobin ’86, and Mark sauder ’95.

More than 60 gather for California Alumni Dinner

Alumni and their guests had an opportunity for

fellowship and an update about MHs and the MHs

Alumni Association on saturday at the Aquarium of

the pacific, long Beach, calif., where alumnus perry

Hampton ’76 is vice president of husbandry. Among those

representing the MHs Board of Managers, MHs and

MHsAA were Board chair Bob cavanaugh ’77, Board

Member Joe senser ’74, MHs senior Vice president

pete gurt ’85, senior Director of Alumni relations

and programs ralph carfagno ’73, Alumni programs

coordinator catherine skena, and MHsAA Vice

presidents John Mueller ‘92 and Matt Ward ‘91. pictured

are the alumni who attended.

14 Thy TradiTions dear

Alumnae lead ‘Girls Day with the Grads’ for

8th grade students

ten alumnae, Middle school principal tanya Barton,

and Alumni programs coordinator catherine skena lead

a day-long program for 8th-grade girls on March 10 at

catherine Hall. the goal of the program was to prepare

the students to be independent young women who focus on

making decisions for a sound future, and prepare them to

transition to 9th grade. thank you to the following women

for volunteering to spend the day with their future alumni

sisters: phillipa Ashby ’89, Deesha Dyer ’95, Kimberly

(Bishop) elenberg ’88, Asheleigh (Wykoff) Forsburg ’02,

stacie (yeager) gordon ’87, lisa (tameka peten) Haidara

’92, Kayla Hidlay ’08, Andrea (Mason) isenberg ’92,

Marilyn pantoja ’03, and Amy (Mccloskey) tobin ’86.

Pictured is one of the activities, the tarp challenge, during which

groups of students were given a short period of time to turn over a

tarp without any of them stepping off of the tarp.

New Dearden House display features

touch-screen videos

A new display in the Dearden House community

room exhibit area features a touch screen that showcases

portions of the Alumnus of the year videos and Milton

Hershey school Minutes. the MHs Minutes, created

by MHs Video Media Manager Doug legore, highlight

various aspects of life today at MHs. the one-minute

videos range from tributes to retiring employees and

special events to everyday student life. Many of the MHs

Minutes are shared through the “spartan Minute” that is

sent via email each week to alumni for whom MHs has

email addresses. When returning to MHs, please visit the

Dearden Alumni campus to see the new display.

MHS names Alumni Achievement Award recipients

During April’s Alumnisenior

Dinner, Milton

Hershey school announced

the three winners of the

Alumni Achievement Awards.

Developed in 1997, the awards

recognize graduates for

unique, specific, or significant

accomplishments in career

achievement, community

service, and academic

excellence. the school also

recognizes members of the

senior class who best mirror the

accomplishments of the alumni

being honored. photos of the

alumni will be on display in the Founders Hall rotunda for

a year. the 2012 winners are:

• Career Achievement: Marcus Paul James ’99 –

James is an actor, singer, and songwriter who currently

performs in the off-Broadway production of RENT and

recently released a new album. He was last seen in the

ensemble of the tony Award-winning In The Heights.

prior to that, he was a part of the closing cast of the

Broadway run of RENT as Mr. Jefferson and others. He

is a graduate of penn state university.

the senior class recipient of the award is Tyler scott,

who aspires to become a graphic communication and

design specialist and recently completed an internship with

Hershey entertainment & resorts co.’s creative design

department. He plans to attend st. John’s university.

• Academic Excellence: Anna-Christine Scull ’07 –

scull graduated from cornell university in 2011 with a

3.68 grade-point average. she majored in industrial and

labor relations, and plans to attend law school. While a

student at cornell, she was a member of the varsity track

and field team, served as a mentor to younger athletes, and

became involved with the spiked shoe society to perform

community service. scull earned listing on the dean’s list

every semester, earned All east Honors in track and field,

and was a member of the track and field team that earned

Taking time for a photo after the Alumni-Senior Fellowship Dinner,

from left are: MHS Alumni Association President Amy (McCloskey)

Tobin ’86; seniors Tyler Scott and Ashlynn Trimmer; MHS President

Dr. Tony Colistra ’59; Christine Scull, accepting on behalf of her

daughter Anna Scull ’07; senior Paul Lyons; and Bill Coskey ’79.

Anna Scull and Marcus James were unable to attend the dinner.

Alumni Relations News

the conference championship.

she is currently working

for a christian, nonprofit

organization, teachoverseas,

teaching conversational english

to underprivileged high

school and college students in


recipient from the senior

class is Ashlynn Trimmer,

who began taking honors

courses as a 10th-grade student

and continued through her

senior year. she is among the top

academic students in her class, is

enrolled in multiple Advanced

placement courses, and has earned a numeric grade greater

than a 94 percent average during her high school career.

this year, she also is enrolled at lebanon Valley college

where she is earning credits in accounting and psychology.

Ashlynn plans to continue her education at Bucknell

university where she will study accounting and finance.

• Community Service: Bill Coskey ’79 – Most recently,

he was the driving force behind the Alumni Association’s

cancer care committee, which raises money to assist

alumni who are battling cancer. the group’s major event,

the annual cancer care 5K run/Walk, was held during

Alumni Fellowship Weekend.

From the class of 2012, the award was given to

paul lyons, who has consistently represented MHs

throughout his high school career in service to the school

and the greater Hershey community. He has volunteered

as a year-round experiences camp counselor where he

supported, guided, and mentored younger students. He

also has served as a junior chapel leader, a member of

the national Honor society, the student government

Association, and the Hershey community youth

Alliance. He will attend lehigh university to major in

business and minor in political science.

Alumni who volunteer as spartan Ambassadors serve as hosts during Milton Hershey

school enrollment days, meeting and talking to new parent/sponsors and newly

enrolling students. the Ambassdors have also served as hosts for various other school and

community functions such as Milton’s Birthday parties, open Houses at catherine Hall

and the Homestead, and MHs opportunity Fairs just to name a few.

if you would like more information or think you would be interested

in volunteering as a spartan Ambassador, please contact Ken palovitz ’50 at or 717-298-1311. Ken and his wife nancy coordinate the

spartan Ambassador activities.

please note that MHs requires all volunteers to complete background checks.

The MHS Alumni Relations and Programs Office hosted a luncheon at Highpoint Mansion for

Spartan Ambassadors following enrollment day in January.

Thy TradiTions dear 15

Alumni Association News

MHSAA President’s Letter

Dear Alumni,

As we head into June, we have

already accomplished so much. in

January, the Milton Hershey school

Alumni Association conducted its

first phone drive to reach out to a

segment of our graduates as both a

fundraiser and an opportunity to

connect. At MHs, alumni have been

enthusiastically involved in student programs, including:

sunday panel Discussions for high school freshman and

new students, “go reD” reading program for elementary

Division students, girls Day with the grads for eighth

grade girls, and career Day.

John Hanawalt ’70 was instrumental in recruiting

volunteers for the panel discussions and the reading program.

During the panel discussions, alumni volunteers from

various decades took time to share their student experiences

with current students at Dearden Alumni campus. For “go

reD (read every Day),” a group of alumni volunteered

to be guest readers for students at Memorial Hall. plans are

already under way to make it an annual event with even

more alumni readers. in March, a group of 10 alumnae spent

the day leading activities and discussion with eighth grade

girls and principal tanya Barton. this program was inspired

by previous Alumna of the year Mary trinh pentel ’86, and

has now become an annual program.

Whenever alumni and students build relationships

through these types of programs i’ve mentioned, there

is tremendous fulfillment on both sides. please look for

volunteer opportunities to be highlighted on the MHsAA

web site. We will let you know how to get involved.

Fellowship Weekend saw what will be the largest class

to graduate from MHs being hosted by graduates at the

58th Alumni-senior Fellowship Dinner. the room was full

Go R.E.D.!

MHs elementary Division students celebrated reading with a

very special evening at Memorial Hall. thank you to the following

alumni who volunteered as readers: laura Barth ’01, Michael Benson

’86, Vance cole ’83, Dirk Dixon ’70, charlie Dodson ’50, John Foley

’83, John Hanawalt ’70, Maureen Mattiello ’87, Joe McDonald ’55,

Ken palovitz ’50, Deanna slamans ’91, and Fonati Ward ’01.

16 Thy TradiTions dear

of Milton Hershey camaraderie, with Board of Managers

chairman Bob cavanaugh ’77 and Alumnus of the year

paul taylor ’53 as guest speakers. three well-deserving

alumni were recognized for outstanding achievement: Anna

scull ’07 for academic achievement, Marcus paul James ’99

for career achievement, and Bill coskey ’79 for community

service. Anna and Marcus addressed the graduating seniors

through videotaped remarks, while Bill received a standing

ovation for the humble acceptance of his award.

programming continued throughout the weekend, with

an Alumni Breakfast at purcell Friendship Hall prepared

by the Homestead chapter, a class Agent meeting, and

the incredibly successful cancer care 5K run/Walk.

More than 700 students, houseparents, alumni and friends

participated in the event. We raised more than $15,000 to

help alumni and their families stricken with the disease.

that evening, a group of alumni hosted a fundraiser for

three-year-old Joey tesche who is battling cancer; both of

his parents are MHs graduates. that event raised more than

$6,000. the weekend culminated with a student-Alumni

chapel service, where alumni readers Horace Flynn ’46,

John Hanawalt ’70, and shannon (cummings) Butler ’98

participated alongside students and MHs pastor Mike

Wagner in what one alumnus described as “offering a strong

message for our kids to ‘ask/learn’ from MHs alumni.”

When we work together in unity, there is nothing our

MHs family can’t accomplish. i ask of all graduates and

former students what i asked on Friday evening — please

consider doing at least one of the following things: pay

your dues, serve on a committee or run for the Board;

participate in at least one on-campus event each year;

or recommend one student applicant to Milton Hershey

school. We need each and every one of you to be an

involved and engaged part of our alumni family.

Amy M. Tobin ’86

President, MHSAA

Chapter News

Harrisburg Chapter

the chapter held its fifth annual easter egg coloring,

hunt and pizza party for the Memorial Hall students staying

at MHs during easter break. this event has continued to

grow since its inception.

For more information regarding the Harrisburg

chapter, you may call Maureen (gore) Mattiello at 717-

701-8085 or send e-mail to: Better

yet, you can contact or follow the chapter online at:, or follow the chapter on Facebook


Homestead Chapter

Alumni Association News

the Homestead chapter thanks everyone who attended

the Alumni Breakfast prepared by the chapter on April 21,

in conjunction with Fellowship Weekend. there were 125

people who attended.

the chapter continues to prepare home-cooked

breakfasts once a month to raise money to support various

programs. Among the programs benefiting proceeds is the

MHs Alumni Association cancer care committee. the

chapter presented a check for $1,000 to MHsAA at the

Alumni-senior Dinner.

Philadelphia Chapter

the annual philly chapter Family picnic is scheduled

for July 14 at parx casino and racetrack. it is free for all

Milton Hershey school alumni and their families. there

will be lots of fun activities for children and grandchildren.

the track will also have the MHs Alumni race; check the

program for the race number. please mark your calendars

now. For additional information, contact Bill Mottin ’74

E-newsletters available to alumni

Milton Hershey School Alumni Relations and Programs and the MHS Alumni

Association work together to keep alumni informed about a variety of programs

and events. In addition to Thy Traditions Dear, they publish two electronic

newsletters that are sent to alumni for whom e-mail addresses are available.

“Spartan Minute” is sent once a week, and includes a link to an “MHS

Minute” video, athletic scores and student accomplishments, and a schedule of

upcoming events that alumni are encouraged to attend.

Traditions Online” is sent every six weeks, and includes a “Did You Know?”

feature about the MHS Alumni Association, and news and announcements

about programs of interest to alumni.

If you’d like to be added to the distribution list for one or both of these

newsletters, send your name and class year, the newsletter(s) you’d like to

receive, and your email address to:

Thy TradiTions dear 17

Class Notes



Charles Ted “Skinny” Weakley ‘41

celebrated his 90th birthday one day early

with friends and family. Pictured are, from

left, John “Lefty” Williams ‘40, Weakley’s

grandson Zane Cressler, and Weakley.

Darrell Blizzard ‘42, of Glenelg, Md.,

is a part-time export cargo inspector at

intertek Testing Co.

Anthony Perry ‘42, of Parkesburg, is

retired from G. o. Carlson, inc. after 39

years and now delivers auto parts for

naPa of Coatesville.

Fred Coble ‘43, of north hills, Calif., is

an author for Creative Concepts.

Joseph Kubisen ‘43, of elyria, ohio,

enjoys playing golf and exercising. he is

looking forward to homecoming.

Paul Yarnell ‘43, of harrisburg, met his

wife Phyllis at the hershey Park merrygo-round

after graduation in 1943. They

have two children, three grandchildren

and seven great-grandchildren.

Adam “Max” Daffner ‘47, of

Livermore, Calif., now resides in napa

Valley wine country, after living in Las

Vegas for 52 years.

Ralph Hetrick ‘47, is retired and lives in

hershey with his wife and son. he looks

forward to his 65-year class reunion.

Daniel Miller ‘48, of Charlotte, n.C.,

and his wife Lois celebrated their 54th

wedding anniversary on november 30.


George Tashie ‘50, of Thomasville,

Ga., and his wife celebrated their 58th

wedding anniversary on May 16.

Raymond Ballard ‘51, of Bethlehem,

is retired and works part-time at

Wegmans. he enjoys playing golf.

18 Thy TradiTions dear

John Resanovich ‘51, of Lebanon, is

retired from Metropolitan edison Co.

after 30 years, and from the Manheim

auto auction, the largest auto auction in

the World after 17 years. he volunteers

as an Mhs spartan ambassador.

Ronald G. Baker ‘53, of Coats, n.C., has

been married to his wife Peggy for 56

years. They have six grandchildren and

one great-grandchild.

Cloyd Bare ‘53, of Lakeside, ore., is a

part-time groundsman at ocean View

Memorial Gardens, and enjoys playing


Francis McCloskey ‘53, of stathmere,

n.J., and his wife rosemary celebrated

their 50th wedding anniversary on

May 12. They live in Florida six months

of the year and enjoy traveling, golf and


Ronald Hockenbrocht ‘57, of Temple,

Texas, is retired and enjoys playing golf.

Robert Askey ‘59, of albany, Ga.,

retired from the U.s. Marine Corps

after 44 years; 20 active duty and 24

civil service. he and his wife nancy

will celebrate their 50th wedding

anniversary in october.


Lester Clore ‘60, of Bethlehem, and

his wife rosalyn have been married

38 years. They have six children,

seven grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren.

Peter Devries ‘60, of rochester, n.y.,

is employed by Walmart as an apparel

associate. he enjoys painting in oils,

pastel and watercolor.

H. Irvin Davis ‘62, of newburgh, n.y.,

is a bus driver for Coach Tours, Ltd. he

and his wife Joy celebrated their 40th

wedding anniversary on april 22.

Charles Kendig ‘62, of Leesburg, Va.,

retired from Xerox Corporation after

25 years. he is currently senior vice

president of oracle Corporation, a

hardware and software company.

Daniel Bauer ‘63, of Palmerton, is

retired from new england Motor Freight.

he and his wife Carol have been married

43 years and have four grandchildren.

daniel serves as chaplain of Vietnam

Veterans of Carbon County.

James Gahagan ‘63, of Woodbury ,

Minn., is retired as senior lending officer

for Union Bank & Trust Company. he

enjoys golf, fishing, and hunting at his

northern Minnesota farm.

Michael Urbanavage ‘63, of hershey,

is a pharmacy technician at Giant Foods.

Gary Goldsmith ‘64, of Mays Landing,

n.J., is a security officer at the Golden

nugget hotel & Casino. he and his wife

anna celebrated their 45th wedding

anniversary on February 5.

John Kriner ‘64, of Chambersburg, is

a teacher’s assistant at Chambersburg

senior high school, Lincoln

intermediate Unit #12.

Frank Labertino ‘64, of hazleton, is

retired and enjoys fishing, camping and


Clyde Moyer ‘64, of dover, del.,

recently retired as supervisor for Mealson-Wheels,

Modern Maturity Center in


Albert Wilson ‘64, of Middleton, idaho,

is a retired UPs supervisor. he is planning

a trip to the Panama Canal in May, and to

the Middle east, india, africa and south

africa in december, completing travel

to all seven continents. he is presently

a board member of “The Lightfoot

Foundation” which supports scholarships

for children.

Teacher Eric Koper’s science students listen

attentively to Mark Roth, Ph.D. ‘75, who is

a research scientist at the Fred Hutchinson

Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Wash.

Roth was among 60 guest speakers at

Senior Hall’s annual Career Day, held

in conjunction with Alumni Fellowship

Weekend. The weekend also included the

Alumni-Senior Fellowship Dinner, where

members of the senior class were hosted

by alumni at the Hershey Lodge.

John Swegart ‘65, of Bel aire, Kan.,

is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.s.

army. he does volunteer work in his

church ministry and choir, physical

fitness training, and enjoys cruising and

traveling abroad. he looks forward to his

50-year class reunion in 2015.

Terry Bittinger ‘66, of Westminster,

Md., is a machinist for Morris auto

Machine. he has two granddaughters

and enjoys playing ice hockey.

William Young ‘66, of Butler, is retired

from the U.s. Postal service after 32

years of service. he has three children

and a grandson.

W. Raymond Bucks ‘67, of new

Cumberland, is semi-retired certified

public accountant. he currently serves

as governor for the national society of


Vincent Gravina ‘67, of dresher, is a

financial advisor with Morgan stanley

smith Barney, providing investment

strategies for retirees.

Henry Moe ‘67, of richmond, Va., is a

retired eMT instructor for the state of

new Jersey. he and his wife celebrated

their 23rd wedding anniversary on

May 29. They have 12 children and 16


Joe Batrus ‘68, of Cragsmoor, n.y.,

retired in July 2011 from Metro north

Commuter railroad.

John Furmanak ‘69, of Media, is facility

manager at First Quality retail. he and

his wife nancy have been married 25

years and have one son.


James Beamenderfer ‘70, of

elizabethtown, is the lead receiver, dining

services, at elizabethtown College.

Robert Hary ‘71, of acme, is a rural

mail carrier for the U.s. Post office. he

has been married for 29 years and has

one daughter. he built his house with

the skills learned while at Mhs.

Bruce Hummel ‘71, of Palmyra, is

retired from The hershey Company and

enjoys life, playing golf and traveling.

David Mowrer ‘71, of Wilmington,

n.C., is owner of Mowrer’s Landscaping

& Tree service. he and his wife Myra are

therapeutic foster parents, having cared

for over 30 children. in the last two

years, they have adopted three children.

Dennis Hileman ‘72, of dillsburg, is a

construction superintendent for Lobar,


Robert Knaub ‘76, of york, is a

machine operator for rutter’s dairy,

where he recently received a gold

watch for 25 years of service. he and

his wife donna celebrated their 30th

wedding anniversary on January 3.

Dale Slusser ‘77, of asheville, n.C.,

works as coordinator/planning design

for helps international Ministries. he

is ready to publish his second book,

Ravenscroft at Asheville: The Story of a


Randall Bleiler ‘78, of annville, is a milk

technician at The hershey Company and

serves as President of Local 464. he has

been married for 32 years and has four

sons and two grandsons.

Edward Maloney ‘79, of shamong,

n.J., is senior network engineer at

Comcast Cable Communications. he

has been married for 22 years and has

two sons.


John Boran ‘80, of Pottsville, is general

manager of Bon-Ton stores, inc. he

currently services as President of Board

of directors for Pottsville area school

district. he and his wife Michelle have

been married for 24 years and have two


Timothy Poole ‘81, of Camp hill, is selfemployed

at Green diamond Trails.

Martin Henry ‘82, of Lancaster, is a

trooper with the Pennsylvania state

Police. he was promoted to major and

assigned as the director of the Bureau of

records and identification.

Class Notes

Ted Cogdell ‘83 and his twin sons recently

visited MHS teacher Ann Reigle. The twins

are in third grade this year, and Ann was

Ted’s third- and fifth-grade teacher.

Matthew Hughes ‘84, of oxford,

ohio, is Vice President of Phi delta Beta


Thomas Sorrentino ‘85, of allentown,

and his wife Carol celebrated 20 years of

marriage on July 1.

Rick Caranfa ‘87, of harrisburg, is vice

president of akens enginneering assoc.,

inc. he and his wife sonya have been

married for 17 years.


Lynda Gullett ‘90, recently moved

to Bozeman, Mont. she is a registered

nurse at Bozeman deaconness hospital

and plans to return to school for her

master’s degree in nursing. she enjoys

camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing

and cross-country skiing.

Ryan Smith ‘90, of Fort Leavenworth,

Kan., is a division transportation officer

in the U.s. army, 1st armor division.

Erica Ratiner ‘93, of redwood City,

Calif., received her real estate broker

license in 2011. she is the concierge/

project manager for deLeon realty.

A large contingency of MHS alumni attended a Feb. 26 benefit for John Long ‘83, who has

been battling Crohn’s Disease and been unable to work.

Thy TradiTions dear 19

Class Notes

Rolando Watley ‘93, of Paterson, n.J.,

is a school counselor at Passaic County

Technical institute.

Ray Metzger ‘94, of ephrata, is

employed by isaac’s Wyomissing. he

and his wife, Melissa Woodruff ‘02, are

expecting a child July 31.

Deesha Dyer ‘95, of Washington, d.C.,

is employed by the federal government

as deputy director, executive office of

the President.

Kelly Coulter ‘97, of ocean View, n.J.,

is a registered nurse at Cape regional

Medical Center.

Amy Kline, ‘99, of high Bridge, n.J., and

her husband nathan celebrated their

first wedding anniversary on May 28.

Ricardo Sepulveda ‘99, of

shiremanstown, is a data analyst at

Performance Plus.

Anastasios Trispagonas ‘99, of new

Bloomfield, is a financial advisor for

nationwide insurance/Grove Financial.

he and his wife expected their fourth

child in March.


Shanta Lawry ‘02, of Philadelphia, is

an assessment worker for Philadelphia

Corporation for aging.

Megan Newman ‘03, of alamogordo,

n.M., is owner/operator of Cookie

Craving. she is also a foster parent.

Johnnie Alexander ‘04, of sleepy

hollow, n.y., is a community care partner

at hudson river health Care.

In recognition of National Residential

Education Day on May 4, Josh Brunk ‘05,

Skills USA co-advisor was among the

staff members who walked Elementary

Division students to school. They met at

their residential homes and walked them

to Memorial Hall where they attend class.

20 Thy TradiTions dear

Deborah Achim ‘06, of anaheim,

Calif., is a licensed vocational nurse/ChT

at new Medicine. she is pursuing her

registered nurse degree.

Aimee Charles ‘06, of Lancaster, is

employed by Community services

Group in therapeutic support.

Tiffany Hwang ‘07, of harrisburg,

graduated from dickinson College in

May 2011. she is a financial services

agent with new york Life.

Lisa Whyms ‘07, of navarre, Fla., is a

certified pharmacy technician with CVs

Pharmacy, and is plans to become a

pharmacist. she has one daughter and

expected a son on March 3.

Alex Heider ‘08, of harrisburg, is a

photojournalist for CBs 21 news.


Lee Sorrentino ‘87, of emmaus,

married his Mhs dairyman’s daughter,

Jennifer Bucher simpson on dec. 17 in

Founders hall. Lee is a retired firefighter

for the city of allentown.

Amy Sakers ‘99, of high Bridge, n.J.,

married nathan Kline on May 28.

Carly Wahl ‘03, of Columbia, Md.,

married Patrick Gates on aug 27. Carly

is a business process analyst for Wells

Fargo Bank.


Carly elizabeth Wright was born aug. 3

to Brian Wright ‘93 and his wife. Brian

works in the Pennsylvania office of the

attorney General as an asset manager.

The family resides in harrisburg.

Jack holden rodrigues was born nov. 20

to Kathryn Casey ‘95. They reside in

newport Beach, Calif.

Karigan elayne hicks was born nov. 28

to Brad Hicks ‘96 and his wife. Brad

works in industrial electrical sales at

Consolidated electrical distributors.

They reside in ingram.

elijah Frederick Kramer was born

sept. 7 to Peter Kramer ‘97 and his

wife. Peter works for Town Fair Tire as

sales manager. The family resides in

Westborough, Mass.

aliyah ejeme Walsh was born July 13 to

ododo Walsh ‘98 and her husband

Jonathan. ododo is a children’s mental

health professional at Child Guidance

resource Center. They reside in


donte aaron was born Feb. 2 to

Courtney Ryan ‘00. Courtney is a

pharmacy technician at rite aid. They

reside in downingtown.

sir’Van ricardo anitas was born on aug. 4

to Harriett Page ‘05. harriett is a

registered nurse at Case Medical Center,

University hospitals.

a son was born sept. 1 to Donnalise

Wilson ‘05. donnalise is a direct

support professional for devereux, and

resides in reading.


Kenneth C. Fassnacht ‘37, of

Lancaster, died Jan. 5. he retired in 1982

as maintenance supervisor for sperry

new holland.

Ralph F. Wolf ‘37, of Lancaster, died

dec. 1. he was a retired machinery

builder and repairer for most of his life.

John W. Carson ‘42, of spokane, Wash.,

died on Feb 26. he was a retired Lt. Col.

in the U.s. air Force, serving in WWii,

Korea and Vietnam, was a PoW in WWii,

and recipient of a Purple heart and

Bronze star.

Arthur V. Hillyard ‘42, of College Park,

Md., died Jan. 15. he retired in 1983 as

lead mechanic from Pepco, where he

had worked for 28 years. he was a WWii

U.s. army veteran.

Clifford E. Little ‘45, of Pittsburgh,

died March 30. he was a self-employed

plumber, electrician and sign painter. he

was a U.s. army/air Corps. veteran.

Harold A. Houseal ‘46, of

elizabethtown, died Feb. 8. he was a U.s.

army veteran, and retired in 1989 from

the new Cumberland army depot after

32 years.

James H. Herb ‘48, of elizabethtown,

died Jan. 21. he was the owner of

Lebanon Valley Kitchens, Palmyra. he

was a U.s. navy veteran, and a member

of the american national Cane Club,

donating many canes to disabled


Maynard L. Mayer ‘48, of Plum Boro,

died Jan. 29. he was employed by the

h. J. heinz Company in Pittsburgh, and

later became a teacher. he served as a

reservist in the U.s. army.

Theodore E. Scardefield II ‘49, of

new Castle, died dec. 16. he was a

certified benefits administrator for

the Tri-state United Food Commercial

Workers, retiring in 1995.

William R. Myers, Sr. ‘51, of Birdsboro,

died Feb. 28. he retired in 1998 as a

wood pattern maker for Birdsboro Corp.

and aluminum alloys, and a U.s. navy


John Andonian ‘52, of Folsom, died

July 6. he was a mail carrier for the

Landsdowne post office for 30 years.

Harry Eardley ‘52, of Berlin, n.J., died

March 28. he was a retired member of

Pipe Fitters Union Local #322.

James Klinger ‘58, of Brighton, Colo.,

died Jan. 20. he was an employed by

the City of Broomfield.

Richard L. Klein, Sr. ‘59, of Llewellyn,

died dec 30. he was employed by the

former richmond screw & anchor Co.,


Dennis L. Penrose, Sr. ‘66, of

Pottstown, died Jan. 3. he worked as a

carpenter for shrum Construction Co.,

and earned a bronze star while serving in

the U.s. army during the Vietnam War.

Robert Sundermier, Jr. ‘69, of york,

died Feb. 5. he was a sales manager for

suburban Propane, and a U.s. air Force


Michael J. Krause ‘73, of Mt. Laurel, n.J.,

died Feb. 13. he was a plumber for Local

690 in Philadelphia for nearly 40 years.

Peter Adamczyk ‘76, of highland Park,

n.J., died Jan. 30.

Peter J. Snyder, III ‘87, of Pittsburgh,

Pa., died Jan 12. he worked in the

construction industry for 22 years.

Charles David Wells ‘03, of

anchorage, alaska, died May 2, 2011.


Lucina J. Cassel died March 19. she

began employment with Milton

hershey school on dec. 7, 1971, and

retired June 1, 1988. Lucina was a

supervisor over food preparation in the

supply Center.

Class Notes

Merle L. Eash Sr. died dec. 12, 2011. he

began employment with Milton hershey

school on June 12, 1967, and retired Jan.

1, 1989. he worked full time on the farms

and then worked part time in grounds

maintenance until May 28, 2002.

Clarabel H. Fink died March 4. she

began employment with Milton

hershey school on april 1, 1952, and

retired april 1,1983. she had been a

houseparent and then worked part

time in Founders hall as a host until

dec. 20, 2002.

Katharine E. Jeffries died Feb.

2012. Katharine began employment

with Milton hershey school on June 9,

1977, and retired aug. 1, 1983. she was a


Donald Phalen died May 2. a retired

houseparent, he began employment

with Mhs on aug. 15, 1977, and retired

sept. 1995.

Sandra Strunk, retired houseparent,

died dec. 19, 2010.

Edythe A. Whitfield-Lowther-Kern,

former housemother, died Jan. 16. she

was the widow the late doran Whitfield

‘48, and sister of Jerry Long ‘55 and sister

of Lois Peterman, retired housemother.

After almost 46 years of dedication to students and staff of Milton

Hershey school, Helen Delbridge retired to move back to pittsburgh. she

and her husband Dick moved from pittsburgh to Hershey in 1966, when

they made the decision to become houseparents at MHs.

Dick and Helen served as houseparents until 1985, at student homes

glendale and Habana with senior Division boys. During this time, Helen

and Dick helped many students by showing them love and concern for

their training, development, and general welfare. Following her career

as a housemother, Helen worked with houseparents as the home life

operations assistant. she again displayed the same type of love and concern

and, working tirelessly, guided and supported many houseparents through

the years.

Helen developed the student home chore program and, along with

her long-term co-worker and friend ernie corson, also developed the

houseparent training program.

Her hard work and loyalty to the school are unprecedented as she truly

is a living legacy on the MHs campus. Her efforts and personal examples

over the years to both the boys she has cared for, as well as the adults she has

mentored, are integral to our MHs culture and livelihood.

Thank you, Helen.

Thy TradiTions dear 21

Calendar of Events

June ‘12

2 5th Annual Spartan Boys

Basketball Alumni Game, open to

former varsity basketball players

10 Commencement

July ‘12

8 MHSAA Board Meeting


August ‘12

19 MHSAA Board Meeting

Milton Hershey School

Office of Alumni Relations & Programs

PO Box 830

Hershey PA 17033-0830

September ‘12

13 Milton S. Hershey’s Birthday

14-16 Homecoming 2012

15 MHSAA Annual Business

Meeting, Founders Hall

October ‘12

1 Deadline for 2013 Alumnus

of the Year and Alumni

Achievement Award


Nominations accepted

throughout the year.

November ‘12

12-16 Founders Week Events

non-profit org

u.s. postage


harrisburg, pa


December ‘12

5 Elementary Division Christmas

Party with Alumni

10-14 Noontime Holiday Concerts

31 Deadline for 2012 Hall of Fame

Nominations. Nominations

accepted throughout the year.

Follow MHS on:

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