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BookS for ParentS, teacherS, and children

PLUS • A chapter from drawing with hand, head, and heart by Van James

• An extract from i am different from You by Peter Selg

• How to Make a Pencil Case: a craft project from living crafts magazine

• Recipes from the community cooks

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Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends,

In this 2012-2013 Education Resource Catalog you will find

inspiring new books added to our growing list of titles to help

parents and teachers cope with the pressures and stresses of

life today, and with the particular challenge of guiding children

in our increasingly complicated, hectic world. One of

the best ways that we can interact with the world and engage

children health-fully and wholly in the world — hands, head,

and heart — is through the arts. Van James, writer, artist, and

Waldorf teacher, has written Drawing with Hand, Head, and

Heart as a thoughtful, hands-on guide for everyone to learn new ways of seeing the

world through a natural approach to the art of drawing. Therapeutic Storytelling;

Addictive Behavior in Children and Young Adults; Ashes to Gold; and Too Much, Too

Soon all tackle difficult issues with wise and effective ideas. From Floris comes a

number of titles that support and inspire parents, teachers and children in practical

ways through healthy activities: The Wonder of Trees, Making Geometry, Geometry

in Nature, Stargazers’ Almanac, and more.

Our new children’s picture books include imaginative stories with delightful

illustrations that bring adults and children closer to nature and the elementals:

The Knottles written by Nancy Mellon and illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr, which

encourages children to pay attention to the gentle spirits of the pine trees; Jonathan’s

Journey, a magical journey to the Inside Land by Elizabeth Lomdardi; and

a reprint of the beloved Fairy Worlds and Workers by Marjorie Spock and Ingrid

Gibb, who experienced the Little People firsthand. And yet another adventure of

Findus and Farmer Pettson by Sven Nordqvist is filled with uproarious antics and

elemental humor. Young children will be delighted by new-found offerings of the

popular, classic authors Elsa Beskow, The Children of Hat Cottage and Rosalind and

the Little Deer, and Sylvie von Olfers, The Story of Little Billy Blue Socks, as well as

My First Root Children, a boardbook version of the bestselling Story of the Root

Children. The beloved modern interpreter of the fairy kingdom, Daniela Drescher,

charms us again with a new book, Lily the Little Princess. Hay for My Ox, a book of

stories and poems collected by Isabel Wyatt that has been the classic early reader

in Waldorf schools is back at last by request in a newly edited version. Carnegie

medal-winning author, Theresa Breslin, has collected 11 of the best-loved tales

of Scottish tradition that have been exquisitely illustrated to make a book which

will be cherished for years to come; and in The Coming of the Unicorn, Scottish

Traveller tales by Duncan Williamson, “one of the world’s best-known story tellers”

(The Times), have been faithfully written down by folklorist Linda Williamson.

These are just some of the many wonderful titles you will find in our Education

Resource Catalog this year. We have also added excerpts from the work of Van

James and Peter Selg to give you a glimpse of the deep insights our authors bring to

educating and parenting today, along with another practical and beautiful project

from Living Crafts magazine editor Pardis Amirshahi and a sample of delicious

recipes from The Community Cooks.

I hope that you will find our selections of books and excerpts informative and

interesting, and that they will infuse your family and school experiences with

enthusiasm and new ideas.

With very best wishes,

Eugene Gollogly

P.S. Your financial gifts are vital to our efforts to bring you a wide range of literature

on spiritual science, Waldorf education, and related issues. The generous support

of readers like you is greatly appreciated and, of course, always tax-deductible.

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the Knottles

Nancy Mellon, Illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr

ISBN: 9781621480037 paperBack SteINerBookS $11.95 32 pageS

A family builds a new home at the edge of a pine forest. When the children go to sleep in their pinewood

bedroom for the first time, they have a most surprising dream. Out of a large pinewood knot climb

seven little knottles, who are the guardians of the pine trees.

The knottles sing and dance and feast with the children in their dreams.

Remember the pine trees, how they grow,

In the summer, in the snow,

Remember the pine trees, root in stone,

Twig and limb, seed and cone,

And a golden heart in every tree,

Giving people wood for free.

When the children wake up in the morning they are inspired to plant pine tree seedlings with

their parents. And they promise to take good care of all their trees “for always.”

Nancy Mellon has guided storytelling and writing groups for many years. A former

Waldorf teacher, she has given storytelling and art therapeutic courses at many locations

in the US and UK. Her books include Storytelling With Children and The Art of


Ruth Lieberherr has exhibited her paintings at M.I.T., Princeton University, and Northeastern

University, as well as museums and galleries in the United States, France, and

her native Switzerland. Her works are found in many private collections. She has also

illustrated Winter, Awake! (see p. 22)

A portion of the proceeds from this book supports the international charity,

www.A Million Trees.

Jonathan’s Journey

Elizabeth Lombardi

ISBN: 9781621480143 Hardcover SteINerBookS $17.95 40 pageS

Listen, now, and be quite still.

The stars are singing over the hill.

One shines for you on this clear night.

Open your heart and let in the light.

It has been snowing all day, and now it is Christmas Eve. But

Jonathan James is sick in bed. Just as he is closing his sleepy eyes,

a little dwarf comes sliding down his bedroom curtain and invites him to

the Inside Land, where he meets Father Christmas, who has a message for

Jonathan. Father Christmas also makes a promise to Squirrel, Rabbit, Bird, and Mouse, who cannot find

any food in the snowy woods.

When Jonathan wakes up on Christmas morning he is all better, and he finds a shiny new sled at the foot

of his bed. But he thinks there is something that he should do before he goes out to play in the snow.

Then he remembers the hungry animals out in the snow and fills his new sled with nuts, seeds, carrots,

and all sorts of good things for them to eat. Even the chickens

have grain to spare.

This enchanting holiday story is a special bedtime tale to read

to young children during the Christmas season.

Elizabeth L. Lombardi is an art teacher with many years of experience. She has taught at the

Waldorf schools of Garden City, NY; Princeton, NJ; and Great Barrington, MA. She also has

taught at the College of New Jersey in Trenton and Mercer County Community College, and

has been president of the Garden State Watercolor Society and an elected member in the New

Jersey Watercolor Society. She has won awards in available numerous state November

and national watercolor shows.

available iN November

New Books

New Books

calm Kids

Help children relax with Mindful


Lorraine E. Murray

ISBN: 9780863158629 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $18.95 176 pageS

Stress and behavioral disorders are common in

children, as they are increasingly bombarded by

marketing campaigns, confronted with school

and peer pressure, and affected by the stress of

adults around them.

Lorraine Murray shows parents, teachers, and

youth workers how mindfulness and meditation

can help children recognize and cope with

these pressures, releasing bad feelings gently and

giving them simple tools to deal with tension

and stress throughout their lives. This practical

book is suitable for complete beginners or

those with some experience of relaxation and

meditation techniques.

Lorraine E. Murray is the managing director of

the holistic health company Feel Good Therapies.

Since 2003 she has taught meditation and relaxation

methods to all ages and levels, and has worked with

centers for cancer, numerous primary and secondary

schools, commercial corporations, and individual

families. Her passion is to help children strengthen

their self-esteem through meditation and mindfulness,

and to empower adults to help them.

ashes to gold

the alchemy of Mentoring the delinquent Boy

Brad Fern, MA, LAMFT and Tom Lutz, MA, LP, LICSW

ISBN: 9781590563069 paperBack laNterN BookS $12.00 128 pageS

too much, too soon?

early learning and the erosion of


Edited and introduced by

Richard House, Ph.D.

Foreword by Annette Brooke, MP

Preface by Steve Biddulph

ISBN: 9781907359026 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, early yearS SerIeS $38.00 376 pageS

Too Much, Too Soon? tackles the burning question

of how to reverse the erosion of childhood

by nurturing young children’s wellbeing and

learning capacity. Children’s lives have been

speeded up by commercialization, adultification,

and misguided government programs

such as No Child Left Behind.

In 22 compelling chapters leading educators,

researchers, policy-makers, and parents advocate

for alternative ways for slowing childhood,

better policy-making, and most important, the

right learning at the right time in children’s

growth—when they are developmentally ready.

Richard House, Ph.D. lectures at the Research

Centre for Therapeutic Education, University of

Roehampton. He is a Waldorf kindergarten educator

and founder-member of the Open EYE campaign.

He writes extensively on childcare, education and

psychotherapeutic issues.

Adolescence can be a challenging period for youths, especially in today’s

culture, where the ancient rites of passage that societies once used to help

guide boys into manhood have disappeared. In an in-depth analysis of

the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale “The Devil’s Sooty Brother,” therapists and

teachers Brad Fern and Tom Lutz provide a practical and mythic outline

for the journey from adolescence to maturity for young men.

Brad Fern is a psychotherapist in private practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He

has been involved in mythopoetic men’s work since 1986. He is the co-author of

Songs of My Families.

Tom Lutz has worked with adolescents and families for thirty-three years. He has

been the clinical director of several Minnesota sex-offender programs and correctional

institutions. He is in private practice in Hastings, Minnesota.

addictive Behaviour in

children and young adults

the Struggle for Freedom

Raoul Goldberg, M.D.

ISBN: 9780863158735 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $24.95 272 pageS

Addiction is one of the most critical problems

of our modern world, affecting children as

much as adults. We face not only widespread

dependency on illicit substances, but also addictions

to food, beverages, cigarettes and alcohol,

as well as electronic gadgetry, online social

networks, and entertainment media within a

culture of violence, along with excessive and

unhealthy sexual practices.

This important book explores the overall health

consequences of addictive behavior in children

and young people, as well as its underlying

causes. Drawing on anthroposophical insights,

the author sees the child holistically as body,

soul and spirit on a developmental journey

from newborn to adult.

Dr. Raoul Goldberg has practiced Integrative Medicine

for thirty-five years in Switzerland, Germany,

and in his homeland, South Africa. He is the author

of Awakening to Child Health (see p. 53) and many

other publications on Integrative Medicine and

Child Health.

under the stars

the Foundations of Steiner Waldorf

early childhood education

Dr. Renate Long-Breipohl,

Foreword by Janni Nicol

ISBN: 9781907359163 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $36.00 240 pageS

A profound and practical

anthology on the principles

and methods of

Waldorf early-childhood

education for early-years

educators to deepen their

insights into Steiner’s

inspiring, holistic understanding

of children.

This book presents the

author’s thought-provoking

insights and principles that arise from

lifelong work in kindergarten education. His

ideas will free educators to transform their ways

of observing children, their practice, and their


Dr. Renate Long-Breipohl taught kindergarten for

many years and now advises and lectures around

the world in early-childhood education.

Janni Nicol is editor and publisher of the biannual

KINDLING Journal for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood

(Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship).

• 2 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

ead the first chapter,

starting on page 77

drawing with hand, head,

and heart

a Natural approach to learning the

art of drawing

Van James

ISBN: 9780880106443 paperBack SteINerBookS

$30. 288 pageS 576 color & B/W IlluStratIoNS

Van James helps us to understand visual art by

enabling us to enter into the world of form and

color as such, not simply as the media to depict

representational reality . . . he guides us into

developing new ways of seeing.

— Hans-Joachim Mattke, International

Waldorf school consultant, author,

actor and stage director

Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart is a

comprehensive and practical guide to the art of

drawing and to the process of visual thinking

that is part of our full human intelligence. More

than 500 illustrated exercises and examples,

collected and developed over many years of

Waldorf classroom experience, show teachers,

parents, and students how to learn to draw simply

and naturally, as a child would learn to draw.

The introduction examines

contemporary research on

brain development and its

relationship to learning, showing

how the process of picturemaking

contributes to the development

of visual thinking.

An overview follows of how

children learn to draw, and

how their visual intelligence

can be engaged through ageappropriate

drawing exercises.

Many useful examples of form

drawing, portraiture, and geometric

and perspective drawing

illustrate the art and science of

drawing for students of all ages

and ability levels. Van James

also provides samples of inspiring

blackboard drawings and main lesson book

pages for teachers and students.

Van James is a writer, an international adult education

instructor, and a teaching artist at the Honolulu

Waldorf High School and at the Kula Makua Teacher

Training Program in Hawaii. He is a freelance graphic

designer, illustrator, photographer, and the editor

of Pacifica Journal. As an artist, he has exhibited in

Europe, the United States, and Asia, where his paintings

have received awards and are found in numerous

private collections. He is the

author of, among other books,

Spirit and Art: Pictures of the

Transformation of Consciousness

and The Secret Language

of Form: Visual Meaning in Art

and Nature.

storytelling for life

Why Stories Matter and

Ways of telling them

Josie Felce

ISBN: 9780863159237 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$26.95 144 pageS

Children develop emotional intelligence by

being immersed in stories that deal with the

challenges they face in growing up. Josie Felce

discusses the use of stories in the Waldorf school

curriculum and the therapeutic value of stories

throughout our adult lives.

She considers the difference

between telling and reading

a story, offering practical

advice on body language

and presentation skills.

Throughout the book she

recommends suitable stories

for different age groups and

situations, with examples of

how to adapt stories and tailor

them for your listeners.

Josie Felce began working with

stories as a puppeteer in the

1980s and became a professional

storyteller in the mid

1990s. She taught in a Waldorf

school for eight years.

Brothers and sisters

the order of Birth in the Family: an expanded edition

Karl König, Introduction by Richard Steel

ISBN: 9780863158469 paperBack FlorIS BookS $20.00 160 pageS

According to Karl König, just as our environment

shapes our language, social behavior, and

mannerisms, so our place in the family also

determines how we encounter life. In this classic

work, he examines the various characteristics of

first-, second- and third-born children.

This new edition in the Karl König Archive

series includes an introduction by series editor

Richard Steel, an extended introduction and

two new essays by Karl König, some of König’s

lecture notes and transcriptions, and an essay by

New Books

therapeutic storytelling

101 Healing Stories for children

Susan Perrow

ISBN: 9781907359156 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $37.00 256 pageS

Working with imaginative journeys and the

mystery and magic of metaphor, Susan Perrow

has developed the art of therapeutic storytelling

for children’s challenging behavior and difficult

situations. She offers a tried and tested method

for creating a unique story for each child.

This treasury of 101 new healing stories address

issues – from unruly behavior to grieving,

anxiety, lack of confidence, bullying, teasing,

nightmares, intolerance, inappropriate talk,

toileting, bedwetting, and much more.

Create your own therapeutic stories using

exercises and methods such as the “metaphor,

journey, and resolution” framework; find suitable

behavior stories for children aged 3-10 years

using different categories for easy reference;

explore the use of healing stories for global and

national challenging situations; and develop your

storytelling skills using useful tips and anecdotes.

Susan Perrow M.Ed gives therapeutic storytelling

workshops from China to Africa, Europe to America

and across her native Australia. She is a storyteller,

teacher trainer, parent educator and counsellor. Her

acclaimed first book, Healing Stories for Challenging

Behaviour (see p. 68), has been translated into

several languages.

A. Limbrunner about

the significance for today

of König’s work on

family order.

Karl König (1902-66) was

well-known as a physician,

author, and lecturer. He began his work at the

Institute of Embryology at the University of Vienna.

In 1940 he founded the Camphill Movement in

Scotland. He is the author of The First Three Years

of the Child (p. 59.).

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 3 •

New Books

Recently discovered classic from Sibylle von Olfers

available for the first time in English.

the story of little Billy BluesocKs

Sibylle von Olfers

ISBN: 9780863159046 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95

24 pageS

This charming story, told in verse, shares a day in the life

of a fun-loving little boy as he goes through the day doing

tasks that all children will enjoy. He wakes up, plants

a seed, feeds the rabbits, plays on the seesaw with his dog,

picks apples, has a delicious supper and finally goes to

bed. (Ages 2-5)

my first root children

Sibylle von Olfers

ISBN: 9780863158599 Board Book FlorIS BookS $9.95

10 pageS

The classic, bestselling

Story of the Root Children

is presented for the

first time as a boardbook

for very young

children. (Ages 1-3)

board book

See page 18 for more books by Sibylle von Olfers

the tomtes of hilltop farm

Brenda Tyler

ISBN: 9780863159060 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95

32 pageS color IlluStratIoNS

Tomtes are small creatures who can only be seen by children.

They live in ancient woods and like to help people

and animals.

At Hilltop Farm

crops are failing, the animals are badly behaved, and Bella

the cow is ill. But Emily and Jamie are determined to save the

farm, so they ask their friends the Tomtes for help.

For the first story about the helpful Tomtes of Hilltop Wood,

see p. 24. (Ages 5-8)

Brenda Tyler grew up in the New Forest in southern England and

her love of trees and woodland flourished from there.

reuBen and Barney’s day

on the farm

Nannie Kuiper

Illustrated by Alex de Wolf

ISBN: 9780863158582 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $17.95 28 pageS

Reuben lives on a farm with his dog Barney. They

wake up and rush outside to start an exciting new

day. They feed the chickens, pigs, and rabbits, weed

the vegetable patch, and stop the naughty goats

from eating all the flowers. They visit the cows,

ride Chestnut the pony, and try not to get stung by

the buzzy bees. They play outside in the fields and

the orchard until it’s time to go home for supper.

Children will make friends with lovable Reuben

and Barney as they play and do simple jobs on

the farm. (Ages 3-6)

Nannie Kuiper writes and translates

books for young children. She has

taught courses and written articles

on the subject of child development.

Alex de Wolf studied illustration

at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

in Amsterdam. In addition to illustrating

many books for children,

he has created the comic strip Mop

and Family.

• 4 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

2 New classics from elsa beskow

the children of hat cottage

Elsa Beskow

ISBN: 9780863158551 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

In the middle of the lake was a small island,

where a little woman lived in a little cottage

with her three children. It was the shape of a

hat! They called it Hat Cottage. The children

loved their little cottage and their mother kept

it clean as a king’s castle…

However, one day, while their mother is away

looking for yarn to make some new clothes,

the children try to be helpful by cleaning the

chimney. They are soon covered in soot. They

take a bath in the lake, and then build a fire to

heat water to wash their clothes, when suddenly

things take a turn for the worse.

But there is help nearby, and it all turns out well

in the end—with three happy children eating

honey cakes in their new home. (Ages 4 to 7)

rosalind and the little deer

Elsa Beskow

Translated by Kristina Turner

ISBN: 9780863157943 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Rosalind loves to play with her little deer in the

shade of the lime tree. One day a hunter comes

along with his dog and frightens the deer away.

The deer is captured by a king and put in a

golden cage, but it is so sad that it refuses to eat.

When Rosalind finds out what has happened

to the little deer she tries to persuade the king

to part with his pet and set the little deer free.

(Ages 4-7)

hay for my ox and other stories

a First reading Book for Waldorf Schools

Isabel Wyatt

ISBN: 9780863159138 paperBack FlorIS BookS $14.95

104 pageS color IlluStratIoNS 2Nd edItIoN

This classic early reading book for Waldorf schools

is available again in a newly edited edition. The

stories and poems range in style and content from

the fairytale elements of Class 1 (age 6-7) to the

legends and animal fables introduced in Class 2

Stories include The Prince Who Kept Pigs, The

Tree of Three Cries, The Giant and the Child, The

Fork-Tail and the Rams, and The Monkey and the

Pea. (Ages 7-8).

Elsa Beskow – New Books

elsa BesKow 2013 calendar

ISBN: 9780863158889 FlorIS BookS $13.95

$13.95 12 x 12 INcHeS 24 pageS


This monthly calendar is beautifully illustrated

with seasonal artwork from Elsa Beskow’s

books. Special dates include the main U.S.,

UK, and Swedish public holidays.

Isabel Wyatt (1901-

1992) spent many

years teaching young

children and was

then co-director of

studies at Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire. She

compiled many books for children, including The Seven-

Year-Old Wonder Book, King Beetle-Tamer and The Book

of Fairy Princes.

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 5 •

New Books

the princess and the pea

Hans Christian Andersen;

Illustrated by Maja Dusíková

ISBN: 9780863158575 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $17.95 28 pageS

The prince is looking everywhere for a true

princess to be his wife, but all the girls he meets

are too rude, too vain, or too greedy.

One stormy night a lovely girl knocks on the

palace door claiming to be a princess, so the

queen decides to put her to the test. Only a real

princess could be sensitive enough to feel a pea

beneath 20 mattresses and 20 quilts and prove

herself to be a true princess. (Ages 3-6)

The popular children’s book artist Maja Dusíková

has illustrated over forty books for children.

The classic

fairy Tale

by haNs



findus moves out

Sven Nordqvist

ISBN: 9781907359187 Hardcover HaWtHorN

preSS $22.00 28 pageS

Every day at four o’clock in the morning, Findus

likes to jump up and down on his bed. He wakes

Farmer Pettson, who tells him to stop. Because

cats really need their early morning exercise,

Findus decides to find a house of his own where

he can jump and bounce when he likes. But

jumping on beds is one thing... living without

Farmer Pettson is quite another. (Ages 5-8)

See pp. 19 & 39 for more adventures of Findus and Farmer Pettson

in the land of twilight

Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Marit Törnqvist

Translated by Polly Lawson

ISBN: 9780863158865 Book (Hardcover) FlorIS

BookS $22.95 44 pageS

Goran has an injured leg and is bored spending

so much time in bed. But when his mother turns

out the light at night, Mr. Lilyvale knocks on the

window and takes him to the Land of Twilight.

It doesn’t matter that he has an injured leg in

the Land of Twilight. They eat candy that grows

on trees in the park, play with bear cubs, and

meet a moose. They even visit the King and

Queen in their royal palace. At the end of their

journey each morning, Mr. Lilyvale always

brings Goran home just before his mother

comes to wake him.

This delightful story about the power of the

imagination is set in a magical version of

Stockholm and painted in beautiful twilight

tones. (Ages 5-8)

Astrid Lindgren (1906-2002) was a well-known

Swedish writer whose works renewed children’s

literature in Scandinavia. Her books for children

received many awards, including the Lewis Carroll

Shelf Award for Pippi Longstocking in 1973; the

Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1958; and the

International Book Award from UNESCO in 1993.

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the coming of the unicorn

Duncan Williamson

Edited by Linda Williamson

ISBN: 9780863158681 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$15.95 160 pageS

Duncan Williamson came from a family of

Traveling People. They told stories around the

campfire for entertainment and for teaching. As

a child Duncan learned the ways of the world

through those stories. “My father’s knowledge

told us how to live in this world as natural human

beings—not to be greedy, not to be foolish,

not to be daft or selfish—by stories.”

For more than sixty years, Duncan traveled

around Scotland—on foot, then in a horse

and cart, and later in an old van—collecting

tales that come not only from the Traveling

People but also from the crofters, farmers, and

shepherds he met along the way. (Ages 8-12)

Duncan Williamson (1928-

2007) was the seventh of sixteen

children in a family of Travelers

who set up camp every winter,

wandering the Highlands in

summer, hawking tin and natural

willowwares. Duncan set out on his own at fifteen,

continuing the traditional trades of his people. In

1980, he moved to a farm cottage in Fife with his wife,

Linda, who transcribed some of his vast repertoire

of songs, stories, and family history. When Duncan

died, he left behind a worldwide legacy.

Linda Williamson has a PhD from Edinburgh University,

and is an American folklorist, storyteller,

and editor.

There’s a lesson to be learned from each tale,

about friendship, kindness, sharing, or doing

one’s duty… a strong respect for nature and

for animals. Williamson believed that stories,

unlike toys, can “last you the entire time of your

life.” A fine collection to share, whether read

aloud or told. — Kirkus Reviews

Mesmerizing…one of the world's best-known

storytellers. — The Times

fairy worlds and worKers

a Natural History of Fairyland

Marjorie Spock

Brush drawings by Ingrid Gibb

ISBN: 9780880104043 paperBack SteINerBookS

$12.95 48 pageS

Rudolf Steiner was a close observer of the

“Middle Kingdom,” the Land of Life, and gave

numerous lectures that describe the work of

its inhabitants, the elementals. It was clear to

him that they were of profound importance

to the earth—charged not only with the maintenance

of nature’s household, but with her

evolutionary plans as well. Thus, the stories of

this kingdom, fairy tales, are not only literature

but accounts of subtler layers of fact, clothed in

poetic imagery. Steiner also spoke repeatedly of

the vital need to recognize their work, so that

their efforts would prosper and the earth be

carried forward in its evolution.

In this profound, yet simple and delightful

book, Marjorie Spock and Ingrid Gibb introduce

us to the Middle Kingdom and the four

races of the Little People: undines, sylphs,

gnomes, and fire-spirits.

Marjorie Spock became a student

of Anthroposophy as a teenager

in Dornach during the 1920s,

and then a eurythmist, teacher,

biodynamic gardener, and the

author and translator of numerous

books. Marjorie's older brother, Dr.

Benjamin Spock, was the renowned


New Books

an illustrated treasury of

scottish folK and fairy tales

Theresa Breslin

Illustrated by Kate Leiper

ISBN: 9780863159077 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$24.95 160 pageS

Slithering stoorworms, mischievious brownies,

fierce kelpies and magical selkies—these are the

creatures of Scottish folklore.

Award-winning children’s author Theresa Breslin

has collected eleven of the best-loved tales from all

over Scotland. Retelling each in its own individual

style, she presents amusing tales, moving stories,

and enchanting fairy tales. Kate Leiper’s exquisite

illustrations brim with otherworldly beauty.

Theresa Breslin is a highly acclaimed Carnegie

medal-winning children’s author. She worked for

nearly twenty years as a librarian. Her books are

used extensively in schools and are translated and

distributed worldwide.

Kate Leiper is an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh,

Scotland. Her work has been exhibited in

galleries from London to the north of Scotland. She

has been commissioned for projects by the Scottish

Storytelling Centre and the Royal Lyceum Theatre.

A genuinely beautiful collection that begs to be

read aloud—or told—again and again.

—Kirkus Reviews

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 7 •

New Books – Picture Kelpies

lost at the Zoo

Gill Arbuthnott; Illustrated by

Joanne Nethercott

ISBN: 9780863158704 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 32 pageS

Rory the pet mouse goes on a trip to Edinburgh

Zoo in Sam’s pocket. But when he leans out

to get a better look, he falls into the anteater’s

enclosure. How will Rory ever find Sam again

in the enormous zoo?

This charming zoo story is full of wonderful

animal characters. (Ages 3-6)

Gill Arbuthnott works as a biology teacher

and has written several novels for older

children: The Chaos Clock, The Chaos Quest

and Winterbringers. (Floris Books)

Joanne Nethercott is also the illustrator of

Ginger Nut. (Floris Books)

Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles

Tim Archbold

ISBN: 9780863159114 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 32 pageS

Charlie McCandlewick

takes care of the

bogle creatures of the

night: the Nippers and

Nabbers who hide

under your bed and

the Croakies who flap

about in cupboards.

But once they’ve been

safely captured in his

thistle-cloth bag, what does Charlie do with all

the beasties?

Wonderfully told and illustrated, this story will

captivate readers until the final surprise twist.

(Ages 3-6)

Tim Archbold has illustrated over fifty

books for children.

orange Juice peas

Lari Don; Illustrated by Lizzie Wells

ISBN: 9780863158728 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 32 pageS

Jessie is learning to be polite. But when she says

please it sounds exactly like PEAS. When her

new babysitter asks what she’d like to drink,

Jessie replies, “Orange juice peas,” and that’s

exactly what she gets!

This is a hilarious

story for

young children,

w i t h b r i g h t ,

expressive illustrations


perfectly capture

Jessie’s increasing


at being misunderstood. (Ages 3-6)

Lari Don is also the author of two other picture books

for young children as well as novels for older children,

including First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts;

Wolf Notes and Other Musical Mishaps; and Storm

Singing and other Tangled Tasks. (Floris Books)

Lizzie Wells has worked in theater, as the manager

of an art gallery, and now as a children’s illustrator.

thistle street

Mike Nicholson

Illustrated by Claire Keay

ISBN: 9780863159107 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 32 pageS

Thistle Street is a bustling wee high street in a

Scottish seaside town, where you’ll meet lots of

friendly folk and some fun Scots words. Join us

for a DAUNDER down the street as people go

through their day, having a good BLETHER

outside the bakers and rushing indoors when

the weather gets DREICH.

Mike Nicholson is the

author of Catscape and

Grimm. He won the Kelpies

Prize for new Scottish

children’s fiction in 2005.

(Floris Books)

Claire Keay is an artist and

illustrator based in Essex,


hairy hettie

Illustrated by Jo Allan

ISBN: 9780863158711 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 24 pageS

Hettie the Highland cow has lots of hair to keep

her warm and cozy. But other animals want to

be cozy too. Two blackbirds stop by and build

their nest in Hettie’s hair.

This is the second story about loveable Hettie

taking us through the seasons in Scotland. (See

p. 25) (Ages 2-6)

Jo Allan illustrated a book of the Gaelic alphabet

that won the Best Children’s Book of the Year in the

Gaelic Literacy Awards 2004.

mac’s christmas star

Margaret Forrester

Illustrated by Sandra Klaassen

ISBN: 9780863158421 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 32 pageS

It’s Christmas Eve in

Mac the cat’s house.

Catronia and her family

are busy preparing for

Christmas Day. When

the family puts up an

enormous Christmas

tree, Mac is determined

to climb it…

A warm, funny, and festive story from everyone’s

favorite Edinburgh cat. (See p. 25) (Ages


Margaret Forrester is the author of My Cat Mac

and The Cat Who Decided, a novel about Mac for

6 to 9-year-olds.

Sandra Klaassen has illustrated many children’s

books, including Uan the Little Lamb, My Cat Mac

and The Cat Who Decided. (Floris Books)

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Beecoming sophie

by Susan West Kurz, Adapted by

Mark Ellis

Art and Graphics by Melissa Martin

Ellis & Jeff Slemons

ISBN: 9780983525219 paperBack Bee coN-

ScIouS puBlISHINg $22.95

152 pageS

The bee that flies in Sophie Saffron’s window

one evening is far more than she seems. She is

Phoebee, the Queen of the Bees, and she carries

all the secrets of their ancient wisdom. Phoebee

has an urgent message for Sophie, who sets out

with her brother and her friend to bring their

whole community into “bee-conscious” action.

Susan West Kurz has created this unique comics-style

book to bring attention to the plight of

the honeybee. This teen-friendly graphic novel

includes fascinating facts about honeybees and

practical suggestions for how everyone can help

stop the disappearance of the bees and protect

our food freedom. (Ages 12 and up)

This magical insightful book serves as a practical

guidebook, helping us find our way back to the

stunning ancient gifts of the bees as they invite

us to see again and renew our sacred connection.

—Jennifer Buffet, The NoVo Foundation

Susan West Kurz is co-founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin

Care USA and author of Awakening Beauty the Dr.

Hauschka Way. Since 1972, she has been involved

in promoting a holistic approach to healing and to

business, and to bringing biodynamic agriculture

and gardening practices to the public.


the Boy with green thumbs

Maurice Druon

ISBN: 9781907359088 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $25.00 160 pageS

Eight-year-old Tistou discovers a remarkable

gift—that he has green thumbs! Everything he

touches sprouts beautiful plants. Now Tistou

has lots to do. With the power of flowers, he can

change everything—prisons, slums, hospitals...

even war.

This witty, charming, and wise tale of Tistou,

the boy with green thumbs, takes place in the

French town of Mirepoil, a distant desert, and

beyond the clouds. It has been told for many

years throughout the English-speaking world by

master storyteller Ashly Ramsden, and is now

available in print for the first time in English in

this beautifully illustrated edition.

French novelist Maurice Druon (1918-2009) was

awarded the Prix Goncourt when he was thirty years

old. He co-wrote the Chant des Partisans, the anthem

of the French Resistance. Tistou, now a French children’s

classic, stands out as the unexpected flower he

cultivated just for children.

the dragon’s gift

Bokara Legendre

Hardcover aNdrea youNg artS $20.00 60 pageS

New Books

goodBye, mr. muffin

Ulf Nilsson

Illustrated by Anna-Clara Tidholm

ISBN: 9781907359149 Hardcover HaWtHorN

preSS $17.95 42 pageS

“I’ve had it good, better than most: a very

clever and kind wife, a little blue house with

its own letter box, six furry little children…”

In his youth, Mr. Muffin was a strong guinea

pig who could carry a whole cucumber

on his back. Now old, grey, and tired, he

looks back on his life..

This endearing picture book for ages three and

up tells the touching story about the death of a

much-loved pet. Growing old, death rites, the

question of the afterlife, are all handled with

warmth and gentle humor. A beautiful book

that children love, it is one of Sweden’s bestselling

children’s books. It was also voted book of

the year by a children’s poll in both the Swedish

Book Jury Prize (2002) and the French Chronos

Prize for Youth Literature (2008–2009).

Anna-Clara Tidholm is winner of numerous awards,

including the August Prize, the Elsa Beskow Prize and

the German Youth Literature Prize. Ulf Nilsson is a

celebrated Swedish author who has won the August

and US Batchelder prizes. Together they won the

August Prize, the most prestigious Swedish literary

award, in 2002 for Goodbye, Mr. Muffin.

A little girl named Reisha lives on

a planet where people no longer

believe in magic. Since there is no

one to share her magical world,

Reisha writes about it in her diary.

Once upon a time, when dragons

ruled the universe, they traveled

through the cosmos carrying wisdom

pearls to the planets of true seekers.

Their hearts were made of rainbows

and their tails of music. They often

spoke in verse…

Opening wide the doors of imagination and transformation, this unique and wonderous story, which

came to the author in a vision, is for the child in everyone.

Bokara Legendre’s paintings have been exhibited in New York City and San Francisco. She has written and

performed four autobiographical monologues that were produced in theaters nationally and internationally,

and she has hosted several television interview shows. Bokara lives in Mill Valley, California.

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 9 •

New Books

maKing soft toys

Karin Neuschütz

ISBN: 9780863159084 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 112 pageS

This fully illustrated

craft book explains how

to make a wide range

of fabric soft toys, from

dolls and their clothes,

glove puppets, teddy

bears and cuddly animals,

to smaller animals

for a farm scene or wildlife park. Each project

includes step-by-step instructions and clear

diagrams, as well as patterns and color photographs.

These projects are suitable for both beginners

and experienced crafters. They can all be sewn

by hand rather than machine if preferred.

Karin Neuschütz, a native of Sweden, has written

several instruction books for making dolls and toys.

painting and drawing in waldorf schools

classes 1 to 8

Thomas Wildgruber

Painting and drawing

are key artistic

expressions and play

important roles in

children’s physical,

emotional, and spiritual


This comprehensive

teachers’ guide provides

a complete artistic

curriculum for Waldorf school classes 1

to 8 (ages 6 to 14).

At each stage, the book shows the skills that

the wonder of trees

Nature activities for childre

Andrea Frommherz

Edith Biedermann

ISBN: 9780863158667 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$24.95 144 pageS 275 color IlluStratIoNS

In this richly illustrated, practical book children

are encouraged to use all their senses in getting

to know thirteen common trees. Activities include

stories, songs, games, and craft ideas, as

well as traditional rituals associated with trees;

simple recipes for food and the medicine cabinet;

and fun skills to learn from different trees.

Perfect guide for use in school and at home,

with activities for all the family to enjoy.

Andrea Frommherz is a teacher and environmental

consultant who has trained with tree specialists and

herb gardeners.

Edith Biedermann is an arts and crafts teacher. She

lives with her daughter in Bern, Switzerland.

ISBN: 9780863158780 paperBack FlorIS BookS $40.00 376 pageS 800 color IlluStratIoNS

teachers can help children to develop. Included

are 280 practical exercises for teachers, and

more than 800 children’s drawings

and paintings that serve as inspiring

the advent craft and

activity BooK

Stories, crafts, recipes, and poems

for the christmas Season

Christel Dohm

ISBN: 9780863159121 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 144 pageS

This practical, fully illustrated book includes

creative suggestions for each day of Advent, as

well as Epiphany.

Learn how to bake delicious German biscuits and

Stollen, make your own advent calendars and

Christmas decorations, and find out more about

legendary figures such as St. Nicholas.

The Advent Craft and Activity Book is a wonderful

resource for keeping children engaged

and involved with celebrations throughout the

Christmas season.

Christel Dohm is a Waldorf kindergarten teacher from

Germany, specializing in remedial teaching and craft

work. She regularly leads workshops and lectures at

conferences for teachers.

examples of artistic possibilities. The curriculum

moves from free to guided color exercises

and precise perspective drawing.

Throughout, the author draws

on art theory and shows that

art is truly a universal language.

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf

Schools is also suitable for adult


Thomas Wildgruber was born in Germany

in 1946. He has been a Waldorf

class teacher since 1979.

• 10 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

the community cooKs

Edited by Susanne Bennett

Illustrated by Elizabeth Auer

ISBN: 9781621480075 paperBack

SteINerBookS $18.00 216 pageS

The Community Cooks is melting pot of favorite

recipes collected from the families of the Pine

Hill Waldorf School and the Wilton/Temple

Farm Community in Wilton, N.H.

This diverse assortment of tried and true recipes

includes a favorite salad dressing, waffles that

surpass all others, pancakes fit for a queen,

Aunt Pat’s chicken dish, grandma’s meatballs,

and exotic recipes brought back from far away

places (including a Quechuan Indian dish from

Cuzco). The Temple/Wilton Community Farm

Specials include inspiring dishes to use all those

usual and unusual vegetables from your CSA

farm share, and there is a section of “fun” recipes

for children to make on their own.

Susanne Bennett became passionate about the

health-giving benefits of biodynamic vegetables

after joining the Pine Hill Waldorf Community

and the Temple/Wilton Farm Community in New

Hampshire. Susanne lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Auer teaches drawing, painting, and clay

modeling. She has illustrated several books and is a

freelance artist, specializing in scratchboard art and

watercolor paintings for children.

See p.83 for a selection of recipes

from The Community Cooks

available iN November

the living Kitchen

organic vegetarian cooking for

Family and Friends

Jutka Harstein Cohn

ISBN: 9780863159244 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $29.95 232 pageS

With so many customers from her restaurant

asking for her recipes, Jutka Harstein decided it

was time to write a cook book. Jutka shares stories

of food from her childhood in Hungary, popular

recipes for healthy children’s meals, celebratory

food to share with friends, and recipes for the


Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Jutka

includes advice on nutrition and on planning

balanced meals that nourish the body, mind,

and spirit. She provides delicious options for

including seven grains over the seven days of

the week. Personal anecdotes from the author’s

life and the inspiration behind her recipes make

this book a joy to read.

Jutka (Judith) Harstein Cohn has studied the works

of Rudolf Steiner and cooked for people with disabilities

in Forest Row, England. She now manages

the organic, vegetarian restaurant at Kibbutz Harduf

in Israel and lectures on nutrition in Waldorf schools.

This book is for

music teachers

and class teachers

in Waldorf Schools who are searching for

age-appropriate songs and guidelines for developing

a music curriculum based on insight into

child development. It also provides a treasuretrove

of songs and insights for home-schooling

parents. It includes:

New Books

food full of life

Nourishing Body, Soul, and Spirit

Gill Bacchus

ISBN: 9780863159152 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 144 pageS

Is organic and biodynamic food worth the

higher price consumers often pay? How can

different methods of growing and cooking

food best preserve the life energies in our food?

Organic food is often more expensive, and tests

by conventional scientists claim to show that

it has no extra nutritional value. This book

questions whether these claims have any basis.

Gill Bacchus concludes that modern scientific

methods simply cannot reveal or measure the

true life processes that give quality to our food.

Exploring ideas from organics and Rudolf

Steiner’s biodynamics, the author offers advice

on how we can learn to find and prepare food

that is “full of life and light.”

Gill Bacchus has researched and studied widely

the topic of food nutritional quality and how it is

measured, completing a Master of Science degree in

2003. She coauthored (as Gillian Cole) the biodynamic

farming book Grasp the Nettle. She now helps

children to grow vegetables in their school gardens

in New Zealand.

music through the grades

in the light of the developing child

by Diane Ingraham Barnes

ISBN 978-0-932776-43-3 SpIral BouNd adoNIS preSS $30.00

195 pageS INcludeS 3 cdS

• 213 songs for grades one through eight with

suggested activities and notes for teachers.

• 3 CDs with recordings of songs for first,

second and third grades for teachers to learn

by listening.

• Introductions to each of the grades giving

pedagogical insights and practical suggestions.

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 11 •

New Books

geometry in nature

John Blackwood

ISBN: 9780863159213 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$35.00 288 pageS 500 color IlluStratIoNS

From the simplest observations in nature to

detailed measuring of intricate forms, we find

geometry everywhere in the world around us.

In this beautiful and inspirational book, John

Blackwood explores various kinds of symmetry

in diverse realms of nature. First he considers

the fundamental forms of minerals, plants,

animals, and humans, and then looks at spirals,

vortices, buds, and other complex shapes.

Using projective geometry as a basis, he shows

how many forms in nature are generated by

the same basic geometrical process, but that

significant disparities lead to the wondrous

variety found in our universe.

John Blackwood worked in mechanical engineering

design for nearly thirty years. Inspired by Lawrence

Edwards (author of Projective Geometry) and his

work with plant geometry, Blackwood became a

teacher at the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in

Sydney, Australia, where he designed a math course

for classes 11 and 12.

stargaZers’ almanac 2013

a Monthly guide to the Stars and planets

Bob Mizon

ISBN: 9780863158896 caleNdar FlorIS BookS

$25.00 32 pageS color IlluStratIoNS

This beautiful monthly guide to the night skies

is designed specifically for naked-eye astronomy—no

telescope needed—making it ideal for

beginners, children, and backyard astronomers.

Each month’s chart features two views of the

night sky, one looking north and one south, and

maKing geometry

exploring three-dimensional Forms

Jon Allen

ISBN: 9780863159145 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$24.95 136 pageS 120 B/W IlluStratIoNS

144 color IlluStratIoNS

Following on from his successful Drawing Geometry,

Jon Allen explores the creation of the

many-sided three-dimensional forms known as

the Platonic and Archimedean solids. Based on

patterns of equally spaced points on a sphere,

these polyhedra have been the fundamentals of

geometric exploration for millennia.

This unique book provides systematic instructions

for constructing the three-dimensional

forms and shows how to draw out accurately

the geometry of the paperfold nets.

Beginners and experienced artists and designers

alike will find this book a source of practical

guidance that will amply repay the careful attention

needed to construct the models.

Jon Allen has been a practicing architect for

twenty-five years. He has worked closely with Keith

Critchlow, a world authority on geometry, and has

developed a particular interest in the application of

geometry in architectural design.

a visual guide to Moon phases and movements

of the planets. This year’s calendar also includes

a feature article on Edwin Powell Hubble, who

died 60 years ago.

Suitable for astronomy enthusiasts throughout

the Northern Hemisphere’s temperate latitudes.

the Quality of numBers one

to thirty-one

Wolfgang Held

Translated by Matthew Barton

ISBN: 9780863158643 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$14.95 144 pageS

One sun, two parents, three meals a day, four

seasons, five fingers … every child soon discovers

that many things in life have an inherent

number attached to them.

Just as five individual fingers become something

much more important and powerful when

combined together in a hand, these numbers

are often much more than a simple addition

of their parts: they are intrinsically connected

to the object, expressing a particular quality.

In this readable little book, Wolfgang Held

explores the qualities of numbers one to thirtyone.

The Pythagorean School in ancient Greece

had a saying, all is number. Held reveals the fascinating

hidden numerical order of our world

and our remarkable harmonic relationship with

our surroundings.

Wolfgang Held was born in Germany in 1964. He

worked for many years in the Mathematics and Astronomy

section of the Goetheanum, where he now

runs the publicity department. He is the editor of the

Sternkalender (Star Calendar) and the author of many

articles on themes relating to numbers and science.

• 12 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

the care and development

of the human senses

rudolf Steiner’s Work on the

Significance of the Senses in


Willi Aeppli

ISBN: 9780951033159 paMpHlet

$12.95 68 pageS

A presentation of Rudolf Steiner’s

ideas on the nature of the twelve

human senses as he saw them and

their role in education.

Willi Aeppli (1894–1972) was a master

Waldorf teacher in the Rudolf Steiner

School in Basel, Switzerland.

healing forces in the

word and its rhythms

report verses in rudolf Steiner’s

art of education

Heinz Müller

ISBN: 9781900169042 paMpHlet

$14.95 44 pageS

A concise exploration of Rudolf

Steiner’s recommendation that class

teachers create verses for their students

in their annual school reports.

Heinz Müller considers the guiding

principles behind this recommendation.

Includes sample verses.

Heinz Müller was a teacher at the

Rudolf Steiner School in Hamburg-

Wandsbek for forty-two years.

language teaching in

steiner waldorf schools

rudolf Steiner’s concept of an

Integrated approach to language


Johannes Kiersch

ISBN: 9781900169035 paperBack

$17.95 144 pageS

This Waldorf teacher resource

provides a solid basis for teaching

modern languages in the context

of Waldorf educational methods. It

discusses Steiner’s view of language

in relation to child development

and addresses practical classroom

questions of curriculum and teaching


Johannes Kiersch was a Waldorf teacher

in Germany for many years and a lecturer

at the Institut für Waldorfpädagogik

in Witten-Annen.

educating through arts

and crafts

an Integrated approach to craft

Work in Steiner Waldorf Schools

Edited by Michael Martin

ISBN: 9781900169066 paperBack

$35.00 216 pageS 300+ B/W IlluStratIoNS

Written by experienced Waldorf

craft teachers, this large, comprehensive

book presents many ideas

for craft-activity classes, while

analyzing their role in the students’

self-discovery and creative


Michael Martin has been a woodwork

teacher at the Waldorf school in Nurnberg,

Germany, for many years.

the educational tasKs and

content of the steiner

waldorf curriculum

Edited by Martyn Rawson and

Tobias Richter

ISBN: 9781900169073 paperBack

$35.00 224 pageS

A comprehensive overview of what

Waldorf schools teach and why. In

addition to describing the substance

and methods of the Waldorf curriculum,

the book also provides a

clear overview of the ideas behind

Rudolf Steiner’s educational approach

for the Walforf schools.

Martyn Rawson was a class teacher in

York (UK) and has taught English, art

history, and anthropology in Germany.

towards religious


rudolf Steiner on religion

teaching and the School Services

Rudolf Steiner;

Foreword by Karla Kiniger;

Translated by Johanna Collis

ISBN: 9781900169080 SpIral-BouNd

$16.95 90 pageS

A comprehensive collection of

Rudolf Steiner’s thoughts and ideas

on teaching religion in Waldorf

schools. Documents the beginning

and development of “Free

Christian Religion Lessons” and

“Services” as they were originally


Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship – New Books

rudolf steiner’s curriculum

for waldorf schools

an attempt to Summarize His


E. A. Karl Stockmeyer

ISBN: 9781900169103 paperBack

$24.95 156 pageS

Here is an in-depth exploration

and expansion of the original curriculum

of the first Waldorf school.

Divided into sections, the author

outlines Steiner’s comments on

schools and lessons in general, as

well as many details on his views

of specific issues, ranging from the

various age groups to classroom

decoration and arrangement.

This is an important book for all

Waldorf teachers, getting to the

heart of Steiner’s ideas on education

and child development.

E. A. Karl Stockmeyer (1886–1963) was

a founding teacher at the first Waldorf

school, Stuttgart, 1919.

towards creative


Working with the curriculum of

classes 1 to 8 in Steiner Waldorf


Edited by Martyn Rawson and

Brien Masters

ISBN: 9781900169097 paMpHlet

$15.95 40 pageS

Offers ideas for planning, forming,

and developing main lessons.

Comes out of a teachers’ working

group and provides helpful suggestions

to both class teachers and

subject specialists, adding to the

richness and imagination of each

teacher’s own work.

Martyn Rawson is involved in teacher

training and in promoting Waldorf


a handBooK for waldorf

class teachers, 2nd edition

Compiled by Kevin Avison

ISBN: 9781900169172 SpIral-BouNd

$19.95 98 pageS

A useful and practical resource for

Waldorf school teachers. It provides

detailed suggestions and checklists

for teaching all lessons for classes 1

through 8. The extensive appendix

features a compilation of planners

for Waldorf teachers, as well as a

collection of example records for

students and their teachers.

Easy-to-navigate help for creative

classroom activities and management.

Kevin Avison has been a teacher in both

public and Steiner/Waldorf schools and

is an executive officer of the Steiner

Waldorf Schools Fellowship.

repuBlican academies

rudolf Steiner on Self-management,

experiential Study, and Selfeducation

in the life of a college

of teachers

Francis Gladstone

ISBN: 9781900169356 paMpHlet

SteINer WaldorF ScHoolS FelloWSHIp

$11.95 46 pageS

A collection of Rudolf Steiner’s

insights for Waldorf schools on

self-management, experiential

study, self-education, and cooperative

working. The book includes

extensive excerpts from Steiner’s

speeches and writings and explores

his views on college life (the faculty

of teachers in a school), outlining

some of the history and development

of the Waldorf philosophy

throughout the beginning of the

twentieth century.

Francis Gladstone is a Steiner/Waldorf

school teacher.

five plays for waldorf


With “gilly of the goatskin and

the churl of the townland


Richard Moore

ISBN: 9781900169189 paMpHlet

$19.95 56 pageS

Collection of seasonal plays suitable

for classes 1 to 5 with original songs.

Richard Moore was one of the founding

teachers of the Iona School in Nottingham,

UK. He has worked for more

than twenty-five years as a Waldorf

class teacher.

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Picture Books for the Young Child

sun and seed

Written and illustrated by

Daniel C. Bryan

ISBN: 9780946206674 WyNStoNeS preSS

$9.95 16 pageS

The growing seed wakes from Winter sleep

and grows through Spring sun and rain to the

splendor of Summer blossom.

the nettle and the Butterfly

Written by Daniel C. Bryan, Illustrated by Angela Bryan

ISBN: 9780946206377 paperBack WyNStoNeS preSS $7.00 18 pageS

The main stages of the development of a Peacock butterfly are

both accurately and imaginatively described in rhyming verse.

the carpenter’s daughter

Written and illustrated by Daniel C. Bryan

the sun seed

Written and illustrated by Jan Schubert

ISBN: 9780880105859 Hardcover Bell poNd BookS $17.95

32 pageS IlluStrated IN color Felt pIctureS

ISBN: 9780946206384 paperBack WyNStoNeS preSS $7.00 22 pageS

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the Emperor asks a master carpenter to

build a teahouse in the Garden of Tranquility. Permission is granted

for the carpenter’s daughter to accompany him.

looKing for a fairy

by Judith Adams

Illustrated by Caroline Mason

ISBN: 9780946206667 WyNStoNeS preSS

$8.95 8 pageS

Over branches and through a muddy stream,

a boy with a gentle curiousity goes looking

for a Fairy.

wendy the whale

by Alexander Williams

Illustrated by Lucy Newton

ISBN: 9780946206711 WyNStoNeS preSS

$11.95 28 pageS

Wendy the Whale is a piece of oral

history from the 1930s originaly told to

a friend of the author by an elderly


Soon the little seedling pushed right

through the earth and into the air. Suddenly,

she was surrounded by bright sunshine.

“Aaah,” she said in wonder, opening her

leaves wide to the warmth and light.

This simple and charming story for a young child lovingly illustrates the

natural cycle of the plant world. A little Sun Seed follows the cycle of

spring into summer into fall into winter as she grows from seedling to

golden flower. At last, bowing her head, she gives up her seeds to Mother Earth,

who gathers them and wraps them in a blanket of leaves for their long winter sleep. (Ages 3-5)

About the Illustrations

The special illustrations in The Sun Seed are made of dyed wool fibers, felted together to create a solid piece of “fabric.” Jan has

employed a technique known as “dry” or “needle felting.”

In this process one uses a small hand tool called a felting needle, which has barbs along the shaft that catch the fibers and bind

them together as the needle pierces the surface of the wool. Wherever one pokes the wool with the needle, it sticks and adheres to

the fabric. Jan Schubert describes the experience as “painting with a needle.”

Books for children ages 3-6

printed on recycled paper with

vegetable based inks.


Written by Norah Romer, Illustrated by Heather Jarman

ISBN: 9780946206407 paperBack WyNStoNeS preSS $10.00 16 pageS

This story tells of the young children waiting to travel with Father

Time from Heaven down to Earth on their Birthday.

the harvest story

Written by Elizabeth Reppel, Illustrated by Anne Stockton

ISBN: 9780946206568 paperBack WyNStoNeS preSS $10.00 24 pageS

A delightful journey through the seasons with the farmer, from

winter rest through to autumn harvesting.

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a concertina board book

Illustrated by

Marjan van Zeyl

ISBN: 9780946206612

WyNStoNeS preSS $16.95

10 pageS


ISBN: 9780863151934 BoardBook

FlorIS BookS $10.00 10 pageS

Spring shows children playing with

lambs, sowing seeds, painting Easter

eggs, and watching baby birds.


Five sections fold out to about

four feet long. The soft watercolor

pictures and the lovely lullaby verse follow a child’s journey into

sleep, through the night, and to waking in the morning. (Ages 3-6)

hannah on the farm

Marjan van Zeyl

ISBN: 9780863151941 BoardBook

FlorIS BookS $10.00 10 pageS

Summer shows children fishing for

tadpoles, playing at the beach, eating ice

cream, and enjoying a picnic.

Board Books for the Young Child

Four colorful little chunky boardbooks without text take young children through the year

with delightful pictures of seasonal activities. Illustrated by Gerda Mullen (Ages 1-5)

ISBN: 9780863157882 Board Book

FlorIS BookS $9.95 14 pageS

Hannah the hen is looking everywhere for

a quiet place to lay her eggs so that she can

have her very own chicks. But the pigs grunt

too loudly, the lambs are too playful, the

cows are too clumsy... Can Hannah find a

nice quiet place where her eggs will be safe?

This charming board book for very young

children introduces farmyard animals

and their individual characteristics.

(Ages 1-3)

pip the gnome

Admar Kwant

ISBN: 9780863157875 Board

Book FlorIS BookS $9.95

14 pageS

Follow Pip the gnome through

spring, summer, autumn and

winter as he plays happily with

his woodland friends, the mouse,

the robin, the wren, and the


Introduce very young children

to the seasons with this perfect

bedtime story that ends with

“good night” to Pip. (Ages 1-3)


ISBN: 9780863151910 BoardBook

FlorIS BookS $10.00 10 pageS

Autumn shows children playing in leaves,

collecting conkers, flying kites, and

making jam.


ISBN: 9780863151927 BoardBook

FlorIS BookS $10.00 10 pageS

Winter shows children shovelling

snow, ice-skating, feeding birds, and

celebrating Christmas.

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Picture Books for the Young Child – Daniela Drescher


lily the little princess

Daniela Drescher

ISBN: 9780863159053 Book (Hardcover)

FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

Lily the little princess loves to dance with

her animal friends in the summer. But when

winter comes her playmates all go to sleep, or

fly away to warmer places. In spring, Lily sets

off through the forest in search of someone

like her, someone who also wants to play in

the winter.

Lily is helped on her way by an old tree, a

badger and a hedgehog, until she happily

discovers her perfect companion.

This enchanting, simple tale and its beautiful illustrations lead into a world among

the flowers that will capture any child’s imagination. (Ages 3-6)

little fairy can’t sleep

ISBN: 9780863158254 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

Faith is a little fairy who can’t get to sleep. She meets a mother

fox with her young cubs who can’t get to sleep and an elf father

whose little elves can’t get to sleep, the sandman who is filling

sacks with magic dust to help children everywhere get to sleep

and finally a moth fairy prince who takes her to the source of the

night’s magic—a wonderful midsummer night’s party—where

she dances until she is so tired that she finally falls asleep.

This magical, dreamlike tale makes perfect bedtime reading.

(Ages 3-7)

the elves’ Big adventure

ISBN: 9780863155949 Hardcover pluS 4-page Foldout FlorIS

BookS $17.95 24 pageS

Old Redcap is proud of his greatest creation—a hot-air balloon

with wings for steering. But a fox has nibbled at the ropes that

keep the balloon from floating away! Redcap and Bluecap cannot

keep the balloon from rising into the sky—with the two elves

still attached!

Eventually darkness falls, along with the balloon. When they

awake the next morning, they find themselves in the land of the

fairies. (Ages 4-7)

what’s hiding in there?

ISBN: 9780863156342 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $15.95 16 pageS

Young children love exploring the world of elves and fairies, and

this time there’s more to discover! Lift the three or four flaps on

each page to discover what’s hiding in the old tree, in the nest,

in the grass, or under the leaves.

The simple text asks “what’s hiding in there?” This entertaining

picture book is ideal for preschool and early grades children.

(Ages 3-6)

lIFt tHe

FlAP Book

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in the land of fairies

ISBN: 9780863154508 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $14.95 24 pageS

in the land of elves

ISBN: 9780863154843 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $14.95 24 pageS

merlina and the magic spell

ISBN: 9780863157141 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

in the land of merfolK

ISBN: 9780863155581 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $14.95 24 pageS

daniela drescher’s atmospheric watercolor illustrations reveal the secret lives of fairies, elves, and water spirits in their magical

world, hidden within nature. as we follow them through the seasons we discover how they work and play. (ages 4-7)

It’s harvest time, and Merlina the little sorceress and her friend Igor the dragon are busily gathering

fruit and vegetables from their garden. When Igor steps on a sharp thorn, Merlina has to find

the right spell to make his toe better. A perfect Halloween story for young children with owls, bats,

spiders, toads, pumpkins, and, of course, magic! (Ages 3-6)

Daniela Drescher was born in Munich and trained in

art therapy before living for a time in America and Switzerland.

She has worked intensively with children in a

therapeutic capacity for ten years and currently provides

illustrations for a parenting magazine.

Daniela Drescher – Picture Books for the Young Child

See more books illustrated by Daniela Drescher:

Little Fairy’s Christmas (p. 38) and

Over the Hills and Far Away (p. 30)

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Picture Books for the Young Child – Sibylle von Olfers

the story of the snow


ISBN: 9780863154997 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 24 pageS

Poppy is gazing out of the window at the snow

when, all of a sudden, she sees that the snowflakes

are really little Snow Children dancing

and whirling in the garden. Soon, they whisk

her away to the Snow Queen’s wintry kingdom.

(Ages 3-5)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863159091 MINI Hardcover $9.95

the princess

in the forest

ISBN: 9780863151897 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95 28 pageS

A little princess lives in a castle in the forest where the nature folk

are her friends and companions. (Ages 3-7)



the story of the root children

ISBN: 9780863151064 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 28 pageS

This is a classic story of the changing seasons. The root

children spend the winter asleep. When spring comes, they

wake, sew themselves new gowns, and clean and paint the

beetles and bugs. All summer they play in fields, ponds

and meadows before returning in the autumn to Mother

Earth, who welcomes them home and puts them to bed

once more. (Ages 3-7)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863152481-MINI Hardcover $9.95

the story of the

Butterfly children

ISBN: 9780863156885 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 20 pageS

Far, far away, the butterfly folk live in a kingdom

of beautiful gardens. The butterfly children play,

dance, and sing all day long with their little

brothers and sisters, the caterpillars.

The butterfly children can hardly wait until they

finally get their wings. First, however, they must

learn about the many brightly colored flowers in

the gardens, so they can take part in the grand

flying procession of

peacock, swallowtail,

red admiral, and

many other butterflies.

(Ages 3-5)

the story of the wind


ISBN: 9780863155628 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 24 pageS

George is trying to play with his boats, but

there is no wind to make them sail. Then, one

of the wind children comes along and blows

just for him.

The wind child blows the dandelions in the

meadows, shakes apples from the tree, and

blows the leaves all around. Then they ride two

fluffy cloud horses across the sky until George

is back home. (Ages 3-5)

the story of the raBBit


ISBN: 9780863157318 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 24 pageS

When the woodsman’s children are lost in the

woods, a kind mother rabbit takes them home

and cares for them. She makes them rabbit suits

to keep them warm and they play happily with

her rabbit children. They are reunited with

their father when their clever dog Spot finds

something strangely familiar about the little

rabbit children. (Ages 3-6)

Sibylle von Olfers (1881-1916) used a

blend of natural observation and simple

design that critics have compared to the

works of Kate Greenaway and Elsa Beskow.

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pancaKes for findus

ISBN: 9781903458792 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $22.00 28 pageS

Farmer Pettson wants to bake a birthday cake

for his cat Findus, who has three birthdays a

year. But how will they get the eggs with the

bull in the way? (Ages 5-8)

where is my sister?

ISBN: 9781903458921 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $17.95 32 pageS

This picture book takes you on a balloon journey

through a fabulous fantasy world with a

little mouse who goes looking for his sister,

who is hidden on each richly illustrated full

page spread. Can you find her?

The stunning pictures, poetic text, and subtle

art historical references can be enjoyed by both

children and adults. (Ages 3 and up)

Sven Nordqvist – Picture Books for the Young Child

when findus was little

and disappeared

ISBN: 9781903458839 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $22.00 28 pageS

One day when Findus was little, he went exploring

and got lost. The search for Findus is set

among the forests and fields of rural Sweden,

and every picture is a fascinating, magical world

of tiny creatures. (Ages 5-8)

“It’s not often that we come across

books with such immediate and

lasting appeal. The stories are ingenious,

the characters are quirky and

original, and the illustrations are

absolutely delightful… I can’t

recommend them highly enough.

Hurrah for Findus!”

—Philip Pullman, author,

His Dark Materials trilogy

tHe FInDus seRIes

written and illustrated by

Sven Nordqvist

Findus and Farmer Pettson live in a

ramshackle cottage in the country, with a

henhouse, workshop, and woodshed.

Their hilarious, magical world is inhabited by

tiny creatures who move Farmer Pettson’s

things about when he isn’t looking.

findus and

the fox

ISBN: 9781903458877


HaWtHorN preSS $22.50

28 pageS

There’s a hen-hunting fox on the loose. But

Farmer Pettson and his quirky cat Findus agree

that foxes should not be killed—they should be

tricked. Farmer Pettson and Findus come up

with a plan that leads to an explosive, unforgettable

night. (Ages 5-8)




ISBN: 9781903458914

Hardcover HaWtHorN

preSS $22.00

28 pageS

Farmer Pettson is in

the attic looking for

a bag of fishing floats

and starts to dream

about how much fun

it would be to camp

by the lake and go fishing, and grill fish over

the fire as the sun is setting ... That’s not exactly

how things turn out. But Findus, Pettson, and

the hens try camping—in the garden. (Ages 5-8)

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Picture Books for the Young Child – Elsa Beskow

princess sylvie

ISBN: 9780863158131 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 28 pageS

Princess Sylvie has persuaded her

father to leave the palace gardens

and walk in the woods with her.

Sylvie's adventures begin when

her little dog Oskar runs off after

a long-eared hare.

This delightful story for young

children is about exploring new

places and making new friends...

and about the comforts of home.

(Ages 4-7)

christopher’s harvest time

ISBN: 9780863151514 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Christopher meets the little spirit of

September in the garden, and he is

introduced to all the harvest folk: the

gooseberry girls and boys, Old Man

Black Currant, Mrs. Bramley, the Misses

Plum, and the proud Strawberries.

(Ages 4-6)

emily and daisy

ISBN: 9780863156496 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 28 pageS

Emily is always trying to be a helpful

little girl, so when her mother

worries that Daisy the cow will

escape into the clover field through

a hole in the fence, Emily offers to

go to the meadow and look after

Daisy for the day.

Young children will love following

Emily through her day as

unexpected, good things come her

way to help her look for Daisy and

mend the fence. (Ages 3-6)

uncle Blue’s new


ISBN: 9780863153648

Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$17.95 32 pageS

Peter and Lotta and their three

eccentric aunts are invited for a

summer picnic with Uncle

Blue and his new rowboat.

(Ages 5-8)

the curious fish

ISBN: 9780863157158 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 32 pageS

When Flash, a very curious little

fish, is caught by Tom, a very curious

little boy, and taken to his

home and put in a glass jar, Flash’s

aunt and uncles are determined to

save him.

Children will delight in the wonderful

characters of the lake, and

in the extraordinary adventures

of Uncle Pike, Uncle Bream, and

Aunt Flounder as they try to free

Flash and return him to his lake

home. (Ages 3-6)

peter and lotta’s


ISBN: 9780863153983

Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$17.95 32 pageS

When Peter and Lotta have a

day full of adventures, including

the going to a fair. (Ages


the land of long


ISBN: 9780863157714 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Kelly and Kai love to play on the

gnarled old tree trunk outside

their cottage in the woods.

One day a mischievous gnome

brings the tree trunk to life as an

old tree dragon, and the children

are whisked off to the Land of

Long Ago.

On their incredible journey, Kelly

and Kai meet a princess, rescue a

knight, and trick the troll king.

(Ages 4-6)

peter and lotta’s


ISBN: 9780863153723

Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$17.95 32 pageS

Peter and Lotta discover where

Christmas presents come

from. (Ages 5-8)

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children of the forest

ISBN: 9780863150494 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

The children of the forest live deep in the roots of

a pine tree. They follow their adventures through

each season as they play hide with the squirrels

and throw snowballs in winter. (Age 3-5)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863154973 $9.95

peter in BlueBerry land

ISBN: 9780863150500 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Peter is looking for blueberries for his mother’s

birthday, but he cannot find any. Then he feels

a light tap on his shoe, and a strange, magical

adventure begins. (Ages 3-5)

mini edition

ISBN 9780863154980 $9.95

around the year

ISBN: 9780863150753 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Delightful verses and pictures take us through

the months of the year. (Ages 3-5)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863156489 $9.95

the sun egg

ISBN: 9780863151637 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the

woods. “It’s a sun egg!” declares the elf who

finds it. Soon she and her friends find out what

it really is, but not before the elf goes off on the

best adventures! (Ages 4-9)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863155857 $9.95

pelle’s new suit

Elsa Beskow – Picture Books for the Young Child

ISBN: 9780863150920 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Pelle shears his lamb and gets the wool carded,

spun, dyed, woven and made into a fine new

suit. (Ages 4-9)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863155840 $9.95

the tale of the little, little

old woman

ISBN: 9780863150791

Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $16.95 32 pageS

This is a simple little tale

about a little, little old

woman who lives in a

little, little cottage with

a little, little cat who

makes BIG trouble. (Ages 3-4)

the flowers’ festival

ISBN: 9780863151200 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

A lucky little girl is invited by the flower fairies

to join them for their Midsummer festival.

Gathering around Queen Rose, all the flowers

and bumblebees and birds tell their enchanting

stories, while the Dew-cups and Pea-blossom

serve refreshments. (Ages 4-6)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863157288 $9.95

woody, haZel, and little pip

ISBN: 9780863151095 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

This enchanting picture book describes

woodland scenes in the autumn when two

acorn children get blown away in the wind.

(Ages 4-9)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863157295 $9.95

ollie’s sKi trip

ISBN: 9780863150913 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Six-year-old Ollie is given his first pair of real

skis and when the thick snow falls at last, he

sets off by himself and meets with all kinds

of adventures in the palace of King Winter.

(Ages 4-9)

mini edition

ISBN: 9780863156472 $9.95

peter’s old house

ISBN: 9780863151026 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Peter builds boats for the children in his village,

shows visitors around in ten different languages,

and is the village doctor and handyman. But

Peter’s house is falling apart, so all his neighbors

come to help Peter fix his old house. (Ages 4-5)

Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) was a pioneering

author and illustrator of children’s books

in Sweden. Her books were inspired by her

own childhood experiences, as well as those

of her six children. Central themes were the

relationships between children and adults and

children’s independent initiative. Her books

have been known and loved for over a century

and are continually reprinted, and many have

become classics.

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Picture Books for the Young Child

waldorf alphaBet BooK

Illustrated by Famke Zonneveld

Afterword by William Ward

ISBN: 9780880105590 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $12.95 64 pageS

In this delightful, best-selling alphabet and game

book for young children, each consonant and

vowel comes to life in vivid pictures that show

each letter’s unique qualities in the world.

This is the alphabet book for parents and teachers

who want to encourage the most natural

development in children.

Includes an essay on learning to read and write

in the Waldorf schools. (Ages 4-6)

Famke Zonneveld (1938-2005) was trained at the

Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Netherlands.

She was an artist and teacher for many years. Her art

works are included in numerous public and private


the last night of ramadan

Maissa Hamed, Illustrated by Mohamed El Wakil

ISBN: 9780880105866 Hardcover Bell poNd BookS

$19.95 32 pageS

theo, the Blue rider pigeon

Christine Sierau

Illustrated by Rose Tannenbaum

ISBN: 9780880105613 paperBack Bell poNd

BookS $10.95 20 pageS

It was a cold and blustery November night at Blue

Rider Stables. The horses were huddled safely

inside. The girls who worked at the barn had

closed the heavy door against the storm. What a

surprise when, the next morning, a pigeon was

found limping around inside.

Join Theo as he becomes part of the rich and

varied family that inhabits Blue Rider Stables.

Illustrated in vibrant watercolors. (Ages 3-5)

Christine Sierau is executive director and head riding

instructor of Blue Rider Stables in North Egremont,


Rose Tannenbaum lives in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts.

She is a graphic designer and illustrator.

For children and their families who wish to understand and learn about Islam

and the Muslim culture, the lively illustrations and

text focus on the traditions of the Holy Month of

Ramadan, an important time of the yearly cycle

for Muslims around the world. (Ages 5-8)

Maissa Hamed is an Egyptian American and a former

staff member of UNICEF. Since 1998, she has been an

Education and Research Consultant for Sesame Workshop’s

International Research Department.

Mohamed El Wakil, an Egyptian-American, is a member

of the American Institute of Architects and a member

of the American Society for Muslim Advancement.

winter, awaKe!

Linda Kroll

Illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr

ISBN: 9780880105286 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $11.95 32 pageS

what Julianna could see

Story by Paul Margulies

Illustrated by Famke Zonneveld

The coming of winter plays an important role in

the cycle of nature. This delightfully illustrated

verse story tells what happens one year when

Winter will not wake. All the woodland creatures

try to tell Winter their work is done. They

scold and mock and urge, but Winter will not

wake, until, at last, the round red ladybug in her

small, soft voice whispers something gently in

his ear—and mighty Winter wakes! (Ages 5-7)

Linda Kroll has been a storyteller, an elementary

school tutor, a high school English and drama teacher,

and a college literature instructor.

Ruth Lieberherr’s art work is included in museums,

galleries, and private collections in the U. S., France,

and her native Switzerland. (See p. 1, The Knottles)

ISBN: 9780880105156 paperBack Bell poNd BookS $11.95 32 pageS

This radiant picture book was written for Julianna Margulies—the film

actor and star of the hit television series “The Good Wife”—when she

was six years old. Her father,

Paul Margulies, captures the

pure openness of a child’s

imagination. His reflections

on what Julianna would see

remind us, young and old,

that life’s riches can come

to us through our loving

attention to the simple and

“ordinary.” (Ages 5-7)

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Talking Eagle

and the

Lady of Roses

The Story of Juan Diego and

Our Lady of Guadalupe

by Amy Córdova with Eugene Gollogly

Diana Cohn (l) and Amy

Córdova (r) with Marcela

Chorlango, President of the

Workers Committee


available iN paperback iN November!

By Diana Cohn, Illustrated by Amy Córdova

Afterword by Ang Rita Sherpa

ISBN: 978-1-62148-005-1 paperBack SteINerBookS $9.95 32 pageS

Nima Sherpa lives in Nepal where the tallest mountain on earth towers above

the clouds. Every day, on her way to school, Nima passes porters, travelers, and

monks. Whenever Nima sees someone, she brings her hands together, bows

her head slightly, and says “Namaste” ~ the light in me meets the light in you.

Woven into this simple, gentle story about recognizing and honoring the sacred

in each other are delightful details of daily life in Nepal. With a glossary of terms and an informative afterword

by Ang Rita Sherpa of The Mountain Institute. (Ages 5-8)

talKing eagle and the lady of roses

the Story of Juan diego and our lady of


Amy Córdova, with Eugene Gollogly

ISBN: 9780880107198 Hardcover SteINerBookS $17.95 40 pageS

This is the traditional story, told simply and elegantly for children,

of how Talking Eagle became Juan Diego and met the beautiful

Lady of Roses, Nuestra Señora Guadalupe. The Lady fills Juan’s

cloak with full-blooming roses and impresses her image on

its fibers as a sign for the bishop to fulfill her request to build

a house of prayers where all people can come to receive her

blessings. Also included is an informative afterword by Eugene

Gollogly. (Ages 5-8)

roses for isaBella

Diana Cohn, Illustrated by Amy Córdova; Afterword by Lynn Lohr

ISBN: 9780880107310 Hardcover SteINerBookS $17.95 32 pageS

This morning, Cotacachi, the volcano that watches over my village,

is veiled in clouds of white, as soft as the wool my grandfather spins.

After breakfast, I get ready to walk to school. Mama weaves my hair

into a long braid and ties it with a brightly colored ribbon.

Papa watches me put my writing book into my schoolbag.

He says with a big smile, “Isabella, you are our family’s first writer.

Roses for Isabella invites us to experience life in Ecuador through the eyes of a

young girl who keeps a journal and loves to write. Through Isabella, we learn how

her family’s life changes for the better when her parents find work at a Fair Trade

farm. This story introduces the reader to the cultural traditions of Ecuador and

the importance of making choices that support Fair Trade products. (Ages 5-8)

“Colorful folk-art style drawings add an authenticity

to this South American tale… the important message

about environmental concerns and equitable working

conditions dominates.” —Kirkus

mr. goethe’s garden

Diana Cohn, Illustrated by Paul Mirocha

ISBN: 9780880105217 Hardcover Bell poNd BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Set in the 1830s, Mr. Goethe’s Garden is

the story of the friendship between an

inquisitive young girl and her elderly

neighbor, the world-famous German

playwright, artist, and natural scientist

Johann von Goethe. Anna visits Mr.

Goethe in his well-tended garden, where

Picture Books for the Young Child

Amy Córdova is an artist and storyteller

who has been recognized for her work as

an illustrator of children’s books. Eugene

Gollogly is CEO and President of Booklight

Inc. and Lantern Books and Director of Steinerbooks. Diana Cohn

is an award-winning children’s book author.

she learns to draw and to look at the

world in a very special way. Inspired by

Goethe’s life and his botanical treatise

The Metamorphosis of the Plant, this

book contains sensitive illustrations and

elegant text that reveal the intricate wonders

of the plant kingdom. (Ages 6-9)

“Jewel-toned illustrations illuminate this tale of the

first indigenous saint in the Americas. Authentically

and lovingly told, this version of the familiar

story is dramatic and bold, affirming the worth

and celebrating the perseverance of the poor and

downtrodden.” —Kirkus

Amy Córdova and

Eugene Gollogly

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Picture Books for the Young Child

the helpful elves

August Kopisch

Illustrated by Beatrice Braun-Fock

ISBN: 9780863158155 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

After the people of Cologne go to sleep, the

Helpful Elves do their work for the carpenter,

for the baker, the butcher, the winemaker, and

the tailor. However, no one ever sees them—

until one day the tailor’s wife becomes curious.

(Ages 3-6)

August Kopisch (1799–1853) specialized in retelling

popular legends.

Beatrice Braun-Fock (1898–1973) illustrated over

fifty children’s picture books between 1919 and 1960.

where do they go when it


Gerda Muller

ISBN: 9780863157493 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 28 pageS

In this wonderfully detailed picture book for

young children you can

find out just what happens

to geese and sheep, a donkey,

chickens, sparrows, a

spider, bees, a pony and

pigs, butterflies, midges,

and ladybirds when it

rains. (Ages 3-8)

Gerda Muller was born in

1926 in Holland. She attended

the Fine Arts School

of Amsterdam and the Ecole Estienne of Paris.

She is the author of the boardbooks, Summer,

Fall, Winter, Spring.

any room for me?

Loek Koopmans

ISBN: 9780863151606 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 28 pageS

In this traditional Ukrainian folk tale, a

woodcutter drops his mitten in the forest and

it becomes a lovely warm house for a little

mouse. Then, one by one, a frog, a hare, a fox,

a wild boar, and a huge bear want to move in

too! (Ages 3-7)

all the dear little animals

Ulf Nilsson

Illustrated by Eva Eriksson

ISBN: 9781903458945 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $17.95 36 pageS

“One summer day, we started

a business called Funerals

Ltd. to help

all the poor dead

animals in the

world. Esther did the

digging, I wrote the poems, and Esther's little

brother Puttie cried.”

A thoroughly offbeat, charming and deeply

meaningful story of three children responding

to death. (Ages 4-7)

Ulf Nilsson is a celebrated Swedish children’s writer

and Eva Eriksson is one of Sweden’s best-loved

illustrators of children’s books.

goran’s great escape

Astrid Lindgren, Marit Törnqvist

ISBN: 9780863157936 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Goran the bull breaks loose from his stall and

charges out into the farmyard. People gather

from miles around to see the raging bull, but

no one will dare to cross Goran’s path. Karl, the

young farm boy, has a plan.

A delightful story by acclaimed author Astrid

Lindgren with beautifully observed and rendered

illustrations of old-time Swedish families

and farm life. (Ages 4-7)

the tomtes of hilltop wood

Brenda Tyler

ISBN: 9780863157721 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

When Emily and Jamie hear that a new road

will be built through Hilltop Wood, they rush to

warn their friends, the Tomtes—who guard the

oldest woods. When the workers arrive, unexpected

obstacles appear in their way—the rocks

they need to move are much bigger

than they remembered; their

digging machines are flooded;

a stream mysteriously changes

direction overnight. Maybe they

won’t be able to build this road

after all. (Ages 4-6)

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ginger nut

Chani McBain, Illustrated

by Joanne Nethercott

ISBN: 9780863158056 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 32 pageS

Calum McGregor is a blond boy in

a family of redheads. Calum is fed

up with being the odd one out, so

he tries eating carrots, and coloring

his hair with felt tips. But all his

hair-brained plans fail. (Ages 3–6)

fergus finds a friend

Kenneth Steven

Illustrated by Louise Crowe

ISBN: 9780863157783 paperBack FlorIS

BookS, pIcture kelpIeS $11.95 32 pageS

It’s time for Fergus the young otter to leave

home. During his journey to find new, safe

place to make a home and friends, he meets

all sorts of new creatures, both friend and

foe—a robin, a butterfly, dogs who chase

him, and, strangest of all, a prickly hedgehog.

(Ages 3-6)

my cat mac

Margaret Forrester

ISBN: 9780863157479 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 32 pageS

Here are more adventures of the loveable

star of the bestselling book The Cat Who

Decided. When a new family moves into

Mac’s house, he decides to let them stay.

My Cat Mac is a very funny story about

learning to respect animals and about the

importance of friendship. (Ages 3-6)

hungry hettie

Polly Lawson

Illustrated by Jo Allen,

ISBN: 9780863157790 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 24 pageS

Hettie the Highland cow is always

hungry. When Callum and Kirsty

visit, they give her all sorts of treats

to eat.Watch Hettie grow and grow

until she and the children finally

learn their lesson. (Ages 3-6)

you can’t play here!

Angus Corby

ISBN: 9780863157462 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 32 pageS

how to maKe a

heron happy

Lari Don, Illustrated by

Nicola O’Byrne

ISBN: 9780863158049 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 24 pageS

Young Gregor MacDonald is thrilled

when he receives a set of bagpipes for

his birthday. But each time he starts to

play, he hears the same angry cry: “You

can’t play here!”… until he finally finds

acceptance in the most unlikely place.

(Ages 3-6)

Hamish is worried about a heron

because he looked sad and grumpy,

so Hamish tries to cheer him up. He

makes everyone else happy, but the

heron still looks sad and grumpy so

Hamish wonders: maybe the heron

actually is not unhappy after all?

(Ages 3-6)

Picture Books for the Young Child

the Big Bottom hunt

Lari Don, Illustrated by Gabby Grant

ISBN: 9780863157455 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 32 pageS

Sandy and Ella are playing on the beach when

they see a funny shape in the sand—They trace

the print, and then the big bottom hunt begins.

(Ages 3-6)

hoglet the spineless


Allyson Marnoch, Illustrated by

Lorraine Ward

ISBN: 9780863157424

papeBack FlorIS BookS,

kelpIeS $11.95 128 pageS

lewis clowns


Lynne Rickards,

Illustrated by

Gabby Grant

A heartwarming tale of one

little hedgehog’s attempts to

conquer adversity with politeness—and

a certain amount of

luck! (Ages 4-6)

ISBN: 9780863158438 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 32 pageS

Poor Lewis hates being a puffin. He

feels he just doesn’t fit in. He longs

for a different life and so he heads

off to the circus to become a clown.

A charming rhyming picture book

about a young misfit puffin who

learns that it’s okay to be different.

(Ages 3-6)

wee granny’s magic


Elizabeth McKay

Illustrated by Maria Bogade

ISBN: 9780863158445 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 21 pageS

Emily and Harry love going

on trips with Wee

Granny because surprising

things always happen

when she brings her tartan

bag. When Granny is

asked if she’ll bake some

cakes for the school fair,

an incredible afternoon

begins. (Ages 3-6)

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Picture Books for the Young Child

go to sleep, little Bear

Written and illustrated by

Jan Mogensen

ISBN: 9780863154904 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

How many ways can

a Little Bear find to

avoid settling down for

his long winter sleep?

Lots! But if Little Bear

goes to sleep too late,

Mother Bear won’t be

able to wake him up in

time for spring.

Children will enjoy

Little Bear’s antics in

the snow, while parents will recognize a few

of his tricks to avoid going to sleep. A perfect

bedtime story! (Ages 5-8)

little dolphin’s Big



ISBN: 9780863153358 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $17.95 28 pageS

One day, Little Dolphin leaves his home in the

sparkling blue waters of a quiet sandy bay and

follows a ship into the deep ocean.

The book includes

interesting facts about

dolphins and their

behavior, which will

appeal to any child’s

curiosity about these

gentle, intelligent

creatures. (Ages 4-7)

little snow Bear

Written and illustrated by

Hazel Lincoln

ISBN: 9780863154546 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Little Snow Bear

l ive s w i t h h i s

mother in a deep,

warm cave at the

very top of the

world. When winter

comes, the Sun

disappears for a

very long time.

Little Snow Bear wonders what will happen if

the Sun never returns? He sets out on a journey

to find the Sun, and along the way he encounters

the northern lights, Wise Old Caribou, Baby

Seal, and Blue Whale. (Ages 5-8)

goldilocKs and the three


Gerda Muller

ISBN: 9780863157950 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 40 pageS

This charming version of the classic Grimm’s

story of Goldilocks and the three bears offers

delightful extra details for children and parents

to enjoy.

Besides the usual big, medium, and little porridge

bowls, chairs, and beds,you will find big,

medium, and little birds, squirrels, mice, plates,

mugs, umbrellas, brooms, slippers and robes,

and more. (Ages 3-6)

the ice horse


ISBN: 9780863153846 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

One day a little Icelandic horse is chased away

from the herd by a black stallion. He is forced to

roam the grasslands on his own. As winter comes,

the little skewbald horse saves the day when the

herd is endangered by the snow and ice.

This book is full of interesting facts about

Icelandic horses—their history, appearance, and

how they live—which will appeal to all animalloving

children. (Ages 5-8)

uan the little lamB

Sandra Klaassen

ISBN: 9780863157776 paperBack FlorIS BookS,

pIcture kelpIeS $11.95 32 pageS

On a remote Scottish island, two children find

an abandoned lamb. They name her Uan, “little

lamb” in Gaelic. The children love playing with

her, and they take her with them wherever they

go. But what will happen when she becomes a

full-grown sheep? (Ages 4-6)

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the wonderful adventures

of nils

Selma Lagerlof

Illustrated by Lars Klinting

ISBN: 9780863151392 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $24.95 96 pageS

Young Nils Holgersson lives on a farm in Sweden.

Unfortunately, he is sluggish and lazy and

doesn’t want to learn anything at school. He is

also unkind to animals and people. One day

he is shrunk by a dwarf as punishment for being

particularly unkind, as well as greedy. And

then—even more bad luck!—he suddenly gets

carried off by mistake when a flock of wild geese

fly over the farm on their way to the far North.

Nils has many adventures as he travels all

around Sweden. The map on the endpapers

shows all the places that Nils visits on his journey

to the far North and back. When finally he

returns to his home—and his full size—he has

learned to love and respect both humans and

the life of nature.

This is an enchantingly illustrated edition of

the beloved Swedish classic folktale by Selma

Lagerlöf. In 1901, Lagerlöf, already a renowned

and much liked author, had been asked to

contribute a section for a new reader for the

elementary schools in Sweden. But she soon

decided to write the whole book herself as a

single coherent story that would incorporate the

whole geography of Sweden. The first edition of

the book was published in 1906 to wide aclaim.

It has been translated into over 30 languages

and is read all over the world. (Ages 5-7)

am i really different?

Illustrated by Gerda Westerink

ISBN: 9780863152726 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $16.95 24 pageS

When you look closely, you see that no two

ladybirds’ patterns are the same. Just like

people—you see that everyone is different—

unique, special. This is a book that celebrates

diversity. (Ages 4-6)

frog, Bee and snail

looK for snow

Loek Koopmans

ISBN: 9780863155598 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$15.95 28 pageS

Frog knows all about water. Bee knows all about

the sky. And Snail knows all about the earth.

But none of them know anything about snow.

Waking from

t h e i r w i n t e r

sleep, the three

friends are astonished

to hear of

something called

snow. But where

it is hiding now?

D e t e r m i n e d

to discover all

about snow, they

set off together

on an exciting

journey of discovery that takes them through

the seasons. (Ages 4-7)

Picture Books for the Young Child

the tomten

from a poem by Karl-erik forsslund

Adapted by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Harald Wiberg

ISBN: 9780863151538 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

This classic children’s picture book introduces

the fabled Swedish gnome, the Tomten.

He is the one who looks after everything

while the farmer and his family are sleeping.

At night, when all is quiet around the farm—

that’s when the Tomten wakes up. (Ages 5-8)

the tomten and the fox

from a poem by Karl-erik forsslund

Adapted by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Harald Wiberg

ISBN: 9780863151545 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

In this sequel to the well-loved Tomten, the

sly fox sneaks to the farm in the moonlight,

hoping to steal a chicken or two. But he’s

forgotten that the old Tomten guards the

farm at night. (Ages 5-8)

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Picture Books for the Young Child

pudding and chips

Penny Matthews

Illustrated by Janine


ISBN: 9780863154966 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 40 pageS

Pudding is a cranky goose. Nobody

tells Pudding what to do—not even

Chips the sheepdog. But one warm,

windy night, a big red fox comes

creeping through the paddocks,

dreaming of chicken dinners, and

things start to change. (Age 5-8)

florina and the wild Bird

Selina Chönz

Illustrated by Alois Carigiet

ISBN: 9780863156816 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Florina lives in a valley in the Swiss Alps with her

mother, father, and brother Ursli. One day, while

walking in the mountains, she finds a tiny bird

that has lost its mother, and she takes the bird

home to care for it. Florina and the wild bird soon

become best friends. She makes food for it using

her doll’s tea set and gives it a special basket for a

bed. But soon the bird wants to fly, and Florina

must decide whether to keep the bird or release

it to fly back to the mountains. (Ages 4-6)

dragon feathers

Illustrated by Olga

Dugina and Andrei Dugin

Retold by Arnica Esterl

ISBN: 9780863157745 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 24 pageS

The classic story of the adventures

of a poor woodcutter’s son who

must pluck three feathers from

the dragon’s back so that he can

marry the innkeeper’s beautiful

daughter. (Ages 5-8)

Olga Dugina also illustrated One

Thousand and One Nights. (See p. 27)

the apple caKe

Nienke van Hichtum

ISBN: 9780863152283 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

There was an old granny who

took a fancy one day to bake an

apple cake. She has everything she

needs—except apples. So she sets off

to the market to buy some apples,

taking a basket of plums to trade

along the way.

Includes Granny’s delicious apple

cake recipe. (Ages 5-8)

flower heaven

Illustrated by

Else Wenz-Viëtor

ISBN: 9780863157271 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

What happens to the poor flowers

when they get sick?

This charmingly illustrated book

tells the story of one evening

in Flower Heaven, as the flower

angels welcome and tend to their

new patients. (Ages 4-6)

See more books by Else Wenz-Viëtor

on p. 38.

a Bell for ursli

Selina Chönz, Illustrated by Alois Carigiet

ISBN: 9780863156144 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95

44 pageS

A little boy named Ursli lives in the Swiss Alps, and he

must overcome his fears in order to find a big cowbell so

that he can lead the spring procession through his village.

Generations of Swiss children have grown up with this

delightful story of Ursli and his bell. (Ages 5-8)

Selina Chönz (1910–2000) was a poet from the Engadine valley

in the Graubünden mountains of Switzerland.

Alois Carigiet (1902–1985), also from the Graubünden mountains,

became one of Switzerland’s most popular painters. He

won numerous awards, including the New York Times Best Illustrated

Children’s Book of the Year 1953 and the gold medal

of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1966.

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in Blue mountains

an artist’s return to america’s first


Thomas Locker

ISBN:9780880104715 Hardcover

Bell poNd BookS $9.95 36 pageS

In Blue Mountains tells the story of an artist who

sets out to explore wilderness. As he does so, he

embarks on an adventure of learning: about light

and shadow, the way color changes through the

day, and how looking at nature

leads to a new understanding of

himself and the world.

At the end of the book is a section

that answers questions both

profound and practical: How were

the paintings in this book created?

How were the mountains formed?

How can a hemlock tree live on

top of a rock? Why do artists paint

the wilderness? (Ages 5-7)

Thomas Locker is an award-winning

author and artist.. He lives with his

family in East Jewett, New York, at the edge of the

Hudson River.

peter and anneli’s Journey

to the moon

Gerdt von Bassewitz, Illustrated

by Hans Baluschek, Translated by

Marianne H. Luedeking

ISBN: 9780880105842 Hardcover

Bell poNd BookS $17.95 120 pageS

IN color WItH Black aNd WHIte draWINgS

Long ago, a thief, stealing wood in the forest,

had accidentally cut off Mr. Zoomzeman’s

great-great grandfather’s leg

and was banished to the Moon.

Unfortunately, he took the leg

with him and, since then, the

family of the Zoomzemans have

all had only five legs. Only two

good children can get the leg

back, so Mr. Zoomzeman, in

search of goodness, finds Peter

and Anneli. The three then set

off together on an astonishing

journey, filled with marvelous

encounters, fantastic beings, and

exciting events. (Ages 6-9)

Gerdt Bernhard von Bassewitz (1874-1923) was a

lieutenant in the Prussian militia, a playwright,

and an actor. This book was origianlly published

in Germany in 1915 and has been a bestseller in

Germany to this day.

Hans Baluschek (1870-1935), a painter and graphic

artist, was a member of the Berlin Secession Movement

with Max Liebermann and Käthe Kollwitz.

Marianne H. Luedeking lives in Florida. This was

one of her favorite childhood books.

Picture Books for the Young Child

the wise enchanter

a Journey through the alphabet

Shelley Davidow, Illustrated by

Krystyna Emilia Kurzyca

ISBN: 9780880105620 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $15.00 160 pageS

A wonderfully adventurous “learn-the-alphabet”

story for ages 6-8.

“It is happening just as I feared,” he said to his

beautiful daughter. “Wisdom is fading in the

world. Words are disappearing. The brightness

in the sky

is vanishing and

the dark Cloud

of Ignorance has

grown suddenly

dense. Every letter,

every sound must

be found anew

and made bright

again. We must

find those who

are young enough

to rediscover the

world. Children

who are still full

of wonder, who

are kind and true,

are neither selfish

nor unkind—and

who will be brave

enough to go on

this quest.

“Their task will

be to rediscover

the alphabet and

bring back what

is being lost. They

must listen to stories, listen to the old people,

ask questions, and heed answers. Only then will

the darkness be overcome. Then and only then

will wise men and women return to the world.”

Shelley Davidow was nominated for the first Macmillan

Writer’s Prize for Africa in 2002.

Krystyna Emilia Kurzyca was born, raised, and arteducated

in post-World War II communist Poland.

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the seven-year-old wonder BooK

ISBN: 9780863155277 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 144 pageS

Sylvia lives with her mother in a white cottage at the edge of the

woods. In the evening, Sylvia’s mother tells her wonderful stories, and

during the night, the Rhyme-Elves paint pictures and write poems

in her Wonder-Book.

Meet Sister-in-the-Bushes, the Black Imp, the Lordly Cock, Hugin

and the Turnip, and many others who have delighted children for

almost fifty years, taking them through the highlights and festivals

of the year. (Ages 7-9)

the eight-year-old legend BooK

ISBN: 9780863157134 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 120 pageS

This collection of stories, based upon tales told by the Buddha to his

monks 2,500 years ago, tells of great adventures and heroes, of danger

and courage, and most important, of how wisdom and thoughtfulness

triumph over selfishness and greed.

King Beetle-tamer

and other lighthearted wonder tales

ISBN: 9780863155260 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 144 pageS

Meet the Terrible Tanterabogus, Ogo and the Sun Horse, the Gorgeous

Nightingale, Cocorico and Coquelicot, and more, in the magic world

where the princess often rescues the prince!(Ages 7-10)

legends of King arthur

over the hills and far away

a collection of stories about the little folk

Edited by Els Boekelaar and Ineke Verschuren

Illustrated by Daniela Drescher

ISBN: 978-0-86315-730-1 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $30 176 pageS

Here is our best collection of more than sixty traditional stories about gnomes,

dwarfs, leprechauns, and other wee folk from Ireland, Russia, Germany,

Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Flanders, and Scandinavia.

Illustrated in full color throughout by Daniela Drescher.

see more books illusTraTed by daNiela drescher

oN pages 16, 17, & 38

ISBN: 9780863158308 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 144 pageS

Enter a world of duels and jousting, feasts and pageants, where

knights meet in fellowship at Camelot. Courageous knights fight

strange, unearthly foes to prove themselves worthy of a place at King

Arthur’s table. These are the ancient tales that have been told since

the fifth century.

Previously published by Lanthorn Press as Tales the Harper Sang:

Medieval Stories. (Ages 9-12)

storybooks by isabel wyatt

thorKill of iceland

viking hero tales

ISBN: 9780863152566 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 176 pageS

The Vikings were the world’s greatest adventurers and undertook

astonishing journeys that were recorded in the ancient sagas. This

book contains two dramatic story cycles: “Thorkill of Iceland,” an old

Danish hero tale of Thorkill’s mission to the land of the Giants, and

“The Dream of King Alfan,” an old Norse hero tale in which Prince

Guthorm must go through many trials to fulfill his destiny. These

stories are beautifully and dramatically retold from the old sources.

(Ages 7-10)

norse hero tales

“the King and the green angelica” and other stories

ISBN: 9780863157608 paperBack FlorIS BookS $17.95 128 pageS

These stories of Norse heroes are drawn from the collection of tales

compiled by Saxo Grammaticus (c.1150–1220), the Danish historian,

and other early Scandinavian writers.Included is an informative


These stories are particularly useful for teaching Norse Mythology

in Waldorf class 4. (Ages 9–10). Norse Hero Tales was previously

published as The King and the Green Angelica.

the BooK of fairy princes

ISBN: 9780863155284 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 144 pageS

An exciting collection of stories that transports us to ivory towers,

great forests and kingdoms of beautiful colors. (Ages 7-10)

homer’s odyssey

a retelling

ISBN: 9780863156830 paperBack FlorIS BookS $17.95 176 pageS

Homer’s Odyssey is one of the greatest stories in all of literature—the

epic tale of the return of Odysseus to his home following the Trojan

war. (Ages 7-10)

• 30 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

celtic wonder tales

& other stories

Ella Young

ISBN: 978-086315-350-1 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $30.00 224 pageS

B&W IlluStratIoNS

This combined collection of wonderful tales

from Ella Young’s classic retelling of Celtic

stories has been selected from her Celtic Wonder

Tales, The Wonder Smith and His Son, The

Tangle-Coated Horse, and The Unicorn with

Silver Shoes. (Ages 7-10)

the shifty lad and the tales

he told

celtic folk stories

Retold by P. L. Snow

ISBN: 9780863157646 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $19.95 176 pageS

In these delightful and amusing tales of roguery

and cunning, we learn how the Shifty Lad

became a thief, and how he outwitted the Dark

Strangers, escaped a terrible fate and saved his

life through the gift of telling stories.

These tales come from the old Celtic cultures of

Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Like all tales that

are a part of our wider human heritage, they

touch our feelings, strike a note of sadness, and

often bring us to laughter. (Ages 8-11)

the King of ireland’s son

an Irish Folk-tale

Padraic Colum

ISBN: 978-0-86315-896-4 paperBack FlorIS BookS $16.95 288 pageS

myths of the world

Padraic Colum, Illustrated by

Boris Artzybasheff

ISBN: 9780863153655 paperBack

FlorIS BookS 328 pageS $25.00

21 B&W IlluStratIoNS

Here is a comprehensive collection of tales that

have carried deeply human meaning through

the centuries. You will find all the legendary

heroes and tragic characters of ancient times—

Iris, Osiris, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Pandora, and

many more.

Master storyteller Padraic Colum shows the

close relationship among past cultures by

including stories from ancient Egypt, Babylon,

Greece, Rome, Ireland, Iceland, China, Japan,

New Zealand, Mexico, and Peru. (Ages 7-10)

stories of the saints

Retold by Siegwart Knijpenga

ISBN: 0863153259 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 224 pageS B&W IlluStratIoNS

This collection of stories is an invaluable

treasury of the tales and legends of over forty

saints—stories of devotion, self-sacrifice and


Designed for easy reading and reference, this

book covers a wide range of saints from many

times and lands. (Ages 7-10)

In this classical children’s story, the King of Ireland’s son sets out to

find the Enchanter of the Back-Lands where he meets the Enchanter’s

daugh ter Fedelma. He loses her, and then has many adventures to

find her again.

Padraic Colum (1881–1972) was born in Longford,

Ireland, and typifies the best of the early

twentieth-century renaissance of Irish literary.

His books for children have delighted several

generations, and they are as welcome today as they were when first published. For

his contribution to children’s literature, in 1961 he was awarded the Regina Medal

by the Catholic Literary Association.

Stories and Folk Tales

Jumping mouse

Brian Patten

Illustrated by Mary Moore

ISBN: 9781903458990 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $20.00 48 pageS

“Well, crouch down as far as you can, and

then jump up as far as you can,” said the

frog. So the mouse did. He crouched down

on the river bank until he was a tight little

bundle, and then he leapt up into the sky.

He jumped higher than the flowers, and

then the trees, nearly scraping his ears

on the branches. He went higher and

higher, and then across the trees he caught

a glimpse of the Sacred Mountains....

This Native American folk tale and teaching

story has captivated people of all ages for many

years. It tells how jumping mouse has the courage

to leave the security of his nest and set out

on a dangerous journey of self-discovery.

(Ages 6 and up)

Brian Patten is well known for his bestselling poetry

collections for children. He is a Fellow of the Royal

Society of Literature.

Mary Moore, daughter of sculptor Henry Moore,

is a children’s book illustrator, artist, and fashion


tales from african


Edited by Magdalene Sacranie

Illustrated by Sarah Bramley

Foreword by Alexander McCall


ISBN: 9780863156762 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$30.00 96 pageS color IlluStratIoNS

From the wild plains of Sudan to a remote

village in Cameroon, this collection of more

than forty stories gathers folk tales from many

African traditions.

They are narrated in a lively, conversational style

and accompanied by vibrant color illustrations.

Discover how human beings lost their tail;

puzzle over riddles; and meet a variety of animals,

from a lazy rabbit to a wicked leopard.

These magical tales are ideal read-aloud bedtime

stories. (Ages 7-10)

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Folk Tales

little red riding hood

the classic grimm’s Fairy tale

Illustrated by Patricia DeLisa

ISBN: 9780880105712 Hardcover Bell poNd

BookS $14.95 32 pageS

This well-known fairy tale includes a commentary

for parents and teachers. (Ages 5-8)


Hans Christian Andersen

Illustrated by Hsin-Shih Lai

ISBN: 9780880105927 Hardcover Bell poNd

BookS eNcHaNtMINtS StudIo edItIoN $19.95

56 pageS

Thumbelina is so tiny, she can ride on the

wings of a butterfly. Her world is one of flower

petals, wild berries, and ladybugs. But one day,

she is kidnapped by a frog, and then she seems

doomed to marry a mole. (Ages 6-9)

Hsin-Shih Lai studied at the National Taiwan Academy

of Art. She works as an illustrator and performs

with the Eurythmy Spring Valley touring group.

These classic tales from the Brothers Grimm are sensitively illustrated by

the Russian artist Anastasiya Archipova. (Ages 5-8)

hansel and gretel

Illustrated by Anastasiya


ISBN: 9780863156236 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

the Bremen town musicians

The Brothers Grimm

Illustrated by Hsin-Shih Lai

ISBN 9780880105835 Hardcover Bell poNd

BookS $17.95 32 pageS

Here is the well loved classic Grimm’s tale of

a run-away donkey, a down-and-out dog, a

cast-off cat, and an about-to-be-cooked rooster

who set off together to Bremen to become the

town musicians.

This story will bring a smile to young and old

alike, with its singularly satisfying happy ending.

(Ages 4-7)

snow white and rose red

Illustrated by Anastasiya


ISBN: 9780863157264 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

snow white and rose red

a grimm’s Fairy tale

Illustrated by Denise Marshall

ISBN: 9780880105910 Hardcover Bell poNd

BookS eNcHaNtMINtS StudIo edItIoN $17.95

28 pageS

One winter morning, two devoted sisters, Snow

White and Rose Red, hear a knock at their

cottage door. A bear! Snow-covered and half

frozen, he begs for a warm place to rest. The

story of this strange guest unfolds with rich

imagery, surprise, and adventure. (Ages 6-9)

Denise Marshall worked as lead artist in the creation

of whimsical three-dimensional sculptures for

Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

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favourite tales from

hans christian andersen

Illustrated in color by Anastasiya


ISBN: 9780863153471 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$30.00 192 pageS

Included are “The Little Mermaid,” “The Little

Match-Seller,” “The Swineherd,” “The Princess

and the Pea,” “The Brave Tin Soldier,” “The

Snow Queen,” and “The Fir Tree,” (Ages 7-10)

the faBles of la fontaine

a selection in english

Jean de La Fontaine,

Illustrated by Jean-Noel

Rochut, Translated and

introduced by C. J. Moore

ISBN: 9780863155710 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $30.00 224 pageS

favourite grimm’s tales

Illustrated in color by Anastasiya


These are timeless stories of country folk,

heroes of Greek mythology, and familiar

creatures. Each tale contains a moral for

living, as brilliantly relevant today as they were 300 years ago.

This large-format volume gathers more than a hundred of La Fontaine’s

most beloved fables. The fables in this classic family collection include

favorites such as “The Grasshopper and the Ant,” “The Crow and the

Fox,” and “The Wolf and the Lamb.” (Ages 8-11)

ISBN: 9780863153181 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$30.00 200 pageS

“Little Red,” “The Frog Prince,” “Sleeping

Beauty,” “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” “Mother

Holle,” and many more are included here in

this beautifully illustrated collection of favorites

from the Grimm brothers. (Ages 7-10)

swedish folK tales

Illustrated by John Bauer

Translated from Swedish by

Holger Lundburgh

one thousand and one


Illustrated by Olga Dugina

Text by C. J. Moore

ISBN: 9780863156007 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $30.00 88 pageS

Folk Tales

ISBN: 9780863154577 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$22.95 240 pageS

“Little Red,” “The Frog Prince,” “Sleeping Beauty,”

“Snow White,” “Cinderella,” “Mother Holle,”

“The Golden Goose,” and more are included

here in this beautifully illustrated collection of

favorites from the Grimm brothers. (Ages 7-10)

This exquisitely illustrated collection of

stories includes the well-known stories “Sheherazade”,

“Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”,

“The Ox and the Ass”; and “The Horse

of Ebony,” as well

as how the story of

Sheherazade ended.

(Ages 8-11)

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Verses and Poems

poems for younger


David Donaldson

ISBN: 9780946206650 paperBack

WyNStoNeS preSS $9.95

46 pageS

The poems in this collection were

written originally as birthday

verses by a Waldorf class teacher

for children between the ages of

seven and eleven.

After more than sixteen years of

teaching children at the Hereford

Steiner Academy in Englad, the

author chose this collection, which

teachers will find useful in recitation,

to accompany movement, or

as inspiration for their own verses.

a Journey through

time in verse and


Collected by Heather


ISBN: 9780863152719 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $37.50 368 pageS

A splendid collection of poetry

for use by teachers at every stage

of school life. Poems are arrangedaccording

to the development of

the child from six to fourteen and

provide support for the subject

matter of lessons, from botany and

physics to history and astronomy,

and range from ancient Egypt to

modern times.

Works by Shakespeare, Blake,

Wordsworth, Browning are juxtaposed

with the refreshingly

unfamiliar. Alliterative verse,

riddles, tongue-twisters, action

and seasonal verses provide a

stimulus for practical activities in

the classroom. Also included are

meditative verses to help teachers

deepen their understanding of the

children in their care.

in the light of a


a Journey through the 52

weeks of the year in Both

hemispheres for children

Michael Burton

ISBN: 9780880104500 paperBack

SteINerBookS $14.95 62 pageS

Children live deeply in the experience

of the seasons. Their unity with

nature, initially unconscious, gradually

fades as they become more selfaware

These verses help children

bridge the gap from their unconscious

connection with nature to

a living feeling for the seasons that

will stay with them throughout life.

The verses are inspired by Rudolf

Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul,

and the book is arranged so that

parents, teachers, eurythmists, and

children can follow the course of

the year in both the northern and

southern hemispheres. (Ages 4-9)

the winding road

family treasury of poems &


Collected by Matthew

Barton; Foreword by

Jamila Gavin

ISBN: 9781903458471 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS, FeStIvalS

SerIeS $26.00 224 pageS

A wealth of more than two hundred

poems, verses, blessings, and

meditations on childhood and

growing up. This rich anthology

comes from folk sources, poets,

and many different religious traditions.

Includes works by ancient

and modern poets, from Gaelic

blessings to Navajo prayers, from

William Blake to Eleanor Farjeon

and Brian Patten.

Matthew Barton is a translator, editor,

teacher, and poet. He has won numerous

prizes for his work, including the

Art’s Council Writer’s Award and a

Hawthornden Fellowship.

spring summer autumn winter spindrift gateways

poems, songs and stories for young children

paperBackS WyNStoNeS preSS

SprINg ISBN: 978094206469 $14.95 87 pageS

SuMMer ISBN: 978094206476 $14.95 111 pageS

autuMN ISBN: 9780946206483 $14.95 87 pageS

WINter ISBN: 9780946206490 $14.95 95 pageS

SpINdrIFt ISBN: 9780946206506 $17.95 222 pageS

gateWayS ISBN: 9780946206513 $14.95 95 pageS

Written specifically for the Waldorf kindergarten

movement, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

contain a wide variety of poems, songs and stories

for each season, with many contributions for use at

festivals. The Spindrift volume comprises general and

miscellaneous material for use the whole year round,

including over forty stories from different cultures

the waldorf song


Edited by Brien Masters

ISBN: 978-0-86315-059-3 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $15.95 144 pageS

Over a hundred songs (well

known, less known, rounds, fourpart)

collected out of Brien Masters’

long work in the Waldorf

schools. Music and words are arranged

by age and by time of year,

the book is designed for classroom

and home use.

Brien Masters, Ph.D. has taught

everything from music to math to

map reading. He teaches around

the world and has acted as a consultant

to government organizations.

He has written numerous

articles and several publications

for use in schools and is presently

director of the London Waldorf

Teacher Training Seminar.

“This is a rich resource for anyone working with

young children.” –Joan Almon, Waldorf Early

Childhood Association of North America.

around the world. Gateways has sections on morning,

evening, birthdays and fairytales.

Most songs are in the scale of D-pentatonic, particularly

suitable for pentatonic lyres, but quite capable of

being played on any traditional 7- or 12-note instrument.

Each volume includes introduction to music in

the Mood of the Fifth, written by Jennifer Aulie.

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New! The preQuel To

The auragole QuarTeT


the early years

Shirley Latessa

ISBN: 9781584201250


lINdISFarNe BookS

$29.95 532 pageS

Meekelorr dreamed of

his father for the first

time since starting his

school years. He had put those dreams and

his father’s request behind a locked door

years ago.

And now here was Edorr, ephemeral and

mournful, once again asking Meekelorr to

form an army when he was old enough.

Meekelorr was staring up at his father as he

had all those years ago. Watching Meekelorr

also was the warrior figure that Meekelorr now

knew was called the Defender God.

“I want you and your soldiers to go out into

the Deep Earth and help those who cannot

help themselves. I want you to set your army

against the evil men in our world, those who

prey on the weak.”

“No.” Meekelorr looked beyond his father to

the figure, who was watching him with impassive

eyes. “If you want an army to fight for you,

ask him. That’s his task,” Meekelorr said, and

gestured at the Defender God.

the three candles

of little veronica

the story of a child’s soul in this

world and the other

Manfred Kyber

Illustrated by Iris Guarducci

Translated by Rosamond Reihardt

ISBN: 9780913098844 paperBack HouSatoNIc

preSS $19.95 194 pageS 5 color IlluStratIoNS

* SHort 20% dIScouNt to BookSellerS

This is a remarkable story in the Grail tradition.

Events of joy and terror lead Veronica to a

real understanding of the mystery of the three

candles that mark the turning points in her life.

The auragole QuarTeT by shirley latessa

auragole of the mountains

Book one of aurogole’s Journey

ISBN: 9781584200758 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $25.00 416 pageS

auragole of the way

Book two of aurogole’s Journey

ISBN: 9781584200765 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $25.00 460 pageS

milon and

the lion

Jakob Streit

ISBN: 9780863158414 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$16.95 208 pageS 10 B/W IlluStratIoNS

In this exciting story for middle-school readers,

a young slave Milon begins his adventures

in Athens on a ship bound for Italy. When he

meets a small community of Christians in

Rome, he finally gains his freedom and finds

his purpose in life. At the center of the story

is Milon’s relationship with the wounded lion

that he bravely helps.

This classic story presents the world of the early

Christians in a historical context. (Ages 11-12).

Jakob Streit grew up in Spiez, Switzerland. He studied

natural history and the history of art. He was a longtime

teacher of child and adult education.

Young Adult

auragole of mattelmead

Book three of aurogole’s Journey

ISBN: 9781584200772 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $35.00 520 pageS

auragole and the last Battle

Book four of aurogole’s Journey

ISBN: 9781584200789 paperBack)

lINdISFarNe BookS $25.00 300 pageS

An unforgettable saga on a cosmic scale, peopled with clear and colorful characters, overcoming

obstacles and evil at every turn, as they travel forth to a final climactic battle. —

Rebecca Schacht, M.A., teacher and author

An epic new myth…. A modern day Parsival. Using powerful imaginations the Auragole

quartet speaks to the deepest challenges and struggles of the spiritual

journey of each human being. —Jonathan Hilton, CEO of Creative

Alternatives of New York

Shirley Latessa has written two novels, Eighteen Days till Home and Dancing

in the Fire, and a book of poetry, Summing Up. She lives in Greenwich Village in

New York City.

the BeeJum BooK

Alice O. Howell

ISBN: 9780880107297 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $20.00

“Sheer magic and pure delight. This book

breaks upon one like a revelation.”

—Philip Zaleski, editor of The Best Spiritual

Writing series

The story of Teak, a child living abroad between

the two World Wars. Teak’s mother tells her not

to worry because every night, when she goes

to sleep, they can meet in the magical world of

Beejumstan. (Ages 8-11)

Alice O. Howell is a wise woman who can present

deep truths in simple and engaging ways. Through

this enchanting tale, she suggests that within us are

many worlds as real and compelling as the one we

know outside.

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Young Adult – Kelpies

BlacK tide

Caroline Clough

ISBN: 9780863158773 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 224 pageS

Toby’s dad and little sister have

been kidnapped by pirates, and

Toby is left alone in the aftermath

of the terrible Red Fever epidemic

that has wiped out much of the

world’s population. Toby sets out

on a perilous mission to find New

Caledonia and, he hopes, his family.

Black Tide is the dramatic sequel to

Red Fever, which won the Kelpies

Prize in 2010. (Ages 8-12)

red fever

Caroline Clough

ISBN: 9780863157769 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 224 pageS

cloudBerry castle

Ballerina dreams

Janey Louise Jones

ISBN: 9780863159206 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 176 pageS

Katie Mackenzie’s family runs a

ballet school in a wonderful old

Scottish castle. But Katie misses her

best friend Mallie. So she’s thrilled

when her old friend asks for Katie’s

help training her unruly pony.

But Katie has both ballet exams

and the chance to audition for a

role in the New York City Ballet’s

tour of The Nutcracker. Can she

balance training the pony with

beating the other girls to her dream

ballerina role?

This is the third book of Katie’s ballet

adventures at Cloudberry Castle.

cloudBerry castle

Janey Louise Jones

ISBN: 9780863157653 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 176 pageS

cloudBerry castle

Ballet School Secrets

Janey Louise Jones

ISBN: 9780863158391 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 144 pageS

the daemon parallel

Roy Gill

ISBN: 9780863158698 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 198 pageS

Cameron never came to visit his

grandma while his dad was alive—

and he’s just discovered the reason.

Sent to stay with her after his

father’s death, Grandma Ives soon

reveals their family’s extraordinary

abilities and introduces him to the

dark side of Edinburgh he never

knew existed—the Daemon Parallel.

(Ages 8-12)

magnus fin and the

selKie secret

Janis Mackay

ISBN: 9780863158650 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 208 pageS

On his eleventh birthday, schoolchild

Magnus Fin discovered that

he is half selkie—part human, part

seal. Although he looks like a boy

and lives on land, he can breathe


When a rusty metal chest is flung

ashore in a storm, Magnus injures

his hand on the strange box, and his

sealskin starts to show through. His

teacher realizes that there’s something

very unusual about Magnus

Fin—and rumors start to spread.

magnus fin and the

moonlight mission

Janis Mackay

ISBN: 9780863157967 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $11.95 192 pageS

maZe running and other

magical missions

Lari Don

ISBN: 9780863159015 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 288 pageS

When Yann the centaur is stabbed

through the heart by a unicorn

horn, he needs a magical remedy.

Helen and her fabled-beast friends

unite, with the help of the dragons,

to find a magical token with the

power to heal him. But they only

have until tomorrow night.

This is the fourth and final book

in Lari Don’s popular First Aid for

Fairies series.

really weird

Daniela Sacerdoti

ISBN: 9780863159022 paperBack

FlorIS Book $9.95 256 pageS

Mischievous fairies? Stranded

mermaids? Smelly troll? Whatever

your supernatural dilemma, call the

Really Weird Removals company!

Luca and Valentina’s uncle Alistair

is a paranormal investigator. When

he realizes that the children can

see the supernatural creatures that

share our world, he invites them

to join his team. But this exciting

world is also packed with danger.

When confronted by malicious

kelpies and hungry vampires,

can their wayward uncle keep the

children safe?

the desperate Journey

Kathleen Fidler

ISBN: 9780863154010 paperBack FlorIS BookS, kelpIeS $11.95 192 pageS

The Desperate Journey tells the story of the Highland

Clearances as they affect one small family. The Murrays

are forced to load their possessions onto a cart

and travel across Scotland to Glasgow. Here the children

have to work in a mill and live in overcrowded

and dirty lodgings. The family are offered the chance

to join an emigrant ship bound for Hudson Bay in

Canada, and make a perilous journey into a new life

in the Red River Colony.

See more books in the Kelpies series for young

readers on our website,

how to maKe a golem

(and terrify people)

Alette Willis

ISBN: 9780863158407 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 240 pageS

Edda is tired of her nickname,

‘Mouse’, and wants to be braver.

But when her house is burgled on

her twelfth birthday, Edda is more

afraid than ever. That is, until a new

boy starts school. Michael claims to

be a great alchemist who can help

Edda overcome her fears by teaching

her to build a golem. But surely they

can’t bring a giant mud monster to

life? Can they? (Ages 8-12)

a stranger came ashore

Mollie Hunter

ISBN: 9780863158834 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $9.95 192 pageS

Finn Learson literally stumbles out

of a stormy sea into a small village

on the Shetland Isles. He’s handsome

and charming, he helps with

the fishing and the harvest, and

he’s particularly drawn to Robbie’s

older sister Elspeth.

Yet there’s something about Finn

that makes Robbie and his dog Tam

feel uneasy. Haunted by local tales

of the Selkie folk, Robbie suspects

there’s more to Finn than meets

the eye. As the story reaches its

explosive finale at the fire festival

of Up Helly Aa, can Robbie reveal

the truth in time to save his sister?

The spirit and resourcefulness

of Davie and Kirsty shines

through all their hardships

as they witness the evictions

and burning of the crofters’

homes; endure the hardships of child labor in

a Glasgow cotton mill; survive the Atlantic crossing

on a disease-ridden ship; and witness bitter feuding

among rival colonists.

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three grimms’ fairy


Paintings by Gerard

Wagner, Afterword by

Peter Stebbing

ISBN: 9780880107167 Hardcover

SteINerBookS $25.00 80 pageS

The illustrations in Three Grimms’

Fairy Tales represent a unique artistic

approach to children’s book

illustration. Through Wagner’s

life-long investigation into how

form can arise from objective

color experience, the images are

attuned individually in a deep

way to the mood of each fairy tale

and to children’s essential moral

nature and creative fantasy.

Includes an afterword on painting

by Peter Stebbing, director

of the Arteum Painting School

in Dornach, Switzerland.

Gerard Wagner (1906–1999) was

born in Germany and grew up in

England, where he studied at the

Royal College of Art in London. In

1926, he took up the challenge of a

new direction in painting as initiated

by Rudolf Steiner. With Elisabeth

Wagner-Koch he established

The Painting School at the Goetheanum

in Arlesheim, Switzerland.


the Quest for the holy grail

Illustrated by David Newbatt

ISBN: 9780946206544 Hardcover

WyNStoNeS $60.00 224 pageS

the fairy tale of the

green snaKe and

the Beautiful lily

Johann Wolfgang von

Goethe, Illustrated by

David Newbatt

ISBN: 9780946206582 Hardcover

WyNStoNeS $25.00 48 pageS

7 color IlluStratIoNS

At Michaelmas in 1795, there appeared

a series of stories of which

the concluding one was a Fairy

Tale, The Green Snake and the

Beautiful Lily.

David Newbatt brings together

the original English translation

by Thomas Carlyle with a series of

pictures to help reveal the sevenfold


t h a t u n -

folds within

G o e t h e ’ s

Fair y Tale

of a path of

inner development


p e r s o n a l


Parzival is one of the great classic stories of the

last millennium, a colorful tale from the time of

knighthood. full of romance. It is also a deep and

intense piece of literature in which is portrayed

an individual’s archetypal biography.

David Newbatt’s stunning full-page color illustrations

bring a refreshingly vivid and direct interpretation of the Quest

for the Holy Grail. The text gives a clear and concise introduction to some

of the many characters and events portrayed in this epic tale.

David Newbatt is an artist, mural painter, and teacher who is especially interested

in painting as a social and therapeutic medium. He lives and works at a Camphill

commmunity for young adults with special needs near Aberdeen.

the rime of the

ancient mariner

by Samuel Taylor

Coleridge, Illustrated by

Sophia Montefiore

ISBN: 9780946206629 Hardcover

WyNStoNeS preSS $29.95

64 pageS 30 color IlluStratIoNS

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is

one of the great classics of English

Literature, considered by many to

be the greatest ballad ever written

in English. Composed at the end

of the 18th century by Coleridge,

its unique qualities have continued

to capture the imagination

of readers and artists throughout

the ages. The creation of the

30 illustrations in this book by

Sophia Montefiore was impelled

by an abiding fascination with

Coleridge’s perspectives into the

world of the soul and the elemental

powers of nature.

a farm

paintings from

a Bygone age




FlorIS BookS

$24.95 32 pageS

Full color


carl larssoN books

a family

paintings from

a Bygone age




FlorIS BookS

$24.95 32 pageS

Full color


Gift Books

the christian year in

pictures for children

a large-Format portfolio

and Booklet in english

Brigitte Barz, Paintings

by Gabriela de Carvalho

ISBN: 9780863158476 FlorIS BookS

$60.00 12 color IlluStratIoNS

lIMIted edItIoN IN a

preSeNtatIoN Folder

This collection of twelve beautiful

pictures for each month is

connected to a corresponding

Christian festival, saint or season,

providing a gentle, inspiring

overview of the rhythm through

the year.

An English-language, 24-page

booklet accompanies the largeformat

pictures, which parents and

teachers can share with children or

use as a basis for storytelling.

a home

paintings from

a Bygone age




FlorIS BookS

$24.95 32 pageS

Full color


Carl Larsson (1853-1919) is one of Sweden’s best-loved artists. His

stunning watercolors of his farm, home and family are acclaimed as one of

the richest and most evocative records of the life of eight children—during

the late nineteenth century. The descriptive text offers many important

details about Larsson’s life and painting techniques.

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Christmas Books

the tomtes’ christmas porridge

Sven Nordqvist

ISBN: 9780863158247 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95 32 pageS

little fairy’s christmas

Daniela Drescher

ISBN: 9780863157738 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

On Christmas Eve, a little fairy gets lost in a

snowstorm and is blown far away from home.

She finds a little elf boy who has also been lost in

the storm. They are both soon rescued by Father

Christmas himself, who helps them find the way

to the elf boy’s home. The little fairy is invited

to stay with the elf family and together they

have a wonderful warm Christmas. (Ages 3–6)

Every Christmas Eve, the Master

has put out rice pudding for the

tomtes to say thank you for their

help around the house during the

year. LAs year, however, the Master

forgot and Mama tomte knows he

will forget again this year.

So, the elves hatch a plot to steal a

bowl of Christmas porridge.

This charming story is based on an old Swedish Christmas tradition. It is illustrated with

great humor and is filled with delightful detail, as the tomte family scurry around trying

not to be seen one busy Christmas Eve. (Ages 4-7)

on christmas eve

Else Wenz-Viëtor

the little christmas tree

Loek Koopmans

ISBN: 9780863157172 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $16.95 32 pageS

One winter night something very special happens to a little pine tree in the

deep forest, when a star tumbles down from heaven and lands on its top. A

mother and her children and all the forest animals

gather round in wonder at the little Christmas

tree in the middle of the snowy woods. (Ages 3-6)

Loek Koopmans studied at the Academy of Fine Arts

in Arnhem. In 1993 and 1996 he won the Dutch Award

for best illustrated book.

ISBN: 9780863157165 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $16.95 24 pageS

This traditional story gives children a glimpse into the busy lives

of Father Christmas and his helpers on Christmas Eve, showing

the work of the angels up in the heavens and how all the creatures

on Earth come to share in the joy of Christmas. (Ages 3-6)

the christmas angels

Else Wenz-Viëtor

ISBN: 9780863156625 Hardcover FlorIS BookS $17.95

32 pageS

The Christmas angels know who needs help on this holy

night, and they are ready to fly down to help those who

are lost, lonely, and weary. This is a beautiful holiday

book heralds the Christmas message of loving kindness.

(Ages 3-6)

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the light in the lantern

stories for advent

Written by Georg Dreißig

ISBN: 9780946206230 paperBack

WyNStoNeS preSS $12.95 78 pageS

In the days leading up to Christmas, Mary and

Joseph’s path to Bethlehem is fraught with difficulties,

but as the stories in this book reveal,

a small miracle happens on each day.

The story of each miracle brings us a little closer

to Christmas, until we finally reach the stable in

Bethlehem where the light in the lantern is waiting

in anticipation of the Christ Child’s birth.

With 28 individual stories, this book may be

used as an Advent Calendar, with the first week’s

stories relating to the mineral world, the second

week’s stories to the plant world, the third week

to the animal kingdom, and finally the fourth

week to human beings.

mary’s little donKey

and the flight to egypt

Gunhild Sehlin

ISBN: 9780863150647 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$12.00 158 pageS

One of the most loved Christmas stories. The

stubborn little donkey is of no use to anyone

at all in Nazareth, but he becomes a quick and

willing helper under Mary’s gentle care. (Ages


Gunhild Sehlin worked for over twenty years as a UN

children’s worker in Jordan and Jerusalem.

lara’s first christmas

Alice O. Howell

Illustrated by Maggie Mailer

ISBN: 9780880105538 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $9.95 48 pageS

Lara, along with her refugee parents, finds

herself marooned in an isolated little hotel in

snowbound Norway before World War II. She

is befriended by two eccentric elderly Englishmen

who teach her to ski, and most important,

she discovers deep love and wisdom from the

grandfatherly carpenter Andreas, who teaches

her that Christmas really is a universal event,

open to every heart and every faith.

A warm, luminous story about the real meaning

of Christmas by the author of The Beejum

Book. (Ages 8-11)

the emperor’s vision

and other christ legends

Selma Lagerlof

ISBN: 9780863153815 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$16.95 224 pageS

Selma Lagerlof’s classic telling of the lives of

some of the men and women whose destinies

were changed forever by the events of Christ’s

life—from the surly shepherd of Bethlehem to

the cruel Emperor Tiberius.

These tales are imaginatively drawn from the

colorful history and landscape of the Holy

Land, from the time of Jesus to the Crusades.

(Ages 7-12)

a calf for christmas

Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Marit Törnqvist,

ISBN: 9780863157851 Hardcover FlorIS BookS

$17.95 36 pageS

Christmas Books

findus at christmas

Written and Illustrated by

Sven Nordqvist

ISBN: 9781907359057 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS $17.95 28 pageS

A laugh-out-loud Christmas story in the

phenomenal Findus and Pettson series.

It is the day before Christmas Eve and there is

lots to do to prepare for the Christmas celebration

at the house of Findus the cat and Farmer

Pettson. But disaster strikes when Pettson

sprains his ankle.

How can they celebrate Christmas now—with

no tree, ham, and worst of all, no gingerbread?

Findus and Pettson are about to give up, when

suddenly there is a knock on the door...

Findus at Chrstmas is a very funny and touching

tale about the gifts of kindness and

sharing, and about how Christmas

can bring out the best in people—

and in cats, too, naturally!

(Ages 3-7)

See more of the Findus series

on pages 6 & 19

It’s the last day of school before Christmas. Johan can’t stop

thinking about the terrible thing that happened—his family’s

only cow died, and they have no money to buy another.

But rich farmer Peter Jonsson has come to town for the Christmas market. He buys a calf then,

after spending some time in the local inn, he loses it on the sleigh ride home! When Johan heads

out to clear snow, what does he find?... Maybe he’ll have a happy Christmas after all. (Ages 4–7)

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Christmas Books

the christmas story BooK

Collected by Ineke Verschuren

ISBN: 9780863150777 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $35.00 430 pageS

These stories tell of the experience of people

who lived at the time of the birth of the Christ

child, and who sought to worship the newborn

king. This book is a colorful collection carefully

chosen to show the spirit of Christmas in many

different facets.

The stories are divided into five sections: Advent,

the birth of the Christ child, Christmas

night, Christmas in the world, and the time of

the three kings. Included are stories by Hans

Christian Andersen, Leonid Andreiev, Jane

Clement, Maxim Gorki, Gerhard Klein, Selma

Lagerlöf, Jeanna Oterdahl, Peter Rosegger, Ruth

Sawyer, and more. (Ages 5-12)

celeBrating christmas


nativity and three Kings plays with

stories and songs

Estelle Bryer, Janni Nicol

ISBN: 9781903458204 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $19.95

96 pageS

This Christmas treasury

includes the Nativity

Play in verse

form, which can be

performed in many

different ways with

children 3 years old

and up. Included are

staging directions

and instructions for

simple costumes and

props; songs and music to accompany the play;

how to create a Crib scene; making an Advent

Calendar; the Three Kings Play and Christmas


A rich source of material for teachers and

parents looking for new ways to celebrate

Christmas and Epiphany. —Winny Mossman,

kindergarten teacher, Bristol Waldorf School

christmas plays from


paradise play | shepherds play | Kings play

Edited by Hélène Jacquet

ISBN: 9781855841840 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $16.00 128 pageS

color IlluStratIoNS

Over hundreds of years, ordinary people in the

small Austrian village of Oberufer on the Danube

gathered in the local tavern at Christmastime to

perform these plays for their neighbors. With

their roots buried in medieval times, these plays

gradually evolved to incorporate a unique blend

of saucy folk humor and profound reverence in

their celebration of the birth of Jesus. Today these

plays from Oberufer are often performed in the

Waldorf School community at Christmas time.

This edition of the plays—suitable for both

amateur and professional players—offers a clear

layout of the texts, greatly elaborated makeup

and director’s indications, stage and lighting

directions, and detailed costume designs.

the christmas craft BooK

2nd Edition

Thomas Berger

ISBN: 9780863158278 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 80 pageS

Simply made decorations for home or school are an

absorbing way for children to become involved in

the celebrations of Advent and Christmas.

Parents, teachers, and

children will easily learn

to make a wide variety of

decorations: window and

table transparencies, decorated candles,

Advent calendars, festive wreaths,

lanterns, straw angels and stars, fleece

angels and foil angels, mobiles, paper

window stars, nativity scenes, and

geometric tree decorations.

The projects are all described and fully

illustrated with diagrams and color


the dream song of

olaf Åsteson

an ancient norwegian folksong of the

holy nights

ISBN: 9780863156205 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $35.00 80 pageS color IlluStratIoNS

This haunting folksong first came to light in

about 1850 when a clergyman called Landstad

heard it in a lonely valley in Telemark, Norway.

No one could tell him where it had come from

or how long it had existed.

This epic saga, part of the old mystical and shamanic

traditions of the North, powerfully tells

the story of a young man, Olaf Åsteson, who

sleeps for 12 nights in the depths of winter —the

Twelve Holy Nights between Christmas Eve and

Epiphany—and awakens on the thirteenth day to

share his profound experiences. During his sleep,

Olaf undergoes an initiation by the elements of

Nature and is able to open to cosmic forces that

transport him on a spiritual journey related to the

mystery of the soul’s existence after death.

Preface by

Jonathan Stedall,

Introduction by

Andrew Welburn,

Illustrated by

Janet Jordan;

Poem translated

by Eleanor Merry

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all year round

Ann Druitt, Christine

Fynes-Clinton, Marije Rowling

ISBN: 9781869890476 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $26.00 288 pageS

Stories, poems, activities, things to make, songs,

and helpful drawings. The authors show that

observing a round of festivals can be an enjoyable

way to bring rhythm into children’s lives,

providing meaningful landmarks to look forward

to each season. Parents are encouraged to

develop their own traditions, using this helpful

book as a springboard.

the children’s year

crafts & clothes for children &

parents to make

Stephanie Cooper, Christine

Fynes-Clinton, Marije Rowling

ISBN: 9781903458594 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $24.95 220 pageS

Takes us through the seasons with appropriate

gifts and toys to create, including full, clear

instructions and illustrations.

the Birthday BooK

celebrations for everyone

Ann Druitt, Christine

Fynes-Clinton, Marije Rowling

ISBN: 9781903458013 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $33.00 254 pageS

the islamic year

suras, stories, and celebrations

Noorah Al-Gailani, Chris Smith

ISBN: 9781903458143 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $32.00 288 pageS

Explore Muslim festivals with this inspiring

treasury of stories, suras, songs, games, recipes,

crafts and art activities. A unique resource for

educators and parents who want to share the

spiritual wealth of Islam with children.

the singing year

songbook and cd for singing with

young children

Candy Verney

ISBN: 9781903458396 WItH audIo cd

paperBack HaWtHorN preSS, FeStIvalS

SerIeS $33.00 192 pageS

Singing with your children is a lifetime gift to

them that they will always remember. Singing

about the seasons of the year creates a connection

to nature and helps children become aware

of its natural rhythms and cycles.

The Singing Year, which

includes a learning CD

and illustrations, is

arranged by season and

contains more than

100 songs. Included

are songs about

animals, plants, and

seasonal phenomena.

Each section ends

with suggestions for

seasonal crafts and


african and cariBBean


Gail Johnson, Illustrated by

Caroline Glanville

ISBN: 9781903458006 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $30.00 224 pageS


Festivals and food; music, dance, and the oral

tradition; rites of passage; and a bibliography

of resources for further reading.

Celebrating Festivals

festivals, family, and food

Diana Carey, Judy Large

ISBN: 9780950706238 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $22.00 216 pageS

This classic family favorite is a unique, wellloved

source of stories, recipes, things to make,

activities, poems, songs, and festivals. Each

festival, such as Christmas, Candlemas, and

Martinmas, has its own illustrated chapter. Also

included are sections on birthdays, rainy days,

convalescence, and a birthday calendar.

festivals together

a guide to multi-cultural celebration

Sue Fitzjohn, Minda Weston, Judy


ISBN: 9781869890469 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $27.00 220 pageS

A comprehensive resource guide with activities

and recipes for observing special days according

to traditions based on many cultures from

around the world, including Buddhist, Christian,

Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh.

the Big summer activity


Anne and Peter Thomas

ISBN: 9780863155451 Hardcover

FlorIS BookS $30.00 224 pageS 500 color


A huge collection of summer activities that will

help keep boredom at bay and help parents feel

bette, knowing their children are busy having

wholesome fun.

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Activities with Children

magic wool fairies

Christine Schäfer

ISBN: 9780863158261 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 104 pageS

Unspun sheep’s wool, also known as magic wool,

is a warm, vibrant material that is perfect for

making beautiful soft figures. Christine Schäfer

includes detailed instructions on making fairies

and angels for every occasion—flower fairies

for a seasonal nature table; fairies for birthday

celebrations; guardian angels to watch over a

crib; and of course a range of Christmas angels.

Step-by-step instructions, color photographs,

and diagrams clearly show the reader the basics

for making simple figures. The book progresses

to more detailed instructions for making increasingly

elaborate versions.

Christine Schäfer leads workshops and presents her

work at exhibitions.

a felt farm

Rotraud Reinhard

ISBN: 9780863157899 paperBack FlorIS BookS


This craft book contains step-by-step instructions

and beautiful color photographs showing

how to make an entire farm of felted animals,

people, and tools, as well as the farmyard itself.

The author gives many tips and tricks for working

with felt throughout the book that will bring

color and life to your felted farm.

The second part of the book is a charming illustrated

story that uses the characters, animals

and settings from the first part to tell the story

of a fun-filled day on a farm.

Young children can make the simplest farm elements,

such as apples, bowls, balls, and puddles,

while older children will be able to felt simple

animals and accessories and adults with some felting

experience can felt the more intricate animals

and farm structures. A felted farm is a wonderful

project for the whole family to work on together.

Rotraud Reinhard began working with felt in 1989 and

developed the technique that makes possible threedimensional

felting. She leads felting workshops and

offers lessons in schools and kindergartens. She is the

author of several books on felting.

creative wool

Making Woolen Crafts with Children

Karin Neuschütz

ISBN: 9780863158001 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 80 pageS color IlluStratIoNS

This full-color illustrated craft book shows how

to make a range of handicrafts from fleece and

yarn, including friendship bracelets and braids,

balls, pompoms, dolls and doll clothes, a cat

glove puppet or mouse finger puppet, and felted

animals and masks.

With clear diagrams and systematic instructions,

the book starts by introducing children to basic

methods of spinning yarn, crocheting, knitting

and felting. There is a broad range of projects

for children of all ages as well as adults.

Karin Neuschütz has written several instruction books

for making dolls and toys.

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maKing flower children

second edition

Sybille Adolphi

ISBN: 9780863156502 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $20.00 80 pageS

35 color IlluStratIoNS

Detailed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations

for making a range of lively, creative

flower figures. Activities are organized according

to season, making this handbook ideal for

decorating a nature corner or seasonal table in

the home or classroom.

Sybille Adolphi was born in Stuttgart in 1953. She has

been a kindergarten nurse and a teacher in a specialneeds

school. She is married with two children.

maKing more flower


Sybille Adolphi

ISBN: 9780863156854 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $20.00 80 pageS

color tHrougHout

Making flower children is a fun craft activity

that uses a range of easy-to-find materials,

including wool, felt, and cotton. Making More

Flower Children contains all the patterns and

instructions needed to make flower children—

strawberries, shamrocks, mistletoe, daisies—

and is illustrated clearly with diagrams and


This sequel to the ever-popular Making Flower

Children offers an entirely new set of flower

children to make. The figures are arranged by

season and are ideal for decorating a seasonal


maKing fairy tale scenes

Sybille Adolphi

ISBN: 9780863157189 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $25.00 96 pageS

color tHrougHout

Children will thoroughly enjoy making and

playing with the range of well-known fairy

tale scenes and characters provided in this

book, which include Cinderella, Hansel and

Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, Tom

Thumb, Rapunzel, and Snow White and the

Seven Dwarves.

Scenes are made from a range of easy-to-find

natural materials, including wool, felt, and

cotton, and are great fun to make. This book

contains all the necessary patterns and instructions

and is clearly illustrated with diagrams

and photographs. The scenes are organized

according to season, so the story can be matched

to the appropriate time of year.

creative felt

felting and making more toys and gifts;

expanded second edition

Angelika Wolk-Gerche

ISBN: 9780863156786 paperBack FlorIS BookS $25.00

192 pageS

Activities with Children

sewing dolls

Karin Neuschütz

ISBN: 9780863157196 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $25.00 112 pageS

These wonderful Waldorf dolls are all made

from natural materials: small dolls for the littlest

child, baby dolls, larger dolls to dress up,

knitted dolls, and dolls with moveable arms

and legs.

The book contains all the necessary patterns

with detailed instructions. It is richly and

profusely illustrated with color photographs

and drawings.

Karin Neuschütz, a native of Sweden, studied psychology,

education, and sociology and has long been

interested in crafts. She has written several instruction

books for making dolls and toys.

Felt is remarkably easy to use and an extremely versatile

material. In this expanded second edition, Creative Felt

shows you how to make felt without having to use special

tools. The author includes an even wider range of toys and

gifts to make in this second edition.

The step-by-step instructions and clear color photographs guide you through each stage of the

felt-making process. Even if you have never used a sewing needle before, the templates and ideas

provided will have you making beautiful hats, brooches, and dolls in no time.

Angelika Wolk-Gerche is also the author of More Magic Wool and Papercraft. She works as a freelance illustrator

and textile designer, as well as leading courses in arts and crafts. She lives near Stuttgart.

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Activities with Children


Angelika Wolk-Gerche

ISBN: 9780863156380 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $25.00 112 pageS

color tHrougHout

Paper is a remarkably versatile, easy-to-use,

and easy-to-find material for use in arts and

crafts. In this book are detailed instructions

for making hundreds of things out of paper.

Papercraft includes easy-to-follow instructions

for cutting out paper stars; folding birds, insects,

and animals; and making windmills, masks, and

gift-bags. You can even cut a hole in a postcard

that you can climb through! Also included are

instructions for making papier mâché and

handmade paper and for working with pulp.

Angelika Wolk-Gerche studied design in Hanover

before becoming an art teacher. She now works as a

freelance illustrator and textile designer, and leads

courses in arts and crafts.

the children’s party BooK

for Birthdays and other occasions

Anne and Peter Thomas

Illustrated by Anjo Mutsaars

ISBN: 9780863156397 paperBack FlorIS BookS $25.00 120 pageS

This popular guide for arranging a child’s party contains

more than 240 ideas for indoor and outdoor games, plus craft

activities for children from three to twelve years old.

Anne and Peter Thomas are the authors of two activity books for

hildren and parents.

Anjo Mutsaars trained as an illustrator at the Academie voor

Beeldende Kunst.

finger strings

A Book of Cat’s Cradles and String Figures

Michael Taylor

ISBN: 9780863156656 rINgBouNd paperBack

FlorIS BookS $25.00 144 pageS 600+ color

IlluStratIoNS 2 colored StrINgS INcluded

Finger string games are a wonderful opportunity

for today’s children to practice meaningful

movement, explore space, interact with others,

and exercise their creative spirits.

String games can be especially useful to children

who struggle at school or are dyslexic, and for

those who are learning the concepts of “left and

right” and “up and down.” Finger Strings contains

games that will delight all children, from

the very young to those with greater dexterity.

Ringbound to lie flat. Includes two brightly

colored strings to get you started.

Michael Taylor, a teacher

at Michael Hall (Waldorf)

School in the UK, is often

called the “String Man.” He always

carries a string with him,

and has been known to share

string patterns with strangers

on trains and airplanes. He is

the author of Finger Strings;

Pull the Other One! and Now

You See It...

BaKing Bread with children

Warren Lee Cohen

Foreword by Tom Herbert

Illustrated by Marjie Rowling

ISBN: 9781903458600 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $30.00 128 pageS

“Baking Bread with Children is sure to nourish

body, mind, and spirit.” —Edward Espe

Brown, author, The Tassajara Bread Book

“I strongly recommend it!” —Mollie Katzen,

author, Moosewood Cookbook

Baking Bread with Children has everything you

need to share the magic of baking with children

of all ages. The techniques and recipes are

wonderfully seasoned with stories, songs (with

music), and poems.

Here are: fun breads (chapatti, cinnamon rolls,

cheesy snails); festive breads (dragonbread,

challah, hot cross buns); quick breads (Irish

soda bread, gingerbread men, almond rice

muffins); sourdough breads, and leftover bread

(bread and butter pudding, herbed crostini).

Included are detailed instructions for building

and using a bread oven, baking projects

for kindergarten and school, information on

nutrition, a bibliography, and a list of websites.

Warren Lee Cohen is director of the Foundation Studies

program at Emerson College in England. He has

over 20 years experience of baking bread with children.

He conducts workshops in the art of baking bread in

handcrafted ovens and over wood fires.

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a first BooK of Knitting for


Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton

With photography by Dave Gosse

and Bryan Anderson

ISBN: 9780946206551 WyNStoNeS preSS

paperBack color pHotograpHS aNd

IlluStratIoNS tHrougHout $19.95 96 pageS

This is a knitting book with a difference.

Rhymes and photos show in detail the basic

steps of knitting. A thorough introduction to

knit stitch and purl stitch is followed by simple,

enticing patterns for animals. The patterns are

easy to make and the completed projects are

fun to play with. Although written for children,

this book is a valuable resource and inspiration

for handwork teachers, parents and grown-ups

wishing to learn how to knit.

Knitting for children

a second book

Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton

ISBN: 9780946206537 WyNStoNeS preSS

paperBack. NuMerouS color pHotograpHS

aNd IlluStratIoNS $24.95 108 pageS

In this second book, the authors bring many

new skills and a selection of patterns for both

children and adults to make. Each pattern is

given with clear instructions and illustrated

by artistic photographs. Recommended for

all ages!

Activities with Children

Knitted animals

Anne-Dorthe Grigaff

ISBN: 9781903458686 Hardcover

HaWtHorN preSS color pHotograpHS

$29.95 64 pageS

This book provides instructions for making

more than twenty different knitted animals, including

a mother duck and ducklings, a chicken

family, a shaggy brown bear, lambs, teddy bears,

cat and kittens, dog, squirrel, goose, rabbit,

horse, fox, pig and piglets, hedgehog, and mice.

These projects are suitable for anyone with basic

knitting skills, even children and beginning

knitters. Beautifully illustrated with full-color

photographs throughout.

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Activities with Children

magic wool

creative pictures and tableaux with Natural Sheep’s Wool

2Nd edItIoN

Freya Jaffke, Dagmar Schmidt

ISBN: 9780863158292 paperBack FlorIS BookS $19.95 80 pageS

Activities with unspun sheep’s wool, also known as magic wool, offer a wide

range of creative possibilities for children and adults alike. In this book,

Dagmar Schmidt and Freya Jaffke combine their talents and experience

and show how to create

beautiful pictures and

tabletop scenes featuring

figures and animals.

The authors explain the

process of carding and

dyeing unspun wool

to make “magic wool.”

They focus on making

pictures with wool,

including scenes from

several well-known fairy tales and festivals, then they show how to make

simple dolls and animals, leading up to an entire nativity scene. Detailed

instructions, diagrams, and color photographs are provided throughout.

Freya Jaffke is the author of several books, which have sold more than a quarter

of a million copies worldwide.

more magic wool

creating Figures & pictures

with dyed Wool

Angelika Wolk-Gerche

ISBN: 9780863153518 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $15.95 80 pageS

This is a sequel to the popular Magic

Wool on creative activities with plantdyed

sheep’s wool.

the nature corner

2Nd edItIoN

M. V. Leeuwen, J. Moeskops

ISBN: 9780863156465 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $20.00 88 pageS

Seasonal nature tables are an invaluable way of making young children

aware of the changing cycle of the year. With simple materials and basic

knitting and crocheting skills, a series of colorful and effective tableaux

can be made at home or in school for depicting the seasons and major


magical window stars

Frédérique Guéret

ISBN: 9780863154942 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $20.00 96 pageS

By using special paper-folding techniques,

colored tissue paper can be

transformed into magical window stars

for every season.

Step-by-step instructions for making

twenty-five window stars allow the beginner

to progress easily from simple to

difficult. Additional color accents allow the sunlight to create a dazzling

veined effect.

painting with children

4tH edItIoN

Brunhild Müller

ISBN: 9780863153662 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $15.95 48 pageS

color pHotograpHS

A vital factor in every child’s development

is the stimulation of active imagination and

creativity. This book presents ideas that

encourage self-expression through the medium of watercolors.

Fundamental and practical, this book is based on Goethe’s color theory,

showing that painting with children is more than merely a form of selfexpression—Brunhild

Müller encourages the reader

to understand children’s fantasies and inner

being through their artworks.

This is an essential guide for both parents

and teachers. It covers preparation,

color stories and poems, and painting

the moods of nature and seasons of

the year.

rose windows

and How to Make them

Helga Meyerbröker

ISBN: 9780863151965 paperBack FlorIS BookS $15.95

80 pageS

Following the same patterns as the medieval cathedrals

but using simple materials, the author shows

how to make decorative transparencies to hang in

the window. Includes step-by-step instructions for

creating designs from flower and star shapes, as well

as the more complex and magnificent rosettes.

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maKing waldorf dolls

a waldorf doll-making handbook

Maricristin Sealey

ISBN 9781903458587 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, FeStIvalS SerIeS $30.00 160 pageS

“A fine source for the beginner doll maker, full of

practical tips, simple designs and clear, easy to

follow instructions.”—Sara MacDonald, Magic

Cabin Dolls Company

This is a comprehensive guide for both beginners

and experienced doll makers. Handmade

dolls with their simplicity of expression and

design leave children’s imaginations free. These

dolls encourage the magic of creative play and

bring children the gift of imagination in which

they see themselves as “makers.”

crafts through the year

Thomas Berger, Petra Berger

ISBN: 9780863153228 Hardcover FlorIS

BookS $25.00 118 pageS

Simply made decorations for home or school

are an absorbing way for children to become

involved in celebrating the yearly festivals.

The authors show how to make almost 200 different

crafts: decorated Easter eggs and candles,

corn dolls, straw horses, dough figures, felted

chickens, origami swans, tissue-paper flowers,

pine cone mice, a teasel hedgehog, autumn garlands,

and Christmas transparencies to brighten

winter windows, and much more!

Crafts through the Year is a completely revised

compilation of the authors’ very successful

Christmas Craft Book, The Easter Craft Book,

and The Harvest Craft Book.

toymaKing with children

3rd Edition

Freya Jaffke

ISBN: 9780863157691 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 144 pageS

The toys that surround children during their

first five years are essential tools for their awakening

imaginations. Out of her long experience

as a kindergarten teacher, Freya Jaffke provides

many helpful suggestions for selecting ageappropriate

toys for young children.

Here are also directions for making a variety of

simple, engaging toys, as well as sections on the

meaning of play and how to help children play.

the gnome craft BooK

2Nd edItIoN

Thomas Berger, Petra Berger

ISBN: 9780863157219 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 96 pageS

How to make gnomes out of walnuts, twigs,

wool, and paper, as well as a variety of other

media. There are plenty of different gnomes to

keep children amused for hours.

Includes instructions for making Astrid Lindgren’s

classic gnome, the Tomten.

Activities with Children


making dolls, gifts, and toys

revISed 2Nd edItIoN

Petra Berger

ISBN: 9780863157202 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 96 pageS

This new largeformat


i n c l u d e s d e -

tailed, step-bystep


for a range of

lively and creative

ideas, such

as small dolls,

finger and glove

puppets, animals, finger- and wrist-bands, small

gifts, and even wall tapestries.

earth, water, fire, and air

playful explorations in the four elements

3rd edItIoN

Walter Kraul

ISBN: 9780863157684 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 104 pageS

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air encourages children’s

interest in the surrounding natural

world, illustrating a broad range of activities,

games, and toys to make, each involving one

of the four elements. In fun, creative ways, the

projects introduce children to basic scientific

principles, such as gravity, momentum, and

light refraction.

The book provides full instructions and

diagrams for making projects such as a waterwheel,

a paddlewheel boat, a propeller plane,

a parachute, a windmill, a simple pendulum

clock, spinning tops, a hot-air balloon, and

much more. Some are simple enough for a

six-year-old, others are challenging enough for

a twelve-year-old to enjoy. (Ages 6-12)

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Activities with Children

pull the other one!

string games and stories

Book 1

Michael Taylor

ISBN: 9781869890490 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $19.95 128 pageS

String games are played all over the world, and

are often accompanied by songs and stories. In

this book, ingenious tricks and tales are developed

and taught with utter simplicity, making

them suitable from age 5 upwards.

now you see it…

string games and stories

Book 2

Michael Taylor

ISBN: 9781903458211 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $19.95 128 pageS

This second book has string games from ancient

cultures, as well as new figures such as computers,

space shuttles, and trampolines that have

been invented by children today.

A beautiful rainbow string is included in both

books. .

storytelling with children

Nancy Mellon, Foreword by

Thomas Moore

come follow me

Lorraine Nelson Wolf

ISBN: 726779723925 41 MINuteS audIo cd

coMe FolloW Me productIoNS $16.95

A 2004 Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner

A collection of 25 delightful songs including:

Come Follow Me, Morning Is Come, A Basket

Full of Nuts, Michaelmas, When Mary Goes

Walking, The North Wind Doth Blow, White

Coral Bells, Lula-lula-bye, and more. Arranged

with piano, accordian, harp, or guitar accompaniment.

come follow me

volume 2

Lorraine Nelson Wolf

ISBN: 700261245645 $16.95 audIo cd

coMe FolloW Me productIoNS

ISBN: 9781903458082 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $17.95 192 pageS

A book born of years of experience, written from

the heart, and stirring to the soul. Reading it,

I feel the urge to pull my own children close, to

light a candle, to begin.... Nancy Mellon inspires

us all to be storytellers.” —Katrina Kenison,

author of Mitten Strings for God: Reflections

for Mothers in a Hurry

Storytelling with Children awakens wonder and

creates special occasions for children, whether at bedtime, around the

fire, or on rainy days. Nancy Mellon encourages you to spin golden tales

and shows you how to become a confident storyteller.

For every early childhood schoolteacher and all parents of young children.

Nancy Mellon is also the author of The Knottles. (see p. 1)

Volume Two includes more delightful songs:

Early One Morning, I Had a Little Nut Tree,

Blow Wind, Blow I Walk With My Little Lantern,

Saint Martin, Autumn Goodbye, and

more. Arranged, with piano, accordion, harp,

or guitar accompaniment.

child’s play 1 & 2

games for life for children

Wil Van Haren, Rudolf Kischnick

ISBN: 9781869890773 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $25.00 94 pageS

For younger children—suitable for nursery, kindergarten,

and grammar schools, camps, parties,

and family occasions. Includes 172 games, with

descriptions and backgrounds to games with

their accompanying movements, which relate

to the developmental stages of the child.


ideas for making music

Carol Shephard, Bobbie Stormont,

Foreword by Annie Davy

ISBN: 9781903458518 INcludeS cd

paperBack HaWtHorN preSS FeStIvalS SerIeS


This book is for all those who ever wanted

to make music but thought they couldn’t.

Jabulani! gives you all the tools you need to

feel confident about creating music and leading

music activities. Teachers, play workers, parents,

and frustrated air-guitar players of all ages will

find a wealth of inspiration in this practical,

user-friendly guidebook that is packed with

musical activities and games, and useful tips

celeBrating festivals with


Freya Jaffke

ISBN: 9780863158322 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$18.95 144 pageS

Freya Jaffke considers the main festivals and

special events throughout the year—Easter,

Pentecost, St. John’s, back-to-school, harvest,

Michaelmas, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving,

Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and more, showing how we can

celebrate them in a meaningful way with children, both at home and in

school. Every festival is prefaced with a deeper contemplation for adults.

Each festival includes games, craft activities and decorations, stories, songs,

poems, and the seasonal nature table.

Freya Jaffke’s books have sold more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide.

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under the sKy

playing, working, and enjoying adventures in the open

air: a handbook for parents, carers, and teachers

Sally Schweizer

ISBN: 9781855842151 paperBack rudolF SteINer preSS $25.00

288 pageS 16 color IlluStratIoNS

Packed with anecdotes, games and practical activities, Under the Sky

is a vibrant resource for parents, teachers and everyone who wants to

help children cultivate play and imagination in the open air. It features

ideas for planning expeditions and adventures, toys and equipment,

and activities for the four seasons

and the four elements! It includes plans,

tips and advice on child-friendly outdoor

design, materials, surfaces, seating, gardening,

pets, wildlife—even campfires,

picnics and train journeys.

Sally Schweizer is a state-trained teacher.

She has taught children mostly under

seven, and has trained teachers and been an

adviser. Her principal concern is the loss of

childhood for children, and she has written

many articles on this theme.

gardening with young


Beatrys Lockie

ISBN: 9781903458389 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS early yearS SerIeS $27.00

156 pageS IlluStrated

A lively, imaginative and practical guide to

a child’s experience of a year in the garden.

Simple growing activities are interwoven with

ideas for things to make with berries, seeds,

and leaves; easy recipes; and stories, songs, and

poems about insects, birds, and animals of the

gardening world.

Basic gardening techniques for every stage of the

growing cycle from seed sowing to harvesting are

clearly explained and illustrated.

For those with limited space there is an abundance

of ideas for gardening on a small scale

such as a balcony, window sill, or even on a plate!

Beatrys Lockie spent many years working as a

kindergarten teacher and also lectured widely on

early childhood education. She has been a passionate

gardener since childhood.

green fingers and muddy Boots

a year in the garden for children and families

Includes a Compact Disc

Ivor Santer

ISBN: 9780863156922 paperBack FlorIS BookS $30.00 112 pageS

color tHrougHout

puppet theatre

Maija Baric, Color illustrations by

Kristiina Louhi

ISBN: 9781903458723 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $30.00 88 pageS

color IlluStratIoNS

With wit and ingenuity, Maija Baric shows how

to transform wooden spoons, pieces of string,

holey socks, outgrown clothes and other scrap

materials into beautiful, durable, and functional

theatrical puppets. You’ll learn to build staging,

scenery, and props and how to create sound effects

and devise performances. Use your puppet

creations to transform storytelling at home or

in the classroom, ease children’s bedtime rituals,

and make a birthday and other occasions

truly special.

Maija Baric studied puppetry at the Prague Academy

of Performing Arts and is artistic director of Nukketeatteri

Sampo (Puppet Theater Sampo) in Helsinki,

founded in 1977 by Maija and Bojan Baric. She leads

courses in puppetry, directs and performs puppet

shows, and designs and creates theatrical puppets.

Kristiina Louhi (b. 1950) is one of the most popular

illustrators in Finland.

Activities with Children

Green Fingers and Muddy Boots—with worksheets on the accompanying

CD—presents practical and fun activities in the garden

for every month of the year, come rain or shine. Activities range

from growing flowers and vegetables to spotting birds and tracking

the weather and keeping a

garden diary.

The activities are suitable for

seven- to fourteen-year-olds. This book is based

on the original “Plant and Grow” course, a children’s

gardening course developed with the Royal

Caledonian Horticultural Society, which has been

used successfully by many families and schools for

several years.

Ivan Santer has lectured on agriculture throughout the

UK for thirty-five years.

soul development through


the waldorf approach to the vimala


Jennifer Crebbin

ISBN: 9780880105873 paperBack SteINerBookS

$20.00 128 pageS

The Vimala Alphabet was meticulously designed

to support independent thinking,

engaged willpower, balance, tolerance, honor,

and intuition, as well as strengthening the

developing soul forces of children.

Soul Development through Handwriting includes:

• A summary of the Waldorf method of teaching

writing to young children

• Ideas for introducing the Vimala Alphabet into

different grades

• Details on using the Vimala Alphabet as a

transformative tool for children

Also included are descriptions of the letters and

their qualities, practice pages, letter forms to avoid,

and practical tools to assist in teaching handwriting.

For more information, visit the author’s

website at

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 49 •


the lantern vegan family


Brian McCarthy

ISBN: 9781590560877 paperBack laNterN

BookS $20.00 336 pageS

Now that you’ve become a vegan, you’re learning

lots of ways to prepare tofu, but you or

someone you love is really starting to miss

macaroni and cheese, turkey dinners, pumpkin

pie and birthday cake. Maybe you and your

family feel self-conscious (and hungry) at

holidays, picnics, and parties. Or maybe just one

person in the family is vegan, but you need to

create meals that everyone will eat.

Since the day Brian McCarthy and his wife,

Karen, chose a vegan diet for their family ten

years ago, Chef McCarthy has created over 400

simple vegan recipes with easy-to-find ingredients

for traditional favorites like biscuits, corn

bread, stews, pastas, pizzas, cakes, pies, and even

egg(less) nog. All the recipes come from the

McCarthy home kitchen and have passed the

test of many family meals.

the demeter cooKBooK

Recipes Based on Biodynamic

Ingredients – From the Kitchen of the Lukas Klinik

Hermann Spindler,

Translated by Matthew


ISBN: 9781902636962 Hardcover

teMple lodge $40.00 272 pageS

More than 200 delicious lacto-vegetarian, whole

food recipes—based on the core principles of

anthroposophic nutrition—developed and

collected by the Swiss chef Hermann Spindler.

Included are tempting recipes for sauces, soups,

hors d’oeuvres, salads, main dishes, puddings,

and desserts. Also features special recipes for

casseroles and gratins, vegetables, quark (curd

cheese) dishes, grain dishes, doughs, savory and

sweet pastries, muesli, and drinks.

Hermann Spindler has been head chef at the Lukas

Clinic for 15 years, where his kitchen has gained

an outstanding reputation for food preparation

methods that conserve nutritional value, as well as

the imaginative presentation of dishes.

the Biodynamic food &


real nutrition that doesn’t cost

the earth

Wendy E. Cook

ISBN: 9781905570010 paperBack

claIrvIeW BookS $39.00 256 pageS color


Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs,

The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook explains the

principles behind biodynamic methods and

places it in the context of food and cooking

through the ages. Wendy Cook takes us on a

journey through the four seasons with more

than 150 delicious recipes based on many years

of working with biodynamic nutrition. She

considers the ethics of food, the foundation of

a balanced diet, and conjures up the color and

vibrancy of Mallorca, which has contributed so

much to her personal approach. Included are

supplementary sections on breads, sauces, salads,

desserts, drinks, and much more.


understanding what we eat and how

it affects us

Wendy E. Cook

ISBN: 9781905570232 paperBack 2Nd edItIoN

claIrvIeW BookS, HealtH aNd HealINg SerIeS

$34.00 352 pageS

“Rich and sensitive… a how-to book with a

diffference; it tells you how to live.” – Elizabeth

Luard, author of Sacred Food.

Foodwise presents ideas, advice, and commentary

inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Wendy Cook relates human evolution and

changes in consciousness to different foods,

considering topics such as agricultural methods,

the importance of grasses and grains, the

mystery of human digestion, and vegetarianism.

She discusses carbohydrates, minerals, fats

and oils, dairy products, herbs and spices, salt,

sweeteners, stimulants, legumes, nightshade

foods, bread, water, and dietary supplements.

She ends with practical tips on cooking, planning

menus, children’s food, and sharing

meals—plus mouth-watering recipes!

cooKing for the love of

the world

Awakening Our Spirituality through Cooking

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt,

Foreword by Robert Sardello

ISBN: 9780977982554 paperBack

goldeNStoNe preSS $22.95 200 pageS

“Until we can consciously enter into the miracle of

food, we are lost in one popular speculation after

another concerning how to eat.” —Robert Sardello

An internationally acclaimed biodynamic farmer,

natural health counselor, and nutritional cooking

teacher infuses cooking and eating with deeply

reverent and spiritual consciousness. Food is

placed within an understanding of the earthly and

cosmic forces of plant life and over 100 exquisite

recipes transform nature into the art of cooking.

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt is a Waldorf class and

kindergarten teacher, biodynamic farmer, author,

and natural-health counselor.

the vegan diet

as chronic



evidence supporting

the new four food


Kerrie K. Saunders,

Ph.D., M.S., L.L.P.

ISBN: 9781590560389 paperBack laNterN

BookS $20.00 220 pageS

“A wonderfully practical guide to using nutrition

to prevent and treat a huge range of health

problems. Knowledgeably and clearly written,

this book will be a useful resource for many

years to come.”—Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President,

Physicians Committee for Responsible

Medicine; Author, Foods That Fight Pain

“The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention

is a compelling and concise argument for

the overwhelming benefits to the human being

of a pure vegetarian diet. Doctors and scientists

should know these facts, and every person

should live by these principles.” —John McDougall,

M.D., Director, McDougall Residential


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the waldorf Kindergarten

snacK BooK

Lisa Hildreth

Illustrated by Jo Valens

ISBN: 9780880105637 paperBack (WIre BouNd)

Bell poNd BookS $12.95 64 pageS

A compendium of recipes, information, and

anecdotes, Waldorf kindergarten teacher, Lisa

Hildreth, has written a rich book for teacher,

parent, or caretaker. Create soups, bread, or

fruit dishes with your child. Learn how foods

affect us differently and how to use them. This

is a book to use and treasure. Whimsically and

joyously illustrated by kindergarten teacher Jo

Valens, you’ll find yourself pouring over this

book time and again. Includes a chapter on

birthday and festival foods.

Lisa Hildreth holds an MS Ed in Waldorf Early

Childhood Education and an MA in English. She is

currently a kindergarten teacher at the Susquehanna

Waldorf School.

the waldorf BooK of Breads

Collected by Marsha Post

Edited and introduced by Winslow Eliot,

Illustrated by Jo Valens

Like the bestselling Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book

and the Waldorf School Book of Soups, this newest

book in the series provides yet another rich resource

for time in the kitchen—this time baking bread. And

who doesn’t like to knead bread, watch it rise, and

taste it fresh from the oven?

These recipes have been handed down by grandmothers,

mothers, aunts, and friends. They are easy to follow

and encourage bakers to use the best possible ingredients,

making bread once again the healthy “staff of

life” it once was. The Waldorf Book of Breads includes

tasty breads for the daily table and specialty breads for

the seasons and special occasions.

the waldorf school BooK of soups

Collected by Marsha Post

Illustrated by Jo Valens

Introduced and arranged

by Andrea Huff

ISBN: 9780880105750 paperBack (WIre BouNd) Bell poNd

BookS $14.95 56 pageS

Whether as a quick snack, part of a full-course dinner, or as the

whole meal, there is nothing quite like a good bowl of soup.

Many Waldorf school teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and

friends of the Waldorf school movement have contributed

their favorite recipes to make up this collection. You will find

everything from stocks

and broths to selections

of vegetable, bean, cream,

tomato, seafood, chicken

soups, as well as beef and

dessert soups.

And no cookbook of soups

would be complete without

Stone Soup! There is something

here for everyone.


Marsha Post is senior

editor, translator, and

Waldorf and adult education

coordinator for


Jo Valens teaches kindergarten

at the Rudolf Steiner School in Great Barrington,


Winslow Eliot was public relations director and humanities

teacher at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School and

later at the Great Barrington Waldorf High School. She is

a member of Romance Writers of America, PEN, and the

Authors Guild.

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 51 •

Family and Child Health

a child is Born

a natural guide to pregnancy, Birth &

early childhood

Wilhelm zur Linden

ISBN: 9781855841925 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $22.00 224 pageS

Today’s prosepctive parents are confronted by

a huge selection of guidebooks on pregnancy,

birth, and early childhood, and many of them

offer sensible advice and sound information that

can help mothers and fathers. Dr. zur Linden’s

long-established natural care book offers an

important additional dimension: In clear, accessible

language he explains what babies and

children need to harmoniously develop the full

potential of body, soul, and spirit.

Beginning with pregnancy, the author guides the

reader through the birth; the postnatal period

and breastfeeding; care of newborn babies; meals

for babies; and caring for children when they

are sick. He includes useful sections on bottlefeeding,

almond milk, and water quality. This

new edition has been expanded to also include

matters of contraception, drugs, thumb sucking,

sleep, crib death, overheating, and more.

Dr. zur Linden’s commentary on these issues is

the fruit of a lifetime of experience as a pediatrician

and general practitioner.

the good sleep guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Good Sleep

for Babies, Revised 2nd Edition

Angela Henderson,

Foreword by Sally Goddard Blythe

ISBN: 9781907359002 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $16.00 112 pageS

“Brilliant! Practical and easy to follow…”

—Pippa Waterman, health visitor

This tried and tested guide will help you resolve

your child’s sleep problems. One third of parents

with babies aged six months are woken up between

one and eight times a night; yet you can

prevent this situation. Packed with medically approved

methods, tips and practical suggestions.

Angela Henderson is a psychologist and self-help

writer. She speaks regularly about children’s sleep

issues on radio and television.

Birth and Breastfeeding

rediscovering the needs of women

during pregnancy and childbirth

Michel Odent

ISBN: 9781905570065 paperBack claIrvIeW

BookS $22.00 176 pageS

“Just when we thought everything had already

been said about birth and breastfeeding, Odent

challenges us anew with a vision that is both

provocative and compelling. ”

—Marian Thompson, president emeritus and

co-founder, La Leche League, International

Today, many women give birth without the

natural release of “love hormones,” giving

birth via caesarean section, or using drugs

that not only block the release of these natural

substances, but also do not have their beneficial

behavioral effects. This unprecedented situation

gives us urgent new reasons to rediscover the

basic needs of women in labor.

Michel Odent is popularly known as the obstetrician

who introduced the concepts of birthing pools and

homelike birthing rooms in the 1960s and 1970s. He

founded the Primal Health Research Centre in London

and has developed a pre-conception program

to minimize the effects of intrauterine and milk

pollution. He is the author of dozens of scientific

papers and ten books published in twenty languages.

primal health

understanding the critical period Between

conception and the first Birthday

Michel Odent

ISBN: 9788190570089 paperBack

claIrvIeW BookS $24.00 240 pageS

In this prophetic book, Michel Odent asserts that

various aspects of the “primal adaptive system”

develop, regulate, and adapt during fetal life, birth,

and infancy. Everything during this period of dependence

on the mother influences primal health.

He suggests that later well-being as adults and

the ability to withstand hypertension, cancer,

alcoholism, and failures of the immune system

resulting in AIDS, allergies and viral diseases,

can all be traced back to society’s ignorance of

the vital importance of the primal period. This

is essential reading on the health of our children

and the health of society as a whole.

natural Birth

a holistic guide to pregnancy,

childbirth, and Breastfeeding

Kristina Turner

ISBN: 9780863157639 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$16.95 144 pageS

Kristina Turner looks closely at the physical processes

that occur in the body during pregnancy

and childbirth and explains factors behind hospital

procedures and the options for home birth,

providing readers with the knowledge needed

to make informed choices. She sees birthing as

a unified process—beginning with pregnancy,

through labor, and the months of breastfeeding—all

which contribute to developing the

bond between mother and child and the child’s

emotional health.

Both practical and inspiring, Natural Birth

guides new mothers toward conscious participation

in the spiritual process of bringing new life

into this world.

Kristina Turner has three children and works passionately

to help women have a positive experience

of pregnancy, childbirth and nurturing a child.

what BaBies and

children really need

Sally Goddard Blythe

ISBN: 9781903458761 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS, early yearS SerIeS $30.00

224 pageS

This book represents a milestone in our understanding

of child development and what parents

can do to give their children the best start in life.

The author uses the latest scientific research to

demonstrate how a baby’s relationship with the

mother has a lasting and fundamental impact.

She emphasizes ways that changes in society

over the past fifty years interfere with important

developmental milestones that are essential to

success and wellbeing in later life.

Sally Goddard Blythe is director of The Institute for

Neuro-Physiological Psychology, which researches

the effects of neurological dysfunction in specific

learning difficulties, and devises effective remedial

programs. She is the author of numerous professional

papers and articles.

• 52 • For more information and to order books anytime visit

a guide to child health

Wolfgang Goebel

Michaela Glöckler

Translated by Catherine Creeger

ISBN: 9780863156069 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$40.00 448 pageS

Here is the classic guide for parents on children’s

physical, psychological, and spiritual development.

It combines medical advice with the essential

issues of raising and educating children.

Medical, educational, and spiritual questions

often overlap, and, when looking for the significance

of any illness, it is necessary to study a

child as a whole being of body, soul, and spirit.

The authors base their theory and practice

on seventeen years of experience in the children’s

outpatient department at the Herdecke

Hospital in Germany, which is guided by the

principles of anthroposophic medicine.

Part one covers childhood ailments and home

care. Part two looks at the healthy development

of children and how to create and maintain

ideal conditions for them.

Dr. Michaela Glöckler has been Leader of the Medical

Section at the Goetheneum, the School of Spiritual

Science in Dornach.

Dr. Wolfgang Goebel co-founded the pediatric department

at the Community Hospital in Herdecke.

the toddler years

growth and development from 1 to

4 years

Paulien Bom, Machteld Huber

ISBN: 9780863156915 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 144 pageS

Written by medical professionals involved in

both conventional and anthroposophic medicine,

The Toddler Years deals with all aspects of

child care from the first year through the age

of four: eating, diet, and growth; common ailments;

behavior and discipline; the personality;

how to support the unfolding of creative and

practical skills.

awaKening to child health

nurturing children’s well Being

Raoul Goldberg, M.D.

ISBN: 9781903458815 Hardcover HaWtHorN

preSS $30.00 400 pageS

Awakening to Child Health is a resource for developing

a sensitive understanding of children

for childcare professionals and parents who

wish to follow their own intuition and sensibility

for children's health.

Drawing on Rudolf Steiner's understanding of

child development, health, and holistic medicine,

the author provides a comprehensive account of

child and adolescent development, and informed

by embryology and spiritual psychology.

Dr. Raoul Goldberg trained as a medical doctor and

runs the Syringa Health Centre, a holistic clinic offering

general practice and a range of complementary

therapies. He has worked as a Waldorf school doctor

for many years and runs a pediatric clinic.

stress-free parenting in

12 steps

Christiane Kutik

Translated by Matthew Barton

ISBN: 9780863157622 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$15.95 96 pageS

When a child is born, parents feel on top of the

world, but stress and exhaustion frequently take

over before long. In this concise, practical book,

Christiane Kutik highlights twelve simple steps

for bringing a measure of peace, composure,

and enjoyment back to daily family life.

This book is written specifically for parents with

little time and energy. It is succinct and simple

to implement, offering a valuable step-by-step

guide to quickly improve family life.

Christiane Kutik is a director at the IPSUM Institute

in Munich, which trains parental advisers in earlyyears

childcare. She lectures and leads seminars on

the practical issues of daily childcare and family life.

Matthew Barton is a translator, editor, teacher, and

poet, and taught kindergarten for many years at the

Bristol Waldorf School. His first collection of poems

was Learning To Row (1999).

Family and Child Health

compresses and other

therapeutic applications

a Handbook from the Ita Wegman


Monika Fingado

ISBN: 9780863158759 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$50.00 208 pageS

This practical handbook was written for nurses

and practitioners at the Ita Wegman Clinic in

Arlesheim, Switzerland, a center of expertise for

anthroposophic nursing.

Compresses and other Therapeutic Applications

covers all aspects of compresses and poultices,

including descriptions of the substances used

and their healing properties, and is based on

many years’ professional experience.

Monika Fingado is a trained therapist and has

worked at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Switzerland for

many years. She has studied craniosacral therapy

and is the author of many books.

the language of plants

a guide to the doctrine of


Julia Graves

ISBN: 9781584200987 paperBack lINdISFarNe

BookS $35.00 368 pageS IlluStrated IN

color aNd B/W

Throughout history, people spoke to nature,

and nature communicated with them. During

the Middle Ages, reading the “book of

nature” was called the doctrine of signatures,

which had always been an important part of

interacting with nature for traditional healers

and herbalists.

The Language of Plants covers all aspects of the

doctrine of signatures in an easily accessible

format, so that everyone, whether nature lovers

or healers, can learn to read the language of

plants in connection with healing.

Julia Graves grew up in Germany in close communion

with nature. She trained in anthroposophic

massage therapy, herbalism, and medicine from

an early age. She is a practicing herbalist, maker of

flower essences, and a naturopathic doctor.

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Family and Child Health

mistletoe therapy for


prevention, treatment, and healing

Johannes Wilkens, Gert Böhm

Translated by Peter Clemm

ISBN: 9780863157394 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$30.00 192 pageS

Modern complementary therapies for cancer are

increasingly making use of mistletoe preparations.

However, mistletoe grows on many different

trees, and the properties of the plant vary

according to the host. Mistletoe Therapy for

Cancer presents, for the first time, an important

reference for practitioners on the characteristics

of each type of mistletoe and the kinds of cancers

they are best suited to prevent and treat.

Includes specific case studies, as well as notes on

supplementary therapies using metals.

Johannes Wilkens is a physician specializing in

homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine in Bad

Steben, Germany, and a specialist in differentiated

mistletoe therapy.

the fourfold path to healing

working with the laws of nutrition, therapeutics,

movement, and meditation in the art of medicine

Tom Cowan, M.D., with Sally Fallon and

Jaimen McMillan

ISBN: 9780967089799 paperBack NeWtreNdS puBlISHINg $25.00

448 pageS * SHort 20% dIScouNt to BookSellerS

“… combines the best of Eastern and

Western esoteric wisdom in the healing arts

with the best of modern findings in Western

medicine....” —Duncan M. Roads, editor,

Nexus magazine

It provides a practical, holisitic approach

to healing that includes: Nutrition, using

nutrient-dense traditional foods; Therapeutics

through a wide range of nontoxic

remedies; Movement to heal and strengthen

the emotions; Meditation to develop one’s

powers of objective thought.

Contains thorough discussions of infectious

diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive

disorders, chronic fatigue, women’s

and men’s diseases, depression, arthri-

home nursing for carers

Tineke van Bentheim

ISBN: 9780863155413 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 160 pageS

Home Nursing for Carers is a comprehensive

guide for holistic home care, especially for those

who are nursing children and adults through

an illness.

This book covers all aspects of general home

nursing, including the arrangement of the

patient’s room, meals, taking a temperature,

and washing the patient. It also details numerous

holistic treatments, including herbal and

plant remedies, baths, foot baths, salt water

washes, curd cheese threatments, compresses,

and poultices.

Also included are sections specifically on pregnancy,

birth, sleep, nursing the critically and

terminally ill, and caring for the dead.

Tineke van Bentheim has worked for many years

as an anthroposophical nurse in the Netherlands.

tis, back pain,

and more, with

cooking instructions, nutritional therapies,

movement and meditation exercises, and a

comprehensive list of resources.

Dr. Tom Cowan served as vice president of the

Physicians Association for Anthroposophical

Medicine and is a founding board member of the

Weston A. Price Foundation.

Sally Fallon is founding president of the Weston A.

Price Foundation. She leads seminars on traditional

diets throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Jaimen McMillan is a certified Registered Somatic

Movement Therapist (RSMT) and a world-class

fencer. He developed the discipline of Spacial

Dynamics in 1985 and directs regular training

in the U.S., England, Germany, and Hungary.

the vaccination dilemma

Christine Murphy

ISBN: 9781930051102 paperBack

laNterN BookS $15.00 144 pageS

Christine Murphy has compiled a book that

presents the vaccination dilemma from multiple

perspectives. It clearly describes the immune

system and its workings—and what science does

and does not know about them. It offers suggestions

and resources for parents whose children

are sick, whether from a common childhood

illness or from a vaccination reaction. This book

informs parents and prepares them to make,

in consultation with health professionals, educated

vaccination decisions for their children.

healthy medicine

a guide to the emergence of

sensible, comprehensive care

Robert Zieve, M.D., Forewords by

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D.,

James Oschman, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880105606 paperBack

Bell poNd BookS $24.95 384 pageS

Dr. Zieve presents a new paradigm for health care

that shows us how to go beyond the limitations

and severe deficiencies of our current sickness care

system. It embraces and synthesizes the emerging

models of integrative medicine, energy medicine,

and energy psychology into an effective and affordable

approach to healing for everyone.


mistletoe and cancer therapy

Edited by Christine Murphy

ISBN: 9781930051768 paperBack

laNterN BookS $20.00 208 pageS

Christine Murphy gathers together the work

of doctors and clinicians who have been using

Iscador today. Dr. Richard Wagner, a German

physician, answers questions about Iscador

asked him by his patients during his many years

of practice as an oncologist in general practice,

treating cancer patients with both conventional

and alternative therapies. Dr. Thomas Schuerholz,

a medical doctor specializing in cancer,

offers an overview of the terms, procedures,

and different approaches to cancer.

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Kindergarten education

freeing children’s creative potential

Betty Peck

ISBN: 9781903458334 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, early yearS SerIeS $27.00 224 pageS

“This is an astonishing, impressive and

magnificent work. ... this is must reading for

every parent, would-be parent and teacher

world-wide.” —Joseph Chilton Pearce, author

of Magical Child

Educator Betty Peck celebrates the power of

Kindergarten to help children find their creativity

and imagination, opening the door to a

passionate relationship with learning.

This is an essential resource for teachers and

parents who want to give their children a more

meaningful education.

ready to learn

from Birth to school readiness

Martyn Rawson, Michael Rose

ISBN: 9781903458662 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, early yearS SerIeS $25.00 128 pageS

A guide for understanding how a young child

learns to play, speak, think, and relate; how

language and the senses develop; when a child

is ready to learn to read; the difference between

the ways boys and girls learn; and simple tests

for school readiness. Both authors are consultants

in teacher training in England and

have written numerous articles and books on

Waldorf education.

the genius of play

celebrating the spirit of childhood

Sally Jenkinson

ISBN: 9781903458044 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $25.00

128 pageS

What do children express through

play? How does play help develop

imagination, empathy, and social

skills? Why do children need adults

who encourage play? The author

discusses the nature and secrets of

play, its importance, and why it is

threatened today.

the well Balanced child

movement and early learning

Sally Goddard Blythe

ISBN: 9781903458631 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, early yearS SerIeS $24.95 224 pageS

The Well Balanced Child is a passionate manifesto

for a “whole body” approach to learning that integrates

the brain, the senses, movement and play.

Sally Goddard Blythe thoroughly explains why

movement is so important for the healthy development

of babies and young children. She

describes movement, balance, relfexes, learning,

and behavior in early educaiton; the role of

nutrition and how music affects brain development.

The book includes songs, games, and

activities that encourage learning at key stages

of development.This is a valuable resource for

assessing children with learning difficulties

and for dealing with learning and behavioral

problems through movement.

Sally Goddard Blythe is also the author of The Genius

of Natural Childhood. (see p. 27)

the Breathing circle

learning through the movement of the

natural Breath

Nell Smyth

ISBN: 9781903458648 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, early yearS SerIeS $28.00 224 pageS

The Breathing Circle brings practical new ways

to understand how responsiveness, expression,

and learning all depend on the rhythm of inhalation

and exhalation, which carry children into

the world and back into themselves.

It offers movements, verses, and stories for

children, working directly with their unfolding

senses and the cycle of natural

breath. These techniques can be

used with children, from toddlers

through seven years.

Here is an essential handbook for

early years educators, preschooler

parents, and caregivers, as well as

storytellers, drama teachers, breathwork

teachers and practitioners,

and those involved in the many

other somatic disciplines.

early Childhood

free to learn

introducing steiner waldorf early

childhood education; 2nd edition

Lynn Oldfield

ISBN: 978-1-907359--13-2 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $28.00 256 pageS

The author draws on kindergarten experiences

from around the world, with stories, helpful insights,

lively observations and pictures. Includes

a 16-page color section.

worK and play in early


Freya Jaffke

ISBN: 9780863152276 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$15.95 80 pageS

Jaffke applies the principles of rhythm and repetition

to festivals, play, stages of development,

environment, and temperament.

Freya Jaffke is a Waldorf School kindergarten in

Germany. She lectures widely on early childhood

education. Her popular books includeToymaking

with Children and Magic Wool.

helping children to

overcome fear

the healing power of play

Russell Evans

ISBN: 9781903458020 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $19.95 128 pageS IlluStrated

The insights of Jean Evans have become

core principles for preschools, play therapy,

childcare, and pediatrics. These include child

development through play and imitation; captivating

children’s interest; encouragement as a

basis for healing; guidelines for helping children

feel safe and happy; and

helping dying children

and caring parents.

Full of useful examples

to remind us that these

principles are relevant

not only to the critically

ill but can be used

to support all children,


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early Childhood



heaven on earth

a handbook for parents of young


Sharifa Oppenheimer

Photography by Stephanie Gross

ISBN: 9780880105668 paperBack SteINerBookS

$25.00 256 pageS

“The important child-development information

is exquisitely combined with the best

‘How-to’s’ I have seen in any book for parents.

Absolutely a must read.” —Carla Hannaford,

Ph.D., educational consultant and author of

Awakening the Child Heart

A fresh revelation that clearly outlines the natural,

simple, yet powerfilled steps we can take

to avoid the many pitfalls parents and children

face in our day. —Joseph Chilton Pearce

I would have loved such a book when I was a

young mother!” —Susan Howard, chairperson,

Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North


Although our culture and the nature of the

family may be changing, the atmosphere in

the home continues to create the foundation

of a child’s life. In Heaven on Earth, parent and

educator Sharifa Oppenheimer reveals how

to make the home environment warm, lively,

loving, and consistent with your highest ideals.

Heaven on Earth balances theoretical understanding

of child development with practical ideas,

resources, and tips that can transform family life.

Readers will learn how to establish the life rhythms

that lay the foundation for all learning; how to design

indoor play environments that allow children

the broadest skills development; and how to create

backyard play spaces that encourage vigorous

movement and a wide sensory palette. Through

art, storytelling, and the festival celebrations, this

book is a guide to building a “family culture” that

supports children and allows the free development

of each unique soul.

Sharifa Oppenheimer was the founding teacher of

the Charlottesville Waldorf School, Virginia, where

she taught kindergarten for twenty-one years and

served as day care director of the early-childhood

program. She has helped develop new teachers

through teacher-training programs and has initiated

a home-based kindergarten program.

what is a waldorf


Compiled and Introduced by

Sharifa Oppenheimer

Edited by Joan Almon

Afterword by Cynthia K. Aldinger

ISBN: 9780880105767 paperBack SteINerBookS

$15.00 112 pageS Full color pHotograpHS


Here is the perfect companion to Sharifa Oppenheimer’s

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents

of Young Children, which answers the initial

and most pressing questions of new parents of

young children. Inevitably, a big decision arises:

How and where should my child be educated?

The authors in What Is a Waldorf Kindergarten?

describe from experience the numerous

aspects of the “Steiner school” approach to early

childhood education. Readers will learn what

lies behind the Waldorf kindergarten methods

and the practical ways in which it is applied.

Throughout the book, the reader is guided by

the sure and compassionate hand of longtime

kindergarten teacher Sharifa Oppenheimer as

she introduces the authors and each topic.

Given the confusing array of educational approaches

available today, this book serves to

clarify one of the most dynamic and successful

approaches to beginning young children on the

path of education and life in the world.

understanding children’s drawings

tracing the path of incarnation

Michaela Strauss

ISBN: 9781855841994 Hardcover rudolF SteINer preSS $30.00

96 pageS Full color tHougHout

The early artistic expressions of children contain

important statements about their development.

From the first scratches and scribbles

to the detailed sketches of houses and people,

children’s drawings are significant manifestations

of inner processes—indications of the

gradual incarnation into a physical body.

Michaela Strauss’s classic book is a pioneer

work that was first issued in 1978.

how liKe an angel

came i down

conversations with children on the


Amos Bronson Alcott

Introduced & Edited by

Alice O. Howell

ISBN: 9780940262386 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $35.00 388 pageS

“A book all of us who work with children ought

to read carefully and “visit” often.” —Robert

Coles, author of The Spiritual Life of Children

“It is sheer reading pleasure, enlightenment, insight,

the discovery of a side of children many of

us never see, a side of ourselves generally masked,

a glimpse of history our school texts never touch,

and an enrichment of our own spirit.” —Joseph

Chilton Pearce, author of The Magical Child

Every now and then the past yields up one of

its lost treasures. This book is just such a gem.

Bronson Alcott, friend and sometimes mentor

to Emerson and Thoreau in Concord, was also

a visionary educator who believed that the

psyche of a child already carries within it the

imprint of spirit and wisdom. At his school

in the 1830s, he held this extraordinary series

of conversations on such themes as spirit,

consciousness, conscience, love, humility, the

Holy Ghost, and the knower.

Michaela Strauss continued

the work of her

father Hanns Strauss

(1883–1946), a painter

and art teacher who

collected thousands of children’s drawings and

compared and evaluated them. Stimulated by Rudolf

Steiner’s lecture course The Study of Man (The

Foundations of Human Experience), this research

became Hanns’ life’s consuming interest.

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the essence of waldorf education

ISBN: 9780880106467 paperBack SteINerBookS $12.00 128 pageS

“The Waldorf School is not committed to the state

and the economy, but to the becoming human

being who is open to and related to the future. If

this school is successful, then wherever it is realized

and succeeds, it can become a blessing for the

individuals involved and for the times in which

they live.”

Peter Selg’s book on the essence of Waldorf

Education—its spiritual foundation and its

objectives—places Waldorf schools at the center

of the most pressing educational issues of today.

A youth psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Selg points directly to the

challenges that the schools, parents, and teachers are facing, as well as to

the possibilities for their resolution.

Dr. Selg asks the fundamental pedagogical question: Toward what do we

educate and what do we develop? Education, he says, is “the preparation

for the future, the preparation of children who bring with them something

specific, a future will impulse, a will that we need to support and attend

to so that it can find its way, now and in the future.”

This slim but vibrant and densely packed volume will introduce, inform,

and inspire—or re-inspire—parents and teachers about why Waldorf

schools began, what they stand for, and how they can carry their original

ideals and principles creatively and courageously into the future.

a grand metamorphosis

contributions to the spiritual-scientific

anthropology and education of


ISBN: 9780880105989 paperBack SteINer-

BookS $15.00 128 pageS

During the first two seven-year periods of life,

our soul-spiritual being gradually incarnates.

Then, with puberty, it takes hold of our whole

being and turns outward to befriend the Earth

and the forces of life-and-death. Rudolf Steiner

calls this profound inner transformation “a

grand metamorphosis.”

As a psychiatrist who has worked intensively with adolescents in crisis

and carries a deep knowledge regarding Steiner’s teachings, Dr. Selg is

able to highlight the radical nature of Steiner’s approach to educating

adolescents, which provides a timeless method of meeting students in the

right way. Through the detailed spiritual-scientific indications in this book

and Dr. Selg’s copious notes, parents and teachers can be well equipped

to approach the challenge of adolescence with deepened understanding.

the therapeutic eye

How rudolf Steiner observed children

ISBN: 9780880105941 paperBack SteINerBookS $15.00 96 pageS

Rudolf Steiner’s extraordinary ability to perceive the inner nature

and development of children provided insights at many levels and

areas of the creative learning process.

In The Therapeutic Eye, Dr. Peter Selg discusses Steiner’s views on

childhood development, how teachers can observe children, and ways

that these approaches can be used to develop lessons and classroom

activities to deal with behavioral extremes and learning challenges.

Peter selg – education and Child Development

Peter Selg was born in 1963 in Stuttgart and studied

medicine in Witten-Herdecke, Zurich, and Berlin.

Until 2000, he worked as the head physician of the

juvenile psychiatry department of Herdecke Hospital

in Germany. Dr. Selg is now director of the Ita

Wegman Institute for Basic Research into Anthroposophy

(Arlesheim, Switzerland) and professor of

medicine at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences (Germany).

He lectures extensively and is the author of numerous books, including The

Fundamental Social Law; The Child With Special Needs; The Agriculture

Course; Seeing Christ in Sickness and Healing; The Culture of Selflessness,

Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz, and Rudolf Steiner as a Spiritual

Teacher. He is married, with five children.

i am different from you

How children experience themselves

and the World in the Middle of


Translated by Margot M. Saar

ISBN: 9780880106580 paperBack SteINerBookS

$12.00 120 pageS

In many of his lectures to teachers on education,

Rudolf Steiner called attention to a significant

change in the way children experience themselves and the world that

occurs in the middle of childhood, in the ninth or tenth year.

In this deep and concise book, Peter Selg illuminates this dramatic change

in the child s consciousness. Through Rudolf Steiner's profound wisdom

of children's inner essence, adults can learn to give them the experience

of being carried by a strong and sure relationship: When children cross

the Rubicon between the ninth and tenth

year without that feeling, something will be

lacking in their later life, and they will have

Read an excerpt

starting on page 84.

to struggle to attain what they should have received naturally at that

moment in childhood.

I Am Different from You is a vital book for all parents and teachers to

read well before the crisis in the middle of childhood.


Human pre-existence and the Journey toward Birth

ISBN: 9780880107181 paperBack SteINerBookS $15.00 88 pageS

As anyone who has had a child knows, newborns enter the earthly world

with their own individuality, being, and history. From the beginning, they

manifest an essential dignity and a unique “I,” which they clearly brought

with them from the spiritual world. This unborn life of a person’s higher

individuality guides the whole process of incarnation. Unbornness, allows

us to experience that birth is as great a mystery as death and, in a new and

poses the mystery of our human task on earth.

In this brief, but stunning and

almost poetic work, Peter Selg

gathers the key elements and

images needed to begin to understand

the vast scope of our


Drawing on the work of

Rudolf Steiner and others, Selg

unveils this deepest mystery of

human existence.

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education and Child Development

phases of childhood

growing in Body, soul and spirit

Bernard Lievegoed

ISBN: 9780863154812 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 208 pageS

Drawing on the educational ideas and philosophy

of Rudolf Steiner, Goethe, and Schiller, the

author describes the three main stages of child

development and the genetic and biographical

potential revealed at each stage. He goes on to

explore the practical application of these insights

as an educational method in harmony with the

child’s developing relationship with the surrounding


This is an essential, classic resource for all parents,

teachers, and caregivers.

your reincarnating child

welcoming a soul to the world

Gilbert Childs, Sylvia Childs

ISBN: 9781855841260 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $20.00 192 pageS

“One of the main purposes of this book,” write

the authors, “is to demonstrate that human beings

are primarily of spiritual nature, and only

secondarily of bodily nature.” They explain how

these two natures complement each other in the

processes of maturation and development, from

the period before birth and incarnation into

maturity. With a firm philosophical grounding,

the authors discuss key questions connected

with clothing, food, play, work, technology,

and discipline.

set free childhood

parents’ survival guide for coping with

computers and tv

Martin Large

ISBN: 9781903458433 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $22.00 232 pageS

Presents striking scientific research on how

the TV “tunes out” the brain; why doctors and

educators say later is better for electronic media

use; and strategies for preventing electronic


star children

understanding children who set us

special tasks and challenges

Georg Kuhlewind

ISBN: 9781902636498 paperBack teMple lodge

$25.00 160 pageS

Who are the star children? Recently, much has

been written about “gifted” children with special

abilities, sometimes called indigo or crystal

children. It is said that they are coming to earth

to help humanity develop. Based on extensive

research, Kühlewind asserts that this is one of

the most important events of our time.

Star Children is a compelling addition to the

literature on “special children,” offering a

unique perspective based on spiritual science

and research.

the developing child

sense and nonsense in education

Willi Aeppli

ISBN: 9780880104913 paperBack

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $16.95 224 pageS

Previously published as: Rudolf Steiner Education

and the Developing Child

This is simply a gem of a book about real education.

Master Waldorf teacher Willi Aeppli takes

everyone—parent, teacher, and child—with

him to the core of the task of education. His is

a picture of education as service to each child

and to our culture. Out of years of practical

experience, Aeppli describes the details of a

curriculum that can make this possible.

children and their


Marieke Anschutz

ISBN: 9780863151750 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$15.95 128 pageS 2Nd edItIoN

“This book is our personal favorite for learning

more about temperaments.”


Drawing on an ancient tradition, Rudolf Steiner

spoke of four fundamental types, or temperaments,

belonging to the human personality,

each of which has a different personal need

and means of relating socially. Through her

experience of working with children, the author

provides a guide to children’s temperaments

and their role in the development of character,

health, and personality.

The book includes examples from home and

school and discusses how these ideas may be

used to manage, and relate to, groups and individuals.

This is a valuable tool for teachers,

parents, and care providers, especially when

dealing with “problem” children.

raising waldorf

the Building of the waldorf school on

the roaring fork

ISBN 9780978973506 paperBack WaldorF

Book proJect $40.00 224 pageS Full color

pHotograpHS tHrougHout

* SHort 20% dIScouNt to BookSellerS

Raising Waldorf is a beautifully produced, heartfully

written book that tells the story of the birth

and building of a Waldorf school. This particular

Waldorf school began fifteen years ago as a small

initiative by a small group of parents in a small

town on the upper reaches of the Roaring Fork

River watershed in the Rocky Mountains of western

Colorado. The biography

of the Waldorf School on the

Roaring Fork is the sum of

many stories that have become

one. It is a tale told in many

different voices not just about

the building of buildings, but

the building of community and


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transformational teaching

waldorf-inspired methods in the

public school

Mary Goral

ISBN: 9780880107044 paperBack SteINerBookS

$22.00 168 pageS

We have the power to transform our public

schools—not through government mandates

or the newest “teacher-proof” text series but

by applying Waldorf-inspired practices into the

public-school setting.

Mary Goral explores ways that these principles

can be applied in public schools to educate

children for life rather than simply to meet the

demands of rigid, one-size-fits-all programs

such as “No Child Left Behind.” Using the concrete

example of “public-school teachers who

have agreed to go on such a journey, Dr. Goral

shows how teachers can bring many of the

benefits of Waldorf education into the public

setting, with remarkable results.

Transformational Teaching is inspirational

reading for those who wish to transform their

local schools.

Mary Barr Goral’s doctoral dissertation, “Transformational

Possibilities of Schooling: A Study of

Waldorf Education,” is a qualitative research report

conducted at the Rudolf Steiner School in Ann

Arbor, Michigan.

the incarnating child

Holistic parenting and child Health


Joan Salter

ISBN: 9781907359033 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $25.00 224 pageS

Even in today’s modern technological world, the

miracle of birth stirs within many people a sense

of wonder. This book is full of practical advice

for anyone concerned with childcare. Joan Salter

addresses physical and spiritual development,

environment, immunization

and health, and the

acquisition of skills and

thinking ability.

renewing education

writings on steiner education

Francis Edmunds

ISBN: 978-1-869890-31-5 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $14.95 120 pageS

The name of Francis Edmunds will always be

a part of the Waldorf School movement. He

traveled widely, and his talks and writings,

emphasizing the responsibility of adults and

educators toward children, have inspired and

educated a worldwide audience. This collection

of essays covers many different aspects of

a Waldorf school and will be invaluable to all

concerned with the spiritual basis of an individual’s

development from childhood onward.

the first three years

of the child

Walking, Speaking, thinking

Karl König

ISBN: 978-0-86315-452-2 paperBack

FlorIS BookS, claSSIcS oF aNtHropoSopHy

$17.95 138 pageS

This classic text by Karl König, founder of the

Camphill Movement, an international movement

of therapeutic intentional communities,

is a must-read for every new parent and earlychildhood


Dr. König examines the first three years of the

life of the child in relation to the three major

achievements of that time: learning to walk,

learning to speak, and learning to think. These

are what make us human, and their acquisition,

he proposes, is “an act of grace” in every child.

He goes on to provide a detailed analysis of this

extraordinarily complex process.

adventures in steiner


an introduction to the waldorf approach

Brien Masters, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9781855841536 paperBack rudolF

SteINer preSS $22.00 240 pageS

Brien Masters draws on his rich and varied

experience to paint a vivid picture of Waldorf

education in practice. With many personal

stories and anecdotes, he brings to life the

theory behind Waldorf education, from the

early years through to the Lower and Upper


education and Child Development

the story of

waldorf education

in the united states

Past, Present, and Future

Stephen Keith Sagarin, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880106566 paperBack

SteINerBookS $20.00 192 pageS

Representing more than a decade of research,

this book is the first account of the history and

development of Waldorf education in America.

Looking at the past and present with an eye to how

the understanding of the term Waldorf education

has changed over time, the author identifies key

trends in education to imagine the direction in

which Waldorf education may move in the future.

As Waldorf education comes increasingly into

public view and into public schools, primarily

through charter schools, questions about what

Waldorf education is (and is not) are becoming

increasingly relevant.

The author concludes that Waldorf education

is not a method that can be packaged and sold,

but a living method that depends on insight for

continual renewal.

Stephen Keith Sagarin, Ph.D., is a teacher at the

Great Barrington Waldorf High School and a former

teacher at the Waldorf School of Garden City, New

York, where he graduated. He writes, lectures, mentors

teachers, and consults with Waldorf schools

and is an associate professor and former director of

the M.S. education program at Sunbridge Institute.

education: an introductory


Rudolf Steiner; Edited by Christopher


ISBN: 9781855841185 paperBack rudolF

SteINer preSS, pocket lIBrary oF SpIrItual

WISdoM SerIeS $17.95 224 pageS

Topics include: a social

basis for education; the

spirit of the Waldorf

school; educational

methods based on anthroposophy;


at play; teaching through

the insights of spiritual

science; adolescents after

the fourteenth year; science,

art, religion, and morality; the spiritual

basis of education; the role of

caring in education; the roots of

education and the kingdom of

childhood; address at a parents’

evening; and education within

the broader social context.

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education and Child Development

the power of stories

nurturing children’s imagination and consciousness

Horst Kornberger

ISBN: 9780863156595 paperBack FlorIS BookS $20.00 208 pageS

“This beautifully written and wise book taps into

a deep source, the spring of imagination. If you

have anything to do with children, buy this book.

If you have anything to do with yourself, buy it as

well.” —Matthew Barton, New View

Stories—from the great myths and legends

to enchanting fairy tales, parables, fables and

folktales—can have great healing and educative

power. They come from our subconscious and

imagination deep inside us. They have much

to teach us about ourselves and the world we

create around us.

the genius of natural


Secrets of Thriving Children

Sally Goddard Blythe

ISBN: 9781907359040 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $28.00 240 pageS

“Here, you will find the simple virtues of music

and movement and child-raising wisdom allied

with the latest neuroscientific insights to show

just why the old-fashioned, pre-technological

ways often had it right all along.” —Dr Richard

House, Research Centre for Therapeutic Education,

Roehampton University

Fifty-two percent of parents admit they never

read to their child. Toddlers watch 4½ hours of

television daily. More children are obese, enter

school developmentally delayed and need special

education. Sally Goddard Blythe draws on

neuroscience to unpack the wisdom of nursery

rhymes, traditional games and fairy stories for

healthy child development. She explains why

movement matters and how games develop children’s

skills at different stages of development.

She offers a starter kit of stories, action games,

songs and rhymes.

Sally Goddard Blythe is director of The Institute for

Neuro-Physiological Psychology, which researches the

effects of neurological dysfunction in specific learning

difficulties, and devises effective remedial programs.

She is also the author of The Well Balanced Child and

Reflexes Learning and Behaviour.

Horst Kornberger explores the power of particular

stories such as Odysseus, Parsifal, Oedipus,

Bible stories, and fairy tales. He explains how to

apply that power to help a child develop or to

heal and transform a child having difficulties.

Horst Kornberger is a visual and conceptual artist,

poet, writer, lecturer, and researcher into the field

of imagination and creativity. Horst has taught

at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento and the

Waldorf Teacher Training in San Francisco. He is

the founder of the School of Integral Art and lives

in Western Australia.

living literacy

the human foundations of speaking,

writing, and reading

Michael Rose

ISBN: 9781903458525 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS, educatIoN SerIeS $27.00 192 pageS

Michael Rose makes the case that the very life

and nature of language are breaking down

under the pressures of modern society. Living

Literacy investigates the nature of literacy

and how it relates to child development. The

author explores how teachers and parents can

prepare for the transition to literacy through

conversation, story, song, and play, followed by

relevant and living ways to introduce reading

and writing.

Michael Rose is a founding teacher at the York Steiner

School. He coauthored Ready to Learn (2002).

words in place

reconnecting with nature

through creative writing

Paul Matthews, Drawings

by Margaret Shillan

ISBN: 9781903458693 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $30.00 288


This nine-week writing course

follows a path through the realms

of nature, from mineral to plants,

animal, and people. By exploring the qualities

of each, Words in Place encourages the writer

to find a unique, authentic voice and to forge a

new relationship to the inner and outer worlds.

Paul Matthews offers a rich variety of creative

techniques and exercises, including “haiku

hikes,” word and story games, written conversation,

collaborative writing, and “tiny tales.”

Paul Matthews is a poet and teacher of Spacial Dynamics.

He recently founded “Poetry Otherwise” to

encourage poetry in communities.

the spirit of the english


a practIcal guIde For poetS,

teacHerS & StudeNtS

How Sound Works in english &

american poetry

John H. Wulsin Jr.

ISBN: 9781584200635 paperBack lINdISFarNe

BookS $35.00 400 pageS

To open Wulsin’s book is to open the door of a

lively classroom. — Gertrude Hughes, Professor

Emerita Wesleyan University, author of

Emerson’s Demanding Optimism

John Wulsin approaches the English language

as a poet interested in the spirit and evolution

of our language.

The Spirit of the English Language is filled with

the textures of the lives and works of the great

English-language poets. Wulsin describes the

evolving activity of poetry in the biography of

each poet, beginning with the Old Anglo–Saxon

in Beowulf and the later works of Chaucer, and

following the spirit of the English language

through to the nineteenth century’s “primal/

modern” language of Gerard Manley

Hopkins and Dickinson’s diamonddistilled


Along the way, we discover how the very

sounds of English have changed the ways

in which not only poets think and express

themselves, but, more important, how

sound works and changes our human

consciousness. The author also discusses

specifically how, in teaching poetics,

stages of the developing English language

quicken corresponding stages of thinking in maturing


John Wulsin teaches English and Drama at Green

Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, New

York. With an M.A. in English and American

Literature from Columbia University, he has also

devoted many years to teaching adults and high

school pedagogy.

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A Rosicrucian Path of Leadership

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880107341 paperBack SteINerBookS

$12.00 144 pageS

Torin Finser takes on some of our contemporary

challenges and proposes new solutions.

Drawing on a variety of rich cultural and

spiritual traditions, he makes the case for social

change that begins within. To do so, one must

first access resources that support initiative

and innovation. Key questions discussed in

this book include:

How is it possible to live a spiritual life in our

materialistic age?

Can an individual person still make a difference?

How can we use a whole-systems approach to


How can planetary wisdom help us find appropriate

leadership styles?

What are the inner conditions needed to work

with the transcendent Self?

In the swirl of multi-tasking, how can we find

moments of solitude and reflection?

school as a Journey

the eight-year odyssey of a waldorf

teacher and his class

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880103893 paperBack

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $16.95 256 pageS

An inspiring account of one teacher’s odyssey.

Along the way, he reveals the secrets of good

education in any setting: effective partnership

with parents, a strong sense of collegiality

among the staff, and—above all—the presence

of dedicated teachers who are motivated by a

sincere love and respect for their students.

—Ernest Boyer, President,

Carnegie Foundation

This is a lively, colorful, and absorbing account

of a class teacher’s journey with his class, from

first grade through the eighth grade in a Waldorf


school renewal

a spiritual Journey for change

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880104937 paperBack

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $16.95 176 pageS

“I want to rush out and buy a copy of this book

for every teacher and parent I know.”

— Eric Utne

“Splendid ... not just teachers, but parents, students,

and just plain stressed-out citizens would

benefit from the wisdom, information, and

insight Finser offers.” —Joseph Chilton Pearce

A school involves much more than education;

it is also a community—one that may or may

not be healthy. Dr. Finser addresses many of the

problems and challenges that school communities

face, using fairy tales, myths, and personal

experience. He describes how teachers and parents

can come to grips with problems of burnout,

conflicts, and routine. Most important, he

stresses that an educational community must

address the unseen dimensions of individuals.

in search of ethical


if not now, when?

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

torin Finser – education and Child Development

ISBN: 9780880105323 paperBack SteINerBookS

$20.00 192 pageS

Torin Finser considers the crisis in ethical leadership,

bringing his unique approach to the problems

we face. He takes us on a journey of discovery

by asking hard questions about the widespread

breakdown in ethics and leadership today. He

helps us see the roots of this loss of ethical leadership

and a way out of the situation by applying the

spiritual principles of Anthroposophy.

silence is complicity

a call to let teachers improve our schools

through action research — not nclB *

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880105804 paperBack SteINerBookS

$15.00 112 pageS

Society debates, legislates, and regulates education

more than it does any other profession. We

allow politicians to set specific standards and

test scores for our children, forcing teachers

to endure countless commission reports and

endless political debates about what should

happen in our schools.

What if the voices of our teachers were heard

equally in today’s public discourse? In Silence Is

Complicity, Dr. Finser offers teachers the tools

needed to speak out and be heard, empowering

their advocacy for educational change.

* No Child Left Behind

organiZational integrity

how to apply the wisdom of the Body to

develop healthy organizations

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.

ISBN: 9780880105828 Hardcover

SteINerBookS $30.00 268 pageS color aNd

B&W IlluStratIoNS

ISBN: 9780880105781 paperBack $25.00

268 pageS color aNd B&W IlluStratIoNS

Organizational Integrity reclaims and reconciles

organizational dynamics with living systems.

The wisdom found in human organs, minerals,

planets, and even sacred geometry is used to

reinvent organizations. Organizations are supposed

to serve, and their forms and structures

should mirror the living systems of those who

have come together with common purpose. If

we can change our ideas of organizations and

establish a new paradigm, future organizations

will be worthy of the people in them.

Torin M. Finser, Ph.D., is Director of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch

University New England and founding member of the Center for Anthroposophy, Collaborative

Leadership Training, and Templar Associates in New Hampshire. He is co-chairperson of

the Anthroposophical Society in North America. He has been an educator for three decades, a

keynote speaker at conferences, and is a consultant for many public and Waldorf schools in areas of facilitating

change, designing mentoring and evaluation programs, and leadership development.

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education and Child Development

steiner education and

social issues

how waldorf schooling addresses

the problems of society

Brien Masters

ISBN: 9781855842007 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $24.00 240 pageS

Is the philosophy we use to educate our children

responsible, at least partially, for the attitudes

and general tone of our societies? According

to experts, those nations that performed best

have created “child-friendly” societies in which,

for young people are not pressured to achieve

academically until their teens. Yet U.S. and U.K.

educators press toward economic success, using

education as a means of generating—through

“No Child Left Behind” —the high achievers

needed, it is thought, to produce material


Brien Masters, Ph.D., is director of the London Waldorf

Teacher Training Seminar, and the seminar in

Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands.

nurturing potential in the

Kindergarten years

A Guide for Teachers, Carers, and


Cornelis Boogerd

ISBN: 9780863158360 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$29.95 256 pageS

The kindergarten years are some of the most

formative in their development. At the heart

of early years Waldorf education is the concept

of “life forces,” or the “etheric body.” To help

children grow into healthy adults who can fulfill

their potential, these forces must be recognized

and nurtured properly. This book offers accessible

ways to understand and visualize the

concept of life forces and provides practical

examples of how to nurture children at different

educational stages.

Cornelis Boogerd studied social sciences at Driebergen.

He has helped establish Waldorf schools and

teacher training in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

transforming history

a new curriculum for a planetary culture

William Irwin Thompson

ISBN: 9781584200697 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $20.00 160 pageS


“A brilliant and original work that challenges us

to rethink the evolution of human societies and

consciousness, and to craft an education for our

children that reflects human history.” —Arthur


The author offers us a mind-rattling tour of

our potential as human beings, from the Gilgamesh

epic to popular music, current politics,

social crises, and beyond. He suggests how we

can stimulate the best and healthiest patterns

of development in our children and teenagers

and enlighten today’s educators and anyone

concerned with improving our legacy.

William Irwin Thompson, Ph.D., was short-listed for

the National Book Award in 1972 and received the

Oslo International Poetry Festival Award in 1986.

teaching as

a lively art

Marjorie Spock

ISBN: 9780880101271



preSS $14.95

140 pageS

The author, an experienced

Waldorf teacher,

shows us that “ripeness

is all,” that nothing can be taught to a child until

the child is ready to receive it or knowledge will

sprout prematurely and wither early.

Marjorie Spock (1905-2008) met Rudolf Steiner in

Dornach, Switzerland, in 1923, and trained there to

become a eurythmist. She earned an M.A. in Education,

writing her thesis on Waldorf education. She

taught in Waldorf and private schools, and established

two bio-dynamic farms. She has written and

and translated numerous books.

well, i wonder

childhood in the modern world: a

handbook for parents, teachers and carers

Sally Schweizer

ISBN: 9781855841246 paperBack rudolF

SteINer preSS $27.00 232 pageS IlluStrated

Sally Schweizer calls for a reevaluation of

childhood and an awakening to the real needs

of children. As an educator and mother, she is

qualified to ask the hard questions and offer

real solutions.

The author guides us through the stages of

childhood development, explaining children’s

need for daily rhythm, movement, and play.

She emphasizes the importance of guarding

children’s imagination and the significance

of festivals and celebrations. She offers helpful

tips and wise advice throughout this

well-illustrated book, which also features an

eight-page color section on the evolution of

children’s drawings.

Sally Schweizer is a state-trained teacher. She has

taught children mostly under seven, and has trained

teachers and been an adviser. Her principal concern

is the loss of childhood for children. Sally has written

many articles on this theme, and Well, I Wonder

is her first book. Music has been central to her life,

along with enjoying the great outdoors, gardening,

and conserving nature.

education towards


Frans Carlgren

ISBN: 9780863156519


FlorIS BookS

$30.00 272 pageS

40 B/W IlluStratIoNS

75 color IlluStratIoNS

Education towards Freedom was first published

in 1976 and, since then, has sold more than ten

thousand copies in English.

Lavishly illustrated with both color and b&w

drawings and photographs throughout, the

book covers all aspects of Waldorf education,

dividing it into the preschool years, the first

eight years (starting about age seven), and the

last four years (from ages fourteen to eighteen).

Also included are sections on the rhythm of

the day, specific subjects, the use of textbooks,

and school in the

modern world.

Frans Carlgren taught

at the Kristofferskolan

Waldorf school in

Sweden for many


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hythms of learning

what waldorf education offers

children, parents & teachers

selected lectures by rudolf steiner

Rudolf Steiner, Edited and

Introduced by Roberto Trostli

ISBN: 9780880104517 paperBack SteINerBookS

$35.00 400 pageS

Roberto Trostli, an experienced Waldorf

teacher, has selected Rudolf Steiner’s key

lectures on children and education. In each

chapter, Trostli explains Steiner’s concepts and

describes how they work in the contemporary

Waldorf classroom.

This book will serve as an excellent resource

for parents who want to understand how their

child is learning. Parents will be better prepared

to discuss their child’s education with teachers,

and teachers will find it a valuable reference

source and communication tool.

educating through art

the steiner school approach

Agnes Nobel

ISBN: 9780863151873 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$35.00 308 pageS

Agnes Nobel examines the importance of art

in the development of the child and looks for

some answers to the vital question: what is

education for? She goes on to investigate why

Waldorf schools attach such importance to art

in education. She describes Steiner’s picture of

the developing child, his views on the imprint of

early experience in the child’s whole being and

the importance of living relationships and community

in the Waldorf school. She shows how

these ideas were expressed in the curriculum of

the schools. There have been many books written

on the Steiner approach to education, but

they have usually been written from within the

Steiner educational movement. This book takes

an independent view of Waldorf education and

critically assesses its unique qualities, successes

and relevance to the modern day.

Agnes Nobel is an educational psychologist working

in Uppsala University, Sweden.

waldorf education

Christopher Clouder,

Martyn Rawson

ISBN: 9780863153969 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$14.95 160 pageS IlluStrated

This concise introduction to the practice of

Steiner’s ideas in education explains Waldorf’s

innovative approaches to child development

and education. The authors discuss the practical

aspects of classroom teaching, festivals, child

development, early education, high school,

environmental education, and much more.

This is an accessible introduction to Waldorf

education for parents who are exploring methods

of education for their children.

educating as an art

essays on waldorf education

Edited by Carol Ann Bartges,

Nick Lyons

ISBN: 9780880105316 paperBack rudolF

SteINer ScHool Nyc $25.00 208 pageS

color plateS tHrougHout

Twenty-five years ago at the Rudolf Steiner

School in New York City, Ekkehard Piening

and Nick Lyons edited a collection of articles

on Waldorf education. Their efforts resulted

in Educating as an Art, published in celebration

of the fiftieth anniversary of the Rudolf

Steiner School.

Twenty-five years later, in 2003, the Rudolf

Steiner School celebrated its seventy-fifth year,

as well as seventy-five years of Waldorf education

in North America. This new edition of

the collection commemorates the work of the

faculty members whose articles comprised the

first edition, many of whom helped to establish

the Waldorf movement in the United States.

Contributions have also been added from the

newer generation of teachers in the New York

City school and Waldorf teachers from around

the country.

This book is written by teachers whose deepest

thoughts and actions are concerned with the

work in the classroom.

• No longer available •

education and Child Development

encountering the self

transformation & destiny in the

ninth year

Hermann Koepke

ISBN: 9780880102797 paperBack

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $12.95 118 pageS

Children first experience their individuality

around age nine. This experience is sometimes

precipitated by a child’s first encounter

with death and the first inkling that life

is fragile and temporary. Koepke, a Swiss

Waldorf teacher, provides a clear and highly

readable explanation of the outer signs and

symptoms of this essential turning point in

the life of a child.

what is waldorf education?

three lectures

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Stephen Sagarin

ISBN: 9780880105279 paperBack SteINerBookS

$12.00 128 pageS

This is a reader-friendly Waldorf “taster,” with

three public lectures by Rudolf Steiner on

Waldorf education and a thought-provoking

introduction by a Waldorf teacher and longtime

student of Steiner’s pedagogy.

These lectures by Steiner present what he sees

as the “fundamentals” in a matter-of-fact,

objective, non-dogmatic way. The introduction,

wide-ranging and informative, speaks of

Waldorf education and methodology in general,

explaining that, before all else, a Waldorf

School is a good school.

Steiner relates the following anecdote in the

middle lecture of this small collection: “Whenever

I come to Stuttgart to visit and assist in the

guidance of the school, I ask the same question

in each class, naturally within the appropriate

context and avoiding any possible tedium, ‘Children,

do you love your teachers?’ You should

hear and witness the enthusiasm with which

they call out in chorus, ‘Yes!’ This call to the

teachers to engender love within their pupils is

all part of the question of how the older generation

should relate to the young.”

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education and Child Development

on the threshold of


the struggle for independence

in the twelfth year

Hermann Koepke

ISBN: 9780880103572 paperBack

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $19.95 160 pageS

Suzanne, a young Waldorf teacher, struggles

with changes in her class, and the problems she

and the parents face are given names and faces.

Readers join in teachers’ meetings, parents’

evenings, home visits, as well as conversations

between Suzanne and an experienced teacher.

She learns to cope with her class’s transition,

and readers learn how parents, teachers, and

friends must all accommodate the steps young

people are taking.

Hermann Koepke, a Swiss Waldorf teacher with

many years of experience, is well known in Europe.

thirteen to nineteen

discovering the light

Julian Sleigh

ISBN: 9780863152832 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$11.95 120 pageS

The author sheds

light on the familiar

problems of adolescents:


meeting with others

and relating to them,

difficulties with parents,

awakening of

sexuality, drinking,

and drugs.

Writing directly for

parents, Julian Sleigh

shows how the young person is awakening to

make decisions out of his or her own sense of

responsibility and feelings. If parents are sufficiently

aware at this time of trial and error, they

can give support and show trust and confidence

in the emerging personality.

Julian Sleigh is a Christian Community priest and

counselor who works in South Africa. He is the author

of Crisis Points, a guide to self-help in difficult

times in life.

an unchanged mind

the problem of immaturity in


Dr. John A. McKinnon

ISBN: 9781590561249 paperBack

laNterN BookS $20.00 368 pageS

Why are American teenagers failing to develop

normally through adolescence? Case studies

from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled

teenagers show teens who found themselves

unprepared for the challenges of modern

adolescence and inevitably failed—at school, at

home, and among their peers socially.

This book explores the essence of this problem:

disrupted maturation and resulting immaturity.

The remedy is not a matter of pharmacology—and

the cure is not in pills. The remedy

is, instead, in learning how to grow up.

the parallel process

Growing Alongside Your Adolescent

or Young Adult Child in Treatment

Krissy Pozatek

ISBN: 9781590562369 paperBack

laNterN BookS $20.00 192 pageS

For many parents of troubled teenagers, a therapeutic

program that takes the child from home

for a period of time offers some respite. Parents

need to use this time to recognize how their own

patterns may have contributed to the family’s

downward spiral. This is “The Parallel Process.”

Using case studies from her many years as an

adolescent and family therapist, Krissy Pozatek

shows parents of pre-teens, adolescents, and

young adults how they can help the family stay

and grow together.

Krissy Pozatek, LICSW,

has over ten years experience

in wilderness therapy

and adolescent treatment,

and is a licensed

clinical social worker.

to change a mind

Parenting to Promote Maturity in


Dr. John A. McKinnon

ISBN: 9781590562345 paperBack

laNterN BookS $23.00 224 pageS

In this companion to his first book, An Unchanged

Mind, Dr. McKinnon provides invaluable

advice to parents of teenagers and young

adults. Using case studies from his many years

of helping parents with troubled adolescents, he

explores the ways that adolescent development

can be derailed in today’s complex culture and

how parents can prevent this from happening.

The book is packed with examples and sensible

and practical advice for parents of pre-teens and

teenagers, this is an essential guidebook for parents

seeking to make their lives—and the lives

of their children—richer and more fulfilling.

John A. McKinnon, M.D., was educated at Harvard,

Cambridge University, Case Western Reserve University,

Yale, and Norwich University. He co-founded

with his wife who is also a therapist Montana Academy,

a therapeutic school for troubled teenagers on

a remote ranch near Glacier Park.

addiction’s many faces

tackling drug dependency amongst

young people: causes, effects, and


Felicitas Vogt

ISBN: 9781903458174 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $22.00 128 pageS

Drugs are pervasive. Young people have to make

choices about drugs as a fact of everyday life.

Ideals, protest, demanding school work, the

need for emotional intimacy, the natural desire

to experiment, wanting to appear cool—can all

make drug taking seem attractive.

What are the best ways of helping young people

learn about the many faces of addiction? What

lessons do addictions have for us? And what

about other forms addiction which are often socially

sanctioned, such as shopping, sex, or fame?

This book offers practical insights into helping

to prevent dependencies, as well as how to cope

with family drug problems, and a number of

treatment options.

Felicitas Vogt has

worked in drugs education

since 1988, giving

seminars all over

the world on addiction,

prevention, and

personal growth.

No longer


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learning disorder or creative gift?

Cornelia Jantzen

ISBN: 9780863157097 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$30.00 248 pageS

Dyslexia has long been known as a learning

difficulty that primarily affects literacy skills.

Increasingly, however, researchers and professionals

working with dyslexia suggest that it is

less a disorder than a sign of a specially gifted

person. Those with dyslexia frequently have a

highly developed imagination and a unique way

of perceiving. They often have above average intelligence

and are highly creative, provided they

are supported and nurtured by understanding

parents and teachers.

Based on her study of the Davis Method, Waldorf

education, and a broad overview of current

practices, Cornelia Jantzen explores this radical

viewpoint. She provides many practical examples

that explore various aspects of dyslexia, giving

parents and teachers new insights when dealing

with the challenges that dyslexia presents.

Cornelia Jantzen is a consultant on dyslexia in

Hamburg and is the mother of two dyslexic children.

the child with special needs

letters and essays on curative


Karl König, Edited by Peter Selg

ISBN: 9780863156939 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$25.00 224 pageS

In this remarkable collection of Dr. König’s letters

and essays, he considers and discusses the

fundamentals of special needs education and

shows three core aspects of a successful holistic

approach to healing: a positive social environment;

insightful understanding of the nature

and potential of each disability; and medical

treatment imbued with courage to keep the

faith that the impossible can be made possible.

Karl König (1902-1966) began his work at the Institute

of Embryology at the University of Vienna.

In 1939 he founded the Camphill Movement in


Being human

diagnosis in curative education

Karl König; Foreword by Michaela

Glöckler; Introduction by Cornelius

Pietzner; Translated by Catherine

E. Creeger

ISBN: 9780880102803 paperBack SteINerBookS

$18.95 156 pageS

What does it mean to be human? Human development

unfolds in a twofold way, an ever-more

profound incarnation, or “inhabitation,” of the

physical body, and the increasing discrimination

of the individual objects of the world.

Difficulties along this path can lead to so-called

disabilities. König’s approach to curative education

allows us to see these disabilities as meaningful

ways of coping with or resolving the various

problems that arise in living in a physical body.

“The point is not only to see the deviations, but

to see them against the mighty backdrop of a

comprehensive child anthropology.”

This unique book is of value not only to those

working in special education, but to anyone

interested in the dynamics of incarnation and

“normal” development.

education for special needs

the curative education course

12 lectures, dornach, June 25-July 7,

1924 (ga 317)

Rudolf Steiner

ISBN: 9781855840423 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $28.00 256 pageS

In 1924, Steiner gave this seminal course to a

small group of teachers and doctors as a basis

for their work. The revolutionary approach

and far-reaching perspective of these lectures

remains an inspiration to those in the field who

are cultivating a spiritual approach.

Using detailed case studies, Steiner describes

various illnesses, therapeutic methods, and

medical treatments, as well as valuable advice

for developing teaching abilities. Includes color

plates and an index.

special Care

foundations of curative


Margarete Kirchner-Bockholt

ISBN: 9780863154669 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$50.00 192 pageS

prevIouSly puBlISHed aS: FuNdaMeNtal

prINcIpleS oF curatIve eurytHMy

In 1921, Rudolf Steiner delivered a series of lectures

on curative eurythmy. Over the following

years, when his advice was sought in cases of

illness, he added to the initial exercises and indications.

For those who were unable to attend

the original courses, Dr. Kirchner-Bockholt

published this comprehensive handbook of

basic principles and an authentic collection of

Steiner’s advice.


therapeutic speech

Barbara Denjean-von Stryk

and Dietrich von Bonin

ISBN: 9780863154188 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$50.00 192 pageS

Written for speech therapists and doctors, this

book gives a precise, practical summary of

anthroposophical therapeutic speech.

holistic special education

camphill principles and practice

Robin Jackson

ISBN: 9780863155475 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$35.00 228 pageS

Written by people

who are actively involved

in holistic special

education on a

daily basis, this is an

honest and informative

manual that will

be valued by parents

and professionals


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special Care

to a different drumBeat

a practical guide to parenting

children with special needs

P. Clarke, H. Kofsky, J. Lauruol

ISBN: 9781869890094 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $16.95 240 pageS

Written by parents, for parents, this book

addresses both the emotional and practical

issues of care for children with handicaps or

special needs.

It offers suggestions to those whose children

have conditions ranging from autism to cerebral

palsy, to learning difficulties, to hearing or

visual handicaps with sections on sleep, feeding,

incontinence, play, learning behavior, siblings,

travel, and more.

children with special needs

Michael Luxford

ISBN: 978-0-86215-548-2 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $14.95 128 pageS

A concise, illustrated introduction to Steiner’s

ideas on the education of children with special


the physiology of eurythmy


Hans-Broder von Laue, Elke von


ISBN: 9780863157400 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$50.00 160 pageS

The authors of this book have

researched eurythmy therapy

for many years and this book

is a comprehensive overview

of their work.

Hans-Broder von Laue is a doctor

specializing in anthroposophic

medicine. He teaches therapeutic

eurythmy and has been widely


Elke von Laue trained as a nurse.

She has worked as an anthroposophical therapist

for many years.

anthroposophical care for

the elderly

Annegret Camps, Brigitte

Hagenhoff, Ada van der Star

ISBN: 9780863156533 paperBack

FlorIS BookS $40.00 144 pageS

This book describes specific approaches for

professional nurses and caregivers and offers

practical care plans.

Annegret Camps trained as a nurse at an anthroposophic

hospital in Germany and worked in care for

the elderly. She lectures on nursing and care work.

Brigitte Hagenhoff has a master’s degree in care work.

Ada van der Star lectures on care for the elderly in


healthy Body, healthy Brain

alzheimer’s and dementia prevention

and care

Jenny Lewis

ISBN: 9780863157509 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$13.95 64 pageS

This book is the result of Jenny Lewis’s research

and experience as a caregiver for her mother.

Jenny emphasizes prevention of Alzheimer’s

a portrait of camphill

From Founding Seed to Worldwide Movement

Edited by Jan Martin Bang

ISBN: 9780863157417 paperBack FlorIS BookS $40.00 208 pageS

Inspired by the vision of its founder Karl

König and a group of close associates, the

growth of the Camphill Movement is the

story of an idea about community as a

basis for special needs education, therapy,

and daily living.

The fascinating feature articles and more

than 150 photographs cover everything

from the history of Camphill to the

disease and dementia through nutrition, physical

activity, and positivity, and offers suggestions

on how to improve the health and well-being of

those already suffering from these conditions.

This guide includes practical suggestions that

can be introduced easily into daily routines,

including recipes for nourishing soups and brain

gym exercises.

Jenny Lewis has had a lifelong interest in holistic

health and care. In 1986, she established the Eden

Centre for Holistic Health and Creative Development.

eurythmy therapy

8 lectures, dornach & stuttgart,

april 1921-october 1922 (cw 315)

ISBN: 9781855842243 paperBack rudolF

SteINer preSS $26.00 176 pageS

In this course of lectures to practicing eurythmists

and doctors, Rudolf Steiner describes the

principles of therapeutic eurythmy and provides

many exercises, which he calls “inner gymnastics,”

that contain enormous potential for psychological

and physiological well-being.

Previously published as Curative Eurythmy, this

new edition includes an appendix of reminiscences

by early eurythmists and a commentary

by Dr. Walter Kugler.

development of

individual communities


the world.

Jan Martin Bang has spent a lifetime working

in alternative communities, ranging from the

kibbutz in Israel to his present home in the

Solborg Camphill community in Norway.

He leads training and development for new

ecovillage projects around the world.

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Boys will Be Boys

Breaking the link Between

masculinity and violence

Myriam Miedzian

ISBN: 9781590560358 paperBack

laNterN BookS $22.00 386 pageS

“Insights into why America’s crime rates lead

the industrialized world.” —Los Angeles


“A strongly argued indictment of our cultural

stereotypes of masculinity.” —Suzanne Gordon,

Boston Globe

In this book, Miedzian provides a thorough

investigation of the numerous factors influencing

aggression and violence in American males.

In addition, she also provides descriptions and

proposals for interventions, social action, and

solutions to break the link between masculinity

and violence. The book is separated into three

major parts: 1) The Problem: The acceptance of

violence as a way of life; 2) Toward a Solution:

Raising sons for the twenty-first century; 3)

Conclusions: Beyond the masculine mystique.

Myriam Miedzian holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from

Columbia University and a masters degree in clinical

social work from Hunter College, City University of

New York. She has been a professor of philosophy

at a number of universities, including Rutgers and

the City University of New York. She lives in New

York City.

Bringing the Best out in


communication strategies for


Lucinda Neall

ISBN: 9781903458297 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $29.95 288 pageS

These time-tested communication strategies

help get the best out of boys. The tips for

tackling difficult behavior will result in more

classroom co-operation and learning—so that

everyone benefits. Lucinda Neall works with

teachers and schools to identify what helps boys

learn. The result is this teachers’ handbook,

packed full of techniques, examples, and tips.

homemaKing as a social art

creating a home for Body, soul,

and spirit

Veronika van Duin

ISBN: 9781855840683 paperBack

rudolF SteINer preSS $24.00 224 pageS

Today, social and economic pressures affect the

traditional role of the homemaker. Emphasis is

placed on the working world instead of home life,

and many struggle to function in several roles at

once. This increasingly hectic climate has tended

to downgrade the work of the homemaker.

Taking a spiritual perspective inspired by

Rudolf Steiner, Veronika van Duin suggests

that homemaking needs to be undertaken

consciously as an honored and valued area of

work, as nothing less than a “social art.” She

asserts that, by elevating our regard for the

homemaker, we can enjoy a happier and more

contented family and home life.

The author does not claim any blueprint for

perfect homemaking, but offers principles and

observations based on a study of the seven “life

processes” and how they affect us. She addresses

the significance of rhythm, relationships, artistic

environment, caring, self-development, and

much more in this invaluable book.

the spiritual tasKs of the


Manfred Schmidt-Brabant

ISBN: 9780904693843 paperBack teMple lodge

$12.95 48 pageS

What will become of the family and home that

have been the foundation of society for centuries?

With the birth of human individuality,

previous assumptions based on old cultural

traditions increasingly need revising; tasks and

roles need to be reinterpreted. The author offers

advice and ideas for enlivening the tasks

of homemaking with spiritual knowledge. We

can discover, for example, how to work with

the non-physical aspects of the household—its

etheric and astral natures— and with different

spiritual beings connected to the home.

Parenting and Family

healing stories for

challenging Behaviour

Susan Perrow

ISBN: 9781903458785 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS, early yearS SerIeS

$30.00 320 pageS

This book offers

a creative approach

to helping

children who

are facing trauma

or other difficulties

in their life.

This collection of

modern and traditional

folk tales

includes stories for behavior difficulties,

such as dishonesty, stealing, bullying,

and fighting. Also included are stories to

help with challenging situations such as

moving to a new house, a new baby in the

family, nightmares, illness, and grieving.

Each story is introduced with notes and

suggestions for ways to use them. Also

included is a guide to help parents and

teachers create their own healing stories.

A great book for emotional first aid.

Susan Perrow works in early childhood

teacher training in Australia, Kenya, and

South Africa and completed masters degree

research on cross-cultural storytelling.

Bedtime storytelling

a collection for parents

Beatrys Lockie

ISBN: 9780863157363 paperBack FlorIS

BookS $20.00 144 pageS

This collection of

well-loved bedtime

tales includes

advice on how to

tell stories to children—how

to establish

a bedtime

routine, create

a mood, involve

children, and personalize

stories. The stories are suitable

for children from three to seven years

of age.

Many of the stories in this collection

are old favorites that are told regularly

in kindergartens, nurseries, and

schools—tales about magical creatures

and exotic animals—as well as stories

from everyday life.

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Parenting and Family

maKing a family home

Shannon Honeybloom, Photography by Skip Hunt

ISBN: 9780880107020 paperBack SteINerBookS $20.00 90 pageS Full color tHrougHout

“More than merely a dwelling, the definition of home

extends beyond the meaning of a house. Creating a home

is a process of imbuing our space with soul and spirit, surrounding

our family with love, care, comfort.”

—Shannon Honeybloom

Shannon Honeybloom shows

how she made—and how we can

make—a house into a real home.

Illustrated in color with lively,

evocative photographs, Shannon

invites the reader into her home

and offers practical suggestions for

virtually every aspect of bringing

why children don’t listen

a guide for parents and teachers

Monika Kiel-Hinrichsen

ISBN: 9780863155741 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 224 pageS

Here is an invaluable handbook for parents

and teachers on how to communicate better

with children. It covers all aspects of talking

and listening to children, including speaking to

children of different ages, the effect your voice

has, and understanding the wider situation in

which the conversation is taking place.

The author translates the theory into practical,

everyday solutions, showing that it’s not what

we say, but how we say it—and more important,

how well we listen to the answers—that matters.

how i feel

a Book about diabetes

Michael Olson


working with family Questions

Edited by Gudrun Davy and

Bons Voors

ISBN: 9780950706245 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $26.00 328 pageS

Lifeways is about children, about family life, and

about being a parent—and how the tension

between personal fulfillment and family life can

be resolved. Lifeways originated among a group

of people who were seeking a renewed spirit in

family life and wanted to create a new vision of

the purpose of mothers and fathers.

Here is a valuable resource for parents, kindergarten

teachers, playgroup leaders, and women’s

support groups.

ISBN: 9781590560372 paperBack laNterN BookS $15.00 80 pageS 40 Black & WHIte IlluStratIoNS

When Michael Olson’s seven-year-old brother Steven

came down with juvenile diabetes, Michael and his family

were shocked to find out how little information was

available to help explain the disease to a child. Michael,

who was in third grade at the time, resolved to learn as

much as he could about the illness and to write and illus-

love, comfort, and beauty to a family home. Chapters

include “At Home with Children,” “The Front Porch,”

“The Playroom” and “The Backyard and the Garden.”

Shannon Honeybloom has an M.A. in Literary Cultures

from New York University and an

M.S. in Early Childhood Education

from Sunbridge College. After

working for the Rainforest Alliance,

she taught High School English. She

has three children and lives with her

family in Austin, Texas.

Skip Hunt is a professional photographer in Austin, Texas.

a thought is Just a thought

a story of living with ocd

Leslie Talley, Foreword by Michael

A. Jenike, M.D.

ISBN: 9781590560655 paperBack laNterN

BookS $10.00 B&W IlluStratIoNS 32 pageS

This is the compelling and sympathetic story of

Jenny, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive

disorder (OCD). It describes visits to a doctor,

who helps Jenny overcome her fears by showing

her how to rethink the bad thoughts, and

eventually she stops dwelling on the thought

and its irrational consequences, realizing that,

after all, a thought is just a thought.

more lifeways

sharing parenting & family paths

Patti Smith, Signe E. Schaefer

ISBN: 9781869890865 paperBack

HaWtHorN preSS $24.00 200 pageS

Twenty-seven articles follow the successful

first volume of Lifeways and include subjects

such as listening and the art of relationship,

inner development, money issues, sex, power,

spirituality, single parenting, fathering, mid-life,

dying, and much more.

trate his own book based upon his brother's experience.

In How I Feel, he describes what Steven went through

before the disease was discovered, how he felt in the

hospital and during the recuperation period, and how

his life changed once he became a child who would now

be insulin dependent.

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where are you?

coming to terms with the death of

my child

Karin V. Schilling

ISBN: 9780880102681 PAPERBACk


A touching and deep account of Karin Schilling’s

long odyssey to understand the sudden

death of her thirteen-year-old daughter, Saskia,

in a car accident. The path was extremely difficult,

but she awoke to experience the reality

of Saskia’s spiritual presence.

She closes the book with a beautiful culmination

from a booklet by C.S. Lewis, The Four


“C.S. Lewis speaks of gift-love, that love that

contains no need, no mutuality, no return.

It is simply a free gift. To me it is as though I

would make my heart into a bowl of incense, the

smoke of which rises up in offering to the being

I love and vanishes into the air, the clouds. In

gift-love, if one imagines it like this, there is no

possessiveness, no grief; there is only faithfulness,

day and night.”

children who communicate

Before they are Born

conversations with unborn souls

Dietrich Bauer, Max Hoffmeister,

Hartmut Goerg

ISBN: 9781902636689 PAPERBACk TEMPLE

LodGE $26.00 256 PAGES

Expectant mothers have a deep connection to

their unborn children. Through such experiences,

they may know something of the child’s

appearance, character, or life path, even though

the baby’s body is still being formed within

the womb.

Many mothers are protective of such experiences

and are unwilling to speak of them. The

accounts here, gathered by three medical doctors,

are all the more precious.

In addition to the many remarkable case studies

of souls who communicate before they are born,

the authors offer a comprehensive analysis that

addresses difficult issues such as abortion and

contraception, and the spiritual and scientific

aspects of conception and birth.

old age

Journey into simplicity

Helen M. Luke

ISBN: 9781584200796 paperBack

lINdISFarNe BookS $16.95 132


“Better to spend a day meditating

on a single page of her writing than

to read a stack of books on enlightenment.”

—Thomas Moore, author

of Care of the Soul and The Planets Within.

“Helen Luke is a unique voice that carries beautiful

passion, feeling, and clarity. She is clearly

one of our most precious national treasures.”

—Helen Pinkola Estés, author of Women Who

Run with the Wolves

In this classic text on aging wisely, renowned Jungian

analyst Helen M. Luke reflects on the final journeys

described in Homer’s Odyssey, Shakespeare’s

King Lear, and T.S. Eliot’s Little Gidding.

traveling light

walking the cancer path

William Ward

ISBN: 9781584200611 paperBack lINdISFarNe

BookS $20.00 240 pageS

“Among the many personal accounts of the cancer

experience that have been published, I have read

none more honestly revealing or more beautiful

than William Ward’s Traveling Light. His journal

of navigation through the experience of serious

cancer is a rare story of love, a unique kind of

faith, and a reverence for the committed life.”

—Richard Grossman, psychotherapist; author,

The Tao of Emerson; founder of the Cancer

Support Program at Wainwright House, Rye, NY.

muddles, puddles, and


your activity Book to help when

someone has died

Diana Crossley, Illustrated by Kate

Sheppard, Winston’s Wish

ISBN: 9781903458969 Hardcover HaWtHorN

preSS $20.00 32 pageS

This activity book offers practical and sensitive

support for bereaved younger children

with helpful activities and exercises

accompanied by the friendly characters

of Bee and Bear.

Winston’s Wish is a national charity based

in Gloucestershire, England, that helps

bereaved children and young people rebuild

their lives after a family death. Their

website is

Parenting and Family

In examining some of the great

masterpieces of literature produced

by writers at the end of

their lives, she elucidates the difference

between growing old and

disintegrating, encouraging the

reader to grow emotionally and

mentally during the culminating

stage of life.

Helen M. Luke (1904-1995) was born

in England. In 1962, she founded the

Apple Farm Community in Three Rivers, Michigan,

“a center for people seeking to discover and appropriate

the transforming power of symbols in their lives.”

Her final book, Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On,

a memoir and excerpts from her fifty-four volumes

of journals, was published posthumously. Her books

include The Laughter at the Heart of Things, a collection

of essays, and The Way of Woman: Awakening

the Perennial Feminine.

This generous, courageous,

and wise book

offers a selfless glimpse

behind the curtain of

a journey with cancer,

from shock to inner rebirth

and the gradual

discovery of light in the


William Ward was a Waldorf class teacher for twentyfive

years at Hawthorne Valley School in Harlemville,

New York. He was in the fourth grade with his fourth

class when he retired to deal with the diagnosis of

a brain tumor. He crossed the threshold October 5,

2008, at the age of sixty-one.

out of the Blue

making memories last when

someone has died

Winston’s Wish

ISBN: 9781903458716 paperBack HaWtHorN

preSS $16.00 32 pageS IlluStrated IN color

Created by Winston’s Wish, Out of the Blue is a

collection of tried and tested ideas to help teenagers

through the bereavement process. This

is a companion volume to Muddles, Puddles,

and Sunshine.

Order books from 9-5 est at (703) 661-1594 69 •

Foundations of Waldorf Education

foundations of waldorf education series

The first Waldorf school opened in September 1919 under the auspices of Emil Molt,

director of the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company, who was a student of Rudolf Steiner’s

spiritual science and was especially affected by Steiner’s call for social renewal. Molt

responded by creating a school for his workers’ children.

Since that time, nearly a thousand schools have opened around the world, making the

Waldorf movement the largest independent educational movement in the world. There

are more than 140 Waldorf schools in the United States, Canada, and Mexico alone.

The true foundations of the Waldorf method and spirit are Steiner’s many lectures on education

and child development. From 1919 until 1924, he worked tirelessly to disseminate

his ideas on Waldorf education. he gave numerous lectures to teachers, parents, children,

and the public as new schools were established and the movement grew.

the foundations of human


14 lectures, stuttgart, 1919

(gas 293 & 66)

Rudolf Steiner, Foreword by

Henry Barnes, Introduction and

translation by Nancy Whittaker

and Robert Lathe

ISBN: 9780880103923 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 1) $20.00

356 pageS

These first lectures to the first Waldorf teachers

are some of Steiner’s most remarkable and

significant statements on education and human

development. Because this may be his most

concise and detailed account of human nature,

these lectures are also fundamental for anyone

who wishes to understand Anthroposophy and

its view of the world. Steiner provides a powerful,

convincing, and profound phenomenological

“anthropology,” or human spiritual psychology,

for parents, psychologists, and counselors.

This is a primary text for Waldorf education.

Also available as Study of Man

practical advice to


14 talks, stuttgart, aug.-sept. 1919

(ga 294)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated, revised

& edited by J. Collis, Introduced

by Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann

ISBN: 9780880104678 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 2) $19.95

224 pageS

During an intensive two weeks, Steiner gave

three simultaneous educational courses to those

who would become the first teachers of the

original Waldorf school, including this course,

The Foundations of Human Experience, and Discussions

with Teachers. This volume integrates

theory with the nuts and bolts of teaching, offering

practical advice for the classroom.

Steiner spoke of new ways to teach reading,

writing, geography, geometry, languages, and

much more. His approach is tailored to the

spiritual and physical needs of the children,

not to an arbitrary curriculum based solely on

external results.

discussions with teachers

15 discussions, stuttgart, aug.-sep.

1919 (ga 295); 3 additional lectures

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Craig Giddens

ISBN: 9780880104081 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 3) $19.95

224 pageS

For two weeks before the first Waldorf school

opened in Stuttgart, Steiner prepared teachers

intensively to become its first teachers. At 9 a.m.

he gave the course published as The Foundations

of Human Experience; at 11, Practical Advice to

Teachers; and, after lunch, from 3 to 6, he held

these spontaneous and relaxed discussions.

Steiner does not prescribe specific methods but

discusses various topics and situations, simply

giving guidelines. Then practical assignments

are given, which are taken up and discussed

at the next session. The discussions are filled

with insights and indications in many areas of

teaching—history, geography, botany, zoology,

form drawing, and mathematics are all touched

upon. Also included are speech exercises and,

for the first time in English, three very important

lectures on the curriculum.

education as a force for

social change

6 lectures, dornach, aug. 9-17, 1919;

3 lectures, stuttgart, may 11 & 18, and

June 1, 1919 ( gas 296 &192)

Rudolf Steiner

ISBN: 9780880104111 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 4) $16.95

272 pageS

These radical lectures were given one month

before the opening of the first Waldorf school

and following two years of intense preoccupation

with the social situation in Germany

as World War I ended and society sought to

rebuild itself. Well aware of the dangerous

tendencies in modern culture that undermine

true social life—such as psychic torpor and

boredom, universal mechanization, and the

loss of idealism—Steiner saw that any solution

must address not only economic and legal issues,

but also that of a free spiritual life. Only

the proper nurturing of the virtues of imitation,

reverence, and love at the right times in a child’s

development can create mature adults who are

prepared to fulfil the demands of a truly healthy

social life and assume the responsibilities of

cultural freedom, legal equality, and economic


Also includes three additional lectures on the

social basis of education and a lecture to the

workers of the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company

(after which he was asked to form a school),

and a lecture to public school teachers.

the spirit of the waldorf


6 lectures, stuttgart and Basel,

1919 (gas 297, 24)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Robert Lathe and Nancy Whittaker

ISBN: 9780880103947 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 5) $14.95

208 pageS

An inspiring introduction to Waldorf education.

These lectures outline the goals and intent

of the Waldorf school, explaining its guiding

principles and how parents must participate

with understanding and interest in awakening

their children’s creative forces. Includes “The

Intent of the Waldorf School,” “The Spirit of

the Waldorf School,” “Spiritual Science and

Pedagogy,” and “The Pedagogical Objective of

the Waldorf School in Stuttgart.”

rudolf steiner in the

waldorf school

lectures and conversations

stuttgart, 1919-1924 (ga 298)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Catherine E. Creeger

ISBN: 9780880104333 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 6) $14.95

224 pageS

Steiner’s talks in the Stuttgart school from

1919–1924. Included are speeches at school

assemblies and parents’ evenings where Steiner

spoke spontaneously, with warmth and enthusiasm.

This is a unique glimpse into Steiner’s

views on the school and the educational philosophy

he brought into being.

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the genius of language

6 lectures, stuttgart, dec. 1919-Jan. 1920

(ga 299)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Gertrude Teutsch & Ruth Pusch

ISBN: 9780880103862 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 7) $16.95

144 pageS

Steiner demonstrates how history and psychology

combine to form languages and how this

power has dwindled, but also how the seed

of language—the penetration of sense into

sound—can be accessed today.

faculty meetings with

rudolf steiner

vol. 1: 1919–1922 (ga 300a–300b);

vol. 2: 1922–1924 (ga 300b–300c)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Robert Lathe and Nancy Whittaker

ISBN: 9780880104586 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 8) $49.95

864 pageS

Steiner worked with teachers on every detail of

the first Waldorf school—lesson plans, religious

education, schedules, resources, administration,

finance, and child study. Guiding the faculty, he

moved toward his goal of creating a vehicle for

social transformation.

Steiner deals with frustrations, successes, and

failures. This look behind the scenes will captivate

anyone interested in the early stages of

the Waldorf school movement.

the renewal of education

14 lectures, 2 talks on eurythmy,

Basel, april–may 1920 (ga 301)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Robert Lathe and Nancy Whittaker

ISBN: 9780880104555 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 9) $16.95

224 pageS

Steiner outlines the child’s gradual development,

aided by spiritual forces and enlightened educational

practices which are the basis for Waldorf

education. He describes the problems that face

educators today and gives practical solutions. He

explains the effects of morality on true freedom

and how the development of a child’s moral

capacity leads to free, flexible thinking. He also

describes how teaching methods in the early

grades have a lifelong effect on children.

These lectures cover a broad range: the threefold

human being; the responsibility of teachers toward

their students’ futures; arts such as music

and eurythmy; problems in teacher training;

zoology, botany, language, geography, and

history. These lectures provide accessible and

practical ideas for renewing modern education.

education for adolescents

8 lectures, stuttgart, 1921 (ga 302)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by Carl


ISBN: 9780880104050 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 10) $19.95

160 pageS

In this important collection of lectures, originally

delivered in 1921 to teachers at the first Waldorf

school in Stuttgart, Steiner discussed his ideas

about the developmental stages of children and

approaches to teaching adolescents. Throughout

these lectures, Steiner stresses the unity of human

life and the task of Waldorf education—to help

mature, responsible beings enter the “real world”

and work for the common good. An essential addition

to the literature on adolescent education.

soul economy

Body, soul, and spirit in waldorf

education. 16 lectures in dornach,

switzerland, dec. 23, 1921-Jan. 7, 1922

(ga 303)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Roland Everett

ISBN: 9780880105170 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 12) $25.00

384 pageS

Foundations of Waldorf Education

Balance in teaching

9 lectures: stuttgart, sept.-oct. 1923

(ga 302a)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by René

Querido and Ruth Pusch

ISBN: 9780880105514 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 11) $24.95

220 pageS

Speaking to the teachers

at the first Waldorf school

in Stuttgart, Steiner asserts

that the unfortunate

presence of dishonesty

and alienation in society

today cannot be addressed

without a completely renewed

and holistic education.

Successful teaching

requires a living synthesis

of the “spiritual gymnast,” the “ensouled rhetorician,”

and the “intellectual professor.”

“It’s impossible for true teaching to be boring,”

declares Steiner, and he offers several examples

of how teachers can observe a natural phenomenon

so intimately that its creative life can flow

into the children through a teacher’s own words

in the classroom. He also describes how the actions

of teachers directly affect the physiological

chemistry of their students. From this perspective,

education is really therapy, transformed

to a higher level, and should be seen as closely

related to the healing arts. Steiner also shows

how the perception of hidden relationships

between education and the processes of human

development can kindle a heartfelt enthusiasm

and a sense of responsibility in teachers for the

far-reaching health effects that educational

activities can produce.

Steiner shows how Waldorf education emphasizes

the efficient use of children’s inner energies,

a method Steiner calls “soul economy,”

based on knowledge of the whole human being

in body, soul, and spirit. He explains how to

nurture children through their natural stages of

development, giving them just what they need


at the right time. These detailed and accessible


lectures give parents and teachers alike the keys

to a much-needed renewal of education. PhoTo:

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Foundations of Waldorf Education

waldorf education and

anthroposophy 1

9 public talks, 1921-1922 (ga 304)

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

René Querido

ISBN: 9780880103879 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 13) $14.95

272 pageS

Steiner presented his ideas to the public with

surprising directness. He emphasized that

teaching should be artistic and improvisational,

not dogmatic, and that the great battle concerns

the spiritual nature of children. Themes include

the role of health and illness in education and

the three major phases in childhood: imitation,

authority, and freedom. Includes two lectures

given in England on Shakespeare and new ideals

in education.

waldorf education and

anthroposophy 2

12 public talks, 1923-1924 (ga 218b,


Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

René Querido

ISBN: 9780880103886 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 14) $16.95

244 pageS

By the time of this second collection of public

lectures, the Waldorf school movement was

gaining increasing recognition. As in the previous

volume, Steiner is outspoken about the

spiritual nature of human beings and Waldorf


the spiritual ground of


9 lectures, manchester college,

oxford, 1922 (ga 305)

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Christopher Bamford

ISBN: 9780880105132 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 15) $20.00

160 pageS

Given at a conference attended by many

prominent people of the time, Steiner’s Oxford

lectures gave him a rare opportunity to present

the principles of Waldorf education at the highest

cultural level. According to The Manchester


Dr. Steiner ... spoke to us about teachers who,

freely and unitedly, unrestricted by external

prescription, develop their educational methods

exclusively out of a thorough knowledge of

human nature. He spoke to us about a kind of

knowledge needed by the teacher, a knowledge

of the being of man and of the world, which is

at the same time scientific and also penetrates

into the most intimate inner life, which is

intuitive and artistic.

These lectures are among the best introductions

to Waldorf education.

the child’s changing


as the Basis of pedagogical practice

8 lectures, dornach, switzerland, 1923

(ga 306)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by

Roland Everett

ISBN: 9780880104104 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 16) $24.95

232 pageS

In 1923, Steiner gave these lectures to an audience

of Swiss school teachers, most of whom

had little knowledge of Anthroposophy. These

lectures are among his most accessible on the

subject of education and are ideal for those approaching

this method for the first time.

Using language any teacher or parent can

understand, Steiner goes into the basis of his

educational philosophy, giving many examples

and anecdotes to convey his meaning. In this

way, against the background of the developing

child, he allows the curriculum and the method

of teaching to emerge as the commonsense

conclusion of practical experience.

a modern art of education

14 lectures, ilkeley, england,

august 5–17, 1923 (ga 307)

Rudolf Steiner,

Introduction by Christopher


ISBN: 9780880105118 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 17) $20.00

256 pageS

Here is a comprehensive introduction to Steiner’s

philosophy, psychology, and practice of

education, describing the union of science, art,

religion, and morality, which was the aim of all

his work and underlies his concept of education.

Against this background, Steiner develops a new

developmental psychology. Having established

how children’s consciousness develops, Steiner

discusses how to present various subjects so that

they grow inwardly. Only when children absorb

the right subject in

the right way at the

right time can real

inner freedom—so

necessary for modern


second nature.

the essentials of education

5 lectures, stuttgart, 1924 (ga 308)

Rudolf Steiner

ISBN: 9780880104128 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 18) $16.95

128 pageS

These are the last public lectures Steiner gave

in Germany. Along with The Roots of Education

(given three days later), these lectures present

a synthesis of Waldorf education. The Waldorf

experiment was five years old and had become

an established, concrete reality. Steiner had

guided the school from its beginning, and here

he distills his observations into the essentials of

Waldorf education.

the roots of education

5 lectures, Berne, 1924 (ga 309)

Rudolf Steiner

ISBN: 9780880104159 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 19) $15.95

128 pageS

Steiner offers deep insight into the mystery of

the soul and spirit forces involved in childhood

development. He describes the transformations

that take place as these forces unfold, explaining

how teaching relates to these fundamental

changes and prepares children to become citizens

of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

By recognizing our spiritual citizenship, we can

become truly social on earth and fully creative

in building new worlds.

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the light course

toward the development of a new

physics. 10 lectures, stuttgart, dec. 23,

1919-Jan. 3, 1920 (ga 320)

Rudolf Steiner, Translated by Raoul


ISBN: 9780880104999 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 22) $16.95

224 pageS

“The natural scientist has studied only this one

thing: the observation of outer nature, solely for

the purpose of tracing it back to the central forces

and for driving out of nature everything that

could not be determined by means of central forces

and potentials. Now the time has actually arrived

when ... we have a subconscious glimmering of

the impossibility of the modern approach to nature

and some sense that things have to change.”

— Rudolf Steiner

This course on light explores the phenomena of

color, sound, mass, electricity, and magnetism.

It presages the dawn of a new view in the natural

sciences that turns our notion of the physical

world upside down.

This first course in natural science, given to the

teachers of the new Stuttgart Waldorf School as

an inspiration for developing the physics curriculum,

is based on Goethe’s approach to the

study of nature. Steiner corrects the mechanistic

reductionism practiced by scientific positivists,

emphasizing instead the validity of human

experience and pointing toward a revolution

in scientific paradigms that would reclaim

ground for the subject—the human being—in

the study of nature.

human values in education

10 lectures, arnheim, holland, 1924

(ga 310)

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Christopher Bamford

ISBN: 9780880105446 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 20) $20.00

224 pageS

The underlying thesis of these lectures is that

true education must be based on knowledge of

the whole human being and that such knowledge

cannot be attained without love. On this

basis, Steiner presents his understanding of

every aspect of child development—bodily,

psychological, and spiritual. At the same time,

he shows that, to prove worthy of their calling,

teachers must begin a process of inner development.

In Steiner’s view, it is human beings who

give value and meaning to the world. Modern

education, however, is gradually undermining

this meaning. These lectures demonstrate that

education can heal that lack of meaning and restore

the meaning of humankind for the world.

Steiner also discusses the practical, day-to-day

operation of the school. He talks about styles

of teaching, teacher conferences, parent-teacher

meetings, and how Waldorf education is related

to the anthroposophic movement.

the Kingdom of childhood

introductory talks on waldorf

education. 7 lectures, torquay,

england, 1924 (ga 311)

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Christopher Bamford

ISBN: 9780880104029 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 21) $19.95

160 pageS

These talks are perhaps the best-known introduction

to Steiner’s ideas on Waldorf education.

Given to a small group on his last visit to England

in 1924, Steiner shows the need for teachers

to develop themselves by transforming their

natural gifts, and how teachers can use humor

to keep their teaching lively and imaginative.

Above all, he stresses the grave importance

of doing everything with the awareness that

children are citizens of both the spiritual and

the physical worlds.

the education of the child

and early lectures on education

a collection of writings and lectures

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by

Christopher Bamford

ISBN: 9780880104142 paperBack FouNdatIoNS

oF WaldorF educatIoN (vol. 25) $16.95

160 pageS

Around 1884, while tutoring a boy with special

needs, Steiner acquired an interest in applying

spiritual knowledge to practical life. The essay

at the core of this book, originally published

Foundations of Waldorf Education

in 1907, represents the earliest expressions of

his ideas on education. Here he lays out for the

first time the soul and spiritual processes of

human development and describes the need

to understand how children develop in their

being through successive “births,” beginning

with the physical body and culminating when

the I-being emerges at adulthood. Also included

in this collection are several early lectures on

education, given between 1906 and 1911.

“Spiritual science, by its inherent character and

tendency, has the task of providing a practical

concept of the world—one that comprehends

the nature and essence of human life.... For

spiritual science is not intended as a theory

that is remote from life, one that merely caters

to human curiosity or the thirst for knowledge.

Nor is it intended as an instrument for a few

people who for selfish reasons would like to attain

a higher development for themselves. No, it

can join and work at the most important tasks

of modern people and further their development

for the welfare of humankind.”

—Rudolf Steiner

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Waldorf Education Resource Series

mathematics in nature, space,

and time New Edition

John Blackwood

ISBN: 9780863158186 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$29.95 216 pageS Full-color IlluStratIoNS

aNd dIagraMS tHrougHout

Mathematics in Nature, Space, and Time is a

Waldorf teacher resource for math in Class 7

(ages 12-13) and Class 8 (ages 13-14). This new

edition combines Mathematics around Us and

Mathematics in Space and Time.

John Blackwood worked in mechanical engineering

design for nearly thirty years. Inspired by Lawrence

Edwards (author of Projective Geometry), Blackwood

became a teacher at the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner

School in Sydney, Australia, where he designed a

math course for classes 11 and 12. His ideas were

adopted by the school board of New South Wales.

geology and astronomy

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863158070 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$19.95 176 pageS

This book describes the different kinds of rocks,

soil, and mountains and explores how they

came into being. It also examines the movements

of the Sun, Moon, and stars.Throughout,

Kovacs links the phenomena he is describing to

human experience and how they affect people

in various parts of the world. Classes 6 and 7

(ages 11-13).

the age of discovery

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863154515 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS $20.00 224 PAGES

The author presents an overview of world

history from the time of the Crusades to the

Renaissance. Subjects include Saladin, Joan of

Arc, Columbus, Magellan, Queen Elizabeth, and

Sir Francis Drake. Class 8 (Ages 13-14)

the age of


Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863153952


BookS $19.95 240 PAGES

A valuable overview of

world history, from the

eighteenth to twentieth

centuries, including the

French, American and Industrial revolutions.

Kovacs chooses pertinent stories to create a rich

tapestry that shows the development of humankind,

from medieval times—when every person

had a fixed place in the social hierarchy—to the

awakening of individuality in modern times.

Class 8 (Ages 13-14)

ancient rome

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863154829 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS $19.95 224 PAGES

Stories of the founding of Rome; early battles

with Carthage and Hannibal; Julius Caesar and

the conquests of Gaul and Britain; Antony and

Cleopatra; and the decline and fall under the

Huns and the beginning of the “Dark Ages.”

Class 6 (Ages 11-12)

ancient greece

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863154294 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS, $17.95 160 PAGES

Legendary stories of mythical heroes and historic

figures from the dawn of Western civilization

through the deeds of Heracles, Theseus,

and Odysseus, to the Golden Age of Athens and

the conquests of Alexander the Great. These

stories portray our human journey from the

mysteries of antiquity to the birth of modern

medicine, science, and philosophy. Class 5-6

(Ages 10-12)

parsifal and the search for the


Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863153792 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS $17.95 128 PAGES

The Parsifal story stands between the past age

that looked for secrets of the spirit and the

coming age that would search for the secrets

of matter. Class 11 (Ages 16-17)


Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863155376 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS $17.95 112 PAGES

Describes various plants, from fungi, algae,

and lichens to the lily and rose families and

demonstrates the parts of each plant and their

growth cycles. Classes 5-6 (Ages 10-12).

muscles and Bones

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863155550 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS $20.00 128 PAGES

An overview of human physiology and anatomy,

including health and hygiene. Class 7-8

(Ages 12-14).

ancient mythologies

india, persia, Babylon, egypt

Charles Kovacs, Illustrated by

David Newbatt


PRESS $19.95 184 PAGES

From Atlantis to the civilizations of India, Persia,

Babylonia, and Egypt. Class 5 (Ages 9-12).

the human Being and the

animal world

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863156403 PAPERBACk FLoRIS

BookS, $18.00 144 PAGES

A resource book for teaching about animals in

relation to human beings. For Waldorf school

Classes 4-5 (Ages 9-11).

norse mythology

Charles Kovacs

ISBN: 9780863154454 paperBack FlorIS BookS

$20.00 224 pageS

Here is a retelling of the stories of Norse

mythology recommended for the Waldorf

curriculum, Class 4 (Ages 9-10). Included are

myths on creation, Odin and Mimir, Thor

and Thialfi, Idun, Sif, and Loki.

Charles Kovacs was born in Austria. In 1956

he took over a class at the Rudolf Steiner

School in Edinburgh, where he remained a

class teacher until his retirement in 1976. He

died in 2001. His extensive lesson notes have

been a useful and inspiring resource material

for many teachers.

• 74 • For more information and to order books anytime visit



8 lectures, Dornach, Feb.–Dec. 1924 (CW 348)

Rudolf Steiner, Introduction by Gunther Hauk,

Essay by David Adams

ISBN: 9780880104579 paperBack SteINerBookS,

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $25 240 pageS

13 BlackBoard draWINgS

Childhood and Human Evolution

Friedrich Kipp

ISBN: 0932776337 PAPERBACk AdoNIS PRESS $14.95



Soul of the Earth

Dennis Klocek

ISBN: 9781584200949 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$35 304 pageS 293 color IlluStratIoNS

Developmental Dynamics in Humans and

Other Primates

Discovering Evolutionary Principles through

Comparative Morphology

Jos Verhulst

ISBN: 9780932776297 Hardcover adoNIS ScIeNce

BookS, adoNIS preSS $39.95 32 pageS

alSo avaIlaBle IN paperBack $24.95

Drawing Geometry

A Primer of Basic Forms for Artists, Designers, and


Jon Allen, Foreword and Translation Keith Critchlow

ISBN: 9780863156083 paperBac87

k FlorIS BookS $25

96 pageS IlluStrated


What We See When We Look at Landscapes

Andreas Suchantke

ISBN: 9780940262997 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$9.95 256 pageS

The Fourth Dimension

Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics

ISBN: 9780880104722 paperBack SteINerBookS $24.95

256 pageS

Functional Morphology

The Dynamic Wholeness of the Human Organism

Johannes W. Rohen

ISBN: 9780932776365 Hardcover adoNIS preSS $75

429 pageS

Goethe’s Science of Living Form

The Artistic Stages

Nigel Hoffmann

ISBN: 0932776353 paperBack $25 173 pageS

A New Methodology for the Life Sciences

The Harmony of the Human Body

Musical Principles in Human Physiology

Armin J. Husemann, MD

ISBN: 9780863153808 paperBack FlorIS BookS $50

The Hidden Geometry of Flowers

Living Rhythms, Form, and Number

Keith Critchlow

ISBN: 9780863158063 paperBack FlorIS BookS $50

448 pageS 560 color IlluStratIoNS

The Marriage of Sense and Thought

Imaginative Participation in Science

Edelglass, Maier, Gebert, Davy

ISBN: 9781584201069 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS,

reNeWal IN ScIeNce $18 160 pageS

Metamorphosis: Evolution in Action

Andreas Suchantke

translated Norman Skillen

ISBN: 9780932776396 Hardcover adoNIS preSS $50

324 pageS

Movement and Rhythms of the Stars

A Guide to Naked-Eye Observation of Sun, Moon,

and Planets

Joachim Schultz

ISBN: 9780863156694 paperBack FlorIS BookS $50

The Nature of Substance

Spirit and Matter

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka,

Translated by Marjorie Spock and M.T. Richards

ISBN: 9781855841222 paperBack rudolF SteINer preSS

$35 256 pageS

An Optics of Visual Experience

Georg Maier

ISBN: 9780932776419 paperBack adoNIS preSS $35

232 pageS

Patterns of Eternity

Sacred Geometry and the Starcut Diagram

Malcolm Stewart

ISBN: 9780863157127 paperBack FlorIS BookS $40

108 color IlluStratIoNS

Projective Geometry

Lawrence Edwards

ISBN: 9780863153938 paperBack FlorIS BookS $40

352 pageS

Reading the Face

Understanding a Person’s Character through

Physiognomy – A Spiritual-Scientific Study

Norbert Glas

ISBN: 9781902636931 paperBack teMple lodge

$30 192 pageS

The Schiller File

Supplements to the Collected Edition

of Rudolf Steiner – Scientific Research Suggested

By Rudolf Steiner

Edited Paul-Eugen Schiller

Translated Henry Goulden

ISBN: 9780880107204 paperBack SteINerBookS $55

196 pageS IlluStrated

Secrets of the Skeleton

Form in Metamorphosis

L. F. C. Mees, M.D.

ISBN: 9781584200437 paperBack SteINerBookS $25

108 pageS 103 IlluStratIoNS 156 pageS

The Secrets of Metals

Wilhelm Pelikan

Translated by Charlotte Lebensart



Sensitive Chaos

The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air

Theodor Schwenk

Translated by Olive Whicher

ISBN: 9781855840553 paperBack rudolF SteINer preSS


Sky Phenomena

A Guide to Naked-Eye Observation

of the Stars

Norman Davidson

ISBN: 9781584200260 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$25 208 pageS updated 2Nd edItIoN

Symbols of Eternity

Landmarks for a Soul Journey

Malcolm Stewart

ISBN: 9780863158377 paperBack FlorIS BookS


Taking Appearance Seriously

The Dynamic Way of Seeing in Goethe and European


Henri Bortoft

ISBN: 9780863159275 paperBack FlorIS BookS $29.95

Understanding Water

Developments from the Work of Theodor Schwenk

Michael Jacobi, Wolfram Schwenk, Andreas Wilkens

ISBN: 9780863155406 paperBack FlorIS BookS $25

Where Do Ideas Come from?

The Hidden Dimension of Creative Thinking

Itzhak Bar Yona

ISBN: 9781584200819 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$25 248 pageS IlluStrated

Teacher Resource Books

The Wholeness of Nature

Goethe’s Way toward a Science of Conscious

Participation in Nature

Henri Bortoft

ISBN: 9780940262799 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS,

reNeWal IN ScIeNce SerIeS, NeW edItIoN 2004

(INcludeS a BIBlIograpHy) $35 420 pageS

Art, History and Literature

A Way of Seeing

Perception, Imagination, and Poetry

John Allison

ISBN: 9781584200123 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$16.95 160 pageS

An Artist's Book of Inspiration

A Collection of Thoughts on Art, Artists, and Creativity

Collected & Edited by Astrid Fitzgerald

ISBN: 9780940262768 paperBack lINdISFarNe BookS

$18.95 256 pageS

Art and Human Consciousness

Gottfried Richter

ISBN: 9780880104784SteINerBookS/aNtHropoSopHIc

preSS $35

288 pageS

The Chymical Wedding of Christian

Rosenkreutz, Anno 1459

Johann Vanentin Andrea,

Illustrated by David Newbatt

ISBN: 9780946206681 Hardcover WyNStoNeS preSS

$25 408 pageS

Colour Dynamics

Workbook for Water Colour Painting and Colour Theory

Angela Lord

ISBN: 9781903458938 Hardcover HaWtHorN preSS $55

128 pageS IlluStrated


Rudolf Steiner's Watercolor Painting

Angela Lord

ISBN: 9780880107235 paperBack SteINerBookS $25

80 pageS

For the Love of Literature

A Celebration of Language & Imagination

Christy Mackaye Barnes

Edited by Douglas Gerwin

ISBN: 9780880104166 paperBack SteINerBookS,

aNtHropoSopHIc preSS $19.95 352 pageS

The Goetheanum Cupola Motifs of Rudolf


Paintings by Gerard Wagner,

Foreword by Sergei O. Prokofieff,

Translated by Peter Stebbing

ISBN: 9780880107372 Hardcover SteINerBookS $50

248 pageS

The Golden Age of Chartres

The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal


René M. Querido

ISBN: 9780863156724 paperBack FlorIS BookS $30

160 pageS

The Individuality of Colour

Contributions to a Methodical Schooling in Colour


Elisabeth Wagner-Koch & Gerard Wagner;

Foreword by Sergei O. Prokoffieff

ISBN: 9781855842267 Hardcover

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Teacher Resource Books

In the Image of Orpheus:

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extract from

Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

A natural Approach to learning the Art of Drawing

by Van James

What if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the

fountainhead of human experience?

—Rollo May (1909-1994)

If you want to be creative, stay in part a child with the

creativity and invention that characterizes children before

they are deformed by adult society.

—Jean Piaget (1896-1980)

Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to

participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions,

thinking and structures that mold and condition our lives.

—Joseph Beuys (1921-1986)

every Child is an Artist: the Beginnings of


Every child is an artist, the challenge is to remain an artist even

as an adult. —Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

The renowned twentieth-century artist Pablo Picasso was

fascinated with children’s drawings and believed that every

child is a creative artist. It doesn’t take much convincing to

understand why this is so; just observe any young child. The

child lives in a rich, imaginative inner world that comes to

expression in the state of being we call play. Everything at the

child’s fingertips becomes the raw material for free artistic

expression, a storyboard and dramatic production, spontaneously

designed and orchestrated by the wondrous faculty of

childhood imagination. For the child it is not important what

this creation ends up looking like, it is only important to be

engaged in the activity of the moment.

Robert Fulghum, in his best-selling book, All I Really

Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, 1 pointed out that

when one asks any group of kindergarten children if they can

draw, paint, sing, or dance, they will unanimously answer yes

to all of these questions. Without self-consciousness, even the

shyest of healthy children feels at home in the creative process,

the playful condition of artistic creation. Every child is an artist,

for creativity is one of the most characteristic traits that

define us as being human. Everything we learn as an infant is

essentially the result of creative processes: the drinking in of

sense impressions shapes and forms our organs and faculties of

understanding. We play with these sense impressions—color,

sound, texture, taste, aroma—and they teach us what the world

is about. As children, we imitate all that we see and hear, and

playfully, creatively give it back to the world.

Ernst Beuhler, in an essay From Play to Work, says: “Learning

must never be limited to an outwardly reflective, merely

rational activity. It must become a formative process that works

out of the same center that provides the creative forces in play.

We do not here refer to the questionable ‘playful learning.’

Learning must not be allowed to turn into playing: rather,

the energies active in the full earnestness

of children’s play should become the basis

for learning.” 2 Clearly play and the creative

process are the foundation and first stages

in the learning process. They are key to becoming

artistic and being artistic is key to

developing one’s full cognitive capacities.

What’s more, creativity has been shown to

contribute to our staying young, healthy

and playful even as we grow older.

scribbles: Initial Drawing


In the case of the visual arts, young individuals participate in

drawing activities, as creators and perceivers, from an early age,

manifesting the intuitive first-order symbolic forms of knowing.

That is, they begin with sensory-motor activities by looking at

and creating pictures, and they soon become able to “read” pictures

in terms of their representational meanings and to create

pictorial works that symbolize the referents and experiences of

their world. —Howard Gardner 3

When a child first realizes that a

crayon, a piece of chalk, or a colored

pencil is not just something

to stick in her mouth and try to eat

but can be used to make marks on

the surface of a piece of paper, a

floor or wall, this begins the child’s

career as a visual artist, as a creator

of drawn images. This momentous

occasion usually starts around the

age of one and a half or two years,

and is characterized by the rendering

of loosely controlled looping

and back-and-forth scribbles (fig.

1a-b). These first drawings are the

initial display of the child’s will

impulses, instinctual drives and

urges, projected out into three

dimensional space but oriented

on to the two dimensional plane

of the paper. The rounded, circular scribble is combined and

contrasted with the straight-line scribble. Michaela Strauss, in

her classic study Understanding Children’s Drawings, observes

with regard to the first type of scribble: “Is it misleading if, in

considering these first loops drawn by children, associations

with the rhythmic movements in the cosmos force themselves

upon us? Do not these curves remind us of the looping orbits

of the planets, and don’t we find a form relationship with the

flowing rhythms of fluids?” 4 Indeed, the curved and looping

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Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

Fig. 1a-b

linear lines in the young child’s drawing may be seen as an expression of

the streaming life forces coursing through her organism.

Within a short time the child begins to contract and concentrate

the circular scribbled movements into a central focal point while the

straight-line scribbles form into distinctly vertical and horizontal pendulum

strokes. This phase eventually gives way to the discovery and

challenge of completing the single, curved, closed line—creating a circle;

and the straight, intersecting star or cross form, as well as both impulses

brought together in the same image (fig. 2). This occurs around the time

the child begins to refer to herself as “I.” “Around a child’s third birthday,”

observes Ingun Schneider, “a physiological change is taking place in the

bones of the skull, as the frontal or forehead bones

become firmly fused. It is as if the three-year-old

closes the circle to show that she is experiencing

her separateness.” 5 The intersecting cross form, or

sometimes a dot drawn in the center of the circle,

further underlines this expression of early independence

and confirmation of self-development (fig. 3).

Clearly, the entire language of form explored by

the child arises out of the archetypes of curved and

straight lines—the two-fold alphabet of all forms.

Even if the child begins to draw at a later age these

same phases of scribbling will take place to some

extent. 6 Ultimately the exploration of these basic

form gestures, expressions of formative impulses

in the child, culminate in the varied and numerous

figurative images of plants, animals, people, landscapes,

buildings; the most prominent of which is

the human figure. From the simple Head and Limb

Man to the Ladder Man and Tree Person (fig. 4),

these elementary drawings are pictorial expressions

of the natural growth-forces and developmental processes taking place

in the child but now related to outer experiences of the external, visible

world. Formation of the cerebral spinal column and the central nervous

system (Ladder Person), and the driving will impulses streaming

through the metabolic organization and limb activities (Tree Man) are

clearly articulated in the child’s drawings of people at this stage. Drawing

is essentially a pictorial demonstration of the child’s living, physical

maturation, a visual picture or snapshot of the incarnation and growth

process. Rebecca Burrill points out that, “Prior to the age of seven, given

the chance, children are still immersed in natural, intuitive, contextual,

and implicit learning. This can be seen in children’s art. Until around the

age of seven, the art of children universally has the same developmental

expressions and patterns of scribbling, shape, form, color and design.

After the age of seven, specific cultural influences begin to take form,

displacing the universality of their expression.” 7

Once the circle drawings occur, a face, arms and legs follow, radiating

out from the circle. Simple hands and feet are then added. Around age

four the trunk appears; round, oval, triangular or rectangular in shape.

Fig. 2

Then, the school-ready child, about six or seven years

old, begins to include the neck and waist, as well as other

details such as hands that can grasp things. Every stage

of the child’s drawing indicates how the young “artist”

experiences her own bodily development. As the child is

created, so he or she creates.

Before Instruction

Intuitive and first-order ways of knowing will operate

without the need for anything except rich opportunities.

—Howard Gardner8 It is important to let very young children draw freely, with

no systematic program of instruction, no teaching of style or technique

in the early years. The healthiest approach for pre-nursery through kindergarten

age children who live almost entirely out of their own world

of imagination and imitation, is to let them render freely what they

experience in the world around them—that is, what is within them. No

instruction beyond the practical matters of how to grip the crayon, how to

draw on the paper (not on the floor or wall), how to neatly put materials

away, and so forth, are enough for the young child. In fact, to interrupt this

natural expression of the creative faculties and the formative, life processes

active at this time by directing them toward outwardly imposed techniques

can thwart a healthy, self-learning process that may not be entirely recovered

later on in life. If parents draw alongside their

children (see chapter 2 for appropriate techniques),

this is “instruction” enough, for youngsters will

pick up themes, imagery and techniques by way of

imitation. This indirect approach to drawing is the

most appropriate for young children. Accelerated

learning programs at this early age generally have

only short-term results and can actually derail a

natural learning process and become a disadvantage

to later skills development.

What is most important at this stage of the

child’s development is the process. Once the process

of a drawing is complete, the picture is no longer

important to the child. Although the appearance of

a finished picture is of the utmost importance to an

adult, the final product is of minimal significance

to the child. “It is also true that children’s view of

their works is, on the whole, more accepting and

less critical than that of adults’,” says Gardner, “that

often they are interested chiefly in the processes of

production and not in the final products.…” 9 This relationship to process

is clearly a key to successful, creative artistry in both children and adult

drawing. The final product one simply accepts and appreciates as much

as one can.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are a very strong instructional tool and are therefore often

used not just at home but also in many school settings. They provide a

ready-made, prefabricated image in strong black outline, in which the

child is invited to fill with color. Coloring books present the world as a

fixed phenomenon, finished and unable to be adjusted apart from how

one colors (feels) it in. The fixity and stability of the image can provide

a certain security and reassurance, and children often spend many hours

quietly working in coloring books.

However, what do coloring books teach children? They dictate that

one must stay within the lines and not go “outside the box.” In this way,

coloring books are instructional in the sense that they limit a child’s

imagination and promote, too soon, the conceptualizing and intellectu-

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alizing of experience. The educational message of coloring books is to

accept the authority of the given form and follow the provided picture

of reality without exploring one’s own inner picture-forming options.

Can the coloring book even be seen as an early childhood textbook and

indoctrination manual for accepting someone else’s

picture of the world before discovering it for oneself?

Isn’t it a first-generation preparation for television,

movies, and computer games, all scripted and designed

by an unknown someone else, resulting in

the distraction from building up one’s own powerful

capacities of imagination for picture-making? 10

Does the coloring book become “fast food” instruction

for on-the-go parents and teachers looking for

a substitute babysitter and the beginning stages of a

fill-in-the-blank education? Certainly this wasn’t the

intended purpose of coloring books, but they have

become a part of the quantifying and categorizing

process in contemporary education. They promote

the same kind of thinking that is behind multiple

choice and fill-in-the-blank teaching where there

is only one correct answer to a problem. Real-life

problems do not have one right answer. Coloring

books do not inspire innovative problem solving,

creativity or imagination, those faculties that go

beyond data collection to genuine learning and

original thinking. Coloring books are undeniably,

in the minds of many adults, standard fare as the

twenty-first century primer in a schooling of young

children. But to what end?

Such visual textbooks rob children of free,

imaginative play in the development of their own

pictorial thinking, their own visual intelligence.

They train children to accept the formulations of

“clip art” concepts and the visual opinions of others

as fact before they have developed their own capacity

to discriminate for themselves. Isn’t it better to give

children blank sheets of paper so they may develop

their own visual worldview? Children need time

to simply practice their own facility for expressive

line and color, creating their own vocabulary of

meaningful form and imagery, their own visual

understanding. Visual content is a powerful factor

in the education of the child, in the work of the teacher, and in the transformation

of the adult learner. Visual meaning is an essential for all later

learning, as we hope to make evident in the following pages.


Crayons are a good medium for this age; better than colored pencils that

have a sharp point (unnecessarily awakening a too-early awareness of

precise attention to detail) or felt markers (that can’t blend or mix colors

well and often have an unpleasant odor). Beeswax crayons are good for

they have a smooth texture, a pleasing aroma, and are entirely natural.

Make available an assortment of up to a dozen colors at this early age;

1001 varieties of colors are not necessary. The principle of “less is more”

holds true for this age. Limit the palette of colors to what is essential. Don’t

give too much choice at first. This age group needs to feel that there are

certain “givens,” certain established essentials and not endless possibilities.

As the findings of modern resilience research have shown, people

perform with greater confidence and ability later in life, particularly in

the face of adversity, if as children they are given less choice with regards

to basic life needs (when to get up or go to sleep, what to eat, what to

wear, allowed behaviors, etc.). 11

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

Make sure the seven spectrum colors or the three primary and three

secondary colors (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and violet) are available.

Include brown and even black (see below a discussion of black). Avoid dayglow,

“electric,” dissonant colors. Use your own sense for natural colors in

your selection. If children repeatedly use one color

for everything let that color disappear for a while.

This being said, it is also possible to simply

provide the three primary colors, red, blue and

yellow. Often with great success, this may be done

right through to third grade. Children discover

in this way how to mix all of their secondary and

tertiary colors by overlapping the primaries. Brown

and a pseudo-black can also be achieved in this

way. So it depends on what the teacher wishes

to accomplish by means of color and imagery

whether one provides or restricts certain colors

for the child’s palette.

Every material possesses distinctive characteristics,

and these characteristics affect the choices

that children make in their drawings. Therefore,

deliberate selection of materials is important in

influencing the type of pictures that will be produced

and the kind of thinking children are likely

to engage in. Elliot Eisner, Professor Emeritus of

Art and Education at Stanford University, notes:

“A pointed pencil makes images possible that could

not be easily rendered in paint. Conversely, the

spontaneous expressiveness possible in the act of

painting is more difficult to achieve with a pointed

pencil. The pencil invites delineation; a wide brush

and thick paint foster expressiveness. Thus, materials

matter because they influence what children can

think about and how they are likely to engage the

work.” 12 For this reason avoid letting young children

use sharp graphite pencils that are more appropriate

to older students. The pointed lines that are created

by pencils and related drawing tools focus attention

on narrow edges and acute incisions. They delineate

very precise, thin form; a sharp, wiry, caged figure.

Remember the expression: “If the only tool you have

is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” If

the only tool you have is a pencil, everything begins

to look linear, thin and contracted. The grey of graphite emphasizes a

dull, colorless world, and makes everything the same emotion-neutral

value. This in turn influences the thinking and emotional life of the artist/child.

With this age group try stick crayons for drawing and brushed

watercolor for painting.

the use of Black as a Color

Black represents the spiritual image of the lifeless. —Rudolf Steiner 13

The use of black has been a question of great interest and debate among

Waldorf teachers and parents of young children, as a tradition has developed

in many Waldorf kindergartens to exclude the color black from the

crayons offered to this age group. Although there is no direct indication

that Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf schools, suggested such a

policy it is worthwhile considering the nature of this color.

Because black (considered by some theorists not to be a color at all

but the very absence of light) is the most lifeless of the colors, free from

color-emotion, it is therefore one of the most powerful of hues. Together

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Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

with red ochers it was the first color used in

prehistoric visual art and children often gravitate

towards it because of its strong character.

Some teachers feel black is too strong for this

early age group and restrict its use from drawing

and painting. There is justification for this, as

the color specialist Faber Birren points out that

children will be more inclined to draw inanimate

objects—vehicles and buildings—when

given black crayons. “When the same children

were given colored crayons, their fancies were

more inspired to attempt human beings, animals

and plants.” 14

Steiner’s color research led him to state

that “black shows itself alien to life, hostile to

life…But the spirit flourishes; the spirit can

penetrate the blackness and assert itself within

it.” 15 So, although black is a quality devoid of

life, it nevertheless allows the individuality to

thrive. This is why adolescents often choose this

color above all others. The awakening “I” of the

teenager experiences a sense of freedom within

the lifelessness of black and therefore it is a

natural color choice at this age of pre-egohood.

In one of his notebooks, Steiner wrote, Black

= Freedom.

As an “image of the lifeless,”

black is related to the

inanimate mineral kingdom

and the carbon-based element

in the human being.

In us, the “dead” element is

the solid, mineral nature of

our physical body. If a child

draws with black it may be

an expression of the physical

body’s hardening process.

Joep Eikenboom notes:

“Black can indicate that the

child perceives areas in his

physical body that he needs

to work on, which he has not

yet penetrated sufficiently.…

A teacher can notice the use

of this color and can observe

whether the work she is doing

with that child is bearing fruit. After a while the

use of the black crayon will disappear. Children

will then be able to apply black in the right

proportions and in the right place (for instance,

a black cat, crow, or chimney).” 16

Black is important to the child’s color

palette just as the witch in the fairy tale is

necessary to the further development of the

other characters and the outcome of the entire

story. The lessons to be taught by black are too

important to be excluded from even the young

child. Although the restricting of black during

the first seven year period of the child’s life

may be considered an appropriate choice by

kindergarten teachers, the limiting of this and

any other color from children after the onset

of first grade should be carefully considered

by teachers and parents, particularly from the

standpoint of the needs of individual children.

the House, tree, and Person


By the age of five or six, pictorial elements in

the child’s drawings are no longer arbitrarily

strewn about the page but find an orientation

within the context of skyline, ground and other

constricting features. “By this age,” according

to Gardner, “it seems not unreasonable

to conclude that the young child has a ‘first

draft’ understanding of how to make—and

to compose—a picture.” 18 A freeform sense

of composition is beginning to be established.

A favorite drawing exercise given by Waldorf

teachers to children of this age (up to 8

years old) is the house, tree, and person theme.

After some warm-up movement exercises,

necessary to get the child fully connected with

his or her body, the child is asked to draw a

picture of a house, a tree and a person. It can

be any house, tree or person and the drawing

is not limited to one person or one tree; in

fact, anything the child feels should be in the

picture may be drawn in, but at least these

three elements should be included. The child

is encouraged to put in everything he or she

feels is important to make a complete picture

including as many colors as desired; the more

colors, and to some extent the more objects,

the better. In such a picture children often reveal

many of their characteristic strengths and

weaknesses, simply by the size, shape, gesture,

and color of the features they choose to include

or not include in their drawing. Essentially,

the house, tree, person picture provides an

illustration of where the child is in his or her

development at that particular moment in

time. Often developmental irregularities and

potential learning differences can be observed

from such drawings. However, one needs to be

very careful not to jump to conclusions or label

children based on a single drawing that only

provides a momentary, snap-shot glimpse of

the child; instead, each drawing must be seen

within a larger profile or child study.

Ideally, through such a drawing exercise

one wants to see that the life functions and

organic processes of the child have reached

a certain maturation and that growth forces

that have been shaping physiological development

are now ready to be used for learning in

a more directed and guided manner toward

more psychological, soul development. Audrey

McAllen in her book Reading Children’s

Drawings: The Person, House and Tree Motif,

describes the healthy stages of this development

and points to the relevance of the house, tree

and person as important archetypal images.

According to McAllen, the archetypal image

of house, indicating structural (formative)

changes, and person, suggesting constitutional

(functional) growth, are pictures of the child’s

own stages of physiological and psychological

development. Structural development can be

seen in drawings of basic geometric forms

of the early years, while the

constitutional development

is suggested in drawings of

dynamic forms, expressive of

movement. Drawings at older

ages demonstrate a general

maturation and development

of the child. “Delicate observation

suggests that when

the triangle house is drawn,

the soul and ether [or vital,

formative] forces preponderate,”

states McAllen. “When

the square house is drawn,

the ego’s physical forces are

strongly engaged” 19 . One can

in this way “read” something

of the structural development

of the child. The person drawings,

according to McAllen,

indicate the capacity of the soul to deal with

personal heredity and individual destiny, and

in this way give a picture of the constitutional

development of the child. The tree drawings are

pictures of the breathing process, in the broadest

sense, especially in terms of sense perception

as a breathing-experience of the world. When

all of these archetypes, plus additional elements

spontaneously introduced by the child,

are brought together in a single composition a

revealing portrait is disclosed.

One looks for things in the house, tree, and

person picture like a full or limited range of

colors. Is there a substantial experience of the

earth under foot, indicated by ground drawn

into the picture, rather than the bottom of the

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page serving as the ground line? Is the sky just at the top of the page or

is it colored all the way down to the ground? Is there a sun? Is the tree

devoid of foliage or full of leaves and even fruit? Is there one small person,

a large person, or a group of people? Does the person appear happy? Does

the house have a clear façade, a face, with windows (eyes) and a big or

little door? Do the windows have crossbeams, indicating the ability to

filter out unwanted sense impressions, to discriminate? Is there a pitched

roof, a chimney (metabolic activity) and is there smoke coming out of

the chimney? The combined features of the house, tree, person picture

can offer insights into the child’s vital signs and dawning soul landscape

and help to indicate grade-level readiness.

Such a drawing exercise is good to try as the child begins to lose her

milk teeth, replacing them with the second dentition. This is when a major

change in consciousness (thinking, memory, feeling, regulation of will

impulses and drives) occurs, and drawing can be a very helpful indicator

of some of these developmental changes in the child.

Steiner described this time in the following way: “What does the child

really do when, up to the change of teeth, up to the seventh or eighth year,

he draws pictures in a playful way? He is actually developing something

which, later on in his twenties, will mature into faculties of intelligence....

These qualities are being developed through the ever-changing forms of

his drawing activities. The child’s drawing is a kind of play but while engaged

in it, he is also communicating. We shall gain a real understanding

of the child’s drawing if we look upon it as a means of his communicating

with the world. The child wants to tell us something about himself.” 20 It

is important for the teacher to learn the reading of children’s drawings in

order to “see” what the child has to say in visual terms. This will aid the

teacher in knowing how to better teach the individual child.

Up to the age of seven or eight, themes may be casually suggested to

the child but they will find many of their own if simply given paper and

crayons. Still, no formal instruction needs to be given about how to draw.

Opportunities for the child should be regularly provided to sit down

with teachers, parents or caregivers and peers in order to see and imitate

others’ drawings, but no instruction should be necessary until first grade.

(Parents and teachers can provide a good model for young children by

drawing simple, colorful pictures as described in the next chapter.) Just

let the children be freelance artists. Let their own imagination teach them

by way of artistic freedom.

Learning from Nature’s Wisdom

~ A Goethean Approach ~

“If we want to gain a living understanding of nature

we must follow her example and become as mobile

and flexible as nature herself.” - Goethe



20 May Hill Road, Ghent, NY 12075


Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

There is the wonderful story of a little girl who was busily coloring

a picture at her desk in school when her teacher came over and asked

her what she was drawing. The girl replied, “I am drawing a picture

of God.” Taken aback, the teacher said, “But no one knows what God

looks like.” The girl promptly responded, “They will in a minute!”


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Recipes from Community Cooks

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House of Colors

by Pardis Amirshahi

Here’s a beautiful and practical way to treat your colored pencils with the care they deserve. Children

appreciate having a house for their belongings, and this holder can house up to 32 pencils. This pencil

holder is designed exactly for the classic Lyra brand color pencils, so the stitched rows are one-inch

apart and hold the pencils tightly. You can test one row on a remnant fabric for practice to make sure

the pencil is secure. Another option is to sew a flap on top to cover the pencils before rolling shut, so

you can accommodate various size pencils.

How to Make a Pencil Holder:


Backing –

1/4 yard corduroy, denim, or thick flannel

Inside –

1/4 yard yellow flannel

1/4 yard yellow batik cotton

10 inches of 1.5” wide elastic

Light yellow thread


Cut 1 each of backing fabric [patterned green] and yellow flannel

10”W x 30”L from A.

Cut 1 piece of yellow batik 14” W x 27” L from B.

Cut 1 each of green backing fabric and yellow batik 1-3/4” W x 6” L from C.

Cut 1 each of backing fabric and yellow batik 2.5” W x 12” L from D.


1) Fold half-inch the two 14”-wide sides of the yellow batik (B), and press.

2) Fold the 14” Wx 26” L piece in half length-wise and press, with a finished

size of 7” W x 26” L.

Living Crafts Magazine – How To

3) Baste the folded batik

on yellow flannel,

centering length-wise

and matching the

unfinished seam at


4) Start by sewing

on the side and topstitch

the folded batik onto

the flannel. On the width, top to bottom,

reinforcing the top half-inch by sewing forward and backward

twice (for durability).

5) Measure one-inch and repeat – sew from top to bottom one-inch apart

until all spaces are stitched.

6) With right sides facing, baste on the green backing into yellow part

leaving a 3” opening on the center of the side (where you will attach the

wrap strip). Turn inside out and press.

7) With right sides facing sew the two wrap pieces (D) together lengthwise

on one side only.

8) Then fold the piece in half, right sides facing, and sew on the width.

9) Fold the green part over the yellow, matching wrong sides together.

Then fold the unfinished edges 1/4” inside and press. Topstitch together,

leaving a 3” opening.

10) Place elastic inside the wrap, pull out the ends through the 3” opening

and sew together, then place back inside.

11) With right sides facing sew the two strip (1-3/4”W x 6”L) pieces (C)

together on two long sides. Turn inside out and press, leaving the ends


12) Place the strip into the opening on the pencil holder and topstitch to

attach. Place the other side into the opening on the wrap and topstitch

to attach. Now the strip is attached on both sides.


• Instead of sewing a wrap, you can sew a long strip [0.5”W x 20” L], use

ribbons, or make twisties from wool yarn.

• You can sew on a 7” W x 26” L flap on top so that you can accommodate

different size pencils.