Latest Black Belt Article - Commando Krav Maga

Latest Black Belt Article - Commando Krav Maga

Lessons from BY HENRY KOU


Imagine that you’re preparing for

a marathon. Every time you train,

your goal is to ready your mind

and body to cover 26.2 miles.

The day of the race comes, and

you’re feeling up to the task. You

run nearly the full distance over

several hours and endure all the

stresses and strains. You fi nally

glimpse the fi nish line and begin

squeezing the last few ounces of energy

from your muscles to make it. As soon as

you cross the line, the organizers announce

that the race isn’t over. You now have to

run all the way back to where you started.

For the average marathoner, being hit with

that kind of pressure at that moment in time

would be too much. It would be the breaking


Being able to handle that kind of pressure

can be the key to surviving a violent

attack. It requires the willpower, physical

strength and mental fortitude you cultivate

1 2

through experiences in which you’re forced

to overcome unexpected obstacles.

Don’t believe it? Consider what would

happen if, after a hard week of work, you

went out with your family to unwind. At the

end of the evening, you’re walking back

to your car when a thug jumps out of nowhere

and pulls a gun. He demands your

money and starts getting physical with you

and your wife. Deciding that things will only

get worse, you take action. In the ensuing

struggle, the gun goes off and the bullet hits

you in the leg. Is it your breaking point, or

are you tough enough to stay in the fi ght?

You’re probably thinking, Of course I’d

keep fi ghting! That’s easier said than done,

however. Unless they’ve been through

stressful situations, people tend to freeze

up. They quickly fi nd that harnessing mental

toughness is more diffi cult than they

thought. That’s why more and more people

are signing up for the Commando Krav

Maga Intensive Boot Camp, now in its fi fth

photography by Rick Hustead

ANTI-PUNCH: The adversary closes the

gap and uncorks a right haymaker, causing

Moni Aizik to raise his left arm and

cup his hand over the back of his neck as

protection (1). He immediately follows up

with a palm strike to the chin, a technique

that’s intended to injure as much as to

knock the man backward and to the

ground (2). Aizik’s next move could be to

execute a stomping kick or disengage and

seek safety.


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