Fourth Sunday of Lent L it. We ek 15 March 10, 2013 Fourth Sunday ...

Fourth Sunday of Lent L it. We ek 15 March 10, 2013 Fourth Sunday ...

Fourth Sunday of Lent L it. We ek 15 March 10, 2013 Fourth Sunday ...


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Phone: (303) 772-6322 772 6322 Fax: (303) 772-94<strong>15</strong> 772 94<strong>15</strong><br />

Bulletin: bulletin@saintfrancislongmont.org<br />

<strong>We</strong>b: www.saintfrancislongmont.org<br />

3791 Pike Road, Longmont, Colorado 80503<br />

<strong>Fourth</strong> <strong>Sunday</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Lent</strong> L<strong>it</strong>. <strong>We</strong><strong>ek</strong> <strong>15</strong> <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

<strong>Fourth</strong> <strong>Sunday</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Lent</strong> L<strong>it</strong>. <strong>We</strong><strong>ek</strong> <strong>15</strong> <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong>


Mission <strong>of</strong> the Church<br />

“Go, therefore, and make disciples <strong>of</strong> all nations, baptizing them in the name <strong>of</strong> the Father, and <strong>of</strong> the Son, and <strong>of</strong> the Holy Spir<strong>it</strong>,<br />

teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am w<strong>it</strong>h you always, until the end <strong>of</strong> the age.” Mt 28:19-20<br />

<strong>We</strong>lcome to Our Guests<br />

Thank you for vis<strong>it</strong>ing w<strong>it</strong>h us today! To join our parish,<br />

please fill out a registration form found in the pamphlet rack.<br />

Office Hours<br />

Open Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm<br />

Mass Schedule<br />

Saturdays: 4:30 pm*<br />

<strong>Sunday</strong>s: 8:00 am, <strong>10</strong>:00 am, & 5:00 pm<br />

Tuesdays - Fridays: 8:00 am<br />

First Fridays: 8:00 am First Saturdays: 8:30 am<br />

Holy Days: to be announced<br />

*Confessions at 3:00 pm<br />

Sacraments<br />

Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and<br />

Confirmation: Preparation classes are required.<br />

Reconciliation: Sat. at 3:30 pm, parish services for Advent and<br />

<strong>Lent</strong>, and by appointment.<br />

Matrimony: Call Fr. Frank eight months in advance.<br />

Communion to Homebound: Call Judy Cabrera 720-989-4789.<br />

Sacrament <strong>of</strong> the Sick, Funerals: Call Fr. Frank.<br />

<strong>We</strong> Have...<br />

Stephen Ministry: Caring lay ministers who <strong>of</strong>fer supportive<br />

listening. Call Chuck Cooper at 303-834-9970.<br />

R<strong>it</strong>e <strong>of</strong> Christian In<strong>it</strong>iation <strong>of</strong> Adults/Children: Call Becky.<br />

Adoration: On Thursdays from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm.<br />

Bulletin: E-mail articles to bulletin@saintfrancislongmont.org<br />

or drop them <strong>of</strong>f in the <strong>of</strong>fice by Monday <strong>March</strong> 11 at<br />

noon, for the <strong>March</strong> 17 bulletin.<br />

Staff<br />

Phone: 303-772-6322 ext:<br />

Pastor: Rev. Frank Maroney…..fmaroney@hotmail.com…. 228<br />

Secretary: Marilyn Fleming………………………………...221<br />

Office Manager: Louise Kubier...…………..………………222<br />

Director <strong>of</strong> Adult Formation: Becky Singer……………….223<br />

Youth Director: Ben Schumann…………………………….225<br />

Director <strong>of</strong> Religious Ed for Children: Helen Herman……226<br />

Music Director: Michael Kilcoyne…………...contact by e-mail<br />

E-mail at firstname.lastname@saintfrancislongmont.org as listed.<br />

Pastoral Council<br />

Ray Falce, Dennis Graham, Jeanne Kuhn, Arleen Mack,<br />

Richard Mandile, Lola Swedbergh, Reg Valencia<br />

Ladies <strong>of</strong> the Parish: You are all inv<strong>it</strong>ed to a salad pot luck<br />

on Tuesday the 12th <strong>of</strong> <strong>March</strong> at 11:00am in the Parish Hall.<br />

Please bring a salad to share and inv<strong>it</strong>e a friend. Great way to<br />

get acquainted. Cece<br />

Prayer Corner<br />

Please pray for: Our Church Leaders and the Burns Family;<br />

The sick: Michelle Bernardoni, Will Barham, Donna Curtis,<br />

Emilie Delfosse, Marie Elges, Theresa Skillett, Mark Warhola,<br />

and all those listed in the Book <strong>of</strong> the Sick;<br />

Those in harm’s way: Michael Kauppert, <strong>We</strong>sley Larsen,<br />

Andrew Mazzarelli, Nicholas Shallcross, Chase E. Stoner,<br />

and all babies in the womb;<br />

In thanksgiving for the safe return <strong>of</strong>: Kolin Bernardoni;<br />

And for the repose <strong>of</strong> the soul <strong>of</strong>: †Sally Selander.<br />

2<br />

Building Campaign<br />

“Growing in Fa<strong>it</strong>h, Building the Future”<br />

Goal<br />

Third matching grant<br />

Amount Collected<br />

as <strong>of</strong> January 27, <strong>2013</strong><br />

% <strong>of</strong> Goal<br />

$25,000.00 ~$<strong>10</strong>,000.00 40%<br />

Building Update February 18: <strong>We</strong> begin our payments on<br />

the Church Building to the Archdiocese on <strong>March</strong> 1, w<strong>it</strong>h a<br />

balance due <strong>of</strong> about $2,685,000 over the next <strong>15</strong> years. This is<br />

a simplification, as we have 3 loans due, one for <strong>15</strong> years, one<br />

for <strong>10</strong> years, and a deferred loan on the land that will begin<br />

when the <strong>10</strong> year loan ends. Our payments will be<br />

approximately $21,000 monthly. Exact figure will be known<br />

by end <strong>of</strong> Feb. after interest is computed.<br />

I mentioned on Jan. 13 that we would start taking up a<br />

second collection on the second <strong>Sunday</strong> <strong>of</strong> the month to help<br />

pay our loan, but after consulting w<strong>it</strong>h the Finance Comm<strong>it</strong>tee<br />

we have decided to hold <strong>of</strong>f on that until we know how we<br />

stand w<strong>it</strong>h our regular <strong>of</strong>fertory and expenses. The challenge<br />

we have is that many <strong>of</strong> our expenses in our rented building<br />

the last 5 years were covered by our rent, but now we have to<br />

pay our util<strong>it</strong>ies and snow removal and landscaping and<br />

maintenance ourselves, and we don’t have a history <strong>of</strong><br />

knowing what those expenses will be yet, so we are estimating<br />

them. So far, the first 6 months <strong>of</strong> the fiscal year have been<br />

very good for us. <strong>We</strong> will continue to assess the s<strong>it</strong>uation every<br />

month.<br />

<strong>We</strong> have also been extremely blessed during this<br />

construction period w<strong>it</strong>h so many donated gifts that have saved<br />

us construction costs, such as: the crucifix, the stained glass<br />

window, the tabernacle, the tabernacle altar, the new altar, the<br />

baptism font, the statues <strong>of</strong> Mary and Joseph, the Our Lady <strong>of</strong><br />

Guadalupe tapestry, the wooden statue <strong>of</strong> Mary in the parish<br />

hall from Vietnam, the entire k<strong>it</strong>chen and tables and chairs, the<br />

statue <strong>of</strong> St. Francis outside, the med<strong>it</strong>ation garden, and <strong>of</strong><br />

course the pews. There have been many other donations that<br />

have helped us make this a real<strong>it</strong>y, and I thank all <strong>of</strong> you from<br />

the bottom <strong>of</strong> my heart. If you would like to help w<strong>it</strong>h a gift,<br />

please contact me. Fr. Frank<br />

May God bless you and our Church in his Love! Amen.<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Reconciliation Service...<strong>March</strong> 11, 6:30 pm<br />

Women’s Salad Potluck…<strong>March</strong> 12, 11 am<br />

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration...<strong>March</strong> 16, 5:30 pm<br />

Baptism Class...<strong>March</strong> 23, <strong>10</strong> am<br />

OUR Center Empty Bowls...<strong>March</strong> 23, <strong>10</strong>:30 am<br />

First Communion & Confirmation Catalog Sales: Religious<br />

Education is <strong>of</strong>fering a fund-raiser for our Building Fund w<strong>it</strong>h a<br />

Catalog from Sacco Company w<strong>it</strong>h <strong>it</strong>ems for First Communion<br />

and Confirmation. Please see Helen for a catalog. Orders are<br />

due <strong>March</strong> 22.

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

His disciples asked him,<br />

“Rabbi, who sinned, this man<br />

or his parents,<br />

that he was born blind?” -Jn :9:2<br />

Scripture Readings<br />

For the <strong>We</strong><strong>ek</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Sun. (Year A): 1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, <strong>10</strong>-13a; Ps 23:1-6;<br />

Eph 5:8-14; Jn 9:1-41[1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38]<br />

Mon. Is 65:17-21; Ps 30:2, 4-6, 11-13b; Jn 4:43-54<br />

Tues. Ez 47:1-9, 12; Ps 46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9; Jn 5:1-16<br />

<strong>We</strong>d. Is 49:8-<strong>15</strong>; Ps 145:8-9, 13cd-14, 17-18; Jn 5:17-30<br />

Thurs. Ex 32:7-14; Ps <strong>10</strong>6:19-23; Jn 5:31-47<br />

Fri. Wis 2:1a, 12-22; Ps 34:17-21, 23; Jn 7:1-2, <strong>10</strong>, 25-30<br />

Sat. Jer 11:18-20; Ps 7:2-3, 9bc-12; Jn 7:40-53<br />

Sun. Is 43:16-21; Ps 126:1-6; Phil 3:8-14; Jn 8:1-11<br />

Mass Intentions<br />

Sat. 03-09 4:30 pm LaVerne Franke & †Radford Franke<br />

By Anne Marie Boyer<br />

Sun. 03-<strong>10</strong> 8:00 am †Julia Woo Ching<br />

By Sharon Omer<br />

<strong>10</strong>:00 am †Dorothy R. Davis<br />

Ken Davis<br />

5:00 pm The People <strong>of</strong> St. Francis <strong>of</strong> Assisi<br />

Tues. 03-12 8:00 am †Josh Pietsch<br />

By Deb Grenzke<br />

<strong>We</strong>d. 03-13 8:00 am Fr. John Riley<br />

By the Mark Pilkingtons<br />

†Ken Franke<br />

Anne Marie Boyer<br />

Daniel Spencer<br />

By Parents<br />

Thurs. 03-14 8:00 am †Ed Yusko<br />

By Larry & Gloria Roy<br />

Fri. 03-<strong>15</strong> 8:00 am Kevin E. Moran<br />

By Medearis Family<br />

Sat. 03-16 4:30 am Theresa & Brian Skillett<br />

By the Krische Family<br />

Next Sun. 03-17 8:00 am †Emma Zawodniak<br />

By Family<br />

<strong>10</strong>:00 am †Sina Woo Ching<br />

By Sharon Omer<br />

5:00 pm The People <strong>of</strong> St. Francis <strong>of</strong> Assisi<br />

APPRECIATION DINNER for Hosp<strong>it</strong>al and Homebound<br />

Ministers: <strong>We</strong>’re so grateful for your ministry, <strong>it</strong>’s time to say<br />

“Thank you”! All ministers for the hosp<strong>it</strong>al and homebound<br />

please come and share a meal and fellowship at an<br />

Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, <strong>March</strong> 21, from 6-7:30<br />

pm in the Parish Hall. Please RSVP to Marilyn in the Parish<br />

Office – 303-772-6322 x 221.<br />

3<br />

Nicolas Colombel (1644-1717)<br />

Pastor’s Corner<br />

Today’s gospel <strong>of</strong> the healing <strong>of</strong> the man born blind<br />

reminds us that we must be careful how we interpret<br />

encounters w<strong>it</strong>h God and His church. The Pharisees did not<br />

like that Jesus healed on the Sabbath when no work was<br />

allowed. They judged that the healing was a disobedience to<br />

God’s law. But they failed to distinguish between good and<br />

evil in the healing. Instead <strong>of</strong> rejoicing w<strong>it</strong>h the healed man,<br />

they questioned him to find some reason to attack Jesus.<br />

You may sometimes hear me speak about<br />

Protestantism in a cr<strong>it</strong>ical way. I firmly believe that, although<br />

reform is always needed in the church and in each <strong>of</strong> us, the<br />

proper way Jesus would want us to work on reform is from<br />

w<strong>it</strong>hin the church. Luther and other Protestant reformers<br />

were too impatient, too proud to allow time for the reforms<br />

to work from w<strong>it</strong>hin. They failed to respect Jesus’ prayer at<br />

the last supper, “I pray…so that they may all be one, as you,<br />

Father, are in me and I in you…” John 17:21-22. But, that<br />

does not mean that Protestants, as well as people <strong>of</strong> other<br />

religions, do not love God and do good things in His name.<br />

They do, and we should honor the good that anyone does,<br />

while always praying that all Christians may one day be un<strong>it</strong>ed.<br />

Unfortunately, as a world we are still going in the wrong<br />

direction, w<strong>it</strong>h more division in the Body <strong>of</strong> Christ each year.<br />

Individually, we must be careful we do not judge<br />

others (although we always must judge behavior). <strong>We</strong> judge<br />

actions so that we can learn from them and teach others the<br />

good things <strong>of</strong> God’s will for us. But only God can judge a<br />

person. Each <strong>of</strong> us is a pilgrim on the road <strong>of</strong> life, given<br />

instruction from God down through the ages through His<br />

prophets and Church. Each generation we must apply God’s<br />

teachings to new circumstances in a way that honors God’s<br />

will, always keeping our eyes and hearts open to hear God’s<br />

will. If we do that, we will celebrate w<strong>it</strong>h the eyes <strong>of</strong> fa<strong>it</strong>h<br />

God’s incredible love in our lives and in the world. Amen!<br />

Triduum Schedule*<br />

Holy Thursday 03-28 7:00 pm Mass <strong>of</strong> the Last Supper<br />

Good Friday 03-29 7:00 pm Solemn Service<br />

Holy Saturday 03-30 7:30 pm Easter Vigil<br />

Easter <strong>Sunday</strong> 03-31 8:00 am<br />

<strong>10</strong>:00 am<br />

12 noon<br />

Easter Masses<br />

*There are no morning Masses on Holy Thursday (or on Good Friday), and<br />

no 4:30 pm Mass on Holy Saturday or 5:00 pm Mass on Easter <strong>Sunday</strong>.



AT ST. FRANCIS <strong>of</strong> ASSISI<br />

SATURDAY, MARCH 16, <strong>2013</strong><br />

5:30 pm – <strong>10</strong>:00 pm<br />

Trad<strong>it</strong>ional Corned Beef Dinner<br />

Served from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm<br />

(grilled cheese sandwiches will also be available)<br />

Dinner, beverages and entertainment are included in the price<br />

Entertainment includes:<br />

Authentic Celtic Music, Bagpipes and more…<br />

Deadline for reservations: <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Reservations accepted through the church <strong>of</strong>fice<br />

Questions, call Chris at 720.289.8792 or c_tornow@comcast.net<br />

________________________________________________________________________<br />

Please return the bottom portion <strong>of</strong> this reservation<br />

to the Knights or the church <strong>of</strong>fice<br />

Checks payable to Knights <strong>of</strong> Columbus 1313 or cash<br />

(accepted in the exact amount)<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> adults (<strong>15</strong> or older) _____ $<strong>15</strong>.00 each<br />

Senior c<strong>it</strong>izens _______ $12.00 each<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> children (4-14) _____ $5.00 each<br />

Family name: __________________ Phone #________________<br />

Knights <strong>of</strong> Columbus Council 1313<br />


FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Religious Ed Helen Herman<br />

303-772-6322 x 226<br />

E-mail: helen.herman@saintfrancislongmont.org<br />


Class – <strong>March</strong> 12/13 and <strong>March</strong> 19/20<br />

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Haven’t received the Sacraments <strong>of</strong><br />

First Reconciliation or First Communion yet? Get on board now!<br />

Classes are held for K – 5 th gr. on: Tuesdays, 6-7:<strong>15</strong> pm, or<br />

<strong>We</strong>dnesdays, 4:30-5:45 pm.<br />

Registration Forms: Forms are located in the<br />

pamphlet rack in the Narthex, or on-line. All<br />

late Registrations will require a one we<strong>ek</strong><br />

wa<strong>it</strong>ing period prior to attending class.<br />

$25,000.00 MATCHING GRANT: Our church was built through the<br />

gifts <strong>of</strong> generous people. Some are parishioners, some are not. A<br />

kind donor has <strong>of</strong>fered a third Matching Grant <strong>of</strong> $25,000.00 to help<br />

pay our Building Fund. I’m challenging RE to collect $1,000.00<br />

towards this match. <strong>We</strong> are relying on the Stewardship from<br />

Children’s Offertory for this increased pledge. Working together we<br />

are mighty; and we can do this.<br />

<strong>We</strong> need you all to be a part <strong>of</strong> this challenge. This may mean<br />

that you sacrifice something to give a more meaningful donation.<br />

Please use the CHILDREN’S OFFERING ENVELOPES for this<br />

pledge!<br />

STEWARDSHIP: Children’s Envelopes are located<br />

on the shelf by where the Scrip sellers are if you<br />

forget yours.<br />

Time – helped w<strong>it</strong>h Stations <strong>of</strong> the Cross, gave up<br />

watching TV during <strong>Lent</strong><br />

Talent – Drawing<br />

Treasure – Thanks to the $250.00 donor! Donations<br />

for Feb. 24:$43.65<br />


<strong>We</strong> would like to have several families to greet and<br />

distribute Children’s Offering Envelopes before<br />

masses. Your time involvement is to arrive about <strong>15</strong><br />

minutes before mass. You would only be scheduled<br />

once or twice a month.<br />

GOD SIGHTINGS FROM VBS: (Anywhere,<br />

anything, anyone where you saw God at<br />

work.) family, trees, praying mantis, college<br />

leaders, singing, and VBS.<br />

A year to be THANKFUL! THANKFUL for –<br />

belonging...to the family <strong>of</strong> God, to my good<br />

family, to scouting, or to a special club.<br />

A Nun Grading Papers: The Egyptians were all drowned in<br />

the dessert. Afterwards, Moses went up to Mount Cyanide<br />

to get the Ten Commandments.<br />

5<br />

Adult Ed Becky Singer<br />

What other RCIA ceremonies are celebrated during<br />

<strong>Lent</strong>? The most important ceremonies after the R<strong>it</strong>e <strong>of</strong><br />

Election are the ‘pen<strong>it</strong>ential’ ones, meaning those which are<br />

connected w<strong>it</strong>h our trying to untie the bonds <strong>of</strong> sin, in order<br />

to live in the joy <strong>of</strong> Christ. There are two kinds <strong>of</strong> pen<strong>it</strong>ential<br />

ceremonies. If the adults are unbaptized (catechumens), then<br />

the parish celebrates ceremonies called scrutinies. But if the<br />

adults have already been baptized (candidates) then there is<br />

only one ceremony, the Pen<strong>it</strong>ential R<strong>it</strong>e. This year we have<br />

two young people who are unbaptized, now having gone to<br />

the Cathedral they are called the Elect. <strong>We</strong> will celebrate a<br />

scrutiny for them this <strong>Sunday</strong>, <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, at the 5 pm<br />

Mass.<br />


Saturday, <strong>March</strong> 23, from <strong>10</strong>:00 am-12:30 pm<br />

Please call to register.<br />

Please call to confirm that you can come by <strong>We</strong>dnesday.<br />

OUR Center: <strong>We</strong> are scheduled to serve lunch at the OUR<br />

Center on Saturday, <strong>March</strong> 23 rd . <strong>We</strong> purchase the food, cook<br />

the meal, serve and clean up. <strong>We</strong> are usually there from<br />

<strong>10</strong>:00AM -2:00PM. Please call Cece Donley @303-682-<strong>10</strong>32 if<br />

you can help. Thank You.<br />

Adoration: Thank you Debbie Beytien for signing<br />

up for the <strong>10</strong>:30-11:30 time slot for our Thursday<br />

Adoration. <strong>We</strong> are still in need <strong>of</strong> a permanent<br />

Adorer from 3:30-4:30pm. <strong>We</strong> thank and appreciate<br />

all <strong>of</strong> our Adorers. Please call Cece @ 303-682-<strong>10</strong>32.<br />

LOST AND FOUND: A parishioner is missing a prayer book<br />

which was left at the reception area in January. If you<br />

accidentally picked up this prayer book please return <strong>it</strong> as <strong>it</strong> has<br />

sentimental value. No questions asked. Your conscience will<br />

feel better too!<br />

Missing a jacket, a child’s coat, glasses or a prayer book?<br />

Please check our lost and found located in the <strong>of</strong>fice reception<br />

area or the coat rack for <strong>it</strong>ems you may have left at church.<br />

Items not claimed by <strong>March</strong> 18 will be donated to the Our<br />

Center.<br />

T.O.R.C.H (Trad<strong>it</strong>ions <strong>of</strong> Roman Catholic<br />

Homeschoolers) Bake Sale! Stop<br />

by the bake sale after all<br />

masses, <strong>March</strong> 16th and<br />

17th. St. Patrick's Day is a<br />

<strong>Lent</strong>en feast day, so enjoy<br />

a special sweet treat or take home<br />

something savory and delicious! All<br />

Proceeds go to St. Francis <strong>of</strong> Assisi<br />

Building Fund.


Respect Life<br />

Healing from Abortion<br />

You are not alone in your search for healing from the trauma<br />

<strong>of</strong> abortion. There are several programs both locally and<br />

around the Archdiocese, for women and men, that can help<br />

start this process <strong>of</strong> healing. <strong>We</strong> have listed a few <strong>of</strong> these<br />

programs below w<strong>it</strong>h contact information and their webs<strong>it</strong>es<br />

for more information.<br />

Project Rachel is a post-abortive healing ministry <strong>of</strong><br />

Catholic Char<strong>it</strong>ies <strong>of</strong> the Archdiocese <strong>of</strong> Denver. Although <strong>it</strong><br />

is a Catholic outreach ministry, <strong>it</strong> is open to all who have<br />

been impacted by an abortion.<br />

Contact phone#: (720) 377-1351 or (855) 377-1351<br />

<strong>We</strong>bs<strong>it</strong>e: www.hopeafterabortion.com<br />

Rachel’s Vineyard is a we<strong>ek</strong>end retreat which <strong>of</strong>fers a<br />

healing opportun<strong>it</strong>y for anyone, man or woman - even family<br />

members - who have been affected by the emotional or<br />

spir<strong>it</strong>ual pain <strong>of</strong> abortion.<br />

Contact: Edie @ (303)4<strong>10</strong>-17<strong>10</strong><br />

<strong>We</strong>bs<strong>it</strong>e: www.rachelsvineyard.org<br />

Forgiven and Set Free is a study and small sharing group<br />

<strong>of</strong>fered by Longmont’s Life Choices. The group meets<br />

we<strong>ek</strong>ly over <strong>10</strong> we<strong>ek</strong>s in a confidential location right here in<br />

Longmont. They <strong>of</strong>fer a warm, safe environment for men and<br />

women to explore unresolved feelings and conflicts and to<br />

find healing.<br />

Contact: Lisa Koets (303) 651-2050<br />

<strong>We</strong>bs<strong>it</strong>e: www.lifechoices.org<br />


St. Francis <strong>of</strong> Assisi Catholic Church has been participating<br />

in a national effort to end the culture <strong>of</strong> death<br />

(abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell<br />

research, cloning, and assisted suicide), the<br />

Cenacle <strong>of</strong> Life. All who wish to participate are<br />

inv<strong>it</strong>ed to join us Thursday evenings from<br />

8-8:45 pm to pray two rosaries in front <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Blessed Sacrament. Members <strong>of</strong> the Cenacle are also asked<br />

to observe one day <strong>of</strong> fasting each we<strong>ek</strong> for this<br />

intention. Scripture tells us that certain evils can only be rooted<br />

out w<strong>it</strong>h prayer and fasting (see Mk 9:29). For more<br />

information, you can vis<strong>it</strong> cenacles<strong>of</strong>life.org. or call Mary<br />

Carey at 303-684-9304.<br />


Campaign <strong>2013</strong> has begun! Sacred<br />

Heart <strong>of</strong> Mary Catholic Church is<br />

collecting the tax deductible<br />

contributions again this year. The goal<br />

is to raise $4,2<strong>15</strong> for two billboards-<br />

Colorado at Broadway and Hampden/Federal, and billboards on<br />

5 Boulder buses. Please pray that these boards touch the hearts<br />

<strong>of</strong> those who see them, bringing to mind the incredible sacrifice<br />

Jesus made for our salvation! If you are interested in<br />

contributing please make the check out to Sacred Heart <strong>of</strong><br />

Mary Catholic Church. Wr<strong>it</strong>e "Divine Mercy Billboards" in<br />

the Memo line. You can send <strong>it</strong> or drop <strong>it</strong> <strong>of</strong>f at 6739 South<br />

Boulder Road Boulder, Colorado 80303.<br />

6<br />

Stewardship<br />

FEBRUARY OFFERTORY:.........$76,123.60 (4 we<strong>ek</strong>ends)<br />

If you need <strong>of</strong>fertory envelopes, or would like Electronic Fund Transfer or<br />

Cred<strong>it</strong> Card Payment, please call the <strong>of</strong>fice.<br />

Sales Earnings<br />

Gift Cards/Scrip 9,343.00 503.55<br />

King Soopers Reload 1,340.17<br />

PrestoPay Proceeds 31.60<br />

Grand Total 1,875.32<br />

Hello Everyone! During <strong>Lent</strong> we are asked to pray more<br />

which we all try to do. In last we<strong>ek</strong>'s bulletin the insert on the<br />

seven steps <strong>of</strong> prayer is excellent. Father Frank encouraged<br />

all <strong>of</strong> us to try these steps and I hope everyone is. What a<br />

wonderful guide for teaching us how to pray. The chapter on<br />

prayer in our <strong>Lent</strong>en book study is wonderful and we are<br />

learning so much in our discussion groups, plus an added<br />

bonus, we are getting to know more <strong>of</strong> our parish family.<br />

Thank You God for all <strong>of</strong> Your Blessings. <strong>We</strong> Love You!<br />

Love and Prayers, Stewardship Council<br />

<strong>We</strong><strong>ek</strong>ly Schedule<br />

Sat./Sun. 03-09/<strong>10</strong> After all Masses <strong>Lent</strong>en Book Club/ Adult Ed, ClRms<br />

Sun. 03-<strong>10</strong> 9 & 11 am Knight’s Breakfast/ PH<br />

3:00 pm Girls Theology <strong>of</strong> Body/ 3rd Gr. ClRm<br />

3:30 pm Confirmation Class/ PH<br />

6:30 pm HS Youth/ PH<br />

Mon. 03-11 6:00 pm Matthew Bible Study/ Adult Ed, ClRms<br />

Tues. 03-12 8:00 am Morning Mass/ Church<br />

8:30 am Exercise Class/ PH<br />

12:30 pm Matthew Bible Study/ Adult Ed, ClRms<br />

6:00 pm RE/ PH & Parent DVD<br />

6:00 pm MS Youth/ PH<br />

<strong>We</strong>d. 03-13 8:00 am Morning Mass/ Church<br />

9:30 am Young Mom’s Group/ Adult Ed<br />

<strong>10</strong>:00 am TORCH - CCM/ PH, 3rd, 4th gr. ClRms<br />

4:30 pm RE/ PH & Parent DVD<br />

7:00 pm ENDOW/ Adult Ed<br />

7:30 pm Choir/ Music Room<br />

Thurs. 03-14 8:00 am Morning Mass/ Church<br />

8:30 am Exercise Class/ PH<br />

6:00 am That Man is You/ PH<br />

8:30am-8pm Adoration/ Church<br />

7:00 pm RCIA/ Adult Ed<br />

8:00 pm Cenacle <strong>of</strong> Life/ Church<br />

Fri. 03-<strong>15</strong> 8:00 am Morning Mass/ Church<br />

5:00 pm <strong>Lent</strong>en Soup & Sandwiches/ PH<br />

6:30 pm Stations <strong>of</strong> the Cross (RCIA)/ C<br />

Sat. 03-16/17 After Masses TORCH Bake Sale/ Narthex K<strong>it</strong>chen<br />

After Masses <strong>Lent</strong>en Book Club/ Adult Ed, ClRms<br />

—- New Harvest Comm<strong>it</strong>ment <strong>We</strong><strong>ek</strong>end<br />

03-16 5:30 pm K <strong>of</strong> C St. Patrick’s Day Party/ PH

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong>, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Extra Special Specials: Please stock up now and pass the<br />

savings on to the Building Fund!<br />

Product/ Bonus Normal Start End<br />

Denomination % % Date Date<br />

TJ Max/Marshalls<br />

$25,<strong>10</strong>0<br />

9 7 03-09 03-22<br />

AMC Theaters $25 13 8 03-09 03-22<br />

Youth Corner Ben Schumann<br />



<strong>Sunday</strong>, <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong> — Catholicism Series<br />

<strong>Sunday</strong>, <strong>March</strong> 17 — St. Patty’s Day Party<br />


<strong>Sunday</strong>, <strong>March</strong> <strong>10</strong> — EVANGELIZATION<br />


Tuesday, <strong>March</strong> 12— T3 Bible Video Series<br />

Tuesday, <strong>March</strong> 19 — St. Joseph’s Day Party<br />

• High School Program runs from 6:30pm - 8:00pm on <strong>Sunday</strong> Nights<br />

• Junior High Program runs from 6:00pm - 7:<strong>15</strong>pm on Tuesday Nights<br />

• Confirmation Program is from 3:30pm - 5:00pm on second <strong>Sunday</strong> <strong>of</strong> month<br />

WHAT IS THE SCRIP PROGRAM?? Are you new to the<br />

parish and not qu<strong>it</strong>e sure what the scrip program is all about?<br />

Stop by the scrip / gift card counter and check <strong>it</strong> out. In a<br />

nutshell, you buy gift cards for shopping or dining and the<br />

Parish receives a percentage w<strong>it</strong>h each purchase. It really is that<br />

easy! If you don't have a King Sooper's or Safeway<br />

reloadable card, please pick one up. The in<strong>it</strong>ial cost is $50 for<br />

King Sooper’s and $<strong>10</strong> for Safeway. You can then reload any<br />

amount at the store and <strong>it</strong> will earn a percentage for our Parish.<br />

Use <strong>it</strong> for all your shopping and gas needs!<br />

Hungry for something special for breakfast?? Did you know<br />

we have several places for breakfast <strong>it</strong>ems? Why not<br />

try: The Egg and I, Perkins, or Cracker Barrel.<br />

Just want something on the run or to take w<strong>it</strong>h you?<br />

Why not try: Great Harvest, Panera, Starbucks or<br />

Ziggi's. Stop by the gift card counter for all your breakfast<br />

needs!<br />

7<br />

In your Easter Bonnet?? Did you know we have the following<br />

gift cards available for all your Easter<br />

outf<strong>it</strong> purchases? <strong>We</strong> have: Kohl's, JC<br />

Penney, DSW, Dillard's, Macy's, Gap/<br />

Old Navy/Banana Republic, Ross/TJ Max/<br />

Marshall’s as well as Walmart and<br />

Target. American Girl for doll outf<strong>it</strong>s! If you<br />

want to use your Kohl's charge card, you may<br />

use our fund-raising gift cards to pay <strong>of</strong>f your<br />

Kohl's cred<strong>it</strong> card charges later. Kohl's is the ONLY retailer<br />

that accepts gift cards to pay <strong>of</strong>f their stores charges.<br />

One day left...<strong>March</strong> 9<br />

Please remember to use Lefty’s Scrip and mention St. Francis when<br />

ordering, and St. Francis will get a 45% return for the building fund.<br />

Call Lefty’s to order at 303-652-3<strong>10</strong>0 or go to 364 2nd Ave. in Niwot.<br />

Lefty will again expand his delivery to include<br />

anywhere in Longmont for this we<strong>ek</strong>.<br />

BASIL FLATS NIGHT DATE CHANGE: Please note: due<br />

to a scheduling change for Confirmation, the Basil<br />

Flats Evening has been changed to MONDAY,<br />

APRIL 22. More details to come soon! This is an<br />

adult evening only. Hope to see you there!



303-776-0880<br />

749 Tanager Circle<br />

Construction,Real Estate,Corporate<br />

Estate Planning • Wills & Probate<br />

Affordable, attractive, productive web s<strong>it</strong>es<br />

www.ethertechs.com<br />

Rick Accountius 720-684-7558<br />

SINCE 1898<br />

303-776-2434<br />

Jesus<br />

A to Z<br />

Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS<br />

A colorful Catholic ABC<br />

book for kids and<br />

families! Includes a glossary <strong>of</strong> questions<br />

to help adults pass on their Catholic fa<strong>it</strong>h.<br />

007199 9 x 12 Hardcover<br />

$16.99 each • Special Offer — 2 for $25.00!<br />

800-566-6<strong>15</strong>0 www.wlpmusic.com<br />

Commercial General Contractors<br />

Mark Pilkington<br />

303-776-7643 Dan Krische<br />

952928 St Francis Assisi Church<br />

Helen Herman<br />

<strong>We</strong>ather changes – skin care changes 303-776-7679<br />

Embroidery - Screen Print - Signs & Banners<br />

Ad Special<strong>it</strong>ies - Heat Transfers<br />

372 Main St., Longmont, CO 80501 303-774-9260<br />

✂<br />

Please Cut Out This “Thank You Ad”<br />

and Present It The Next Time You<br />

Patronize One <strong>of</strong> Our Advertisers<br />

Thank you for advertising in<br />

our church bulletin.<br />

I am patronizing your business<br />

because <strong>of</strong> <strong>it</strong>!<br />

Handmade Rosaries, Bibles, Books, Crucifixes, Jewelry,<br />

Statues, Baptism, 1st Communion, and much more!<br />

St. John’s Gift Shop<br />

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church<br />

323 Collyer St., Longmont<br />

Hours: <strong>We</strong>d & Th. 8-3<br />

Fri. 9-12 Sat 3:30-5<br />

Sun 8-12:<strong>15</strong> 303-776-0737, ext. 134<br />


Furn<strong>it</strong>ure ~ Clothing ~ Décor<br />

Your Home for<br />

Guilt Free<br />

Retail Therapy!<br />

600 S. Airport Rd.<br />

Longmont, CO 80503<br />

Feel Fabulous Today!<br />

720-340-4<strong>15</strong>2<br />


$19.95*/Mo. - Holiday Special<br />

Toll Free: 1-877-801-8608<br />

*First three months only *Check w<strong>it</strong>h your accountant<br />

For a wide selection <strong>of</strong><br />

Catholic greeting cards,<br />

artwork, and inspirational<br />

recordings, vis<strong>it</strong><br />

www.wlpmusic.com.<br />

800-566-6<strong>15</strong>0<br />

World Library Publications<br />

the music and l<strong>it</strong>urgy division <strong>of</strong> J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.<br />

The Sponsors Who Appear On This Bulletin. It Is Through<br />

Their Support That This Bulletin Is Made Possible.<br />

Business Owners Interested In Advertising Please Call<br />

J.S. Paluch<br />

1-800-833-5941<br />

Jim Marty<br />

& Associates, LLC<br />

Certified Public Accountants & Consultants<br />

1714 Duchess Dr.<br />

303-651-0304<br />

www.jimmarty.com<br />

Ahlberg<br />

Funeral Chapel and Crematory<br />

303-776-2313<br />

www.ahlbergfuneralchapel.com<br />

Sandy’s Custom Tailors<br />


Qual<strong>it</strong>y Tailoring - Alterations<br />

• Mens Su<strong>it</strong> <strong>We</strong>dding Reline<br />

Leather Goods Formal <strong>We</strong>ar Coats<br />

Newly Remodeled Facil<strong>it</strong>y<br />

605 3rd Ave, Longmont Hours:<br />

303-651-6575 M-F 9-6 Sat. 9-4<br />

✓ 25+ Yrs. in Business ✓ Lifetime Warranty<br />

✓ Made in the USA ✓ Dr. Recommended<br />

✓ Mon<strong>it</strong>ored in the USA ✓ Price Guarantee<br />

✓ A+ Rated w<strong>it</strong>h BBB ✓ Tax Deductible*<br />

✓ Waterpro<strong>of</strong> Button<br />

Contemporary music from the hymnal<br />

Voices As One, Vol. 2<br />

Strong in Fa<strong>it</strong>h CD $17<br />

<strong>We</strong> Will Be the Light CD $17<br />

Come, Holy Spir<strong>it</strong> CD $17<br />

800-566-6<strong>15</strong>0<br />

World Library Publications<br />

the music and l<strong>it</strong>urgy division <strong>of</strong> J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.<br />

www.wlpmusic.com<br />

www.jspaluch.com For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-833-5941

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