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Steel Plant Training Course - Anfacal

Steel Plant Training Course - Anfacal

Steel Plant Training Course -

© Carmeuse Technical Training Steel Plant Training Course Section II: What is Slag? Basic Steelmaking for Electric Arc Furnaces Page 1 of 25 Introduction: A variety of lime products and blended lime products are used in the production of steel. In the electric arc furnace practice it is common to see high calcium pebble lime, dolomitic pebble lime and iron coated dolomitic pebble lime being charged over the roof in a bucket or through some type of feed system. New technologies are being developed to provide “co-jet” type injection of lime directly into the slag/metal interface for optimization of foamy slag characteristics. Pebble lime Iron coated pebble lime Lime being charged into a scrap bucket before loading scrap into the furnace.

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