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a- v. > v. instrumental prefix,<br />

perform action with the foot but<br />

not by kicking *aki'tapalli.<br />

-a1 v. let's do something. Suffix<br />

that added to the verb<br />

indicates imperative mood, first<br />

person singular inclusive (you<br />

and I). ¡Wa'anla<br />

a'waner'a chu'ken'ek!<br />

Let's stake the siamba palm<br />

tree into the ground to dance<br />

the pandilla around it (you and<br />

I)! ¡Yalli', enchu Penler<br />

pu'chukun'a! Brother, let's<br />

go fish in the Ninayacu River!<br />

¡Wiwianá, da'iyer'<br />

kualek, nanpia<br />

kenmu'shasa'! Viviana, get<br />

used to me, only the two of us<br />

will live together! (sem.<br />

domains: - Verb affixes,<br /> - Imperative .)<br />

-a2 cop. suffix that attaches to the<br />

copula verb nuka'- and<br />

indicates third person singular<br />

subject. Arakayu samersa'<br />

pektawa'su' nuka'a.<br />

Arakayu only raised fish.<br />

Sudawek i’na a’lektutek<br />

nuka’a. My husband is a<br />

teacher.<br />

a'- v. > v. to make or to have sb.<br />

or sth. do sth. Prefix that<br />

attaches to a verb to indicate<br />

causation. Wa'anler<br />

tatawek a'peklu'tullun.<br />

The chief had me call my<br />

father. Kishu ukta a'du'lli<br />

A a<br />

penkek. Jesús set the<br />

cooking pot on the fire.<br />

*a'adantapalli (*a'adantulli)<br />

vd. to return sth. to sb. Kua<br />

a'adantulek Kullan<br />

sawillinen a'la'nku'su'. I<br />

returned to Julián the machete<br />

that I borrowed from him.<br />

(sem. domains: 7.4.1 - Give,<br />

hand to.)<br />

a'adanter' vd. return it to<br />

him/her! ¡A'adanter'<br />

sawellinen Kullan! Return<br />

the machete to Julián! (sem.<br />

domains: - Imperative .)<br />

*a'adantulli *a'adantapalli<br />

*a'anu'tapalli, a'anutapalli<br />

(*a'anu'tulli, a'anutulli)<br />

vt. 1) to cut down, to fell, to<br />

make something or somebody<br />

fall. A'anu'tulli. He made it<br />

fall. 2) to abort. Luyan<br />

ka'inpu' a'anutulli<br />

ku'aperwawa. Since she<br />

did not eat what she was<br />

craving, she aborted a female<br />

fetus.<br />

*a'anu'tulli, a'anutulli<br />

*a'anu'tapalli, a'anutapalli<br />

a'cha prt. emphatic question<br />

particle. ¿Denken a'cha?<br />

Well, who are you? ¿Ma'llin<br />

a'cha kenmá? What is your<br />

name? cf: a'ta'.<br />

*a'chi'yek'apalli<br />

(*a'chi'yeklli) vt. to liberate<br />

sb. Pidir a'chi'yekllun

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