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Continuing Our Excellence:

Capital Campaign ..................2

Alumnae Profiles .............................6

Châsse of Saint Madeleine

Sophie Returns to Paris ........10

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“Look both ways

before you cross…”

As 2009 ended and 2010 began, I found my-

self in my annual position of simultaneously

looking at both the past and the future. A

little like Ebenezer Scrooge, I forced myself

to look back at what is good from our past

and at what we can anticipate in the future.

Life at Sacred Heart, overfilled as it is with

all manner of good things, is actually quite

an interesting study of both the past and

the future; and this issue of The Bridge is a

celebration of both directions.

Looking forward into the New Year,

you’ll read about the final stages of the

Campaign for Continuing Our Excellence…

Academics, Arts and Athletics as we prepare

for construction to begin on the back square

in February - March, 2010. You’ll also read

about the various Network of Sacred Heart

Schools’ Summer Service Projects, about

the National Merit semi-finalists and com-

mended students in the senior class, and

about our seniors who have had dual careers

at the Rosary and at NOCCA and who will

be leaving us to explore their love for the

arts in college. The ultimate story of “look-

ing forward” is an invitation to all Sacred

Heart alumnae and families who may ever

travel to Paris. As most alumnae know, Saint

Madeleine Sophie Barat died in 1865, was

beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1925.

In the early years of the twentieth century

when religious congregations were prohib-

ited from teaching in France, Saint Mad-

eleine Sophie’s incorrupt body was taken to

Brussels where it remained until the Feast

of the Sacred Heart, June 19, 2009. Read

how Madeleine Sophie has been returned to

the church in Paris that is very near the first

school she opened there that has become the

Musée Rodin.

Looking back, you will read reflec-

tive statements from Rosary alumnae who

are now faculty members at Sacred Heart.

These ladies knew the school as students

and they have helped the Rosary become the

animated, spirited place that it has become

today. Clearly, plus ça change, plus c’est la

même chose.

Then, you’ll read fascinating and in-

triguing stories of our alumnae “Profiles”

representing the ’70s, the ’80s and the

’90s—and you will enjoy seeing how these

Sacred Heart women have continued to dis-

tinguish themselves long after their student


years. Read the stories of a journalist, an

actress, an artist, and an art dealer who flew

in from Italy to attend a reunion party with

her Sacred Heart classmates.

Finally, in the category of how Sacred

Heart alumnae are part of an international

sisterhood of Sacred Heart women, you’ll

read the fascinating story of an alumna of

2007 who is a junior at Catholic University

of America in Washington, DC. She spent a

semester in Rome and befriended an alum-

na from our Sacred Heart school in Mexico

City. Together they explored Rome, found

Mater at the top of the Spanish Steps, and

formed a Sacred Heart friendship that will

probably last forever.

As with all issues of The Bridge, you

will see photos and updates about the lives

of alumnae and events such as Auction, the

new Avenue Marketplace begun this year,

and our traditional Reunion Weekend in

October. Enjoy reading and seeing how the

school continues to thrive in New Orleans

as it maintains its beloved traditions and

explores the uncharted territory of an excit-

ing future. Indeed we will continue to “look

both ways” before we cross over into a new

decade of Sacred Heart education.

My best wishes from this columned

masterpiece on St. Charles Avenue,

Tim Burns






Our Excellence


The Continuing Our Excellence Capital Campaign…

Academics, Arts and Athletics is the initiative that will create

a new Student Center on the back square of the Rosary

Campus. Plans include the construction of a 43,000 square

foot, two-level complex which will house the new gymnasium

and additional facilities to support athletics, physical

education, and life-long wellness programs. The project

also includes major renovations to the former Sacred Heart

elementary school on Carondelet Street which will be

reconfigured and developed to accommodate an expanded

creative arts program and a new Multimedia Center. The

entire campaign project will ensure the continuing comprehensive

learning experience at Sacred Heart with an emphasis

on bringing new skills to our students.



Sacred Heart’s new Student Center is beginning to take

shape through the incredible generosity of many. To date,

the campaign has raised $9 million of the $10 million dollars

needed to complete the project. We are so close to our

goal, that we hope the many dedicated parents, alumnae,

grandparents and friends who have not yet given will help

us to complete the campaign soon.


In the summer of 2009, Mater Hall, which sustained

heavy damage in Hurricane Katrina, was demolished.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, the wooden

exterior of the bridge over Carondelet Street was

taken down. During the Christmas holidays, the

steel support structure was removed leaving only

the former elementary school building intact

but gutted and ready for reconfiguration. The

back square construction site was filled and test

pilings were driven in December. Our Building

Committee has met with the architects and

plans have been submitted for bid. We expect to

start driving pilings and pouring the foundation

for the new gym in the near future.



MuLTIMEDIA COMING TO THE NEW STuDENT CENTER by Charles Illanne, Media Consultant

When most people think of the Arts — music, theatre and

visual arts are usually the first forms that come to mind.

However, in today’s technologically driven world, we are

exposed to many more forms of what is called “multimedia.”

Multimedia encompasses video production, photography,

graphic design, the web or a combination of the above.

Video Production consists of on-camera talent, cameramen,

directors, producers, and writers, and photography

may consist of photographers as well as those who want to

work on the processing of digital images. graphic design

combines writing skills with graphic layout, and in most

cases, includes the use of photos. The internet provides an

easily accessible means of distributing all types of multimedia.

We continue to prepare for all aspects of the Arts, and

specifically the preparations on the new multimedia center.

Located in the former elementary school, our multimedia

center will give students a truly unique experience

where they can showcase their creativity. Students will

have the opportunity to learn about, hear about, and take



A glimpse of our future production studio.

part in numerous forms of “new media” through handson

training. The center will include: a production room,

High Definition studio cameras, utilization of green screen

technology for set design, and computer stations for video

editing, digital photography and graphic design.

When fully operational, the center will give faculty and

students the ability to produce their own video segments

and stream those shows over the web or author to DVD,

record video and audio from each of the three music rooms

or go “in the field” to record school functions. In addition,

a series of guest speakers will be brought in not only so the

students can hear about the multimedia job market, but

also to give them the opportunity to prepare, record and

package eye-catching interviews.

How big is multimedia today?, a video

sharing site, receives 100 million video postings and over

300 million hits per day. gets 4 million visits

per day to their home page, and utilizes all forms of media

to deliver their message.

In the past, you would rarely see young native New

Orleanians on local TV newscasts. Today, every station

boasts a few home-grown talents on camera to go with

many behind the scenes production and sales staff. One

such local news talent is Fox 8’s, Jennifer Van Vrancken ’89,

a Sacred Heart alumna.

The possibilities for such a facility are endless and our

students will gain extensive experience that will set them

apart should they choose to study broadcasting or new media

arts at the collegiate level.



Over the Christmas break, I got word from Sacred Heart that the capital

campaign for the new student center on the back square is 90% com-

plete. Coop and I are obviously thrilled that Sacred Heart is almost at its

goal, and that so many people have stepped up to make this happen.

However, what really drove it

home for us was when our daugh-

ter May overheard me talking

about the new gym Sacred Heart

is building. She almost flipped!

She's only in 1st grade, and I ex-

plained that the new gym was go-

ing to be on the other campus and

that it would be ready in a couple

of years. She was so excited about

being able to use it when she gets

to the 5th grade. It hit me that

this project is becoming a reality,

and it will directly benefit her. She

Cooper and Ellen Manning

and the other girls will be playing

volleyball, dancing, singing and learning life skills in a new state-of-theart

Student Center that was just a dream two years ago. When I told her

all of that, she was beside herself. “We're getting all that great stuff?!?

I can't wait,” were her exact words.

What a great opportunity we're giving these young girls! The things

they'll learn and do in this new arena will help shape them into strong and

purposeful women — women who will make a difference in their world.

Good going, everyone. We're doing a great thing!

“What a great


we're giving

these young girls!”

— Ellen Manning




Over the past two years, the AT&T Foundation

has donated $125,000 to advance the technol-

ogy programs at the Academy of the Sacred

Heart in New Orleans. Benefiting the school’s

entire technology initiative, the AT&T contri-

bution funded the replacement of faculty lap-

tops/tablets and upgraded classroom comput-

ers and servers in the 2008-09 school year.

Moving forward, AT&T grant funds will help

meet the technology needs of the new multi-

media center planned for the back square

project. The partnership between AT&T and

Sacred Heart has enabled the school to con-

tinue its role of providing young women with

state-of-the-art training in the technology

needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

We are especially grateful to Leo Marsh,

Regional Director of External Affairs for AT&T

and the father of Helen Marsh (Class of 2015),

who was instrumental in bringing his company

and Sacred Heart together. We applaud AT&T

for their commitment to education, workforce

readiness and technology in the classroom.

We thank them for being a major corporate

sponsor to Sacred Heart and for setting an

example of what can happen when business

forms partnerships with education.

THE BRIDGE | | WINTER 2010 09 5


Valencia Scott Colombo entered Sacred Heart in 1968 shortly

after schools in New Orleans were desegregated. She was the

second African-American to attend the Rosary. Classmate Missy

Lacroix remembers what an asset Valencia was to their class.

“I remember her beautiful, constant smile, sunny disposition, voice

like an angel, her discipline in the classroom and that great giggle!

She was a focused student and participated in all areas of our

school community. As our class looks back at our years together,

we realize now more than in 1972 how courageous Valencia was

to attend the Rosary…and how we all benefitted from her modest,

but brave leadership.”

Valencia has many fond memories of her years at the Rosary,

but admits that it was a difficult time to be an African-American

student in a predominantly Caucasian school.

After graduating in 1972, Valencia attended Loyola University

where she pursued a degree in Music Therapy and Voice with

a minor in Piano. In 1975, she transferred to the University of

New Orleans and studied Early Childhood Education. During the

summer of 1977, she attended the Innsbruck Program in Austria

and took advantage of being in Europe to travel to France, Spain,

germany and Italy. It was during a side trip to a Murano glass

factory in Venice that she met her future husband giancarlo

Colombo. She moved to Venice in 1978 and worked in the fashion

industry for 25 years, managing designer stores including Fendi,

Missoni Sport and Etro Boutique Venice.



Valencia Scott Colombo ’72

Valencia now works for the Contini galleria d’Arte as the art

consultant and vice-director to the owner. With the advantage of

speaking three languages, she is routinely involved in the translation

of art critic essays from Italian to English for exhibition catalogues

and press reviews. She and giancarlo have a son, Daniel

Peter, who has completed his Master’s Degree at Harvard University

Kennedy School of government, so they travel to the United

States at least once a year to visit family and friends. Although

Venice is home, Valencia and giancarlo hope to buy a second home

in New Orleans one day and spend part of each year in the States.

Valencia believes that she received an excellent education at

Sacred Heart that stimulated her to become an independent and

autonomous woman. She feels that the Rosary encouraged her to

be someone who could make a difference in the world. She encourages

people to travel and learn about other cultures which she feels

promotes understanding and tolerance. She says, “The best advice

I can give any young woman today, and especially a Sacred Heart

graduate, is to aim at achieving your goals, and aim high. Feel

like you can do anything you set your mind to doing, and don't

let anything or anyone stand in your way. And yes…we can break

those glass ceilings.”

“Feel like you can

do anything you set

your mind to doing, and don't

let anything or anyone stand

in your way.”


India Stewart inspires with her artwork. Her beautiful jewelry,

sculptures and ornaments appear all over town in gift shops, on

internet sites and as commissioned keepsakes for civic organizations

and schools.

How did she become so successful? India says she followed her

heart. She always loved to paint and create things but had done

it mainly as a hobby, making Christmas gifts. Then, when she

was in a position where she needed to support herself, she realized

she could turn her passion into a lucrative business. She had never

created sculpture, but when playing with the medium to help her

daughter create something for her teacher, things just started to

happen. “If you have the desire to do something, go ahead and try

it. Don’t talk yourself out of it,” India advises.

“Pay attention to

what the desires of

your heart are.”

India Stewart ’70


provides. “I can meet people who are years younger or years

India gets her inspiration from the Bible and nature. “god is

the author of the Bible and the author of creation,” she says. “You

can see amazing spiritual principles demonstrated in nature.”

When a particular piece of Scripture means a lot to her, she uses

her art as a way to share that meaning with others. Her lovely

designs include butterflies, calla lilies, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs

and banana leaves. She says it is difficult for her to choose a favorite

design, because each is special to her for a different reason. What

gives her the most satisfaction is hearing from those who have

acquired one of her pieces, how it has had special meaning for

them, touching their lives and giving them joy.

When not designing, India enjoys playing musical instruments

and teaching Bible study. She also cherishes time spent with her

family—her husband of 20 years, John, and her two children—

daughter Pearce (also a Sacred Heart graduate) and son, Adrien,

who is in charge of marketing of her business.

As a graduate of Sacred Heart, India feels very connected to

the community. She loves the sense of family and camaraderie the

older, and when we discover we are both children of the Sacred

Heart, there is an instant bond.”

For those interested in design and in any other field, India has

these words of wisdom: “First of all, pay attention to what the

desires of your heart are. If you have a passion, most likely god

has gifted you with that. If you pursue that, it will bring prosperity

and purpose to you and will bless others in your life as well.”

By Lisette Bayle ’83



Jennifer ’89 & Vanessa ’95 Van Vrancken 1995and be their own person. That self-assuredness would lead her to

apply for a position as news reporter at KPLC-TV in Lake Charles,

LA where, on her first day, she was told to write, edit and tape a

news story. She then moved on to anchor and report the news

at stations in Montgomery, AL and Memphis, TN before moving

back to New Orleans. She has covered significant news stories

from traveling to New York within the week of the September 11th

terrorist attack to traveling back to New Orleans after Hurricane

Katrina. She decided to move home in 2006 to work with FOX 8

knowing there was no more important story to cover as a journalist

than the recovery and rebuilding of her home town.

Some of her fondest memories of Sacred Heart include eating

lunch on the gallery with friends, introducing the governor of

Louisiana as her class' graduation speaker, and traveling to Rome

as part of the Sacred Heart Network's celebration of the Canoniza-

The Van Vrancken sisters have careers that put them in the public

tion of St. Philippine Duchesne. She is excited about the plans for

spotlight on a daily basis. Jennifer (’89) is a television anchor and

the new arts and media center at the school, and feels that it will

news reporter for local channel FOX 8 WVUE-TV, and Vanessa

enable today’s students to explore careers and develop skills that

(’95) is an actress who spends much of her time on stage on Broad-

will prepare them for the jobs of the future.

way. While they have taken different paths, both women have

Vanessa’s passion was, and continues to be, performing. This

pursued careers that feed their passion.

all began while performing in theatre productions at the Rosary

Jennifer entered Sacred Heart in the 9th grade as the winner

and Jesuit High School, as well as theatres around the city. While

of the Janet Erskine Stuart Academic Scholarship, and feels that

in Upper School taking academic classes at Sacred Heart, she also

she was encouraged to develop her strong writing, speaking and

attended NOCCA to develop her dance technique. Fond Sacred

leadership skills from an early age. In Upper School she was a

Heart memories include choreographing winning Rally Night

member of the Quiz Bowl Team, served as Class President sopho-

routines with Ainslie Blanke (’95) and winning multiple events at

more and junior years, Student Council President senior year and

Speech and Debate tournaments on the State level.

was elected governor of Louisiana girls' State. Having received a

She moved to NYC 13 years ago on a full scholarship to the

strong English foundation at the Rosary and with an interest in

American Musical and Dramatic Academy. After graduating,

politics and current events, Jennifer entered Tulane Law School

Vanessa began auditioning in NYC and started landing jobs. Now,

after college and pursued a career as an attorney. She later turned

not only is she living her dream, but she gets to share it with the

her ability to write well, edit and tell a good story, and speak on

world. She has performed in forty-seven states, seven countries, in

the spur of the moment into a more fulfilling career in television

two languages, and has been a part of over forty-five productions.

broadcasting. She credits Sacred Heart for giving her an excellent

She feels her Sacred Heart education prepared her for these experi-

educational foundation with access to AP classes which enabled

ences by encouraging independence and confidence to pursue this

her to place out of an entire semester in college.


Jennifer values the fact that the school leadership was open to

Vanessa encourages students to learn a language, learn to play

new ideas and encouraged young women to think for themselves

an instrument, and travel. Her advice is “Be yourself, and DON’T

follow the crowd!” She feels the new arts center will be a great

resource for helping girls to develop their creative talents.

The Van Vrancken sisters are thankful to their parents for

making the decision to send them both to Sacred Heart, and they

and don't follow

credit their support for helping them to become the successful

individuals they are today.

“ yourself,


the crowd.”




For the past four months I have had the privilege of living and

attending school in Rome, Italy. It was a chance of a lifetime that

helped me grow spiritually as well as mentally. I experienced a

world completely different from my own, and really stepped outside

my comfort zone. I met people who had a simpler way of living

because they chose to do without things we find to be necessities.

Transitioning to the Italian way of life was not hard at all, in fact, it

was quite simple. I really give credit to my Sacred Heart education

for how my experience turned out. Whether it was Literature class

comparing authors, or being exposed to the difficulties of life in

Morality class, I was always taught to seek understanding of that

which was different from my own life. In this way, I could really

value and appreciate the Roman lifestyle. It is something unique

that I actually fell in love with and cannot wait to return.

Eleanor McAuliffe ’07

One of my most memorable experiences in Rome happened

a month after arriving. I was taking a cappuccino break from

my Italian lesson with a girl from my class, Karla. She was from

Mexico City and we were both giving a sort of biography of our

lives to one another. Of course knowing there was a Sacred Heart

school in Mexico City, I was about to ask her if she had heard of

Sacred Heart when she said to me, “I went to this all-girls school,

they have one in New Orleans, maybe you’ve heard of it, Sacred

Heart?” My jaw dropped and when I told her that I went to the

Rosary, she was astonished as well. Out of anyone in the entire

world, here we were, two Sacred Heart girls having a cappuccino

together in Rome. We of course discussed Mater, how we both

cried when we went to see her for the first time, and compared the

similarities and differences on how our schools celebrate the various

feasts such as Mater and St. Philippine Duchesne.

After that afternoon, I felt as if I had extended family with me

in Rome. It was an amazing feeling to know that I had a “sister”

there whom I could talk to and count on. Unexpectedly, we always

ran into each other while in Rome and we joked that it must be

Mater bringing us back together continually. It was also nice to

know that Karla valued Sacred Heart as much as I did, and how it

really is our society that is special, not only individual schools. She

agreed with me that Sacred Heart not only gave her the education

to end up studying in Rome, but the courage to explore beyond

her own life. After graduating in 2007, I never thought I would

encounter something as special as Sacred Heart in my life, but I

was wrong because it is because of Sacred Heart I can have extraordinary

things happen to me.

Eleanor McAuliffe at right and Sacred Heart alum from Mexico City

“ is because of Sacred Heart

I can have extraordinary

things happen to me.”





Madeleine Sophie Barat was born in Joiny, France, ninety miles southwest of Paris.

growing up in a simple home of a wine-cooper, she received a rigorous classical

education from her brother Louis, a Jesuit. Furthering her education in Paris, she

learned from Father Joseph Varin of plans to start a congregation devoted to education

and the revelation of god’s love through devotion to the Sacred Heart. In

1806, Madeleine Sophie was elected Superior general of the Society she founded,

an office she held until her death. On this year’s Feast of the Sacred Heart, she

returned to Boulevard des Invalides, to

the Sacred Heart Chapel in St. Francis

Xavier Church, footsteps from the first

school she opened in Paris (1820), now

Musée Rodin, where she worked, prayed,

and died.

Her return to Paris after 105 years in

Barat home on Rue Davier where Madeleine

Sophie was born 230 years ago.


Brussels was a joyful and celebrated event

attended by many RSCJ and friends

including Sr. Muriel Cameron.

In the first decade of twentieth century France, the government renewed its drive

for laicization and enacted a series of laws of Separation that closed establishments

of the religious. The law of July 7, 1904 barred religious congregations from

teaching. With the expulsions, more than 2,500 Religious of the Sacred Heart left

France. The incorrupt body of Madeleine Sophie was brought to Jette-Saint-Pierre,

Brussels, home to her Society since 1834. Beatified in 1909, Madeleine was placed



St. Francis Xavier Church, Paris, the resting

place of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Sister Florence de la Villéon, Provincial

of France and Sister Barbara Rogers,

Headmistress of Newton Country Day School

of the Sacred Heart.

Site of the first Sacred Heart School

Madeleine Sophie opened in Paris (1820),

now Musée Rodin, on Boulevard des Invalides.

in a reliquary or châsse in the Jette chapel. Following several moves to different

houses of the Society within the city of Brussels, she was transferred in 1998 to the

community chapel of Reu de l’Abondance in an immigrant section of the city.

A decade later, Sister Clare Pratt, Superior general 2000-2008, announced

that after thoughtful consultation and research, the Provincials of Belgium-

Netherlands and France proposed a final resting place for the foundress saint—the

Church of St. Francis Xavier in the Paris diocese that introduced the cause of her

beatification. The parish church, open to the public, makes the châsse accessible to

the international community of Religious, alumnae, students, and friends.



The Liturgy for the Installation of the Châsse of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat was

presided over by André Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris. Almost 2,000

international travelers gathered in the Church of St. Francis Xavier, including Sister

Kathleen Conan, Superior general of the Society; the parish priest of Joiny; members

and friends of the Barat family; the Paris Provincial of the Jesuits; and Religious

of the Sacred Heart representing more than 2,700 Religious in 43 countries.

In a moving ceremony that marked the reception of the châsse into the parish of

St. Francis Xavier, the shroud covering the reliquary was lifted by the Provincials

of Belgium-Netherlands and France.

In the presence of their foundress, the Religious of the Sacred Heart, wearing

orange stoles, gathered at the altar steps to individually renew their vows in one of

the three official languages of the Society: English, French, and Spanish. A banner,

with seven bands representing the French cities with Sacred Heart schools and

with meridians and parallels intersecting the logo of the Society to add worldwide

character, was raised in honor of the Installation.

“The presence of this saint who created a new form of apostolic life, founded

on interior life and union with the Heart of Christ, will remind each of us of the

beauty of the mission to educate youth,” said Monsignor Chauver of St. Francis

Xavier parish. “Her presence will increase in us the desire for holiness.”

Reprinted with permission from Newton Country Day School

The date of transfer to Paris is significant, wrote Sister Prat in 2007. “It marks 100

years since the end of the expulsions from France, the last Religious of the Sacred

Heart having left Conflans in 1909. It is significant that she, whose missionary

desires were never able to be satisfied, would have a final resting place in a parish

dedicated to the patron of missions.”

Sister Françoise Belpaire, Provencial of Belgium-Netherlands addressed the loss

of the “presence and closeness of the châsse, as a departure rather like the absence

of a member who leaves the family that welcomed her.” However, she added, “by

returning to the places where she lived, she will be restored to the universal church.”

Sister Belpaire; Sister Florence de la Velléon, Provincial of France; and Sister

Françoise greffe, coordinator of the Installation; accompanied St. Madeleine

Sophie from Brussels to Paris.

Pictured from left to right are Joan Magnetti,

RSCJ, Muriel Cameron, RSCJ, Grace

Butler, RSCJ, Rosemary Sheehan, RSCJ,

and Eleanor MacLellan, RSCJ outside of

St. Francis Xavier Church, Boulevard Les

Invalides, Paris, June 19, 2009.




In late March of 2008, I received my acceptance

letter to Sprout Creek Farm. I

was ecstatic, naturally; wildlife and the

outdoors had always been special to me, and

I was ready to live a simple lifestyle. This is

exactly what Sprout Creek Farm gave me. I

gained a stronger faith in god, tons of new

friends who I still consider my sisters, and

that simple lifestyle that I had been yearning

for. At the farm, we milked cows, fed

the animals, built a gazebo for a new tree

orchard, gardened, laughed, milked the

goats, laughed some more and had the best

time of our lives. Now you might ask who I

am referring to as "we." That’s simple. The

Network Summer Service Projects bring together

Sacred Heart students from all over

the country; it might sound cheesy, but it

is very strange how we are all connected.

Starting conversation was easy with these

girls because we had so much in common:

Mater masses, class rings, cache-cache,

Coeur de Jésus, goûter, surprise congés, and



By Elise Landreaux '11

Editor’s note: The Sacred Heart Network Summer Service Project is in its 19th year of offering

programs to students and faculty that enrich their commitment to “social awareness that impels

to action.” In 2009, over 171 Network students from 19 Sacred Heart Schools participated in

the eleven Summer Service Programs offered. The Rosary had four students participate. Elise

Landreaux and Gabrielle Broders went to Chicago for the “Juvenile Justice” program. Maria

Willhoit traveled to Poughkeepsie, New York to live and work at “Sprout Creek Farm,” and

Grace Heidel participated in the “Bays to Waves” program in San Francisco. To learn more about

all the programs, contact Sue Heidel, Upper School Community Outreach Coordinator.

all of the many other Sacred Heart traditions.

By the end of this trip I felt fulfilled

by god and couldn’t be happier when I got

home to keep up communications with my

new "sisters." It was one of the best experiences

of my life.

Due to my utter love for the farm, the

next summer (my sophomore year) I decided

to attend another Network Summer Service

Project. However, this one was quite different.

It was held in Chicago where we learned

about the Juvenile Justice System. At first

this project was a letdown for me. Why you

might ask? Well, we didn’t do any physical

work, and I didn’t feel like I was making a

difference. However, after many meetings

with important Cook County employees,

a visit to juvenile court, and cleaning up

a school in the projects, everything came

together, and I was hit with a wave of emotions.

I realized that this was much, much

different then the farm. It was a more complicated

issue that you had to learn about

before entering into and getting your hands

dirty. Toward the last day, I was changed

inside, and I still am. It gave me a strong

sense of gratitude realizing that my life is

really not bad at all (even when I get that

failing test grade back). After coming home,

I would not let myself complain about my

life knowing that I could have it 100 times

worse. I also gained a stronger sense of faith

and made many friends who I am still in

contact with. In fact, one of them came

down to New Orleans on our exchange program

for three weeks in October. I was her

host sister, and we had a blast together.

I would recommend taking a look at

these Network Service Projects—they are

life-changing. Now I can’t force you to do

this, but I will end on this note. I know that

I would be a completely different person if I

had not attended these projects. They mean

the world to me, and I hope that everyone

could have experiences like this.

Sprout Creek Farm

The Sacred hearT faculTy iS compoSed

of many alumnae who have reTurned

To The roSary To Teach or work aS

STaff. over The nexT few iSSueS, we

will feaTure TheSe ladieS and Share

Som e of T h e i r T hough TS on w h aT

Sacred hearT meanS To Them.

Taylor Legendre Houser

'97 Rosary

Taylor, our new Alumnae Director, came to

Sacred Heart in Upper School. She remembers,

“Betty Constantin, the former Lower School

religion teacher, was my neighbor and she was

always talking about the wonderful things the

Sacred Heart girls were doing at school. They

always seemed to be having such a great time. I came to visit and

knew then that this is where I wanted to be! I love coming to work

every day and being back at Sacred Heart. The atmosphere is like

that of a family, and it is so warm and welcoming. My job is wonderful

— I get to re-connect with many of my ASH friends and

help our alums stay connected to Sacred Heart.”

Barbara Ramirez Alpaugh

’76 Rosary

Barbara has been teaching the toddlers for the

past five years. She started her life at Sacred

Heart in the fifth grade and continued all the

way through her senior year attending the

Sacred Heart school in greenwich, CT during

a semester in Upper School. Barbara says, “I

am very proud to be part of this school. Coming to work is a joy because

everyone I work with is nice. I feel that it is more than a job...

it is a vocation. I also love the fact that I can teach my faith and at

the same time renew my faith and inner child.” Barbara closes by

saying, “I made and continue to make the most important life-long

friends at ASH. I never underestimate the value of friendship and

the love and support they have given me.”

Kay Farrell Higginbotham

’74 Rosary

Kay attended ASH from prekindergarten

through 12th grade. For the past six years she

has been the Little Hearts/Preschool/Primary

School Division Head and before that taught

music in the Primary School for 24 years. Her

mother attended a Sacred Heart school and

Kay admits that “with three RSCJs as aunts and one great aunt

as an RSCJ, it was just part of our family’s decision that I would

attend too.” Her daughter Kellen Higginbotham Ranger ’01 also

attended the Rosary. Kay admits, “I love working at ASH because

of the people and the students. My passion to teach music was truly

a gift, and I had so much fun sharing that talent with the students

for 24 years. Moving into administration provides me with an opportunity

to motivate teachers and students about the importance

of a Sacred Heart education and the value of the goals and Criteria.”

Kay says, “When I was teaching music, I use to say ‘no one

should have this much fun at work!’ Now, as an administrator, I

stand in awe of the mission of Sacred Heart education and how it

influences young women and the professionals in its midst.”

Lacey Crawford Lanier

’98 Rosary

Lacey attended Sacred Heart from pre-primary

(now kindergarten) through 12th grade.

She feels that “working at Sacred Heart is a

lot like having a second family. It is so much

more than a job. Everyone here really wants to

make a positive difference. The support and

kindness shared are like nowhere else. Whether you are discussing

how you execute a lesson plan, or suffering a personal tragedy, the

faculty and staff truly care about you and your well-being. We all

try to focus on the goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart and live by

them. From making hearty snacks, to the manners of the month,

there are core values that everyone holds dear. I started teaching

at Sacred Heart in 2005 right after Katrina. I was married in the

Chapel the Friday night before the storm, and returned a few

months later to start our belated school year and my first year of

teaching the toddlers. god must be smiling, because I have come

full circle. I started my life at Sacred Heart in kindergarten with

Erin Sabludowsky and Connie Berner. I had the opportunity to coteach

with Connie Berner in nursery, and I am currently teaching

prekindergarten with Julie DesRoches. After taking some time off

to have my baby, I found myself here once again after the loss of our

beloved Sister Carmela Parisi last year. Logan, my 18-month-old

daughter is happy at ASH-FIN, and I can’t wait for her to join me

on the Mater Campus.”



avenue markeTplace –

chriSTmaS in ocTober

Marketplace Chairmen:

Mary Belle Connick and Colleen Barber

October 22, 2009 — This new fundraiser

for the school sold out a seated luncheon

sponsored and catered by Clancy’s

and included a full day of festivities, food,

music and shopping. The holiday marketplace

featured over 110 merchants. With

over 400 people in attendance, we were

able to raise a net income of approximately

$20,000. Congratulations to the

committee that organized this premier

event: Mary Belle Connick and Colleen

Barber, Valerie Bayle, Julie Ann Connick,

Denise Galloway, Ingrid Garvey, Kelley

Good, Anne Guillot, Charlotte Hebert,

Erin Leutkemeier, Sarah Ott, Beth Owens,

and Wendy Thomas. Special thanks

to our sponsors: Mary Beth Rittiner —

State Farm Agent, New Orleans Party

Rentals, Brian and Mary Larson and all

of our volunteers.

Members of the Marketplace Committee:

Beth Owens, Ingrid Garvey,

Kelley Good and Valerie Bayle.




November 7, 2009 — With bright lights in front of the New York skyline

and a musical performance by Flambeaux, the Nims Fine Arts Center was

transformed in a New York minute into the Big Apple. While sipping on their

“South of Manhattans,” over 300 guests served as the studio audience for

a very entertaining performance by our host and auctioneer Bryan Batt.

A standing ovation goes out to our generous sponsors: Whitney National

Bank, East Jefferson General Hospital, Wells Fargo Advisors, Mediterranean

Tile and Marble and Frischhertz Electric for underwriting an event

that auctioned off over 160 items with a net profit of $103,000. Patrons

bid on diamond jewelry, sports memorabilia, creative class creations,

MADMEN memorabilia and trips to New York and Las Vegas! The night

would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our

2009 Auction Committee: Machele Payne, Jennifer Hardie, Kellie Hardie,

Ann Mitchell-Wypyski, Doran Roemershauser and Kristy Vanderbrook. We

also want to applaud our sponsors, donors, faculty, staff and volunteers

who worked hard to make this a fundraising success for the school.

Live Auction winner Eric Skrmetta putting that final bid in on the Pajama Party.

Special thanks to our in-kind sponsors who provided us with so many

generous items that were essential to the evening’s enjoyment: Air Effects/

Sky-Tracker, LLC, The Antoine Family and Artisan Fine Wines, Bourbon

House, Brown Forman Spirits, Bryan Batt, Crystal Clear Imaging, Chef

Greg and Mary Sonnier of Gabrielle’s at the Uptowner, Dickie Brennan

and Company, ETC!, Flavorbox Catering, Houston’s,

Le Bon Vie Studio, Lisa Musso Film Catering, Lucky Dogs, New Orleans

Party Rentals, Pepperoni Café, Ristorante Filippo, The Plant Gallery, The

Royal Sweet and Walter J. Barnes Electric Company.



Eight students and three faculty members

from the Rosary joined students and faculty

at Newton Country Day School of the Sacred

Heart in a collaborative Campus Ministry

project. The Rosary freshmen, sophomores,

and juniors were hosted by Newton student

members of Campus Ministry: A. Nilles ’10,

C. Nilles ’11, L. Henderson ’11, K. Marano

’12, K. Neuberger ’12, C. Hewins ’13, E.

Strachan ’13, and g. Tricomi ’13.

The National Merit Scholarship Corpora-

tion announced the names of approximately

16,000 Semifinalists in the 55th annual National

Merit Scholarship program. More than

1.5 million high school juniors in more than

21,000 high schools entered the 2010 competition

by taking the 2008 Preliminary SAT/

National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

Semifinalists represent less than 1 percent of

all high school seniors and include the highestscoring

entrants in each state. Semifinalists

will now try to advance to the finalist level of

the competition. Approximately 8,200 finalists

eventually will receive merit scholarships

for college undergraduate study. About 90

percent of the semifinalists are expected to

become finalists, and about half of the finalists

will win a National Merit Scholarship and

earn the title of Merit Scholar. Merit scholars

will be announced in the spring of 2009.

Arriving on Saturday, November 7, Rosary

students, Shelley Tompkins ’11, grace

Heidel ’11, Caroline Reed ’12, Hannah

McIntyre ’12, Mae Lobrano ’12, Liza Seelig

’13, Katie Escousse ’13, and Darby Cressy

’13 spent the weekend touring Boston and

the surrounding area with their host families.

While at Newton, the visitors attended classes

with their host sisters and worked closely

with Campus Ministry committee members

and faculty. They observed and discussed

the various aspects of Campus Ministry that

include class and all-school service projects,

retreats, and the Upper School Chapel services

held each Wednesday morning.

The Rosary team departed for New

Orleans, excited to share Campus Ministry

ideas and projects learned in collaboration

with their Newton peers.


Rima AbiSamra, Caroline Bologna,

Margaret Forshag, Alison Harrington,

and Libby LeCorgne



Pictured above are seniors who attend the

New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts

(NOCCA). From left to right they are:

Emma Caffrey – Vocal Music, Kelle Ory –

Jazz guitar, Ashley Milanese – Vocal Music

(classical voice), Aubrey Adams – Musical

Theatre, and Corinne DiLeo – Vocal Music.

The girls take their academic classes in the

morning at the Rosary, and then leave school

to attend classes in their artistic concentration

in the afternoon.

academy of The Sacred hearT announceS naTional meriT Semi-finaliSTS

National Merit Semi-finalists are pictured in the front row from left to right: Rima AbiSamra,

Caroline Bologna, Margaret Forshag, Alison Harrington and Libby LeCorgne. Top: Commended

Scholars: Taylor Daigle, Caroline Pellerin and National Hispanic Scholar: Caroline Crumley.

Commended Scholars:

Taylor Daigle and Caroline Pellerin

National Hispanic Scholar:

Caroline Crumley




Young alumnae return to the Rosary to speak to the seniors.

ASH second-grader Wesley Warren won the NFL's

Play 60 Super Kid contest, met Drew Brees

and went to the Super Bowl. To see more visit:



Senior Ellie Quinn was selected by her peers to

portray Mater.

Atherton students visited ASH while in New Orleans to help with rebuilding efforts.

The Academy of the Sacred Heart Board of Trustees.



January 2010 — The Academy of the Sacred Heart announces that the

Edward E. Ford Foundation has awarded the school a matching grant of

$50,000 to support a neighborhood outreach initiative. For each new or increased

gift to the Annual Fund, the Foundation will match dollar for dollar

up to $50,000 making this a $100,000.00 grant award. The funds for this

grant will support the needs of a low SES (Socio Economic Status) section

adjacent to the Back Square. The funds will specifically be used for the establishment

for an outreach program for the new arts and athletics center.

Only new and increased gifts between November 19, 2009 and December

31, 2010 will count towards the matching challenge. Let the challenge begin.

Please contact the Development Office for more information at 269-1210 or

you can make your secure gift online at



December 2009 — The Academy of the Sacred Heart was awarded $15,600

from the Mitchinger Gittinger Harper Family Foundations towards the

school’s Global Education Initiative. The initiative provides student exchanges

in collaboration with the International Network of Sacred Heart Schools

and faculty professional development in the area of global education.


Congé – “Heart Hat Zone”

April 18, 2010

Congé Chairman Ingrid Garvey and Co-

Chairs Mary Belle Connick, Michele King

and Sara Ott invite you to celebrate

the Spring Fair on the back square of

the Rosary Campus. Come out to enjoy

music, games, shopping, food and drink

with your family and friends.

Headmaster’s Circle Dinner

May 5, 2010

Come join this special group of do-

nors* and enjoy an elegant evening in

the courtyard of the Rosary Campus.

Dionne Bloemer and August Robin

(Mother and Grandfather of Catherine ’13

and Caroline ’14) generously underwrite

this fantastic affair with cocktails and

dinner by Restaurant August. It’s a night

not to miss!

*Donors who contribute $1,300 or

more to the Annual Giving Fund are

included in the Headmaster’s Circle.

(see our ad on the inside back cover).

For more information about special

events or how you can get involved as

a sponsor or a volunteer, contact the

Development Office at 504-269-1232.



Academy of the Sacred Heart Cross Country

Team celebrating their 4th straight State

Championship Title.



Cross Country team with winning trophy.


Emily Tixier sprints to a 5th place finish at the

2009 Cross Country State Championships.

Coaches Jenny and Greg Caro celebrate their 4th

straight State Championship.

Helen Marsh – Helen Marsh swimming in the

finals of the 100 yard Breaststroke.

Helen Marsh swimming in the finals of the

100-yard Breaststroke.

Brooke Buras puts up a “Big Block.” Brook was

selected All-District, All-Metro and All-State.

Kristie Chalmers goes up high for a “Kill.”


coach: Kara Martin

Team roster: Bella Barré, Bond Bordelon,

Elizabeth Burvant, Clerc Cooper,

Victoria Fox, Emily gundlach,

Megan Jackson, Courtney LaChute,

Helen Marsh, Katie McDougal,

Emily Olivier, Elizabeth Selden,

Victoria Selden, and Lucy Simon

megan Jackson was a bronze medalist

in the 200M Free and 500M Free

200m im relay Team won the bronze

medal: Victoria Fox, Emily gundlach,

Megan Jackson, Elizabeth Selden

200m free relay Team won bronze also:

Clerc Cooper, Courtney LaChute,

Katie McDougal, Emily Olivier

Coach Kara Martin and the Swim Team

celebrate winning State Runner-Up.

Volleyball State Championship Team. Top Row: Brandon Ecker (Coach), Jason Aucoin (Trainer),

Daniela Delgado, Kristie Chalmers, Brook Buras, Caroline Dienes, Maddie LaForge,

Katherine Moody and Mike Barnes (Coach). Bottom Row: Taylor Granito, Amy Fok,

Molly Phayer, Katherine Fleming, Taylor Staub, Lauren Holmes, and Margaret Viator.


coaches: Mike Barnes and Brandon Ecker

Trainer: Jason Aucoin

Team members:

Seniors – Kristie Chalmers, Molly Phayer, Taylor Stulb

Juniors – Brook Buras, Daniela Delgado, Caroline Dienes, Katherine Fleming,

Taylor granito, Maddie LaForge, Katherine Moody, Margaret Viator

Sophomores – Amy Fok and Lauren Holmes




Anne Storey Carty ’59 — retired as the

founding headmistress of The Regis School

of Sacred Heart, Houston in 2006. Since

then she spends 5 1/2 months a year on

Cape Cod. Her daughter is traveling the

world, and she and her husband Paul are

going to meet her in Brazil and go to Argentina

with her. Her son is teaching Theology

at B.C. High School and coaching freshman

football and rugby.

Anne Gregory Gonsoulin ’61 — Anne

and her husband relocated to Breckenridge

after Katrina. She says, “Moving was quite

an unexpected change, but one with lots of

new adventures. I work part time in Denver

as a Marriage and Family therapist and am

studying Jungian Psychology. I am also an

affiliate faculty member of Regis University

and teach one class a semester in their Master's

of Counseling and Marriage and Family

Therapy Program. Mother Bush's English

classes continue to be the foundation for my



study and teaching. Our Class of 1961 had

a fun dinner together last fall, and we are

already planning for our 50-year graduation

celebration in 2011. My five children are

scattered around the country and my three

grandchildren, all under the age of 3, are

the new loves of my life.”

Nancy D'Albora Zuker '61 — is living

in sunny California. She has four married

children and 10 grandchildren. She is

“loving life” and looking forward to her 50th

reunion next year.

Beth Kelly Cook ’65 — for the past 35

years, Beth has been married to husband

Walter and lived near Toronto, Canada. She

spent decades in the IT industry before escaping

five years ago to play full-time with

books and her garden. Her small garden

design firm, Sweet Results, provides much

entertainment during her retirement. She is

a Master gardener and has recently received

the Horticulturist Certificate from the

University of guelph. She enjoys sharing

her knowledge with the public and helping

solve the gardening problems presented by

contemporary urban environments.

Karen Killeen Daly ’78 — is staying busy

and working on a 50th birthday party for the

Class of 1978 next fall. Please contact Karen

at if you are interested in

participating. Karen says, “there is a new

AASH alumnae group in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel

Hill area. Mary Grace Magee

Sellars '77 and I are involved. The group

meets every other month on a Saturday—

just for fun. Next meeting is Saturday,

March 13 at my house. Anyone in the area

who is interested should contact me.”

Christy Verges Peachey N.D., CNHP ’89 —

is a Doctor of Naturopathy and a certified

Natural Health Professional practicing in

Mandeville, LA.

Lisa Tahir ’89 — is a psychotherapist in

private practice and also a custom glass

artist. She was recognized by New Orleans

Magazine in 2007 as a Top New Orleanian to

watch. She has taught cast glass techniques

around the world at Pilchuck glass School,

Urban glass in NYC, Penland School of

Crafts, and at Toyama glass School in Japan.

Lucinda Iglesias ’90 — After 10 years in

the financial industry, Lucinda is excited to

be the manager of business development at

Offsetters Clean Technology, Inc., Canada’s

premier provider of high quality climate

solutions for individuals and businesses.

Offsetters has been recognized and endorsed

by leading industry experts such as the

Pembina Institute, Environment Canada

and the BC government. Offsetters is the

official carbon supplier to the Vancouver

2010 games. Lucinda looks forward to en-

joying many of the 2010 Winter Olympic

events in Vancouver where she has been living

for the past 15 years.

Liza Llampay Skipwith ’90 (child of the

Sacred Heart) — is the Director of Counseling

Services and the Upper School Counselor

at Colorado Academy, an independent

school in Denver. The beautiful campus

spans 95 acres and overlooks the Rocky

Mountains. This is her fourth year at the

Academy, and her husband is the Head of

School at Bishop Machebeuf High School

in Denver. Their nine-year-old son Sebastian

has become the avid ice hockey player,

and their 6-year-old daughter Sofia is playing

soccer and enjoying the great outdoors.

They love getting away to the mountains to

ski, and enjoy outdoor sports with the kids,

but they miss NOLA as well.

ASH Alumnae (class of 1990), "Sacred Heart

girls" living in Denver, CO, Penny Eppling

Fisk (child of the Sacred Heart), Molly Kemmerly

Sorrenson '90, Liza Llampay Skipwith

(child of the Sacred Heart), and Suzan Downing

Sclove '90.

Keegan E. Chopin ’92 — In June 2009,

Keegan left corporate America and started

her own general civil litigation practice in

Houston. She and her husband Joey David

are excited to announce that they are expecting

their second child in July 2010.

Charlotte Jacob Dawson ’93 — has been

living in Brunei Negara Darussalem for the

past three years, a small country in Southeast

Asia on the island of Borneo; however,

she and her family will soon be moving

to China. Over the past 11 years, her husband's

career has brought them from New

Orleans to Houston to Brunei and now to

Beijing! The ex-pat lifestyle is one their family

has enjoyed. She says, “day-to-day life is

much the same in terms of routines, but the

daily sites are so different from home. We

see hornbills, monitor lizards and monkeys.

The weather is tropical year-round, so imagine

living in New Orleans summer all the

time! You get used to it though. Culturally,

we live amongst Malay Muslims or ethnic

Chinese. All the people here are friendly

and warm-hearted. It is generally a smalltown

existence but with a cultural twist.

The best thing has been the opportunity for

travel. We've now been to eastern Australia,

Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, Bali in

Indonesia, Kuala Lampur (KL) in Malaysia,

and Singapore. Beijing promises to be a

very different Asian experience and we are

looking forward to our move and new life

in China!”

Haven Leclere Ilgenfritz ’94 — and her

husband Carter and have moved back to

New Orleans. She is working at Capital

One Bank as Vice President and Advisor

—Treasury Management—U.S. Corporate.

They are busy raising two boys, C.T., who

is five and Brooks is three years old.

Arie Roth Kaller ’94 — completed a Bachelor’s

Degree from Alabama, her Master’s

Degree from Southeastern Louisiana, and

a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in

Oceanography and Coastal Sciences. Preceding

her graduation, she married Matthew

Kaller in a ceremony held at Sacred Heart.

She is working for the Department of Interior

at Minerals Management Service.

Rebecca McAlear ’94 — is living in

NYC and works in advertising at Ogilvy

as Program Manager on the global Avon

account. She is an active member in the

New York City Junior League and sits on

the fundraising committee which hosts two

major events a year to raise funds for the

Playground Improvement Project.

Ann-Marie Heslin ’95 — serves as the

Director of Zoo-To-Do Events for Audubon

Nature Institute. She is also co-chairman of

the Junior League of New Orleans' "Kids

in the Kitchen" community project, and is

on the Sacred Heart Alumnae Board. She

holds other memberships in the Southern

Yacht Club, Young Leadership Council

and the greater New Orleans Phi Mu

Alumnae Chapter.

Carissa Kerner Falter ’96 — has a fouryear-old

son Jack and a 14-month-old

daughter Chloe. She owns a Medical Supply

company named Urosource L.L.C and has

been in business for 3 1/2 years. She and

her husband Paul live in Lafayette, LA and

their son Jack will be starting St. John Berchman's

school in grand Coteau (the boys

Sacred Heart school) in the fall of 2010.

Their daughter Chloe will be joining him at

ASH grand Coteau in 2011!

Consuela “Connie” Green ’97 — is an

attorney in Baton Rouge and is pursuing

a Master’s Degree in of Public Administration

at Louisiana State University. She recently

co-founded the Baton Rouge affiliate

of Dress for Success, an international notfor-profit

organization that promotes the

economic independence of disadvantaged

women by providing professional attire, a

network of support and the career development

tools to help women thrive in work

and in life.

Parker May

Katherine Eagan May ’97 — has recently

completed her residency in Internal Medicine

and is currently working for the VA

Hospital in Jackson, MS. She and her husband

Blake and two- year-old son Parker,

recently traveled to Hershey, PA to visit her

sister Margaret Eagan Patterson ’98 and

visit with her new baby. Parker loved being

in the snow and meeting his cousin Patrick.

Margaret Zainey Roux ’97 — is thrilled

to announce that her business, Style Editor

Designs, has opened a retail location inside

Agora galleries on Magazine Street in

New Orleans.



Kylee Krida ’99 — is the new Director

of Sales for the Holiday Inn Express &

Suites just north of Seattle, Washington.

She has branched out of non-profit work

to acquire in-depth sales experience. As

Director of Sales, Kylee will direct big

business corporate and government sales

efforts to grow market share by streamlining

effective sales strategies. Prior to entering

the hospitality industry, Kylee was the Event

Planner for Z Special Promotion & Event

Management on Mercer Island. While there

she managed large scale fund raising galas

for non-profits in Seattle. Her background

in non-profit and government agency work

spans four years, prior to that she worked in

the publishing industry for five years. Kylee

is engaged to be married, next fall, to an

army medic currently serving in Iraq.

Sara Beth Geoghegan ’00 — released her

CD "Tired of Singing Sad Songs" in April

and has been touring the country doing shows,

and online marketing on iTunes and CD

Baby and her website,

Courtney Trufant Sutton ’00 — and her

husband Brett have recently started Flavor

Box Catering Company. They very generously

donated delicious sandwiches to the

2009 ASH Auction.

Daniella Cagol ’01 — Has been living in

the UK after a year of traveling around the

world. She recently completed a Master’s

Degree in Magazine Journalism. She is

heading a new website as the Chief Online

Publishing Editor and freelancing at other

London sites as a fashion journalist/writer.

She will soon start working for WOUND

Magazine in the UK, and will be the

“new voice” of the Nibbati girl Editorial

Site, a designer line of a NOLA resident

based in Miami.



Francesca Perkins

Maria Linares Klaffky ’01 — was married

this past July in Antigua, guatemala to Stephen

Klaffky. One of her bridesmaids was

Sacred Heart graduate Camille Burke ’01.

Stephen is from glastonbury, Connecticut

where they now live. They met in D.C.

while Maria was an undergrad at george

Washington University and Stephen was

a law student at georgetown. Maria is a

preschool teacher and Stephen is an attorney

in Hartford.

Danielle Long ’01 — just completed her

first semester at Columbia University where

she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Arts

Administration. In May 2008, her boyfriend,

Bradley King, proposed while in

Florence, Italy. They are planning a New

Orleans wedding for 2010!

Francesca Perkins ’01 — graduated from

Fordham University Law School and passed

the New York State Bar examination. After

taking a celebratory bar trip to Bangkok

and Chiang Mai, Thailand, she began working

as an attorney at the New York offices

of the international law firm of Chadbourne

& Parke LLP where she is a second year litigation


Amelia Fromherz ’04 — spent last summer

in Lebanon working in a hospital in Beirut

and ran into her religion teacher from ASH

Upper School, Ramsey Harik. Amelia is in

her second year of medical school at LSU in

New Orleans.

Kingsley Blum '05 — graduated from

the University of georgia in May '09 with

Bachelor’s Degrees in Anthropology and

French. She is currently on the Island of

Reunion off of the coast of Madagascar

teaching English until April 2010 through

the Teaching Assistant Program in France.

Kingsley was in New York for most of August

and September of 2009 where she spent

time with Sarah Landrum ’05, who is living

and working there, and Willa Marquis ’05.

Elisabeth LeBlanc '05 — is working in

the same Teaching Assistant Program and

will be teaching in a French town near the

Swiss Alps.

Elizabeth Spangenberg ’05 — graduated

from the University of San Diego in May

2009 and was commissioned as an ensign

in the U.S. Navy. She is stationed on the

USS Vandergrift, a guided missile frigate in

San Diego. They will deploy for the Persian

gulf this year.


Friday, March 26, 9:30 am

Alumnae Baby Party

Sunday, April 18


Friday, June 11, 5:30 pm

Feast of the Sacred Heart

October 15-17, 2010

Reunion 2010

(honor classes end in 0 and 5)




2009 2009 Alumnae Alumnae Award Award Recipients, Recipients, Marguerite Marguerite

Kern Kern Kingsmill Kingsmill ’74 ’74 and and Donna Donna Fraiche Fraiche

Tim Burns and Sr. Lillian Conaghan,

RSCJ RSCJ at at the the 50-year 50-year luncheon luncheon

Class Class of of 2004 2004 with with Dr. Dr. Burns Burns



Sr. Sr. Mary Mary Blish, Blish, RSCJ RSCJ and and Sr. Sr. Jane Jane McKinlay, McKinlay, RSCJ RSCJ accepted accepted

the the the Alumnae Alumnae Alumnae Award Award Award plaque plaque plaque in in in memory memory memory of of of Sr. Sr. Sr. Carmela Carmela Carmela Parisi, Parisi, Parisi,

RSCJ RSCJ from from Betty Betty Smith Smith Sullivan Sullivan ’65 ’65

The The Class Class of of 1959 1959 at at the the 50-year 50-year luncheon luncheon

The The Gumbo Gumbo Trio Trio performed performed for for the the Jazz Jazz Luncheon Luncheon

Class Class of of 1959 1959 presented presented their their class class gift gift of of new new

podiums podiums for for the the Mater Mater Campus. Campus.

Margaret Margaret Margaret Margaret Kessels, Kessels, Kessels, Kessels, Anne Anne Anne Anne Delery Delery Delery Delery Comarda Comarda Comarda Comarda ’75, ’75, ’75, ’75,

Jenny Jenny Jenny Comarda Comarda Comarda ’04, ’04, ’04, Meg Meg Meg Kessels Kessels Kessels Grady Grady Grady ’89 ’89 ’89

Class of 1989

Avenue Singers at Mass

Adair Adair Kingsmill Kingsmill ’08 ’08 and and Allison Allison Kingsmill Kingsmill ’08 ’08

The The Rosary Rosary Alumnae Alumnae Board Board

Class Class Class Class of of of of 1994 1994 1994 1994

Rosary/Barat Rosary/Barat College College alumnae alumnae celebrated celebrated their their reunion reunion at at the the Family Family Mass Mass

Class Class of of 1979 1979

Joan Joan Walet Walet Hartson Hartson ’55, ’55, Holley Holley Flournoy Flournoy ’79, ’79,

Sr. Sr. Betsy Betsy Hartson, Hartson, RSCJ RSCJ ’55, ’55, Connie Connie Hartson Hartson Winsberg Winsberg ’82 ’82




Charlotte Rebecca Tanet ’90

To: Constantine Frank Nicoladis

Suzan Downing ’90

To: Benjamin Sclove

Monique Marie Mars Mugnier ’95

To: Marcello John Lombardi

Tealy Tuffs Dipple ’96

To: Taylor Hewgley

Megan Friday Auer ’97

To: Kevin David Micale

Rebekah Harris ’99

To: Nathan Abraham Aronson

Lauren Elizabeth Ahearn ’99

To: Nicholas Joseph Tarantino

Jennifer Brooke Lacey ’99

To: Kendall Henri Chauvin

Allison Todd Russell ’00

To: Ryan Lee Waldron

Maria Gabriela Linares ’01

To: Stephen Klaffky

Jennifer Nicole Curole ’02

To: Matthew Vernile greco

photo by Sandra O'Claire

Jessica Thérèse Morrison ’03

To: Douglas E. Hogan

Kate Marinaro ’04

To: Daniel Joseph Holden

Sarah Ruth Gniady ’05

To: Samuel Bass

Gniady Gniady - - Bass Bass Wedding Wedding



Russell Russell - - Waldron Waldron Wedding Wedding

Linares Linares - - Klaffky Klaffky Wedding Wedding

Auer Auer - - Micale Micale Wedding Wedding

Curole Curole Curole - - - Greco Greco Greco Wedding Wedding Wedding



Celeste Harris LaForge ’87

8th child, 3rd girl (Helena Marie)

Joann Wax Collins ’89 (A)

2nd and 3rd children, 1st and 2nd girls

(Erin Kathleen, Colleen Patricia)

Gionne Graetz Celbi ’90

1st child, 1st boy (Elias Mehmet Noah)

Royceann Brechtel Fugler ’90

1st child, 1st boy

Connie Lanassa Shannon ’90

4th child, 2nd girl (Chloe)

Meryl Tracey Andry ’91

4th child, 4th girl (Adelaide Catherine)

Kate Crassons ’92 (B)

1st child, 1st boy (Henry Peter Mayer)

Keegan Chopin David ’92 (C)

1st child, 1st boy (george Solomon)

Julie Brewer Habetz ’92

3rd child, 3rd girl (Courtney Anne)

Meredith Gattuso Ballart ’94

3rd child, 2nd girl (Caroline Wilson)

Kelley Howard Gill ’94

2nd child, 2nd girl (Olivia Anne)

Beth Landis Hester ’94

2nd child, 1st boy (James)

Emilie Lapeyre Krut ’94

2nd child, 1st girl (Eva Therese Krut)

Claire Babineaux Medo ’94 (D)

2nd child, 1st boy (Christopher “Otto”)



Sarah Poitevent Porter ’94 (E)

1st child, 1st boy ( John Cheairs “Jack”)

Allison Hayden Bush ’95 (F)

1st child, 1st boy (Ethan “James”)

Betsy Poitevent Reinhart ’95 (G)

2nd child, 1st girl (Helen grehan)

Johanna Guenther Sims ’95

twin boys †

Julie Guste Danna ’95 (H)

3rd child, 3rd boy (Stephen guste)

Kristin Danneman Albert ’96 (I)

2nd child, 2nd boy (Jonathan William)

Stephanie Carbon de la Houssaye ’96 (J)

1st child, 1st boy

(Maxwell Lemoine “Max”)

Tricia Kastle Miller ’96 (K)

2nd child, 2nd girl (Marigny Leigh)

Therese Wax Tournillion ’96 (L)

1st child, 1st boy (george Brady)

June Watkins Andre ’97 (M)

4th child, 3rd boy (James “Nash”)

Christy Carr Gernard ’97 (N)

2nd child, 1st girl (Allie Claire)












Courtney Carbon Garrett ’97 (O)

1st and 2nd boys, 1st girl (Jack Harwood,

Oliver Francis, Ellie Marceline)

Marley Miller Morris ’97 (p)

2nd child, 1st boy (Charles “Brunson”)

Courtney Blouin Moss ’97

1st child, 1st girl (Campbell Catherine)

Julie Gamble McGoldrick ’98 (Q)

2nd child, 2nd boy (John Christian “Jack”)

Jai-Anne Nungesser Miller ’98

1st child, 1st girl (Mallory Eleanor)

Margaret Eagan Patterson ’98 (R)

1st child, 1st boy (Patrick Hughs)

Aimeé Ehrlicher Sedky ’99

1st child, 1st boy (Alexander Thomas)

Katie Porter Gallagher ’01

1st child, 1st boy (Egan Paul)

† Deceased








Frank C. Allen – husband of

Cynthia Church Allen ’55, brother-in-law

of Cathy Church (former RSCJ)

Ann King Bradshaw ’77

Cynthia Niklaus Brown ’72

Mary Virginia Brown ’58

Linda Derbes –

mother-in-law of Elizabeth Stone Derbes ’89,

grandmother of Emily Derbes ’18

Carl James Dicharry, M.D. –

husband of Lynn Festorazzi Dicharry ’51

Beth Henican Durant ’47 –

mother of Ann Durant Rossi ’74, sister of

Ann Henican Babington ’49♥, Pat Henican

McIntyre ’53, aunt of Leslie McIntyre

Metarko ’77, Odette McIntyre Hankins ’78,

Marie Babington Thomas ’79,

great-aunt of Hannah McIntyre ’12

Ernestine Ellender –

mother-in-law of Sandra Schmedtje

Ellender ’59, grandmother of Catherine

Ellender Kennedy ’89

Benjamin Eshleman – brother of

Kay Rapier, uncle of Anne Campbell

Rapier ’88 †, Jane Rapier Spence ’94

Kelsey Favrot – daughter-in-law of Kay

gibbons Favrot ’53, sister-in-law of Kathleen

Favrot Van Horn ’77, Caroline Favrot

Trube ’79, aunt of Katie Van Horn ’03

Nathalie Ganucheau Ewing ’46 –

mother of Susan Ewing Herbst ’78

Grace Schexnayder Gough *

Bessie Haydel – mother-in-law of Linda

Jackson Haydel ’59, grandmother of gigi

Haydel graffagnini ’91, Madeline Haydel

Price ’95, Sara Bess Haydel ’97, Marianne

Haydel Walsh ’99, Dominique Haydel ’03,

Suzanne Haydel ’07, great-grandmother

of Marian graffagnini ’22 and Madden

graffagnini ’24



Don W. Heiple – husband of Mildred

Magee Heiple ’42, brother-in-law of

Marjorie Magee grosberg ’39

John O. Humphreys, Jr. – father of

Yvonne “Holly” Humphreys ’77

Dennis Lauscha –

grandfather of Evelyn Ann Lauscha ’25

Catherine Liberto –

mother of Camilla Liberto grau ’92

Barbara A. Lloyd ’64

Alvena Smith Lupo – grandmother of

Francesca Marfese Smith Lupo ’09

Carolyn Goins Martin*

James J. O’Connor – husband of

Chee Chee Charbonnet O’Connor ♥♥ *,

brother-in-law of Ninette Charbonnet

Eastman ’73, Alice Charbonnet Thornhill ’77

Michael Kenneth Reed –

son of Magda S. Alfonso ’59

Matthew Rhinehart –

nephew of Leslie Schroth*

Matthew Thomas Savoie –

son of Lori and Bobby Savoie,

brother of Mallory Savoie ’06

Dr. Thomas Saul, Jr. –

husband of Sue Kalkhurst Saul ’59

Carol Schatzman –

sister of Cathy Schroeer Burns ’66 ♥♥,

sister-in-law of Timothy M. Burns, Ph.D.*

Mark Seeland –

uncle of Shealynn Neve ’13

and Elana Neve ’15

Twin Baby Boys Sims –

sons of Johanna guenther Sims ’95

Rose Marie Ancaroni Tomlinson ’57 –

sister of Jean Ancaroni Mordaunt ’60,

Cheryl Ancaroni Armand ’66

Rosalie Taormina Smythe –

mother of Donna Smythe Walker ’64

and Daria Smythe Swinnah ’66

William C. Terral, M.D. – grandfather of

Lauren Terral ’11 and Megan Terral ’14

Walker Tucei –

father of Michelle Tucei Mannino ’88,

grandfather of Isabella M. Mannino ’19

Paul Weber — father of Machelle Payne,

grandfather of Kathryn Payne ’17,

grace Payne ’19 and Libby Payne ’23

♥ Exited Alum

♥♥ Associate Alum

† Deceased

* Faculty/Staff of ASH

Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Adams, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Adams, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Luis Baños, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Barber III

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Barreca

Mr. and Mrs. gregory C. Bensel

Dr. and Mrs. Barry g. Blank

Ms. Dionne Bloemer

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Bohn

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bologna

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Bonura

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Broders

Mrs. Carole B. Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cahn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Charbonnet

Mr. and Mrs. Corey D. Chimento

Drs. Leslie and george Chimento

Mr. and Mrs. Dane S. Ciolino

Mr. and Mrs. george W. Clay

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Connick

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Connick

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Cossich, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Davidson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. DeMarcay III

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. DesRoches

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Ellsworth

Mr. and Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Fleming, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrew Flower

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Frischhertz

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Frischhertz

Mr. and Mrs. Philip gagliano

Mr. and Mrs. David M. gaines

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. William R. galloway

Mr. and Mrs. glenn A. garaudy

Mr. and Mrs. James garner

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. garvey

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton C. geary

Mr. and Mrs. William A. good

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle F. graffagnini




August, Besh Steak, La Provence and Lüke


Dr. and Mrs. gregory P. guerra, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Shane guidry

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Haddad, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Hardie

Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Hebert

Dr. Valerie Hemphill and Dr. Philip C. Hemphill

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hines

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Hoefer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Hoefer

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hotard

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hughs III

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.

Judge and Mrs. Robert E. Jones III

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold F. Kaulakis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Kavanaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Keiser

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Kelly, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. King

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kingsmill III

Mr. and Mrs. gary L. Laborde

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. LaChute

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Lagarde III

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Lama

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Landry

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Lawless

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton D. LeBlanc

Mr. and Mrs. glenn J. LeBlanc

Judge Joy Lobrano and Mr. Francis Lobrano

Mr. and Mrs. Hans g. Luetkemeier

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Maniscalco

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Manning

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mannino II

Miss Katherine E. Manthey

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Masson

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip May

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. McCormack

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McDermott, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre

Mr. and Mrs. Evans M. McLeod

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Medo

Mr. and Mrs. gunther R. Michaelis


Join the Headmaster’s Level at $1,300 or upgrade now.

Annual Fund Headmaster’s Circle Dinner

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Academy of the Sacred Heart Courtyard

Call 269-1232 for more information.

Courtesy of Mr. August Robin

(grandfather of Catherine Bloemer, Class of 2013

and Caroline Bloemer, Class of 2014)

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton L. Middleton III

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Milanese

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Milano

Dr. and Mrs. Chad W. Millet

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Murphy, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. gregory L. Neve

Mr. and Mrs. Newell D Normand

Mr. and Mrs. george H. Nusloch III

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer V. Ott

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Owens

Mr. and Mrs. John W. R. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pellerin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Pitt

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Rabalais, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier

Mr. and Mrs. M. Davis Ready

Mr. and Mrs. James Reiss III

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Rosinia

Dr. Stephanie Sarrat and Mr. Henry J. Crocker

Mr. Stephen Scandurro

The Schott Family

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Sewell

Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Silvia, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. gerald F. Slattery, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Salvadore V. Spalitta

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stumm, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Merritt Talbot

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Terral

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tixier

Mr. and Mrs. Numa J. Triche

Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Tufton

Mr. and Mrs. Vinnie Varisco

Mr. and Mrs. Stafford J. Viator

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Benton Vickery III

Mr. and Mrs. gregory J. Waguespack

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Waring

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Wypyski

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Yarborough

Dr. Sarah Yockey and Mr. James Yockey

Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Zimmer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Zimmermann

4521 St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70115

The Bridge

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The Academy of the Sacred Heart

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(504) 891-1943 or visit our web site at


Timothy M. Burns, Ph.D.

Editor/Director of Communications

Elizabeth G. Manthey


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Lisette Bayle ’83

Elise Landreaux ’11

Eleanore McAuliffe ’07

Board of Trustees

Stafford J. Viator, Chair

Marguerite Kern Kingsmill ’74, Vice-Chair

Gerald F. Slattery, Treasurer

Salvadore V. Spalitta, Secretary

Byron A. Adams, Jr.

Scott M. Bohn

Kathleen Gibbons Favrot ’53

William R. Galloway

Melanie Guste, RSCJ

Gregory G. Johnson

Paul B. Kavanaugh

Elizabeth Becker Laborde ’88

Lauren R. Lagarde

Maureen Little, RSCJ

Frank M. Maselli

Mary Matalin

Evans M. McLeod

Chad W. Millet, M.D.

Lucie Nordmann, RSCJ

Michael Q. Walshe, Jr.

Jay Frank Zimmer

Catherine Bisso Howard ’70, Past Chair

Timothy M. Burns, Ph.D., Ex-Officio

Lillian Conaghan, RSCJ, Honorary

Jeri L. Nims, Honorary

Director of Admission

Christy Sevante

Director of Alumnae

Taylor L. Houser ’97

Director of the Capital Campaign

Suzanne Koerner Terrillion ’85

Director of Development

Monica Gelé

Director of Annual Giving

and Special Events

Elaine de la Houssaye Hardie ’99

Database/Office Manager

Darci Reggio

Alumnae Association president

Kelly Cowan Ellis ’86

Fathers’ Club president

Jim MacPhaille

Mothers’ Club Co-presidents

Liz Landry and Betsy Sterkx

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