LookbookAustria 2009 - Triumph International


LookbookAustria 2009 - Triumph International



Austria 2009

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Style 08 Ruth Kubyk - „Äffin“

Style 11 Julia Scharl - „Frida Kahlo“

Style 12 Sophie Skach - „Sophie Germain/Mathematikerin“

Style 20 Doris Bujatti - „Podest“



Austria 2009


Austria 2009

Unter dem Motto Icons startet Triumph zum zweiten Mal den

ersten und einzigen internationalen Design-Dessous Wettbewerb-

den Triumph Inspiration Award. Weltweit wetteifern Studenten

aus über 20 Ländern und Regionen aus den weltweit

besten internationalen Modeschulen und Universitäten um

das schönste BH Design. In einer aufregenden Fashion Show in

Mailand im September wird der Sieger des Triumph Inspiration

Awards 2009 gekürt. Dem Sieger winken EUR 15.000,-, für den 2

sowie 3 Platz gibt es ein Preisgeld von EUR 10.000,-, respektive

EUR 5.000, sowie die Produktion und der Verkauf des Sieger-

Styles in einer „Limited Edition“.

Modeschule Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf in Mailand

Für Österreich geht die international renommierte Modeschule

Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf unter der Leitung von Frau Univ.

Prof. Dr. Gerda Buxbaum an den Start. Über 80 BH-Designs wurden

von den StudentInnen enworfen. Die 20 besten Designs finden

Sie in unserem Lookbook. Wir bedanken uns bei Frau Univ.

Prof. Dr. Gerda Buxbaum, Ihrem Team und Ihren StudentInnen

für die tolle Dessous-Kunst die wir Ihnen präsentieren dürfen.

Photostory mit Isabella Wunsch

Für die Photostory haben wir uns für ein Model entschieden, das

selbst in der Modeschule Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf studiert

und heuer seinen Abschluss macht. Wer kann besser Mode vor

der Kamera präsentieren, als eine Studentin die selbst Mode

designed. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass ein junges Design -

Talent auch gleichzeitig sein Talent als Model entdeckt hat.

Der Stil der Photo-Story wurde den Designs angepasst. Klar reduziert

und stark im Ausdruck. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass

Isabella Wunsch die Designs so ausdrucksstark und mit dem nötigen

Selbstbewusstsein vor der Kamera präsentiert hat. Wir

setzen auch hier ein klares Statement, dass wir den Kreativ

Nachwuchs in allen Positionen fördern.

Förderung des Kreativ-Nachwuches

Triumph ist der Spezialist für Design, Fashion, Cups und Größen.

Mit diesem globalen Wettbewerb wollen wir überall wo

es Triumph gibt den Kreativnachwuchs fördern. Dem Team von

Triumph hat es unglaublich viel Spass gemacht mit der Modeschule

Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf zu kooperieren, die für

Österreich ins Rennen gehen wird. Denn die Freude und die

hohe Professionalität, die der gesamte Lehrkörper, die StudentInnen

& Last but not Least Frau Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerda Buxbaum

an den Tag gelegt haben, ist eine tolle Inspiration für das Team

von Triumph. Es ist jedes Design für sich so wunderschön und

einzigartig, dass es für die Experten-Jury sicher sehr schwer

wird ein Sieger-Design zu küren. Das Team von Triumph hält für

das Finale am 16. Juni allen Finalistinnen & Finalisten fest die

Daumen und wünscht viel Glück und Erfolg.

Wir wünschen allen StudentenInnen

der Modeschule Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf viel Erfolg.

Ihr Triumph Team


Style 01

Inspired by czarina Katharina II.

The Russian oppulentans spendid fashion and

lifestyle of the 18th century under the powerfull

reign of czarina Katharina II. I created this

ensemle of handmade crochet lace combined

with mink fur.

DESIGNby Grass





Inspired by the Amazon

The reason I‘ve chosen the Amazon is because

she‘s complex and contrary. A martial woman is

both feminine, masculine, fragile and strong.

Not only that she has this mixture of properties,

which a real Icon should have, but also her

contrariness is an inspiration and her story is a

myth, which makes her even more fascinating.


by Schlesinger


Style 03

Inspired by Grace Jones

I chose Grace Jones as icon because of her

unique appearance. She unites male and female

charactreristics in an unexpected, surprising

constellation. Her exotic and strong personality

stands not only for a life dedicated to the show

but also for disregarding any conventions.


by Milleder


Style 04

Inspired by the „Steinhaus“(Stone House) by

Günther Domenig

I choose the „Steinhaus“ from the famous austrian

architect Günther Domenig as the icon for

my project. It is a very representative building

from the architectual style deconstructivism.

I used the typical attributes of the deconstructivism

for my designing process: a dynamic

architecture/ no alignment and no symmetry/

forms and elements are overlapping each

other/ no right angle/ an architecture without

rules. The most important materials of the

„Steinhaus“ are stone, metal and glass and i

imitated them with gray neoprene, silver silk

and transparence fabric, reinforced with metalrods.

The „Steinhaus“ is an exciting building

for me, because I like the style of deconstructivism,

the dynamic and mainly the variety of



by Hutterer


Style 05

Inspired by Madame Pompadour

My icons are the age of Barokoko, Madame

Pompadour and the Venetian Carnival. The elegance,

opulence, and glorious of these different

examples influenced my work and give me

inspirations for my concepts and models. I’am

aimed to get these elements in an esthetical

fusion with variant materials.


by Perkhofer


Style 06

Inspired by cycle of life

Simple pictures, sophisticated matter.

Icons are a sort of communication that everybody

understands. Out of signs they become

symbols- stories. This story is about growing up

and gaining experience. My personal icon.


Style 07

Inspired by Marie Antoinette the Queen of


I wanted to give the Woman who wears it a

feeling of pleasure and make her look like an

Icon of splendid Beauty and Sensuality.


DESIGN by Kubyk


Style 08

Inspired by stone-age living

Back into apelive, doesn´t include stone-age

living, of course we can´t go back to that.

But we should look back on our relatives, the

monkeys, on their social system, caring about

the others, should be much more important

these days.


Style 09

Inspired by Helena of Troja

Underwear with greek appearance and stucco


My design is inspired by the timeless but also

fatal beauty of Helena of Troja. I have transformed

her iconographic image of marble and

stone into statical arrangements of folds with

stucco applications.


DESIGN by Mayer


Style 10

Inspired by Anais Nin and June Miller

My Icons were Anais Nin and June Miller, who

represent the perfect picture of the 1920s for

me. They stand for feminity, strength and lust

for life. In my design i have tried to combine

the materials lace and knit-ribbons to give the

feminine body a graphical appeal

DESIGN by Scharl


Style 11

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

Through her personality and her paintiags, she

won over generations ouer.

The bra foluses on her mexican origins and on

her very vivacious and hearty Character. The

Panty deals with the very painful and fearful

Part of her Life.


DESIGN by Skach



Inspired by Sophie Germain

My design is an hommage to Sophie Germain,

the first female mathematician. Her life and

her work inspired me as she never let somebody

dissuade her from the fascination of mathematics.

She introduced me to the beauty of

mathematics so that I’m now studying it

as well. It is not proofed yet if the Sophie

Germain primes of the type 2p+1 continue in

infinity. Nobody knows if there are infinite of

them or not. With my 4metre long tulle band

printed with these prime numbers I want to

emphasise this not proofed mystery of infinity.

On the opposite side of the bra, Sophie Germain

herself is looking at her 200 years old work.


by Surugiu


Style 13

Inspired by Giulietta Masina in Frederico Fellinis

film „La Strada“

The ensemble that I have created is inspired by

the actress who plays the innocent girl, Gelsomina,

in Fellinis film „La Strada“. I have tried

to interpret Gelsomina’s role using, basically,

the accessories attached to her in the film.

With these elements I composed the design for

the bra and the slip. The black hat, the red

nose, the top with stripes, the wig, the trum-

pet and the balloons symbolize the circus scene

in which Gelsomina plays the main role.

I created these objects in different fabrics and

colors and added them to the bra with laces

and cords. Some of the elements are loose, so

that they can move with the motion of the

body. The ensemble shall illustrate on the one

hand the easiness of humor and on the other

hand the sadness which characterize the role

of Gelsomina/Giulietta Masina in this film.


by Strasky


Style 14

Inspired by Dance of the Knights of

Sergei Prokovief

My design is inspired by music of the ballet

Romeo&Juliet by Sergei Prokovief. I chose

especially one piece called „Dance of the

Knights“, which describes the encounter of the

Montagues and Capulets at the ball. I tried to

show the grandeur and the power of the music

through the main colours – dark berry red,

night blue – and the subtle, marvellous melody

through the gathers which are supposed to

move like cloaks billowing in the dark...


by Nostitz-Rieneck


Style 15

Inspired by Mary as loving mother

I have chosen two different kind of net fabrics,

to express Mary’s complexity. On one hand

she is a loving mother a reasonable woman and

a matured person. On the other hand she is

Mary the Virgin: innocent naïve shy. Sympathy,

strength and grace is combined in one person

and so in every woman.


by Steinacher


Style 16

Inspired by Ernst Haeckel „Third Dimension“

Ernst Haeckel was a german zoologist and philosopher,

who made Charles Darwin´s work popular

in Germany. He supported and extended

his theory of evolution.

His drawings were useful to the visual support

of his scientistic work. These pictures have

been a big source of inspiration to me. The nylon

tube, which I used for my design is a very

deformable, fine material that reminds me of

three dimensional lace. It harmonizes wonderful

with the nature drawings.


Style 17


by Kössler

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay

The Ensemble is inspired by Sonia Delaunay.

She founded the Oxphism out movement, noted

for it´s use of strong colours and geometric



Style 18

Inspired by Siegmund Freud

As my Icon I have chosen Siegmund Freud because

everything relating dreams is and was

alwys something really impressive for me and I

think it´s remarkable that Freud could discover

some important theories about such a complex

issue. In my Underwear I try to show the different

ways of connections our dreams between

our memories and adventures, wich break out

from our subconscious mind.


DESIGN by Diwold


Style 19

Inspired by the fertilization of plant life

Insects are essential for the fertilization of

plant life and therefore embody the female

creative power. You must consciously pay attention

to them because they fit perfectly

into their natural surroundings. Their subtile

beauty fascinates me about it. In certain situations,

they know exactly how to present this

beauty even at the risk of be recognized and

eaten. Moreover, they stand for timelessness.

In evolutionary history, there are insects since

millions of years. Therefore they represent timeless



by Bujatti


Style 20

Inspired by the glorifying pedestal

The starting point of my work was architecture

and lead me to the concept of the pedestal.

The glorifying pedestal represents the location

of an icon as well as it set the icon apart from

the common rest.




Univ. Prof. Dr.

Gerda Buxbaum

Modeschule Wien im Schloss

Hetzendorf in Mailand

Für Österreich geht die international

renommierte Modeschule

Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf unter

der Leitung von Frau Univ.

Prof. Dr. Gerda Buxbaum an den

Start. Über 80 BH-Designs unter

dem Motto Icons wurden von den

StudentInnen enworfen. Die 20

besten Designs finden Sie in unserem

Lookbook. Wir bedanken

uns bei Frau Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerda

Buxbaum, ihrem Lehrerteam

und ihren StudentInnen für die

tolle Dessous-Kunst die wir Ihnen

präsentieren dürfen.

DesignerInnen der Modeschule


Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf

Anne Grass Lisa-Marie Edi Gabriel Schlesinger Jennifer Milleder Juliane Hutterer Katharina Perkhofer Lotte Post Ruth Kubyk

Anna Rihl

Katrin Mayer

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Austria 2009



Triumph International

Jörg Ebner

Leitung Werbung / PR

Designs/Künstlerische Leitung

Modeschule Wien im Schloss Hetzendorf

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerda Buxbaum

Grafik Design

Koch Design, Wien

Edith Koch

Cover, Doris Fritz


Isabella Wunsch


Georg Schlosser

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