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Mark Pontz

It seems that every time you

turn on the television or read the

newspaper there is disconcerting

news about mortgages.

When the time comes that you

need a mortgage or a home equity

loan, turn to the professional with

over fourteen years of experience.

Someone who has lived and worked

in our community all of his life.

Someone who has been lauded

by his clients for his standards

of excellence.

Place your trust with someone who

has earned it.


1768 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601



ART DIRECTOR Katerina Kuss


PUBLISHER Virtual Media Group


22 Haute Holiday: Our Fashion Plate winners show off their holiday glamour

in some of the season’s most delightful high fashion.

32 What to Buy...For Everyone?:

A fabulous gift guide to help you through the holiday with suggestions on what to buy

for mom and dad, the boss, friends, and more!

42 Signature Dish:

Steve Puffer of Zanzibar and Steve Brown of Lily’s on Main in Ephrata sat down with

chef Kelly Kapinos to create this issue’s Signature Dish, Pretzel Chicken.

46 B&B King: Harry Jefferies and his dedicated

team of realtors reveal the ins and outs of selling

and buying Bed and Breakfasts.


4 Meet

Fulton Actress, Brittany Leffler

7 Plan

Savers, Investors, and Speculators

9 Relax

You Can Get a Some Help from

Y.E.S. Concierge

12 Give

Providing Hope with the

Milagro House

18 Meet the Chef

Micah Webster of Molly’s Pub

21 Escrow

Jim Cramer is Not from Lancaster!

28 Lunch

Superintendent of Hempfield

School District, Dr. Brenda Becker

31 Find

Bernards at Brighton

38 See

Seeing the Light at Living Light Gallery

46 Live

B&B King Harry Jefferies and His Team

53 Invest

The Importance of Asset Allocation

54 Listen

Peter White Christmas


16 My Lancaster

FLL’s Brand New Feature

This Issue: Bill Puffer & Nancy Morris

On the cover: Jenna Collins. Jewelry supplied by Warren Jewellers including the stunning 5.89 karat diamond ring.

Cover hair and makeup by Avanti Salon. Above necklace: Hearts on Fire, Succession Pendant from Warren Jewellers.


Mark Pontz, Matthew G. Zanowiak, Maia Cargas, Paul Scott, Sue Barry, BJ Cherry, Rich Friedman


COPY EDITOR Victoria Henderson

48 The Best Christmas Ever!:

A trip down memory lane for some recollections

of a favorite Christmas past.

Signature Dish, Pretzel Chicken

LCD TVs are still a big hit for that special

someone on your list. Check it out in

What to Buy, page 32.

The Women of Avanti

Fine Living Lancaster is published quarterly by Virtual Media Group. All contents of this issue of Fine Living Lancaster are copyrighted by Fine

Living Lancaster and Virtual Media Group. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part

without the consent of the publisher. For advertising, article, and all other information, email info@finelivinglancaster.com, call 717.669.9303

or visit www.finelivinglancaster.com.

The holiday season already? How is this

possible? It was just yesterday that

we were releasing our premiere

issue! Well, it has certainly been

our pleasure bringing you Fine

Living Lancaster for this, our first

year. As we bring to you our holiday

issue, we want to say thank you for the warm

and welcoming reception that we have received

from our readers. We have been overwhelmed

by your comments and accolades, and we can think

of no better way to thank you than to bring you another issue

filled with more of the fine things in Lancaster life... so off we go!

From the cover is Haute Holiday, featuring the winners of our Fashion

Plate contest including our cover model Jenna Collins. Surely you have

already noticed the nearly six carat diamond ring Jenna is sporting. Yes, it

is real, and it is waiting for you right now at Warren Jewellers! All of the

fabulous ladies (and a great story on how one of them came to be an FLL

model) await you draped in holiday finery beginning on page twenty two.

In this issue we are exited to introduce two brand new features. First, for

the culinary curious we debut Signature Dish. In this ongoing feature we

will be bringing together two minds, an FLL reader

with a passion for food and a restaurateur with a

desire for innovation. We will put them together for

conversation and creation, and the result will

be a dish culled from the meeting of these

minds – a dish inspired by the connection, a

Fine Living Lancaster Signature Dish. You will

be an insider to the creation of the dish, and

the very best part? You can enjoy the fruits of

their collaboration as the restaurant will feature

the dish on their menu for at least ninety days!

For the commencement of Signature Dish,

we connected two people with the same

first name. But, this commonality was not the

reason we connected them. Find out the real

connection between these two people on

page forty two. Fair warning though, be sure

you have your phone with you as you read,

we are confident that you will be calling for a

reservation to sample this new epicurean delight

as soon as you finish reading.

Another debut this issue is My Lancaster.

We are opening our pages to the thoughts

of individuals that love not just Lancaster in

general, but a specific area in particular. We start

this new feature with the musings of Bill Puffer

and Nancy Morris. Both of these names have

been synonymous with Downtown Lancaster

for a very long time. They live there; they work

there, and they play there, so who else could

better express a passion for our Downtown?

My Lancaster debuts on page sixteen.

Of course your favorites are back; you will get

acquainted with one of the bright and shining

lights of the Fulton Theater in Meet on page

four. And you will get an insight on the Bed

& Breakfast game from Harry Jefferies in Live

on page forty six. On page thirty one, Find

Bernard’s at Brighton where you can enjoy a

day of rejuvenation before the holidays begin in

From the Editor:

earnest. Meet The Chef returns on page eighteen with Micah Webster

of Molly’s Pub. Micah is a gregarious and animated fellow with a viewpoint

on dining out that will be sure to have you adding Molly’s to your dining

out list.

Speaking of the holidays, we had to make sure you were prepared for

the gift giving with the very finest choices for everyone on your list. Maia

Cargas did all of your legwork for you, and the perfect gift for everyone

is ready for your discovery on page thirty two. And while fine gifts are

certainly a part of the season, fine memories are gifts that are truly

priceless. We were fortunate to have collected some holiday memories

from a diverse group of Lancastrians in the Best Christmas Ever beginning

on page forty eight.

And, as we look to think of others that could use a helping hand not just

during the holidays, but every day, we are pleased to bring you the return

of Give. We invited Renee Valentine of Milagro House to bring us the

story of this wonderful place doing good works every day. Truly this house

is a very, very fine house.

All this and much more await you just ahead. We invite you to pour a

glass of eggnog, turn the page and enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed

bringing it to you. We wish you a fine holiday season, and we look forward

to seeing you in 2008! FLL

Title Insurance • Title Searches

Sale/Refinance Closings




717-581-5841- Ofc. • 717-581-5845- Fax


For ticket infomation

call the Fulton at


or visit


Brittany Leffler

Appearing in the Fulton Theater’s, Fiddler on the Roof,

November 29 – December 30, 2007

FLL: Tell us about your role in Fiddler on the Roof?

BL: Well, I haven’t begun rehearsals yet; they begin Nov. 6; however,

I’ll tell you what I know. I’m playing Mirala. She’s a Jewish momma in the

village of Anatevka (a little village with mostly Jews and Russians occupying

it). I’ll be a member of the chorus, and will be dancing and singing all

throughout the show.

FLL: How did you land the role?

BL: I’ve worked with the director, Gary John LaRosa, in a previous show

at the Fulton. He cast me in the fall of ‘06 as Cha Cha DiGregorio in

Grease. It was a wonderful, fun experience for both of us, and I think it was

just a matter of time before we worked together again. So I showed up for

the audition for Fiddler on the Roof about a month ago, and Gary John must

have seen something in me that he wanted for his show. So he offered me

the role of Mirala, and I happily accepted!

FLL: You also have another connection to the Fulton, correct?

BL: I’m the costume associate here at the Fulton. This is my third season

as a full-time staff member in the costume department. I work very closely

with the costume shop supervisor/ wig designer, and the costume designer.

FLL: So then, the question with the likely obvious answer, which is more

fun, backstage or onstage?

BL: Yikes, you want to get me in trouble?! Okay, well, I’ll absolutely give

you an honest answer, and I bet it’s not a surprise. I love to perform; it’s

what I was born to do. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be on

the stage. I would stage impromptu concerts on my bed, with my bedposts

as my “microphone.” I even remember back in third grade, wanting so

badly to be Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman that I signed my

papers “Vivian” and insisted that my life’s ambition was to “be a hooker.”

I remember crying at the movie “Annie” because at the end when the

fi reworks are going off and Annie is safe and sound with her new family,

I wanted to be “in the TV with them!” I’m really happy as the costume

associate too – I went to college and earned a degree in theatre, so I

discovered the joys of being backstage there. And I honestly love both,

believe it or not. Being behind the scenes, scrambling to get those last few

costumes built, or fi nding the perfect 1850’s velvet boot (or better yet,

fi nding it for less than $30!) is pretty exciting too.

FLL: It sounds like both things are fun! Tell us a bit about your family. Are

they here in Lancaster?

BL: I’m actually from a small town in Nebraska! I moved here a little over

two years ago. My parents are barbers back in Nebraska, and I have three

younger brothers. Here in Lancaster, my better half’s name is Brian, and

we have an adorable Pomeranian pup, Gus. We live in a little row house in

downtown Lancaster and love it. It’s quite different here than in Nebraska

– most people back there have their own yards, their own garages even!

When I fi rst visited Lancaster, it felt like I’d time-traveled – everything here

is so historic, so condensed, but so intricate and beautiful too.

FLL: So being a transplant, other than the theater, what is your favorite

thing or place so far in Lancaster?

BL: Defi nitely Central Market. I count the days down ‘til the next market

day. The Espresso Yourself coffee guys are so funny, and the Salad Stand

is my go-to for lunch. If I want a really special treat (which is basically

every day I go there), I visit Wendy Jo for her famous pumpkin rolls or

her creamcheese muffi ns/cupcakes (if I visit her in the morning, I call

them “muffi ns”).

FLL: Well, on behalf of Fine Living Lancaster, we think that you are going

to be one of Lancaster’s favorite things! Welcome, and thanks for spending

some time with us. FLL

Starting at

$ 36, 775



3.2L 235hp 6 Cylinder Engine

5 Speed Automatic Transmission

All Wheel Drive w/ Instant Traction

Front & Rear Skid Plates

Electric Parking Brake

Hill Decent Control

High Performance Audio

In-Dash CD w/ MP3 input

Dual Electronic Climate Control

Front Foglights and much more!

5455 Manheim Pike

East Petersburg, PA 17520






Blind Side Information System

Adaptive Cruise Control w/ Brake Support

Dual Two-Stage Child Booster Seats

Personal Car Communicator & Heartbeat Sensor

Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment

Dynaudio Package

Premium Package

Climate Package

Convenience Package w/ Power Tailgate

SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Volvo Navigation

Now In Stock for Immediate Delivery

Volvo. for life






* Volvo’s “CrossOver” Vehicle since 1998

Savers, Investors, and Speculators

By Matthew G. Zanowiak, ChFC

The Planners in our Practice meet

with many different types of people

every week. The younger Planners

often meet with couples who are relatively

just starting out. They have young children

or no children, a house, two incomes,

day care expenses and tons of dreams

and ambitions. We may help them with

some life or disability insurance, establishing

an initial emergency fund, a college 529

Investment Plan or a Roth IRA.

The next group of people we help is fairly

well established and full throttle into their

goals and desires. They’ve been putting

money away for college (or have children

who have graduated), their retirement

plan at work has a couple of zeros after it;

they’re at the back-end of their mortgage

and starting to put away more money on a

regular basis. We typically help these folks

with the initial stages of Estate Planning,

make sure their Asset Allocation (which

eggs in which baskets?) is consistent with

their tolerance for risk, and analyze what

their retirement income is likely to be.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we

help clients who are a pitching wedge

away from retiring from their full time

positions. These folks usually have

grandchildren or some in the making; their

homes are close to being paid off, and

more and more they are caring for their

parents. Their larger concern is more often

the return of their money rather than the

return on their money.

This introduction is kind of a long way to

go for a drink of water, but what do all

of these folks have in common? Answer:

They have a need to balance future income

and asset goals with current available cash

flow and account balances. The difference,

however, may lie in the ways they

complete this task.

Some people are Savers; some are

Investors, and some are Speculators. While

these labels may seem like the same thing,

the differences can be substantial. Take the

couple who has decided to squirrel away

$25 every month for Junior’s college bill.

While certainly admirable, this less-than-adollar-a-day

commitment should hardly be

called Investing; this is Saving. While it can

be argued that saving will lead to investing

and, at least initially, the habit of regularly

setting money aside is more important

than the amount you are setting aside,

this is still Saving. Unfortunately, you will

not Save your way to a large dollar (aka

College or Retirement) goal in a relatively

short time frame.

Permit me, if you will, to make an illadvised

leap from Saving to Speculating.

Know anyone who watches their

investments several times a day and

changes their holdings more frequently

than the Convention Center move-in date?

This is a form of Speculator. He is trying

to time the market, get in and get out

based on the illogical, emotional whims of

the stock market. The Market’s been up

for three days so he switches to bonds.

It’s been twenty years since the Market’s

largest single day decline (October, 1987)

so I’m going to cash. The moon is full

under Aquarius so I’m buying water stocks.

All are positively ludicrous reasons to make

wholesale changes to a portfolio. Yet many

Speculators will do just that while chasing

the Holy Grail of one half of one percent

extra rate of return. The fact of the

matter is that the deck is stacked heavily

against this person. Case in point: over a

year’s time, if you were to miss the five

best days in the market (because you

speculated out) your actual returns for said

year would be decimated.

Cradled comfortably between the Saver

and the Speculator is the Investor. This

person has a big picture view of what he

wants to accomplish. With the help of

an accredited, seasoned Professional, he

carefully assesses his situation. After this

assestment, he chooses a path on which to

travel and then does something astonishing:

he resists any paralysis-by-analysis, avoids

the “on your mark...get-set...get-set...getset...get-set”

syndrome and actually begins.

Novel concept? You’d be surprised. The

road away from success is studded with

reasons not to do something.

Although two of my best friends are

Rocket Scientists, this, folks, is not Rocket

Science. With the help of a guide to design

the course as well as watch his back, the

Investor set a target, chose the best tool

to hit that target, started down the path

realizing there will be road blocks and

detours along the way, and is loath to

make wholesale changes based on shortterm


The game plan? Once you have started,

review your progress regularly. Make

minor adjustments along the way and

major changes only when absolutely

necessary. Ponder this: When a 747 takes

off from Lancaster Airport (Check that.

That’s speculating). When a jet leaves

Harrisburg heading to Chicago, for fully

95% of the journey the pilot cannot see

his target. He knows the Windy City is out

there, but he cannot see it. In fact most of

the time, his aircraft is off course. It is with

subtle corrections along the way that he

is able to arrive safely in Chicago relatively

on time.

Your Investment Portfolio should be the

same. Discover where you are today,

choose a direction, design a game plan,

implement your strategy, make subtle

corrections as necessary, and avoid

the temptation to jump in and out of

the market. It might even help to have

someone who has been there before to

give you some guidance.

As we head into the New Year, I can’t

resist the time tattered tradition of helping

you get organized. Therefore, here are a

few tips (in no particular order) to help you

solve some Financial Problems you may be

wrestling with or accomplish some Financial

Goals you’ve had in mind:

1. Avoid Water Cooler Financial Planning.

The guy at the office usually is not the

guru he professes to be. Take the rate

of return he proudly broadcasts and cut

it in half. Now you’re getting closer to

the truth.

2. Do not marry an investment. At some

point it will be time to get out of the

mutual fund. It’s an investment strategy,

not a tattoo.

3. Stay on track and stay invested.

4. Resist the urge to change just because

everyone else is. Remember the

proverbial bridge your mother used

to ask you about jumping off with your


5. Ignore external, short-term distractions.

It’s just noise.

6. Realize you are investing for the long

term. Act that way.

7. Measure with your odometer not a

micrometer. It is forty-four miles from

our office in Oregon Commons to

Harrisburg. I can measure that distance

with the odometer in my car, a tape

measure, a yard stick, or a ruler. Each

will work. Which is more practical?

Watching and changing your investments

on a daily basis is tantamount to

measuring the trip to our Capital with

a ruler. Use the odometer and enjoy

the trip.

8. Avoid the “on your mark...get-set...getset...get-set”


9. Begin today.


Matthew G. Zanowiak is a Chartered Financial

Consultant with Lancaster Financial Services.

With over twenty-four years in the Financial

Service Industry his practice focuses on Total

Financial Planning, emphasizing on Retirement

Planning and College Planning. You can visit him

at www.lancasterfinancialgroup.com or call him

at 717-569-4004.



Now accepting new patients

Most major insurances accepted

Voted #1 Family Doctor

in Lancaster County

24 hour/7 day a week coverage

930 Red Rose Court • Suite 301


Lancaster, PA 17601

(next to the Imaging Center of Lancaster)

Phone: 735-8777 • Fax: 735-3902



Don’t Do It Yourself

Say “Yes” to Y.E.S. Concierge

By Maia Cargas

Your Errand & Services Concierge is a

unique service new to the area as of June.

I had the pleasure of talking with Nancy

Stewart, managing partner and one of

the four founders. Stewart has acquired

experience from a range of industries,

including more than twenty years in

sales, marketing, and tourism. Nancy’s

professional and personal life experiences

enable her to provide superior service in

her most recent endeavor.

Y.E.S. Concierge offers a range of

services from pet care to event planning.

Shopping, traveling, and business services

are examples of common services offered

by this unique company. Gift certificates

are available, which can be very helpful

through the holiday season. Personal

shopping and gift-wrapping services are

also conducive to a relaxed holiday. This

service will do whatever it takes to satisfy

its clients. From small errands to planning

big events, Y.E.S. Concierge will provide

any necessary arrangements to make your

day a success.

Nancy explains the business in her

own words…

FLL: What is the purpose behind Y.E.S.


Y.E.S.: The purpose of the business is to

help other people enjoy life… find time to

enjoy their kids, to focus on work, to focus

on their families and their homes.

FLL: In what way are your three other

business partners qualified to provide

these services?

The ladies of Y.E.S. Concierge; Nancy Stewart, Barb Shopf, Nancy Smith, Barbara Royer

Y.E.S.: Most of us have been very busy

moms or career people, so we know

how difficult it is to juggle everything.

Barb Shopf has a marketing background;

Nancy Smith is customer service; I’m

(experienced in) marketing and advertising,

and Barb Royer is our animal lover. We all

bring unique qualities to the table. We are

a great team.

FLL: How did you apply your business

experience to your new company?

Y.E.S.: I was in the tourism industry

looking at how to make the tours better

and fun… in advertising agencies you’re

always catering to the client. Again, it boils

down to customer service.

FLL: Where do you see Y.E.S. Concierge

in the near future?

Y.E.S.: We’re growing. My goal is to have

people that we trust (as employees). I see

growth happening, and I see our territory

expanding. I would like to employ more

people in order to maintain a high level of

customer service.

FLL: Is there one aspect of your work

ethic that surpasses the rest?

Y.E.S.: Trust and customer service. We

are insured and bonded because we go

into people’s homes and offices.

FLL: Trust is a big thing…

Y.E.S.: Huge. Trust and customer service.

FLL: Customer service makes all the

difference in the world.

Y.E.S.: Yes. That is what our business is

all about.

FLL: How did the concept of Y.E.S.

Concierge develop?

Y.E.S.: Nancy Smith and I used to work

together, and we got along really well. We

always said, ‘Hey we should do something

together.’ So this concept just kind of hit

us. You know how you think of things,

and you never take it and run with it? This,

I conceptualized, and then thought there’s

a tremendous need, let’s do it! It’s a new


FLL: When someone comes to you, is

there a standard way of handling meeting

their needs?

Y.E.S.: It’s all customized. Everyone has

different needs and desires and ways of

interacting. Everything is customized to

the client.

FLL: How do you begin your relationship

with a client?

Y.E.S.: We meet with prospective clients

first, making sure they are comfortable

before writing the contract. We try to

assess clients and then accommodate


FLL: What is the essence of what you do?

Y.E.S.: We’ll do the research for you;

we’ll make appointments for you; we’ll

do whatever it is that makes life easier so

people can relax.

FLL: Can you identify some of the main

aspects of your working mission?

Y.E.S.: Making sure things get done in a

timely manner. Meeting the customers’


Just trying to get back to basics. And

relaxation. I just think it’s a good idea to let

some of the little stuff go so you can enjoy

the most important things. Our goal is to

take over some of your daily chores and

tasks so you can enjoy the most important

things in your life.

FLL: Can you outline a sample success

with a client?

Y.E.S.: For example, we had this client

whose house we were organizing. In one

corner she had stacks of recipes thrown in

a pile. So I got her a binder and titled the

front, and created a place to store all of

her recipes. She didn’t expect it, and she

was delighted.

FLL: That’s an important point

that makes you different from just

completing the tasks and jobs that

they asked for- she didn’t ask you to

make a personalized recipe book…

Y.E.S.: It’s sympathetic; it’s concern;

it’s helpful.

FLL: The human element is what

sets you apart…

Y.E.S.: In this area there is nothing

like what we do. We do it all. We

want to build long-term relationships.

FLL: To what do you attribute

your success?

Y.E.S.: Where there’s a will there’s a

way. Diligence. Building relationships,

networking- staying connected.

{honesty, trustworthiness}

FLL: Do you use a specific pay scale?

Y.E.S.: $25/hr and $40/hr event

planning. We offer different packages

5 hrs week- 20 hrs week. Our costs

are reasonable enough that almost

anyone can use our services.

FLL: What do you find most

rewarding about your work?

Y.E.S.: When people are satisfied.

So you can actually make a difference

and impact people’s lives, help

eliminate people’s stress. It stresses

people out if they need to do

something and can’t. To make

people smile. FLL

Y.E.S. Concierge is located at 135

Treetops Drive, Lancaster PA

and can be reached at 866-442-

5413 or on the web at


Maia Cargas has a strong passion

for literature and art. She resides in

downtown Lancaster and can be

reached at mlcargas@comcast.net

Enjoy your life again with help

from Y.E.S. Concierge!


give In

My Story

I married directly out of college and in

1982 was living outside of Washington,

DC with my husband, a new associate at

an important DC Law Firm. We had it all

– a beautiful home, two cars and a pretty

high-class lifestyle. Not bad for two kids

who’d grown up on the lower end of

middle class.

After trying for several years, we accepted

that I was unable to have children and in

1985, my husband and I adopted our first

child, Joseph, from Korea. By 1988, our

daughter, Jessica, was with us and our

family, for a short time, was complete.

Unfortunately, things weren’t as pretty

as they looked. My husband worked

constantly in pursuit of a partnership at

the firm, and I was a stay-at-home mom

with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Despite our best intentions, my husband’s

long absences from the home and my

worsening alcoholism made a successful

marriage impossible.

My family dissolved when my son was

four and my daughter, two. I’d lost my

husband and everything for which we

had worked together for over ten years

to build. Although I was quick to blame

him for everything that had gone wrong,

it has become very clear to me that our

relationship would never have gone into

such a tailspin if I had been the wife and

mother I had needed to be. As a single

mother, I was completely ineffective. I

was unable to keep a job, had to share my

rented home with several other “troubled”

people and nearly had my children

removed from my custody by Children

Services in Virginia. I had alienated most of

my family members and my ex-husband

wanted nothing to do with me and little

to do with our children. I was on my

own – and a complete mess. The night

my children and I were picked up by a

van from one of the homeless shelters in

Washington, DC, I wanted to die. Because

of my choices, we were living a nightmare.

With a neighbor’s intervention and God’s

grace, I was able to get sober in 1990.

I didn’t stop drinking because, all of a

sudden, I thought it was a great idea. I

stopped drinking because, although I didn’t

care if I lived or died, I loved my children

with all my heart. I’d already lost most of

my life, but I would not lose my kids. My

children saved my life. With recovery came

my first glimpse of what it really means,

what it really takes, to be a mother. As

a recovering alcoholic, I was associated

this issue of Fine Living Lancaster we celebrate charity by recognizing the amazing

well-doings of Milagro House. To continue our efforts to give, we invite you the

reader to send your thoughts on charitable organizations; local, national or global, for

the consideration of other readers.

with a group of people who truly loved

me despite the mistakes I’d made in my

life. When I agonized with them over the

“wreckage of my past,” they simply told

me, “You never have to feel that way

again.” Years passed, I continued to work

on my new way of life, and slowly but very

surely, I became a better woman and, as a

result, a much better mother.

My life did not become a bed of roses

immediately after I stopped drinking. So

many things were broken; financially I

was a wreck, and my children and I had

to learn to live without the support and

love of a man who had been important

to us. Then, the most awful things I could

imagine came to pass. At eight months

sober, I fell asleep at the wheel of the car

I was driving and caused an accident in

which a twelve-year old boy lost his life;

the love of my friends and the help of

some very compassionate counselors kept

me from falling back into my old way of

life. A year and a half later, being violently

raped by a sex-offender who had just been

released from prison, brought me to my

knees. It hurt almost too much to breathe.

A brief, violent and abusive marriage was

the last straw; I had absolutely nothing in

the world but the children I adored. With

four years of sober living, my two young

children and a U-Haul holding everything

I owned in the world, I left Northern

Virginia and headed home to Pennsylvania.

I’ve worked in social services in Lancaster

since 1994, first as a drug and alcohol

counselor, then as a social worker at and

eventually executive director of another

shelter for homeless women and children

in Lancaster City. I had big dreams for the

women with whom I worked; and when

my vision became more than the Board of

the first shelter could deal with, I decided

to try something new. In 1998, with the

most amazing group of friends, absolutely

no funding, and a burning desire to share

the incredible miracle of my own transition

with other women in need, I started

Milagro House: Miracle House.

It’s been nearly ten years since we opened

our “door” on S. Christian St., and my life

has evolved at least as much as Milagro

House has. The children whose love saved

my life are now independent young adults.

After several years at Temple University,

my son is joining the United States Navy

and will be shipping out in February 2008.

My daughter is a second-year student at

the University of Massachusetts majoring

in, guess what? Psychology and Women’s

Studies. I am financially stable, spiritually

connected and amazingly happy. Milagro

House is my life’s work.

With time, compassion and guidance,

my life and my family have been restored

to me.

“Milagro House is a long term, education-based program committed

to restoring the lives of homeless women and children. We provide

shelter, support, and guidance to our families, promoting personal

integrity, self-reliance, and social responsibility.”

Making the decision to have a child is

momentous and precedes a totally new

and fulfilling way of life for most women. In

contrast, having a child without considering

what it really means, what it really takes, to

be responsible for another human being’s

life, can be a disaster. At Milagro House,

we work with women who have a history

of making decisions without considering

the consequences of those choices. We

focus on creating healthy, safe families

who, with education, guidance, hard work,

and love, are able to break the cycle of

poverty and dependence that has, for

many of them, been generational. We

serve mothers who are open-minded

and willing to try a new way of life, free of

the negative influences that have made it

impossible for them to succeed.

Women come to Milagro House for

many reasons. Some are recovering

from addiction; most of them have been

abused; all have been in relationships

that, rather than making their lives easier,

have made their lives and the lives of their

children, unbearable. Low self esteem,

little or no education, inadequate parenting

skills, and poor self discipline combine with

poverty to take these families to a place

where there is no safety, no security, and

no home. Our program offers women

and their families the time it takes to

achieve success. We offer the education,

counseling, and financial direction each

of them needs to escape the dysfunction

of their former lives and to become

independent women and nurturing

mothers. When they have finished our

program, those same women will have

learned to make reasoned judgments

based upon what is best for their families

rather than careless decisions based on

their own desires.

The statistics we have gathered, the

support of the many agencies with which

we work closely, and the high visibility

of our program over the years indicates

clearly that Milagro House is a program

that makes a difference in our community

as well as in the lives of the women and

children with whom we work.

Graduates of the Milagro House program

are working at law firms, at our local

hospitals and clinics, in doctor’s offices

and nursing homes, and as counselors,

teachers and lab technicians. They are,

literally, everywhere. Two staff positions

of seven at Milagro House are filled by

women who have actually gone through

and completed our program themselves.

One of the women has her Master’s

Degree from Temple University; the other

is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree.

In nine years, fewer than ten percent of

the women who have lived at Milagro

House for one year or more have

“relapsed” into homelessness. Those

women who do make a commitment

to our program – and a commitment to

change – gain the skills and determination

to support themselves and their children

and to manage their lives after they

leave the protective environment of our

program. They learn that never again do

they have to be in the position where

someone else’s decisions and behaviors

can leave them and their children without

a home, without food and clothing, and

without hope. The women who move

to Milagro House have the best possible

opportunity to succeed in the new lives

they have chosen for themselves. We

provide them with:

• A clean, safe place to live with their

children until they are fully prepared to

become, and remain, self-sufficient

• Food, clothing, and personal items until

they can afford their own

• An organized environment with

limitations and rules that promotes

responsibility as well as independence

• A focus on education and training that

will lead to sustainable employment that

pays a living wage

• A full-time teacher and volunteer tutors

to help them on their road to success

• Intensive, individualized counseling and

case management designed to promote

personal and spiritual change

• Parenting and life skills workshops

designed to promote successful

independent living and family harmony

A Short History of

Milagro House

Lancaster’s only creperie features delectible sandwich and dessert

crepes, homemade soups and salads, and a full coffee bar.

Takeout and Catering also available. BYOB.

* Seasonal drink and crepe specials. *

In Spring 2008, Milagro House will

celebrate ten years of service to the

homeless women and children of

Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

Our program was started in 1998 as a

long-term shelter for homeless mothers

and their children. Over the years,

however, Milagro House has evolved

and, while still a residence for women

desperately in need, we now operate as a

residential learning center for women and

their children.

Initially, Milagro House was located in one

rented row house in Lancaster’s 7th Ward;

the houses around us were condemned;

our neighbors were drug dealers, addicts,

and the homeless. Since 1998, Milagro

House has purchased seven additional

properties on that same block on South

Christian Street. Our facilities now include

room for seventeen families in our houses,

Continued on page 14

* * * * * * Open Tues-Sun | Open for dinner Thurs-Sat | 309-311 N. Queen Street | Lancaster PA | 717-399-3515

Continued from page 13

three apartments where families who are

ready to graduate from our program can

test their independence, and, in what used

to be a true corner “drug” store, a school

(the Milagro House Education Center)

where GED and Remedial Education

classes are taught. Before the end of

2007, we will open the doors to our new

Children’s Center – another incredible

gift from our friends and supporters in the

Lancaster community. After all these years,

we’ll be able to provide our own afterschool

study program for our kids. We’ll

have space for reading circles, science and

math clubs, movie night, and an arts and

crafts center. The Center’s backyard will

adjoin with our other properties on S.

Christian, and we will have a huge yard for

the kids, including a bike path, a basketball

half-court, and a new playground. As

we have had from the beginning, we

continue to run a give-away shop where

we distribute, at no cost to our neighbors,

donations over and above what our

residents need. The drug dealers never

visit our block; our street is quiet, peaceful,

and clean.

Nine more families reside, dorm-style, at

our West End facility, the Stoudt Family

Center for Education on W. Chestnut

St. When we first announced our plans

for the Stoudt Center, there were those

in our new community who feared the

value of their properties would drop once

a “shelter” was in their neighborhood.

Milagro House won the support of our

West End community and the Lancaster

courts, and our families moved into what

used to be a fraternity house on the

corner of College and Chestnut. Happily,

most of our neighbors now stop buy with

donations or goodies for the kids. They’ve

seen that we are a good neighbor, and that

our families aren’t so different from their

own families.

All women living at our new facility are

attending our GED/Remedial classes or are

enrolled in post-secondary school (HACC,

Consolidated School of Business, Stevens

College, one of the Technology Centers,

Lancaster General School of Nursing,

etc.). Each woman who lives at the Stoudt

Center has her own computer with access

to the internet as well as the opportunity

to take advantage of the volunteer student

tutors from F&M and Millersville.

Milagro House has an annual operating

budget of approximately $480,000. We

are funded solely by the private donations

of the Lancaster Community – individuals,

social and service groups, businesses and

churches - as well as the grant monies

we receive from local foundations and

corporations. We hold fundraisers,

including our “Evening of Miracles” held in

the late fall, which add to our coffers and

bring new supporters to our program.

Milagro House does not solicit or receive

government or agency funding – a fact that

has allowed us to operate our program

without the strict guidelines and limits that

often accompany public funding.

In nine years, Milagro House has provided

services to nearly four hundred families

(including nearly one thousand children).

Women who complete our program are

welcomed back, whether they come to do

volunteer work or are in need of support

and counseling. Word of mouth and

referrals by area hospitals, agencies, and

rehabilitation services insure that we will

never lack for residents. We rarely have

rooms open for more than a day or two.

The success of our residents allows us to

operate a program that continues to grow

and improve at a steady rate.

We owe the success of the Milagro House

program to the overwhelming support we

receive consistently from the Lancaster

community. You provide our mothers

and their children with the food, clothing,

and shelter they require, as well as the

possibility of a future of which most would

never dare dream.

Milagro House is my dream. You are the

miracle that has made it happen. FLL


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My Lancaster

My Lancaster is a new

ongoing feature that will allow

two Lancastrians to have a

spirited discussion about their

feelings about Lancaster. This

conversation could cover just

about anything from dining

to dancing, traffi c to weather,

anything goes! We are excited

to bring you these varied and

boisterous opinions. You may

agree; you may disagree, and you

may well learn something new

along the way. The one sure thing

is that it will be a great way to

enjoy some varying opinions.

We kick off My Lancaster with

Bill Puffer and Nancy Morris of

Puffer – Morris Real Estate. Bill

and Nancy have each been in

the real estate business for over

thirty years and have specialized

in the sales of Lancaster City

properties. Both live in the city:

Nancy in an artsy West Chestnut

Street townhouse and Bill in Old

Town in a very contemporary

conversion. We were delighted to

be a part of their conversation.

Nancy Morris: Bill, what do you think of all of the

development going on downtown?

Bill Puffer: I think it is a shot in the arm that will last for

years to come.

NM: What do you suppose was the catalyst of all of this?

BP: Interesting that you ask. Many people have the

perception that this has all happened in the last few years

when in reality, it has been happening for nearly thirty years.

NM: That’s true. And let’s face it; time really fl ies. But we

were doing a lot of residential renovations ourselves in the

70’s and 80’s and the momentum is continuing today.

BP: Think about all of the earlier renovations that took place

on the streets like Lancaster Avenue, West Chestnut, North

Charlotte, North Concord, East Orange, North Shippen,

Old Town, and numerous side streets.

NM: You know, there’s a wide spectrum of outstanding

interiors that are never seen from the street. We have

traditional and contemporary homes that are equal to

those featured in national publications, not to mention

the warehouse, carriage house, and former commercial


BP: Years ago, people discovered that one of Lancaster’s

greatest assets is the wealth of outstanding city residences.

Many of these represent excellent values today. If these

homes were purchased at today’s market value, and

equivalent renovations and up-grades were completed,

prices could easily be $100,000 - $200,000 or higher.

NM: Don’t forget all of the unique, small private yards

with custom landscaping, patios, decks, terraces and

decorative fencing.

BP: You’re right. One of the reasons that these homes are

growing in popularity is that many people are looking to

enjoy free time without the burden of hours and hours of

yard maintenance.

NM: Best of all, we are getting a broad range of new

residents—professional couples and singles, retirees, empty

nesters, and fi rst time home buyers. With prices rising to

the levels that they are today, it’s tough for some of these

folks to fi nd affordable housing. We are fortunate that this

city has a solid inventory of very good housing in the range

of $90,000 - $150,000. At the high end, properties are

selling as high as $1,000,000.

BP: We have talked about housing, but as you know, the

commercial vitality and development in the city has been

phenomenal. It’s the push in retail sales that has driven

much of the current prosperity. In addition, there’s the ball

park, the PA Academy of Music, Pennsylvania College of Art

& Design, the Quilt Museum, the convention center, new

restaurants and Gallery Row. On First Fridays, there are

up to 5,000 people who come downtown to the galleries.

Several large warehouse complexes have been converted

to fi rst class offi ce and business space, and both F & M and

LGH had a major impact on the northern quadrants of the

city with more construction planned.

NM: During the past thirty fi ve years, we have had a great

ride as the city has gone through several cycles.

BP: That’s right, and we have been right in the middle of it.

We both have had residences here for the entire time, and

our offi ce has been in the same location on West Orange

Street for about 27 years.

NM: The decision to stay downtown was a good one, even

though there have been very few real estate offi ces here.

BP: You know, I am surprised that the city hasn’t been

selected as one of the outstanding places to live in the USA.

NM: So am I. Let’s work on that.


American Fare with Flair

Featuring Fine Living Lancaster Signature Dish:

“Pretzel Chicken”

124 East Main Street • Ephrata PA, 17522

(717)738-2711 • www.lilysonmain.com


Meet the ChefBy

Sue Barry and

Micah Webster of Molly’s Pub

Maia Cargas

Molly’s Pub, established in 1989, is

nestled in downtown Lancaster near the

newly renovated Musser Park. Here at

253 East Chestnut Street you will find

a cozy neighborhood pub atmosphere

with delicious foods and smiling faces.

Open the forest green front door of this

historic brick corner building, step inside,

and prepare yourself to be welcomed

by “The Friendliest Pub in Town.”

Big juicy burgers and traditional Irish

pub dishes are staples at Molly’s. Chef

Micah Webster is “sticking by the tried

and true–simple things that taste good

and that are done very well.” Micah

contributes a little ingenuity of his own

as he faithfully prepares these dishes and

more... a touch of personal creativity

never hurts.

Molly’s burger selection and classics

section on the menu show a taste of

the reasonably priced quality meals

that Molly’s has to offer. One favorite

is the Black Dog Burger that is soulfully

sautéed with onions, green peppers,

barbeque sauce and Muenster cheese.

A flavorsome choice from the Classics

section is The Molly Cristo. This original

batter-dipped bread topped with

smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, and

Muenster cheese is served with a side of

raspberry dipping sauce.

The open-faced melts are sure to

curb your hunger for a mouthwatering

sandwich. The Chestnut Street Melt

with smoked turkey, roast beef, tomato,

and ranch dressing is a local delight.

If you really want to absorb the pub

feel, enjoy Molly’s Homemade Irish

Stew with tender beef and large root

vegetables or Molly’s Homemade

Shepherd’s Pie, a vegetable and Black

Angus sirloin medley capped with rich

whipped potatoes.

Chef Micah Webster’s philosophy on

preparing Molly’s Pub cuisine is to keep

it delicious yet affordable enough that

couples, friends, and families can go out

on a regular basis. He feels Lancaster

has recently seen an influx of highend

restaurants that are shooting for

a market of $25 to $50 a plate. Micah

thinks it is nice to have those options

locally for special occasion dining, as

well as spots like Molly’s that provide a

comfortable and affordable dining place.

Regulars at Molly’s Pub love the

Thursday night meatloaf special. Chef

Micah admits, “It’s really basic, and it

really drives me nuts, but they love my

meatloaf. They said it is hands down the

best they ever had in their life!” One

patron already bought a whole meatloaf

to take home and serve for a party.

Micah Webster holds over ten years

of experience in his prominent line

of work. Recently he took part in

the Sauerkraut Competition for

the James Buchanan Foundation in

Lancaster. This talented local chef

facilitates a wide range of interests in

food from preparing sashimi tuna and

tofu to cooking Thai and French style

foods. Micah enjoys cooking at home as

well as at work. Cooking serves as both

a job and a passion for Micah. Just ask

his girlfriend; she can surely attest to his

culinary talents.

Micah is thrilled to have carved his niche

in an already established fine eatery.

“I couldn’t be happier here. The staff

and owner (Anthony Maglietta) are a

wonderful team to be a part of.” Micah

values the respect he is subject to at

his workplace, which only furthers his

strong desire to create pleasing fare to

tempt the palate of his loyal customers.

Travel upstairs at this cheery pub, and

you will find Molly’s On Top Martini

Bar and Lounge. This relaxed, yet

energy fused, second level sports a

contemporary decor and entertains the

crowd Wednesday through Saturday

nights with a live Disc Jockey. A Molly’s

event calendar can be viewed at www.

mollyspub.com. In warmer weather

the cliental can enjoy Molly’s outdoor

upstairs deck seating as well.

Anthony is in the process of renovating

the property next door and expanding

Molly’s on Top features a martini bar, contemporary decor, and a

live DJ Wednesday through Saturday.

Head Chef Micah Webster in front of Molly’s Pub; “The Friendliest Pub in Town”.

Molly’s Pub. The small kitchen will be

replaced with a brand new, commercial

size kitchen, which delights Micah.

There are also expansion plans for

Molly’s on Top Martini Bar and Lounge

on the second floor. Along with the

new and exciting changes at Molly’s Pub,

keep an eye out for a new menu.

Despite changes to the restaurant or

a revamped menu, traditional Molly’s

fare will prevail. Regarding the Molly’s

favorites on the menu, Micah says,

“They will always be there; they have to

be there.” Tradition and quality service

will always be two key ingredients to the

success of Molly’s Pub. FLL

Molly’s Pub is locasted on the corner

of East Chestnut and North Shippen

Streets in Downtown Lancaster.

253 East Chestnut Street



Sue Barry has had original recipes published in

national magazines and for several years she

wrote articles on food and restaurants for a

Dauphin County publication. She is employed

by Lititz Borough as Borough Manager.

Maia Cargas has a strong passion for literature

and art. She resides in downtown Lancaster and

can be reached at mlcargas@comcast.net


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Jim Cramer is Not from Lancaster!

By Mark Pontz

On a recent Wednesday

morning, I was invited to

speak about mortgages in general, and all

of the mortgage news in particular, to the

Rotary Club of Lancaster South. Prior to

speaking, I was enjoying a lovely Willow

Valley breakfast and becoming acquainted

with some interesting new people.

During this time a Rotary member asked

me, “Did you hear what Jim Cramer said

on the Today Show this morning?” For

those of you not familiar, Mr. Cramer

a successful stock trader, is the host of

Mad Money, a stock trading and investing

show appearing nightly on CNBC. His

frenetic and boisterous style has attracted

a strong following and the show is fun to

watch if you enjoy loud, over the top,

unfl inching opinions as entertainment.

Apparently, when Mr. Cramer was a

Today Show guest that morning, the

conversation was predominantly about

the Real Estate market. Mr. Cramer, in

speaking with host Matt Lauer, asserted:

“You should not consider buying a

home for at least a year”! This comment

certainly set off a lively conversation

at the Rotary meeting that morning

and subsequently in the media as well,

prompting a return visit for Mr. Cramer

to the Today Show to be challenged on

his comments by several Real Estate and

fi nancial professionals. Needless to say,

most of them did not agree with him.

That is the side of the table that I, and

likely anyone who lives here in Lancaster,

will sit on. Broad and sweeping

comments such as Mr. Cramer’s only

serve to unnecessarily infl ame people’s

fears. His comments do make sense in

some markets of course. Take a market

such as Las Vegas, for example. In Las

Vegas rampant Real Estate speculation

has resulted in condominiums sitting

empty, having been purchased by

speculators for rapid resale at a profi t

and now not able to be sold, as the once

red hot Las Vegas market has cooled

to normality. But, Las Vegas is not

Lancaster, and Jim Cramer does not live

in Lancaster.

The many factors that make Lancaster

such a desirable place to live also offer

some insulation from the Real Estate

woes being experienced by much of the

nation. Strong employment, low crime

rates, and a strong and growing economy

keep our housing market in positive

territory as much of the nation is seeing a

slowdown and in some cases, a retreat in

home values.

What I have seen during the last several

months and what my past experience

indicates is that the home values in

Lancaster County will remain steady

with normal appreciation. Homes that

were purchased in the last year or two

have not only maintained their value, but

have grown in value at a reasonable rate.

Currently, local appreciation of homes

is being seen at a rate of three to fi ve

percent annually. True, for several years

we were seeing greater appreciation,

sometimes in excess of ten percent, but

this appreciation was a phenomenon that

could not sustain itself indefi nitely. What

we have now is a normal market, not a

slow market, just a normal market with

traditional appreciation and an average

amount of homes being sold.

What does this mean to you if you

are considering buying and or selling

a home? When you are selling your

home, it may be on the market for a

few weeks before being sold. Again, this

time frame is normal and should be of

The Worth

W Collection

helping women put together a wardrobe

that fi ts their lifestyle

casual / career / evening

jewelry / handbags

Because You’re Worth It!

By appointment

717 581 0550 or


no cause for panic. The most important

factor in the new and normal market is

to solicit and heed the advice of a Real

Estate professional. Now is the time that

properly pricing a home for sale is crucial,

as overpricing can cause your home to

be overlooked by potential buyers. As

you are looking to purchase a home,

you will likely not be competing against

fi ve other offers on the home, causing a

bidding war and driving the price of the

home skyward. Keep in mind though,

that very few homes are in “fi re sale”

mode and offers that are substantially

below a fair market price will likely be

rejected or even left unanswered. All

in all, the Lancaster County market is

moving along nicely.

So I will close out this issue’s column with

a challenge to Mr. Jim Cramer; if you

are concerned about Real Estate values

Mr. Cramer, perhaps you may wish

to purchase a home here in Lancaster

County? Perhaps something in Bent

Creek (he is a celebrity after all). FLL

Mark is a V.P. with Arlington Capital Mortgage

on Oregon Pike in Lancaster. He can be

reached at 717-475-4444.


❄Is it that time of year already? Hard as it may be to

believe, the holiday parties and plans are already in

motion. Have you made your New Year’s reservations

yet? It is never too early to set your plans for the

big events over the holiday season. But the eternal

question remains: what should you wear?

We wanted to help make that decision just a bit

easier for our female readers. And so, we offer the

following pages that include the winners from our

Fashion Plates contest of last issue and an additional

pair of fashion forward females to help you with some

ideas for your holiday glamour.

Our models came to us from all walks of life, and we

were delighted to learn a little bit about each of them

Haute Holiday

as they were fitted for their individual fashions and

during the photo sessions. We are confident that you

will enjoy getting to know them as well.

Our good friends at Pappagallo, Warren Jewelers, The

Worth Collection, and Zanzibar brought out some

fantastic fashions (and some diamonds of course), and

the elegant ladies of Avanti Salon provided the hair

and makeup styling.

So, as we go off into the sparkling world of fashion

and the holidays, we wish you health, happiness, and

of course, high fashion!

Fashion Subject: Jenna Collins

Not just a pretty face, our cover model, Jenna

Collins comes to us as a recent graduate of

Millersville University with a Bachelors of

Education. After experiencing her energy and

enthusiasm, it came as no surprise to us that

Jenna completed her four year degree in just

three years. Not only did she graduate in record

time, she helped to subsidize the cost of her

education by competing in beauty pageants!

Nothing less than the best for a beauty queen,

so she was dressed by Pappagallo, off for hair

and makeup at Avanti Salon, and she was

draped in nearly one hundred thirty thousand

dollars in diamond jewelry by our friends at

Warren Jewelers! We think that the diamonds

were just the perfect compliment to her

dazzling smile.

Provided by Pappagallos:

❄ Dress: Nicole Miller blue strapless

ruched gown

Provided by Warren Jewellers:

❄ Jewelry: Hearts on Fire necklace, braclet,

and earrings

Hair and Makeup Provided by Avanti Salon

The Scoop

Are you originally from Lancaster?

No, I’m a Lehigh Valley native – born and raised

in Nazareth, PA. I ended up in Lancaster for

college. I transferred to Millersville University

my sophomore year, and I love the area. It has

become a second home for me.

Tell us about your family:

My family is incredibly unique and wonderful. I’ve

been fortunate to have two sides to my family

that are complete opposites. One side is very

loud and outgoing while the other side is very

quiet. It’s amazing how I have seen the two sides

develop in me as I’ve gotten older. Over the last

year or so, I found a second family in Lancaster.

My voice teacher has become my big sister, and

my cooperating teacher from Student Teaching

and her family have become a Mom, Dad, and

little sister to me. “Family,” I’ve learned, is

something that is almost impossible to define.

So, nearly one hundred thirty thousand dollars in

diamonds, how did that feel?

I was completely overwhelmed with the whole

experience, and the diamonds were the icing

on the cake – expensive icing. I also just tried to

enjoy it because, as a teacher, I knew that it was

probably going to be the closest I am ever going to

get to that amount in diamonds in my whole life.

What do you think your students

will have to say about your “cover girl status”?

My students are excited to see the magazine!

They keep asking to see it! I guess it’s just one

more thing that makes me the cool teacher.

Fashion Subject: Marie Barlow-Martin

Marie comes to FLL as both a fashion and musical

diva! She breezed in to the photo shoot with

several outfits from the Worth Collection and

quickly settled on the outfit you see here. After we

listened to her lilting voice on her website, www.

mariebarlow.com, we were torn on whether to

advise her to follow the music or pursue a modeling

career. Either way we were the winner to have her

grace our pages.

Provided by Worth Collection:

❄ Jacket: Parchment leather jacket

❄ Shirt: Voile paisley shirt

❄ Pants: Pine suede Kiera pant

The Scoop

Are you originally from Lancaster?

No – I’m an Air Force Brat, but my

family claims to be from California since

that’s where we lived the longest.

Tell us about your family:

No kids (except the furry ones) and my

husband is Gordy Martin – an executive

with Menchey Music, and we also work

hard at a music ministry together.

Tell us about your music:

Gordy and I do special concerts all

over the country at churches, camps,

retreats, conventions, etc., etc., etc.,

that are marriage and family oriented

and tell our story through music. We

also do a lot of women’s retreats where

I minister through music to the women

in attendance, and we have been asked

to be speakers at couples’ events as

well. We recently went to Nashville

where we are working on our fourth

album which will be out in May.

Tell us about the Worth outfit you

are wearing:

It’s just luscious, isn’t it?

What do your friends and family

have to say about your new

modeling career?

They are now convinced I’m a diva and

keep telling me not to forget the little

people when I’m famous! My mother

and my cat, QE, are not impressed.

Fashion Subject: Kim Ginder

We were at Pappagallo picking out the dress for

our cover girl Jenna when from out of a fitting

room stepped this lovely woman in a fantastic

dress. After speaking with Kim, we found out

that she was shopping for a dress for her sister’s

wedding. We could not resist inviting her to show

off the dress here in our holiday issue and who

knows, maybe this photo will end up in her sisters

wedding album!

Provided by Pappagallos:

❄ Dress: Kay Unger black with platinum

double “V” neck evening gown

Hair and Makeup Provided by Avanti Salon

The Scoop

Are you originally from Lancaster?

Born and raised!.

Tell us about your family:

I have a wonderful husband, Steve, who

is an electrician for Gooseworks Inc.

and two beautiful daughters Madison,

6 years old and Hailey who is 3, and a

yellow lab named Nilla, she’s 4.

Where do you work?

I am a Registered Nurse at Campus Oral

and Maxilofacial Surgery at the Health

Campus in Lancaster.

How do you like your dress, was it

a hit at the Wedding?

I absolutely LOVE this dress. It was

so comfortable all day long, and I felt

very elegant in it. I received many

compliments at the wedding, and

everyone thought it was very beautiful.

I didn’t outshine the bride though... she

was radiant!

What do your friends and family

have to say about your new

modeling career?

They were all very excited for me and

my husband, was very proud. I think my

mom told everyone she knows. I could

really get used to a job where you get

pampered with hair and makeup and get

to wear beautiful clothing. Scrubs aren’t

exactly figure flattering. I had a great

time; thanks for the opportunity!

Fashion Subject: Roxanne Foura

Roxanne Foura’s mission as a massage

therapist is to make sure that

everyone feels as good on the inside as

they look on the outside. If this photo

can be used as proof of that then she

must feel fantastic!

Provided by Pappagallos:

❄ Top: Hale Bob crushed velvet tunic with elastic bottom

❄ Jeans: Seven for all mankind-denim jeans

❄ Shoes: Farlyrobin shoes with robin cutouts on front

Provided by The Beaded Daisy:

❄ Necklace: Handcrafted necklace with a polished natural

stone pendant, mixed with shades of brown faceted glass

beads, polished stone and speckled glass beads

Hair and Makeup Provided by Avanti Salon

The Scoop

Are you originally from Lancaster?


Tell us about your family:

I am happily married to Jason

Foura, and we have a 9 month old

son named Quinn. We have 2 dogs

Frankie and Jake.

What is the most rewarding

part of your job?

As a massage therapist and spa

owner, I work in a completely

stress-free environement. My

clients are as happy to see me as

I am to see them because they

know that they will leave feeling

better and more relaxed than

when they arrived!

Now that you have experience, any

advice to aspiring fashion divas?

If you can laugh and not take

yourself too seriously, you’ll be

delighted with the results.

What do your friends and family

have to say about your new

modeling career?

They are amused and hope that

I’m on my way to making my

first million!

Fashion Subject: Lisa McElroy

Lisa comes to us from the Anesthesia

Department of Lancaster General. She is a

recently minted Nurse Anesthetist after a

long career in Nursing and as you will read,

does not have much opportunity for fashion

in her work life. We were delighted by her

enthusiasm and easy going nature. Maybe

after this photo circulates through Lancaster

General, they will change the dress code and

switch to designer scrubs!

Provided by Zanzibar:

❄ Top: Polyester blend crinkle

blouse by Neesh

❄ Skirt: Polyester blend crinkle

by Neesh

❄ Necklace: Semi precious

stones by Devi

Hair and Makeup Provided by Avanti Salon

The Scoop

Are you originally from Lancaster?

Born and raised in Ephrata.

Tell us about your family:

Married for 20 years to Jay, the most

wonderful man in the world! Three

children, Alex-17, Colleen-15, Wes-

13. Two dogs, four cats, a rabbit and

very understanding neighbors!

How much room for fashion is

there in Medicine?

Ha! I wear scrubs all day, every

day. However, when the CRNA’s

socialize, we do tend to “put on the

Ritz,” especially at holiday times.

What was your most fashionable

holiday moment?

Many years ago, the cardiothoracic

surgeons had a holiday ball at the

Hamilton Club. Unfortunately, I

was 7 months pregnant. Back then,

high-end fashionable maternity

wear was nonexistent, so I bought

a beautiful cream-colored silk suit

with satin lapels at our local thrift

shop. I actually looked pretty good

for 20 bucks!

What do your friends and family

have to say about your new

modeling career?

Everybody I told about the shoot

was very excited and told me to just

have fun. So I did!


Lunch with the Superintendent:

A Delicious Conversation with Dr. Brenda Becker

Talking it up with Brenda about her new position in Hempfield School District and

future plans for moving forward with sensational education.

Our latest Lunch was with Dr. Brenda

Becker, Superintendent of Hempfield

School District. Brenda is a forward

thinker whose passion for life in general

and education in particular was contagious.

We met at The Press Room in downtown

Lancaster on a recent sunny Saturday

where she shared her thoughts about her

new position, her goals for the district, and

her views on education in general.

FLL: After a President takes office, there is

a commentary about the first one hundred

days in office. Tell us how you are feeling

about your first one hundred days.

BB: I hit the ground running and have

been running hard ever since. I have

been meeting with lots of stakeholders

– community members, parents,

school board members, administrators,

professional staff, and support staff – to

learn about the history and culture of the

district. Fortunately, having lived in the

district for 24 years, being a parent of two

HSD graduates, and having collaborated

with a number of administrators and

teachers from the district in the past,

I didn’t come into the position totally

unaware of the district. At this point, I am

working to learn what we are doing well

and where we face challenges and need

to do better. I have been very impressed

with the work ethic and loyalty of district

employees and equally impressed by

community members who find ways to

partner with the district.

FLL: Tell us about your future plans, both

immediate and long term for the district.

“At this point, I am working to

learn what we are doing well and

where we face challenges and

need to do better.”

BB: The immediate plans are to continue

listening and learning while ensuring we

are moving forward. The high school

has already completed the school

improvement plan that was necessary for

failure to make Adequate Yearly Progress

for all sub-groups of students and to be

proactive; all of our buildings are currently

working on school improvement plans.

This process provides a mechanism to

analyze student achievement in each

building and devise action plans to address

challenges that are faced. Another major

endeavor we are working on this year

is our strategic plan. The new process

for strategic planning coming down

from the PA Department of Education

encompasses individual plans for Chapter

Four, educational technology, induction,

professional education, and special

education. They must be integrated and

based on data. Long term plans include

looking at all of our programs to evaluate

what is working and what is not; looking

at our organizational structure, policies,

and procedures to determine how we

can become more efficient; providing for

smooth transitions as we are welcoming

new administrators and school board

members; and identifying and pursuing

creative funding streams to reduce the

burden on our taxpayers. Focusing on

student achievement and welfare are

always at the top of our list.

FLL: Hempfield encompasses a large

geographic area and therefore has a larger

than typical student population. What

unique circumstance does this present?

“Focusing on student achievement

and welfare are always at the top

of our list.”

BB: We do have a large and very diverse

student population, which both enriches

us and provides some unique challenges.

With 2400+ students in our high school,

we are working on strategies to provide a

more personal experience for each of our

students to ensure no students are “falling

between the cracks.” Our high school is

actually larger than some entire districts.

We provide a wealth of student activities

and clubs for students to get involved with

and connected to each other. Throughout

the district, many programs are held

to promote appreciation of cultural

diversity, with our number of English

language learners growing each year. We

are finding that more of our incoming

English language learners are coming with

limited to no English skills, which means

we must provide more time for these

students in English as a Second Language

(ESL) classes, translating into more staff

members. We also work to provide

consistency across our programs so that

what students know and are able to do in

one elementary school is the same as at

our other elementary buildings.

FLL: We hear all the time about school

districts losing programs and or services

due to lack of funds. Is there any such

concern for HSD?

BB: We are always concerned about

our ability to sustain our programs in the

district. Unfortunately, the state has not

managed to provide any real reform when

it comes to providing funding for public

schools across the Commonwealth. In

previous years, the state provided about

50% of the funding for public schools.

Today in Hempfield, approximately 75%

of our funding comes from local taxpayers,

with only about 25% from the state and

a very small amount from the federal

government. Many of the mandates

coming to us from both Washington and

Harrisburg do not have funding attached,

which means we must either raise taxes

on local homeowners or possibly reduce

our programs. We are trying very hard

to work on additional funding streams so

that we don’t have to put the full burden

on our local taxpayers. We are very

conscious of the fact that many of our

taxpayers are on fixed incomes, and all of

us have escalating bills due to increased

energy costs. Of course, when costs for

energy and fuel go up for homeowners,

they go up for us in the district as well.

FLL: Tell us about some of the alternative

funding initiatives.

BB: Probably best known is the

agreement the district entered into with

Market Street Sports Group to provide

naming rights to some district venues in

exchange for funding over a three year

period. In addition, we are working to

grow our catering business, and our child

nutrition department provides meals for

other educational institutions. Our print

shop completes printing jobs for school

districts and other entities. We are also

exploring some additional initiatives, but

they are not far enough along to make

public yet.

FLL: It sounds like they should change

your title from Superintendent to Chief

Executive Officer!

BB: That isn’t too far from reality.

Running a school district today means

you have to be able to handle employee

relations and negotiations; construction

projects, facilities, and maintenance;

compliance issues with both Harrisburg

and Washington; public relations;

politics; budgets, grants, taxes, and

innovative financing; athletics and fine

arts; community partnerships; certification

issues; transportation; safety and security;

professional development; instructional

and operational technology; health and

wellness initiatives; and a little weather

forecasting. This is all in addition to our

primary job of ensuring a quality education

to each and every one of our students.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people

are seeking administrative positions in

education, which makes me concerned

about the future of public education.

Thankfully, I love my job, and I have a very

supportive husband who doesn’t get to

see me very often.

FLL: Speaking of your husband, tell us a

little bit about your background and family.

BB: I am the oldest of five children

who grew up in the city of Lancaster. It

is because of the excellent education I

received and the outstanding teachers

I had in the School District of Lancaster

that I decided to go into education. My

father was a high school dropout, and my

mother was the only one of six children

who graduated from high school. I did

not come from an educated family, but

my parents always instilled in all of us

the importance of education. Another

lesson imparted to all of us was that

whatever path we chose to pursue, we

needed to give it our all. I lost my father

this past spring, and I still have so much

I wanted to share with him. My mother,

sister, one brother, and step-daughter

live in the district. One brother lives in

Elizabethtown, and the youngest brother

is in Boston. I have two children who

are both Hempfield graduates. My son

is working in the restaurant industry

in Charlotte, NC, and my daughter is

married and living in Elizabethtown. She

is still performing at Ephrata Performing

Arts Center after receiving some terrific

training in theatre and music at Hempfield.

I’ve had a number of nieces and nephews

graduate from Hempfield, as well and

still have one niece at Centerville Middle

School and a grandson at Hempfield High


FLL: It seems as if you were fated for this

position, and it certainly sounds like the

district is in sound and caring hands. As we

wrap up, is there anything that we have

not covered that you would like to share

with our readers?


~ Apparel & Accessories

~ Fine Toiletries

~ Exquisite Candles

~ Greeting Cards

BB: The challenges faced by today’s public

schools are a far cry from the experiences

I had during my public education as a

student. Because most people have

experience in schools, they believe they

understand what we deal with on a day to

day and year to year basis. Ten years ago

their assumptions may have been correct,

but the scenario today is far different.

Schools become a microcosm and reflect

what is happening in the overall society.

Today we must be concerned about

everything from suicide to obesity, from

armed intruders to gangs and significant

physical and emotional challenges of our

students. Overall, I believe the district

and community are blessed to have so

many caring individuals who go above and

beyond on a regular basis to benefit our

students and community.

We work very hard to earn the trust of

our parents and guardians in the way that

we safeguard and educate their children.

Although I believe we do many things well,

there are always areas in which we can

and are intent to improve. Most important

is the need for productive communication

among stakeholders. I welcome parent

and community collaboration so that we

can be an effective and vital contributor to

the greater Hempfield community. As for

priorities, for me it is still all about the kids.

FLL: It certainly sounds like HSD will

be meeting those challenges with

enthusiasm with you leading the way.

Thank you for your time and for having

lunch with us today.

BB: My pleasure!

In store fashion show –

First Friday December 7th

“As for priorities, for me it is still

all about the kids.” 21 West King Street • Lancaster • 390-2868

M-Th: 10-5, F-S: 9-5, First Fridays till 8


Find Bernard’s at Brighton to soothe the

holiday stress. Located in the Brighton

development on Fruitville Pike directly

across from Bent Creek, Bernard’s is

an oasis of relaxation. A full service spa,

they offer a wide variety of treatments to

refresh and rejuvenate you. You no longer

need to fi ght for an appointment at the

Spa at Hotel Hershey (no appointments

on weekends unless you are staying in

the hotel!), Bernard’s at Brighton offers

everything you want right here in Lancaster.

Bernard’s at Brighton

1325 Brighton Avenue

Lititz, PA 17543



Below: Commemoritive tile of Bernard



What to Buy...

For Everyone?

Damian Rhodes,

FM97 on air personality dreams

of the perfect Holiday gifts.

By Maia Cargas

‘Tis The Season...

It may seem that

one must travel

to distant lands or

larger cities to shop

successfully for the

holidays. However,

quality, high fashion,

one-of-a-kind items and

more can be found within

city-limits. The answer to

where to shop and what to buy

is actually only miles away. You

just have to know where to look.

So here is a guide to help you

fi gure it out, and enjoy

what the holidays

are all about...

refl ect product listed.

1 Mom

Mom will cherish a plush pair of slippers by Goody

Goody from Lancaster’s Zanzibar Romancing

Your Senses located at 21 West King Street. This

season Zanzibar is expecting their lavish slippers

constructed from gorgeous fabrics and embellished

fl owers, to be a top-seller. These women’s slippers

in sizes small, medium, and large are so soft to

wear that your wife, mother, girlfriend, daughter or

any woman that you care about will treasure the

comfort. Zanzibar’s Goody Goody slippers create

contentment and relief with a sense of style.

Perhaps Mom’s fancy shall be met by the art of

food and wine. You can never go wrong with a gift

certifi cate to Lancaster’s Strawberry Hill Restaurant

situated at 128 West Strawberry Street. Allow her to

enjoy the local fl avors from Lancaster City’s market

that are incorporated into the assorted menu.

She will revel in the relaxed sophistication, fi ne

modern American cuisine, and vast compilation of

wines from around the world.

You can undoubtedly fi nd many treasures for Mom

from Linen’s & Things. I suggest the Wallet Pix, a

tiny digital photo album that stores 58 wallet-sized

photos. The little contraption is the size of a credit

card and will rest comfortably in her wallet. Mom

can now show the latest pictures of the kids or

family at the touch of a button. No more outdated

and tattered school pictures in her purse.

Mom might not be the number one electronics

fan on your list, but she will surely appreciate a

portable DVD player from Circuit City. I suggest the

Toshiba 10.2 inch Portable DVD Player that can be

powered through your car. This convenient device

could be her ticket to a more relaxing trip to the

beach next summer.

➺* Photos do not necessarily

Pappagallo is a smart and savvy shopping

destination for the husband looking to surprise his

wife with quality comfort and irrefutable style. The

luxurious zip-hoodies are a must-have this season.

No woman would say no to a comfy cover-up that

looks good as well. Papagallo also offers posh

robes by Barefoot Dreams. Her dreams will come

true after slipping into this cozy wrap during fast

approaching cooler days. While shopping at this

fi ne boutique on 28 West Orange Street, be sure

to check out the select handbags and distinctive

artisan jewelry as well.

Perchance you can make her smile with a

brighter smile. Christian Silvaggio Cosmetic

Dentistry offers gift certifi cates for their teeth

bleaching procedure. Only one visit of two

hours will brighten her pearly whites six to

eight shades whiter.

A jewelry box from Higashi Pearls & Fine Jewelry

is a must-have. The simple yet stylish box is

handcrafted exclusively at Higashi. After selecting

a jewelry box, check out the Judith Ripka line of

jewelry. Yellow gold, smoky topaz, green amethyst,

canary yellow, and pearls are hot for the holidays.

“Time is on my side” for Mick Jagger...

unfortunately not many moms could agree. Give

the gift of time by offering a gift certifi cate from

Y.E.S. Concierge. This local service will make life

easier and more relaxing by taking over some

of her daily chores and tasks. A few hours of

relaxation might be just what she needs after

another busy holiday season.



2 Dad

Zanzibar offers fi ne leather gloves for the man in

your life. These gloves are available in twelve styles.

If you really want to put a smile on his face, hook

him up with a custom home theatre system from

GNT Audio/Video. You could never, ever go wrong

with a customized audio fi tting so he can watch

the games and enjoy the latest blockbusters with a

personalized fl are. As for selecting the television,

LCD high-defi nition format televisions remain a

very popular choice.

If extravagance is your goal, explore the sporty C30

coupe at Stadel Volvo. This mean machine is small

and personal, aiming to equip the specifi cations

of its lucky driver. The XC70 is also popular this

season. This family friendly crossover vehicle is

concerned with safety, security, and convenience.

Another lavish vehicle to look at this holiday is

the Mercedes CLK350 mid-size convertible. This

luxury vehicle is built for year-round enjoyment.

The heated rear window guarantees comfortable

handling through the seasons. The bold freethinker

will certainly enjoy this invigorating new ride.

Find something special at Warren Jewelers that only

a sister could choose. First of all, you will be pleased

with the receptive service that you discover as you

walk into this fi ne jewelry store at 1490 Harrisburg

Pike, near Park City Center. A pair of beautifully cut

Garden Flower Drop earrings by Hearts on Fire is a

phenomenal pick. Your sister with the green thumb

will look stunning in these elegant earrings where

diamonds are organized in a fl oral arrangement.

The Amorous Journey Heart Pendant in 18kt

white gold is another lovely stylish gift that Warren

Jewelers has to offer.

A gift certifi cate to Briala Bodyworks at 407 West

Chestnut Street is a hip gift idea. Your sister will love

a private yoga or Piliates session with Briala to start

the new year right. There is also Evolution Power

Yoga at 447 North Mulberry Street. Evolution offers

day and evening classes in beginner, advanced, and

instructor levels. Private lessons are also available.

Give your sister the power to harness inspiration

while exercising her body and mind.

An additional idea is a fl ashy digital camera from

Circuit City. I suggest the top-rated 7.2 megapixel

Casio EX-Z75RD in red. This sleek camera is

equipped with anti-shake DSP, Best Shot mode, and

34 programmed settings to ensure the perfect shot.

This gift is the perfect tool for capturing the joys of

the season.

❆3 Sister

4 Brother

Good food never fails the hunger of man. Treat your

brother to a gift certifi cate to Jethro’s Restaurant &

Bar located on 659 First Street. This comfortable

space features an ingenious array of contemporary

American cuisine. For starters I suggest the smoked

trout or sautéed calamari. The evening must be

fi nished with the unbelievable homemade crème

caramel. This hidden gem boasts an eclectic menu

and intimate setting.

Another restaurant that your brother may enjoy is

Refl ections Fine Food and Spirits located at 1390

Oregon Road in Leola. The Refl ection’s friendly staff

will provide a warm welcome. He will certainly fi nd

something tasty from the assorted menu of seafood

and steaks to vegetarian plates.

If your brother is a sports fan, consider purchasing

season tickets for next year’s Lancaster Barnstormers

baseball season. There are different packages from

which to choose; dugout, fi eld, and game fi eld box

seats are available. Maybe you can buy him some

peanuts and cracker jacks too.

5 Friend

Impress your friend with an original Christiane

David painting. You will certainly enjoy your

shopping experience as you stroll through the

Christiane David Gallery at 142 North Prince Street.

Pick one of her brightly colored masterpieces to

bring some joy into the home of your dear friend.

Prints are also available, and Christiane will work

by commission.

Another thought is a unique accessory from Village

Boutique Jewelry and Accessories located in the

heart of Neffsville at 14 Meadow Lane. Something

special that will catch your attention is the fi ne jewelry

collection or casual fashion jewelry. The Butler Bag

(the world’s 1st Compartmentalized Handbag) is an

excellent gift idea. This bag, locally found only at

the Village Boutique, is a unique tote that organizes

everything. Internal compartments make it a synch

to fi nd what you are looking for. The convenience

achieved by this practical yet fashionable bag is

unparalleled. The sleek, hand stitched leather bag is

available in two sizes and six colors.

Your culinary friend who enjoys hosting dinner

parties may be pleased with the Hershey Kiss

Fondue Set from Linens & Things on Fruitville

Pike. When not hosting a party, she can use it as a

cute container for candies. It could also store the

chocolates destined to melt into a creamy dipping

experience at the next holiday bash.

Perhaps you have another important person on your

list that would value an original oil painting, pastel,

or ceramic piece. Take a look in The Living Light

Gallery on 150 North Prince Street where the art

connoisseur and talented entrepreneur Pat Renna

will most likely greet you. Maybe your friend would

appreciate the classic realism in James Sulkowski’s

paintings. Manfred Heine-Baux’s bold and vibrant

application of color offers brilliant creations. An

original painting is a gift that will last a lifetime. It

grows with you as the construction of the media

slightly changes over time.




Strawberry Hill offers the unique option of supreme

gift baskets. The customized baskets contain

anything and everything from Long’s Horseradish to

holiday ornaments created by the pastry chef. The

baskets proudly secure items from local businesses

and establishments. Distinctive Strawberry Hill

wine glasses and shirts may inhabit a gift basket,

which can be picked-up or delivered by mail for

convenience during this hectic time of year. The

feature of personalizing their gift baskets gives

Strawberry Hill an added bonus to an already

established fi ne dining spot.

Friends from out of town will be grateful for the

gift of comfortable quarters for premium lodging.

Go no further than the Lancaster Arts Hotel. The

Arts hotel offers a variety of special packages

such as the ‘Brewmaster Package’ and ‘Meet the

Market Master Package’ to guarantee a distinctive

stay. Gift certifi cates for the Arts Hotel’s John J.

Jeffries Restaurant will provide an exceptional

American Cuisine dining encounter. Your guests will

certainly appreciate the unique style and luxurious

accommodations at this select setting.

For a small gift, present your out-of-town friend or

family member with Wilbur Buds from The Wilbur

Chocolate Company at 48 North Broad Street in

Lititz. One or fi ve pound bags are available as well as

5.5 ounce 24 count cases of milk or semisweet buds.

These outrageously delicious chocolates are dreamy

treats that originate here in Lancaster County.

7 Co-Workers

or Boss

A gift certifi cate to a noteworthy restaurant is

always a good choice for a boss or co-worker. Try

the Belvedere Inn Restaurant and Bar on 402 North

Queen Street, where fi ne food and spirits eloquently

meet. Their signature Grilled Caesar is phenomenal.

They also utilize local produce to further the

freshness and taste of exquisite menu items.

Take a look in Details Style for Living located at 30

North Queen Street. You will certainly fi nd a little

something for an amicable co-worker or a Secret

Out of Town

Santa. This stylish store sells effects for home and

garden. One of the festive handcrafted and hand

painted wooden ornaments designed by Sticks

would be a smart choice.

If you would really like to show your boss some

appreciation, give a gift certifi cate to Escape at

Avanti located at 1038 Columbia Avenue. A trip

to this quiet and relaxed spa to be pampered and

soaked in needed relaxation would be exceptionally

benefi cial for anybody. A variety of treatments

are available including massage, facials, and

wraps. ‘The GREAT Escape’ includes two hours

of soothing music and aromas along with massage

and facial. This package allows for a getaway for

mind and body.

Another excellent choice for spa treatment is the

Bernard’s at Brighton Day Spa at 1325 Brighton

Avenue in Lititz. This lovely local spa concentrates

on the total wellbeing of its cliental. Your gift

recipient will enjoy the salon equipped with a

make-up area, styling stations, and manicure and

pedicure rooms. The spa offers single and couple’s

massages and a world of relaxation in the serenity

room to fi nish the stay. The fortunate receiver of this

thoughtful gift will sip tea and relax as he or she

benefi ts from a peaceful escape from the trials of

the day.

An amazing destination for your next work or

family occasion is the Meritage Restaurant located

in Mount Joy at Groff’s Farm. You will discover

impeccable service and exceptional fare. Enjoy the

horseradish-crusted rack of lamb paired with fi ne

wine. The Meritage is a perfect choice for large

groups or intimate dining.

8 Host

➻6 ❋ ❋❋❋

A bottle of delicious mulled holiday wine from the

Mount Hope Carriage House Wine Shoppe on the

grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair in

Manheim is a perfect choice. Your host will savor

the rich fl avor of this local wine served hot for

the holiday.

An appealing tablecloth or fancy glassware from

Details would be a stylish and suitable hostess gift.

Decking out the table is in this season.

To bring something unique for the hostess of your

next holiday party, explore Ten Thousand Villages

Store at 240 North Reading Road in Ephrata. You

will fi nd an array of fair trade items handcrafted by

gifted artisans from around the world. The Lotus

Flower Candleholder crafted from capiz shell is

one of the best sellers. The Handmade Soap Set in

green apple, mango and coconut scents from India

is a distinctive and practical hostess gift. Be original

and support the integrity of the global fair trade

artisan market at the same time.

Hopefully these leads will indeed

help you succeed!


“Retro Fulton” by ‘O’mcilla

Seeing the Light

Living Light Gallery Leaves a Lasting Impression

By Maia Cargas

Living Light Gallery, located at 150 North

Prince Street, is a noteworthy addition to

Lancaster’s Gallery Row. This new in-town

gallery resides in the historic district of

Lancaster and is the creation of the dedicated

entrepreneur Pat Renna. Living Light Gallery

offers a variety of artwork created by awardwinning

local, national, and international

artists. Equipped with a private courtyard,

this two-story space built in 1859 exudes a

pre-civil war atmosphere through its authentic

hard wood fl oors and original design. Renna’s

collection of artwork consists of oil, acrylic,

watercolor, and mixed media. Sculpture,

hand-blown glass, and ceramic pieces are also

in artful attendance throughout the gallery. It is

truly a cultural treat to experience a variety of

exquisitely beautiful artwork in a distinguished

historic setting.

Pat Renna is a fi rm believer in the golden

rule: do unto others. She strives to provide a

positive environment for interested audiences

from all walks of life. Pat shows a mixture of

work that is sure to captivate a wide range

of observers. She believes in making artwork

accessible, enabling all to wander into the

splendid world of art. Renna hopes to provide

a little something for everyone as her upbeat

ambiance impacts cliental. Pat Renna opens

the doors of her gallery to entertain the

perceptions of all who appreciate the arts.

James Sulkowski displays his work in classical

realism at the Living Light Gallery. This

renowned artist, originally from Pennsylvania,

is an amazing master who grinds his own

paints and builds his own gessoed panels and

canvases. Sulkowski’s timeless renderings of

nature in still life and landscape settings are

accentuated by his remarkable use of light,

reminiscent of Rembrant. Sulkowski’s paintings

are an appropriate tenant of Living Light

Gallery. The enduring creations of this fi ne

artist are a pleasure to absorb and value.

Another distinguished artist who shares his

work at the Living Light Gallery is Manfred

Heine-Baux. Manfred studied in Germany

originally and indulged in international travels

that surely infl uenced his work. His vibrant

use of lively contrasting colors creates a

daring expressionism that is reminiscent

of Van Gogh’s work. These rich works

seem to have no boundaries as they depict

active scenes with a sense of brawny solidity.

Manfred’s imaginative work is a genuine joy

to experience.

The Living Light Gallery is also home to local

talents such as Matthew Jakielski, a gifted artist

who studied in Lancaster. Matthew specializes

in hand-blown glass and ceramic masterpieces.

Each striking object of blown-glass creates

a beautiful structure to saturate one’s gaze.

His inventive ceramic pieces are absolutely

inspired and just as enjoyable as his glass

creations. Jakielski is a sure local talent.

Ann Jenemann, a native of New Jersey,

displays warm weather landscapes on the

fi rst fl oor of the gallery. Her media of choice

is pastel and oil, and she is known for her

landscapes and skyscapes, often using Ohio as

her subject matter. One may get lost in the

warmth of ‘Amish Sunset’ as it allows for a

familiar getaway for the senses.

Judy Smith is another local artist whose

attractive watercolors can be viewed at Living

“Peaceful Retreat” by James Sulkowski

“Floral with Turquoise Vase” by James Sulkowski

“Le Grande Marche” by Manfred Heine-Baux

“Pears I” by Judy W. Smith

“Untitled in Red” by Paula Nizamas

Light Gallery. Watercolors may seem

quite delicate, but her paintings permeate

strength through delicacy. Judy was born

in Lancaster and studied at the Art Institute

of Pittsburgh. Today she exhibits in public

and private collections, including the

Lancaster General Women and Babies

Hospital. She states that she loves to get

into the total concentration of painting

and enjoys the spontaneity of the creative

process. The chance element that is

involved in painting really interests Judy

as she creates. “Sometimes wonderful

surprises happen when one is patient and

just lets things happen.” Smith is excited

about the cultural rise in Lancaster County

over the past ten years. This excitement

is refl ected in works that use scenes of

Lancaster County as subject material. Judy

cherishes her time painting, and it is safe

to say that many cherish the products of

that time.

As art connoisseurs wander the cozy

courtyard, they are accompanied by the

inspired sculptures of local artist Dan

Witmer. Additional Witmer originals

can be found throughout the gallery.

His sizable metal sculptures coincide

comfortably with the manicured gardens

in this exceptional outdoor display of

artwork. The outdoor wall of the building

is adorned with lovely pastel creations.

As Pat informs me, contrary to common

belief, pastels are actually a very sturdy

and enduring medium. The longer pastel

is on a surface, the more permanent it

becomes. This revelation made me think

about the lasting impression that the

Living Light Gallery was creating as I

traveled through the talent laden walls

of this fi ne gallery.

Pat Renna passionately shows an array of

artists and a variety of media in her new

gallery on North Prince Street. The Living

Light Gallery, set in a historic Lancaster

building, is home to many amazing

creations that are waiting to visually delight

their audiences. Renna enjoys involvement

in the popular First Fridays and events such

as the Art Walk. She simply wants to share

the beauty of these very talented artists

with anyone who is willing to appreciate

it. She welcomes any interested party

into her gallery, whether he or she has

intention to purchase a work or just revel

in the talent of these remarkable artists. So

live it up a little, take a refreshing tour, and

see the light of the Living Light Gallery. FLL

Maia Cargas has a strong passion for literature

and art. She resides in downtown Lancaster and

can be reached at mlcargas@comcast.net

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We offer a wholistic environment

that will enhance your physical and

mental well-being. Our services include

massage therapies, skin care,

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Phone: 717.560.3400 • Fax: 717.560.3445


Lily’s on Main now serving

“Pretzel Chicken”

a Fine Living Lancaster

Signature Dish

Signature Dish

This new feature, Signature Dish, integrates a local chef and/or restaurateur with an engaging

Lancastrian who share a common interest. It follows them through the process of creating a

new dish for the restaurant that displays their connection. The dish will then be offered at the

restaurant as a special for ninety days.

Steve Brown, Owner of Lily’s on Main; Kelly Kapinos, Head

Chef; Bill Puffer, Owner of Zanzibar

Two Steve’s, two drummers, and

two who are passionate about food.

Restaurant owner of Lily’s on Main of

Ephrata, Steve Brown, and Steve Puffer,

co-owner of the unique downtown

Lancaster boutique, Zanzibar, sat down

together at Lily’s and chatted about

their common interest in playing the

drums and about their new creation

for the menu.

Steve Puffer remembers always banging

and tapping on everything; he learned

to play the drums in the 5th grade. He

played in bands for years and then did

sound for other bands, including the

Innocence Mission, the band Steve

Brown played with in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.

The dining area of Lily’s on Main offers art deco decor in a comfortable

setting with a beautiful view of downtown Ephrata

Puffer now has a recording studio in his

home. He has always been into music

in one form or another and continues

to play locally. Although he and the rest

of the band don’t get together as much

as he would like, due to multiple jobs

and family commitments, his affection for

drumming prevails.

Formed in Lancaster, the Innocence

Mission, an alternative folk band

comprised of four schoolmates, went

on to make music that topped the

Billboard charts and became soundtracks

for fi lm and television. Ten years ago,

Steve Brown left the Innocence Mission

to become a full-time chef. A different

way of communicating with another

person is the way in which Brown sees

both cooking and drumming. By taking

something that you hear, see or

smell in your mind, you express it in

another language.

Brown has always wanted to be both a

drummer and a chef and feels extremely

fortunate having been able to do both.

Originally, he wanted to have his own

restaurant so that he and his band could

play in it. That was back when he was

fi fteen years old and working in a deli.

As the starving musician adage goes, he

always worked in restaurants because

he knew that way he would always have

something to eat. From a manager at a

fast food chain to cooking at fi ne dining

establishments in Lancaster County, Steve

Brown learned the restaurant biz. When

he was on the road with the Innocence

Mission, he enveloped himself in the

different culinary cultures he found

throughout the country. This experience

would eventually lead to the theory

behind the American-style concept of

Lily’s cuisine, the restaurant that is named

after his daughter.

Steve Puffer’s Zanzibar features specialty

gift items, aromatic quality candles, and

beautiful designer women’s apparel and

accessories. With the tag line, “romancing

your senses,” to his boutique, you might

know that this Steve has a sense for all

things good, including good food. He

comments that he loves to eat and that

his girlfriend of ten years is an absolutely

magnifi cent cook. When they dine out,

they go out for the service.

In developing the concept for the dish

that would tie these two Steve’s together,

they thought that the quintessential

fl avors of Lancaster County would be

perfect, complementing the theme of

the magazine and the American-style

of the restaurant. Lily’s chef of six years

Kelly Kapinos was brought into the

mix for ideas, too. Kapinos and Brown

work well together on new dishes, and

they appreciate each other’s opinions.

What started as using turkey or chicken

“drumsticks” as an à propos main

ingredient evolved into a refi ned entrée

featuring local fare.

The new dish was dubbed Pretzel

Chicken and was devised by combining

the epitome of Lancaster County snacks

Continued on page 44

Head chef of six years, Kelly Kapinos, creates the Signature Dish, Pretzel Chicken


Continued from page 43

– Pennsylvania Dutch hard pretzels,

mustard and cheese - with chicken

breasts. (Chicken breasts inherently have

more appeal than drumsticks.) After the

dish was agreed upon, Kelly got to it. She

started by coating chicken breasts with

Dijon mustard and then sheathing them

in what would ultimately turn out to be

a crunchy coating of a combination of

ground Hammond’s pretzels and bread

crumbs. Kelly then seared the chicken

breasts, topped them with a slice of brie,


adj. to shine brightly


By Appointment only

1038 Columbia Ave.

(at Atkins Ave.), Lancaster

Escape ❄ ❄ ❄


Spa Services

and popped them into a 400 degree

oven. She moved over to the stovetop

and combined equal portions of chicken

stock and demi-glace to become the

base of a wonderfully rich sauce. Fire

abounded as brandy was added to the

pot, and the sauce was fi nished with

cream, Dijon and Worcestershire.

When it came time to plate the dish,

mashed gold potatoes served as the

foundation surrounded by a pool of

brandy cream sauce, bounteously topped


With a quiet mind and a

relaxed body, your spirit

will begin to restore....

Share an hour or two with

us and we will help you

Escape ~ and remember

how to rest.

Therapeutic Massage


Body Wraps


Ion Cleanse Detoxing Treatments

Ear Coning


By Appointment only

1038 Columbia Ave.

(at Atkins Ave.), Lancaster


by the chicken with melted brie. As

asparagus is the vegetable of choice at

Lily’s because it is part of the lily family,

Kelly stacked the dish with another layer

of freshly seared asparagus. A rosemary

spear and playful Hammond’s pretzel

garnish gave the dish its fi nal form.

Out of the kitchen and onto the fl oor, the

chef brought the dish to the two Steve’s

and Fine Living Lancaster staff. How is

that for service? Paired with Yeungling

lager, it was ready to be tasted by all. The

fl avor of this locally inspired dish with its

harmoniously mingled ingredients rivaled

its presentation.

Accolades were abundant, but Steve

Brown said it best, “Everybody’s going

to want this special!” Everyone can have

this special as it will be offered at Lily’s on

Main - but only for the next ninety days.

Lily’s on Main Owner Steve Brown

The Brossman Building\

124 E. Main Street, Ephrata PA


Zanzibar Co-Owner Steve Puffer

21 W. King Street, Lancaster PA


Sue Barry has had original recipes published in

national magazines and for several years she

wrote articles on food and restaurants for a

Dauphin County publication. She is employed

by Lititz Borough as Borough Manager.




B&B King

REMAX About Town: Harry Jefferies and B&B’s

By BJ Cherry

Nestled between the Park City Mall and

the Lancaster Health Campus at 1776

Harrisburg Pike, in stark contrast to its’

bustling surroundings, you will find the

REMAX About Town office. You get the

impression that you are about to enter

someone’s home – almost wanting to

knock first. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon,

and although he has an exceptionally

busy schedule, Vice President Harry

Jefferies greets me with a warm smile

and a firm, friendly handshake. Despite

the assertions of “experts” who project

nothing but doom and gloom for the

residential and commercial real estate

markets, Harry Jefferies’ business

is serene and prospering amidst a

maelstrom of naysayers.

The B&B King; Harry Jefferies

You see, just as Harry’s office is a

relief to its hectic surroundings, his

commercial business focus exists

outside of the pessimistic sphere

of the current market. He is doing

exceptionally well, as are his friends

who decided to cash in on the thriving

Bed and Breakfast industry in Lancaster

and its surrounding counties.

With over twenty years of experience

in commercial real estate, Harry has

weathered many market mood swings.

He is passionate, professional, and

extraordinarily knowledgeable about all

eastern and central Pennsylvania has to

offer. Bed and Breakfasts (B&B’s) just

happen to be his forte; and with over

150 B&B’s operating in Lancaster alone,

Harry has more than enough inventory

with which to work.

Asked why he started focusing on

B&B’s roughly nine years ago, Harry

offered that he “loves to stay in Bed

and Breakfasts instead of the run of the

mill hotel chains because they tend to

be quintessential to any particular area.

They are pieces of living history. For

example, the B&B in Intercourse, PA

played an important role as a station

in the Underground Railroad. Not to

mention the people who own and

operate them seem to be more

down to earth and interact directly

with their guests, which makes the

whole experience more personable

and relaxing.”

Indeed, Bed and Breakfasts offer

a unique experience for both the

guest and the owner. They offer an

atmosphere that is friendly and familiar;

an idyllic setting full of history and quaint,

country charm; a refreshing juxtaposition

to the ever-present Motel 6’s, 7’s and

8’s that inundate the highways like

mutant refrigerator boxes nowadays. As

a business opportunity, they marry the

character of the home with a lucrative,

self-controlled investment.

Harry prefers selling B&B’s precisely

because of these benefits, which makes

them so appealing to buyers. He finds

that most buyers are those who, after

long hard years of the rat race, desire

a more restive and relaxed business

opportunity – one that allows the

owner’s own distinct style to shine

through. These are people who long

for a change in their status quo. From

business people, to school teachers,

to retirees, they are folks who like

to interact face-to-face with others,

enjoy cooking and camaraderie, and

working in a warm, comfortable, homey

environment – people like Steve and

Jamie Shane.

The Shane’s hooked up with Harry five

years ago when they were searching out

B&B opportunities all along the eastern

seaboard. They were settling in to an

early retirement, looking to escape

Ohio, and to own a business with

minimal risk and lots of personality and

earning potential. A simple search on

the internet revealed that Harry Jefferies

was the man they were looking for to

help them realize their dreams. With

Harry’s help, they found the Apple Bin

Inn at 2835 Willow Street Pike in Willow

Street. It was perfect!

Steve divulged,”Harry is a top-notch

professional. His insight and experience

with Bed and Breakfasts was paramount

in determining the right location for us.

His knowledge of the area’s tourism

business and the competition helped

us to choose the Apple Bin Inn. The

buying process was smooth and easy.

He immediately found us financing,

lined us up with two local banks, made

sure to cross all the T’s and dot the I’s,

and within four days we were Bed and

Breakfast owners.”

Now, Steve and Jamie, along with their

son, Dylan, meet great people from

all over the world every day. They

have had travelers from 48 states, 45

countries, and all seven continents,

including Antarctica!

What is it about B&B’s that draw such

a blend of clientele and owners? Harry

says that while B&B’s have comparable

prices to many of the major chain hotels,

they offer a more unique experience

that is customized to the individual. They

are safer, personable, and intimate.

“Everybody likes to know the owner,”

Harry says. “You meet real live people

with real live stories.” It makes people

feel like part of the family. Also, it is not

like buying a restaurant or a franchise,

where initial investments can reach into

the millions, where the hours are long

and staffing becomes a major headache,

where new competition is entering the

market wholesale on a daily basis.

The Harry Jefferies Team gathers for conversation at Lovelace Manor on Marietta Avenue;

Especially in Lancaster County where

they can start at only $400,000, B&B’s

afford the buyer a great opportunity to

create either a primary or secondary

revenue stream. Backed by good local

bankers and attorneys, Harry has had

great success securing financing for new

owners. Depending on the level being

sought, B&B’s can range from 400-800

thousand dollars, 3-4 bedrooms, 4-10

bedrooms, and 10+ bedrooms. It all

depends on what the buyer is after, and

Harry is an expert in matching the right

investment choice to the individual.

Typically, buyers are seeking an

operation with 4-10 bedrooms,

which offer a nice return on invest-

ment while maintaining that laidback

and personal approach to doing

business. Not everyone has the skills

to effectively run a B&B. The successful

Bed and Breakfast owner must be able

to do five things: maintain the property,

manage a budget, cook breakfast,

ensure customer satisfaction, and

always be friendly and hospitable.

Seems easy enough, and easier still

when working with an experienced

professional like Harry Jefferies. Harry

is the leading authority for Bed and

Breakfasts not just in Lancaster County,

but Chester, Adams, Berks, Bucks and

even Cape May. His expertise has

helped many folks, like the Shane’s at

Apple Bin Inn, to realize the dream of

owning their own business. He and his

team at REMAX About Town have all

the resources necessary to help anyone

with the will and ambition to find the

perfect Bed and Breakfast for them. FLL

BJ graduated from Albright College with a BA

in English. He is a New Jersey native and is

an aficionado of the finer things in life and

in Lancaster.

Lest you think that Harry is solely focused on Bed & Breakfast’s, nothing could

be further from the truth. Harry has always maintained a strong business profile

in all aspects of real estate sales. In order to provide the exceptional service

level to which his clients are accustomed, Harry has assembled a diverse

team of professionals. Hailing from all different areas of the county, there are

currently six outstanding individuals comprising The Harry Jefferies Team: Office

Manager Karen Boughton, Listing Assistant & Buyer Coordinator Renea Snyder,

Residential Specialists Jennifer Smith & Gary Glass, Investment & Commercial

Specialist Mike Sage, three licensed Realtors and, of course, Harry Jefferies.



Best Christmas


We all have one–a special memory from the

holidays that sleeps lightly in our subconscious.

Something about the nip in the air seems

to rouse this memory from its slumber,

bringing it to the front of our minds

to warm us against the coming

of winter.

We asked a few Lancastrians to bring their own

memories out just a bit early this year and to

share these memories with us. They obliged,

and we are thrilled to present them to you

here. Just a few examples of the Best

Christmas Ever!

Rick Martin,

President, Wheatland Custom Homes

As I go back in my mind to memories of Christmas Pasts, I always

seem to end up with my childhood memories. I guess that is

a reflection of the fact that I am going back to a simpler time,

when life was based on only two things: having fun and sharing

love. And all those memories have one common thread–family.

Some are with Mom, Dad, sister and brothers. Since Mom and

Dad preferred to sleep in on Christmas day, we opened gifts

on Christmas Eve, naturally after a hurried dinner and quicker

clean up. Other memories are with aunts, uncles, cousins, and

grandparents. I remember Grandfather Martin giving a quarter to

each of his grandchildren. Even at a young age, we realized that

was a great sacrifice for him with so many grandchildren. One

of those early years, since my uncle Noah could not be there to

share in the family celebration, we recorded a tape to send to

him. I sang an unaccompanied rendition of “O Holy Night” as my

contribution. A couple of years later, as teenagers, we had a “slot

car” Christmas. Four of us cousins and our uncle Mel built a slot

car drag race track the length of Uncle Roy’s basement and had

races all day. And who could forget the year we put salt in the

sugar cup. You should have heard Uncle Clair yell as he tried to

drink his salt laced coffee.

But the most vivid memory is one that I actually do not

remember except for what is in the Martin family lore. So

these are the facts according to Mom: Mom and Dad bought

an American Flyer train set for all of us to share as our “big” gift.

On Christmas Eve we opened up the gifts, and there was the

best train we ever saw. Naturally, Dad set it up for us; and after

the usual lecture about how we need to be careful with it, not

running it too fast that it jumped the track, he promptly ran it so

fast that it jumped off the track, rolled off the edge of the table,

and ended up on the floor. It makes a better story to say that it

was broken, but in reality, that is the legend, not the fact.

My Christmas prayer for all of us is that we could go back, if only

for the moment, and again experience Christmas as children,

without all the hype and bustle, focusing on the love and joy as

we celebrate the day with our friends.

* * * * *

Mara Sultan,

Director of Sales, Lancaster Arts Hotel

When I was thinking about the question, “What was your best

Christmas memory?” I immediately tried to reach back in time

and come up with something that happened when I was a child

or long ago. But after a few more seconds passed, I realized my

best Christmas memory was just last year.

My husband was deployed with his Marine Unit in Iraq.

Thinking of spending the holiday without him was unthinkable,

especially knowing how much he loves the Christmas season

– cold weather, snow, the fireplace in our cozy living room,

and the family that brings our home to life on Christmas Eve

and Christmas day. My step-sons and I approached the season

the best we could, all knowing it would not be the same, but

something amazing happened. The tiny tree that we were going

to get since Dad was away, turned out to be the biggest tree

we ever had! (We stood on the high end of the ground when

we picked it out not realizing it was 9 feet tall!) We decorated it

the same as usual, music playing, cats in front of the fire, but the

decorations were different. Some paid homage to the service

men, instead of the typical red shiny balls. We took LOTS of

pictures and sent them to Bill. We recorded every moment

leading up to the Christmas holiday so that he was sure to be

with us, at least in spirit. Christmas Day, as usual, that same loving

family adorned our living room, chatting, laughing, and eating

our Christmas meal. And it was wonderful. None of us spoke

about the obvious absence, though it was abundantly clear when

it came time for Bill to read the Christmas story–the story that

HE reads every year. His brother Jeff was just about to read it

for us when the phone rang, and it was Bill. We ALL took turns

talking to him; it was so wonderful to hear his voice! And then

he said, “Please open the box I sent you and pull out the disk in

the envelope; put it in while I am on the phone with you.” What

he had recorded for us was a video of him, in his bunk, reading

the Christmas Story to us, from Iraq, to the sound of Christmas

Music in the background. None of us could speak. The magic of

his call at just the right moment was nothing short of amazing.

I will never forget last Christmas. Although my husband was

not with us physically, he was there in every other way – in the

ways that are most important. He was there in love, the kind

that fills your heart to the brim and bubbles over. This is why last

Christmas is my best Christmas memory.

* * * * *

Victoria Henderson,

Educator and Fine Living Lancaster

Copy Editor

I look at my seventeen-year-old daughter and a sweet sadness

fills me as I remember the little girl who wrote letters to Santa

and who put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the

reindeer. I am taken back to Alyx at seven. She was at the age

where she still wanted to hold onto the belief in Santa, despite

No matter how BIG, no matter how SMALL...

Your very OWN home is the best fit of all.

Call Deb and have a home “fitted” just for you.

Roxie Geist

Associates of Lancaster

Deb Geist

Office: 717-569-2222

Cell: 717-468-3266


“Serving Lancaster County families for 20 years”

her friends and older siblings telling her that Santa did not exist.

I too wanted her to hold onto her belief for at least one more

year—to the magic that could never be replaced once lost. I

would like to say that my reading of Yes Virginia, There is a Santa

Claus was what kept her believing for one more year, but instead

it was a trip to Park City and a chance encounter with the man

who played the role of the Park City Santa.

As we stood in a holiday-long line at Arbys, we must have been

discussing that upcoming Christmas and gifts that my daughter

had on her list. Perhaps there was even a discussion of Santa

and her doubts (it was a very long line). I didn’t see Santa until

we were looking for a booth to eat our junior roast beefs and

our curly fries; Alyx saw him too. Park City has always had an

authentic looking Santa; and despite him being on lunch break in

his suspenders at Arbys, he certainly looked like the real thing.

Even Santa needs to eat! I watched my seven-year-old daughter,

with a mixture of hope and doubt in her eyes, hesitantly

approach this man at his table and say, “Hello, Santa.” I held my

breath, knowing that to her this was the final test of her belief.

To my amazement, Park City Santa said, “Hello, Alyx.” And then

asked her to sit down across from him. What followed was a

conversation about her Christmas wishes, as well as a discussion

about Mrs. Claus. I know that Santa must have overheard her

name as we stood in that long line, but she didn’t. My sevenyear-old

daughter walked away from that booth with complete

faith in her eyes and with the knowledge that Santa “was real.”

After all, he knew her name and what she wanted for Christmas.

Driving is about the drive, isn’t it?

Discover the answer for less than you

dreamed possible!

Faulkner BMW is the friendly, affordable place to do business.

Faulkner BMW

Faulkner BMW


(717) 569-4269

Special lease and finance rates are available through BMW Financial Services.

121 Granite Run Dr

Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 569-4269


If I could have, I would have gone back and thanked this for

giving my daughter the magic of believing for one more year,

but I didn’t want to blow his cover, nor did I want her to see

me talking to him. So the sharing of this Christmas memory is

my way of saying thank you to the Park City Santa of 1996, who

spoke to a little girl on his lunch break at Arbys and who restored

her belief in Santa! I am positive that it is because of him that my

seventeen-year-old daughter still puts out cookies and milk (and

carrots for the reindeer), and it is because of him that every year

I still eat those cookies, leaving crumbs on the plate as evidence

that the spirit of Santa will always live on in our home!

* * * * *

Barb Huber Bidding,

General Manager,

Mercedes-Benz of Lancaster

I grew up in the Huber household with four girls, my mom, and

a boat. My parents decided we would take “My Sixth Girl,” the

boat, to Ft. Lauderdale for Christmas. We were told that was

our gift, and they had palm trees in Florida. No need for a tree.

Christmas morning we woke up and arrived on the back deck

to find a beautiful Christmas tree and presents. The tree and

gifts were hidden on the fly bridge of the boat. We were very

impressed that Santa delivered to boats too!

The Ultimate

Driving Machine ®

* * * * *


A few years ago, when my children were

at the perfect “Santa” age, on Christmas

evening we set the fresh baked cookies

on the designated Santa plate and went

outside to place a small pile of reindeer

food in the front yard to help them

keep their energy up for the long night.

Fortunately this was a year we had a

white Christmas. When the children were

tucked in bed, I ventured down to our

crawl space and pulled out my old dusty

snow skis, boots, and poles from winters

gone by. With a major straddle split and

poles digging in front of me, I was able

to spike my way across the front yard to

the reindeer food and on to the plowed

driveway for my untracked get-away.

Christmas morning, after presents were

opened and the children started playing

with the boxes, we ventured out to check

the reindeer food. Much to my satisfaction

the little detectives were able to point

out the reindeer and sleigh tracks to their

surprised parents. Later in the day when

our family came to visit, the kids were

anxious to show their tracking evidence.

The view was so convincing even my

thirty-year-old brother-in-law became

a re-believer! FLL

the health of your whole body





Body Rolling ®

Body Logic ®


personally bringing

bringing you you

Briala Bodyworks...a

living and feeling better d aily.

alignment and movement.

moving experience.











ment. ment. ee vv back back

oo to to

mm balanced


hh g u health th ro health th ro Asset Allocation Can Make

a Big Difference in

Your Investment Return

Abstract: Putting your investments

into the right mix of assets can be

the most important factor in how well

they perform.

Some investors think the key to success

is in picking the “right” investment. They

follow the trends and put everything into

the hottest category. And then they’re

surprised when that category cools off.

In fact, picking the right investment or

the right time to buy or sell is far less

important than you may think. Studies

have found that approximately 90% of

the variability of investment return across

time is explained by asset allocation—that

is, the distribution of dollars among asset

classes, such as stocks, bonds, and

cash equivalents.

Asset allocation—sometimes referred

to as diversification—simply means

determining what percentage of your

portfolio will be in stocks, bonds and

money markets, and within each of those

groups, which particular types of stocks

and bonds. For example, a portfolio may

be 50% invested in stocks, and within that

group, some may be in stocks of large

companies, some may be stocks of small

companies, and some may be in stocks of

non-U.S. based companies.

The reason for asset allocation is that

different investments can behave

differently under the same conditions;

for example, small company stocks may

rise in value while large company stocks

decline. Stocks and bonds often perform

in different ways, so investing in a mix of

stock and bond funds can improve the

performance of your overall portfolio,

cushioning your savings against price

swings in one asset class.

In terms of return, a diversified portfolio

containing both stocks and bonds will

generally perform better than either an

all-stock or all-bond portfolio over a full

market cycle. During the bull market

of 1995-1999, a diversified portfolio

achieved higher returns than an all-bond

portfolio. During the bear market of

1999-2002, the diversified portfolio

outperformed the all-stock portfolio. Of

course, diversification does not eliminate

risk, and past performance is no guarantee

of future results.

Your Particular Mix is a

Personal Decision

A diversified portfolio, typically includes

at least three categories of investments:

stocks, bonds and money market

investments. How much should you

allocate to each category? Your financial

professional can help guide you, based on:

• Your investment goals. If you’re

investing with the hope of generating

big returns, and you have the tolerance

for the increased risk involved, you

might consider placing greater emphasis

on higher-risk growth-oriented

investments, such as stocks.

• Your time horizon. If you have many

years until you’ll need the money, you

can often afford the risks associated with

growth-oriented investments, because

you have time to help recoup any

potential losses. Money that you’ll need

soon should generally be in lower risk

investments, such as bonds or money

market funds.

By Rich Friedman

• Your tolerance for risk. Can you handle

a drop in the value of your investments

without pulling out in a panic? Don’t rely

on volatile investments if you can’t stay

the course.

• Your financial situation. Do you have

other resources, or are you low

on funds and near the end of your

working career? This, too, will help

you determine how much risk you can

afford to take.

Asset allocation can help you manage

risk and potentially increase your returns.

However, it does not guarantee a profit or

protect against loss. For more information,

contact your financial professional.

AXA Advisors, LLC does not provide

legal or tax advice. Please consult your

tax or legal advisor regarding your

individual situation. FLL

Rich Friedman offers securities through AXA

Advisors, LLC (member NASD, SIPC) 1755

Oregon Pike Lancaster PA, 17601 and offers

annuity and insurance products through an

insurance brokerage affiliate, AXA Network,

LLC and its subsidiaries.


Peter White, Rick Braun & Mindi Abair

– Peter White Christmas

Higashi Concert Series Finale

By Paul Scott

Most of my colleagues who know me

well, know that I like to work ahead.

I’ve always believed that if you can stay

a week ahead in planning, implementing

and scheduling your work, it’s a wonderful

stress reliever and always leaves you

that security ‘bumper’ to take care of the

rest of the unplanned emergencies and

“extras” that always seem to come along

and fill up that extra time.

Well, here I go breaking my own rule. It’s

24 hours ‘till deadline for this edition, and

I’m busily writing my article. But with

good reason!

The onslaught of new Smooth Jazz

Holiday albums is coming across my desk

to review!

Yes, the holiday season is literally just

around the corner, and I thought I’d

review a “must have” album for your

collection – Peter White Christmas with

Peter White (guitar), Rick Braun (trumpet

& vocals) and Mindi Abair (sax & vocals).

Year after year, Peter, Rick & Mindi tour

the country together putting on one of the

most spectacular holiday shows, playing

to sold-out audiences everywhere, and

now they have finally put all their holiday

favorites on a Peter White Christmas for us

to take home!

There are traditional standards arranged

by each particular artist with their own

unique twists, as well as originals included

on this twelve-song CD. Most listeners are

also pleasantly surprised to hear that Rick

& Mindi have wonderful singing voices and

are featured in a number of songs.

The album opens up with a beautiful

arrangement of their live opener “Little

Drummer Boy.” Rick Braun begins with

an exquisite opening on trumpet, then

hands it over to Peter White on guitar as

each verse continues to soar and increase

in a jazzy tempo until Mindi Abair takes

over with a sax solo that just brings it

back home to the opening arrangement,

sprinkled with other holiday song themes

until its end. This sound literally sets the

tone for this holiday album of favorites

by these wonderfully talented artists,

plus surprisingly wonderful vocals from

Mindi Abair & Rick Braun too! Mindi’s

vocals are again featured on the next

number, a swingin’, bluesy original “I

Can’t Wait for Chistmas.” Then, Peter

White puts his salsa style of playing to his

unique arrangement of “Greensleeves”

followed by Rick singing “Have Yourself

A Merry Little Christmas” with a jazzy

twist of Peter’s beautiful acoustic guitar

accompanying. Followed by a beautifully

sung version of Joni Mitchells’ “River”

by Mindi, Rick joins her on trumpet for

his original “Jingle Jangle Blues.” One of

the highlights of a Peter White Christmas

Richard Friedman, ChFC, CLU

Wharton Certificate in Retirement Planning

1755 Oregon Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601

Tel. (717) 569-6899

Fax (717) 569-0972




AXA Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC),1290 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10104 GE-37482(a) (11/06)

is the gorgeous arrangement of “Silent

Night” by Peter White, with special guest

vocalist Jeffrey Osbourne. Mindi then

features another beautiful vocal original

entitled “The Best Part of Christmas.”

When listening to this holiday number, it

just takes you way. Just close your eyes,

and you can imagine you’re sitting beside

a roaring fire while snow gently falls just

outside the window. The rest of the

holiday album wraps up with beautiful

traditionals including “Happy Christmas,”

“O Holy Night,” and “White Christmas.”

This holiday album is a “must have”

for your collection and brings their live

Christmas show right into your living

room. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful

collection of arrangements of holiday

classics and look forward to playing it over

and over in our house for the holidays!

“The Little Drummer Boy,” “The

Christmas Song,” “I Can’t Wait for

Christmas,” “Greensleeves” (What

Child Is This?), “Have Yourself A Merry

Little Christmas,” “River,” “Jingle Jangle

Blues,” “Silent Night,” “The Best Part

Of Christmas,” “Santa Claus Is Coming

To Town/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,”

“Happy Christmas/O Holy Night,”

“White Christmas.”

If you want a chance to catch the Peter

White Christmas show live, they’ll be

performing the final concert in the Higashi

Pearls & Fine Jewelry “Jazz in the City”

show at the Sunoco Performance Theater

at Whitaker Center, Thursday, November

29th at 7:30pm. For tickets, go to www.

whitakercenter.org or to charge by phone,

call (717) 214-ARTS. FLL

Paul Scott is the Program & Music Director

of Smooth Jazz 92.7 and hosts the morning

show weekdays from 6-10am. Paul is also an

avid musician (piano & voice) and also teaches

privately. To contact Paul, simply email him at


Limited Selection available at:

Escape at Avanti

1038 Columbia Ave.


Great Lengths Salon

2846 Willow Street Pike North


Beautifully Unique Beaded Jewelry

handcrafted by Allison Duke LeVardi

Extraordinary Dining...

for ordinary people

You’ll love everything about

Reflections. From the warmth

and charm of our historic country

tavern to the inviting company of

the neighborhood regulars. We

offer upscale, casual and delicious

food, and weekly specials.

Reflections 1390




Oregon Road, Leola • 656-3717

Open 7 days a weeks 11am-midnight


Happy Holidays!

Two For The Price Of One

Brian & Shelly Hartman

Everyone has busy lives so the Hartmans are both licensed

Realtors so they can take care of their family... and yours!

RE/MAX Associates of Lancaster

570 Lausch Lane, Suite 100 • Lancaster PA, 17601

Office: 717.569.2222

Shelly Hartman: ABR 717.799.2804 • Brian Hartman: e-Pro 717.278.7331



mansion, circa 1845, once a “Safe-

House” for the Underground

Railroad. Currently a B&B with

12’ ceilings, 6 fireplaces, 5 guest

rooms all with private baths, two

2-bedroom cottages, large owner’s

quarters & horse stables. On 1.6

acres & surrounded by preserved

Amish farmland. $695,000


sits on a quiet tree-lined street

in quaint small town. This B&B

features original chestnut woodwork,

beautiful built-in cabinets,

5 guest rooms with private baths,

2 parlors, private owner’s quarters

and lovely rose & herb gardens.

Plus additional rental apt in LL

& private offices in outbuilding.


The Harry Jefferies Team

Gary Glass, Jennifer Smith, Harry Jefferies,

Renea Snyder, Michael Sage

About Town

1776 Harrisburg Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

(717)293-9000 or (800)569-5196


HOME for the Holidays!

Linda M. Occhionero

Associate Broker • Certified New Home Specialist

(717) 286-9965 Office

(717) 464-9417 Direct


215 S. Centerville Road • Lancaster, PA 17603

Old charm best describes this unique

home. The open floor plan creates a

wonderful sense of space.

Wendy Curtiss

(717) 475-7068

Call me to ensure

you’ll get that house

on your WISH list.

Over nine wooded

acres in Penn

Manor. Your builder

and plans are

welcome on this

bucolic paradise in

“The Reserve”.

John Curtiss

(717) 314-3527

RE/MAX Associates of Lancaster

2929 Willow Street Pike

Willow Street, PA 17584

Office: (717) 569-2222

Imagine... The steadfast elegance of Philadelphia’s Main Line here in the

rolling countryside of Lancaster County. The best of both worlds in a place

called Carrington. Quietly tucked away adjacent to the Manheim Township

School District campus, this is the place to call home.

Only 10 exclusive lots available.

501 North to Rte. 722 (Oregon Road) Turn right. Go to Southwick Drive, turn right. Carrington is at the end of Southwick Drive.

Telephone 717-203-2768 • www.jonwarnerhomes.com

What Every Garage

Wants for Christmas

2008 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Mercedes-Benz of Lancaster

Putting the Style in your Lifestyle.

1550 Commerce Drive, Lancaster • 717-569-2100

www.mercedesbenzoflancaster.com • Lancaster County Motors Family of Dealerships

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