Aircraft Cabin Trainers - Aviation Reproduction Inc

Aircraft Cabin Trainers - Aviation Reproduction Inc

Our services extend beyond your

Cabin Trainer

• Product definition and specification support

• Data package acquisition and management

• Procurement support

• Device upgrades, retrofits and maintenance

• Instructor Operating Station upgrades

• 3D Visuals installation and upgrades

• Control and Computer Programming

• Smoke malfunction design and installation

• Interior repair and modification

• Seat repair and upholstery

• Seatbelt re-webbing

• On-site setup and installation

• Part Task Trainers

• Door Trainers

3D Visual Animation Media

ARI specializes in Aircraft computer generated

animation and photo-realistic illustration for training

and visualization purposes.

The Visual Media Division develops Cabin Trainer

Visual Systems, Aerospace Marketing Material and

Virtual Procedure Demonstration Visuals.

Three dimensional animation increases training

realism through the projection of animated environments

onto the Trainers or by use of training videos.

How can ARI serve your

training needs?

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Aviation Reproduction Inc.

Toronto Canada

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Aircraft Cabin Trainers

Commercial & Corporate Devices

A little about our company...

Aviation Reproduction Inc. offers complete solutions to

meet your specific training needs. We manufacture

Commercial and Corporate Training Devices for all

aircraft configurations.







Our philosophy is to build representative training

devices, bringing aircraft realism into a safe training

environment. Our Trainers are built to the highest

standards taking into consideration customer needs and

regulatory requirements. The devices are designed to

withstand the rigors of training and allow for ease of


Dash 8 Q300/Q400

Our comprehensive training

devices perform as per the

aircraft type and integrate

programmed malfunctions

such as door jams, smoke

as well as communications

and electrical failure.

Additionally, ARI can

custom create sophisticated

3D environments

which can be displayed

along side a trainer to

enhance the fidelity. All is designed to create realistic

and effective training environments from normal to

emergency conditions.

With an innovative approach, ARI is

fast becoming an industry leader in

cabin trainer manufacturing

“Our goal is to create a comprehensive

training device that simulates possible

scenarios in a safe environment”

We can assist in determining your needs

while ensuring all regulations are met

Every client has specific needs when creating a custom

training device. Whether its combined aircraft configurations,

comprehensive programming or budget – ARI can

customize a device that will accommodate your training


Instructor Operating Station

Aviation Reproduction Inc. has a comprehensive

approach to the Human Machine Interface. Our Instructor

Operating Stations are designed with the operator in

mind. Each trainer is equipped with an Instructor Operating

Station (IOS) which can easily control any normal

and abnormal training conditions within the Trainer or in

the simulated external environment. The IOS allows for

flexibility in Trainer control and is easily upgraded to

accommodate additional configurations and emerging

regulations. A variety of malfunction options are

available to customize your training device to meet your


Falcon 2000 Cabin Trainer

Falcon 2000 Cabin Trainer; Our design and manufacturing team

spared no detail in creating this trainer which is a near identical replica

to the customer’s configuration. This advanced trainer achieved a

level 4 certification from the FAA.

Customized Training Features

• Integrated Smoke System

• Heated Doors

• Instructor Operating Station

• 3D Visual Media

• Visual Cues & Audio Cues

• Emergency Drop Down Oxygen Masks

• Integrated Emergency Equipment

• Door Jamming (Full / Partial)

• Communication Failure

• Light Malfunctions

• Functional Galley

In an industry so precious,

we strive for accuracy in our devices

to ensure positive training leads to

confident and knowledgeable crew

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