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Driftwood RV Driftwood RV

Driftwood RV Driftwood RV

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casinos, none of Driftwoods operations see a lot of customer traffic from the gambling crowd, Worthington says. However, he says Driftwood’s campgrounds and dealership operations are powerful marketing tools for each other. The dealership draws customers all year round from all over New Jersey, as well as Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland and New York. “We are a complete package,” Worthington says. “There are a lot of people out there that sell RVs, but we know camping; our owners grew up taking care of a campground and grew up around RVs. … “We’ll sell you the RV, and then we will see you the next week in our campground. We have to provide a higher level of customer service because our customers are always right here.” That includes offering a two-day test drive. Any customer who purchases a RV from Driftwood may stay at a Driftwood campground at no charge for two days, while he or she learns about the unit. “Especially for new RVers, our tech and salespeople are right there to walk customers through any issues they are having,” Worthington says. “Often, it’s issues with hot water heaters or small mechanical problems.” Or, just first-timers’ jitters. “Even if they don’t call us, it gives them a little bit of peace of mind,” Worthington says. “They know they can get some help quickly.” If campers at either campground want to sell their units, Driftwood’s sales force of nine veteran salespeople will handle that, too. Often, units on consignment sell in a matter of weeks. “It’s just another way to get additional inventory and attract customers,” Worthington says. Consignment sales represented 7 percent of Driftwood’s total unit sales by unit quantity, Skladanek says. That’s 9 percent of total unit dollars. The dealership also offers motorhome and small travel-trailer rentals. Driftwood will even set up the renter’s travel trailer at a local campground, if requested. Driftwood also responds to market YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL REJOICE Patented Charge Wizard ® TM Progressive Dynamics, Inc. 507 Industrial Rd. Marshall, MI 269-781-4241 Fax: 269-781-7802 Our patented Charge Wizard ® 4-stage system constantly monitors RV batteries and automatically adjusts our converter output voltage based on the battery’s charge status – designed to eliminate battery over & under charging problems that basic converters may provide your customers. Features built-in circuitry on the PD9200, PD4045/4060, PD4560/4590 and PD4600 series converters. Also available as a pendant for the PD9100 series deck mount model. Customer complaints are “history” – Install Progressive Dynamics converters with the Charge Wizard ® system… call, email, or visit our website for more information. Don’t buy an unreliable supplemental brake in a box. Get a less expensive, more reliable surge brake. We offer this product in two different platforms: the Ready Brake and the Ready Brute Elite, which is integrated into our tow bar. Both have 8,000-lb. towing capacity and come with a lifetime guarantee. The tow bar stows on the motorhome, is all aluminum, and will hook to any brand of baseplate. The tow bar also has the same features as our competitors’ high-end tow bars at a lower price. For more info call 800-933-3372 or visit September 2012 • RV PRo • 47 $410 $984

Driftwood RV changes. When younger customers requested more towables, the dealership added more, including Forest River Rockwood Roos, Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lites, Skyline Nomads and, more recently, Skyline Koalas. “Definitely, we are looking for quality, innovative floorplans and things that are going to be fresh and new to the customers,” says Worthington, who markets to younger buyers through social media sites and outdoor-lifestyle websites and RV favorites, such as Trailer Comparisons Made Easy With that in mind, as well as capitalizing on Driftwood’s indoor showrooms, the dealership introduced the Travel Trailer SuperCenter concept in 2010. It allows customers at either Driftwood RV Center to compare and select from top-selling brands side by side. To make everything as customer friendly as possible, each trailer in the showroom is marked with weight, size and specifications. Each center is stocked with a sizeable inventory to avoid the weeks or months it sometimes takes to receive a specific unit. “Over the years, time has become ever more important for customers,”Androckitis says. “They no longer have the time, or the desire, to go from place to place to place looking for something; they want to be able to go to one place and be able to compare layouts and options.” Driftwood technician Tony Bogushefsky does repair work on travel trailer in one of the dealership’s five service bays at its Claremont facility. Driftwood technician Joe Jones repairs a generator in the service shop. Driftwood employs seven technicians who are skilled in various specialties. 48 • RV PRo • September 2012

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