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No. 271 August-September 2003

150th Anniversary Murray River Shipping

Peace and Goodwill

High Court Centenary 1903-2003

Oscar W Photograph by permission

of the State Library of Victoria


In this Bulletin...

150th Ann. Murray River Shipping 3

Peace & Goodwill 8

High Court Centenary 1903-2003 10

New Perth Mint coins 13

RAM Rugby World Cup coins 19

Rugby World Cup book 19

Seven Seas 19

Post Master Gallery 20

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Dear Collectors,

Welcome to this special Golden Jubilee edition of the Stamp

Bulletin. The fi rst Bulletin was published in August 1953 and

started its life as eight pages of type written text. Looking at the

images and colours of the latest edition I am struck by how far

the Bulletin has come since those early days!

This issue of the Bulletin brings you three issues of greatly

differing style and subject.

First, we commemorate the 150th Anniversary of commercial

shipping on the Murray River with a special issue of fi ve

stamps. The stamps feature nostalgic images of restored ships

and commemorate the crucial role vessels such as these played

in the development of inland Australia. The stamp images

evoke the romance of bygone days.

The second issue marks another Australian milestone;

the Centenary of the High Court. The designs for the stamps

and associated products highlight the links between past and

present with excerpts of constitutional text and signifi cant

decisions taken by the High Court.

Our third and fi nal issue, Peace and Goodwill, is designed

to be suitable for sending holiday greetings. The designs stand

alone or can be purchased through the Personalised Stamps

service and printed with a photo of your choice in the tab. Our

early release means there is no excuse for being late sending

personalised greetings this year!

Also in this issue of the Bulletin we are pleased to give you

a preview of our new book, Story of the Rugby World Cup.

The book has been written for us by Nick Farr-Jones, one of

Australian rugby’s most distinguished rugby players. It is being

launched in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup which will be

held in Australia later this year and which Post will mark with

a stamp issue in October.

Finally we have some spectacular commemorative coins

from both the Perth and Royal Australian Mints.

I hope you enjoy this birthday issue of our Bulletin.

Until next time,

Amber McDougall, Manager, Philatelic Group

150th 15OTH Anniversary ANNIVERSARY Murray MURRAY River RIVER Shipping SHIPPING

The issue

This issue commemorates the 150 th anniversary

of shipping on the Murray River. The vessels

featured on the stamps have all been, or are

being, restored and can be visited by members

of the public.

The stamps are illustrated by Craig McGill of

New South Wales, with typography and product

design by Belinda Marshall, of Australia Post’s

Design Studio.

The issue includes gummed and selfadhesive

stamps, fi rst day covers, stamp and

collector packs and a set of fi ve maximum cards.

A beautiful prestige booklet completes the issue.

The 16 page prestige booklet (illustrated

on page 4) features twenty stamps in fi ve

stamp panes. The stamps are in blocks of four

of a single design. This single design block

confi guration is unique to the booklet. The

stamp panes are interleaved with panes of text

and images. The prestige booklet is a wonderful

introduction to the Murray River, the history of

steam boats in Australia on the river system and

the fun of stamp collecting.

The issue also includes a decorative gutter

with a representation of the Murray River

marked with the towns where the paddle

steamers shown on the stamps are located.

5 August 2003

PS Oscar W

The Oscar W was built in 1908 for normal

commercial work on the rivers. It changed

hands and purpose several times before being

sold and taken to Mildura for tourist day

excursions. In 1964 the Oscar W was sold again

and restored to a wood burner before being

bought by Tourism SA and taken to Goolwa

for complete restoration. The vessel is now

maintained and operated by the Friends of the

Oscar W as a working exhibit at Signal Point

River Murray Interpretive Centre in Goolwa.

PS Marion

Built in 1897, PS Marion was one of the fi rst

paddle steamers to run cruises on the Murray

River, and it is now the only original wood-fi red

paddle steamer with overnight accommodation

still operating. Like the Oscar W, Marion has

been through changes of ownership and

function – including serving as a fl oating

boarding house and a static museum – before

returning to its original purpose as a passenger

boat. In 1989 the Mannum community and

continued page 5



First day covers (gummed, self-adhesive)




5 A U G U ST 20 03










5 A U G U ST 20 03









5 A U G U ST 20 03


The Murray River

The Murray River forms the border between New South

Wales and Victoria and flows for 2530 km from the

Australian Alps in eastern Australia to Encounter Bay, South

Australia. Its major tributaries are the Murrumbidgee,

Lachlan and Darling Rivers.








5 A U G U ST 20 03

Early navigation

The first vessel to steam on the waters of the Murray was

the Mary Ann. In March 1853 William Randell, keen to find

a speedy, economic means of transporting his flour to the

expanding markets of the Victorian gold fields, set out from

near present-day Mannum for Swan Hill. He was forced to

turn back, then set set out again several months later. He

encountered Captain Francis Cadell in the Lady Agusta just

three days from Swan Hill. Cadel was responding to a South

Australian government initiative encouraging exploration of

the river.






Prestige booklet

Both vessels arrived at Swan Hill on 17 September 1853.

On their return journeys, they carried wool back to South

Australia, and the use of the Murray for commercial shipping

had begun.

The river trade

The river system quickly became a highway to the inland.

Trade was varied. Steamers carried passengers, mail and

supplies to the stations, and returned with station produce

for coastal markets. By 1870 the Murray was the main

channel bringing inland wealth to the coast.

River trade transformed inland pastoral industries. Station

owners began to change from cattle, a good option when the

only transport to market was overland, to sheep, because

river transport of wool made sheep farming a better option.

Towns in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales

became, for a time, bustling inland ports. Eventually Goolwa

Maximum cards

(SA) and Echuca (VIC) became the key river ports with a

strong rivalry growing between the two.

Ship building

With the river trade came a new era in boat building. Most

boats were built to a simple utilitarian design with the shorter

and more manoeuvrable side-wheelers (a paddle-wheel on

each side of the vessel) eventually beating out the longer

and more cumbersome stern-wheelers (American style with

a paddle-wheel at the rear).

Apart from special passenger vessels, most steamers

were simple cargo ships accompanied by one or two barges.

Deck passengers travelled cheaply, fi nding a place among

the cargo. Some barges were purpose-built for the wool

trade and vessels conveying timber from the Barmah forest

to the Echuca/Moama sawmills had special barges with

outriggers to handle the logs.

5 August 2003

continued from page 3

Council decided to restore the boat to its peak

condition as a passenger steamer. Today the

Marion has cabins, lounges and a dining room,

and offers trips under steam throughout the


PS Ruby

The PS Ruby, built at Morgan in 1907, was

the fourth riverboat of that name on the

Murray. This Ruby started carrying passengers

in style and comfort and had a second life

as a houseboat. By 1968 it had deteriorated

substantially. The vessel was purchased by the

Wentworth Rotary Club for $1600, towed to

Wentworth and placed in a park opposite the

wharf. In 1996 Rotary placed the Ruby in the

trusteeship of the Wentworth Shire Council.

Under the guidance of shipwright Captain Leon

Wagner the long work of restoration has begun.

Causes of decline

Despite being a great advance on the bullock team, river

transport had its problems. There was no co-ordinated

approach to development. Intercolonial customs tariffs meant

time consuming and burdensome custom-house requirements.

The river itself was unpredictable and conditions

were often dangerous.

Rising costs, fi erce competition and the expansion of the

rail system contributed to the decline in river trade from its

peak in the 1880s.

River trade continued at reduced levels until the 1930s.

Passenger steamers continued longer. Indeed, steamers

can still be seen on the Murray River. Many individuals and

organisations have restored vessels or built new paddle

steamers to cater to the love of heritage and the resurgent

tourist industry.




Gutter strip











PV Pyap

Built in 1896 at Mannum, the Pyap was a

hawking vessel, set up as a shop with a counter,

store section and separate drapery at the

rear of the lower deck. The Pyap’s shop was

on the lower deck. Pots and pans and a wide

assortment of domestic and farming gear hung

overhead. Further stock was stored on the front

deck, protected by canvas.

In the 1930s, when river trading had been

rendered obsolete, Pyap was used for more

ordinary shipping tasks, towing timber laden

barges to pumping stations for irrigation

schemes. From at least 1971 however the Pyap

has operated as a cruise vessel from the Swan

Hill Pioneer Museum.

PS Adelaide

Built at Echuca in 1866 the Adelaide is the oldest

wooden hulled paddle steamer still operating

in the world. It was launched, and worked, as

a logging boat for about 90 years, towing up

to three barges at a time carrying red gum logs

from nearby forests to a sawmill at Echuca. Its

career ended in the mid-1950s when motor

transport took over and the Adelaide lay idle,

tied up near the mill until 1958 when it was sold

to a sawmiller and taken to South Australia.




A community effort brought it back to

Echuca in 1960. In 1963 the Adelaide was lifted

from the water and placed in Echuca’s Hopwood

Gardens, where it stayed for 21 years. In that

time the historic port at Echuca had been

restored and late in 1980 restoration began on

the Adelaide. Today PS Adelaide operates special

cruises for enthusiasts from Echuca wharf.

Further information

Bales, Jill and Blake, Joe, PS Pyap A Centenary History,

Pioneer Settlement, Swan Hill

Christopher, Peter, Paddlesteamers and Riverboats of

the River Murray, rev.ed., Axiom Publishing, 2001

de Courcy, Catherine & Johnson, John, River tracks,

Lothian Books, 2001

Coulson, Helen, Paddle Steamer Adelaide, McCabe

Prints, 1985

Brian Marshall, Paddle-boats of the Murray-Darling River

System, Mercury 1988

Painter, Gwenda, PS Marion: Its life and times, Hyland

House, 1998

Parsons, Ronald, Ships of the inland rivers, 3rd rev.ed.,

Gould Books, Gumeracha SA, 1996




Self-adhesive products (roll, cheque book cover, booklet)

Stamp pack


hipping on the Murray River system reached a peak PS Ruby was built at Morgan in 1907 to carry 30

in the 1880s. At this time steamboats towing passengers in style and comfort. Fitted with all

loaded barges plied approximately 6500 kilometres of modern conveniences for passenger traffic, Ruby

waterway on the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Darling travelled the Morgan-Swan Hill route until the early

Rivers. The first commercial loads were carried in 1930s. The vessel is currently being restored at

1853 when, in response to a challenge from the South Wentworth.

Australian government, Captain Francis Cadell and


William Randell were the first to navigate the Murray PV Pyap, built in 1896 at Mannum, was a hawking

River in steam vessels. They mURRAY reached Swan RIVER Hill and vessel, plying goods along the river until the 1930s.

Moama respectively, and on SHIPPING

their return journeys The shop was on the lower deck, with a drapery

carried wool back to South Australia.

department at the rear. Pyap now operates as a

cruise vessel from the Swan Hill Pioneer Museum.

Many paddle steamers are now tourist attractions.

PS Oscar W was built in 1908 and hauled wool and PS Adelaide was a logging boat in the Echuca area

general cargo until 1943. The vessel is reputed to from 1866 until the mid-1950s. Adelaide is the oldest

hold the record for the largest load of wool carried wooden hulled paddle steamer still operating in the

out of the Darling and today is maintained and world.

operated as a floating exhibit at Goolwa.

PS Marion was best known as one of the passenger

steamers of the Murray Shipping Company. Through

the 1930s and ’40s Marion left Morgan on regular

summer cruises. The Mannum Council and community

have restored the boat to an operational condition.










Technical details

Issue date....................... 5 August 2003

Denominations................ Five x 50c

Illustrator........................ Craig McGill, New South Wales

Stamp size...................... 37.5 x 26 mm

Printer (all)...................... SNP Sprint


Gummed.................... Tullis Russell

Self-adhesive booklets JAC B100

Self-adhesive rolls....... JAC B90

Perforations.................... 13.86 x 14.6

Special features ............. Decorative gutter

Sheet layout.................... Sheets of 50, in two panes of 25

National postmark .......... Swan Hill VIC 3585


dd 5 August Month 2003 YYYY

Mail order codes

1382067 Stamps (fi ve x 50c) ................................ $2.50

1382001 Set of fi rst day covers

(gummed & self adhesive) [MO/CC]......... $5.60

1382002 First day cover (gummed) ....................... $2.80

1382003 First day cover (self-adhesive)................. $2.80

1382126 Stamp pack........................................... $2.95

1382223 Collector pack ....................................... $5.40

1382220 Maximum cards (set of fi ve) .................... $6.25

1382184 Prestige booklet................................... $10.95

1382240 Gutter strip of 10 x 50c (decorative gutter)... $5.00

1382182 Booklet of ten x 50c ............................... $5.00

1382260 Cheque book of 20 booklets of ten x 50... $100.00

1382209 Roll of 100 .......................................... $50.00

1382200 Strip of fi ve self-adhesive stamps

from roll 100 x 50c ................................ $2.50

SES to assist Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus

A Special Event Stamp (SES) sheet was produced by

Rotary for the Rotary International Convention held in

Brisbane from 1 to 4 June 2003. Sheets of ten x 50c

Australia and Globe stamps (Celebration and Nation,

January 2003) featured an image depicting a Rotary

Avenue of Service or Programme printed in the tabs.

These sheets were sold on site during the event. Post

attended and provided postmarking. While stocks last,

sheets and covers are available by mail order from The

Rotary Club of Warringah.

The sheets are priced at A$20.00 each, covers are

A$6.50. Proceeds will primarily assist the Rotary

Foundation’s PolioPlus Campaign.

For further information other than orders contact Clive

Mellor, Australian Representative of the Rotary on Stamps

Fellowship by Phone +61 2 9981 5128 or E-mail:

For orders send your name and address and method

of payment to Rotary Club of Warringah PO Box 188,

Brookvale NSW 2100 or Fax +61 2 9905 5959.


Peace and Goodwill


There are two designs in this holiday greetings

issue a 50c ‘Tree’ (domestic standard letter rate)

and a 90c ‘Star’ (International Post concession

card rate).

The iconic, festive symbolism of the tree and

star pre-dates their use in Christian celebrations

making these designs welcome heralds of the

holiday season. The design’s universal appeal

will be welcome wherever their message of

peace and goodwill is sent.

The designs are closely modelled on Chris

Shurey’s original ‘Tree’ and ‘Star’ designs

released as Season’s Greetings (September

2001). This release does not feature an attached

tab and the denominations refl ect the January

2003 rate change.

From this issue forward designs that will be

available to use in Post’s Personalised Stamps

service will be produced without tabs. Only

stamps that have been personalised and previously

issued designs will have an attached tab.

Issued stamps for these designs will be

printed in sheets of 20 without gutter.

Along with the stamps and fi rst day cover

this issue includes a stamp pack and a set of two

maximum cards.

The August release makes these stamps ideal

for sending greetings and holiday parcels early

in the year. The early release gives those who

wish to purchase Personalised Stamps plenty

of time to pick a favourite image or even have a

photo taken specially for use in the stamp tab.






dd Month YYYY

Maximum cards

These two stamp designs will join the range

of stamps available for personalisation through

Australia Post’s Personalised Stamps service

on 5 August 2003 (see facing page ).

The designer and the designs

The designer is Chris Shurey whose previous

designs include Merino Sheep (August 1997,

Season’s Greetings (September 2001) and

several stamps in Celebration and Nation

(January 2003).

50c Tree

From ancient times the tree has symbolised

new life and fertility. Since the twelfth

century fi r trees have been used to celebrate


90c Star

The star is a universal symbol of hope and

optimism. In a Christian context, the star

symbolises the star of Bethlehem which

guided the Magi to the Christ child.

Technical details

Denominations................ One x 50c, one x 90c

Designer ........................ Chris Shurey

Stamp size...................... 30.55 x 30 mm

Perforations ................... 14.4 x 14

Printer............................ SNP Sprint

Paper............................. De La Rue

Printing process.............. Lithography

Special features .............. Available for personalisation

through Personalised Stamps


90c stamp, International Post

signifi er

National postmark........... Wisemans Ferry NSW 2775

Mail order codes

1383067 Stamps (one x 50c, one x 90c) ................ $1.40

1383001 First day cover ....................................... $1.70

1383126 Stamp pack........................................... $1.85

1383220 Maximum card (set of two)...................... $2.90

Post’s offi cial Christmas issue will be released 31 October 2003.

Peace and Goodwill

Stamp pack

Send greetings of peace and goodwill to celebrate the festive

season. These bright designs will bring the joy of Christmas to

friends and loved ones in Australia and throughout the world.

Stamp design: Chris Shurey

Cover design: Lynette Traynor, Australia Post Design Studio



Peace and Goodwill

Personalising your Season’s Greetings

Code 52



5 August 2003


First day cover


Code 53

From 5 August 2003 these designs will join the range of

stamps available for personalisation from Australia Post.

Orders for Personalised Stamps must be made

using the special Personalised Stamps order form.

The stamps are illustrated in the current form as Code

52 and Code 53. Personalised Stamps cannot be

ordered through the Australian Stamp Bulletin or from the

Australian Philatelic Bureau.

The Personalised Stamps order form is available from

any Australia Post retail outlet or you can request a form

be sent to you by calling Freecall 1800 782 677. You can

also read more about Personalised Stamps on-line at



This issue of two stamps and a miniature sheet

commemorates the centenary of the High

Court of Australia.

About the High Court

The High Court – the highest court in the

Australian judicial system – was established in

1901 by Section 71 of the Constitution. The

functions of the High Court are to:

• interpret and apply the law of Australia;

• to decide cases of special federal signifi cance

including challenges to the constitutional

validity of laws

• and to hear appeals, by special leave, from

federal, state and territory courts.

Decisions made by the High Court are fi nal

and are binding on all other Australian courts.

The fi rst sitting of the High Court took

place in the Banco Court of the Supreme Court

Building in Melbourne on 6 October 1903.

The distinguished Bench was made up of three

men who had been prominent in the Federal


movement, all of whom had an intimate

knowledge of the Constitution.

The fi rst Chief Justice, Sir Samuel Griffi th

was a former premier and former Chief

Justice of Queensland. Sir Edmund Barton –

Australia’s fi rst Prime Minister and the leader of

Australia’s Constitutional Conventions – was

appointed as Justice. Justice Richard O’Connor

was a former Minister of Justice and Solicitor-

General of NSW and the fi rst Leader of the

Government in the Senate.

From their fi rst judgments the Justices

stamped the authority of the High Court over

the State Supreme Courts and showed that the

Court was a necessary and powerful arm of the

newly created Commonwealth of Australia.

The High Court did not have a permanent

home until 1980, when the High Court

Building in Canberra was opened by Her

Majesty the Queen. The new building’s design,

by Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs Pty

Ltd, was the result of a national architecture

competition held in 1972 and 1973. The

design reinforces the ideals intended for the

Court. The soaring ceilings and large windows

symbolise the transparency of the legal process.

Its space and light symbolise Australia itself.

The building is located in the Parliamentary

Triangle positioned to emphasise the Court’s

independence from the legislative and executive

arms of government.

The designs

The designs of the stamps and miniature sheet

link the historical and contemporary life of the

High Court.

The 50c stamp features a portrait of the

fi rst Chief Justice of the High Court, Sir Samuel

Griffi th juxtaposed with the Constitutional text

that made provision for the High Court in 1901.

The text reads in part: ‘The judicial power of

the Commonwealth shall be vested in a Federal

Supreme Court, to be called the High Court of

Australia…The High Court shall consist of a

Chief Justice and so many other Justices, not less

than two, as the Parliament prescribes’.

In this stamp the archival image and old style

typography used to render the Constitutional

text calls to mind the historic foundation of

today’s court.

The $1.45 stamp, with its bold typography

and colours, reminds us of the court’s

contemporary face. The design combines a

typographical representation of ‘Justice’ with

a selection of signifi cant decisions made by the

High Court throughout its history. These are:

Engineers Case 1920; Bank Nationalisation

Case 1948; Communist Party Case 1951;

Boilermakers Case 1956; Payroll Tax Case 1971;

Sea and Submerged Lands Case 1975; Territory

Senators Case 1975; Tasmanian Dam Case

1983; Spycatcher Case 1988; War Crimes Act

Case 1991; Mabo 1992; Wik 1996.

The miniature sheet shows the extension

of Sir Samuel Griffi th’s portrait from the 50c

stamp and his signature. The border area of the

2 September 2003

Set of fi rst day covers (stamps, miniature sheet)

miniature sheet shows headlines and excerpts

from newspaper reports of major High Court

rulings, further emphasising the Court’s

enduring importance .

The dominant colour used in the stamps

and associated products is the traditional

scarlet of the law. The words ‘High Court’ are

highlighted to reinforce the pre-eminence of

the High Court within our judicial system.

As well as the gummed stamps and

miniature sheet the issue includes fi rst day

covers, a stamp pack and a set of two maximum


Additional information

Blackshield, Tony; Coper, Michael; Williams,

George, The Oxford Companion to the High

Court of Australia, Oxford University Press, 2001.

And on-line at




Maximum cards

Technical details

Issue date ...................... 2 September 2003

Denominations................ One x 50c, one x $1.45

Designer ........................ Janet Boschen, Australia Post

Design Studio

Stamp size (all) ............... 37.5 x 26 mm

Miniature sheet size ....... 106 x 70 mm

Perforations (all) ............. 13.86 x 14.6

Printer ........................... SNP Sprint

Paper............................. Tullis Russell

Printing process.............. Lithography

Sheet layout ................... Sheets of 50 in two panes of 25

National postmark........... Canberra ACT 2600

Lunar New Year zodiac sheetlet

2 September 2003

Mail order codes

1384067 Stamps (one x 50c, one x $1.45) ............. $1.95

1384142 Miniature sheet...................................... $1.95

1384001 First day covers

(stamps, miniature sheet) [MO/CC].......... $4.50

1384002 First day cover (stamps).......................... $2.25

1384013 First day cover (miniature sheet).............. $2.25

1384126 Stamp pack........................................... $4.35

1384220 Maximum cards (set of two).................... $3.45

1384240 Set of gutter strips (ten x 50c,ten x $1.45).. $19.50

(No special text or design in gutters)

1384241 Gutter strip (ten x 50c)............................ $5.00

1384242 Gutter strip (ten x $1.45) ...................... $14.50

Stamp pack

Mr George Meng of Queensland has notifi ed us that the character for Tiger on the zodiac

sheetlet is incorrect. The font is based on an ancient style of calligraphy not well-known to

contemporary Chinese. The designers of the font have been notifi ed and have undertaken to

correct the character. We thank Mr Meng for bringing this matter to our attention and regret

any concern the error might have caused.

Specialist Notes Notes

30 to 31 August 2003 Congress

This event will be hosted by the SA Philatelic

Council at Tanunda Showground Hall

Elizabeth Street Tanunda SA. Opening hours

are 10 am to 5 pm both days. Local and

interstate dealers will attend.

Saturday will see a mail re-enactment from

the old Post and Telegraph offi ce to the Congress

location at the showgrounds. Admission is free

and refreshments will be available.

Souvenir covers from the organisers:

A souvenir cover (carried on the re-enactment)

will have an image of a historic German wagon

with a 50c Counter Printed Stamp (CPS) affi xed

and will be postmarked using the 30 August

Congress 2003 temporary pictorial postmark.

A second souvenir cover with the 31 August

temporary pictorial postmark will have an

image of the fi rst offi cial telegraph station in the

Barossa Valley. Affi xed will be the 1992 Vineyard

Regions 45c Barossa Valley stamp (plus a 5c

Frama label on the back).

These souvenir covers will be available for

$3.00 for one cover, $6.00 for a set of two (one

for each day) plus 70c P&H for each set of two

covers. Send orders and requests for further

information to the Congress Co-Coordinator

South Australian Philatelic Council, GPO Box

1303 Adelaide SA 5001.

Australia Post at Congress 2003

Post will attend with a CPS machine and two

temporary pictorial postmarks: 30 August 2003

features a horse drawn wagon; 31 August 2003

features the Barossa Valley.

The following items will be available on site

from Australia Post, or by mail order from the

Postal Manager GPO Adelaide SA 5000. Post’s

products will be available to 30 September

2003 or until sold out. No EPOS terminal will

be attached to the CPS printer, so no receipts

will be available. Minimum Credit card orders


CPS labels with Congress 2003 literal

Set of six x 50c Roo & Koala (three each)

CPS labels (mint) .................................................. $3.00

Set of two postmarked covers (one each day) each with

Roo & Koala CPS labels affi xed............................... $6.60

Button Sets*

Button Set on single cover (30 August 2003) .......... $6.20

Button Set affi xed, two covers, (30 & 31 August)......... $12.40

(*Button Set = two x 50c, $1.00 & $1.45 CPS labels)


Barossa Valley, postmarked 30 August 2003

with Congress 2003 literal ..................................... $1.20

31 August 2003 Petersham Stamp & Coin Super Fair

The Stamp & Coin Dealers Association of

Australasia (SCDAA) will hold this event at

the Petersham Town Hall at 107 Crystal Street,

Petersham NSW (just one block from the

railway station). Opening hours are 9:30 am

to 4:00 pm and admission is $1.00. Local and

interstate dealers will attend. Free valuations

will be available. Contact Steven Hamilton (02)

4344 5101 or John Pearson (02) 9979 1561 for

further information.

13 to 14 September 2003 Northern Beaches Stamp

Expo 2003

The Manly-Warringah Philatelic Society and

Leagues Club Stamp Club will jointly host this

popular event. The Expo will be held on the fi rst

fl oor of the Federal Parade Hall, Federal Parade,

Brookvale NSW (directly opposite the main

entrance to the Manly-Warringah Leagues

Club). Hours of opening will be 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday.

This is a national One Frame Exhibition,

with 40 frames of exhibits, door prizes, club

circuit books and local and interstate buyers.

The organisers will produce a special

commemorative booklet which they will sell

for $13.00 each plus $3.00 P&H. Enquiries

to Graeme Morris (02) 9905 3255 or John

Pearson (02) 9979 1561.


Specialist Notes Specialist Coming Notes events

14 September Southpex 2003

This annual event will be held at the

Maddington Community Centre, Alcock St,

Maddington WA 6110. Opening hours are 10

am to 5 pm. The organisers will produce a Year

of the RAM souvenir booklet ($3.00 each post

free) available from Southpex Box 228, Gosnells,

WA 6110 or contact directly on 08 9459 2203.

20 to 21 September 2003 St Peters Stamp & Coin Fair

This fair will be held at the St Peters Town

Hall 101 Payneham Road St Peters during the

hours 10 am - 5 pm. Admission is $2.00 with

children under 15 admitted free. Interstate and

local dealers will attend and there will be a $250

super draw.

Australia Post at St Peters

Australia Post will attend with a CPS

machine and a temporary pictorial postmark

for each day of the event. Day one features a

kangaroo, day two a koala.

The following products will be available on

site or by mail order from the Postal Manager

GPO Adelaide SA 5000. These products will

be available until 30 November 2003 or until

sold out. No EPOS terminal will be attached to

the CPS printer, so no receipts will be available.

Minimum Credit card orders A$10.00.

CPS Labels

Set of 6 x 50c Roo & Koala CPS labels

with St Peters 2003 literal Mint .............................. $3.00

Set of 6 x 50c Roo & Koala CPS labels, St Peters 2003 literal

affi xed, postmarked 20 September 2003 ................ $3.30

Set of 6 x 50c Roo & Koala CPS labels on covers (2) for each

day, Each affi xed to cover with St Peters 2003 literal...... $6.60

Button Sets

Button Set Mint .................................................... $5.90

Button Set on cover button postmarked fi rst day ..... $6.20

Two Button sets one on each of two covers, each cover

postmarked each day .......................................... $12.40

(*Button set = two each 50c, $1.00, & $1.45 CPS labels)


October 3rd – 5th, 2003

Newcastle Stampshow 2003

Waratah Technology High School, Turton Road, Waratah

Join the Supporters 50 Club - Subscriptions $50

Members are entitled to: One each of the

three different numbered souvenir stamp

booklets commemorating Centenaries,

(numbered 1 – 50 and signed by the graphic

artist); Opportunity to purchase Personalised

Stamps (to feature the exhibition logo

printed in the tabs) in blocks of four and

sheets of 20 (at discount). Sheets of 20 only

available to 50 Club Members and must

be ordered prior to September 1, 2003;

Postmarked souvenir covers (one each day);

one postcard; Five Cinderellas.

Further information from Newcastle Stampshow 2003,

PO Box 239C Newcastle NSW 2300 or e-mail to

AEROPEX 03 17-18 December 2003

This two day international air mail exhibition

will be held at the Adelaide Town Hall.

Admission is free.

Australia Post will operate a temporary

post offi ce with three pictorial postmarks

On display will be 140 frames with

some of the world’s most valuable air mail

collections from Australian and overseas.

100 Club AEROPEX 03

A number of 75th anniversary fl ights will be fl own in 2003

– 1928 was important for Australian pioneer aviators such

as Bert Hinkler, Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.

Each commemorative fl ight will carry limited edition souvenir

covers. These covers will form part of the Aeropex 03

‘100 Club’ package.

Collectors may apply to join the 100 Club by writing to

the Australian Airmail Society Inc, GPO Box 954, Adelaide

SA 5001.No payment is required on initial joining.

Check the APF website ( for updated

Aeropex 03 information as it becomes made available.


Ordering postmark impressions by mail

Please forward fully stamped and addressed

covers, under prepaid outer envelopes, to post

offi ce addresses listed on these pages.

• Endorse cover in the top left corner with the

name of the postmark required.

• Orders must be lodged before the last day of

use of the postmarker.

• All orders for postmark impressions should

be accompanied by payment of 80c per cover,

unless specifi ed otherwise.

Fine philatelic cancels

Covers may be cancelled at more than one

point in the postal system. Collectors who

wish to ensure a single, fi ne cancel of their

covers should include a separate envelope

and suffi cient postage for return of their

covers. At this time this is the only practical

way to ensure that your philatelic covers

receive a single cancel.

National FDI Postmarks

First day covers, serviced with national FDI

postmarks, are available from FDI Post Offices

and from the Australian Philatelic Bureau by

mail order (for four weeks). Private covers can

only be serviced:

• at the designated post office on the day of



• by the Bureau if covers are received prior to

the first day of issue.

5 August 2003 150 th Ann. Murray River Shipping

Swan Hill VIC 3585

5 August 2003 Peace & Goodwill

Wisemans Ferry NSW 2775

2 September 2003 High Court Centenary 1903-2003

Canberra ACT 2600



8 to 10 August 2003 Singpex 2003

Post will be represented at this event by our

Singapore agent. A cachet was produced and

available during the event. For collectors

who could not attend the event a number of

general purpose covers were made with the

cachet and these are available by mail order.

Mail order code

1384357 Cover with Singpex 2003 cachet.................$0.80

Associated Postmarks

5 August 2003 150th Ann. Murray River Shipping

Postmark Features

Goolwa SA 5214 Hindmarsh Island and

Murray River mouth map

Mannum SA 5238 Paddle Steam P.S. Marion

Morgan SA 5320 River Wharf and boats

Murray Bridge SA 5253 Train bridge over River Murray

Renmark SA 5341 Paddle steamer/citrus fruits

Tailem Bend SA 5260 Icons promoting Overland train,

River Murray & Highway 1

2 September 2003 High Court Centenary 1903-2003

Balaklava SA 5461 Historic Court House

Permanent Pictorial Postmarks

Impressions are available from the following

post offices from the dates listed below.

4 August 2003

Canungra QLD 4275

Design features Valley of the Owl. Impressions from Postal

Manager Canungra QLD 4275

5 August 2003

Blanchetown SA 5357

Design features Barrage 1, key to the river Murray. Impressions

from the Postal Manager Blanchetown SA 5357.

Coonabarabran NSW 2357

Design features the Warrumbungle National Park. Impressions

from the Postal Manager Coonabarabran NSW 2357

Postmarking continues at the bottom of page IV


Koala Count

The Koala Count identifies specific reprints.

A koala symbol printed in the selvedge

adjacent to stamps, down either side of a

sheet, indicates a reprint, two koalas the

second reprint, and so on. A kangaroo

indicates the fifth reprint.

In each issue of the Bulletin we publish

a list of the stamp issues reprinted since the

previous issue. Once a year (usually in the

June-July Bulletin) we print a summary list

of all issues reprinted since the previous summary.

The previous summary list was printed in

the June-July 2003 Bulletin.

International Panoramas (May 2002)

0209067 $1.00 Mt Roland TAS

SNP Sprint/ Tullis Russell.....$1.00

Postmarking, continued from page III

5 August 2003

Evandale TAS 7212

Evandale is the home of the world penny farthing cycling

championships. Design features penny farthing bicycle.

Impressions from the Licensee Evandale LPO Evandale

TAS 7212.

Ganmain NSW 2702

Design features a sheaf of hay. Impressions from the Postal

Manager Ganmain NSW 2702.

Swansea TAS 7190

Design depicts rising sun, leaping fi sh and waves breaking on

shore. Impressions from the Licensee Swansea Post Offi ce

Swansea TAS 7190.

Tanunda SA 5352

Design features grapes, bottle and glass of wine. Impressions

from the Postal Manager Tanunda SA 5352.


In Retrospect

This information was not available prior to the

previous Bulletin being printed

6 May 2003

Port Pirie SA 5540

Variation to size of date box. Impressions from

the Postal Manager Port Pirie SA 5540

11 to 13 April 2003 Tasmania 2003

Three (one for each day) temporary pictorial

postmarkers were available for postmarking

during this event. The only variation between

the postmarkers was the date. For collectors

who could not attend the event a number

of postmarked covers were produced. These

are available by mail order from the Australia

Philatelic Bureau.

1349355 Tasmania 2003 cover

postmarked 11 April 2003...................... $0.80

1349356 Set of three Tasmania 2003 covers,

one postmarked cover per day ................ $2.40

Temporary Pictorial Postmarks

30 and 31 August 2003 Tanunda SA 5352

See SA Congress 2003 in Specialist Notes earlier in these Yellow


20 and 21 September 2003 Adelaide GPO 5000

See St Peters in Specialist Notes earlier in these Yellow Pages.

Commemorative Postmarks

12 September 2003 Bicentenary of European Settlement

of Tasmania

Design features logo of the City of Clarence – Request postmarks

from the Postal Manager Rosny Park TAS 7018

Mail order code

1384355 Bicentenary of European

Settlement of Tasmania ......................... $0.80

New from the Perth Mint

H.R.H. Prince William of Wales 21st Birthday

commemorative coin

This 1 oz, 99.9% pure silver proof coin

commemorates the 21st birthday of Prince

William on 21 June 2003. The Australian legal

tender coin features a coloured image of the

popular young Royal on the reverse and the Ian

Rank-Broadley effi gy of Her Majesty Queen

Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The coin comes in a presentation case (as

illustrated) with a serial-numbered Certifi cate

of Authenticity.

Mail order code

1113620 HRH Prince William 21st

1 oz 99.9% siver proof coin ................ ‡$65.50

2003 1/2 oz Square Silver Kookaburra Coin

This is the second release in a series of square

coins reminiscent of Australia’s early square

kookaburra pattern pennies.

The 2003 1/2 oz Square Silver Kookaburra

proof coin is 99.9% pure silver and features a

new reverse design of two kookaburras, one on

a tree branch and one in fl ight. The Ian Rank-

Broadley effi gy of the Queen appears on the

obverse of this Australian legal tender coin.

The 2003 Square Kookaburra coin is sold in

an elegant black presentation case (see image

at right) and comes with a serial-numbered

Certifi cate of Authenticity.

Mail order code

1113621 2003 1/2 oz square 99.9% pure silver

Kookaburra proof coin .......................‡$43.00

‡Price is correct at time of publication but is subject to change due to valuation changes.

Contact the Australian Philatelic Bureau (Freecall 1800 331 794) for current price at the time of your order.

HRH Prince William 21st

1 oz 99.9% silver coin

2003 1/2 oz Square Silver

Kookaburra coin


Perth Mint tribute sets

Australians at War’ Coin & Medallion Tribute Sets

Australians have taken extraordinary pride in

the men and women of the nation’s defence

forces. This is epitomised by the large crowds

that gather nationally for the annual Anzac Day

and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

In recognition of those who served in the

fi ve major international confl icts of the 20th

century, Perth Mint has released the following

coin and medallion sets. Each set comprises a

silver Australian Kookaburra privy mark coin,


Australians at War

(complete collection)

Also available is a complete Australians at

War collection. Illustrated above, the complete

collection comprises all the coins, replica

service medals and medallions from the fi ve

individual sets.

The complete collection comes in a

handmade display case with a replica of the

Australian Army’s Rising Sun badge on the

edge. This collection comes with a 12 page

serial-numbered book and Certifi cate of


The silver Kookaburra coin in the individual

sets and the complete collection are Australian

legal tender. The coins and medallions in the

Australians at War

(individual set, WW I set )

‡Price is correct at time of publication but is subject to change due to valuation changes.

together with the corresponding miniature replica

service medal and a silver medallion depicting

images from each war. The individual sets


The Boer War 1899-1902

World War I 1914-1918

World War II 1939-1945

The Korean War 1950-1953

The Vietnam War 1962-1972

Each set is sold in a presentation case and is

accompanied by serial-numbered Certifi cate of

Authenticity. The WWI individual set is shown


individual sets and the complete collection are

99.9% pure silver.

The complete Australian’s at War collection

is priced at ‡$756.50 and is only available from

participating Post retail outlets. It is not available

by mail order from the Australian Philatelic


Mail order codes

1113614 The Boer War 1899-1902 ................ ‡$136.00

1113615 World War I 1914-1918 ................... ‡$136.00

1113616 World War II 1939-1945................... ‡$136.00

1113617 The Korean War 1950-1953............. ‡$136.00

1113618 The Vietnam War 1962-1972 ........... ‡$136.00

Contact the Australian Philatelic Bureau (Freecall 1800 331 794) for current price at the time of your order.

Another Golden Jubilee – the Bulletin turns 50!

The Australian Stamp Bulletin is 50 years

old. In August 1953 the Philatelic Bulletin

(as it was originally called) made its fi rst

appearance. An eight page, bimonthly

publication, the Philatelic Bulletin had

an initial print run of just 800.

The Australian Post Offi ce announced

that its new publication would

‘include information supplementing

the necessarily brief

announcements contained in

press releases (i.e. about new

stamp issues) and will provide

other news of philatelic interest

concerning current and obsolete

Commonwealth stamps and postal


Fifty years on, the Australian Stamp

Bulletin has somewhat different objectives,

but it still aims to keep the stamp world fully

informed about new Australian stamps and

philatelic products. The current circulation

to almost 300,000 subscribers (45,000 of

whom receive a special ‘overseas’ edition)

ensures that this is carried out successfully.

by Richard Breckon

No. 1 No. 100

The Bulletin’s launch in 1953 was part

of a new philatelic program started by the

Post Offi ce. This included the establishment

of the Philatelic Bureau to conduct mail

order sales (the Bureau is also 50 years old in

2003) and provision of designated counter

areas in major post offi ces for selling stamps

to collectors. Also, the National Philatelic

Collection came into being and for the

fi rst time all items of philatelic signifi cance

associated with the development of new

stamps were retained, instead of being


All this work was supervised by Phil

Collas (1907-1989), who had been appointed

the Post Offi ce’s fi rst philatelic manager

within its headquarters administration in

1951. Phil Collas had been editor of the

Australian Stamp Monthly (a commercial

publication) since 1935 and his skills served

him well as editor of the Philatelic Bulletin.

Collas’ position also involved oversighting

all stamp design and production work, so

he was well placed to write authoritatively

about stamps.


Bulletin Golden Jubilee

The subjects discussed in major feature

articles during the Bulletin’s early years

included the effects of Federation on

stamps, Australian Antarctic postal history,

postage due stamps, stamp booklets, slogan

postmarks and franking machines. The

information was derived from offi cial records

and its publication was well received by

Bulletin readers. Until 1960 Collas had been

the sole contributor, but that year Kevin

McKay (1921-2000) joined the Philatelic

Group and began a long association with the

Bulletin. In 1969 McKay became philatelic

manager following Collas’ retirement.

The next signifi cant change to the

Bulletin followed the expansion of philatelic

services during 1969 and 1970. Products

such as stamp packs and fi rst day covers

were introduced and an enlarged network

of philatelic sales outlets was created. A

new publication called Stamp Preview was

launched in 1969. In newsletter format,

Stamp Preview was a less costly way to


The fi rst colour cover Silver Jubilee

provide advance publicity for new stamps

and products. This led to content changes in

the Bulletin, which now served as a journal of

record in relation to recent new issues, as well

as presenting historical articles.

For nearly 17 years, the Philatelic Bulletin

had remained an eight-page publication that

featured black-and-white illustrations and

page layouts generated from typewritten

sheets pasted into position. Its total

circulation was under 10,000. To boost

appeal, the Bulletin became a glossy twelvepage

magazine with some colour content in

April 1970.

In the next few years, the Bulletin’s

circulation grew to 250,000. Also, the amount

of colour increased and the magazine

expanded to 20-24 pages.

The Bulletin switched to quarterly

publication in 1971. Prominent feature

articles over the decade included descriptions

of recess and photogravure stamp

production, stamp design competitions, coil

Olympic efforts

1956 2000

stamps, ‘Specimen’ overprints and the 1932

stamp forgeries.

In 1978 the Bulletin’s 25 th anniversary

was marked by an editorial contribution

from Phil Collas and there was a change of

purpose for the magazine. Under a new title,

the Australian Stamp Bulletin once again

provided advance publicity for new stamp

issues, taking over from the now defunct

Stamp Preview. The new arrangement

required the Bulletin to be published at least

fi ve times a year.

In October 1977 Australia Post launched

the Junior Stamp Preview (now the Australian

Stamp Explorer) to give children an easy-toread

means of learning about forthcoming

stamps. The Explorer reached a 25-year

milestone last year and it enjoys a circulation

today of 280,000 subscribers.

The Bulletin was changed to the familiar

A5 format in April 1985 - a more economical

course for a publication with such a large

print run. In January 1995 two domestic



versions of the Bulletin were created, one

of which incorporates Specialists’ Notes

pages that have featured information about

special postmarks, agency countries’ stamps

and other matters of particular interest to

the more dedicated collector. A twelve page

condensed version is also produced and sent

to about 45,000 overseas subscribers.

Over its half a century of existence,

the Bulletin has rarely featured signed

articles. This is because it is not a journal

of contributors’ opinions, but rather a

source of offi cial information. However, it is

appropriate to acknowledge the contributors

of the past three decades who have worked

on the Bulletin – Kitty Barclay, Anil Sachdev,

Leonie Thiele, Chris Brown, John Tinney,

Sandy Watson, Amanda Finniss, Vida

Mierendorff and Carol Daniels (current



Bulletin Golden Jubilee



Stamp Collecting Month

Stamp Issues



dd Month YYYY

About the author

Richard Breckon is a well known philatelic

writer and editor. He is the curator of the

upcoming Behind the Stamp Exhibition

(4 October to 20 November 2003) in the

Postmaster Gallery.

As well as being an extraordinary source

of interesting, amazing and fascinating

philatelic facts, Richard is the editor of Stamp

Issues, a free quarterly publication from

the Exhibitions Section of Australia Post’s

Philatelic Group.

To subscribe to Stamp Issues, contact

John Link: Exhibitions Section, Philatelic

Group, GPO Box 1777, Melbourne VIC

3001, Phone (03) 9204 7727, or e-mail


RAM collector coins

Rugby World Cup 2003

The Royal Australian Mint (RAM)

commemorates Australia’s hosting of the Rugby

World Cup 2003 in October/November with

an uncirculated aluminium bronze coin and a

special edition silver proof coin.

This coin is Australia’s only offi cial proof

coin celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2003

and is sold in a presentation case (not shown).

For the silver proof coin RAM has used its

new selective plating technology. The centre

oval of the coin’s reverse features an image of

the William Web Ellis Cup plated in 24 ct gold.

The aluminium bronze coin is sold in a

desk top display folder which can be stored in a

sleeve when not on display.

Al-bronze RWC coin in folder

Detail of RWC 2003 Silver

Proof coin’s reverse

Mail order code

1113622 Uncirculated Al-bronze RWC 2003 ........ $14.95

1113623 Special Edition RWC 2003

silver proof coin ................................ ‡$84.00

‡Price is correct at time of publication but is subject to

change due to valuation changes.

Contact the Australian Philatelic Bureau (Freecall 1800 331

794) for current price at the time of your order.

Story Of The Rugby

World Cup

Seven Seas

dd Month YYYY

by Nick Farr-Jones

The Rugby World Cup is coming to Australia

To whet your appetite for all things rugby we

are releasing Story of the Rugby World Cup, an

80 page book written exclusively for Australia

Post by Nick Farr-Jones.

Available from 20 August 2003 this terrifi c

read will set the stage for the 8 October release

of Post’s offi cial Rugby World Cup 2003 issue.

Note orders for this book will be dispatched

after 20 August 2003.

Mail order code

1396250 Story of the Rugby World Cup................ $29.95

The following will be included in Seven Seas’ 2003

supplements and optional pages. Seven Seas’

pages are available only from stamp dealers and

from Seven Seas.

150th Anniversary Murray River Shipping

Supplement design set 5 x 50c s/a 5 x 50c (from roll

of 100)

Optional pages gutter strip 10 x 50c s/a booklet 10 x

50c s/a strip of fi ve (from roll of 100) s/a collector pack

Peace and Goodwill

Supplement single of each value

Optional pages spaces for personalised stamps - no

stamps supplied

High Court Centenary 1903-2003

Supplement 2 single stamps miniature sheet

Optional pages nil

Mail order codes

1384235 Bulletin 271 Australian Supplement....... $10.30

1384236 Bulletin 271 Australian Optional pages .. $17.90

Products for Seven Sea’s Pages


Partial returns for refund not accepted


Post Master Gallery

Revised exhibition diary

Away with the Birds: The art of birds on Australian

stamps 1849-2003

Extended to Sunday 7 September 2003

Due to public interest this showcase of

ornithological art from the National Philatelic

Collection has been extended to Sunday 7

September 2003. Stamp lovers, bird lovers

and art lovers will be delighted with this

exhibition. See Australia’s unique, beautiful

and endangered birds as depicted by esteemed

Australian Illustrators.

Behind the stamp

Saturday 20 September to Sunday 30 November 2003

The Post Master Gallery opens with a new

exhibit marking the tenth anniversary of

Stamp Collecting Month. Behind the Stamp

explores what makes an interesting stamp

and the many different ways stamps can be

collected and appreciated.

Upcoming exhibitions

Antarctica - 6 December 2003 to 29 February 2004

New Issues


dd Month YYYY

Ordering exhibition catalogues

A list of available exhibition catalogues and other

publications was printed in Bulletin No 269, March-May


A list and description of available catalogues can be

requested from the Exhibitions Section of the Philatelic


Catalogues can be ordered directly from the Philatelic

Group. They are not available from the Australian

Philatelic Bureau.

Catalogues do not contain stamps

Prices are GST inclusive

Postage & Handling (P&H) charges apply once per order

For delivery in Australia add $5.00 P&H per order

For delivery overseas add A$9.00 P&H per order

Australian orders, cheques payable to: ‘Australia Post

Overseas orders, Bank Cheque or Money order

(Australian dollars) payable to ‘Australia Post

Mail your order, listing the catalogues you wish to

purchase with your cheque or money order to:

John Link

Phone +61 3 92047727

Australia Post Fax +61 3 92047743

Philatelic Group E-mail

GPO Box 1777



Mail Order Product Description Price *Planned

Code Withdrawal Date

5 August 2003 150th Anniversary Murray River Shipping

1382067 Stamps (fi ve x 50c) $2.50 31 August 2004

1382001 Set of fi rst day covers (gummed & self-adhesive) [MO/CC] $5.60 2 September 2003

1382002 First day cover (gummed) $2.80 2 September 2003

1382003 First day cover (self-adhesive) $2.80 2 September 2003

1382126 Stamp pack $2.95 31 August 2004

1382223 Collector pack $5.40 31 August 2004

1382220 Maximum cards (set of fi ve) $6.25 31 August 2004

1382184 Prestige booklet $10.95 3 1 August 2004

1382240 Gutter strip of 10 x 50c (decorative gutter) $5.00 31 August 2004

1382182 Booklet of ten x 50c $5.00 31 August 2004

1382260 Cheque book of 20 booklets of ten x 50c $100.00 31 August 2004

1382209 Roll of 100 x 50c $50.00 31 August 2004

1382200 Strip of fi ve self-adhesive stamps from roll of 100 x 50c $2.50 31 August 2004

Recent New Issues

Mail Order Product Description Price *Planned

Code Withdrawal Date

5 August 2003 Peace and Goodwill

1383067 Stamps (one x 50c, one x 90c) $1.40 To be advised

1383001 First day cover $1.70 2 September 2003

1383126 Stamp pack $1.85 31 August 2004

1383220 Maximum card $2.90 31 August 2004

2 September 2003 High Court Centenary 1903 – 2003

1384067 Stamps (one x 50c, one x $1.45) $1.95 30 September 2004

1384142 Miniature sheet $1.95 30 September 2004

1384001 Set of fi rst day covers (stamps, miniature sheet) [MO] $4.50 30 September 2003

1384002 First day cover (stamps) $2.25 30 September 2003

1384013 First day cover (miniature sheet) $2.25 30 September 2003

1384126 Stamp pack $4.35 30 September 2003

1384220 Maximum cards (set of two) $3.45 30 September 2004

No special text or design in gutters listed below

1384240 Set of gutter strips (ten x 50c, ten x $1.45) [MO] $19.50 30 September 2004

1384241 Gutter strip (ten x 50c) $5.00 30 September 2004

1384242 Gutter strip (ten x $1.45) $14.50 30 September 2004

New Collector Coins

See page 23 for a listing of previously released coins from the Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint

Perth Mint

Australians at War

Individual sets

1113614 The Boer War 1899-1902 .................... ‡$136.00

1113615 World War 1 1914-1918 ...................... ‡$136.00

1113616 World War 11 1939-1945 .................... ‡$136.00

1113617 The Korean War 1950-1953................. ‡$136.00

1113618 The Vietnam War 1962-1972 ............... ‡$136.00

HRH Prince William’s 21st B irthday

1113620 HRH Prince William 21st

1 oz 99.9% siver proof coin .................... ‡$65.50

2003 Square Kookaburra

1113620 2003 1/2 oz square Kookaburra

99.9% pure silver proof coin ................. ‡$48.00

Royal Australian Mint

Rugby World Cup 2003 coins

1113622 Uncirculated Al-bronze RWC 2003 ............ $14.95

1113623 Special edition RWC 2003

silver proof coin .................................... ‡$84.00

‡Price is correct at time of publication but is subject to

change due to valuation changes. Contact the Australian

Philatelic Bureau (Freecall 1800 331 794) for current price

at time of your order.

A complete list of issues on sale is not included here. Details of current issues may be obtained from the Australian Philatelic Bureau

(Freecall 1800 331 794). [MO] Available by mail order only [MO/CC] Available by mail order and from Collector’s Corner outlets. An

asterisk (*) indicates maximum card design(s) available as postcards from participating Post retail outlets.

*Planned withdrawal dates may be changed without notice to meet emergent postal requirements. Advice of such changes will be

published in the fi rst available Australian Stamp Bulletin after the changes.


Recent Issues

Mail Order Product Description Price *Planned

Code Withdrawal Date

2 June 2003 Coronation Golden Jubilee

1349067 Stamps (one x 50c, one x $2.45) $2.95 30 June 2004

1349142 Miniature sheet $2.95 30 June 2004

1349126 Stamp pack (stamps + miniature sheet) $6.35 30 June 2004

1349220 Maximum cards (set of two) $4.45 30 June 2004

1349008 Stamp and coin cover $11.95 30 June 2004

1349182 Booklet of ten x 50c $5.00 30 June 2004

1349260 Cheque book of 20 booklets of ten x 50c $100.00 30 June 2004

No special text or design in gutters listed below

1349240 Set of gutter strips (ten x 50c, ten x $2.45) [MO/CC] $29.50 30 June 2004

1349241 Gutter strip ten x 50c $5.00 30 June 2004

1349242 Gutter strip ten x $2.45 $24.50 30 June 2004

17 June 2003 International Post: Art of Papunya Tula

1378067 Stamps (one each $1.10, $1.65, $2.20, $3.30) $8.25 To be advised

1378126 Stamp pack $8.70 30 June 2004

1378220 Maximum cards (set of four)* $11.25 30 June 2004

17 June 2003 Cocos (Keeling) Islands: Shoreline Birds

1374067 Stamps (four x 50c) $2.00 30 June 2004

1375240 Gutter strip of ten x 50c, (no special text or design in gutter) $5.00 30 June 2004

4 July 2003 New Domestic Postal Stationery PSEs

1380134 Centenary of RAAMC PSE (mint) $0.60 30 June 2004

1381134 50th Ann of WRAAC CMF (mint) $0.60 30 June 2004

8 July 2003 Genetics 1953 - 2003

1379067 Stamps (two x 50c) $1.00 30 June 2004

1379126 Stamp pack $1.45 30 June 2004

1379220 Maximum cards (set of two) $2.50 30 June 2004

1379240 Gutter strip of ten x 50c (design in gutter) $5.00 30 June 2004

8 July 2003 Nature of Australia: Rainforests

1350067 Stamps (gummed, four x 50c) $2.00 To be advised

1350126 Stamp pack $3.90 31 July 2003

1350223 Collector pack $8.90 31 July 2003

1350200 Set of self-adhesive strips of four (one strip of four each printer) [MO/CC] $4.00 31 July 2003

1350293 Self-adhesive stamps SNP (strip of four x 50c, from roll of 100 x 50c) $2.00 31 July 2003

1350294 Self-adhesive stamps Pemara (strip of four x 50c, from roll of 200 x 50c) $2.00 31 July 2003

1350252 Booklet of ten x 50c $5.00 31 July 2003

1350253 Booklet of 20 x 50c $10.00 31 July 2003

1350263 Cheque book of 20 booklets of ten x 50c $100.00 31 July 2003

1350209 Roll of 100 x 50c (SNP) $50.00 31 July 2003

1350210 Roll of 200 x 50c (Pemara) $100.00 31 July 2003

1350220 Maximum cards (set of four)* $5.00 31 July 2003

AFL Footy Stamps 2003

1393250 Set of 16 AFL Footy Stamps 2003 (one sheet each club) [MO] $319.20 31 December 2003

Individual club sheets $19.95 each

1393301 Adelaide

1393302 Brisbane Lions

1393303 Carlton

1393304 Collingwood

*Planned withdrawal dates may be changed without notice to meet emergent postal requirements. Advice of such changes will be

published in the fi rst available Australian Stamp Bulletin after the changes.


1393305 Essendon

1393306 Fremantle

1393307 Geelong

1393308 Hawthorn

1393309 Kangaroos

1393310 Melbourne

1393311 Port Adelaide

1393312 Richmond

1393313 St Kilda

1393314 Sydney Swans

1393315 West Coast Eagles

1393316 Western Bulldogs

Also Recent Available Issues

Mail Order Product Description Price *Planned

Code Withdrawal Date

Books and Accessories

1113577 Stamp Collecting Starter Kit $19.95

0960281 Packet of 100 Australian Stamps $2.45

1301171 2002 Collection of Australian Stamps,

Deluxe Edition $57.95

1301214 2002 Collection of Australian Stamps,

Executive Edition $87.95

1301194 Australian Territories Collection 2002 $16.50

1301255 2002 Stamp Printing Technical Details [MO] $10.00

1178255 2001 Stamp Printing Technical Details [MO] $10.00

1101255 2000 Stamp Printing Technical Details [MO] $10.00

1113576 Australia’s First Flights [MO] $15.00

Album Sheets

0903270 First day cover album binder $10.00

0960251 Collector’s Choice binder

(3-ring, holds album stock sheets) $17.95

0903269 Collector’s Choice binder + slip case [MO/CC] $19.00

0903214 Album stock sheets – to hold P Stamp sheets

(set of ten) fi ts 0903269 $13.50

0903271 Album stock sheets

– two strip (set of ten) FDC $10.25

0903272 Album stock sheets – fi ve strip (set of ten) $10.25

0903273 Album stock sheets – six strip (set of ten) $10.25

0903274 Album stock sheets – seven strip (set of ten) $10.25

0903275 Album stock sheets – mixed strip (set of ten) $10.25

0903276 Album stock sheets – single (set of ten) $10.25

Previously released collector coins

Perth Mint Previously released

Coronation Golden Jubilee

1113610 1 oz Silver Coronation Golden Jubilee coin...†‡$64.00

Lunar New Year, Year of the Goat coin

1113606 1/2 oz Silver Bullion Coin ............................... $19.95

Accession Golden Jubilee

1113512 Queen’s Golden Jubilee 99.9%

pure silver $1.00 coin................................†‡$64.00

1113513 Queen’s Golden Jubilee bi-metal coin .......†‡$632.50

1113532 2002 1/2 oz Proof Kookaburra square

99.9% pure Silver Coin ..............................†‡$43.00

Australian Stamp Catalogue Range

1113575 2002 Compact Australian Stamp Catalogue $12.95

0870261 Comprehensive Colour Catalogue

of Australian Stamps – 2nd Ed [MO] $32.45

1113607 Australian Coin & Banknote Values - 20th Ed $19.95

0190251 2002 Australian Air Mail Catalogue $79.50

0190250 Stamps of Australia 8th Ed $14.95

1113608 Australasian Stamp Catalogue Vol 1 (29th Ed) $35.00

(Australia, AAT, Christmas & Cocos Islands)

1113609 Australasian Stamp Catalogue Vol 2 (29th Ed) $35.00

(Nauru, Norfolk, Pitcairn Islands, & PNG)

Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogues

0197250 Decimals Soft bound Volume I $90.00

0197251 Decimals Loose-leaf Volume I $85.00

0197252 Decimals Soft bound Volume II $97.50

0197253 Decimals Loose-leaf Volume II $92.50

0197254 Decimals Soft bound Volume III $92.50

0197255 Decimals Loose-leaf Volume III $87.50

0197256 Decimals Soft bound, Vols I, I I& III (as above) $210.00

0197257 Decimals Loose-leaf Vols I, II & III (as above) $210.00

Volume I is completely revised, Volumes II and III are new

Buy all three for $210.00, and save 25% off the cost of the softbound

volumes (if purchased separately).

Royal Australian Mint Previously released

50th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War

1113612 50th Ann. End of the Korean War,

$1.00 Al-Bronze coin........................................ $2.50

Previously released

Australia’s Volunteers’

1113603 2003 Baby Coin Set (proof)............................. $89.50

1113604 2003 Baby Coin Set (uncirculated).................. $29.30

1113602 2003 Six Coin set (proof) ................................ $73.75

1113601 2003 Six coin set (uncirculated)...................... $22.70

1113605 2003 1 oz Silver Kangaroo,

(99.9% pure silver).....................................†‡$32.45

†Advertised price includes GST and refl ects the Australian Taxation Offi ce’s Ruling on the GST treatment of Precious Metal.

‡Price is correct at time of publication but is subject to change due to valuation changes. Contact the Australian Philatelic

Bureau (Freecall 1800 331 794) for current price at time of your order.


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Your personal information is collected to enable us to provide you with and administer the products/services you wish us to provide. The products/

services may not be provided without all or part of this information. You may request access to your personal information while it is stored by us and

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$ ¢ Mint P/mark $

Australian Stamp Bulletin Mail Order Form Fax (03) 9887 0236 Freecall 1 800 331 794 or E-mail

Please note that postage stamps cannot be accepted as payment for orders.

stamp bulletin


First sitting of the High Court of Australia, Melbourne 1903

Photograph by permission of the National Library of Australia

No. 271 August-September 2003



Print Post approved No. PP349181/00065

If undelivered, return to: Australian Stamp Bulletin,


If you are receiving duplicate copies of this Bulletin, please fi ll out the form below.

AUSTRALIAN STAMP BULLETIN No. 271 August-September 2003 Fax (03) 9887 0236 Freecall 1800 331 794

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