Issue 11 April 2013.pdf - Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Issue 11 April 2013.pdf - Croydon Health Services NHS Trust


For staff, visitors and patients of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Issue 11 April 2013

Adult inpatient survey

Our results

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Listening into Action

Quick wins

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Chair Zumba with a difference

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Maternity Makeover

£300,000 refurbishment

The £300,000

refurbishment of the

Maternity Unit at

Croydon University

Hospital is almost


Focusing on providing a

more comfortable and

welcoming environment

for women and their

partners, the work


An additional birthing

pool to be situated on

the labour ward.

“They have done a

brilliant job on the

refurbishment. The

toilets and showers are

very nice.” Nagasandhya

Vadlamudi, new mother

on Mary Ward.

Improved facilities

for partners in both

Mary Ward (post-natal)

and Hope Ward


Improvements to

theatres used for


Developing a “first

stage of labour” room

where mothers in the

early stages can stay

mobile and supported.

More equipment for

women to use in labour

such as reclining chairs,

birthing balls, mats.

Cordless phone for

access to language line

for mothers in labour.

“It is great to have

facilities for partners

to use. The shower

room is very nice.”

Ryan Rozario, new

father on Mary Ward

Ann Morling, Director

of Midwifery says, “The

Trust has already spent

£100 thousand

refurbishing some of

the unit but the

additional £300

thousand of

government cash meant

we could do much more

than we originally

planned. When the

work is complete this

summer it will provide

much greater privacy

and dignity for new

mums, their babies and


“Compared to when

our first child was born

here almost five years

ago, there is much

more of a homely

atmosphere.” New

parent on Mary Ward

A very big “thank you”

is due to the Maternity

Services Liaison

Committee, which made

sure the views of local

women were well

represented when we

put in the bid.”

“The refurbished

bathroom has

definitely helped to

make my stay more

comfortable.” Neringa

Lekacinskate, new

mother on Hope Ward

Staff celebrated at Crystal

Palace Football Club last

month as we had a special

guest on hand to present

the annual staff awards -

Croydon-born superstar JB,

from award-winning pop

group JLS - before they

announced their split!

But the biggest stars on

the night were our staff.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Susanna Hart,



The Barnabas Patient/

Customer Care Award





Staff Awards

Excellence in Leadership Award

Karina Malhotra,

General Manager,



Sally Quinn, Deputy

Director of HR and

Workforce Development,

said: “The dedication that

all our staff have to our

patients and our

organisation is remarkable,

and it was genuinely

humbling to hear the

stories of the achievements

of our award winners”.

Team of the Year The ACE

(Acute Care of the Elderly)



Long service awards for 40

years’ service at the Trust

were awarded to Anna Nallia

and Peter Bird.

Apprentice of the Year



30 years’ service awards were awarded to Dawn Boyd,

Bridgid Conroy, Nelly Coombes, Ophelia de Lima, Antonia

Stevenson, Julia McNicholas, Gail Frampton, Angela

Gentles, Ann Gocher, Paul Wright, June McCarron, Trudy

Williams, Sylvia Wiseman, Linda Branson, Mary Collison,

Mary Fosbrook and Tessa Fraser.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for

everything that you have done and continue to do for

our patients, their families and carers.

CHS news 2

Adult inpatient survey

On April 16 the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

released the results for the national adult inpatients

survey 2012 for NHS Trusts across the country.

This survey provides a “snapshot” of around 400

patients who gave their views of their stay in

Croydon University Hospital last summer.

The survey questionnaire is structured into 10

sections which cover:

• waiting

• care and treatment

• doctors

• nurses

• overall impression of experience.

The results show for each question whether we are

better, worse or the same as other Trusts.

Of the 10 sections Croydon Health Services was

rated “worse‟ on seven sections and “same‟ for

three sections. There were no sections on which

the Trust was rated “better‟ than other Trusts.

Chief Executive John Goulston said: “The survey

covers a number of issues; overall patients’ rating

of our services, including if they felt they were

treated with respect and dignity, was the same as

other Trusts in the country.

“This shows that, while many inpatients do have a

good experience at our hospital, this is not as

consistent as it should be and this is disappointing.

“Since the survey was carried out we have been

making significant changes, recruiting more staff

and improving our Emergency Care pathways. We

are increasing the presence of senior clinicians and

decision makers seven days a week.

Finally we are pioneering Listening into Action (LiA),

a programme that puts staff and the patients they

care for at the very centre of making changes to

improve the experience of everyone who uses our

services – both in hospital and in the community.

“These actions are long term improvements which

will take some time to have a full effect but we hope

patients and visitors can already begin to see the

changes for themselves.”

Director of Nursing, Zoe Packman, added:

“These results are obviously cause for concern,

however as many of the changes were not fully in

place by the time the survey was carried out last

summer we weren’t expecting to see a big

difference in this year’s results.

“We are putting in place a range of improvements

including ensuring we have the right staff in the

right place at the right time with the right focus on


Listening to our staff is an important part of this,

which is why the LiA programme is important to

help us continue to improve the experience of all

our patients.”

CHief operating

offiCer appointed

Karen Breen

has been

appointed as

the new



Officer and

will take up

her duties at the end of


The role is key in overseeing

the day to day delivery of

both community and

hospital based services.

Chief Executive John

Goulston said: “Karen will

be an asset to the

organisation, and I am

looking forward to working

with her.”

Ms Breen commented: “I’m

really looking forward to

working for a Trust that

delivers both hospital and

community services. My role

is to support the provision of

excellent care to Croydon

people when and where

they need it.”

Karen will also take the role

of Deputy Chief Executive.

Would you recommend us to Friends and Family?

You now have the opportunity to provide feedback on the care and treatment you receive and to improve services by completing the NHS

Friends and Family test.

The Friends and Family Test is an easy-to-understand, comparable question that will be asked of patients about the care and treatment

they have received. It will be used to drive cultural change and continuous improvements in the quality of the care received by NHS

patients. You will be asked whether you would recommend hospital wards and A&E departments to your friends and family if they needed

similar care or treatment. This means every patient in these wards and departments will be able to give feedback on the quality of the care

they receive.

The government wants NHS organisations to obtain regular and timely feedback from patients about their care. Using a simple question

makes this process, quick, easy and relevant.

You will be asked to answer the following question when you are discharged, or within the 48 hours of discharge:

'How likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?'

You will be invited to respond to the question by choosing one of six options, ranging from 'extremely likely' to 'extremely unlikely'.

It is important that you are given the opportunity to explain why you have given your answer, so please answer any follow-up questions.

You may be asked to answer the question before going home, or you may be invited to do so by returning a postcard, by phone or on a


It is not mandatory to complete the questionnaire but if you do it will help us improve our services.

If you feel that you should have been given the opportunity to respond but did not receive the question, please contact the Patient Advice

and Liaison (PALS) team on 020 8401 3210.

We will then gather the results and analyse them to see if any action is required.

You can continue to use our website feedback form to complain, show concern or give compliments about our services/staff.

For more information on the Friends and Family Test please visit NHS Choices website.

CHS news 3

liStening into ACtion ‘QUiCk WinS’

Steam cleaning of the

yellow hospital link bridge

and the blue canopy over

the main entrance of

London Road

The 'Portering Matters'

Early Adopter Team

have decided that

because the portering

team receive so many

requests from the front

entrance it would be a

good idea to trial

stationing a Porter there

during reception

opening hours.

The Radiology

Videofluoroscopy chair, for

patients with poor sitting

balance was old and in

need of replacement. The

new chair can be laid flat to

enable patients to be

transferred lying down.

Main London

Road entrance


Coulsdon Ward

refurbishment, preoperative

patient area

Why did the MCAtS teAM Apply to be

eArly AdopterS of the liA WAy of


Beverley Jerome, Orthopaedic Practitioner, said “MCATS was

formed four years ago after winning a bid to provide the

service. Initially I was the only practitioner but there are now 5

orthopaedic practitioners and 1 physiotherapy consultant,

working both in the hospital and at bases in the community.

MCATS is Musculoskeletal Clinical Assessment and Triage

Service. The triage part of MCATS means that we are a

single point of referral for all the routine musculoskeletal

referrals from Croydon GPs. We are a two-part service, to

triage all the referrals and then the second part is our clinic

function. We assess people with joint, muscle and nerve

problems who may have already gone through physiotherapy

and need a specialist opinion. We organise any investigations

needed and can list for surgery if needed, once discussed with

our consultants.

The idea is that it is one smooth pathway. What we are trying to

prevent is patients being bounced backwards and forwards

between services and to provide a smooth transition for

management of their condition.

As we have expanded the service, our systems and processes

haven’t necessarily evolved with us and even though we think

we provide a really good service some of the processes let us

down. If we can use LIA to improve then that makes our service

easier to use for GPs in Croydon and their patients.

WhAt iS


There are many skills that the Orthopaedic

Practitioners are developing which we hope will

move our service towards a ‘one stop shop’.

Although we have a difficult title, MCATS will be a

recognisable service and not have confusing strands to it. We

can bring it all together.

Our long-term hope for the future for MCATS is that it can

continue to be a quality service that the Trust provides to the

people of Croydon.

CHS news 4

C h a i r

Z u m b a with a difference

Zumba! The dance fitness craze

has been popular since the 90s and brings

huge health benefits to many – but what

if you are not so steady on your feet and

don’t feel like donning leggings and




is Chair


Croydon Health Services physiotherapist,

Rebecca Hargreaves, works with the

elderly care team on Wandle 2 ward and

thought that some people could use a bit

of a lift in their routine.

“I wanted to provide the patients with

more variety to their day, something to

look forward to. The name ‘chair zumba’

is fitting as the class involves chair-based

exercises with the extra fun of games and

lots of wiggling!”

Set to classic songs from artists ranging

from Glenn Miller to Little Richard, Chair

Zumba improves patients’ range of

movement, muscle strength and hand to

eye coordination through gentle

repetitive movement and games such as


It isn’t just

about the





adds “It



with an

hour of relaxed social interaction as well

as beneficial exercise”.

Foundation Trust Update

At recent member’s events

we have tried to change

our tone and approach to

the membership. We have

recognised that you can be

a valuable resource for the

Trust both in terms of a

role as a ‘critical friend’ to

test and comment on the

work that we do; and as a

key part of the dialogue

that should exist between

a public service and those it

provides for, in our case

the people of Croydon.

This latter role is taking on

an increased profile and

importance following the

publication of the Francis

report into the failings of

care at Mid Staffordshire

NHS Foundation Trust. It is

clear that trusts must

reflect on the patient and

public voice as part of a

critical self-assessment of

the services we provide.

In other parts of this

newsletter we cover how

we are using the adult inpatient

survey (patient

voice) and our Listening

into Action programme

(staff engagement) to help

Dates for your diary

Members Information evenings

19 June: 7pm to 8.30pm

Simulation Centre,

Join us in the Simulation Centre 2nd floor Woodcroft wing

Places are limited for this evening. Book early to avoid disappointment

See where the doctors are trained. Learn new skills including basic life support

10 October: 7pm to 8pm


This meeting will be in the Postgraduate Medical Centre (PGMC)

on the 1st floor Woodcroft wing

To attend a Members evening please book by emailing or telephone 020 8401 3209

Trust Board

3 June: 10am to 12 noon

with part of that service

self-assessment. We want

to use you, the Foundation

Trust membership as part

of that process.

Much work has to be done

but as a letter to our Chief

Executive from a patient

recently treated here

indicated, ‘The care could

not have been much

better. Nothing was too

much trouble for the

nursing staff’, our

aspiration must be for

every patient to experience

the same quality of care.

(You do not need to book a place to attend a Trust Board meeting)

Please note the new location for Trust Board Meetings: Austen Seminar Room,

Shirley House, Croydon University Hospital,

Croydon, CR7 7YE

And what do the patients think? Kathleen

Alice (102) says: “It’s good fun, and the

nurses join in too. One of them is such a

good mover, I call her Twinkletoes!”

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