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Cover image: “Every Day In Tuscany” – Frances Mayes


Every Day in Tuscany

Frances Mayes

PB $34.95

In this new memoir Mayes offers her readers

another deeply personal account of her presentday

life in Tuscany, encompassing both the

changes she has experienced since Under the

Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany appeared and

sensuous, evocative reflections on the timeless,

unchanging beauty and simple pleasures of

Italian life.

A Taste of Venice: At

Table with Brunetti

Donna Leon &

Roberta Pianaro

PB $39.95

In A Taste of Venice,

Roberta Pianaro invites

readers to learn how to

prepare for themselves

the delicious meals Paola

Brunetti prepares for her

family. We are given the

secrets to Brunetti’s

favourite dish (penne

rigate), Paola’s famous apple cake, a lasagne recipe

from Brunetti’s mother, Donna Leon’s favourite

meal (risotto di zucca) and a host of other

sumptuous and authentic Italian classics.

Taschen’s Berlin

Angelika Taschen

HB $75.00

Angelika Taschen has

produced an

insider’s guide to the

best of Berlin, with


hotels, shops,

restaurants, cafes,

and bars. Now

everyone can

experience the

German capital like a true Berliner – the tastiest

cuisine, the hippest, most intriguing stores, and the

sleekest accommodations – they’re all listed here.

Blue River, Black Sea

Andrew Eames

PB $26.95

The Danube is Europe’s

Amazon. It flows through

more countries than any

other river on Earth –

from the Black Forest in

Germany to Europe’s

farthest fringes, where it

joins the Black Sea in

Romania. Andrew Eames’

journey along its length

brings us face to face

with the Continent’s bloodiest history and its most

pressing issues of race and identity.

Markets of New

York City

Karen Seiger

PB $26.95

This is the


guide to the rich and

diverse markets of

New York City:

antique and flea

markets, artisan

markets, farmers’

markets, seasonal

markets and more. Some are traditional, where

you’ll find some of the most sophisticated food in

the city; while others are hip and edgy.


So Greek

Niki Savva

PB $35.00

From one of the most

senior correspondents in

the Canberra Press Gallery

comes a rare account of life

as a political insider. In

1997, after a family

tragedy, Niki Savva was

forced to reassess her

career. In spite of her own

Labor convictions, she

became Liberal treasurer Peter Costello’s press

secretary, a role that she kept for six years before

moving on to join John Howard’s staff.

The River

Chris Hammer

PB $34.99

Chris Hammer takes us on

a journey through

Australia’s heartland,

following the rivers of the

Murray-Darling Basin,

recounting his experiences

and the stories of the

people he meets along the

way. It’s a journey

punctuated with laughter, sadness and reflection.

The River looks past the daily news reports and

their sterile statistics, revealing the true impact of

our rivers’ decline.

Australian Voices

John Thompson

HB $49.95

Australian Voices

presents a broad social

history of Colonial

Australian life, focusing

on the ordinary and

the every day, through

the words of

Australians of the time

and a handful of

visitors. This

atmospheric anthology comprises letters and diary

entries, memoirs and reminiscences – supported by

photographs, etchings and paintings – drawn from

the period up to the end of the First World War.

Malcolm Fraser: The

Political Memoirs

Malcolm Fraser &

Margaret Simons

HB $59.99

The story of a shy boy who

was raised to be seen and

not heard, yet grew to

become one of the most

persistent, insistent and

controversial political voices

of our times. From the

Vietnam War to the Dismissal and his years as Prime

Minister, through to his many disputes with the

Howard Government, Fraser emerges as an enduring

liberal, constantly reinterpreting core values to meet

the needs of changing times.

Breaking News:

The Golden Age of

Graham Perkin

Ben Hills

HB $59.95

It is now more than 30 years

since Graham Perkin’s

tragically premature death,

but his legacy lives on in

every corner of the Australian

media. In his nine years at the

helm of The Age, he

transformed a venerable but moribund rag into a paper

regularly voted one of the world’s 10 best broadsheets.

He changed forever the way that the media looks at

society, and the way that people relate to the media.

Listening to Country

Ros Moriarty

PB $32.99

The moving and personal

story of one woman’s

journey into the remote

and rugged Tanami Desert

with the matriarchs of her

husband’s family. Ros

Moriarty is a white woman

married to an Aboriginal

man. Full of warmth,

honesty and insight,

Listening to Country shares a rare and vivid

insight into the lives, wisdom, humour and

difficulties of the lives of Aboriginal women – right

here, right now.

Australian Fiction

Below the Styx

Michael Meehan

PB $29.99

How on earth does

Marcus Clarke, a

brilliant young

Englishman – author of

For the Term of His

Natural Life – stranded

on the far side of the

world and dead for

more than a century,

get himself mixed up

in a murder in exclusive, modern day Toorak? A

challenging, amusing, and intriguing novel about

reading, writing and thinking ... and many other

things besides.

The Norseman’s Song

Joel Deane

PB $32.99

An ancient man without a past

hails a taxi driven by a petty

criminal with no future.

Reluctantly, the pair embarks

on a journey in search of a

legendary whaler and

murderer known only as the

Norseman. This is a one-way

trip, but who’s taking who for

a ride? A stylish blend of

gothic mystery and modern crime noir, Joel Deane

creates a violent and lyrical vision of contemporary




Barry Divola

PB $24.95

In the fictional suburb of

Braithwaite, we meet

Charlie during the listless

weeks of his summer

holidays. Against a

backdrop of buzzing

cicadas, Dragstar bikes,

schoolboy rock bands,

church youth groups and Top 40 radio, Barry Divola

deftly evokes that awkward, exhilarating journey from

childhood to adolescence. Told with humour,

poignancy and authenticity and marking the familiar

stages of teenage awakening.


Peter Goldsworthy

PB $29.95

A mediocre man is pulled

into a strange dance with

his stalker. A father gives his

daughter a Christmas

present with a disturbing

history. An ugly sports

parent plays a game of

ridiculous chance. A young

boy’s music lesson offers

him a discordant insight

into adult behaviour.

Compulsively readable, pitch-perfect in mood, the

eight stories in Gravel ponder the forces that can

wear down a marriage, darken desire and lead

people to thwart their best intentions.

Under Stones

Bob Franklin

PB $24.95

Under Stones are uneasy

tales, set in familiar

surrounds. They are

journeys into the human

psyche and powerful

critiques of

contemporary Australian

society. Bob Franklin

pokes and prods at

human fears and foibles,

revealing with forensic glee truths that you might

prefer were, well, left under stones.

Keeping Faith

Roger Averill

PB $29.95

Josh and Gracie cherish

their father, a lay preacher

and their mother, but for

Josh the complex secrets,

doubts and subtleties of

the world do not allow for

certainty. In adulthood he

works as a labour ward

attendant, his younger

sister Gracie as a nurse on a remote mission station

in Papua New Guinea. While Josh’s conviction

falters, the unfailing faith of his sister leads to tragic



Major Pettigrew’s

Last Stand

Helen Simonson

PB $32.99

Major Ernest Pettigrew

(retired) leads a quiet life

in a small rural English

village, where he values

the proper things that

Englishmen have treasured

for generations. The Major

takes pleasure in his wellorganised

and rational life

until he finds out that his patronising son and the

kind, yet interfering ladies of the village, seem to

have their own, rather special plans for him.

So Much for That

Lionel Shriver

PB $32.99

All his life Shep Knacker

has dreamed of leaving

New York and living in

simplicity in the Third

World. On the very day that

he announces he is leaving,

his wife informs him that

she needs his health

insurance money. Despite

having insurance coverage,

the astronomically

expensive treatments systematically deplete their

nest egg and this once well-off businessman hurtles

towards bankruptcy. Shriver’s new novel takes a

hard look at America’s health-care system and asks:

how much money is one human life worth?

The Strange Case of

the Composer and his


Patricia Duncker

PB $29.99

Hunters on their way

home through a forest in

the Jura stumble upon a

half-circle of dead bodies

lying in the freshly fallen

snow. A nearby holiday

chalet contains the debris

of a seemingly ordinary Christmas: champagne,

decorations, presents for the dead children. The

hunters are questioned and sent away. This literary

thriller is a metaphysical mystery of astonishing

verve and power.

Hotel Iris

Yoko Ogawa

PB $32.95

In a crumbling seaside hotel

on the coast of Japan, quiet

17-year-old Mari works the

front desk as her mother

tends to the off-season

customers. A sophisticated

observer of human desire,

she sees in one guest, a

proud if threadbare

translator, something she has

long been looking for. This award-winning author

returns with the twisted tale of an affair between a

young woman and a mysterious translator.

In Other Rooms,

Other Wonders

Daniyal Mueenuddin

PB $23.99

Passing from the mannered

drawing rooms of

Pakistan’s cities to the

harsh mud villages beyond,

Daniyal Mueenuddin’s

linked stories describe the

interwoven lives of an

aging feudal landowner, his

servants and managers and

his extended family, industrialists who have lost

touch with the land.

Mr Rosenblum’s List

Natasha Solomons

HB $29.99

Jack Rosenblum is five foot

three and a half inches of

sheer tenacity. Through

study and application he

intends to become a Very

English Gentleman. Jack is

compiling a comprehensive

guide to the manners,

customs and habits of his

new home. And he never speaks German, apart from

the occasional curse. Assimilation, he’s convinced, is

the secret of success. But the war’s been over for

eight years and despite his best efforts, his bid to

blend in remains fraught with unexpected hurdles.


Alone in Berlin

Hans Fallada

PB $26.95

This never-beforetranslated

masterpiece is

based on a true story. It

presents a richly

detailed portrait of life

in Berlin under the

Nazis and tells the

sweeping saga of one

working-class couple

who decides to take a

stand when their only son is killed at the front.

“The greatest book ever written about German

resistance to the Nazis.” – Primo Levi


Rose Tremain

PB $32.95

In an isolated stone

farmhouse lives Aramon

Lunel, an alcoholic so

haunted by his violent past

that he’s become

incapable of all meaningful

action, letting his hunting

dogs starve and his land go

to ruin. Meanwhile, his

sister, Audrun, alone in her

modern bungalow, dreams of exacting retribution for

the unspoken betrayals that have blighted her life.

Trespass is a thrilling novel about disputed territory,

sibling love and devastating revenge.

Beatrice and Virgil

Yann Martel

PB $32.95

When Henry receives a

letter from an elderly

taxidermist, it poses a

puzzle that he cannot

resist. As he is pulled

further into the world of

this strange and

calculating man, Henry

becomes increasingly

involved with the lives of

a donkey and a howler

monkey – named Beatrice and Virgil – and the epic

journey they undertake together. This brilliant new

novel takes the reader on a haunting odyssey.


Ian McEwan

PB $32.95

Michael Beard is a Nobel

prize-winning physicist

whose best work is behind

him. Trading on his

reputation, he speaks for

enormous fees and lends

his name to the letterheads

of renowned scientific

institutions. When Beard’s

professional and personal

worlds collide in a freak

accident, an opportunity presents itself for Beard to

extricate himself from his marital mess, reinvigorate

his career and save the world from environmental


Point Omega

Don Delillo

PB $29.99

Richard Elster was a

scholar when he was

called to a meeting with

government war planners,

asked to apply ideas and

principles to such matters

as troop deployment and

counterinsurgency. Now at

the end of his service

Elster has retreated to the

desert, “somewhere south of nowhere,” in search of

space and time. There he is joined by a filmmaker, Jim

Finley, intent on documenting his experience.

Both Ways is the

Only Way I Want It

Maile Meloy

PB $27.95

Caught between

opposing forces –

fidelity and desire,

impulse and security,

innocence and

experience – Meloy’s

unforgettable characters

have each reached a fork

in the road. But what

kind of fool wants it only

one way? These eleven stories are funny, sly and

sparkling with energy. Both Ways is the Only Way I

Want It is a joyous read.


The Thirties: An

Intimate History

Juliet Gardiner

HB $59.99

A fresh perspective on

the 1930s – that restless,

uncertain, ambitious

decade – bringing the

complex experience of

thirties Britain alive

through newspapers,

magazines, memoirs,

letters, diaries and

interviews. Gardiner

captures the essence of a people mesmerised by

“modernism” . Yet, at the same time, this was a

nation imbued with a pervasive awareness of loss.

For the Soul

of France

Frederick Brown

HB $45.00

An ambitious, farreaching

book about the

forces that led up to the

twilight years of the 19th

century when France

was forced to cede the

border states of Alsace

and Lorraine, and of the

resulting civil war, waged

without restraint, that

toppled Napoléon III,

crushed the Paris Commune and provoked a

dangerous nationalism that gripped the Republic.



Robert Spillane

PB $24.99

This book is a

declaration of respect

and admiration for the

philosophers who had

the courage to publicly

use their reason in the

service of truth.

Threatened and

attacked in their time,

they are today ignored

or ridiculed by those who fear or wish to suppress

the truths of human existence.

On The

Spartacus Road

Peter Stothard

HB $39.99

In this original work,

Peter Stothard retraces

the journey taken by

Spartacus and his army of

rebels, taking us back to

an ancient world which

confronted similar issues

to those we face today –

the perils of religious

belief, the comfort of

organised religion the virtues of public life.

The Seven Ages

of Britain

David Dimbleby

HB $65.00

A fascinating story of

how British art

reflects British history.

Beginning with the

mysterious Pictish

carvings and Roman

mosaics that reveal

the legacy of Britain’s

many invaders, David

Dimbleby guides us through the seven ages of

Britain, from the riches of the Middle Ages, to the

innovation of the Restoration.

Dancing to the


Caroline Moorehead

PB $27.95

Lucie de la Tour du Pin

was the Pepys of her

generation: her diaries

provide a vivid picture

of Versailles, the French

Revolution and

Napoleon. This richly

textured, highly

enjoyable and evocative

biography shows us an

extraordinary woman in the midst of her

extraordinary times.

Choose Your


Douglas Hurd

HB $69.99

In this book Hurd looks

at 200 years of

arguments, successes

and failures in the

British Foreign Service,

such as the dramatic

antagonism after

Waterloo between

Canning (liberal,

populist, interventionist)

and Castlereagh

(institutions, compromise, real politics) – the last

occasion on which ministerial colleagues fought a



Florence on Five

Florin a Day

Charles FitzRoy

HB $35.00

This fascinating guide

provides all the

practical advice you

need for a journey back

to the golden age of

one of Europe’s great

cultural cities. This witty

book will appeal to

travellers, museumgoers

or anyone who

wonders what it would really have been like to

visit this model of Renaissance culture.


Empires of the

Silk Road

Christopher Beckwith

HB $59.95

The first complete

history of Central

Eurasia from ancient

times to the present day,

Empires of the Silk

Road represents a

fundamental rethinking

of the origins, history

and significance of this

major world region.

Yalta: The Price

of Peace

Serhii Plokhy

HB $49.95

A major new history of

the eight days in

February 1945 when

FDR, Churchill and

Stalin decided the fate

of the world. In this

landmark book, a gifted

Harvard historian puts

you in the room with

Churchill, Stalin and

Roosevelt as they meet at a climactic turning point

in the war to hash out the terms of the peace.

Carthage Must Be

Destroyed: The

Rise and Fall of an

Ancient Civilization

Richard Miles

HB $59.95

The devastating

struggle to the death

between the

Carthaginians and

Romans was one of the

defining dramas of the

Ancient World.

Drawing on a wealth of

new archaeological research, Richard Miles makes

Carthage vivid as it has never been before.

Marcus Aurelius:




Frank McLynn

PB $29.95

Marcus Aurelius is the one

great figure of antiquity

who still speaks to us

today, nearly 2,000 years

after his death. A

philosopher as well as an

emperor, his was an

extraordinary reign. He proved himself a great

leader and his book Meditations remains one of

the most widely read classical books.

Military History

The Anzac Book


HB $49.95

Few books have ever

been produced under

such harsh conditions

as The Anzac Book.

Created by soldiers

under enemy fire and

in extreme hardship,

the illustrations,

stories, cartoons and

poems were intended

as a Christmas and

New Year diversion for soldiers facing a harsh

winter in the trenches.

The Pacific

Hugh Ambrose

PB $34.95

Between America’s

retreat from China in late

November 1941 and the

moment General

MacArthur’s airplane

touched down on the

Japanese mainland in

August 1945, five men

connected by

happenstance fought the

key battles of the war

against Japan. In The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose

focuses on the real-life stories of these five men.

Anzac Fury

Peter Thompson

HB $49.95

A riveting story of how

the legendary Anzac

Corps was reformed in

the heat of battle

during World War II to

fight a powerful and

merciless foe.

Dramatically combining

personal memories

with combat action,

Anzac Fury gives voice

to the experiences of young Australians and New

Zealanders who were sent on Churchill’s orders

from the victorious battlefields of Libya on a

disastrous mission to Greece and Crete.

Maritime Dominion

and the Triumph of

the Free World

Peter Padfield

PB $32.99

In this final volume of

his masterful trilogy,

Peter Padfield carries the

theme through the

terrible wars of the last

century to the present,

offering up sea battles

as vivid as any you will

find in Patrick O’Brien.”

– Wall Street Journal

Beneath Hill 60

Will Davies

PB $34.95

Beneath the killing

fields of the Western

Front, another war was

taking place, a deadly

game 30 metres down,

played between

thousands of troops.

These were not

infantrymen but miners

and their mutual goal

was to tunnel beneath

‘no man’s land’, under the opposing lines and

destroy the German enemy from below.

Diggers and Greeks

Maria Hill

HB $59.95

This compelling book

combines details of the

campaigns with an

account of the response

of Greeks and Cretans

to the Allied forces on

their soil. It reveals the

personal relations that

developed between

Australian soldiers and

Greek civilians and

soldiers; these were sometimes hostile but in other

cases developed into friendships that lasted

decades after the war had finished.


Cheever: A Life

Blake Bailey

PB $28.95

John Cheever spent

much of his career

impersonating a perfect

suburban gentleman, the

better to become one of

the foremost chroniclers

of post war America.

Written with

unprecedented access to

essential sources –

including Cheever’s

massive journal. Bailey’s

Cheever is a stunning example of the biographer’s

art and a brilliant tribute to an essential author.

Lesley Blanch

Anne Boston

HB $65.00

Lesley Blanch was an

artist to her fingertips, a

writer, a traveller, a

bohemian: a talented

illustrator who became

Vogue’s maverick arts

correspondent and a fine

film writer. Vivid, yet

elusive, she hid as much

as she revealed and left a

legend behind her.

The Life of

Iréne Nemirovsky

Oliver Philipponnat

PB $35.00

This is a remarkable,

panoramic biography of

the author of Suite

Française, a moving

portrait of a woman and

of her extraordinary

times, and a sweeping

saga of a turbulent

period of European

history, holding up a

mirror to the world of publishing, intellectual

thought, society and the darker shadow of

prejudice between the wars.

Lives Like Loaded

Guns: Emily

Dickinson and Her

Family’s Feuds

Lyndall Gordon

PB $35.00

Though in her lifetime

only ten of Emily

Dickinson’s poems were

published, her death

revealed 1,800 poems,

many of them in handsewn

booklets, secreted

in a locked chest. She is

now regarded as one of the greatest poets.

The Last Empress

Hannah Pakula

HB $69.99

Beautiful, powerful and

sexy, Madame Chiang

Kai-shek was at the

centre of one of the

great dramas of the

twentieth century: the

founding of modern

China. An epic

historical tapestry, this

beautifully wrought

narrative revolves

around a fascinating, manipulative woman and

her family.

The Shaking Woman

or a History of

My Nerves

Siri Hustvedt

HB $35.00

While speaking at a

memorial event for her

father in 2006, Siri

Hustvedt suffered a

violent seizure from the

neck down. Despite her

flapping arms and

shaking legs, she

continued to speak clearly and was able to finish

her speech. It was as if she had suddenly become

two people: a calm orator and a shuddering wreck.

Then the seizures happened again and again.


Seeing Further:

The Story of

Science and the

Royal Society

Bill Bryson

HB $49.99

Published to mark its

350th anniversary,

this highly illustrated

book celebrates the

Royal Society’s vast

achievements in its

illustrious past as

well as its huge

contribution to the development of modern


The Hidden Brain

Shankar Vedantam

PB $35.00

From a Washington Post

columnist comes an

original and deeply

engaging investigation

into the role of the

hidden brain – the parts

of the mind concealed

from conscious

awareness but

responsible for

controlling decision


The Immortal Life

of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot

PB $34.99

Her name was Henrietta

Lacks, but scientists

know her as HeLa. She

was a poor black

tobacco farmer who

worked the same land

as her slave ancestors,

yet her cells – taken

without her

knowledge – became one of the most important

tools in modern medicine. Taken in 1951, these

cells became the first immortal human cell line

ever grown in culture.

Requiem for

A Species

Clive Hamilton

PB $24.99

Sometimes facing up

to the truth is just

too hard. This book

is about the frailties

of the human

species: our strange

obsessions, our

hubris and our

penchant for

avoiding the facts. It

is the story of a battle within us between the

forces that should have caused us to protect the


Trying Leviathan

D. Graham Burnett

PB $36.95

In Trying Leviathan, D.

Graham Burnett recovers

the strange story of

Maurice v. Judd, an 1818

trial that pitted the new

sciences of taxonomy

against the thenpopular

– and biblically

sanctioned – view that

the whale was a fish. The

trial fuelled a sensational

public debate in which nothing less than the order

of nature – and how we know it – was at stake.

Secrets of The

Grown-Up Brain

Barbara Strauch

PB $27.95

A leading science

writer examines how

the brain reaches its

peak in middle age,

and how to keep it

there. New research

from neuroscientists

and psychologists

suggests that, in fact,

the brain reorganises

itself as we age, allowing us to recognise patterns

faster and make better judgments, and even helping

us to adopt a more optimistic outlook.

Modern Thought

Thinking of Answers

A.C. Grayling

HB $35.00

In his most stimulating

and enjoyable collection

of essays to date, A.C.

Grayling tackles many of

the most fundamental

problems facing anyone

who wishes to lead a

considered life. Rather

than presenting a set of

categorical answers

Grayling offers, instead,

suggestions for how to think about every aspect of a

question and then arrive at one’s own conclusions.

Them and Us

Will Hutton

PB $35.00

In his new book Will

Hutton argues that

fairness must be placed

at the heart of the new

capitalism if our society

is to recover its values. It

musters brilliant,

convincing arguments

which will lend favour

on both right and left. It

is set to be a book

which captures the mood of the moment in the

same way that The State We’re In did.

What’s Wrong

With Anzac?

Marilyn Lake &

Henry Reynolds

PB $29.95

Anzac has seemingly

become a sacred,

untouchable element of

the nation. In this

controversial book,

some of Australia’s

leading historians dare

to criticise Anzac

suggesting that the

Anzac obsession distorts the rest of Australia’s

history. Perhaps most devastatingly – they ask

whether the grief and loss associated with

bloodshed on foreign shores was all worth it.


John Lanchester

HB $49.95

For most people, the

reasons for the sudden

collapse of our economy

remain obscure. Whoops!

is the story of how we

came to experience such

a complete and

devastating financial

implosion and how the

decisions and actions of a

select group of

individuals had profound consequences for

America, Europe and the global economy overall.

Goodbye to

All That?

David McKnight

& Robert Manne

PB $32.95

This is the first substantial

book to explore what the

global financial crisis

means for Australia. It

asks what kind of social

democracy we might

hope for in the future.

With a contribution from

the prime minister, as well as leading writers in the

field, this book is essential reading for anyone wishing

to understand the financial crisis.

The Authenticity


Andrew Potter

PB $35.00

In this perceptive and

thought-provoking blend

of pop culture and

philosophy, Andrew

Potter finds that far from

serving as a refuge from

modern living, the search

for authenticity often

creates the very problems

it’s meant to solve.


Reporting at Wit’s

End: Tales from the

New Yorker

St Clair McKelway

PB $29.95

McKelway’s articles for

the New Yorker were

defined by their clean

language and

incomporable wit; by his

love of New York’s rough

edges and his affection

for the working man.

Williams Shawn, long-time editor, described him as a

writer with the “lightest of light touches”. His style

is so striking that “it was too odd to be imitated”.

The Possessed:

Adventures With

Russian Books and

The People Who

Read them

Elif Batuman

PB $26.95

Batuman searches for

the answers to the big

questions in the details

of lived experience,

combining fresh

readings of the great

Russians, from Pushkin to Platonov, with the sad

and funny stories of the lives they continue to

influence – including her own.

Bright Wings:

An Illustrated

Anthology of

Poems About


HB $37.95

In this beautiful

collection of poems

and paintings, Billy

Collins, former U.S.

poet laureate, joins

with David Allen

Sibley, America’s

foremost bird illustrator, to celebrate the winged

creatures that have inspired so many poets to sing

for centuries.

A Reader on


Alberto Manguel

HB $49.95

The thirty-nine essays in

this volume explore the

crafts of reading and

writing, the identity

granted to us by

literature, the farreaching

shadow of

Jorge Luis Borges,

whom Manguel read as

a young man and the

links between politics and books and between

books and our bodies.

The Oxford

Companion to

The Book

Michael F. Suarez

et al HB $450.00

This is a unique

reference work by an

international team of

scholars covering the

book from ancient

times to the present

day. Introductory

essays explore the history and technology of the book

and the range of genres and provide surveys of the

book around the world; these are followed by more

than 5,000 A–Z entries, all carefully cross-referenced.

Beg, Borrow, Steal:

A Writer’s Life

Michael Greenberg

HB $35.00

Michael Greenberg

regales us with his wry

and vivid take on the life

of a writer of little means

trying to practise his

craft or simply stay alive.

He finds himself

doctoring doomed movie

scripts; selling cosmetics

from an ironing board in

front of a women’s department store; writing about

golf, a game he has never played; and botching his

debut as a waiter in a posh restaurant.


Home Cooking:

A Writer in

The Kitchen

Laurie Colwin

PB $25.95

Home Cooking is Laurie

Colwin’s manifesto on the

joys of sharing food and

entertaining. From the

humble hotplate of her

one-room apartment to

the crowded kitchens of

bustling parties, Colwin

tells of meals gone both magnificently well and

disastrously wrong. Hilarious, personal and full of

hard-won expertise.




Abla Amad

HB $49.95

In this inspired

collection of

recipes, acclaimed

cook and

restaurateur Abla

Amad shares the

secrets of Lebanese cooking. Learn how to arrange

a traditional mezza spread of kibbee, vine leaves,

baba ghannooj and felafel, and how to achieve

complex flavours in simple dishes such as

casseroles, skewered meats and exotic salads.

Paris Patisseries

Pierre Herme et al

HB $65.00

An exquisitely


introduction to the

great French tradition

of baking, from the

simple croissant to

the light and flaky

millefeuilles, drawn

from the best pastry

chefs in Paris. Temptations abound for the sweet

tooth in Paris, from the hottest culinary trends to

time-honored classics.

Eat My Globe

Simon Majumdar

PB $27.99

Simon is obsessed with

food. In the midst of a

mid-life crisis, Simon

Majumdar decided to

pack in his day job and

embark on a trip of a

lifetime: to go everywhere

and eat everything. Part

travelogue, part memoir

Eat My Globe is a

culinary tour of the world that Simon has always

dreamed of making. He crosses the globe in search

of variety and the ultimate taste experience.

The Real Food


Matthew Evans

HB $89.95

Writer Matthew Evans

shows us how to

ethically source, cook

and eat real food.

Written with gusto and

filled to bursting with a

huge range of recipes to

nurture the soul and

family, The Real Food

Companion outlines everything you need to know

to navigate today’s complex food world. It’s the

farmer, butcher, fishmonger and baker by your side.

The Book of Tapas

Simone & Ines Ortega

HB $59.95

From the authors of the

much-loved Spanish

cooking bible 1080

Recipes comes The Book

of Tapas, a definitive

collection of recipes for

everyone’s favourite type

of Spanish food. From

gambas al ajillo (garlic

prawns) to tortilla

española (Spanish omelette), this book combines

classic tapas dishes with brand new recipes from

the Ortegas, selected and introduced by renowned

Spanish tapas chef José Andrés.


The Gardener’s

Book of Days

Holly Kerr Forsyth

PB $44.99

Holly Kerr Forsyth has

travelled the world and

its gardens and in this

book she offers some of

the advice and

information she has

garnered along the way. It

brings together gardening

tips, historical gardeners,

plant information and the world’s most loved

gardens, organised into daily readings for the

whole year.

The Women

Behind the Roses

Tilley & Andrew


HB $49.95

Alister Clark, Australia’s

most prodigious

rosarian, bred roses to

establish new,

improved, hardier

varieties that would

flourish in the

Australian climate and

grow better in Australian soils. He aimed to

produce roses that would extend their flowering

beyond a season: ideally to bear blossoms all year.

Dream Gardens

of England

Barbara Baker

HB $65.00

A beautifully designed

sourcebook of 100

gardens of all styles in

all parts of the country.

It presents a wonderful

variety of garden-design

ideas, ranging from

modern sophistication

to lush romanticism and from small city plots to large

gardens in breathtaking rural locations. Each garden is

photographed to show all its key features and

essential details, while concise descriptions offer a

rare insight into some of today’s leading gardeners.

Our Life in Gardens

Joe Eck & Wayne


PB $24.95

Renowned garden

designers Joe Eck and

Wayne Winterrowd have

written an entertaining,

fascinating and

unexpectedly moving

book about the life and

garden they share. The

book contains much

sound information about the cultivation of plants

and their value in the landscape and invaluable

advice on garden design.

The Gardens

of Japan

Helena Attlee

HB $45.00

In Japanese

gardens, visitors

find nature

condensed and

brought to

perfection. Trees are

trained and

sculpted until they epitomise the very best of the

trees’ tree-like qualities; the finest natural

landscapes are reproduced in miniature; and the

seasons are celebrated with spring blossom and

the fiery leaves of autumn.

Botany for the


Sarah Simblet

HB $60.00

An intimate

understanding of

botany will help any

artist create vibrant

and realistic art. Sarah

Simblet’s master class

provides you with an

awareness and

appreciation of plants and flowers and shows how

to apply that knowledge to your art.


Sewing Green

Betz White

PB $45.00

By its nature, do-ityourself

sewing is


friendly. Betz White

takes stitching to an

even higher level of


presenting 25

projects made from

“repurposed” thrift-store and back-of-the-closet

finds and organic fabrics. She dispenses tips on

everything from how to deconstruct old garments

for reuse in new creations to how to wrap gifts

with resusable fabric scraps instead of paper.

Weekend Sewing

Heather Ross

HB $45.00

More than just a pair

of days, a weekend is

also a state of mind –

a feeling of relaxation

and freedom to

immerse ourselves

fully in a favourite

activity. In Weekend

Sewing, Heather Ross presents creative projects for

clothing, accessories and home items that can be

made in a weekend or less. The sewing

instructions are beautifully illustrated and patterns

for the projects are included on pullout sheets.


Your Way

Kayte Terry

PB $31.95

Appliqué Your

Way goes


traditional quilt

work with 35

sweet stitching

projects from

crafter extraordinaire Kayte Terry. Master

decorative stitches; create original templates and

much more. The book is designed for easy use with

a lay-flat Wire-O binding and a handy back pocket

that holds pattern and template pieces.

Zakka Sewing

Therese Laskey &

Chika Mori

PB $45.00

In Japanese, zakka

means “household

goods,” referring

specifically to handsewn

items for domestic

use – tableware,

kitchenware, containers

of various kinds, even

simple clothing. Therese

Laskey and Chika Mori were enchanted by the many

clever pieces they saw online but disappointed that

directions and patterns were solely in Japanese and

so have put together an authentic zakka book for

English-speaking crafters.

I Love




PB $39.95

Offering a modern

approach to

traditional fabric

design, this


instructional book

illustrates how to

create sophisticated patchwork projects by

combining linen and print fabrics using simple

quilting procedures.

The Gentle Art of


Jane Brocket

HB $39.95

A charming,

inspirational and

practical collection of

15 quilts for would-be

quilters by leading

author, Jane Brocket.

There’s a Russian

Shawl Quilt, inspired

by traditional motifs

of Russian folk art, a Floral Frocks Quilt inspired by

summer dresses, flower gardens and herbaceous

borders and a Suits and Ties Quilt reusing sober

woollen suiting contrasting with extravagant silk

ties designed in an Irish Chain.

The Arts

Sunday’s Kitchen

Leslie Harding &

Kendra Morgan

HB $49.99

Sunday’s Kitchen

explores life behindthe-scenes

at Heidi, the

celebrated haven for

progressive modernist

artists and writers.

Sunday Reed, a

passionate cook and

gardener, ensured the

artists she championed

received sustenance for the body, not just the mind.

Her emphasis was on home-grown produce,

seasonal cooking and a self-styled domestic

aesthetic that became an inspirational model.

La Bella Principessa

Martin Kemp

HB $49.99

Previously changing

hands for just £12,000,

La Bella Principessa is

now thought to be worth

something in the region

of £150 million. As ‘The

Beautiful Princess’ finally

goes on display to the

world, the people

responsible for proving it

is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s tell the story of its

discovery. Superbly researched and richly


Yves Saint


Farid Chenoune

HB $75.00

One of the most

distinctive and

influential designers

of the second half of

the 20th century, Yves

Saint Laurent takes his

place in the pantheon

of French couturiers,

alongside Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Jeanne

Lanvin. Yves Saint Laurent, the first comprehensive

retrospective of his life’s work, will accompany an

exhibition of some 250 garments from the collection

of the Fondation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent at

the Petit Palais in Paris.




Bonnie English &

Liliana Pomazan

PB $49.95

A compelling and

authoritative survey of

the myriad influences

and attributes of

Australian fashion over

the last 60 years. This

post-war period saw Australia’s fashion industry

come of age. Designers, in turn, embarked upon a

long, sometimes arduous journey to offer Australian

fashion to the world.

French Country

Style at Home

Sebastien Siraudeau

HB $55.00

This enchanting volume

unlocks the door of

French homes tucked

away in the country,

from a farmhouse in the

Cevennes to a castle

lost in the heart of the

Morvan mountains. It

reveals the hidden gems

of interior design in the French countryside and

unveils the wealth of decorative inspiration they

have to offer.


The Essence of

English Decoration

Mart Schoeser

HB $90.00

For 150 years

Sanderson has been at

the vanguard of every

significant movement in

European decorative

arts, from arts and crafts

and art deco to 1980s

country-house style to the vibrant interiors of the

21st century. This is the story of England’s leading

manufacturer of wallpapers and decorative fabrics,

illustrated with archival images and specially taken



In the Town All

Year Round

Suzanne Berner

HB $27.99

Big, colourful

illustrations and

minimal text set the

stage for a delightful

cast of characters as

they go about their

day-to-day adventures

in one little town

throughout the year.

Playing, chasing pets, running errands, going to

work: following what happens and looking for the

many small surprises in the pictures will absorb

and amuse children and parents alike.

The Piper’s Son

Melina Marchetta

PB $24.95

Thomas Mackee wants

oblivion. Melina

Marchetta’s brilliant,

heart-wrenching new

novel takes up the story

of the group of friends

from her best-selling,

much-loved book Saving

Francesca – only this

time it’s five years later

and Thomas Mackee is

the one who needs saving.



Emily Gravett

HB $26.99

A lonely little

chameleon is so

sad he turns blue!

He can turn

himself into

anything and

appear to fit in

anywhere, but it seems that neither the swirly

snail, the green grasshopper nor the stripy sock

want to be friends. With a subtle and witty

interplay between words and illustrations this

introduction to colours and shapes is sure to

delight even very young children.

The Lion

and the




HB $24.95


artist Jerry



adaptation of one of Aesop’s most beloved fables.

An unlikely pair learns that no act of kindness is

ever wasted. After a ferocious lion spares a

cowering mouse that he’d planned to eat, the

mouse later comes to his rescue, freeing him from

a poacher’s trap.

The Bear With

The Sword

Davide Cali &

Gianluca Foli

HB $24.99

A bear goes out into the

forest with a sword to

chop down trees. Soon

after, his impregnable

fort is washed away by

a flood and he goes out

to find and punish the

creature responsible. After accusing a fascinating

array of unusual creatures he finally arrives at the

truth: the flood was caused by some idiot with a

sword who chopped down all the trees.

The Easter Egg

Jan Brett

HB $29.95

If Hoppi can make

the best Easter egg,

he will get to help

the Easter Rabbit

deliver the eggs on

Easter morning. But

it is not so easy.

Discouraged, he

goes into the woods

to think when a blue robin’s egg tumbles out of its

nest. Hoppi keeps it safe and warm until the baby

bird hatches, and when the Easter Rabbit arrives,

he chooses the empty blue eggshell to reward

Hoppi for his kindness.



Carrie Jones

PB $15.99

Zara collects phobias

the way other high

school girls collect

Facebook friends. And

the man she sees

everywhere – the tall,

creepy guy who points

at her – is not a

figment of her

imagination. He’s a

pixie. But not the cute,

sweet kind with little wings. Maine’s got a whole

assortment of creatures. And they seem to need

something – something from Zara.



and the Time-

Travelling Café

Rupert Kingfisher

HB $19.99

In Paris there is a cafe,

elegantly furnished with

polished wooden tables

and an awning of striped

gold and green. Sitting on

the bar is a large, silver,

expresso machine.The

café owner, Monsieur

Moutarde, has made the

most extraordinary discovery – he has created a

time travel machine – for that is what the expresso

coffee machine is…

The Phantom


Norton Juster

HB $29.95

This ingenious fantasy

centres on Milo, a bored

10-year-old who comes

home to find a large toy

tollbooth sitting in his

room. With a watchdog

named Tock, Milo drives

through the tollbooth’s

gates and begins a

memorable journey. He

meets Faintly Macabre, who gives him the

“impossible” mission of returning two princesses to

the Kingdom of Wisdom.


Pamplemousse and

Her Incredible Edibles

Rupert Kingfisher

PB $12.99

Madeleine, forced to work

in her unpleasant uncle’s

horrible restaurant, by

chance comes across the

most marvellous shop,

run by Madame

Pamplemousse, which is

quiet, discreet, yet full of

delicious and

otherworldly ‘edibles’. A quiet comradeship

develops between Madeleine, Madame

Pamplemousse and Madame’s cat, Camembert.

The Heart and

the Bottle

Oliver Jeffers

HB $24.99

Once there was a

girl who was full

of wonderment at

how the world

worked. She

shared all her

dreams and

excitement with

her father, who always had the answer to every

question. That is until one day when his chair was

empty, not to be filled again – how would the girl

ever find meaning from her life again?

So Many




HB $19.99

This book is a

celebration of

the choices

children make

along the way,

and the bravery

it takes for them

to decide exactly who they want to be. An ideal

gift for graduations, weddings, new babies or

difficult transitions.





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