May 2011 - Jefferson County Public Schools

May 2011 - Jefferson County Public Schools

May 2011 - Jefferson County Public Schools


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Sha’Raina Thompson<br />

Randy Truong<br />

Cierra Unseld<br />

Anthony Wales<br />

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<strong>May</strong>neisha Whitfield<br />

Jorge Wilson<br />

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Randy Troung<br />

Tyler Woodson<br />

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Anne Rodier<br />

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Have a Wonderful<br />

Summer Vacation!<br />

Inside this Issue<br />

Success at Central<br />

Presentation by Waymon Slaughter Jr.<br />

Cheer-Fake<br />

Thuggin: 101<br />

It’s Not Fair<br />

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You<br />

Hoops<br />

I Like<br />

A Fresh Idea by a Young Face<br />

Show Jamilya the Back Door!<br />

Do Me a Favor Don’t Be a Player<br />

Be Yourself<br />

Dear Incoming Freshmen<br />

JCPS Low Performing <strong>Schools</strong>: A Hot Issue<br />

How to be a Bad Student<br />

Listen to Your Heart<br />

The Secret Garden<br />

Bed Bugs<br />

Brushing Your Teeth for Your Health<br />

More Benefits than Usual<br />

Obesity<br />

Oral Piercings and the Dangers they Come With<br />

International Adoption<br />

The Winchester Mystery House<br />

Golden Corral<br />

Fat Ho Burgers<br />

PizzaPastaWings<br />

Ghost Stories<br />

The Circus!!!!<br />

Piercing Your Own Ears<br />

Mixed Hair: Is it Really Better?<br />

A Lesson Before Dying<br />

Unwind<br />

The River<br />

Catcher in the Rye<br />

To Kill a Mockingbird<br />

Perks of High School<br />

Frankenstein<br />

I Am the Messenger<br />

Lord of the Flies<br />

The Sky is Everywhere<br />

Problems in Miami<br />

The “Fab Five” Controversy<br />

Polar Bear Plunge<br />

Zumba<br />

Most Outrageous Cases v. Important Cases<br />

Summer Getaway<br />

Great Cities to Visit<br />

Ms. Andrea Miechelle Abma<br />

Margaret Demaree<br />

A Father’s Creation<br />

Flashing Back<br />

Seen at CHS<br />

My Cuba<br />

The Classroom<br />

Sevens & Elevens<br />

The Great United States of America

Success at Central<br />

By Nikayla Edmondson<br />

On April 22, <strong>2011</strong>, an assembly was held to acknowledge students for their outstanding<br />

academic success. The assembly opened with a solo by Mrs. Brown, followed by the chorus<br />

singing, “We Are the World,” and a speech from the Class of <strong>2011</strong> Valedictorian, Waymon<br />

Slaughter. Everyone was recognized; freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, for doing<br />

their best and letting their hard work pay off on their first semester report cards. Many<br />

other students came very close to being on the honor roll, but missed the cut by one grade.<br />

“Central is full of smart children, some just don’t try as hard as others. We can all be honor<br />

roll students if we put all of our efforts and hard work into school.” With everyone’s<br />

attempt to achieve the goal of being honor roll students, the BEST high school in the world<br />

can rocket to eve greater success!<br />

The Central Newspaper would like to recognize all of the recent academic successes of our<br />

students.<br />

<strong>2011</strong> Governor’s Scholars<br />

Daryl Dijon Artis<br />

Melody Simone Foree<br />

Elaisy Gonzalez<br />

Mersaydes LaChell Goodson<br />

Breyia Denise Grate-Capers<br />

Dwight O’Neal Haggard<br />

RaVonya Icarus Hawkins<br />

Khalisha Lashe’ Henderson<br />

Nathaniel Trevize Lamar<br />

Jeffrey Morrow Mitchell Jr.<br />

Shannen Khadijah Patterson<br />

Megan Nicole Robinson<br />

Nikeya Janae’ Smith<br />

All A Honor Roll Students<br />

9TH GRADE<br />

Jessica Ezell<br />

Alvaro Ferrales<br />

James Lee Goodman<br />

Joseph Green<br />

Allsion Harp<br />

Acacia Leslie<br />

Marisol Lopez-Amaya<br />

Jasmine Marsh<br />

Kelsey mccormick<br />

Lania Roberts<br />

Ashley Shofner<br />

A’jee Sieka<br />

Riana Simms<br />

Isaiah Thompson<br />

Alanis White<br />

10TH GRADE<br />

Evelin Couto-Sanchez<br />

Steven Danzy<br />

Fredy Encarnacion-Hernandez<br />

Laith Khosho<br />

Miguel Sangester<br />

11TH GRADE<br />

Doris Bachman<br />

Elaisy Gonzalez<br />

Domonique Newcomb<br />

Megan Robinson<br />

Javier Tapia Camejo<br />

Robert Townsend<br />

12TH GRADE<br />

Roxana Batista Verdecia<br />

Jamal Crutcher<br />

Britteny Hill<br />

Trevonte Meneese<br />

Amberli Seay<br />

Greter Sierra<br />

Waymon Slaughter<br />

Marcel Williams

1 st Semester AB Honor Roll<br />

9 th Grade<br />

Paw Wah<br />

Ifeoluwa Akindele<br />

Jessica Antonio<br />

Alexus Armstrong<br />

Aundranay Bailey<br />

Donya Baker<br />

Lilliannis Barbas-<br />

Chamizo<br />

Kaylee Bealmear<br />

Jasmine Bell<br />

Dominique Benberry<br />

Breanna Bentley<br />

Damon Boards<br />

Phillip Bradley<br />

Kayla Bryant<br />

Ryan Caldwell<br />

Kamaria Campbell<br />

Cheyney Carney<br />

Cristobal Castaneda<br />

Priscillana Cawood<br />

Mykel Crowe<br />

Jocelyn Delgado<br />

Monticia Dunn<br />

Nakori Ellis<br />

Micah Finley<br />

Jasmine Ford<br />

Domonique Foster<br />

Jamitra Fulleord<br />

Hannah Galeano<br />

Diamond Gant<br />

Asya Gholston<br />

Courtney Gillespie<br />

Ebonie Glenn<br />

Beverly Granger<br />

Nhi Ngog Ha<br />

Alsoton Hammond<br />

Dontesia Hampton<br />

Amber Hardin<br />

MKiyana Hinton<br />

Treasure Hinton<br />

Mia Hobbs<br />

Kasandra Hodge<br />

Corey Jarrett<br />

Deion Johnson<br />

Jessica Johnson<br />

Brittany Jones<br />

Keara Jones-Smith<br />

Technisha Morrison<br />

Dewayne Murray<br />

Cierra Nolden<br />

Moo Ra Paw<br />

Chanell Pillow<br />

Tanajia Reed<br />

Angel Robertson<br />

Jaela Ruedel<br />

Darrius Sanders<br />

Tiana Serio<br />

Donald Simpson<br />

Alexandria Smith<br />

Brook Smith<br />

Charity Smith<br />

Christopher Wallace<br />

Paul White<br />

Aggie Williams<br />

Jasmine Young<br />

10 th Grade<br />

Stefan Arsenovic<br />

Angel Cissell<br />

Sydney Clark<br />

Miquel Crane<br />

Nicolette Curtain<br />

Sierra Davis<br />

Paw Day<br />

Amber Duvall<br />

Tae Gibbs<br />

Kyle Givens<br />

Laura Gomez<br />

Mako Haji<br />

Jaz Hayes<br />

Dominique Horton<br />

Bryant Humphries<br />

Jason Jewell<br />

Temis Jimenez<br />

Deiontre Knox<br />

Aleasie Lauderdale<br />

Christian Lopez<br />

Sandra Martinez<br />

Devictor McElroy<br />

Nakia Morrow<br />

Stephanie Murphy<br />

Lanisha Porter<br />

Somolia Pumphrey<br />

Monica Ramirez-<br />

Pantoja<br />

Dajhanae Stewart<br />

Erica Talbott<br />

Malori Taylor<br />

Tiffany Troung<br />

Kaitlin Turner<br />

Jasmine Watkins<br />

Lakeshia Watts<br />

11 th Grade<br />

Nimo Abdi<br />

Reniesha Adams<br />

Nurio Ahmed<br />

Daryl Artis<br />

Brianna Baldon<br />

Devon Ballenger<br />

Tiffany Bass<br />

Brooke Berger<br />

Yurima Concepcion Hernandez<br />

Quiara Cornel<br />

Laura Cuellar<br />

Laurent Cueller<br />

Tyriesha Doyle<br />

Mikella Fields<br />

Yohamys Gonzalez Diaz<br />

Mersaydes Goodson<br />

Breyia Grate Capers<br />

Ciara Hadley<br />

Toni Hall<br />

Ravonya Hawkins<br />

Khalisha Henderson<br />

Candace Hite<br />

Phillip Horton<br />

Jaquez Howard<br />

Khadijah Hurt<br />

Kurnisha Jackson<br />

Tasheona Johnson<br />

Nathaniel Lamar<br />

Tony Trong Le<br />

Dimend McClain<br />

Zana Meaux<br />

Jamilya Miller<br />

Jasmine Miller<br />

Timmetric Milliken<br />

Jeffrey Mitchell<br />

Quiyana Murphy<br />

Lyndy Nguyen<br />

Thanh Nguyen<br />

Shannen Patterson<br />

Destiny Pennerman<br />

Briaunna Polk<br />

Mia Simms<br />

Donte’ Smith<br />

Nikeya Smith<br />

Shelby Washington<br />

Jasmine Wilkins<br />

12 th Grade<br />

Bryan Allen<br />

Kenneth Arachikavitz<br />

Brianna Averette<br />

Niveka Bailey<br />

Demetrius Baines<br />

Brandie Baker<br />

Diamond Bell<br />

Dana Bowman<br />

Kierra Boyington<br />

Darius Brown<br />

Olivia Brown<br />

Elario Castillo<br />

Chania Coleman<br />

Alexandria Cox<br />

Jasmine Davis<br />

Jasmine Devoe<br />

Daniel Dix<br />

Dana Durham<br />

Chanequia Gore<br />

Brandon Grant<br />

Anel Hasanovic<br />

Mashayla Hays<br />

Chantel Henry<br />

Jalyn Hewitt<br />

Kaneisha Jones<br />

Tajiana Jordan<br />

Hau Le<br />

Courtney McDonald<br />

Derrick Neal<br />

Vy Nguyen<br />

Sarah Nofal<br />

Silvia Placidos<br />

Percell Petty<br />

Kristina Pudlo<br />

Tevin Roberts<br />

Jose Salas<br />

Cymari Stivers<br />

Kentrell Thomas<br />

Starnese Thomas<br />

Breona Trice<br />

Ciarra Trumbo<br />

Shirley Troung<br />

Crissa Washington<br />

<strong>May</strong>neshia Whitfield<br />

Jowanda Williams<br />

Stephon Winburn

Presentation by Waymon Slaughter Jr, <strong>2011</strong> Class Valedictorian<br />

Good morning, my name is Waymon Slaughter Jr. I am the valedictorian of the <strong>2011</strong> senior class.<br />

Awards and certificates are the result of a lot of hard work, determination and persistence. Winners<br />

never quit, and quitters never win. When I entered Central as a freshman, it was my goal to become the<br />

valedictorian when I graduate. Throughout these last four years, I’ve maintained a 3.95 gpa, outstanding<br />

attendance, and great overall behavior. Most people ask me, “How did you become valedictorian and<br />

play football?” Well, I’ve had a great family support system, mostly by my mama encouraging and<br />

challenging me to never settle for anything less than the best. She explained that playing sports in high<br />

school requires me to be a student athlete. Student comes first, meaning my grades, attendance and<br />

attitude had to be great in order to have the opportunity to play football. Athlete comes second,<br />

meaning once I made the commitment to playing football, there was no quitting, and I had to work hard<br />

and train hard in order to help my team succeed.<br />

If you are failing, or know someone who is failing, or is on the verge of being exited out of<br />

Central, look at yourselves in the mirror, because you’re the one to blame. You should never allow your<br />

grades to fall below a 2.0. There are so many great teachers that put their heart and time into<br />

preparation and giving lessons, and they never get the credit they deserve, but are always the one to<br />

blame when a student is academically ineligible. Students, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and<br />

complaining about teachers not liking you, do something about it. Start staying after for free tutoring<br />

and get your grades up. If your grades are not up to par, then do whatever it takes to raise them. It’s one<br />

thing to notice the problem, but it’s another to actually attempt to fix it.<br />

To all the students that have even the slightest thought of going to college, you need to<br />

start taking advantage of your time in school. Teachers distribute knowledge, and it’s up to you, the<br />

students, to catch and use it. Get your grades up, so that when you start applying for various colleges<br />

and scholarships, you will meet all of the qualifications. Start studying and reading your textbooks, so<br />

that when you take your ACT, you will surpass the minimum college admission score of an 18. Stay off<br />

the DO Not Admit list and out of ISAP because teachers keep record of your behavior, and those same<br />

teachers that you try to “talk bad” to and cut their class, are going to be the same teachers that you are<br />

begging to write you a positive recommendation. So watch your behavior.<br />

In closing, Vincent Van Gogh, who was a famous artist, once said, “Great things are not done by<br />

impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. That means it takes a lot of small goals to<br />

reach your ultimate goal. Raising your grades, maintaining good attendance, and staying out of trouble<br />

are all the small steps to eventually reach the ultimate prize of going to college. Students, remember<br />

these three things:<br />

1. Playing sports is a luxury, being a student athlete is important, grades come before play.<br />

2. Your future lies in the hands of the beholder; take initiative for your own grades.<br />

3. College requires decent grades, good test scores, and great recommendations.<br />

Start now to prepare for your future. Once again, my name is Waymon Slaughter Jr. I hope you have a<br />

blessed day.

Letters to the Editor<br />

Cheer-Fake<br />

Re: March <strong>2011</strong> YJT<br />

Children often engage in fantasies that include make-believe ideas, but as teens and developing young<br />

adults, we are expected to portray real ideas. A certain group of teens are unfortunately confused about the<br />

difference between what is real and what is not, cheerleaders. They’d love to believe that cheerleading is a real<br />

sport, but in reality it is just a fantasy.<br />

In article, Cheer Safety, I noticed the young girl attempted to make cheerleading seem as if it is a tiring sport.<br />

Yeah, it must be challenging to hop around making noise in a two-size too small skirt and a polyester belly shirt.<br />

Sounds like such a work out; a work out plan for wimpy, out-of-control females that make an excuse about anything.<br />

She started off her article by stating, “As you’ve probably experienced in your time at school, there is an<br />

ongoing debate about whether cheerleading is a sport or not.” Basically she is implying that she is aware of the way<br />

the real world sees cheerleading. I’m sure I can speak for majority of the population when I say CHEERLEADING IS<br />

NOT A SPORT. Deep down in her mind she knows that too, but will not accept it, so she feels like she has to defend<br />

herself.<br />

In her defense she claims that without actually being a cheerleader yourself, you cannot understand the<br />

challenges you face. I believe that appearance is everything. When basketball players work hard at practice, it reflects<br />

in the game. When football players work hard at practice, it reflects in the game. When baseball players work hard at<br />

practice, it reflects in the game. Those are all sports; what goes to show for cheerleading? Turning flips is an<br />

incredible thing, but half the human population can do that. Smiling and waving at the crowd shows no hard work<br />

and dedication.<br />

Also, in her article, she gives techniques to use during cheerleading, such as drinking water, stretching, and<br />

the one that shocked me the most, was using a knee brace and other types of braces. What could possibly go wrong<br />

when you’re moving your arms up and down yelling, “Go team! Go!”? You may run out of breath, but I didn’t know<br />

they made a brace for that!<br />

Lastly, she sums up the article with a sentence that really grinds my gears, “I’d love to see the uprising of<br />

cheerleaders, so keep fulfilling your dreams and never let your talent go to waste.” Cheerleading is a waste itself.<br />

They cheer for teams that wouldn’t be any better or worse without them. <strong>Schools</strong> spend too much money on<br />

equipment for an activity that does nothing to improve the ranking of the school or academics and ultimately should<br />

not be considered as a sport.<br />

Brad Peterson<br />

Washington, DC<br />

Steelers Football Manager<br />

“Thuggin: 101<br />

As I was in mid stride, walking downtown in gangster heaven, doing whatever the heck it was I had to do, I<br />

came across a newsstand, and picked up a hell of an article. It was titled “Thuggin: 101.” I’ve come across quite a few<br />

thugs in my bazillion years of living, and this DaEndre Lawson guy is quite the stand out. I’ve never thought of being a<br />

thug without. It was quite the article. Those power puff girls have never seemed so cool to me until, like, now.<br />

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a tough guy when it comes to other people and there belongings. I<br />

used to take it forcefully, but that’s of the past. This Kanye West guy, he’s simply amazing. He didn’t the beat the crap<br />

out of anyone, but yet I still saw the gangster blood running through his veins. As I remember, a young and innocent<br />

white girl was receiving an award for her music, like a Grammy or whatever they call it. She was like in the middle of<br />

the speech, and he just took the Mike out of her hand, like he was me or something. All I could do was applaud him<br />

in silent gangster praise.<br />

The Lawson guy then referenced the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in his article. I don’t really understand the<br />

reason why the turtles are so darn big, but that’s contrary to the article. I went to the store and decided to check out<br />

these crime fighting reptiles and soon I understood what Mr. Lawson said when he was talking about how Raphael is<br />

nothing less than a thug. The others celebrate and high five each other as they win their little street fights. That’s<br />

cool. Raphael knocks them out, then returns to the turtle lair without breaking a single sweat. That’s even cooler. I<br />

gave gangster praise to him, too.<br />

Thugs nowadays are getting a bit more creative in their craft. You can be a 5 th grade pretty thug. You can be a<br />

big green turtle thug. You can be a black rhyme sayer and be a thug. I realize that, and now wonder what things<br />

would’ve been like for me if I would have applied these new thug tendencies to what I did back then. I give gangster<br />

praise to Mr. Lawson on his excellent piece of text.<br />

Viciously,<br />

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone

It’s Not Fair<br />

After reading Kim Lam’s article, “It’s Not Fair,” I can honestly say that it is a very relevant article.<br />

This article is very helpful and inspiring in so many ways. It helped make things more clear, knowing that<br />

other people feel the same way about having a strict parent during their teenage years. It was simple to<br />

understand and not time-wasting what so ever. If you are a teen, then this article will most definitely be<br />

very helpful.<br />

Within every article there are good points and bad points. It just depends on the opinion of the<br />

reader. Personally, one of the many reasons why I would classify this as a good article is because it gets<br />

right to the heart of the issue and it provides you with useful information. Her justification for<br />

understanding your parents makes you say to yourself, “Yeah, maybe they’re right.”<br />

Another good point about this article is that it was simple to comprehend and very casual to read. It<br />

was very positive. It was easy to grasp her ideas and that’s what makes a good article.<br />

The only negative thing about the article is that maybe there could have been a few more helpful<br />

tips and this article would have been fantastic. Other than that, everything was great.<br />

Overall, this article is actually pretty decent. It was helpful, interesting, and very acknowledgeable.<br />

I’m sure teens can use this article as a good guide to help with similar problems. What was said was very<br />

applicable to many people.<br />

CHS Junior<br />

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You<br />

Jorge Wilson’s article, “Learning the Ropes,” was a huge eye opener to me. His four guidelines helped me<br />

through my freshman year. Here are some of my personal experiences of how his tips helped me.<br />

When I was struggling with algebra, His tip, “Set short and long term goals,” helped me. I decided to<br />

set some goals. My short term goal was to get a clear understanding of exponential function, and my long<br />

term goal was to ace the big test at the end of the semester. I set the goals and accomplished them, and<br />

got a 97%.<br />

In middle school, I did not have finals or midterms, but now we have 4 of them. FOUR. After reading<br />

Jorge’s article, I knew I had to prepare myself for these “obstacles.” So I studied, I got tutoring and I made<br />

sure I knew the material..<br />

Jorge was RIGHT! Peer pressure is at every corner. In high school, if someone isn’t offering you<br />

drugs, they’re offering sex. If they’re not offering sex, they’re asking you to cut class. If they’re not offering<br />

to cut class, they’re asking you to cheat. Etc…. Etc…. Etc. Luckily, I kept my distance from the negativity and<br />

did not fall into peer pressure. I’m a SURVIVOR.<br />

In middle school, I could usually get by without studying, but in high school, if you don’t study<br />

…expect a bad grade. I couldn’t remember it by just reading out of a textbook or taking notes, so I started<br />

using flashcards. It was actually kind of fun, and I began to study more.<br />

I’m so thankful that Jorge took the time out to write this article. If I hadn’t read his article, my<br />

freshman year would’ve been much harder. I learned that you have to put first things first, be proactive and<br />

have a steady head.<br />

Thank you Jorge,<br />

Mister Anonymous

Hoops<br />

In spite of your conclusion in “Short Guys” (February 8 th <strong>2011</strong>), I would like to show my appreciation that<br />

finally someone has written to a piece addressing this situation. Considering that many short people are cut<br />

because of their height is ridiculous, it is about time someone stood up and took some action and said what many<br />

short athletes, including myself, feel, but haven’t had the heart and time to tackle this situation.<br />

Your idea that coaches shouldn’t overlook short people was excellent. I can relate to this. For example, I<br />

remember when I was around the age of 16 and I would try out for basketball teams; many believed I was the best<br />

overall basketball player on the court during try-outs. But for some reason, I could never make the team. However,<br />

I noticed that everyone who made the team was tall, not talented.<br />

Second, I love how you included how shorter people are overlooked. And the fact that they make up their<br />

lack of height with talent and agility. Agility is a big key in basketball, those taller guys may have the height, but<br />

they may not have the talent to perform on the court. Another key thing that I agree with you on is that most<br />

shorter people have more heart, and work harder to get better, as well as being dedicated to the game that they<br />

love. They do this even though they may be cut from a team several times.<br />

Finally I applaud that you included those few short athletes that made it to the professional level of the<br />

sports world. Such as 2-time dunk champion, Nate Robinson, of the Boston Celtics, and Running Back, Darren<br />

Sproles, of the San Diego Chargers. These are two athletes that I feel are always overlooked and deserve credit for<br />

what they do. I wish that more people would step up and have the same point of view as you and not cut shorter<br />

people from teams because of their height. I support you and your dream of one day having a Professional<br />

basketball league for shorter people.<br />

Thank you Daryl,<br />

Deshon Wilson<br />

I Like<br />

The article, “More Faith Less Frustration,” was so motivating that it inspired me to use it in my classroom. I<br />

make all the kids in my classroom write letters to themselves about how they see themselves. I then let them read<br />

it out loud. After every one shares, I pair the kids into two’s and let them write each other motivating letters. This<br />

lets them see how others see them and how wonderful they appear to others. Because of the impact the article<br />

had on me, the kids in my classroom have a higher self esteem and are doing well. “More Faith Less Frustrations” is<br />

a beautiful article.<br />

The article talks about how kids sometimes think they are not smart enough to do the work so they think<br />

giving up is the way to go. I liked her advice to take a deep breath and believe in yourself. It’s true that if you<br />

believe in yourself and say, “I can do anything,” then you will be able to do anything you set your mind to. I tell my<br />

students to always have faith because they are capable of doing anything.<br />

I always try to create an environment that all my kids can be comfortable in. The article motivates me more<br />

in trying to keep that kind of environment. In the article “More Faith Less Frustration” it say’s that sometime the<br />

besting the child can do to solve a problem is to talk to an adult that they trust. I want to be one of adults that my<br />

kids can come and talk to trust.<br />

Cause of the article “More Faith Less Frustration” I put up self motivating words on the wall and make the<br />

kids say it out loud for them self and there peers. I think it will make them feel good about them self’s and give<br />

them a good start to there day. I also encourage there parents on parent teacher conferences to put up motivating<br />

words in the house and in the child’s room.<br />

Jamilya Ahmed<br />


A Fresh Idea by a Young Face<br />

The article, “Bullies! Why Oh Why,” by Quiyana Murphy, a junior at Central High School, brought a new perspective to<br />

solve bullying problems in schools. The fact that she is a junior in high school is probably why she has found a simple way to<br />

lower bullying incidents in schools that many school board members have yet to solve themselves. She proposes that schools<br />

give a seminar to the entering classes (6 th and 9 th graders) about bullying. The seminar will educate the students about what<br />

bullying is, prevention, how to help someone who is being bullied, and the effects of bullying. It’s all about being educated!<br />

She believes that once students have this knowledge, they will think twice about bullying. Her proposal is hands down a great<br />

idea. After all, education is the best prevention. I support her idea for the following reasons:<br />

Every day, thousands of children wake up, afraid to go to school, because they fear being picked on by some bully.<br />

Bullying is a large problem, whether it is physically, through gossip, taunting or teasing, or even through the cyber world.<br />

When problems are not solved, they often become worse than it was initially over time. This is the case with bullying. Because<br />

bullying is such a big problem within schools, a new approach should be taken in order to help take care of this seemingly<br />

unsolvable problem. Quiyana Murphy’s proposal does just that.<br />

Have you ever experienced something, and as a result of that experience it helped you see the world through another<br />

person’s eyes. This is what the seminar will do. On their first day of high school or middle school, there are some kids that are<br />

scared out of their minds that they will get bullied. As well as children who don’t want to be bullied, and eventually become<br />

the bully that they feared. Putting the incoming class in a seminar about bullying will give all students an outlook of what it<br />

feels like to be bullied, along with the dramatic effects it can have on everyone involved, not just the victim. It will allow the<br />

students to see what all the effects bullying can have, allowing them to experience the feeling a little bit. And allowing them to<br />

experience this, somewhat, will change their perspectives about bullying. It will show students that bullying is harmful, and<br />

that being bullied is something they would never want to experience themselves. This sympathy will encourage them to not<br />

partake in bullying.<br />

Finally, I support this seminar for the simple fact that administrators and faculty cannot be everywhere all of the time.<br />

Although this statement is hard for some people to believe, it is true. There are parts of the day where there are no teachers<br />

or faculty in sight. For a child being bullied, this is a scary thought, because when they are being bullied, they search for<br />

teachers for help, not students. When a child has to enter a place where there are no adults, it can be scary, because that is<br />

when the bully will most likely make his move. Because faculty cannot be everywhere all the time, there are bullying incidents<br />

that happen without their knowledge and they are unable to help. This seminar will no longer allow it to be the teachers’<br />

responsibility to stop bullying, but the students. This seminar will put the ball in the students’ court; it is time that the students<br />

take it upon themselves to stop bullying. This seminar, a new idea thought of by a young student, can get the job done.<br />

Student<br />

Central High School<br />

Show Jamilya the Back Door!<br />

After reading, “No Back Door!,” by Jamilya Miller I am astounded by how this younger generation thinks they can get<br />

away with doing things I would have never thought of doing back in my day. Teenagers believe they should have the free will<br />

to do anything and everything they want whenever they want. I guess they don’t understand that parents try to teach them<br />

and show them ways that will further their future. The author of this piece talks about having fun and doing things for a thrill.<br />

It shows how ignorant she is of the real world.<br />

The way she talks about sneaking someone in her house for an adventure is very dangerous. The parents may not<br />

want to let that person in the house for reasons that may harm their child. That person may have a bad reputation around the<br />

neighborhood for stealing people’s things, and to think everything in the house could be stolen because she wanted to have<br />

an adventure.<br />

The way Jamilya refers to her parents or other people’s parents as the enemies can nurture a form of hatred in<br />

children and that isn’t healthy at all. Reading about how their parents are so evil and how they won’t let them do anything,<br />

may cause them to start really resenting them and it won’t be a game or for fun anymore.<br />

When she starts talking about how they may have traps, she is stepping over the line. The parents do those things to<br />

ensure safety of their kids so they don’t try to do dangerous things, like sneaking someone into the house or sneaking out. If<br />

everyone is taught all of the ways parents try to keep them safe, the “traps” will not be effective. If the traps are not effective,<br />

then their safety won’t be protected.<br />

After Jamilya went into teaching everyone about the traps, she talked to them about how to hide “visitors.” If you<br />

hide someone, something else dangerous might happen. For example, if your company tries to hide in the ironing board closet<br />

and your mom comes in and closes it, your friend might seriously get smashed, and it would have all happened for some fun.<br />

I don’t believe you all should publish any more pieces by Jamilya because she obviously doesn’t know about all of the<br />

hazardous effects of her games and pranks. If she wants to talk to teenagers about something, then she needs to make sure<br />

it’s helpful and not hurtful.<br />

Raymondria Price<br />

A wise and cautious mother of three

Do Me a Favor Don’t Be a Player<br />

In light of what you think about being a player, I’d like to suggest that you perhaps<br />

forgot to include a list of how many people enjoy being a player. Considering being a player<br />

is not something that looks good on you, but people do it anyway. With the title of Slaking<br />

pic<br />

on Yaw Pimping just because you do it and hurt other girls doesn’t mean it’s for everybody<br />

else. While people think it’s so cool to be a pimp, trust me, it looks very ugly on your<br />

resume when you try to find a mate. Being a player only reveals that you are insecure and<br />

can’t trust other people.<br />

Your belief in being a player is cool, but I still think you’re a dog. You do all this pimping, thinking you’re a man,<br />

when really you’re just putting a bad name out there for yourself. Nobody is going to want someone who comes with a<br />

past, and if they do, it’s going to be really tough.<br />

People could also get hurt really badly by getting played. You should think about someone’s feelings before you<br />

try to hurt them. Everything you do to someone that hurts them will eventually come back on you. Karma will take place<br />

in your life and you will be that person who is upset and have your feelings hurt.<br />

When you cheat on someone, you focus on the next sex so much that you don’t get done what needs to be<br />

done. The reason I say this is because you’re worrying about who you mess with when you have homework due the next<br />

day. It’s also really tough to get something for all your mates on special holidays to keep everybody happy. That’s why<br />

having one is very helpful because it releases a lot more stress than when you have multiple friends.<br />

Your defense about being a player had me hooked a little bit; you really had me rolling. You really had support<br />

from a lot of low down and dirty shames. For all those people who don’t believe in cheating are well respected folks<br />

unlike you. I’m telling you, not asking you that you shouldn’t be a player like real talk. Being faithful is something good<br />

because you can share your feelings with just one person and not a handful of people. Being a player is something I try<br />

to stay away from because I tend to treat others the way I want to be treated.<br />

Trennisha Patterson<br />

Westport Tapp Student<br />

Editorials<br />

Many people try so hard to fit in with the “In Crowd.” Instead of being<br />

themselves, people act like something they’re not. Most people who do this,<br />

start in middle and high school because that’s when stuff like that starts to<br />

actually matter.<br />

The main reason kids start to try and fit in, is because they are afraid of being<br />

embarrassed, bullied, laughed at or harassed. Those who don’t fit in tend to get<br />

picked on and laughed at. While the other people are having fun, the person<br />

targeted is very embarrassed and starts to question themselves.<br />

This can lead to a bigger issue because the person can become self conscious<br />

and develop a low self esteem, and this can lead to some horrible issues. Those<br />

with a low self esteem may begin drinking, taking drugs or even commit suicide<br />

in an attempt to take the pain away.<br />

Fitting in is a big issue for teens, but no one should worry so much that it affects<br />

them. Everyone should just be themselves. That way if no one else accepts<br />

them, they will at least accept themselves.

Dear Incoming Freshmen<br />

Your freshman year of high school is right around the corner. While high school may seem scary at first, it is not as<br />

bad as you may perceive it to be. Relieve yourselves of any negative thoughts that may have filled your minds before this<br />

moment. There are lots of positive things that you, as a high school freshman, can look forward to. There are school related<br />

activities: basketball games, football games, school dances and many other events. Furthermore, there is an abundance of<br />

fun opportunities that you can partake in that will allow you to make new friends, spread you wings and find your identity<br />

in high school. Adding to the fun things about high school, is the serious side, academics. Although your classes will be<br />

harder, there are some tips that can better prepare you to succeed in high school and beyond, as well as some<br />

extracurricular activities you might want to join, along with steps you can take to better prepare you for life after high<br />

school.<br />

How many of you have had one of your parents nag you about high school? They say things like, “You need to start<br />

taking responsibility for yourself,” or “You’re going to have to be more organized.” You might not want to hear this, but<br />

they are right. The percentage of failing high school students is higher their freshman year than any other year. Now, is it<br />

correct for me to assume that everybody wants to be successful? I mean who wouldn’t want to grow up and not have to<br />

worry about living paycheck to paycheck, or to be burdened by not finding a job. Succeeding in high school is the first step<br />

to succeeding in college and eventually succeeding in the real world. To better prepare yourself to succeed in high school<br />

and beyond is to become more responsible for your schoolwork and your own actions, while also being organized. A high<br />

school teacher will not allow you to turn in assignments late. To avoid this situation, keep an organized list of your<br />

assignments and their due dates in an agenda book, along with an organized folder for every class. Organize a time for each<br />

assignment, take the responsibility upon yourself to complete the assignment and turn it in on time. Here’s a tip for big<br />

assignments or projects, don’t procrastinate or wait until the last minute to do the project or assignment. I mean, think<br />

about it, if you wait until the day before to start a big assignment, guess what you’re going to be doing all day. You’re going<br />

to be vigorously and stressfully working on the assignment until you complete it. Depending on the assignment, you could<br />

be up all night finishing it, and while you’re doing that, all you’re going to be thinking to yourself is, “I wish I hadn’t waited<br />

until the last minute to do my assignment.” These are a few basic things that you should master before you go to college,<br />

where classes are even harder. If you master these basic skills, you will never misplace or forget about an assignment, and<br />

hopefully turn it in on time.<br />

In addition to the classes you are required to take in high school, you should join an extracurricular activity. Joining<br />

an extracurricular activity is something that you should consider greatly as you think about attending high school. Joining an<br />

extracurricular activity can have a positive effect on your high school experience; it can show your peers a different side of<br />

you that simply could not be shown in the classroom. One thing you should consider is joining a sports team, as well as an<br />

academic team. For many people, being on sports teams brings them out of their shell, making them friendlier, more<br />

outgoing, and more confident, and ultimately, a well-rounded person. As a result of this, it can allow them to make new<br />

friends, which is something a lot of people struggle with as they enter high school. A bonus to joining an academic activity is<br />

college related. Colleges love to see academic activities that you have participated in, as well as athletic teams. It shows<br />

them that you are well rounded, and not just a one-trick pony.<br />

If you are still in eighth grade, actually choosing your high school is one of the most important ways to prepare for<br />

high school. You should have already begun your high school search, it’s never too early. It takes time to find the right<br />

school and this is a decision that should not be rushed. Unfortunately not all high schools are filled with excellent teachers<br />

and principals. You and your parents should take time to visit the schools and speak with the staff. The most important part<br />

about picking a good high school revolves around academics. You and your parents should also look up the school’s<br />

academic success rate, dropout rate, and percentage of graduates that attend college. And speaking of college, one day you<br />

will be attending college, so you and your parents should also speak with the college services department to see how<br />

helpful they can be. In addition, you should also look to see what type of extracurricular activities that the school you are<br />

interested in has. Extracurricular activities, whether academic or athletic, look good on college applications. <strong>May</strong>be you<br />

should look for a sport that you have been playing since you were little, or maybe an academic club that offers things that<br />

interest you.<br />

You may be a little nervous about going to high school, but a little bit of nerves is expected. You should relieve<br />

yourself of all the negative thoughts you have towards high school. Picking a great high school is somewhat of a hard<br />

decision, so the proper time should be allotted to making the right decision. considering the administration, extracurricular<br />

activities, college help, and academic success of the school. High school is a place where you can socially develop like a<br />

butterfly; you can spread your wings and grow as a person. High school offers you the opportunity to express your<br />

personality outside of the classrooms, through extracurricular activities, which often leads to making new friends. And<br />

although the work may get harder, the responsibility is now on you. I greatly encouraged you to become more responsible<br />

and organized while you enjoy all the things high school has to offer.<br />

Quiyana Murphy<br />

CHS Junior

JCPS Low Performing <strong>Schools</strong>: A Hot Issue<br />

By Eduardo Gutierrez<br />

Edited by Mr. Arencibia<br />

I am a senior at Central High School and I like to talk to some of my teachers about what is going<br />

on in their lives, either in school or in their personal lives. Since last year almost all teachers seem really<br />

concerned about the low performing schools in JCPS and what might happen to them if Central is<br />

included in this “undesirable” group.<br />

One of the English teachers told me that the school district is trying to do anything in reach to try<br />

to solve the problem of low performing schools; they are even trying to hire someone from Maryland to<br />

bring his experience to us, but in my humble opinion, this is a Kentucky problem and we have to solve it<br />

ourselves. Not all school districts are similar in this country, and the causes of the low performance might<br />

be very different as well.<br />

I know this is a very difficult issue to solve and that the causes are varied and very different from<br />

school to school. One thing is clear to me though, and it is that the low performance of some schools is not<br />

limited to the role of the teachers and the administration; there are some other factors that need to be<br />

taken into consideration. Administrators, teachers and staff are not to be blamed for the students’<br />

failures. Education is a process that is comprised of many people and many factors, and when not<br />

everyone pulls together, low performance is one of the consequences.<br />

If we analyze the schools with lower academic achievement, we will see that the economic<br />

background of the students enrolled in them is not very favorable, which has a direct impact on school<br />

performance. In my opinion, the most important cause of the students’ low academic performance has to<br />

do with the economic problems they have which affect their motivation and willingness to be in school.<br />

Another problem that might be directly related with the one I mentioned above has to do with the<br />

support the schools receive from the students’ family. Education is a multisided process and everyone has<br />

to play the corresponding role. Many people think the teachers are the culprits of the downfall but, what<br />

about the family support? Without the family involvement, the “education boat” may capsize any minute.<br />

To conclude, I have to say that I admire all the teachers at Central because most of them are<br />

mothers or fathers who have lots of problems to cope with, but when they come to school, they leave all<br />

those problems behind and teach us good lessons and how to be good citizens. I would really hate to see<br />

Central High School among the low performance schools in our district.<br />

How to be a Bad Student<br />

Eduardo Gutierrez<br />

If you want to be a bad student, you have to do a lot of things. First, you have to be late to school at<br />

least three out of five days a week, and do not do all those homework assignments that your teachers give<br />

you at the end of each boring class. Never pay attention to the teachers, just take out your cell phone while<br />

you are in class, wait until the teacher is not looking and start texting your friends in and out of school. If the<br />

teacher happens to catch you while you are texting, just talk back louder or yell at her or him to let the<br />

teacher know you are “the boss.” As soon as the teacher resumes his or her job at the front of the classroom,<br />

keep on doing what you are doing and do not worry about anything.<br />

You may also decide to sleep in class; just pretend you are reading a book or writing something and<br />

sleep, but do not ever put your head down because the teacher may find out what you are doing. If you have<br />

a test and do not know anything, just look at your neighbor’s answers; it is much easier to copy from a friend<br />

than staying up late at nighttime to study. That is simply boring and useless!<br />

If any of your teacher writes you up and sends you down to talk to the school principal, just impress<br />

him or her. Talk loudly, talk back, do not look in his or her eyes, or simply do not listen to the principal;<br />

promise you will behave properly from that day on and as soon as you leave the principal’s office, start<br />

doing exactly the same thing you were doing when you were caught.<br />

It might be a good idea to involve some of your closer friends and make them join the “Tough Boys<br />

Brigade,” the more students who join, the more respect you will have from your classmates and teachers.<br />

There will come a time when you will be the rulers of the whole school and will be considered heroes by the<br />

rest of the students.

Listen to your Heart Randy Truong<br />

The things we do as young teenagers just to fit in are completely ridiculous. Such as wronging your closest friends just to be<br />

accepted by others, or dressing in something that you aren’t absolutely comfortable in. You may be sitting there now thinking of the<br />

things you have done, because I know everybody here has done something to fit in at least once in their lives. And most of the times,<br />

the things you did to fit in aren’t a good thing. That is why it is best to listen to your heart.<br />

So, let’s just say you’re at a party with several of your friends and everybody is drinking, and you don’t want to. Well the<br />

answer is simple, don’t drink! Why attempt to be like everyone else when you’re comfortable with yourself? If you have your mind<br />

made up, then don’t change it!<br />

You have the choice of what you will be tomorrow, and you are the only person that has this decision. You can be told<br />

countless number of times the right thing to do, but you are the only one that can take this information in and process it in the<br />

correct manner. So at the end of the day, you are the only one that can define yourself.<br />

Everyday, people’s lives are changed by the decisions they make just because of their friends. Don’t be one of those people.<br />

Living in regret with the actions you made is one of the worst things to undergo. Making sure you are competent of the correct<br />

decision making skills is imperative.<br />

There are plenty of choices that one can make that can harm their lives, and that is why you must always keep this in mind.<br />

It’s not just the drugs, alcohol, sex, or greed that can harm us mentally and physically, it’s the guilt in the decisions we made to end<br />

up in the predicament that we have created.<br />

I am not here to inform you how the use of drugs kills thousands of teens every year, or how many more thousand lives are<br />

taken from drunk driving. But I am here to tell you that you should take preventive action before it comes down to it. Think of the<br />

people you love and the people that you will affect when making the right decisions!<br />

If the people you care about are affected in a bad way from the decisions you make, then you are doing the wrong thing.<br />

You may sometimes believe that your friend really has your back, and wants the best for you, but this is not true if they are guiding<br />

you in the wrong direction. For instance, an example of this is not only if they ask you to smoke some weed, but use it around you.<br />

Weed is illegal in many states and can get you in lots of trouble with law enforcement. Just remember, your atmosphere will affect<br />

you as a person, and will give others a reason to judge you. People may say that they will never evaluate the person you are inside<br />

before getting to know you, but the world is not always clean and cut like that, so there will be situations where people will judge<br />

you incorrectly. Try avoiding the types of friends that harm your reputation.<br />

Let’s get back to drinking; it’s something so many young teens start at an early age. Most teens are highly uneducated when<br />

it comes to drinking, believing that it doesn’t affect them as a person. Sure, you may see everyone else drinking alcohol, as a matter<br />

of fact over 80% of teenagers have tried alcohol at least once in their life. You may want to give in too, but why should you? Simply<br />

dare to be different and you won’t give in to the urges. But you may not quite know what drinking does to the teenage body, well let<br />

me tell you!<br />

Drinking can ruin a person in the long-run, because you can easily become dependent upon it. When you drink, it affects<br />

the brain and its nervous system, which is completely horrible for a developing teen. Your brain is developing during your teenage<br />

years and drinking prevents this process from building to the best of its abilities. So, if you are not drinking yet, then don’t plan on<br />

doing it! Also drinking damages your liver, which is an organ you can’t live without. Your liver is the organ in your body that cleans<br />

your blood of toxins, and also prevents you from getting sick; damaging it will give you more trips to the doctor.<br />

driving. If you already chose the option not to drink, you have to make sure your friends aren’t drunk while driving you somewhere,<br />

because this can get you both killed. Simply refuse to enter the car, or have a designated driver if you are planning on going to a<br />

party. If you are in the situation where someone is about to drive drunk, and you care about them, just take their keys from them!<br />

They may be mad at you, but will thank you in the long-run for being a good friend, because they won’t be able to even feel mad if<br />

they’re six feet deep.<br />

Each year in the United States alone, there are over 5,000 teens ages 16 to 20 killed by car accidents. It is the leading death<br />

of people ages 15 – 20. An additional 400,000 are seriously injured from these accidents. It may seem like a low numbe,r but just<br />

imagine everybody in school disappearing. The average teen is more likely to get into a car accident than any other age group.<br />

Teenagers only account for 10 percent of the population, but are responsible for over 12 percent of crashes! Also, the typical teen is<br />

four times more likely to get into a car accident.<br />

Most teens that get into car accidents do not wear their seatbelts, up to 74% of them that are killed in a DUI did not wear<br />

their seatbelt. Not only do teenage car accidents cost up to $34 billion dollars a year, but it costs young teens lives. Most of them are<br />

young and not able to experience everything in life, it was all taken away as fast as it was given. So next time you enter a car, just<br />

make sure the driver isn’t drunk, or you’ll just be another victim of the road.<br />

This is just one example of all the things in our environment that can pressure us into doing the things our hearts tell us not<br />

to. It can knock us off our feet unwillingly. So just keep in mind that doing what your heart tells you is always the best idea.<br />

Sources:<br />

President and Fellows of Harvard College. “Alcohol use among teens and young adults” Harvard Health<br />

<strong>Public</strong>ations. 2008.<br />

Carlson K. Darren, Government and Politic Editor. “How Many Teens Say They’ve Driven Drunk?” The Gallup<br />

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http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=no+drinking+and+driving+symbol&id=E45AB6746AF33AD87D589FF1D<br />


The Secret<br />

Garden<br />

By: Jalyn Hewitt<br />

Did anyone know<br />

of the secret<br />

garden at Central<br />

High School? Well<br />

we have one<br />

hidden in the back<br />

of our school that<br />

our very own Mr. Helvey helped to create.<br />

The garden is filled with lots of veggies such<br />

as radishes, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and<br />

potatoes. I interviewed Mr. Helvey, asking<br />

him questions about the “secret garden.”<br />

First I started off by asking Mr.<br />

Helvey what made him start the garden. “I<br />

started the garden to help students to make<br />

the connection to the food supply and<br />

experience the fresh food supply. There’s<br />

something sacred about growing vegetables<br />

in the dirt.” I, too, have embraced Mr.<br />

Helvey’s notion about there being<br />

something sacred when vegetables grow out<br />

of the dirt. Mr. Helvey and I continued<br />

talking about his upkeep of the garden and<br />

his opinion about gardening in general.<br />

Me: How do you keep up with the garden?<br />

Helvey: I go out in the morning during my<br />

planning or after school to water the plants,<br />

but I haven’t had to do that much because of<br />

all the rain.<br />

Me: Which vegetable is the hardest to<br />

grow?<br />

Helvey: Carrots seem to be the slowest at<br />

the moment. The radishes are growing the<br />

fastest.<br />

Me: What do you enjoy most about<br />

gardening?<br />

Helvey: Seeing the growth. We start with a<br />

tiny seed and there’s something magical<br />

about it becoming a vegetable. It’s exciting<br />

when the students see the gardening. I’m<br />

looking forward to harvesting and picking<br />

the vegetables.<br />

Me: Who helps you with the gardening?<br />

Helvey: Ms. Ballard’s class is in charge of<br />

one of the beds. I am taking care of one. The<br />

yearbook staff is taking care of one. And<br />

one of Mr. McCutcheon’s classes are taking<br />

care of one.<br />

Me: What is something you want people to<br />

know about gardening?<br />

Helvey: People should know that you have<br />

to continue watering. You have to thin some<br />

of the seeds out to make them grow bigger.<br />

Me: What do you suggest to a rookie about<br />

gardening?<br />

Helvey: Grow something easy. Now-a-days,<br />

it doesn’t matter where you live or how<br />

much space you have. This opens the door<br />

for healthy eating and to save money.<br />

Me: Is there anything that you would like to<br />

say about the garden or gardening in<br />

general?<br />

Helvey: We have a $2,000 grant from the<br />

Center for Disease Control. The whole idea<br />

is to fight obesity. Hopefully we are able to<br />

maintain the garden for years to come.<br />

I hope that we can continue the<br />

garden, too. Childhood obesity has become a<br />

big problem for children in the United<br />

States. It is found that children today may be<br />

the heaviest that they have ever been. Many<br />

schools in the country are starting gardening<br />

programs in an attempt to possibly eliminate<br />

small fractions of the obesity scale. Not only<br />

will gardening help eliminate obesity, but it<br />

will be a lot of fun to the participants. I<br />

personally am one of the students that is<br />

helping Mr. Helvey with the “secret<br />

garden,” and it is a great experience. I hope<br />

that this garden won’t be a secret any longer<br />

and that other students will join in the fun.<br />

Mr. Helvey has started something<br />

great…Keep up the good work Mr. Helvey!<br />

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Helvey

- Bed Bugs *<br />

By : Le’Terria W. Thomas !<br />

Bed bugs have been the latest gossip of the media, newspaper, and everyone. Bedbug infestations are up<br />

5,000 percent, and that’s just the numbers that have actually been reported. You can get bedbugs from just about<br />

anywhere, Hospitals, Homes, Apartments, Businesses, Buses, and Hotels. They say that bedbugs don’t transmit a<br />

disease, but an engorged bedbug can burst at the slightest bit of pressure, exposing you to human blood. If that blood<br />

is infected, then you are at risk of getting an infection, and of course, if you have an infection for too long without a<br />

cure, then you could possibly die.<br />

Finding Bedbugs, or having bedbugs, doesn’t mean that you’re dirty, or that you have an awful hygiene. It<br />

takes nothing just for one bug to get into your clothes. Bedbugs are easy to catch, simply because they are very small,<br />

and easy to miss. What people fail to realize about bedbugs is that, just about everything is manufactured like<br />

overseas and can hide in a brand spanking new outfit: Coogi, Miskeen, Black Label, Dereon, Roca Wear, Enyce, Baby<br />

Phat. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, because no brand is protected from Bedbugs. No matter what you wear,<br />

there is a 7/10 that you could still catch them, just as if you where to get your clothes from the Goodwill.<br />

Bedbugs have piercing mouth parts that most species use for feeding on plants. There are some species of<br />

bugs with mouth parts that have been adapted to feed on the human blood, while inflicting very little pain, which<br />

people usually don’t notice. Bedbug bites are basically the only way that you can really tell if you have Bedbugs,<br />

unless you actually visually see the bugs crawling. Bedbugs are flat, brown, wingless and about ¼ of an inch long. They<br />

have 6 legs, are shiny reddish- brown, and after a feeding of you blood, they appear dark brown and swollen.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Prevention<br />

Try not to expose too many people to your home.<br />

Make overnight stays at other people’s house limited.<br />

<br />

Keep everything cleaned up and sanitized.<br />

When you come from someone’s house, don’t mix<br />

your clothes with the other clothes, clean them<br />

immediately.<br />

Those are just a couple of quick one’s to remember to<br />

help you prevent the bugs from even coming your way.<br />

I’ve never actually witnessed a case of bedbugs yet, but I<br />

know that just from the looks of them, it’s nothing to play<br />

with. Looking at different cases of Bed bugs just makes my<br />

picture<br />

skin curl up, because I could never imagine a bug feeding at<br />

my skin without me knowing. I would advise for people to take more caution because its more than just bugs, it’s<br />

your life that you’re playing with. Be more sanitized, and try to keep things clean around you.

By: Cierra Unseld<br />

My name is Cierra Unseld and I’m in the Dental Magnet. I’m<br />

picture 1<br />

going to talk to you about the importance of brushing your teeth. I<br />

know that some people think that not brushing their teeth doesn’t<br />

affect them, but it can, because it can lead to serious problems, not<br />

only with your smile, but your health.<br />

I’m going to share four tips and effective ways for brushing<br />

your teeth to prevent health problems. Please answer these questions<br />

to yourself about the following 1. How many times do you brush<br />

your teeth a day? 2. Do you use floss? 3. How many times a year do you visit a regular dentist? These are<br />

serious questions that you must address. As you may know, keeping a healthy appearance tells a lot about<br />

yourself in general. Like for instance, are you a very hygienic person, are you capable for a job, or are you<br />

healthy enough? When brushing your teeth, you want to make sure you<br />

do it right, in order to prevent any other serious types of bacteria.<br />

Look at picture 1. It’s an example of the proper way to brush your<br />

teeth. As you may know, incorrect brushing of the teeth can lead to<br />

serious problems other then bad tarter build up. Tooth decay is one of the<br />

many health concerns that people deal with, because they either don’t<br />

brush their teeth at all, or simply because they don’t do it right. Tooth<br />

decay is caused when acids sit on your teeth too long and tear away at the<br />

enamel, causing your teeth to rot. To prevent this, it is very important to<br />

brush your teeth daily.<br />

Why is it important floss your teeth? Many people don’t do it<br />

enough, but it is very important to floss your teeth. When we eat, we tend<br />

to leave left over foods in the cracks and crevasses of our teeth, and when<br />

this happens, tarter starts to build up. If it’s left for a long period of time,<br />

picture 2<br />

it starts to form very hard calcium around the teeth. Calcium build up<br />

makes it harder for the dentist to clean your teeth, forcing the dentist to<br />

use chemicals and scrapers materials just get rid of the calcium build up. To prevent this from happening, floss<br />

the correct way. You should take about ten inches of floss to clean your teeth. Go up and against the sides of<br />

your teeth. Picture 2 is a picture showing you how to do this.<br />

A lot of people don’t see the significance of visiting a dentist regularly. Why? Because they are not<br />

aware of the many different things that can go on in the mouth,<br />

like oral cancers, cavities, and diseases. Some oral cancers and<br />

diseases can be detected early and treated if you visit your<br />

dentist regularly. For cavity prevention, you should have a<br />

regularly scheduled appointment, and your dentist should send<br />

you post cards or calls concerning your check-ups. All of these<br />

are efficient ways to make sure you get to the dentist on time.<br />

Your smile can really determine your future and make a<br />

change in your life if you take care of it and treat it like any<br />

other major part of your body. If you have any questions or<br />

concerns, ask your dental health care professional.<br />

picture 3

More Benefits than Usual<br />

S<br />

chool is more<br />

important than<br />

what we make it. In<br />

the world today<br />

you need more<br />

than one degree to<br />

have a good job.<br />

This isn’t possible if<br />

you don’t go to school, make<br />

the grades and start on a good<br />

career choice.<br />

All around the world,<br />

people are loosing jobs left<br />

and right. As of today Detroit,<br />

Michigan, has the highest<br />

unemployment rate in<br />

America. One of the top jobs<br />

in the industry is the medical<br />

field. It has been proven<br />

numerous times that<br />

healthcare/ medical field is a<br />

great job opportunity, as one<br />

of the largest industries in<br />

2008. According to a survey<br />

from the 2008-18 American<br />

Medical Association, the<br />

healthcare industry provided<br />

14.3 million jobs for wage and<br />

salary workers.<br />

I want to be in the<br />

medical field once I graduate<br />

from high school and move on<br />

to my secondary education.<br />

The career that I have chosen<br />

for my life is nursing. Since I<br />

was in fifth grade I had my<br />

mind set up on what I wanted<br />

to be in life; and I sure<br />

planned to achieve that goal.<br />

The majority of my family is<br />

currently in the medical<br />

career, therefore, I have lots<br />

of guidance from family<br />

members.<br />

At my high school in<br />

Louisville, Kentucky, I am<br />

currently enrolled in the prenursing<br />

magnet. They teach<br />

us all about working in this<br />

profession. Before graduation,<br />

we receive our CNA<br />

certification, MNA and we will<br />

be CPR certified. We do hands<br />

on work and to top it off,<br />

receive college credits. What<br />

better way to start your<br />

freshmen year in college, with<br />

more credits than the other<br />

incoming freshmen.<br />

This is my junior year,<br />

and my second year in this<br />

program. During my freshmen<br />

year each student had to take<br />

a class explaining each<br />

magnet that Central had to<br />

offer. The two classes I was<br />

most interested in were prenursing<br />

and pre-medical.<br />

Once getting to those classes I<br />

was unsure of which one I<br />

should choose, they were both<br />

really good magnets. I finally<br />

settled with the pre-nursing<br />

magnet and the opportunities<br />

they had to offer me.<br />

Walking into the room I<br />

was shocked at all of the<br />

people who wanted to be in<br />

that magnet. There were over<br />

seventy people and ONLY<br />

thirty – two could get in.<br />

Facts:<br />

It is predicted that<br />

Healthcare will generate 3.2<br />

By: Arian Franklin<br />

million new wage and salary<br />

jobs between 2008 and 2018,<br />

more than any other industry,<br />

largely in response to rapid<br />

growth in the elderly<br />

population. Nurses have a wide<br />

variety of duties depending on<br />

their specialty, but there are<br />

some things common to all<br />

nursing career choices.<br />

All nurses deal with<br />

patients in some way, and are<br />

called upon to provide care to<br />

them and support to other<br />

medical professionals. That’s<br />

why nurses have to be familiar<br />

with many different symptoms<br />

and diseases, drugs, treatment<br />

programs,<br />

medical<br />

terminology and devices.<br />

Opinion:<br />

Everyone will need<br />

hospitals or a medical clinic,<br />

which means the medical field,<br />

will always have money. I<br />

guaranteed that if you choose<br />

this profession and meet the<br />

qualifications you will have a<br />

job that will last you a life time.

Obesity<br />

<strong>May</strong>neshia Whitfield<br />

I strongly believe that obesity should end. Do you always blame the dryer because your pants are shrinking? Did<br />

your baby fat turn into belly rolls? Well, you need to put the donuts down and pay attention. Obesity is taking over the<br />

nation like a plague and we need to stop it in its tracks. America has more obese people than any other nation. I used to<br />

be a little chubby myself, doing nothing but eating and sleeping, but I realized the damage I was causing to my body and<br />

decided to lose weight.<br />

Look at this picture. Do you feel like you’ve gone through the same transition as the<br />

picture you see on the slide or you are in the process of going through it?<br />

OECD, or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, warns<br />

that 75% of Americans will suffer from obesity by 2020<br />

because of the lack of exercise and healthy diets. Currently<br />

34% of Americans are obese. Obesity makes you vulnerable<br />

to many diseases and health complications and can reduce<br />

life expectancy. 80% of people with diabetes are obese,<br />

which is a condition where the blood sugar is low or<br />

becomes very high and it’s a constant struggle to maintain<br />

a normal blood sugar level. With diabetes, there comes a<br />

daily hassle with taking insulin, pricking your finger to test sugar levels, going blind, and even<br />

developing coronary disease. Some have to get their fingers and toes amputated because of<br />

their circulation being cut off for so long because of the sugar compacting in their<br />

extremities. Diabetics suffer from hypertension, which is high blood pressure, and if their blood pressure gets too high, it<br />

could be deadly. A normal blood pressure is the systolic of 120 and diastolic of 80. Those who are in stage 1 of<br />

hypertension would have systolic 140-159 or diastolic 90-99, and stage 2 of hypertension would be a systolic greater<br />

than, or equal to, 160, or diastolic greater than, or equal to 100. Both stage 1 and 2 are huge jumps from normal blood<br />

pressure reading, but most adults suffer from stage 1.<br />

According to Wikipedia, 60% of the world’s population gets insufficient exercise, and once you’ve become<br />

overweight, it makes it even harder to get back into shape and healthy again, while it makes it easier for you become<br />

obese. Look at the picture of an overweight adult exercising. Developing disgusting eating habits and deleting the word<br />

exercise from your brain will do nothing but leave you in a big sloppy body<br />

suit that you won’t be able to take off without some hard work. Regular<br />

exercise includes benefits such as lowering the risk of dying from a heart<br />

disease or stroke, lower the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes or<br />

coronary disease, and it helps protect you against certain types of cancer.<br />

If you care about your health you should commit yourself to a routine of<br />

exercise and maintain a fulfilling diet.<br />

I bet you didn’t know that exercise relieves stress. I know that<br />

going to school and work can be troublesome, and can take you into a<br />

world of distress, but it doesn’t mean you have to rely on cookies and<br />

snicker bars for comfort. Stay out of the kitchen and go to the gym, or<br />

start walking and running. This helps keep your bones, muscles, and joints healthy, it reduces anxiety and depression,<br />

and boosts your moods. Controlling your weight helps you sleep better, and makes your body look amazing just by<br />

exercising a couple of times a week for 30 minutes.<br />

Health should always be a main goal in your life. Being healthy makes things a lot<br />

easier. You’ll want to be involved in more things, you’ll have a more energy, and you’ll know<br />

that your life won’t come to an end because of any medical conditions. Obesity affects not<br />

only you physical appearance and your state of mind as well. A lot of obese people suffer<br />

from low self-esteem, and instead of finding someone to depend on, they choose food,<br />

making them gain even more weight. Studies show that there is an increase in the rate of<br />

mortality in those who are obese compared to those who are a normal weight. Being, or<br />

becoming, obese does nothing but slow your life down and speed death up.<br />

Is this what you want to look like? Of course you don’t. So call your doctor,<br />

schedule an appointment for a check-up and find out how healthy you are as an adult. You<br />

need a normal blood pressure reading of 120 over 80 and standard blood sugar levels, that<br />

run between 110-120 milligrams per deciliter. If that’s not the case, than you should grab control of your life and<br />

exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes. Instead of getting food that is high in fats, buy some that are high<br />

in fiber and calcium. You need to maintain a healthy diet, including eight glasses of water per day, fresh vegetables and<br />

fruit, and food that has quality protein. Ensure that you stay away from the carbohydrates and avoid spending too much<br />

time watching TV and being on the computer. Let’s take OECD’s warning seriously and instead of letting this prediction<br />

come true, let’s take a stand and help the obesity rates drop. Have a healthy day. (Images from OECD)

Oral Piercings & The Dangers They Come<br />

With.<br />

By: Charlessa Richardson<br />

Oral Piercings are a new trend that a lot of people are getting. Some of the reasons that people get them are sexual, visual<br />

and people just hopping on the bandwagon. Oral piercings are most common in females, because sometimes a male with<br />

oral piercings will be considered gay, bisexual or gothic.<br />

Many types of piercings can cause a lot of damage to the mouth. Some can be severe. Oral piercings are very dangerous<br />

and risky. These piercings can hit a nerve and mess you up for LIFE! There is no guarantee that the nerve wont be hit, so<br />

who’s to know what will happen. You can also get diseases from oral piercings.<br />

IT IS WAY TOO RISKY! If the decision is made to get an oral piercing, be very careful and know what you’re getting<br />

yourself into, because they are very very very dangerous. Many dentists will try their best to prevent people from getting<br />

them. Mostly teenagers get them, most often young girls between ages 13-18. It’s not too common in boys unless they are<br />

going through a phase about their sexuality or boys who tend to go gothic. Some boys may do it for attention to impress the<br />

girls, but that’s not too common. Mostly girls get them to try to impress the boys and<br />

get sexual attention.<br />

The different types are:<br />

Some dangers of oral piercings are:<br />

Gum recession<br />

Swelling<br />

Cracking/chipping teeth<br />

Abscess<br />

Discoloration<br />

Infections<br />

Tissue overgrowth<br />

Bad breath<br />

Excessive bleeding<br />

Nerve damage<br />

HIV<br />

Endocartitis<br />

Allergic reaction to metal<br />

Jewelry aspiration<br />

Difficulties in daily oral functions<br />

<strong>May</strong>be even death.<br />

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International Adoption by Jerry Johnson<br />

About two years ago a little girl from Romania was adopted<br />

and brought to America. Not a big deal right? Well if you ask Karen<br />

(the adopter), she would say differently. Karen left America on a<br />

mission trip eleven years ago and found an unexpected surprise.<br />

When visiting a foster home, a young toddler sat on her lap, looked<br />

into her eyes and said, “mom”. And it was over. After that moment,<br />

she decided to adopt her. At the time, she thought adoption<br />

couldn’t take all that long, a year at the most. But when the<br />

pic<br />

Romanian government refused to let her have the girl because of<br />

many pointless rules, she had to move to Romania, and leave her comfortable life as a nurse. In the process,<br />

she lost her husband. 9 years later, after countless confrontations with the Romanian government, and a lot<br />

of help from loved ones back home, she got to bring her daughter home. “Beti was born in my heart that day.<br />

From that day on, there was no way I could abandon her.” –Karen<br />

What are the Complications?<br />

Romania, and many other countries, have shut down international adoption. Romania also passed a<br />

law where the children were to be reintegrated to their natural families, regardless of their financial and<br />

emotional status. In order for a child to be put up for adoption, the parents must sign a paper to release the<br />

child, which could delay, or completely end the adoption if they can’t find their parents. Another problem is<br />

that a lot of people in these countries don’t have birth certificates and can’t be adopted because of that.<br />

Problems Caused Due to International Adoption Being Closed<br />

Aside from the plain and simple fact that people who want to adopt won’t be able to, the kids who<br />

have to stay in an orphanage will suffer from emotional and physical damage because of a life without a<br />

family, and the state of affairs the countries are in. This could lead them to a life of depression, violence,<br />

and eventually death. Another problem that hits these kids are that once they hit eighteen years old, they<br />

are forced to leave the orphanage and go on their own, leaving them with nowhere to go and no money.<br />

Is It Just Romania?<br />

No. Just about any country that you try to adopt from will have complications. For instance,<br />

recently Russia has decided to close adoption to America. Previously, they were the country with the most<br />

successful adoptions, 14,079, since 2005.<br />

The closing of international adoption has caused damage in so many ways, to children and the<br />

hopeful parents. If this doesn’t change, thousands of children in third world countries will lose their only<br />

chance to leave and have a new life.<br />

Top 10 Most Popular Countries for<br />

International Adoption<br />

Country Number of<br />

Adoptions to the US<br />

1. China 3,001<br />

2. Ethiopia 2,277<br />

3. Russia 1,586<br />

4. South<br />

1,080<br />

Korea<br />

5. Guatemala 756<br />

6. Ukraine 601<br />

7. Vietnam 481<br />

8. Haiti 330<br />

9. India 297<br />

10.<br />

Kazakhstan<br />

295<br />

Recently, Russia halted adoptions by American families<br />

after an incident where a child was put on a trans-Atlantic<br />

flight by his adoptive family after they decided they did not<br />

wish to care for him anymore.<br />

Other countries that have halted adoptions because of<br />

civil unrest or flaws in the adoption process currently<br />

include Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nepal, Guatemala, Swaziland<br />

and Sierra Leone.<br />

In more positive news, Haiti’s adoption authority has<br />

informed the US government that they are now accepting<br />

new adoption applications. Many US families offered to<br />

adopt or provide foster care for Haitian children displaced<br />

by the January 12 earthquake, but authorities worked for<br />

months to match the displaced children with their family<br />

members. Now applications are being accepted once<br />

again, and normal visa processing has resumed.<br />

Resource and more information

The Winchester Mystery House<br />

By: Angel Cissell<br />

The Winchester mystery house is located in California. It was built by the Winchester family. Yes this is<br />

a familiar name. He was the same was the man who created the Winchester gun company. The house was under<br />

construction for 38 years and it cost 5.5 million. It is now a tourist attraction.<br />

Sara Winchester, born in 1839 and fluent in many languages, was also a musician who married the heir<br />

to the Winchester Gun company. The construction on the house started in 1884 and stopped with her death on<br />

September 5, 1922. The house was 7 stories high, but after the 1906 earthquake, there are only 4. When her<br />

husband died, she was left 20 million dollars, and also received one thousand dollars a day from the gun<br />

company. The reason for suck a large and mazelike house is because Sara thought she was being haunted by the<br />

ghosts that were killed by Winchester guns. She sought advice from a medium who advised her to build a house<br />

for the spirits that had fallen from Winchester rifles. The psychic told Winchester that "thousands of people<br />

have died because of it and their spirits are now seeking deep vengeance."<br />

The house is a maze; there are stairs that lead to nowhere, and doors that you can open fall to your death,<br />

because they lead to the outside when you are not on the first floor. There are also dead ends, with twists and<br />

turns. It is believed that they were built so the ghosts would get lost. There are a total of 160 rooms, 40 of these<br />

rooms are bedrooms. There are two ballrooms, 47 fireplaces, 17 chimneys, and 10,000 windows. There are also<br />

two basements and three elevators. The number 13 and spider web motifs are everywhere throughout the<br />

house.<br />

house.<br />

One day I would love to visit this<br />

The stairs to nowhere<br />

http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/winchestermystery-house-2.jpg<br />

The Ballroom<br />

http://www.ghostinmysuitcase.com/places/winchester/ind<br />

ex.htm<br />

Sara’s Bedroom<br />

http://www.ghostinmysuitcase.com/places/wincheste<br />

r/index.htm<br />

Resources:<br />

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Mystery_House<br />

http://www.ghostinmysuitcase.com/places/winchester/ind<br />

ex.htm<br />


Ghost Stories<br />

By: Angel Cissell<br />

There are so many stories throughout the world about ghosts. They range from the ones who haunt<br />

houses to the ones who kill people. Then there are the touching stories about ghosts who are looking for<br />

things and people. There are also the ones who had there lives tragically taken and they have unfinished<br />

business. No one can truly come back, but they make really interesting stories.<br />

There are many different versions of the story I am about to tell. I heard it the first time by my friend<br />

up in Indiana.<br />

There are three friends in a car on a disserted road. While they are<br />

driving, they come across a female hitchhiker. They stop to pick her up to<br />

be kind. She gets into the car and they ask her where she is going. She<br />

says that she is going wherever they are going. They continue to drive and<br />

they go around a corner. The silent girl then says, “This is where I died.”<br />

They all glance at her and ask her what she said. She repeats herself and<br />

then starts to scream. The car crashes, and when everyone comes to, she<br />

is gone with no trace of ever being there.<br />

Then there are the legends that everyone hears, like the legend of Bloody Mary. The story is usually told<br />

at sleepovers, and it is a dare. What you do is go into a dark room, it doesn’t matter what kind of room. People<br />

usually do this in a bathroom in the stories I hear. All of the lights are off and you stand there and say Bloody<br />

Mary three times. She is then supposed to appear and murder you. I have never tried this, so I couldn’t say if it’s<br />

true or not.<br />

Another ghost story is called the bunny man. Yes I know it doesn’t sound very intimidating. It is about a<br />

man who escaped from an insane asylum, and he was never caught. He would live off of raw bunnies, and that<br />

is how he got his name. He would leave trails of half eaten dead bunnies. There was a bridge in the woods and<br />

he went there. Every Halloween, whoever is on that bridge gets killed. There is never any evidence about who<br />

killed them. Eventually people got smart and didn’t go to that bridge on Halloween.<br />

Another story is about the goat man. There is an abandoned bridge that has train tracks on it. People<br />

would get lured onto the bridge about half way by the goat man. When they got to the middle, a train would be<br />

coming and they were too far to out to make it back without being hit by the train. They also couldn’t jump<br />

because there were rocks underneath the bridge. So anyone who has participated in this never made it out alive.<br />

I do believe in ghosts. I know there are people who don’t, but that is their opinion. There are so many<br />

unexplained things in this world and I believe that ghost stories are one way of having an explanation of these<br />

things. These are just a few stories that I can remember from over the years. Some are really popular and others<br />

aren’t. There are thousands more for people to hear. They are entertaining teach us about things that can happen<br />

to a person.<br />

Here is a great site to find thousands of other ghost stories:<br />


The Circus!!!<br />

By: Angel Cissell<br />

Most people in the world have been to the circus at least once.<br />

There are some that love the animals, but then there are the ones that<br />

are afraid of the clowns. They give you that creepy feeling when you<br />

look at them. The circus has been around for a very long time.<br />

According to Wikipedia: “The most ancient clowns have been<br />

found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around 2400 BCE. Contrary to<br />

court jests, clowns have traditionally served a socio-religious and<br />

psychological role, and traditionally the role of priest and clown have<br />

been held by the same persons.”<br />

The creator of the very first successful circus is Philip Astley, a<br />

former cavalry Sergeant-Major. In 1768, he opened a school to teach<br />

exhibition riding, and in the afternoon he performed shows. In 1770, he<br />

hired other performers such as, acrobats, rope dancers, and jugglers. In<br />

1782 he opened Paris’s first circus, the Amphitheater Angolis. The<br />

circus has come a very long way from the 1760’s.<br />

John Bill Ricketts is one of the first American clowns. He was<br />

an Englishman who started his career with the Hughes Royal Circus,<br />

and then came to America to establish a circus in Philadelphia. George<br />

Washington even attended a few of his shows. The very first American<br />

born circus clown was John Durang; the first American Born clown to<br />

achieve stardom was Dan Rice. His first big break was in 1841 with a<br />

pig named Sybil.<br />

There are many people who have a good time at the circus, but<br />

there are the ones who never go near the clowns. The circus has come<br />

from being roadside shows to big productions. We all love the circus<br />

because we all enjoy a good laugh and to be entertained.<br />

Resources:<br />

http://www.circopedia.org/index.php/Short_History_of_the_Circus<br />

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circus_clown<br />

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringling_Brothers_Circus<br />

http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-<br />

8&rlz=1T4ADSA_enUS422US422&q=pics+of+clowns<br />


Piercing<br />

Your Own Ears<br />

By: Tyler Woodson<br />

Many have done it! Many have wanted to try it! And many had even succeeded at it! I on<br />

the other hand, have completed all three, and if you follow my steps, it’ll be easy as 1-2-<br />

3!!!! You’ve got to be careful, though, and make sure you carefully sterilize all your<br />

products being used during this process, because you don’t want to risk getting an<br />

infection or an embedded piercing!<br />

Step 1: Get a needle and sterilize it with an open flame (lighter), but be careful not to heat<br />

it too long, or else you might burn yourself. After you complete this task, be sure to use<br />

rubbing alcohol to clear the needle of bacteria. After that place your needle on a clean<br />

towel or wash cloth (napkins).<br />

Step 2: Make sure your hands are good and clean!!!!! You could wear latex gloves when<br />

piercing your ear. To make yourself feel comfortable when completing this process, you should place an ice cube behind<br />

your ear when piercing the needle through. If you really don’t want to feel much pain during the process, rub ice around your<br />

lobe then hold it for 60 seconds.<br />

Step 3: After using the ice, make sure you dab your ears with alcohol, this will also lower the risk of you getting a bacterial<br />

infection. You need to make sure that you use a piece of fruit or an ice cube behind your ears so the piercing can go straight<br />

through.<br />

Step 4: You are now ready to pierce your ears on your own!<br />

Step 5: Choose the spot where you want to pierce your ears and smoothly move the piercing needle through the earlobe<br />

until the point hits the sturdy piece behind your ear. It's important that you are quick to ensure less pain. Leave the needle<br />

inside your ear for at least 5 minutes, and also numb your ear with ice while doing so.<br />

Step 6: Once your ear is numb, slowly remove your piercing needle; after that’s been done, you can put an earring into your<br />

new hole; be sure to wipe away any blood.<br />

REMEMBER: Clean your ears with sea salt solution or peroxide. Also<br />

make sure to leave your earrings in for 6 weeks; after 6 weeks, be sure to<br />

keep a pair of earrings in for 6 months so your hole will remain open.<br />

picture<br />

Sources: My own previous experience.<br />

http://www.ehow.com/how_4501972_pierce-own-ears-safety-pin.html<br />

http://www.instructables.com/id/pierce-your-own-ears/<br />


Jasmine Devoe<br />

Mixed hair is considered “good hair” because it waves or has more defined curls than African American hair, but if you<br />

have it, you know the real story. We spend hours trying to comb out our locks without losing the curl. Due to the nature<br />

of our bi- or multiracial hair, it’s hard to find products to maintain it and keep it healthy. I’ve found<br />

some solutions to help with all your hair trouble<br />

What type of hair do I have?<br />

There are many type and grades of hair, but in order to find products right for you, you have to know<br />

what your hair type is. 3A, 3B and 3C are the most common types of hair. “Type 3A, hair that is very<br />

loosely curled like Julia Robert's or Susan Sarandon's is usually very shiny with big curls. Type 3B, on<br />

the other hand, is hair with a medium amount of curl, and bouncy ringlets. Type 3C, is hair with tight<br />

Type 3A<br />

curls in corkscrews. The curls can be either kinky, or very tightly curled, with lots and lots of strands densely packed<br />

together.” Pics and info: http://www.rocasalon.com/hair_types.htm.<br />

How to keep your hair HEALTHY<br />

Shampoos that are hydrating and have natural oils are best for mixed hair. Since the hair follicles on<br />

curly hair don’t lie flat, the natural oils have a harder time moisturizing the rest of your hair. Don’t<br />

over shampoo, because it will dehydrate your already dry hair; wash your hair once a week.<br />

Condition hair every time you wash your hair. It’s imperative that you do because your hair is very<br />

fragile and will break easily. Make sure you deep condition at least once a month.<br />

Comb out your hair while it’s wet with a wide toothed comb. Never comb your curls while your hair is<br />

dry. This will break off your hair. Brushing is strictly prohibited unless it’s straightened, as it strains<br />

your hair and will create split ends. Make sure you comb from the ends to scalp to prevent damage.<br />

How to grow long natural hair<br />

Type 3B<br />

Hair is mostly composed of Keratin, which is protein, so having a healthy diet that is rich in protein, and hair products<br />

with protein in them will allow your hair to grow faster and healthy. Grilled chicken and fish will lower your fat intake.<br />

Another tip that is very useful is drinking plenty of water. Your hair gets hydrated by drinking water,<br />

just like the rest of your body. Exercising, quality hair products and vitamins will help your hair grow<br />

longer and healthier because your body is healthier. http://www.keratin.com/aa/aa012.shtml<br />

What products are bad for your hair?<br />

Rule #1: Avoid Bad Hair Product Ingredients<br />

Rule #2: Avoid Hair Coloring, Rinses, and Dyes<br />

Rule #3: Avoid Hair Products with Synthetic Fragrances<br />

Rule # 4: Avoid Products with Chemical Preservatives<br />

Rule # 5: Abandon your typical beauty supply store or drugstore.<br />

Rule #6 Only purchase all natural hair care products tailored for your hair type.<br />

For a more extensive list please visit:<br />

http://www.ehow.com/how_2059484_biracial-ethnic-hair-things-avoid.html#ixzz1Hc4heC6o<br />

Type 3C

logo<br />

By: Le’Terria W. Thomas<br />

I’ve always wondered why people decide to go to<br />

this place. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this place about a<br />

5 for many different reasons. I like the fancy restaurants.<br />

Restaurants that are neat and clean from the time you walk<br />

in, until the time you leave. Golden Corral just doesn’t fit that<br />

description. As many people know, Golden Corral has many<br />

different locations, and I’ve been to about 3 of those, and they’ve all appeared to be the same. Not even 1 out of 3 has shown me<br />

anything different.<br />

I would rate the food a low 6, simply because I’m a very picky eater. The food that I do eat from Golden Corral, always<br />

has something wrong with it. I also eat the same thing: macaroni, steak, chicken, pizza, mashed potatoes & gravy, steak fries,<br />

nachos & cheese, ham. It seems like when you ask them to do one thing, they do the complete opposite. They might not even do<br />

it at all.<br />

Macaroni – It’s always watery, so I ask for some fresh macaroni that’s not too watery, yet they come out with the same type of<br />

macaroni that I didn’t want.<br />

Steak – I ask for it well, well done, or almost burnt. They give it to me half way done, still red in the middle.<br />

Chicken – I’ve never really had a problem with the chicken, but they could serve it hot instead of warm.<br />

Pizza – It taste like pizza dough with no toppings. They need to find a new recipe, point blank period.<br />

Steak fries – They taste like they don’t even drain the grease out of the fries. They look like a shiny piece of gold.<br />

Nachos & Cheese – Either the cheese is cold, or the chips are hard and stale.<br />

Ham – Sometimes it’s salty, but overall it’s good.<br />

I really don’t think that they are sanitary, for the simple fact, they use silver wear instead of using plastic wear. I believe<br />

that it is very unsanitary to do that. Many germs are getting passed around these days. Probably 2.5 million people have eaten off<br />

of just one fork, spoon, or knife. They should put a stop to that. Just because you wash the stuff, doesn’t meant that it always<br />

gets clean. There have been plenty of times that I went to grab a plate, and leftovers are still on the plate, yet it’s sitting there<br />

with the clean dishes. (That goes for a lot of restaurants really.)<br />

Speaking of not being sanitary, their bathrooms aren’t that clean, either. I’ve never been able to go to the restroom<br />

without smelling a nasty smell (air freshener), or finding pee on the toilet seats, and toilet paper all on the flood, or should I say,<br />

used toilet paper. Also, female products are always all over the floor. I know that people should know not to do stuff like that,<br />

but aren’t employess getting paid to make sure that, if stuff like this does happen, it gets cleaned up? Why have a job, and not do<br />

the job? There is no way that the<br />

bathrooms should be looking like<br />

that. It’s disgusting and it’s making<br />

Golden Corral look very bad. The<br />

workers are very well mannered.<br />

They greet you on your way in, and<br />

also on your way out.<br />

Overall, if I had to refer a<br />

restaurant to someone, it wouldn’t<br />

be Golden Corral because they just<br />

have too many things that they<br />

need to work on.<br />


Fat Ho Burgers<br />

By: Rochelle Payne<br />

Hey! I know the title drew you into reading this<br />

document. Why? Because one, you’ve never heard of it,<br />

and two, you probably want to try some, also. Yeah, I<br />

was thinking the same thing when I first heard about<br />

Fat Ho Burgers on the radio (101.3 Tom Joyner in the<br />

morning). For everyone reading this, please prepare<br />

yourself for the most humorous laugh of a lifetime. Fat<br />

Ho Burgers is no joke. The name explains it all.<br />

Fat Ho Burgers is a recently opened restaurant<br />

in Wako, Texas, owned by 23 year old, Lakita Evans.<br />

Obviously, with a name like Fat Ho Burgers, there will<br />

be tons of issues, concerns, and controversy throughout<br />

the big state. Lots of people are fighting against the<br />

name, saying it discriminate against women. It was<br />

definitely not named for the negative, but in the<br />

owner’s words, ‘More to put a smile on their face.’ I<br />

thought a little negatively myself, wondering who would want to eat at a place relating to a fat hoe?’ No, I’ll<br />

just pass.’ That’s probably what every other woman or man man or woman would say hearing about this<br />

restaurant for the very first time.<br />

But reading more abour Lakita, I started to see what she saw. "Look at what's going on over there in<br />

Japan. I mean, it's quite clear to us that this world's not going to get any better...somebody's got to keep their<br />

sense of humor around here." Yes, Lakita, that is indeed true.<br />

Now you can’t tell me the thought doesn’t even make you laugh. I was extremely moved by the menu. And<br />

now I can really see how she planned on bringing in the laughter.<br />

Supa Fly Ho w/ chz<br />

Supa Dupa Fly Ho w/ chz<br />

Supa Dupa Fly Ho w/ Bacon<br />

Fat Chicken Ho<br />

Bad Mamajama<br />

Sloppy Ho Brisket<br />

Toasty Ho<br />

Juicy Steak Ho<br />

Ahh, don’t you just to love it! Who could stay<br />

upset after reading that? I mean seriously, it’s not that<br />

bad, and I do believe this was created to see happier<br />

faces, because life is too short and you really don’t<br />

when it’s your time. So, go have fun! Live a little, and<br />

don’t let what the thoughts of everyone else<br />

determine your thoughts and feelings on getting a Fat<br />

Ho Burger!<br />

Info & pics<br />

More info & pics

PizzaPastaWings<br />

By Cha’kell Davis<br />

I know that everyone has heard about and or has eaten<br />

pic<br />

at Pizza Hut. But if you haven’t, I suggest that you try it.<br />

Pizza Hut is known for their pizza, pasta, wings, and dessert. They always have a special deal going on or<br />

you can always find coupons in the local newspaper. Everyone likes pizza; I have never met anyone who<br />

doesn’t. Even vegetarians eat at Pizza Hut because they have all types of pizza: Pepperoni, Sausage,<br />

Cheese, Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Supreme, Super Supreme, Chicken, Hawaiian Luau, Triple Meat,<br />

Italian Trio, and Spicy Sicilian. Pizza alternatives include Buffalo wings: Burnin’ Hot, Medium, Mild, Spicy<br />

Asian. BBQ, Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Naked and Dripping. The pasta they have is<br />

amazing; they have Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Tuscani Meaty Marinara. For desert, they have<br />

Hershey’s Chocolate Dunkers and Cinnamon Sticks.<br />

pic<br />

Pizza Hut is always having a sale, whether it is just for a day or for a month. Every Tuesday is Tuscani<br />

Tuesday; Wednesday is Wing Wednesday,; and lately they have had large pizzas with any toppings for<br />

$10. I definitely recommend their Pizza Hut to all pizza lovers. That’s how good it is!<br />

A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gains. Vintage Books, New York.<br />

1993.256 pps. Tevin Robinson<br />

Grant is a 19 year old young man living in the heart of the dirty south of Alabama.<br />

He is a young, poor, black male who has to support his family of seven, including his mother<br />

and his six brothers and sisters. Grant is a smart, young man looking for an opportunity to<br />

make something out of his life. He wanted to be one of the first people in his family to go to<br />

college.<br />

Grant soon has a big problem; he gets fired from his job at the super market, and<br />

finds out that he doesn’t have money to support his family and pay the bills. Times get hard<br />

for Grant and his family; he doesn’t know what to do next. “Man I need some money, I do<br />

anything to make some money” (pg.23). Eventually, Grant and his two friends, Bobby and<br />

picture<br />

Ricky, come up with a quick money scam. They have the idea of robbing the local liquor<br />

store. When Grant and his friends go to the liquor store they plan on robbing, something<br />

goes wrong, and one of his friends ends up killing the store manager and a police officer. Grant gets caught by the<br />

police, and both of his friends get away. Grant is put on trial for a murder he didn’t commit and faces life in prison.<br />

The author uses a lot of dialogue to get his message across to the reader. He also uses a lot of snapshots to give<br />

the reader a picture. He also uses thought shots to tell the reader what the characters are thinking and why they are<br />

thinking it. “I can’t believe this has happened to me. I’m never going to see my family again” (pg34).<br />

The book, A Lesson Before Dying is similar to Getting Away with Murder, the story of Emmitt Till and how three<br />

men took him from his home and murdered him. These two books teach you how you can learn from your mistakes, and<br />

decide between right and wrong.<br />

The important message in A Lesson Before Dying is that life isn’t always good, and sometimes it’s hard to the<br />

point where you just want to give up, but just because you are poor and don’t have money, it doesn’t mean that you<br />

should make a bigger mistake that is going to affect you for the rest of your life.

Unwind By: Neal Shusterman.<br />

Letitia Brown<br />

pic<br />

Simon & Schuster New York 335 pps.<br />

Beep...Beep...Beep…fills<br />

his ears, along with people in scrubs,<br />

masks, and gloves surrounding<br />

him. All of a sudden, a bright light from<br />

a distance gets closer and closer<br />

towards him. Roland looks over to see<br />

many wires attached to his<br />

body, and before he knows it… he<br />

blacks out.<br />

The story, Unwind, by Neal<br />

Shusterman, is truly one of a kind. No<br />

other book that I have read can<br />

compare to this. The author of this story<br />

Neal Shusterman is very unique<br />

in his own special way. He is very<br />

popular and has other books, as<br />

well; EverWild, EverLost, Bruiser, Red<br />

Rider’s Hood, What Daddy Did. As a screen and TV writer, Neal has written for the "Goosebumps" and<br />

“Animorphs” TV series, and wrote the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Pixel Perfect”. He is a very<br />

inspirational author and is sure to be guaranteed to have more eye catching books/novels.<br />

Of course, in every story there conflicts involved. One conflict in this story would have to be the<br />

argument that occurred between Roland and Connor. Connor became convinced that Roland was trying<br />

to kill him because of how Roland was trying to replace Connor’s spot on the airplane. What makes this<br />

such a big deal is that Connor had originally planned to be in that position on the plane since there was a<br />

plan between him and the pilot to kill all the unwinds. Roland trying to take his spot made it a big deal<br />

for the both of them, which eventually led to a fight.<br />

The book was set in the future and tells about how parents can not abort their newborn, but they<br />

can do so they choose to unwind their children once they reach the ages of 13-18. What makes the story<br />

more suspenseful is that 3 teenagers work together to try to escape and avoid being unwound. Their<br />

journey had a few twists and kinks. But lets’ not spoil it. You can read and find out yourself. There’s<br />

drama, drama, and more drama between characters. The book lets you see everyone’s thoughts, so you<br />

get a look at their perspective on what’s happening. It shows the difficulties they have to face in order to<br />

survive. Once they reach the end, there’s no where else to run.<br />

One strength of the book would have to be the good imagery the author provided for the reader.<br />

There was a moment in the book where one of the surgeons in the camp took a scalpel and sliced it right<br />

into Roland’s leg. You see half of a male teenager’s body laying down on a metal platform with nothing<br />

else at the end. The intense description of this scene was very easy to imagine in the reader’s mind. Not<br />

all authors provide that use of imagery.<br />

Another strength of this book would have to be the remarkable use of dialogue. Usually, dialogue<br />

would be not as exciting, but, in this case, dialogue played a very important role in the story. One<br />

conversation led to another, and it became more and more dramatic as the story continued. It’s not the<br />

common typical dialogue that you would normally expect in most fiction stories. The dialogue also<br />

helped the reader understand more about the situations that were happening.<br />

Another strength is most definitely the foreshadowing of the story. The foreshadowing led you on as<br />

you flipped page by page. The dialogue also assisted in the building of suspense as well. I believe that<br />

the purpose of the suspense was to mainly reach out to the readers and keep them more interested in<br />

finishing the story, instead of, like most books, being boring and causing teen readers to give up and put<br />

the book down.<br />

One final strength that I came across while reading was that the author uses descriptive detailing.<br />

Every sentence he writes is so in depth and he pulls in the reader with intriguing action. It was easy to<br />

comprehend and simple to grasp. Every bit of detail followed up with a great image in my mind, and<br />

that’s what I like to see in books.

Randy Truong<br />

The River<br />

Gary Paulsen<br />

1991<br />

Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers<br />

New York<br />

0-440-22750-X<br />

125 Pages<br />

pic<br />

Being caught all alone in the wilderness for 54 days, surviving without<br />

anything but a hatchet, can you imagine that? Well that isn’t quite what happened in<br />

the story, but it is what this young boy went through and then he happens to get<br />

caught in the same predicament once more. Set in the Canadian Wilderness, The<br />

River, by Gary Paulsen, is about a young teen boy who happens to get caught in the same situation twice.<br />

After recovering from his incident, he isn’t given enough of a break to withstand the second one. Derrick is a<br />

man who works for the government and trains people for survival situations. He asks Brian to help him make a<br />

book for these type of circumstances, and the only way to do it is to see Brian in action. Both parties agree to<br />

not take anything along with them but a means of communication, which was a radio, and a notepad. When<br />

catastrophe strikes, Brian has to use the best of his abilities to make things right again.<br />

Overall, The River is an audacious story that takes you through how to react when every move you<br />

make is crucial to saving another’s life. Gary Paulsen demonstrated that it is not always about yourself and that<br />

helping another will also assist you in the long-run. Throughout the story, you see Brian attempting to help<br />

others, especially Derrick, who keeps making decisions that’ll will slow him down and cause him to go through<br />

much trouble. Brian makes the choice that will be more beneficial for Derrick.<br />

What makes The River such a good story is how every single scene seems to sink you in details of<br />

each surrounding vividly. Another good thing about The River is how it tells you some tips on how to survive in<br />

the wilderness which may affect you in real-life. There is nothing better that you can learn from a book then to<br />

transform it into something that you can use in real life. The River is not over exaggerated; it is kept very<br />

realistic. It puts you in the mindset of young Brian Robeson, really giving you the feel of what happens when<br />

you are forced into such a situation.<br />

The River is one of those stories that shift from scene to scene very fast and keeps you on the edge, so<br />

if you’re one of those readers who love constant action, then this book is for you. But you know when things<br />

move fast, some parts can be very unclear and leave you full of questions. That was one of the problems for<br />

me. I wanted to learn more about main characters, but they didn’t describe much about his background, which<br />

left a lot of questions.<br />

What you will learn exactly from The River is that it is not always about yourself but about helping<br />

someone else in need and that will benefit you in the long-run. Every book you read should it helping you learn<br />

and build as a person in which The River did a good job of having a good moral behind it. This is shown by<br />

Brian simply helping out Derrick, and you will learn the reason for him doing so if you choose to pick up this<br />

book.<br />

This book itself is worth reading, especially if you are a fan of adventure books. Also you should pass<br />

this on to a friend because it is not too long. It remains consistent, filled with action, so you really won’t fall<br />

asleep reading it. So if you ever feel like hopping out a plane and getting dropped in middle of nowhere, you<br />

should pick up The River before even attempting to do so.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger<br />

Kelsey Hinton<br />

The experience of reading Catcher in the Rye by: J. D. Salinger is like reading 16 year old, Holden<br />

Caulfield’s, journal. Or like a blog where he vented all his angst towards the world and life. The book is written in<br />

first person so it feels as though he is the author. Holden’s life is monotonous. He is depressed, and sick and tired<br />

of it. He hates attending schools full of kids and teachers who are all “fake” and “phony”.<br />

pic<br />

Holden has been kicked out of the most prestigious schools. At the beginning of the book he has been<br />

kicked out of yet another and is about to head home. The book is spread across 3 or 4 days in New York where he<br />

had grown up. The entire book is all the thoughts he had within this short time.<br />

The language in the book is very laid back and casual, just like an American teenager would speak.<br />

Reading this book is a different kind of reading experience. The way it is written is not in the form you are used to<br />

for such an important piece of literature. Phrases like, “anyways, as I was saying”… “If you wanna know the<br />

truth”… and “man that kills me” appears a lot throughout the book. But soon, you get used to the language, and it even grows on you.<br />

After reading about ten chapters, I even started to use some of the phrases from the book. There is a lot of humor in the book. The<br />

humor comes from looking through Holden’s world view. For example, when one of his teachers gives him a very serious lecture<br />

about life, all he can think about is the way his sickly old man of a teacher is showing his hairy chest, looks horrible, and smells of<br />

vapor rub. And all he understands of the speech is that the teacher is telling him he has a big brain. Everything that the adults seem to<br />

see as very serious, Holden sees as funny or phony.<br />

In the book, Holden talks about his favorite authors and his favorite book. He says the books he likes the most are books<br />

where he feels connected to the author. He can call the author up and have a conversation about the book. The funny thing is, is that<br />

this book is that kind of book. As I read the book I felt as though I could have been talking directly to Holden. I felt like I could lean in<br />

and tell Holden, “Buck up kid, life isn’t that bad; don’t look at everything in shades of gray.” The thing I believe that has made this<br />

book a classic is the ability to connect so well to Holden.<br />

Holden has a wide range of opinions, and he has one for everyone and everything in the world. Most of the time his opinion<br />

of things is that he is not impressed or is very sarcastic. But deep down, there are things he really enjoys and likes. He loves his sister;<br />

he enjoys the nuns at the station, and the ducks in the lagoon. Sometimes I wonder what his opinion would be of me, and how I could<br />

connect with this character.<br />

To Kill a Mockingbird<br />

Courtney Holcomb<br />

pic<br />

To Kill a Mockingbird is brilliant. This book is based in the south between the 1940’s and 1950’s.<br />

During this time, the Jim Crow laws were still active. This book looks racism right in the face.<br />

The main character in the book is Jean Louise “Scout” Finch; she is a young lady just entering<br />

elementary school. Jean Louise lives with her father Atticus (Her mother died when she was just a toddler), her<br />

older brother Jem, who she adores, and the family friend/helper, Calpurnia. The characters all seem so realistic;<br />

the author, Harper Lee, does an amazing job of putting the reader in each character’s shoes, as well as<br />

transitioning from character to character. Jean Louise is the main character, and the story is told from her point<br />

of view throughout the entire book. It is amazing the way the accurately creates the voice of a child; Jean<br />

Louise is so young and lost in the world, that she learns something new everyday throughout the book. Not<br />

only did she master a child, but she also mastered Atticus. Atticus is a lawyer and father of Jean Louis and her brother; he is very<br />

intelligent and levelheaded. To be able to transition so quickly from a confused child to a man like Atticus with so much on his plate<br />

as a father and a lawyer is outstanding!<br />

The author definitely captures the language of the Deep South; the story takes place in <strong>May</strong>comb <strong>County</strong>, a fairly small town.<br />

She uses such proper language with, with some country twang for the white characters, but she totally changes her style of language<br />

when the children attend Calpurnia’s church. The children even asked her why she talked like that at her church when she’s educated.<br />

Calpurnia, being wise and levelheaded, simply told them that she was required to speak differently in front of certain people. The Jim<br />

Crow laws required that African Americans didn’t speak intelligently in front of white people. (Calpurnia was an exceptation to this<br />

rule within the Finch household).<br />

To Kill a Mockingbird vaguely reminds me of a book I read named Marked. Both books capture the hearts of young readers<br />

through the main characters. In each book, the main character is young; this makes it easier for young readers to relate to their<br />

problems and understand their inner thoughts.<br />

Mockingbird reaches out to all audiences, but it reaches out most to female teenage readers because it is from a young lady’s<br />

perspective. The older generations will enjoy the it as well, because this book came out when they were young. To Kill a Mockingbird<br />

is a mind blowing book that I wouldn’t mind reading again. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Perks of High School<br />

By: Nikayla Edmondson<br />

Perks of Being a Wallflower, by<br />

Stephen Chbosky, is a story about a boy name Charlie. Charlie is a confused boy entering his<br />

freshman year of high school, not knowing anything; he has many questions about everything. He<br />

is trying to find himself through influences of his surroundings peers.<br />

All of the main characters played an important role in Charlie’s life; they all influenced<br />

him differently. The characters with the most influence on Charlie were his family: Sam, Patrick,<br />

Mary Elizabeth, his deceased Aunt, Helen, and his deceased best friend, Michael. Each character’s<br />

traits had different effects on Charlie’s life. Charlie’s brother was his distant role model who knew<br />

what he wanted to do with his life, and that was play professional football. Charlie looked up to<br />

him because he was a physically fit guy, and Charlie imagined how much easier he’d fit in if he<br />

was more like him. Going into high school, that was Charlie’s main objective, he wondered where<br />

he would fit in.<br />

Recently losing his best friend, Charlie felt like a loner. He tried to become more socially involved; although a<br />

family interest Charlie became more personally fascinated with football, so he started going to his high school games<br />

again, which he hadn’t done since his best friend Michael committed suicide in 8 th grade. Charlie often thinks about his<br />

deceased Aunt Helen, who he thought of as the only person who truly understood him. Charlie began to befriend<br />

Patrick, a guy in Charlie’s wood shop class, and sat with him at a football games. Through Patrick, Charlie met his secret<br />

crush, Sam, Patrick’s step sister. They influenced Charlie, because they were older kids in his school, he looked as them<br />

as people who where in the cool crowd. He hangs with them and begins to adapt their weekend lifestyle. Hanging with<br />

Patrick and Sam, is how Charlie meets Mary Elizabeth, his first girlfriend and the very reason he doesn’t understands<br />

girls. His relationship with Mary Elizabeth is stressful to him and leads him to become closer with his older sister, who is<br />

a senior at his high school. Through his complications with his relationships with friends and family, Charlie begins to<br />

find himself. Charlie goes through several different traumas, and even a hospital treatment, before he truly “discovers<br />

himself.”<br />

Each character reveals more interests of Charlie’s. New discoveries in Charlie’s life lead him to more obstacles.<br />

Charlie has a wide curiosity in every situation that he encounters as he questions its motive.<br />

I recommend that book to students between the grade levels of 8-12; the author Stephen Chbosky does a great<br />

job in keeping his reader’s interest. I applaud the author on his writing techniques; the book written directly to the<br />

audience in letter format. He writes letters consisting of his private thoughts, questions, and interest in life. It’s like<br />

you’re living second hand through Charlie.<br />

pic<br />

by Mary Shelley New York, New York 2003<br />

Daryl Artis<br />

Dr. Frankenstein is the wise, mysterious<br />

scientist who was un-loyal to the work of art he<br />

created. Frankenstein dropped out of college<br />

after two years, and began to study the human body. Being curious, he learned how the human<br />

body and organs work together. He was very skilled and talented with his hands, and eventually<br />

brought human scraps to life. The beast that was created was quickly drawn to evil events.<br />

Because the creature was lonely, Frankenstein promised he would create the creature a mate.<br />

The story takes place in a small town of Geneva. Before the monster went on a rampage,<br />

Geneva was a peaceful, lovely city. Soon the city turns into a place you wouldn’t want to step foot<br />

in. Geneva, the quiet place, was now the backyard of a furious beast.<br />

Frankenstein’s work of art was very upset with him. First the monster wanted a mate. Second, he was angry<br />

because his creator promised him a mate. The monster was highly upset, but seemed mostly jealous because his creator<br />

had loved ones. To seek revenge, the monster would murder Frankenstein’s loved ones. This creature would make fun<br />

of Frankenstein after the murders and would run off into the woods.<br />

The story becomes very hectic and crazy. Through the creature’s actions, you can tell that he wants one to love<br />

like everyone else. Frankenstein’s monster expressed many feelings. He expresses jealously, angrer, and realized,<br />

eventually, the wrong doing he had committed. Mary Shelley’s creative ways with words allows you to understands the<br />

many messages, one was that everyone needs love.<br />

Frankenstein isn’t a typical book that teens today would read. The story takes place in a very small quiet city<br />

back in the day. Frankenstein is a young intelligent adult. In most teen books they usually can relate to today’s teens.<br />

However this great book deals with science fiction.<br />

Shelley keeps the reader entertained, wondering about what’s going to happen next. She clearly brings the<br />

reader to the conclusion that everyone has feelings through the monster’s actions. No matter who you are or what you<br />

look like, you have feelings and need love. The creature was attacked and could have torn the attacker limb from limb.<br />

However, his heart sank with bitter sickness and he didn’t react. “CURSED, CURSED, CREATOR! Why did I live?....my<br />

feelings were those of rage and revenge” (p 87). The creature felt betrayed because Frankenstein promised that he<br />

would create a mate. Frankenstein chose not to, because two creatures like this would create so much trouble in<br />

Geneva. Unfortunately the beast had enough. “Be gone! I will not hear you!”<br />


By: Angel Cissell<br />

In a novel, there are many different types of characters; there are the ones you like and the ones that<br />

you don’t get along with. Then there are the ones that you fall in love with and want to help them through<br />

their conflict. That is one of the things that an author tries to capture in a novel. They want you to have some<br />

connection with the characters that are in the story. When you have a connection, then you will keep reading<br />

the book.<br />

The main character is Ed Kennedy, a man who stopped a bank robber. He is a person who has the<br />

type of friends who are outcasts. He is in love with his friend Aubrey. He just goes through life and whatever<br />

happens, happens. “I’d been taking stock of my life.” (15) He is just taking what he gets and he isn’t trying<br />

to make the best of his life. After he stops the bank robber, he mysteriously gets playing cards – one of each pic<br />

suit. There are addresses on them and he has to help the people connected to each one. He goes through<br />

many hardships and the last card is a shocker. At the end of the story, he sees that there is more than he can<br />

do to improve his life; he gets to learn stuff about himself and help the people he loves.<br />

His friend is Marv. He has an old junky car and saves every penny of his money. He also lives with<br />

his parents and he is in his twenties. He is the type of person who is trying to achieve something and wants to<br />

show it off. He is always telling people about how much money he has, and that he can buy a new car if he<br />

wanted to. In the end of the book, you find the true reason he is putting all of his money into a savings account. Someone asks, “What<br />

does Marv need to do with the money?” (308) No one knows exactly what Marv wants to do with the money, and when you do find<br />

out, it is one of the most selfless things in the world.<br />

Aubrey is the one who is afraid to love. Ed is helplessly in love with her and she knows it, but is afraid to hurt him. She is<br />

afraid of giving her heart to someone, because everyone she has loved has left her, but she still loves them. She has had many<br />

boyfriends and just won’t accept the love that Ed has for her.<br />

The mysterious character is Ritchie. You don’t learn that much about Ritchie until the end of the book. He is a very keep to<br />

yourself person. Ritchie is one of the people that Ed has to help and he has no clue as to how. He is his friend, but Ritchie doesn’t tell<br />

his problems to the world, because then he would have to admit something to himself<br />

There are different personalities, and that is one reason why they work so well. No one in the book is the same. They all have<br />

a connection, and that is Ed. He helps them all in ways that they couldn’t help themselves. What he does helps him solve his problem<br />

of who he is; at the end of the book he knows who he is.<br />

DaEndre Lawson<br />

Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of British boys whose plane crashes on a<br />

deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. There aren’t any adults, and the boys are stranded and have to<br />

take care of themselves. The ages range from six to twelve, and Ralph, one of the older boys,<br />

becomes “chief.” However, Ralph is plagued and has to go through a bunch of unfortunate things<br />

in order to survive on the island until help arrives.<br />

First, the fights are epic in this book. One guy, named Jack, is the leader of the bad group,<br />

and Jack and Ralph fight a few times. When Jack and Ralph first fought it was a big deal. Not<br />

because of the violent blows and punches that they each suffered, but because that fight resembled a battle of good vs.<br />

evil. It was like Batman fighting against the Joker. It set the stage of the protagonist and the antagonist in the book.<br />

The younger kids in this book cause an automatic emotional connection and make you want to keep reading to<br />

find out if they survive. They littluns – or the younger children in the group of the stranded boys – talked of a “beasty”<br />

that ravaged through the jungle at night. However, in reality, the “beasty” was a parachutist landing on the island. It was a<br />

sad event because if they wouldn’t have freaked out when they saw the guy, they could have been all saved and back to<br />

wherever it is that they came from.<br />

There are some terrible events in this book. I won’t give all of them away, but the main one is a pretty sad one.<br />

The great event is when Piggy died. That doesn’t sound right, but it was also a significant event that represented the<br />

savage side of humans. It was the climax of the book really. It was the last straw, as you would say, and that’s when Ralph<br />

went on his final rampage to put things back in order.<br />

The theme in this book is the nature of mankind. People normally have the tendency to do bad things when they<br />

gain some sort of power. As seen in this book, when Jack gets a little control, things go down from there. Humans, in<br />

general, follow who seems powerful. When you’re the head honcho on an island full of little kids, they cling to you. Soon,<br />

you’re some sort of island Hitler.<br />

The Lord of the Flies is a book of massive events that happen not so consecutively. The events happen randomly,<br />

but William Golding, the author, does an excellent job of keeping you hooked to read on to the very end.<br />


Sha’Raina Thompson<br />

Book: The Sky is Everywhere<br />

Author: Jandy Nelson<br />

March 18, <strong>2011</strong><br />

pic<br />

The Sky is Everywhere is a wonderfully written novel that has a<br />

fine balance between love, life, and death. When I first came upon the<br />

book, it was hard to get into, but as soon as I got past the first couple of<br />

chapters, it really captured my heart. Jandy Nelson expertly mad the<br />

story realistic and basically made the characters life-like, and you could<br />

see the roller coaster emotions that follow a tragedy, including Lennie’s<br />

fight to box up her sister’s belongings and her guilt over her sudden<br />

happiness. Lennie is a complicated individual, reaching adulthood and is<br />

desperately trying to figure out her jumbled feelings and emotions. She<br />

doesn’t know how to deal with her grief at Bailey’s death, and reaches<br />

out to Toby because he understands what she’d going through.<br />

The portrayal of Lennie’s state of mind is believable, and so are the emotions of her absent<br />

mother and the brief scenes of underage drinking and sexual exploration. I admired the way that she<br />

tried to live life her own way, yet every once in awhile would get slammed with the realization that she<br />

wouldn’t be able to spend her day with Bailey. She also felt guilty when she would forget that Bailey<br />

had died. However, when Lennie learned how to live her own life in this book, it was an amazing<br />

characteristic to develop as a human being. I love how Lennie finds courage that she didn’t have<br />

before.. This is a heartfelt and appealing tale.<br />

Nelson’s writings about grief are beautiful in this novel; they really made the book easy for me<br />

to understand and relate to. There are a lot of amazing passages and writings in the book that could<br />

leave you completely speechless because of how much you could relate to it. In a way, when I was<br />

reading the little notes that had conversations with her sister, it kind of brought up old grief that I had<br />

felt at a time because of the way she wrote in the novel. I had many favorite passages, but this one<br />

particularly touched me the most:<br />

“Grief is a house where the chairs have forgotten how to hold us, the mirrors how to<br />

reflect us, the walls how to contain us. Grief is a house that disappears each time<br />

someone knocks at the door or rings the bell where the doors no longer let you in or out.”<br />

Page 73<br />

Overall, Nelson’s plot for the story made complete sense and gave you a clear sense of where<br />

the story was going. It shows Lennie’s different sides of how she deals with grief and love in very<br />

breathtaking moments. One minute she forgets about her sister’s death and then comes back into a<br />

painful realization about it; She began to bond with her sister’s boyfriend even though he’s around<br />

only because Lennie reminds him of Bailey. The theme of grief, love and sex is a powerful<br />

combination, it makes the story easy to catch on to and hard to let go of. It shows the different types<br />

of grief and love that helped her overcome it all. By the end of the story, she came to the realization<br />

that her sister wasn’t physically there for her anymore, but that she would be everywhere.<br />

A story that reminds me of The Sky is Everywhere is a book that also has a teenage audience<br />

in mind and has almost the same storyline about death and self observance. The book is called,<br />

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver. The story isn’t exactly the same, but it has deeper twists and turns<br />

that make you really appreciate life and to not take advantage of the people that are around. Both<br />

stories will give you the impression that death is the only thing that will make you appreciate life more<br />

and influence how you choose to live your life. In the future, I hope I come across more books that will<br />

touch my heart just as much as this novel did and I recommend the story for any teenager because it<br />

is helpful in showing how you should really learn to appreciate life through the tragic death within the<br />


Problems in Miami<br />

By Bryan Allen<br />

After completing the 2009-2010 NBA season, one<br />

of the biggest signings in NBA history was made.<br />

The Miami Heat had announced that former<br />

Toronto Raptor star forward, Chris Bosh, and<br />

former Cleveland Cavilers star, and to most people,<br />

the best player in the league, LeBron James, were<br />

joining Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat for the<br />

2010-<strong>2011</strong> NBA season.<br />

The Heat had the biggest hype coming into this<br />

season in all of sports. Some even thought that<br />

they would be able to beat the all time regular<br />

season best record set by the 1992 Chicago Bulls,<br />

which is 72-10. On the opening night of the regular<br />

season, the Heat went up against the 2009-2010<br />

Eastern Conference Champions, the Boston Celtics.<br />

Many thought that Heat could come right into the<br />

season unstoppable, but that did not happen; they<br />

lost to the Celtics 88-80.<br />

The season got worse from there; many believe<br />

that the players were having difficulties working<br />

with head coach, Erik Spoelstra. Their offense<br />

wasn’t running right, and commentators believed<br />

that it wasn’t the players; it was time for a new<br />

coach. Rumors began that Coach Spoelstra was<br />

about to be fired.<br />

After the All-Star break, the Heat were 2-5, 5-13 in<br />

games which came down to five or fewer points, and<br />

14-18 against the elite teams in the NBA. After taking a<br />

tough loss to the Chicago Bulls, the word got out that<br />

players in the Miami Heat locker room were crying.<br />

Players began getting fed up with their performance<br />

and knew they could do better than they were. On<br />

March 10, Miami had the defending NBA champions<br />

coming to town, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Heat<br />

defeated them 94-88, which ended their five game<br />

losing -streak, and ended the Lakers eight game winning<br />

streak.<br />

The Heat now has a record of 46-22, the 3 rd best in the<br />

Eastern Conference. Even though the Heat are not<br />

doing badly, they know how good they are and what<br />

they are capable of. People expect better from them,<br />

and so does their entire organization. TIME TO TURN<br />

ON THE HEAT!<br />

Sources &<br />

pictures:<br />

www.wikipe<br />

dia.com and<br />

www.google<br />


The “Fab Five” Controversy<br />

By Bryan Allen<br />

For the 1991-1992 college basketball<br />

season, Michigan Wolverines and Coach James<br />

Fisher had recruited maybe the best class in college<br />

basketball history. With Chris Webber, Jalen Rose,<br />

Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson,<br />

people knew that they were in for a treat.<br />

that he made were very ignorant. A lot of people<br />

were very upset with Jalen and the Fab Five’s harsh<br />

comments.<br />

Bringing a hip-hop flavor to the game of<br />

basketball with their trash talking, baggy shorts,<br />

black shoes, and black socks, they were often<br />

criticized of being thugs, getting a lot of attention<br />

from the media. Their story was made into a<br />

documentary on ESPN. The Fab Five was the<br />

highest rated ESPN film ever made, and included<br />

two of the highest rated teams in their NCAA<br />

championship games. Even losing in both<br />

championship games in 1992 and 1993, this team<br />

will always be remembered for having five<br />

freshmen dominating college basketball. All five<br />

players were drafted to the NBA, four of them first<br />

round top ten picks.<br />

In the documentary, the players expressed<br />

their feelings about the Duke Blue Devils players<br />

and program. The comment that was made by<br />

Jalen Rose caused a lot of commotion, “I hated<br />

Duke. I felt like they only recruited black players<br />

that were Uncle Tom’s.” Former Duke Forward,<br />

NBA star<br />

Grant Hill and<br />

Duke’s head<br />

coach, Coach<br />

K, feels that<br />

the<br />

comments<br />

Jalen knew that people were going to keep<br />

bringing this situation up, so he appeared on ESPN<br />

show, 30 for 30, to clarify what he was saying.<br />

“Well, certain schools recruit a typical kind of<br />

player whether the world admits it or not. And<br />

Duke is one of those schools. They recruit black<br />

players from polished families, accomplished<br />

families. And that’s fine. That’s okay. But when<br />

you’re an inner city kid playing in a public school<br />

league, you know that certain schools aren’t going<br />

to recruit you. That’s one. And I’m okay with it.<br />

That’s how I felt as an 18 year old kid.”<br />

For a while now, this conflict has died<br />

down. There are still many people that disagree<br />

with Rose, but there are some people that<br />

understand what he is saying. Keep tuning in to<br />

ESPN and espn.com for updates on this story.<br />

Sources:<br />

Info: www.sportsgrid.com,<br />

Pics: www.google.com

Polar Bear Plunge<br />

BY: Nikayla Edmondson<br />

Even with the<br />

freezing temperatures,<br />

over a thousand brave<br />

hearts participated in<br />

the Polar Bear Plunge<br />

fundraiser for Special<br />

Olympics Kentucky,<br />

raising $330,000 on<br />

Saturday, February 26,<br />

<strong>2011</strong>, at the<br />

Tumbleweed restaurant<br />

on River Road.<br />

Because the Ohio River<br />

was above the usual<br />

river level, two Pools<br />

were set up for<br />

participants to jump<br />

into.<br />

There were several different participants, like the Ice Socks, Black Swan, and Jump for John. Each group<br />

created a different unique effect on me.<br />

The Ice Socks not only had a wowing 80 crew member jumping team, but they also had the top fundraiser in<br />

their group. Russell Miller, of Louisville, raised<br />

$10,368.80. The 80 member Ice Socks team<br />

raised an amazing $63,437 in total.<br />

The Black Swan group raised almost $2,000<br />

with their 6 member team. I remember this<br />

group specifically because they were the<br />

winners of the Costume contest!<br />

his love and honor to help others.<br />

Jump for John’s story had the most impact on<br />

me. It was a heart warming tale that they shared<br />

before they sprinted into the water. These<br />

young teens of Indiana, jumped for there<br />

deceased friend, John. John was a high school<br />

junior who always wanted to raise money and<br />

jump to help the cause of the Special Olympics.<br />

3 weeks prior to the event, John got into a car<br />

crash and passed away. His 8 friends jumped in<br />

I’m sure each jumper had a story behind their leap. I<br />

enjoyed watching the Polar bear Plunge, and I’m<br />

considering being a participant for next year’s event. Get<br />

involved and join in the fun!!

Zumba<br />

By: Danielle Spencer<br />

Zumba is the name of a dance fitness program,<br />

created by dancer and choreographer Alberto<br />

(Beto) Perez in Colombia during the 1990’s.<br />

Zumba is combined with Latin and international<br />

music in dance to make exercise a lot more fun.<br />

Zumba is for everyone – youngsters to teenagers to<br />

adults. Zumba isn’t just a regular exercise. It is also<br />

fun and interesting, and it is a good workout.<br />

Zumba helps out with a lot of body toning. It has<br />

with specific beats and tempo changes, transitions,<br />

equal to the workout from toning, strengthening or<br />

cardio moves. It also targets every major muscle<br />

group in the body. Zumba is limited to just one style of dance. It<br />

includes: Cumbia, Salsa, Meringue, Mambo, Flamenco, Cha-Cha-Cha, Reggaeton, Samba, Belly<br />

dancing, B-hangar, Hip-hop, and Tango. Zumba is fitness, but fun. Zumba can be played on:<br />

Wii, Playstation3 (with move), and Xbox 360 (with kinect). You just have to have the DVD to<br />

learn Zumba.<br />

The Allied Health classes do exercises that include Zumba, and soon, my mother and I will begin<br />

our own Zumba workouts. Zumba is a really good exercise because it keeps you relaxed and<br />

calm while it gives you energy. That makes you want to do it even more. You will feel more like<br />

a brand new you. Zumba isn’t just for some people, it’s for everybody. It is really fun and<br />

interesting and you’ll enjoy yourself so much. So everyone get up, get out, go have fun with<br />

exercising. You will enjoy the workout, so let’s get in and join the party.<br />

References:<br />

www. Zumba .com<br />

www.msn / zumba .com<br />


Most Outrageous Cases v. Important Cases<br />

By: Brandon Grant<br />

Some very important cases have been ruled upon in the past few years, as well as some outrageous ones. I’ve<br />

collected a few of them for you to see that law can be very important, but also hilarious at times. Remember as you read<br />

that these cases, some of them have changed the history of law, so enjoy. Taken from: Top 5 Most Outrageous Cases and<br />

Supreme Court History: The First 100 Years.<br />


Some of us may remember Ed McMahon as the once lovable sidekick on<br />

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but he's largely shed that image<br />

with a string of lawsuits that has reaped big rewards for the financiallychallenged<br />

entertainer. In addition to being sued for not paying his divorce<br />

attorney, McMahon has been known for his hobby of dishing out lawsuits<br />

himself, the most frivolous of which was against his home insurer over<br />

some mold that he blamed for contributing to the death of his beloved dog.<br />

At the time of the lawsuit, a serious hysteria had swept the delicate<br />

residents of Beverly Hills over the concern that a once minorily-irritating<br />

mold had mutated into something toxic. And despite the fact that the<br />

Center for Disease Control dispelled this myth, McMahon walked away<br />

with an astronomical $7 million dollar payout.<br />

1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford<br />

In Dred Scott v. Sandford (argued 1856 --<br />

decided 1857), the Supreme Court ruled<br />

that Americans of African descent,<br />

whether free or slave, were not American<br />

citizens and could not sue in federal court.<br />

The Court also ruled that Congress lacked<br />

power to ban slavery in the U.S.<br />

territories. Finally, the Court declared that<br />

the rights of slave owners were<br />

constitutionally protected by the Fifth<br />

Amendment because slaves were<br />

categorized as property.<br />

IT''S OVER 9000 CENTS!<br />

While most of us associate lawsuits with roundabout ways at nabbing enormous quantities of money? Some are all in it for<br />

the principle of the thing. This is the case with Canadian border guard Yves Julien who in December of 2003 filed a lawsuit<br />

against the border patrol for not reimbursing him on a $9 sandwich he paid for while working overtime. Though he was<br />

receiving the standard one-and-a-half pay for working overtime, Julien argued that the lack of money for meals was unfair.<br />

So he did the thing any normal person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder would do. He decided to take his battle<br />

to the courts. The lawsuit spanned the course of five years and included numerous rulings, counter-rulings, counter-counter<br />

rulings and etc and infinitum before he was finally awarded his $9. Julien then proceeded to celebrate the victorious<br />

outcome of his 5-year-long battle by using the money to buy a six-pack of Labatt Bleu to drink alone and friendless in his<br />

darkened apartment.<br />


Perhaps one of the most famous cases of frivolous litigation was<br />

the 1994 lawsuit against McDonalds for brewing their java at<br />

dangerously hot temperatures which resulted in the injury of 84-<br />

year old woman Stella Liebeck. This led to a $640,000 payout to<br />

Liebeck and the case later became a "hot" topic for the debate<br />

about the rise of petty lawsuits in the early 90''s, and the ruling<br />

was so unexpected that McDonalds had previously denied multiple<br />

attempts to settle out of court, claiming they never expected to get<br />

in trouble for serving coffee "the way the customers like it."<br />

But at least one customer certainly didn't like it, though after the<br />

victorious lawsuit you might imagine her saying "I'm loving it."<br />

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson<br />

In Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), the Supreme<br />

Court considered the constitutionality of a<br />

Louisiana law passed in 1890 "providing for<br />

separate railway carriages for the white and<br />

colored races." The law, which required that all<br />

passenger railways provide separate cars for<br />

blacks and whites, stipulated that the cars be<br />

equal in facilities, banned whites from sitting in<br />

black cars and blacks in white cars (with<br />

exception to "nurses attending children of the<br />

other race"), and penalized passengers or<br />

railway employees for violating its terms.

1925 Gitlow v. New York<br />

Though upholding the defendant's conviction for distributing his call to overthrow the government, the Court held, for<br />

the first time, that the Fourteenth Amendment "incorporates" the free speech clause of the First Amendment and is,<br />

therefore, applicable to the states.<br />

Beer Commercial Promises Women, Doesn't Deliver<br />

It would take a lot of beer to believe this guy's story. In 1991 Richard Overton actually tried to sue Anheuser-Busch for<br />

$10,000 because upon drinking copious amounts of Bud Light, beautiful women didn't come to life in a tropical setting,<br />

as shown in the commercials.<br />

Do Beautiful Women Really Come to Life When You Drink Bud Light?<br />

1991, Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch for false and misleading advertising under Michigan State law. The<br />

complaint specifically referenced ads involving, among other things, fantasies of beautiful women in tropical settings that<br />

came to life for two men driving a Bud Light truck. In addition to two claims of false advertising, Mr. Overton included a<br />

third claim in his complaint in which he claimed to have suffered emotional distress, mental injury, and financial loss in<br />

excess of $10,0000 due to the misleading Bud Light ads.<br />

1971 United States v. Vuitch<br />

The ACLU's general counsel, Norman Dorsen, argued this case -- the first about abortion to reach the Supreme Court. In<br />

United States v. Vuitch, a doctor challenged the constitutionality of a District of Columbia law permitting abortion only to<br />

preserve a woman's life or health. The Court rejected the claim that the statute was unconstitutionally vague, concluding<br />

that "health" should be understood to include considerations of psychological as well as physical well-being. The Court<br />

also held that the burden of proof should be on the prosecutor who brought charges, not on the doctor.<br />

If You Can’t Sue the System, Sue Yourself<br />

1995, Robert Lee Brock sued himself for $5 million. He claimed that he had violated his own civil rights and religious<br />

beliefs by allowing himself to get drunk and commit crimes which landed him in the Indian Creek Correctional Center in<br />

Virginia, serving a 23 year sentence for grand larceny and breaking and entering. What could he possibly have to gain by<br />

suing himself you may ask? Since being in prison prevented him from having an income, he expected the state to pay.<br />

This case was thrown out.<br />

Criminals Can’t Blame Hollywood<br />

1996, the family of Patsy Ann Byers sued Oliver Stone, Warner Brother, and others involved in the making and<br />

distribution of the movie Natural Born Killers for an unspecified amount. They claimed that the movie caused Sarah<br />

Edmondson and Benjamin Darrus to go on a crime spree which resulted in Edmonson shooting Byers during a robbery,<br />

leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. The lawsuit was originally filed in 1995, against Edmonson and Darrus, the<br />

actual perpetrators of the crime spree. Stone and the others involved with the film were added in 1996. The portion of the<br />

case aimed at Stone and his associates was dismissed in 2001.<br />

1992 Lee v. Weisman<br />

The Court ruled that any officially-sanctioned prayer at public school graduation ceremonies violates the Establishment<br />


1973 Roe v. Wade<br />

The ACLU's general counsel, Norman Dorsen, was a member<br />

of the team of lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the<br />

landmark abortion rights case, Roe v. Wade. This case<br />

challenged a Texas law prohibiting all but lifesaving abortions.<br />

The Supreme Court invalidated the law on the ground that the<br />

constitutional right to privacy by the First Amendment<br />

encompasses a woman's decision whether or not to terminate<br />

her pregnancy. Characterizing this right as "fundamental" to a<br />

woman's "life and future," the Court held that the state could<br />

not interfere with the abortion decision unless it had a<br />

compelling reason for regulation. A compelling interest in<br />

protecting the potential life of the fetus could be asserted only<br />

once it became "viable" (usually at the beginning of the last<br />

trimester of pregnancy), and even then a woman had to have<br />

access to an abortion if it were necessary to preserve her life or<br />

health.<br />

When Kids Commit Heinous Crimes,<br />

Who is Responsible?<br />

The makers of every video game they’ve ever<br />

played, of course. In 2001 Linda Sanders and other<br />

family members of Columbine High School shooting<br />

victims sued 25 movie and video game companies<br />

for $5 billion, in a class action lawsuit. They claimed<br />

that were it not for movies such as The Basketball<br />

Diaries and videos games including Doom, Duke<br />

Nukem, Quake, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Mech<br />

Warrior, Wolfenstein, Redneck Rampage, Final<br />

Fantasy, and Nightmare Creatures, the massacre<br />

would not have occurred, and that the makers and<br />

distributors of the movies and games were partly to<br />

blame for their loved ones’ deaths. The case was<br />

thrown out and the plaintiffs were ordered to<br />

compensate the video game and movie companies<br />

for their legal fees.<br />

Negligent Security is A Legitimate Claim – When you’re the Victim, Not the Perpetrator!<br />

2002, Edward Brewer sued Providence Hospital for $2 million. He claimed that the hospital was negligent because it had<br />

not prevented him from raping one of its patients. The judge ruled that any damage Brewer suffered due to his crime was<br />

his responsibility for choosing to commit the crime, and that the hospital had no legal duty to protect him from that choice.<br />

Kiyemba v. Obama<br />

Twenty-two members of a Chinese ethnic minority called Uighars were captured by U.S. forces at a terrorist training camp<br />

shortly after the beginning of the Afghanistan War. They were imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp despite<br />

the fact that they were not designated enemy combatants. U.S. law prevents them from being released back to China<br />

because, as terrorists, they would be tortured or executed. The Uighars challenged their detention on the basis of habeas<br />

corpus, demanding their freedom even if it meant releasing them into the U.S. Meanwhile, the detainees have received at<br />

least one offer of resettlement in another country. All but five have accepted those offers. The remaining five have in fact<br />

rejected two such offers.<br />

What do you think?<br />

Were the courts right to rule in these ways?

Summer Getaway<br />

By Mike Haines<br />

Looking for some good places<br />

to go on vacation? Well I’ve got some<br />

places that can satisfy your desire to<br />

get away. Below are two getaway<br />

cities for young and old people.<br />

pic<br />


Atlanta, Georgia, has many<br />

things that would make you want to<br />

spend time there on a vacation away<br />

from home. Two things are that they<br />

have a professional basketball team<br />

called, the Atlanta Hawks, and a<br />

professional football team called, “the Atlanta Falcons.” It is also a very warm climate with lots<br />

of outlet shopping malls and beaches to go to and have fun.<br />

Las Vegas<br />

Las Vegas,<br />

pic<br />

Nevada, or Sin City, is<br />

one of the biggest<br />

tourist attractions in<br />

the U.S. Reasons for<br />

this might be the<br />

many shows and<br />

casinos the cities offer.<br />

Lots of tourists try to<br />

win their luck on the<br />

casino slots, or to<br />

enjoy the desert. Also<br />

Las Vegas is full of<br />

many 4 and 5 star<br />

hotels<br />

and<br />

restaurants. All of the<br />

casinos have many shows and displays that teens can enjoy since they are too young to gamble.

Great Cities to Visit<br />

City: New York, New York<br />

What to do there: Shop, tour<br />

Weather: Hot in summer, cold in<br />

winter<br />

People: In a hurry, rude<br />

Food: Tons of restaurants<br />

Outdoor activities: Central Park,<br />

Coney Island, Chinatown<br />

Landscape: Tall buildings<br />

Reviewer: Zana Meaux<br />

City: Indianapolis, Indiana<br />

What to do there: Outlet malls,<br />

museums<br />

Weather: Hot in summer, cold in<br />

winter<br />

People: Just like us<br />

Food: Kontry Kitchen<br />

Outdoor activities: Parks<br />

Landscape: Tall buildings<br />

Reviewer: Jasamin Johnson<br />

City: Chicago, Illinois<br />

What to do there: Zoo and malls<br />

Weather: Cold in winter<br />

People: Somewhat friendly<br />

Food: Gyros<br />

Outdoor activities: Ice skating,<br />

snowmen<br />

Landscape: Snow<br />

Reviewer: Rashell Singer<br />

City: Saigon, Vietnam<br />

What to do there: Water parks,<br />

Temples, ocean<br />

Weather: Very hot and humid<br />

People: Nice<br />

Food: Home made<br />

Outdoor activities: Swimming,<br />

shopping<br />

Landscape: Beautiful, green<br />

Reviewer: Lyndy Nguyen<br />

City: Atlanta, Georgia<br />

What to do there: Shop, party<br />

Weather: Perfect in summer<br />

People: Black and active<br />

Food: Diners<br />

Outdoor activities: Shopping<br />

Landscape: Green, buildings<br />

Reviewer: Robyn Thompson<br />

City: Dresden, Germany<br />

What to do there: Bike riding,<br />

kite flying<br />

Weather: Great in summer<br />

People: Friendly, active and<br />

cultural<br />

Food: Bratwurst<br />

Outdoor activities: Picnics<br />

Landscape: WWII setting<br />

Reviewer: Jorges Rodriguez<br />

City: San Diego. California<br />

What to do there: Shopping,<br />

Beach, people watch<br />

Weather: Hot in the summer<br />

People: Nice<br />

Food: Everything you can<br />

imagine<br />

Outdoor activities: Sand<br />

volleyball<br />

Landscape: Pretty palm trees<br />

Reviewer: Breyia Capers<br />

City: Water Color, Florida<br />

What to do there: Beaches,<br />

Shopping<br />

Weather: Sunny<br />

People: Friendly and welcoming<br />

Food: Great discounts<br />

Outdoor activities: Water skiing,<br />

canoeing<br />

Landscape: Dunes, lakes, trees<br />

Reviewer: Jared Lynum<br />

City: Hollywood, California<br />

What to do there: Watch movie<br />

stars<br />

Weather: Great summers<br />

People: Nice and friendly<br />

Food: California cuisine<br />

Outdoor activities: Parks and<br />

amusement parks<br />

Landscape: Very bright<br />

Reviewer: Harold Ferrell<br />

City: Murray, Kentucky<br />

What to do there: Walk in a very<br />

clean city<br />

Weather: Clear skies<br />

People: Friendly<br />

Food: Mary’s Kitchen, Triple B-<br />

pass Burger<br />

Outdoor activities: Lots of<br />

sports<br />

Landscape: Green and lush<br />

Reviewer: Charles Risinger<br />

City: Panama City, Florida<br />

What to do there: Go-karts,<br />

beach<br />

Weather: Perfect<br />

People: Sociable and fun<br />

Food: Same fast food as we have<br />

Outdoor activities: Swimming<br />

and parks<br />

Landscape: Palm trees, sand,<br />

ocean, fresh air<br />

Reviewer: Sarah’s kid<br />

City: Paducah, Kentucky<br />

What to do there: Shopping and<br />

parties<br />

Weather: Same as here<br />

People: Kind<br />

Food: Red’s donuts<br />

Outdoor activities: BBQ’s<br />

Landscape: Like here but smaller<br />

Reviewer: Jamila Johnson

City: Orlando, Florida<br />

What to do there: Universal<br />

Studios, Disney World<br />

Weather: Warm and muggy<br />

People: In a hurry, but kind<br />

Food: Pirate Dinner Theatre<br />

Outdoor activities: Swimming<br />

Landscape: Beautiful, green<br />

Reviewer: Kelsey Hinton<br />

City: Orlando, Florida<br />

What to do there: Upside down<br />

building<br />

Weather: HOT<br />

People: Easy going, Latino,<br />

Creole<br />

Food: World’s Biggest<br />

McDonalds, all day breakfast<br />

Outdoor activities: Dune<br />

buggies, bicycles<br />

Landscape: Palm Trees,<br />

flamingos, big dragon flies,<br />

lizards<br />

Reviewer: DaEndre Lawson<br />

City: Virginia Beach, Virginia<br />

What to do there: Board Walk<br />

Weather: Hot in summer<br />

People: Funny, nice<br />

Food: Same as here<br />

Outdoor activities: Beach<br />

Landscape: Beach<br />

Reviewer: Dazha Berry<br />

City: Gatlinburg, Tennessee<br />

What to do there: Museums<br />

Weather: Cold in winter, warm<br />

in summer<br />

People: Tourists<br />

Food: Same as here<br />

Outdoor activities: Sky lift,<br />

hiking, go carting<br />

Landscape: Trees and mountains<br />

Reviewer: Jermaine Jones, Jr.<br />

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania<br />

What to do there: Concerts,<br />

Festivals, Afro-Latino Parade<br />

Weather: Cold in winter, warm<br />

in summer<br />

People: Interesting, diverse in<br />

culture and Ideology<br />

Food: Authentic ingredients,<br />

Philly Cheese Steak<br />

Outdoor activities: Biking and<br />

sports<br />

Landscape: Buildings and<br />

greenery<br />

Reviewer: Jasmine Devoe<br />

City: Miami, Florida<br />

What to do there: Shopping,<br />

beach<br />

Weather: Hot<br />

People: Hispanics<br />

Food: Cuban<br />

Outdoor activities: Parades and<br />

Festivals, Beach<br />

Landscape: Palm trees<br />

Reviewer: Raineris Fernandez<br />

City: Flagstaff, Arizona<br />

What to do there: Grand<br />

Canyon<br />

Weather: Really hot in the<br />

summer<br />

People: Not a lot of drama<br />

Food: In-and-Out Burgers<br />

Outdoor activities: Swim, hike<br />

Landscape: Desert, cactus,<br />

pretty skies<br />

Reviewer: Tyler Woodson<br />

What is<br />

your<br />

favorite<br />

city?<br />

City: Mexico City, Mexico<br />

What to do there: Shop<br />

Weather: Hot all year<br />

People: Spanish speaking,<br />

friendly<br />

Food: Mexico Tipico<br />

Outdoor activities: Beach, sights<br />

Landscape: Sunny, tropical<br />

Reviewer: Jordan Weathers<br />

City: Detroit, Michigan<br />

What to do there: Malls<br />

Weather: Cold in winter, warm<br />

in summer<br />

People: Ghetto, Homeless, Perky<br />

Food: Coney Island<br />

Outdoor activities: Fishing<br />

Landscape: Lights and buildings<br />

Reviewer: Kimia Fuqua<br />

City: West Palm Beach, Florida<br />

What to do there: Parks, Beach<br />

Weather: Warm<br />

People: Cool<br />

Food: Seafood<br />

Outdoor activities: Fish, swim<br />

Landscape: Palm trees, sea<br />

animals<br />

Reviewer: Hector Amaya<br />

City: Sarajevo, Bosnia<br />

What to do there: Ski, rock<br />

climb, soccer<br />

Weather: Cold in winter, hot in<br />

summer<br />

People: Variety, nice, mostly<br />

Muslims<br />

Food: Zjelo<br />

Outdoor activities: Festivals,<br />

pyramids<br />

Landscape: hills & rivers<br />

Reviewer: Anel Hasanovic,<br />

Mustafa Lenjinac

Ms Andrea Miechelle Abma<br />

By Jasmynn Weathers<br />

Ms.Abma, who goes by Miechelle, is a Nursing and Sports Medicine teacher<br />

here at Central High School. She says she loves it! By the looks of it, it seems like she<br />

loves her life and the people in it, too!<br />

She has had a lot of teaching experience in her life time. She taught at Ivy<br />

Tech and Brown Mackie College a long time ago, and now Central High School. These<br />

are good choices of schools, especially Central High School! She chose to teach<br />

Nursing because it’s her profession and she enjoys it. Teaching lets her learn so<br />

many new things and she likes helping people. She wants to share her experience in<br />

the field of Nursing.<br />

“As a teacher, I want to become the best I can be. I want for the Nursing<br />

students of Central High School to be able to leave here with credits for college, with<br />

field experience in Nursing, and with a certification in Nurse Assisting so they can<br />

start to work in the field and get a step ahead.”<br />

Michelle Abma grew up in a little city called Tell City with a population of 8,000 people. She is adopted and was<br />

the only child. She has always loved music, reading and being outdoors. She has played the piano since she was 5 years<br />

old. She also enjoys helping with her son’s choir at his elementary school, camping, boating, reading, and spending time<br />

with family and friends. Mrs. Abma attended St Paul Elementary, Tell City High and Tell City High School. She said about<br />

Mr. Carver, her World History in high school, ‘‘He taught me the love of learning, the importance of respect, the ability<br />

to gain information and the understanding that if I apply myself, I will achieve.”<br />

She also attended WKU. “I loved the whole atmosphere of WKU, how friendly the campus was I also loved going<br />

to the football games and hanging with my friends! She has also attended Galen College of Nursing, Excelsior College,<br />

Indiana Wesleyan College, and now EKU.<br />

Mrs. Abma is happily married to Shawn Abma who works with Metro Government as an Arson Investigator.<br />

They have 3 young boys name Trevor, Parker and Spencer.<br />

Margaret Demaree: An Inspiring and Admirable Lady Who Believes in Everyone’s Potential<br />

By Nikayla Edmondson<br />

Margaret Demaree is an inspiring woman at Central High School. She has<br />

more than one success story; she has accomplishments one after another! She<br />

believes in all of her students and she becomes a mentor to everyone she meets.<br />

Born as Margaret Dunbar, in Prospect, Kentucky, Mrs. Demaree had a busy<br />

childhood. She was involved in track, cheerleading, choir and church activities. “My<br />

mother didn’t give me and my brother much time to get into trouble,” she said. He<br />

attended Wilder and Norton Elementary <strong>Schools</strong>, and Ballard Junior and Senior High<br />

<strong>Schools</strong>. It was there that Susan Fetter, her PE teacher and track coach became her<br />

inspiration. She attended EKU, UK and UofL. It was in college that she learned about<br />

the real world.<br />

Mrs. Demaree chose to teach Functional Mentally Disable students because<br />

she had a great aunt who was severely disabled. In her 29 year career, she’s taught at<br />

Bullitt Lick Middle School, Bullitt East High School and Central High School. Mrs.<br />

Demaree loves helping students with their education. At Central, she most admires Steven Serotte, the magnet<br />

coordinator, for his dedication to helping the students. When asked how teaching has changed over her career, she said<br />

that both student-teacher respect and technology are different than when she first started.<br />

Mrs. Demaree’s biggest accomplishments in life are her children – daughter, Devyn, and son, George – twins!<br />

Second is 1+1=U. She hopes to help build the organization to a national level. To learn more, http://1plus1equalsu.com/.<br />

In her spare time, she loves singing, watching romance movies, and, of course, helping others.<br />

She wants all CHS students to know, “What is HARD to endure, is sweet to Remember. Hard work brings<br />


A Father’s Creation<br />

Roxanna Batista<br />

I never paid much attention to my parents’ feelings. I was a greedy little person living in my own world.<br />

I thought that I deserved everything, and that they had to give me anything that I asked for, only because I<br />

received good grades in school, and was never in trouble. I took my parents for granted, and didn’t realize the<br />

importance of loving the ones that brought me to this world until some things happened, events that changed my<br />

mind and my heart. My father, the person who made me, who gave me life, whose heart belongs to me, and has<br />

dedicated his entire life to me, saved me. He showed me how important it is not to ignore the feelings for those<br />

who are able to give their life for mine.<br />

The sun rose in the clear, blue sky like a newborn child. I woke up and ran to my father’s arms to hear<br />

the big surprise. “Guess what? We are going to the beach,” he said. He always took me to the beach on<br />

Saturdays, but it was a very special day because it was my birthday. I was turning five that day, the same day I<br />

came back from death. As always, my mom prepared breakfast and we all sat together. I packed some things<br />

and went to the backyard to take our dog with us. I always liked taking her to the beach to hear the sound of her<br />

paws splashing in the water. I put on my favorite bikini, which was black with yellow stripes; I looked like a<br />

bee, which is why I liked it so much. My mother wasn’t going with us that day, she had to visit town to buy<br />

some food. My father grabbed my small backpack and we started our way.<br />

The beach wasn’t so far away. We could take the bus, or take my uncle’s motorcycle. But we enjoyed<br />

walking, to admire nature in such a beautiful morning in a healthy way. The weather channel had announced<br />

some rain for the day, but we didn’t care, especially because the sky looked so clear, you could almost predict<br />

that nothing was going to ruin our special day. The sand, as white as snow, was shining like little pieces of<br />

crystal all together. The water was as transparent as a piece of glass, inviting us to take a splash. It was the<br />

perfect day, and the perfect time to follow a little golden fish coming through my path.<br />

All of a sudden, the sky turned black as if the clouds were mad. I couldn’t see the golden fish anymore. I<br />

felt the danger, but my feet weren’t reaching the sand; I was gasping for air while I heard father desperately call<br />

me, but I could not answer back. Every time I tried to scream, my mouth got filled with water. I closed my eyes<br />

for a while, and then I opened them and saw a light. I could barely see. I felt confused and disorientated. My<br />

little body became tired, and I got carried away by the waves. Then I felt something that grabbed me, and pulled<br />

me back to the surface. I was half unconscious, but somehow I knew it was my father. I was able to open my<br />

eyes for a moment, and as I saw his face; I knew I was no longer in danger.<br />

Such events strengthened ties between me and my father. That day I learned to give my father the value<br />

he deserved, and that I should never underestimate the people that love me. He made me feel protected by his<br />

side, and that nothing bad will happen to me as long as he is there to protect me.<br />

My father has also taught me over the course of my life, that he has other goals and visions besides me.<br />

He has his purposes well defined, which makes me feel proud of him because, not only has he taught me to be a<br />

mature person, but he has his own personal goals he wants to achieve. He is the kind of person who achieves<br />

everything he wants to; he never leaves anything for later because, as he taught me, it’s better not to leave for<br />

tomorrow what you can do today. I also don’t feel selfish by letting my father work on his personal life rather<br />

than paying attention to me all the time. Everyone needs their own space to work on their problems, just as I do<br />

when I need to solve anything.<br />

As a grown young adult, I look back and I thank my father for always being by my side. He has always<br />

been a faithful man; he never left us, even in bad times. I realize I acted wrong as a little girl, but I’ve changed<br />

and followed my father’s steps, which has made me a better person. I am his creation; he turned me into the<br />

responsible and respectful person that I am today. I am always going to follow and continue to learn his<br />


Flashing Back<br />

Greter Sierra<br />

Learning a new language is like a baby learning how to talk. Imagine this baby being<br />

twelve years old. Not understanding anyone made me feel frustrated. It was not easy hearing<br />

voices and not being able to interpret what each word meant. Life became even worse when I<br />

got to Middle School. As I flash back, I see myself sitting in my English class. To me it felt like<br />

being in prison. I remember hearing words that sounded alike, but had different meanings. How<br />

could I possibly learn that? Many times, giving up felt like the best option. I was so<br />

disappointed, to the point that I regretted coming to the United States. Fortunately, my life made<br />

a 180 degree turn when I met my greatest influence.<br />

She was Mrs. McGrath, my ESL teacher in middle school. Her words of encouragement<br />

made me feel confident and secure. I felt a strong connection with her as she told me her story<br />

which was similar to mine. She could understand the struggle of not understanding anyone. She<br />

showed me the path of accomplishment by helping me improve my reading and writing. She<br />

said that it was the most important thing in the English language. It was her way of teaching<br />

that caught my attention.<br />

I loved the way she broke lessons down to make them seem easier. Never in the world<br />

had I imagined having to write portfolios. I learned onomatopoeia, personification, simile,<br />

metaphors, and other important writing techniques. Then I realized that I was not only learning<br />

English, but I was learning the right way of writing. She told us to live life in a snapshot when<br />

writing, if you describe in details what you’re writing, then your piece will be successful. She<br />

was surprised with my improvement and the way I applied my knowledge to every story. I<br />

wasn’t the best writer, but I finally understood the importance of grammar and punctuation.<br />

Thinking in Spanish and writing in English, she believed, was the best method for producing a<br />

better writing piece.<br />

One of the most important things that I learned in her class was to always try to push<br />

myself a little harder when it came to reading. I was very embarrassed when we had to read out<br />

laud. When it was almost my time, I would make any excuse to get out of class. Mrs. McGrath<br />

introduced me to books about Junnie B. Jones. She told me that it was going to be challenging<br />

for me, but that I would enjoy the story of a girl who also struggled in some way. I could have<br />

never imagined the wonderful words used to describe a moment in a story. At first I read just to<br />

get a grade, but she showed me that if I picture myself in the story, I would enjoy reading<br />

forever.<br />

The more I read, I noticed that my writing improved. Learning new words from difficult<br />

books can really help a writer improve writing. As I travel back in time to see myself in middle<br />

school, I can really say that I have improved tremendously. Thanks to the help of just one<br />

person, I was able to improve my reading and writing. I will never forget the person that pushed<br />

me to success. Now that I’m a senior in High School, I believe that I have knowledge enough to<br />

complete any reading or writing task, but I know that there is still more to learn.

Seen around CHS<br />

Top left: Oxymoron.<br />

Top right: Travesty.<br />

Center left: Oddities.<br />

Center right: Another<br />

Oddity.<br />

Bottom: A trio of Oddities.

My Cuba<br />

by Yanitza Torres<br />

Cuba, like a shiny precious pearl,<br />

All that you have, I love it,<br />

Your beautiful light blue beaches<br />

Like a sunny sky.<br />

Yours are the most beautiful beaches<br />

But you turn your waves into hungry lions<br />

Eating people trying for a better life<br />

They die in the darkness of the ocean.<br />

The children innocently drown,<br />

Parents lie<br />

And their souls fall down<br />

Like sand thrown into the water<br />

But they vanish forever.<br />

Cuba beaches, destroyed families<br />

People in pain<br />

Lifetime dreams killed<br />

They die with a broken dream.<br />

Cuba, the most beautiful island<br />

With her transparent water<br />

Swallowing dreamers<br />

Taking away lives yet,<br />

As clear as crystal<br />

As appealing as a spring day.


Mike Haines<br />

Shake em to the left, shake em to the right<br />

I need a seven before the end of the night<br />

Money on the table, money on the flo<br />

Boom boom boom?? Somebody watch that do’<br />

White dice blue dice don’t got a red dice<br />

Pocket full of money man it’s real nice<br />

Shake em shake em shake em damn I just crapped out<br />

Losing too much money yaw bout to get out<br />

Gamblin’ all I know ima do it till I die<br />

Bra u just crapped out again mannnn u a lie<br />

Bra u can’t play like well then bye

The Great United States of America by Jermaine Jones<br />

1 2 3 4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7 8<br />

9<br />

10 11 12<br />

13<br />

14 15<br />

16 17 18<br />

19 20<br />

21<br />

22 23 24 25<br />

26<br />

27<br />

28 29<br />

30 31<br />

32 33 34<br />

35 36<br />

37 38 39<br />

40<br />

41<br />

42 43 44<br />

45 46<br />

47 48<br />

49<br />

EclipseCrossword.com<br />

Across<br />

1. Home to Grand Mesa<br />

5. First powered flight by man took place here<br />

7. The nation's first dental school opened here<br />

8. The car capital of the world<br />

9. First Atomic Bomb was detonated here<br />

10. A kind of punch<br />

11. The Hersey capital of the world<br />

14. First to declare independence from England<br />

15. Hang On Sloopy is it's official rock song<br />

17. First state to give women the right to vote<br />

19. Where Elvis Presley was born<br />

21. The only state name that starts with two vowels<br />

23. Home to Mall of America<br />

26. Best known for peaches<br />

28. Milk is the official state beverage<br />

31. Home of the Sioux Nation<br />

32. The first professional baseball game was held here<br />

33. The palmetto state<br />

37. Receives the first morning sun in the nation<br />

38. Native American slang for" almost square"<br />

40. First state admitted to the Union after the ratification of the Constitution<br />

42. You can find Oz here<br />

44. The Troll capital of the world<br />

45. Produces the most handmade dulcimers<br />

47. Famous witch trials were held here<br />

48. Home to the nation's first department store<br />

49. Home to Mardi Gras<br />

Down<br />

2. The Lady Bug is the official bug<br />

3. A beaver graces its state flag<br />

4. Home to the first revolving restaurant<br />

6. Hollywood is here<br />

12. The best potatoes come from here<br />

13. Home to the first hamburger, polaroid camera,<br />

helicopter and color television<br />

16. The last of the original thirteen colonies to<br />

become a state<br />

18. The world's first parking meter was installed<br />

here<br />

20. Home to the first McDonalds<br />

22. The southern-most northern and the northernmost<br />

southern state<br />

24. Everything is bigger here<br />

25. A really sweet home<br />

27. The southernmost state<br />

29. This is a really cold place<br />

30. Car theft capital of the world<br />

34. Birth place of Davey Crockett<br />

35. Hannah<br />

36. Leading state in copper production<br />

39. Once known as "The Great American Desert"<br />

41. Home of the first of the Original Colonies<br />

42. Famous for Blue Grass

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