The Future is Here! - Kenya Methodist University

The Future is Here! - Kenya Methodist University

The Future is Here! - Kenya Methodist University


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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Future</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>Here</strong>!<br />

Bits Bites<br />

n<br />

March 2010<br />

Vol. 2 Issue 3<br />


Taking KeMU to greater heights<br />

New VC Appointed<br />

Prof Alfred Mwongera Mutema PhD.,<br />

MBS, was officially appointed the Vice<br />

Chancellor of the <strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t<br />

<strong>University</strong> with effect from Thursday 25 th<br />

March. Th<strong>is</strong> came following a <strong>University</strong><br />

council meeting held on the same day. <strong>The</strong><br />

council also appointed Professor Mutema a<br />

Professor of Medical Education and Health<br />

Systems Management.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Chairman, <strong>University</strong> Council Rev. Dr.<br />

Stephen Kanyaru M’Impwi, on behalf of the<br />

council, appealed to members of staff and<br />

students to support the management as we<br />

all endeavour to carry KeMU to greater<br />

heights of success and academic excellence.<br />

He also added that he had full support from<br />

the council.<br />

Prof. Mutema, in a report, said that the<br />

university will continue to provide high<br />

quality education through innovative<br />

curricula, teaching learning approaches,<br />

assessment methods and evaluation models<br />

that are appropriate for each academic<br />

programme. He added that the university will<br />

continue to undertake Needs Assessment in<br />

determining the academic programmes that<br />

need to be establ<strong>is</strong>hed in the university.<br />

Prof. Mutema assured everyone that the newly<br />

appointed <strong>University</strong> Council has taken bold<br />

Editorial Team<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

Joy Kirimi Buria<br />

Public Relations Office<br />

joy.buria@kemu.ac.ke<br />

Sub-Editor<br />

Mercy Buria - Mirindi<br />

Contributors<br />

Pamela Nyagah<br />

Daniel Nga’nga<br />

Geoffrey Gathii<br />

Margaret Njoroge<br />

Prof. Alfred Mutema signing h<strong>is</strong> appointment letter after council appointed him, looking on – the Chancellor, Rev Dr Stephen<br />

Kanyaru M’Impwi at the KeMU Hub boardroom. (Inset) <strong>The</strong> newly appointed Vice Chancelor, Prof. Alfred Mutema.<br />

steps in ensuring good corporate governance,<br />

effective leadership, management practices<br />

and a conducive environment for both<br />

staff and students. He called on continuous<br />

support and cooperation as we all manage<br />

KeMU as a Chr<strong>is</strong>tian and Ecumenical<br />

institution of higher learning.<br />

Announcing<br />

Microsoft ®<br />

Activation Event<br />

Th<strong>is</strong> service gives students and alumni the power to<br />

choose how they communicate and collaborate with<br />

the people and communities around them.<br />

Students can v<strong>is</strong>it the Microsoft booth at the KeMU<br />

Hub to activate their accounts. Live@EDU email<br />

accounts are for Life and users can also POP in their<br />

other email addresses namely, Hotmail, Live, Gmail,<br />

Yahoo and others into the same mailbox , thus they<br />

only log-in into their Live@EDU account and they<br />

see all their other email which they can organize into<br />

folders as they like.<br />

On the 7 th , 8 th and 9 th of April 2010, KeMU and Microsoft shall<br />

be launching Live@EDU for all the students in Nairobi Campus.<br />

Students in other Campuses, including Meru and Nakuru, can<br />

also activate their accounts.<br />

Students will also be able to access Genuine Microsoft Office 2007 at Ksh.<br />

3999.00 for 3 perpetual Licenses.<br />

Q: What’s Microsoft Live@EDU?<br />

A: Microsoft Live@EDU <strong>is</strong> a free e-mail offering for schools based on<br />

Microsoft Exchange Labs. Live@EDU also provides access to other Microsoft<br />

services such as Office Live Workspace, and Windows Live SkyDrive.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re will be some goodies for the first 500 students!<br />

<strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t <strong>University</strong> Campus Newsletter - Vol. 2, March 2010

Live@EDU provides the following Services:-<br />

Live Email Services – provides a 10MB<br />

Mailbox based Exchange Server 2010,<br />

students can send and receive email and<br />

attachments.<br />

Live Messenger - Instant Messaging tool<br />

that includes online document exchange,<br />

video conferencing, Voice and Telephone<br />

Call (PC-PC).<br />

Live Skydrive – a virtual drive that resides<br />

on the cloud with 25GB of d<strong>is</strong>k space where<br />

students can organize their documents<br />

from virtually anywhere.<br />

Mobile Access – Students can access their<br />

emails through email (th<strong>is</strong> helps reduce<br />

bandwidth constraints).<br />

A message from the Ag. Associate Principal<br />

Prof. Robert Gateru<br />

God has a plan and purpose for<br />

all of us at every particular time.<br />

Most of the time, we find it hard<br />

to understand, conceptualize or even tag<br />

along with it. However, H<strong>is</strong> will over our<br />

lives and our destinies <strong>is</strong> supreme. KeMU<br />

<strong>is</strong> a great institution that has come from<br />

very far and we commend those who have<br />

dedicated themselves to get it to where it <strong>is</strong>.<br />

However, we are yet to even comprehend<br />

how bright the future of KeMU <strong>is</strong>. All of us<br />

are here for a particular reason and purpose<br />

and that <strong>is</strong> what we need to find out.<br />

For the students, you should be very<br />

proud to be associated with th<strong>is</strong> great<br />

institution at th<strong>is</strong> moment in time. Being<br />

the largest “indigenous” private university<br />

in <strong>Kenya</strong>, our commitment to quality and<br />

efficient service will continue to grow.<br />

My Space – a portal for students to host<br />

a personal profile, write blogs, d<strong>is</strong>play a<br />

status message and manage a network of<br />

friends and peers.<br />

Office Outlook Integration – allows<br />

students to maintain offline access to<br />

email (th<strong>is</strong> helps reduce bandwidth<br />

constraints).<br />

Windows Live Mail – a free alternate<br />

application for email offline email access<br />

in the absence of Office Outlook.<br />

Office Live Workspace – a document<br />

center that aids document sharing and<br />

collaboration.<br />

Your support to management all along<br />

has been tremendous and I yearn for the<br />

continuation of that support. My team and<br />

I will make student <strong>is</strong>sues our top most<br />

priority since we appreciate that you are<br />

our most valued client. <strong>The</strong> university <strong>is</strong><br />

like an airport. From an airport one can<br />

take off to virtually any destination in the<br />

world. Use your time on campus w<strong>is</strong>ely.<br />

Of importance <strong>is</strong> not to get so entangled<br />

in the occasional d<strong>is</strong>comforts of an airport<br />

lounge, rather to have your eyes set on your<br />

destination once you leave the airport.<br />

For the staff, as I have shared before, let us<br />

re-dedicate ourselves to the v<strong>is</strong>ion, m<strong>is</strong>sion<br />

and core values of th<strong>is</strong> great institution. Let<br />

the legacy we leave for those behind us be of<br />

great admiration and inspiration to them.<br />

As someone once said, Ability <strong>is</strong> what you<br />

Live Website – th<strong>is</strong> service allows students<br />

to create their own websites using premier<br />

technology based on shared designer. It <strong>is</strong><br />

an easy to follow process that incorporates<br />

themes and template to get you going with<br />

the site creation, if you have a domain you<br />

own you can re-direct the URL to point to<br />

your Windows Live Website.<br />

Live@EDU Account also allows students<br />

access to free genuine software. Th<strong>is</strong><br />

<strong>is</strong> through the MSDNAA (Microsoft<br />

Developer Network Academic Alliance)<br />

at the <strong>University</strong>.<br />

Prof. Robert Gateru<br />

are capable of doing, Motivation determines<br />

what you do, Attitude determines how well<br />

you do it.<br />

Let us all serve KeMU not only for ourselves<br />

but also for God, society and the future<br />

generations.<br />

After all, the future <strong>is</strong> here!<br />

New Vice Chancellor’s<br />

V<strong>is</strong>it to KeMU Nakuru<br />

18 th March 2010 was a happy day for students and staff of KeMU<br />

Nakuru who got a rare chance to interact first-hand with the new<br />

vice chancellor Prof. Alfred Mutema, who toured the campus<br />

alongside a strong delegation including the DVC - Finance and<br />

Admin<strong>is</strong>tration, the Reg<strong>is</strong>trar admin<strong>is</strong>tration, Reg<strong>is</strong>trar academics,<br />

Ag. Associate Principal, Dean of students and the Reg<strong>is</strong>trar –<br />

Human Resource. <strong>The</strong> DVC was on a m<strong>is</strong>sion to pass the message<br />

of assurance from the university’s council to students and staff<br />

about the stability of <strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t <strong>University</strong> after the recent<br />

admin<strong>is</strong>trative changes. He noted that the university’s council had<br />

instituted necessary measures to ensure quality learning continued<br />

across the university. <strong>The</strong> students aired their grievances amidst<br />

thunderous applause from their colleagues on the excitement of<br />

meeting their Vice Chancellor for the first time. <strong>The</strong> vice chancellor<br />

provided response through h<strong>is</strong> delegates and prom<strong>is</strong>ed that h<strong>is</strong><br />

admin<strong>is</strong>tration would ensure that student matters are tackled with<br />

due priority. He also urged the staff to pursue self development and<br />

prom<strong>is</strong>ed that h<strong>is</strong> admin<strong>is</strong>tration would promote professional<strong>is</strong>m<br />

and equality.<br />

<strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t <strong>University</strong> Campus Newsletter - Vol. 2, March 2010

Showcasing our own!<br />

On 11 th to 14 th of March 2010, KeMU had the opportunity to showcase her programmes at the International<br />

Educational Fair at Sarit Center. <strong>The</strong> event was a success. <strong>Here</strong> are some photos from the event!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Nigerian High Comm<strong>is</strong>sioner paid us a v<strong>is</strong>it<br />

Mark, a KeMU student stresses a point to prospective clients.<br />

Prospective clients going through the KeMU programmes.<br />

<strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t <strong>University</strong> Campus Newsletter - Vol. 2, March 2010

Dr. Josphat Kiweu<br />

One more Dr!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Business Department in KeMU now has one more Dr! Dr. Josphat<br />

Kiweu, in March 2010, graduated with a PhD in Finance from <strong>University</strong><br />

of Stellen Bosch, South Africa. Dr. Kiweu was one among 3 PhD graduates<br />

in the faculty and the only <strong>Kenya</strong>n in the faculty. He has already been publ<strong>is</strong>hed<br />

in one of the top most journals in finance – the Managerial Finance Journal. <strong>The</strong><br />

Business department in Nairobi organized a luncheon in h<strong>is</strong> honour. During h<strong>is</strong><br />

speech at the luncheon, Dr. Kiweu thanked all members of faculty at KeMU for<br />

such a nicely organized impromptu surpr<strong>is</strong>e luncheon. A big congratulation to<br />

Dr. Kiweu!<br />

In Mombasa<br />

It was all red ribbons in Mombasa Campus<br />

as Peers educators and the entire Campus<br />

observed “KeMU Students Against Drug Abuse<br />

and the Spread of HIV/AIDS. At least 55 people,<br />

both students and staff were counseled and tested<br />

voluntarily. Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness<br />

was done in offices and classrooms for people to make<br />

informed choices. <strong>The</strong> same HIV/AIDs awareness week<br />

followed in Nairobi the week after, which saw members<br />

of staff and students establ<strong>is</strong>h their status. <strong>The</strong> week<br />

was climaxed by entertainment and presentations<br />

organized by the department and students.<br />

Announcements!<br />

<strong>The</strong> National drama festivals took place on 2nd to 5th<br />

April. During the National drama festivals, the KeMU<br />

drama club will be performed an oral narrative named<br />

‘Muruli’ and a play named ‘Maua’. <strong>The</strong> drama club has<br />

been doing thorough rehearsals to ensure that they<br />

emerge top winners in th<strong>is</strong> year’s drama festival. More<br />

details will be covered in our next <strong>is</strong>sue.<br />

Quotable Quotes<br />

<strong>The</strong> reality <strong>is</strong> that changes are coming... <strong>The</strong>y<br />

must come. You must share in bringing them.<br />

~John Hersey<br />

We must learn to view change as a natural<br />

phenomenon - to anticipate it and to plan for<br />

it. <strong>The</strong> future <strong>is</strong> ours to channel in the direction<br />

we want to go... we must continually ask<br />

ourselves, “What will happen if...?” or better<br />

still, “How can we make it happen?”<br />

~L<strong>is</strong>a Taylor~<br />

NOTICE<br />

School Based Programme - 2010 Calendar<br />

April 2010 Session (Meru, Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyeri)<br />

31 st March–6 th April (Wednesday–Tuesday)<br />

Opening & Clearing for Exams for Continuing Students<br />

6 th April–10 th April (Tuesday–Saturday)<br />

New Students’ Adm<strong>is</strong>sion & Reg<strong>is</strong>tration<br />

7 th April–9 th April (Tuesday–Friday)<br />

Orientation of New Students<br />

7 th April–12 th April (Wednesday–Monday)<br />

EXAMINATIONS for continuing students<br />

12 th April (Monday)<br />

Reg<strong>is</strong>tration for Continuing students<br />

13 th April (Tuesday)<br />

Lectures Begin<br />

1 st may (Saturday)<br />


Reg<strong>is</strong>trar, Academic Affairs<br />

KENYA<br />

KeMU<br />



<strong>The</strong> future <strong>is</strong> here!<br />

<strong>Kenya</strong> Method<strong>is</strong>t <strong>University</strong> Campus Newsletter - Vol. 2, March 2010

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