The selection Xavier David - Fromi Corporate

The selection Xavier David - Fromi Corporate

The selection Xavier David

Camembert AOP

After conducting 5 blind tastings of Camemberts

from different producers, we have chosen the

Isigny dairy to produce our Camembert Xavier

David. This extraordinary cheese is ripened for

3 weeks. The milk used comes from Norman

cows fed only on grass and hay, a regime which

allows the very special aromas of the terroir

to flow into the cheese. It owes its particular

creamy smoothness to the fact that it is formed

by hand using the ladle. After ripening for

3 weeks the Camemberts undergo a further

selection process before becoming the special

Xavier David cheeses.

This very green dairy has implemented a

variety of procedures to minimise its use of

resources from an environmental point of view.

These include a wood-fired boiler which has

considerably reduced its CO2 emissions and a

water treatment plant to treat waste water.

Brie de Meaux AOP

The Brie de Meaux Xavier David comes from

the Dongé dairy in the heart of the Pays de

Meaux and we chose it because it guarantees

consistent high quality. This cheese is created

by two of the dairy’s formers using the brie

ladle and ripened using a method handed down

through the generations which has now largely

been abandoned, namely on rye straw. 7 weeks

of the most painstaking care make this a truly

extraordinary product.

Reblochon de Savoie AOP Fermier

We source our Reblochon Xavier David from two

Savoyard farms known not only for the high

quality of their products but also for their artisan

production process. Our Maître Fromagier really

took his time over choosing these farms. After

more than a year of tastings he decided on the

Missilier and Angelloz-Nicoud farms which run

their alpine farms with Abondance cows. With

lush grasses in summer and hay in winter, these

ladies enjoy a healthy diet. The result is not

only high quality milk but also a very delicious


The Reblochon Xavier David develops all of

its wonderful flavour notes after ripening for

6 weeks at the Paccard dairy, which is wellregarded

for its production of Savoy cheeses. Its

rustic rind envelopes a cheese of incomparable

smoothness. On the tongue it explodes into a

veritable fireworks display of forest flavours.

Epoisses AOP

The Epoisses Xavier David comes from the

Gaugry dairy. We have been working with this

family business now for over 30 years. Their

production is characterised by a clear awareness

of the environment and the dairy installed a

digester for preparing the whey some years ago.

This not only contributes to reducing energy

consumption, it also lowers greenhouse gas


The milk used to make the Epoisses is reserved

especially for us and comes from cows not fed

an intensive diet. In addition, we are the only

people making this cheese from raw milk. Whilst

it ripens for 7 weeks in natural cellars, the master

cheese maker checks and tends the Epoisses

Xavier David countless times and so it develops

its beautiful orange rind and a smoothness and

pliability of texture which are then carefully

preserved in its packaging of earthenware pot

or wooden box.

Roquefort AOP

The Roquefort Xavier David comes from the

famous house of Papillon and is the result of a

lengthy collaboration with our Maître Fromager.

The family business of Papillon, founded in

1906, is located in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in

southern France and they make their Roquefort

strictly according to methods handed down

through the generations.

A particular feature of this Roquefort is the use

of a special Penicillium Roqueforti exclusively

selected by us which makes the cheese simply

incomparable in terms of texture and flavour.

Ripened for at least 5 months in the cellars of

the Papillon dairy, the Roquefort Xavier David is

a fine, noble product whose creamy texture and

buttery flavour notes absolutely delight.

Fourme d’Ambert AOP

In order to be able to offer you a truly

extraordinary Fourme d’Ambert our Maître

Fromager has revived the practice of making it

from raw milk. After several months of trying

in various ways the attempts were finally met

with success. However, the subject of ripening

time was still a tricky one. According to the AOC

regulations the cheese must ripen for at least

3 weeks, but our cheese underwent a whole

range of experiments and tastings to make sure

that the result was just perfect. In the end the

tasting committee agreed on a ripening time of

85 days.

This results in a unique cheese experience

whose fine, creamy texture and refined blend of

aromas is very highly esteemed.

Comté AOP

This Comté is the product of the Narbief dairy,

lying at an altitude of 913 m in the Department

of Doubs. Here, Christophe Parent and his wife

make Comté cheeses of an excellent quality

every year using traditional methods.

The milk is collected from the members of the

cooperative and comes only from Montbéliarde

cows fed exclusively on grass and hay.

After ripening for a few days in the dairy the

cheeses are taken for further finishing to

affineur Marcel Petite in the famous Fort Saint

Antoine where they have 14 to 18 months to

reach perfection. Cheese fans really love the

Comté Xavier David with its fine flavours of

dried fruits.

Saint Marcellin

To produce this cheese we have selected the

Alpine dairy in the Dauphiné, Department of

Drôme. In our opinion it is the best dairy for the

Saint Marcellin Xavier David, especially since

the family business has been producing this

typical local cheese variety for many years now,

using milk from neighbouring farms, at a very

high quality and using traditional methods.

After ripening for 21 days in the dairy the

Saint Marcellin Xavier David emerges with a

yellowish-white rind which envelopes a creamy,

almost liquid cheese with a fine aroma of dried


Morbier AOP

The Morbier Xavier David comes from the

Montmahoux mountain dairy which lies at

an altitude of 735m in the heart of the Jura

mountains. Here, Alexis and Sylvie Delpois

produce around 30 cheeses every day. The milk,

which is collected from the surrounding villages

and comes exclusively from Montbéliarde cows,

is poured into copper vats as soon as it arrives

and is processed according to methods handed

down through the generations. The curds are

first pre-formed in a Comté mould - a method

which is not much used today but which 40

years ago was still widely practised.

During the ripening period of at least 4 weeks

the cheeses are repeatedly hand rubbed and

develop a fine rind which is one of the features

of a good Morbier. Other features include its

smoothly spreadable texture and the finesse of

its flavour notes.

Munster Géromé AOP

Brillat Savarin Affiné

This Brillat Savarin Xavier David is a very special

one produced from raw milk and ripened for 4

weeks which clearly sets it apart from its famous


It comes from the Pré Forêt dairy. This family

business takes its milk, which is thoroughly

tested for quality, from the local area and

continues to use methods handed down through

the generations. These include forming the

curds with the ladle, a method which demands

all of the cheesemaker’s savoir-faire and which

to a large extent defines the quality of the future


It is ripened for at least 4 weeks in the cellars

and then emerges as a white rind hiding a white

cheese of wonderful mildness and with fine

notes of citrus and dried fruits. Packaged in a

wooden boxe it is then able to continue ripening

once it has left the cellars.

Selles sur Cher AOP Fermier

The Selles sur Cher Xavier David comes from

the La Pinoterie farm, where Roger and Liliane

Fontenas make their cheese very traditionally

and exclusively by hand with milk from their

200 goats whose fodder comes exclusively from

their own land. Liliane produces the cheese

while Roger looks after the goats and the land.

Once the cheeses have been produced, they are

brought for ripening to the family-run dairy of

Jacquin, famous for its technical quality. Once

there, the cheeses first spend 24 hours in a dry

room before ripening for 15 days in the cellars.

The rind of the Selles sur Cher is dusted with

ash and then covered in a blue-green mould

whilst the cheese inside is white with a delicate

melting quality. It develops exquisitely fine

hazelnut flavours on the tongue.

The Munster Xavier David is the result of a

collaboration with the Blâmont dairy which we

have been nurturing since 1991. At that time our

Maître Fromager had just started working with

us and together with Blâmont he established the

qualities for the Munster: smooth, soft, fruity

and a beautiful orange-red on the outside.

What’s new about this Munster Xavier David is

the selection of the farms and of the enzymes

which took over 10 years to achieve in order to

regain the genuine flora typical of the Vosges

and Lorraine regions.

Over the 6 months it takes to ripen this cheese

on wooden boards in the ripening rooms, the

Munster gradually develops its orange-red

rind. During this time it is salted and regularly

turned so that all of its wonderful flavours can


The end result is a Munster Xavier David of

definite character and smooth texture the

consistency of which is preserved by the minicellar


Sainte Maure AOP Fermière

Here, too, our Maître Fromager carried out

numerous blind tastings to select the producer

of our Sainte Maure Xavier David and in the end

he finally decided on the farm of Gérald Brun. It

lies in Le Ferrondais, just a few kilometres from

Heugnes, and uses the methods handed down

through the generations to produce the Sainte

Maure. The curds, made from the raw milk of

Alpine breed goats, are still formed by hand

using the ladle as it always has been.

After ripening for three weeks in the natural cave

cellars of the dairy its rind, which is sprinkled

with ash, has developed nicely. The soft white

cheese inside develops fine notes of hazelnut.

Tomme fermière

We have carefully selected two farms to produce

our Tomme fermière Xavier David: Clavel and

Hudry are family-run businesses which both

mainly produce Tommes according to artisan

methods handed down through the generations.

The milk used comes from cows which spend all

summer enjoying the lush grasses of the high

Alpine pastures and in winter are fed hay. This

produces an outstanding, high quality milk -

ideal for the production of exquisite cheeses.

After ripening for 4 weeks at the Paccard dairy

the Tomme Xavier David emerges with a thin yet

rustic rind.

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