How to Ensure Deck Safety


Following are the tips to ensure your deck safety, this presentation is made by the best deck builders in Washington DC

How to Ensure Deck Safety

Decks, like our roofs, windows and siding bear most of the brunt of

snow, cold temperatures and extreme ice during winters and rain

during spring. Maintenance is of utmost importance if you want to

ensure the safety and longevity of your Deck. This article will

hopefully help you determine if there is any need of repairing or

maintenance for your deck.

Following tips will help homeowners quickly and quite easily

diagnose some of the most common problems associated with

decks. Taking timely action will prevent premature and permanent

failure of your deck and save you money too. Whether you do the

repairs yourself or hire a professional, following are some

problems that you should be keeping an eye on for the safety of

your deck.

Rotten or Decayed Wood

Always keep an eye on areas that remain wet. You would

want to find any rotten or decayed wood as soon as

possible. If such an area exists, try to pull out a piece with

the help of a screwdriver. If the wood is spongy then it is a

clear sign that it is in need of replacement with the help of

a professional.

Keep an Eye on Fasteners

Nails, anchors and screws are included in the fasteners. If

there are corroded screws or nails sticking then it is an

indication that there could be a big problem. Missing, loose

or corroded fasteners continuously damage the wood and

damage the structure of the deck, stairs and railings. If you

spot this issue then it’s time to call a professional to get it


Stairs, Banisters and Railings

Examine the banisters and railing by pushing them to make

sure they are safe and secure, keep an eye out on stair

treads and deck surface to make doubly sure that there is

no cracked boards or sagging. Stand on the surface or

stairs move back and forst to check if there is excessive

bounce or sway. If you spot any of these issues then the

deck is in need of repair.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Discoloration, moss and mold can quickly damage the deck

if left unattended, the right thing to do it to remove them

as soon as possible. Cleaning and maintenance of deck is a

whole new topic and task in itself, so you should be

performing it regularly to ensure the safety of your deck,

but if it’s something that you are not to keen on doing then

you should call for professional help.

These helpful tips to ensure deck safety has been

presented by DeckDaddy who are the pioneers of deck

building and deck restoration services in Washington, D.C.

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