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Robert E. Evans

I am looking for Robert E. Evans, from Runnels, Iowa. We were

in George Company together, arrived in Korea, Oct. 8 ‘51, 7th Cav.

When we got to Hokkaido, Japan, in Dec. ‘51, he transferred to

Service Company. For some reason he came into our barracks and

asked if I could type. I told him I had two years typing in high

school, but no typing done since.

He made an appointment for me to come to type a letter. After

I finished it, he asked if I had made any mistakes. I said, “Of

course!” Then he told me to type a perfect letter because the position

was finance clerk, which required accuracy, not speed, and my

transfer went through. This was in March ‘52. So, for my last year

in the army, I sat behind a typewriter. In fact, I was chosen as one

of three typists on the ship’s paper staff coming home in Feb. ‘53.

I had all the privileges of an officer re chow lines, etc. I will never

forget my assignment! One stencil a day! Wow! What duty, eh?

The last I heard from Evans he was in Chicago. That was over

50 years ago. I have had others try to find him for me, gone on the

white pages on the computer, etc., with no luck.

I would like to ask him how he knew to ask if I could type and

thank him for thinking of me before I check out of this life. We had

gone over on the same ship Sept. 19, 1951, the Gen. M.M. Patrick.

Leroy Rogers, 413 Belle Meade Drive, Maryville, TN

37803, (865) 982-6030,

Counter Mortar Radar

I was in Korea in 1951 and 1952, assigned to a Counter Mortar

RADAR Team as a RADAR Repairman. The Team was assigned

to the 8th F.A Bn. of the 25th Infantry Division. I believe there

were 13 of the Teams in Korea.

I have never read or heard anything about those teams, so I

would like to learn more about them, their history, etc.

Thank you very much.

James Phillips

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please send any information you have to The

Graybeards, 152 Sky View Drive, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, or I will pass it on to Mr. Phillips.

Looking for...

Lee, Seung Kyo

I was drafted into the United States Army on January 29, 1951

and discharged on October 28, 1952. I had my basic training in

California and arrived in Inchon, Korea. From there we went on to

Seoul, and on to the front line about July 1951. On the front line I

was assigned to Co. E, 5th Regimental Combat Team (5th RCT)

APO 301, Easy (E) Company, which was attached to the 24th

Infantry Division.

I am writing to you in hopes that after 55 years I can put closure

on this part of my life. I have been trying to find Lee, Seung Kyo

(I am not sure if this is how he spelled his name, because we called

him Lee).

I wrote to Congressman Jim Costa

on February 24, 2006, and I still have

not heard from their office. I have called

them several times, but still have not

received an answer. This is why I am

writing to you in hopes that you may be

able to find out if Lee died on the front

line after I left, because I heard there

was a big push October 1952, or if he

survived the war.

On the front line we were on a hill

(10,703 ft. elevation). During this time is Lee, Seung Kyo

when the KATUSA (Koreans attached to U.S. Army) arrived, and

when I met Lee, Seung Kyu. Lee was with me during the time I

was on the front line as we moved from place to place constantly

digging foxholes to keep us safe.

Lee’s family lived in Pusan. At that time his father had two large

commuter ship businesses that went from island to island. Lee was

about 20 years old then.

The South Korean Army must have a listing of soldiers who

served with the U.S. Army and those who died in battles that you

might have access to.

William M. Ueki, 2619 S. Armstrong Ave.

Fresno, CA 93725, (559) 237-6025

Looking for...

McCormick Sisters

Maybe you can help me find the two daughters of PFC John

McCormick, U.S. Army, who served in WWII and Korea, where

he was killed.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: A chunk of the original piece of paper was

missing when I received it, but it did list one daughter’s name as

Marie….Let’s pick up the letter here]….I have no other information,

so I know the chances are slim.

They were quite young at the start of the Korean War, so they

would be somewhere in their 60s.

Harry Weiss, 20033 Balke Road

Warsaw, MO 65355, (660) 438-2315

8221st Army Unit Association Members

I am looking for:

1. Former members of the 8221st Army Unit, Field Artillery,

Topographic & Meteorological Detachment (X Corps Artillery).

2. Former members of the 8219th Army Unit, Field Artillery,

Topographic & Meteorological Detachment (IX Corps).

3. Unit members of perhaps a special engineering or USAF

team(s) that were directly involved in the ground survey and/or

ground marking of the DMZ.

4. Former members of X Corps personnel assigned to the operation

of the Koto-ri Airstrip in Nov /Dec of 1950. These personnel

March – April 2007

The Graybeards

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