Chiawana High School - Pasco School District

Chiawana High School - Pasco School District

Chiawana High School - Pasco School District


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<strong>Chiawana</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

Newsletter<br />

Volume 2: Issue 5<br />

www.psd1.org/chiawanahighschool April/May 2011<br />

Seniors Preparing for Historic Graduation<br />

H<br />

O<br />

M<br />

E<br />

of<br />

the<br />

R<br />

I<br />

V<br />

E<br />

R<br />

H<br />

A<br />

W<br />

K<br />

S<br />

Let the traditions begin! You can feel the excitement and anticipation as seniors are counting down the days until graduation. They<br />

are in a flurry of activities. They have just finished their senior project, studying for final exams, getting college applications in, and<br />

planning for the big day. All too soon (June 4) they will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and be <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s first graduating<br />

class and the first “alumni.” Administrators and staff have been planning this historic event for the past two years to make it a<br />

spectacular affair.<br />

For some seniors, they will be the first members of their family to graduate from high school, so graduation day is even more meaningful<br />

for them and their family. This newsletter issue is dedicated to the Class of 2011.<br />

Senior Jose Mendoza Receives the Gates Millennium Scholarship<br />

Each year, thousands of seniors<br />

around the country apply for the<br />

coveted “Gates Millennium<br />

Scholarship.” The scholarship<br />

was established in 1999 and<br />

funded by a one billion dollar<br />

grant from the Bill and Melinda<br />

Gates Foundation. The goal of<br />

the scholarship is to provide opportunities<br />

for outstanding minority<br />

students to reach their highest<br />

potential. The scholarship is also<br />

renewable through graduate<br />

Senior-Jose Mendoza<br />

school for scholars in the areas of<br />

computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics,<br />

public health or science.<br />

This year, over 23,000 students from across the nation applied<br />

and 1,000 students were selected. Students will have their entire<br />

college paid for at any college or university of their choice. <strong>Chiawana</strong><br />

Senior, Jose Mendoza was one of those thousand chosen<br />

(another winner was <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> Senior, Noel Gutierrez). It took<br />

awhile before the reality of winning sunk in for Jose and then he<br />

began to realize that his dreams will come true.<br />

Jose will be the first in his family to attend college. He has been<br />

a running-start student at CBC this year and will earn both his<br />

high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree at the same<br />

time. While he’s earning two degrees he is also holding down a<br />

part time job. He’s awaiting word now on a summer internship at<br />

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Hard work just seems to<br />

be the norm for Jose.<br />

A big motivation for Jose to gain academic success is setting an<br />

example for his younger brothers. “I‟m always encouraging my<br />

brothers and telling them “you have to do better than me,”<br />

he explains.<br />

He applied at a few schools, but knew he wanted to attend the<br />

University of Washington where he will pursue a degree in the<br />

field of dentistry. He would like to become a dentist for very personal<br />

reasons. “I don‟t like my teeth and I try not to smile,” he<br />

says. “If I can help even one kid be more confident about<br />

their smile and change their life it will be worth it.”<br />

Just days after receiving the Gates scholarship, Jose had another<br />

surprise, he won a $40,000 scholarship from Costco. He’s probably<br />

having a hard time not smiling now, his future is looking pretty<br />

bright! His parents are probably smiling too!<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> Senior, Noel Gutierrez and <strong>Chiawana</strong> <strong>High</strong> Senior,<br />

Jose Mendoza congratulate each other after Sherry Lancon,<br />

school board member, announces that they are two<br />

recipients'of the Gates Millenium Scholarship.<br />

Congratulations Jose and much<br />

success in the future!<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

You Are Invited<br />

to<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong>’s<br />

2011 Commencement Service<br />

Saturday-June 4<br />

Edgar Brown Stadium<br />

10:00 am<br />

Congratulations to <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s Top 10 Academic Seniors<br />

Brad Barber<br />

Joseph Davidson<br />

Cristina Gomez<br />

Rosa Gomez<br />

Janyn Mercado<br />

Manuel Ramirez<br />

Austin Steele<br />

Spencer Steele<br />

Timothy Steele<br />

Karson Taylor<br />

Congratulations Class of 2011!

CHS Newsletter Page 3<br />

Seniors Have Volunteered Thousands of Hours<br />

Washington State requires a “Senior Project” from every senior as part of their graduation requirements. CHS seniors started their projects last<br />

fall and finished their project by participating in “Senior Boards” on May 16 th and 17 th , the final component. If they passed their senior boards and<br />

have all the other components in place, they are cleared to graduate.<br />

Community service was the focus of each project. <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s seniors have volunteered thousands of hours this year to various charities and<br />

community projects. A minimum of 15 hours is required but many volunteered way above the required minimum. We are very proud of their efforts<br />

and their contribution to our community. Below are just a few examples of what our seniors have been doing all year:<br />

Shelby Ellsworth, Hayley Hodgins, and Taylor White held a Diabetes Awareness<br />

night.<br />

Jessica Madrigal volunteered at Kadlec Medical Center as an interpreter.<br />

Ken Lippold helped tutor elementary band students.<br />

Ubaldo Mendoza took senior pictures for CHS students that couldn’t afford to<br />

have their pictures taken professionally.<br />

Kelsey Merrill made hats for cancer patients.<br />

Sandra Murillo and Jacy-Leigh Conklin presented a program on Teens Against<br />

Tobacco.<br />

Many students volunteered hundreds of hours to Habitat for Humanities.<br />

Veronica Garcia, Eric Harter, Nichole Martin, Jennifer Renteria, Matthew<br />

Studevant, and Tyler Waters volunteered at the Sexual Assault Response Center<br />

(SARC) by repairing wooden sculptures representing abused children which are placed<br />

around town to raise awareness towards child abuse.<br />

Diana Contreras and Sandra Lopez volunteered at a senior citizen retirement home<br />

where they did activities with the residents.<br />

Karla Ramiro volunteered for RealLife Photography and helped with their photo<br />

shoots.<br />

Rachelle Johnson helped her church conference leadership team plan retreats and<br />

conferences for middle school and high school students for the coming year.<br />

Darylin Questad and Olga Sholotyuk held a fundraiser at Atomic Bowl to raise money<br />

for C.O.L.E.S. Foundation (Bowl for Cole) which helps families facing a medical crisis.<br />

Miranda Wilcox put together a Valentine Date Night for the foster parents of children<br />

from the Olive Crest Foundation (an organization that helps abused, neglected and at<br />

-risk children and their families).<br />

Isela Yepez volunteered at Meals on Wheels (an organization that delivers meals to<br />

homebound senior citizens).<br />

Kevin Barajas volunteered at the Red Cross and worked on a project to raise fire<br />

awareness in vulnerable neighborhoods throughout <strong>Pasco</strong>.<br />

Nicholas Prasch collected older computers and refurbished/updated them<br />

to give to the Boys & Girls Club.<br />

Betty Wharton and Courtney Moon volunteered at a local food bank by<br />

sorting food and helping people shop for food.<br />

Coleman Knight volunteered to clean up a local cemetery.<br />

Ivonne Mendoza volunteered at Catholic Family & Child Services, helping<br />

to organize activities for children in daycare. She is still going once a<br />

week for 2 hours even though she has her required hours.<br />

Brittany Hall was part of a mission team who traveled to Tacoma and<br />

New Orleans to help the homeless.<br />

Diana Castro volunteered at a local hospital helping people with their<br />

physical therapy (she plans on being a physical therapist one day).<br />

Erick Ramirez & Socrates Escalera tutored kids at the Collegium Youth Center.<br />

Mayra Rivera helped tutor students at the Boys & Girls Club.<br />

Blake Uribe & Ryan Johnson helped an elderly disabled neighbor clean up his<br />

yard, garage and ran errands for him.<br />

Katie Arendt & Ashley Kelly organized a blood drive and collected 56 units of blood.<br />

Seniors<br />

waiting to<br />

present to<br />

judges<br />

Great Job Seniors!<br />

You Did It!

CHS Newsletter Page 4<br />

The “triple threat” or better known<br />

as the “Steele triplets” are set to<br />

go their separate ways after<br />

graduation. Spencer, Austin and<br />

Timothy are heading to Brigham<br />

Young University in Idaho this fall,<br />

but instead of living together as they<br />

have their entire lives, they are<br />

branching out. They will live in<br />

different dorms/apartments and will<br />

be studying different things.<br />

Spencer plans to major in accounting,<br />

Austin plans to major in the<br />

medical field, and Timothy plans to<br />

major in computer science.<br />

Spencer says (the spokesman for<br />

the three), “We are branching out,<br />

but will stay close to each other.” They have<br />

been in the same classes from kindergarten<br />

through 11 th grade. They have even shared the<br />

same friends over the years. Having different<br />

friends will be something new.<br />

The Steele household is lively enough with 8<br />

kids (they are in the middle) and when a set of<br />

triplets is in the mix, they can create plenty of<br />

action and probably some anxiety for their parents.<br />

Spencer remarked, “As toddlers, our<br />

parents were always afraid when it was<br />

quiet and they had not seen us for a while.<br />

We‟ve been known to plaster walls with<br />

eggs or unroll a gazillion of toilet paper rolls<br />

on the floor.”<br />

Steele Triplets Set To Go Separate Ways<br />

Steele Triplets (left to right) Austin—Spencer—Timothy<br />

One story that stands out in their minds was at<br />

scout camp one year. They visited their older<br />

brothers’ scout camp one summer and ended<br />

up participating in a skit. On closing night,<br />

every troop performed a skit, and their brothers’<br />

troop’s tradition was to do the “enlarging machine.”<br />

They would hold up a tarp and bang<br />

pots and pans behind it as a spoon was thrown<br />

in and a shovel thrown out, or have a small boy<br />

go in and a large man come out. They decided<br />

to switch it up during the skit and change the<br />

machine to a “duplication machine.” Austin<br />

was staged in the audience, and when it was<br />

time to pick a victim from the audience, he<br />

raised his hand and was picked. Austin was<br />

thrown in amidst a racket of noise, and with<br />

some delay Timothy and Spencer came out the<br />

other end with Austin. The audience gasped<br />

and yelled and clapped, they couldn’t believe<br />

their eyes!<br />

The boys say they are similar yet unique in their<br />

interests and personalities. They have all been<br />

involved in student leadership and the Buddy<br />

Club during all four years of high school. Timothy<br />

did cross-country his junior and senior year,<br />

while Austin and Spencer didn’t do any sports.<br />

Spencer has scoliosis (Timothy and Austin<br />

don’t) and he does pilates which helps a lot.<br />

They all enjoy reading and are<br />

in the top 10 of the senior class.<br />

All three are involved in the<br />

Millionaire Club on campus, a<br />

club that Timothy started this<br />

year.<br />

During their senior year they<br />

have taken fewer classes together,<br />

as Timothy went from<br />

part-time to full-time Running<br />

Start at CBC, Spencer took<br />

accounting classes while Austin<br />

sang in chamber choir and had<br />

a lead part in the fall play, “The<br />

Diary of Anne Frank.”<br />

They are looking forward to the<br />

next stage in their life, but are<br />

glad to have been a part of <strong>Chiawana</strong>. “One<br />

huge thing we like about <strong>Chiawana</strong> is how<br />

friendly and open the administration is, and<br />

how they value students and their input.<br />

This has impact on students and teachers<br />

and invites a warm atmosphere. The students,<br />

and especially the seniors, have also<br />

made <strong>Chiawana</strong> what it is. As <strong>Chiawana</strong><br />

opened, the class of 2011 developed their<br />

own vision of what we were to become and<br />

how to set us apart from other schools—in<br />

athletics and sportsmanship, in all of our<br />

activities, and in our words and actions. We<br />

are very proud to be a part of the first graduating<br />

class of <strong>Chiawana</strong>,” says Spencer. His<br />

brothers ditto or is that triple his comments.<br />

Congratulations and may your<br />

successes be tripled!<br />

Seniors, Carra<br />

McManamon and<br />

Elise Gudbrandsen<br />

(foreign exchange<br />

student from Norway)<br />

are all smiles picking<br />

up their cap and<br />

gown on May 10.<br />

For more Senior information<br />

visit our website:<br />

http://<br />

www.psd1.org/189020420131431310/<br />

blank/browse.asp?<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> Seniors Pulling<br />

In the Scholarships<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> Seniors have been busy applying for scholarship money<br />

throughout the year. Carmen Gonzalez, CHS Career Specialist, is a<br />

catalyst to helping seniors find scholarship money that is available. To<br />

date, CHS seniors have earned over two million dollars in scholarships<br />

and counting.<br />

Way to go Seniors!<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 5<br />

Cristian Torres Accepted Into<br />

U.S. Marine Corps Band<br />

Senior, Cristian Torres, is looking<br />

for adventure after graduation.<br />

Rather than attending college in the<br />

fall like many of her classmates,<br />

she will be in the U.S. Marine<br />

Corps. In fact, she was inducted<br />

into the corps on May 4. Her goal is<br />

to play in one of the U.S. Marine<br />

Corps Bands (14 bands in the<br />

corps). The bands do over 400<br />

performances a year in the U.S.<br />

and around the world. In February<br />

she auditioned in Seattle for the<br />

corps before she signed on the<br />

Senior, Cristian Torres dotted line to enlist. She made the<br />

final cut and will be leaving for boot<br />

camp at Paris Island, South Carolina in October. After boot camp she<br />

will spend a month in combat training and then start a rigorous six<br />

months of music training in Virginia before she is placed in a band.<br />

Cristian was born in Richland and has attended <strong>Pasco</strong> schools her<br />

whole life. She is the youngest of three siblings. She acquired another<br />

sibling this year when one of <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s foreign exchange students,<br />

Ash Diallo (France), joined their family. “It‟s been a fun and interesting<br />

year with Ash. My mom and Ash especially get along and<br />

have a great time together,” says Cristian.<br />

She began playing the trombone in the 5 th grade and last year started<br />

playing the baritone. At state last year she competed in the brass duet<br />

and received a superior rating. This year she placed in the top 8 at the<br />

state solo and ensemble contest along with band-mate Blake Ortiz.<br />

“My passion is music and writing. I may even enlist for four more<br />

years and train in public affairs and media. After that I want to<br />

earn a music degree and teach,” says Cristian. She has been getting<br />

a taste of teaching by tutoring McLoughlin Middle <strong>School</strong> band students<br />

for her senior project. And, she has been practicing her writing skills as<br />

the Co-Editor of the school newspaper this year.<br />

When asked about being the first class to graduate from CHS she said,<br />

“It‟s been a great experience at CHS and I love starting new traditions<br />

and being part of them.”<br />

Congratulations Christian and thank<br />

you for serving our country.<br />

You represent <strong>Chiawana</strong> Pride!<br />

A Note from the Principal<br />

Dear Parents/Guardians:<br />

We are almost at the end of our<br />

second year of operation. We are<br />

continuing to set traditions and<br />

create a culture where learning is<br />

our paramount charge. We are<br />

excited to make graduation our<br />

next big tradition-laden function.<br />

We hope you will join us on June<br />

4, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. at Edgar<br />

Brown Stadium for <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s<br />

first ever commencement exercise.<br />

This is a great opportunity for you<br />

to share with your younger students<br />

how important it is to keep<br />

their eye on the prize, imagining<br />

Teri Kessie<br />

his or herself walking across the<br />

stage to receive the diploma that will be their gateway to a future full of<br />

promise.<br />

As happy as we are with how <strong>Chiawana</strong> has progressed thus far, we<br />

will be in a continual process of improvement. We are currently in the<br />

process of gathering academic, discipline and perception data to reflect,<br />

diagnose, evaluate, and adjust the “way we do things around<br />

here” in order to make sure all of our students are successful. Last<br />

year and this year have been the baseline data gathering years so we<br />

know where we need to improve. We have collected academic data<br />

regarding HSPE test scores, student GPA’s, along with F rates. We<br />

are collecting perception data via surveys of parents, students, and<br />

staff. Discipline data is also important to analyze in terms of absence<br />

rates, numbers of suspensions and expulsions, as well as number of<br />

tardy incidences.<br />

In the fall, the staff will be developing a <strong>School</strong> Improvement Plan<br />

where this data will play an important role as we become a data driven<br />

organization. Please watch our website for ways in which you can<br />

contribute to this process. If you would like to make any comments or<br />

have any questions that would help this process, please use the comment<br />

section on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and<br />

working together with you in the future to make <strong>Chiawana</strong> the best<br />

school we can be.<br />

I would like to personally congratulate the “Class of 2011.” We are so<br />

proud of you! Don’t forget we are offering summer school for students<br />

needing to catch up on credits. Wishing all Riverhawks a safe and<br />

happy summer.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Teri Kessie<br />

Senior Fest Assembly<br />

Honoring CHS Seniors<br />

Friday ~ June 3 @ 9:13 am ~ Gym<br />

(parents are welcome)<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 6<br />

First to Graduate in Family<br />

Senior, Chey‟anne Plocher‟s goal since 8 th grade was to finish higher in school than her parents did. She will<br />

be the first to graduate in her family. Born in Idaho, she came to the Tri-Cities four years ago and attended <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

<strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> before transferring to <strong>Chiawana</strong>. She struggled through her freshman year and again her junior year<br />

because of family issues. Without much support from home, she has been a self motivator and has kept her eyes<br />

on the prize. She credits friends and awesome teachers all through high school who have helped her stay on<br />

course (Mr. Covington, Mr. Suits, Mrs. Lehrman, Mr. Shimek, and Ms. LeDuc). Chey’anne says, “<strong>Chiawana</strong> has<br />

been a great experience for me. I love being able to start new traditions and the school is more like a<br />

family to me. I also love Hawktime, it has really helped me with my homework. It‟s going to be great to<br />

be the first class to graduate.” Her future plans are to attend CBC and then transfer to a university to pursue a<br />

degree in agriculture. For her senior project she volunteered for the Benton/Franklin County Fair Board. She has<br />

been active in FFA, Leadership, ASB, and basketball.<br />

Senior, Ana Batalla was born in Mexico to migrant parents. Her mother and grandmother immigrated to the U.S.<br />

when Ana was 8 months old, dreaming of more opportunities for her family. Ana is the 2 nd oldest daughter of five<br />

and will be the first to graduate from high school. Ana said, “My mom is so happy, this is what she dreamed<br />

of when she came to the U.S.” Being a single mom raising five daughters has not been easy, but worth the<br />

effort. Ana says, “I want to instill that „can do spirit‟ in my siblings. It‟s so important to me to show my<br />

mom that we can move on and take advantage of the opportunities available.” Ana remembers those who<br />

have helped their family along the way, for instance, Catholic Family and Child Services was there for her family,<br />

so Ana decided to volunteer her time at their daycare for her senior project. She helps organize activities for the<br />

kids. Her goal after high school is to attend CBC and go into social work. She would love to help troubled teens<br />

see their potential. She has loved being at <strong>Chiawana</strong> and says, “It‟s so friendly here, I have a lot more friends<br />

and the teachers and staff are so willing to help you. I also love being part of the first CHS class to<br />

graduate.”<br />

Senior, Bihaney Pineda was born and raised in <strong>Pasco</strong>. She lives with her mom and four other siblings. She<br />

attended <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> her freshman and sophomore years before transferring to CHS. Bihaney admits, “I made<br />

some really bad decisions those first two years of high school. I was flunking all my classes and not<br />

really thinking about graduating. When I came to <strong>Chiawana</strong>, I decided I need to change and make better<br />

decisions. I had to work really hard to make up the credits I lost the previous two years. <strong>Chiawana</strong> has<br />

been a totally positive experience for me. One of the classes that changed my life was in Mrs. Vancil‟s<br />

Contemporary World Problems class. We had to do a project on world problems and I did mine on<br />

women‟s human trafficking. That project changed the course of my life. I now want to pursue a career in<br />

women‟s health. I plan to attend CBC and obtain my OB/GYN Sonography (ultra sound) certificate.” She<br />

volunteered at a retirement home for her senior project and enjoyed helping the elderly very much. Her family is<br />

very proud of her and she is setting the example for her younger siblings.<br />

Senior, Sandra Murillo has two reasons to celebrate on June 4. Not only will she be part of the first CHS class<br />

to graduate but she is also the first in her family to graduate from high school.<br />

Sandra was born in Wenatchee and came to the Tri-Cities when she was only a few months old. Her parents<br />

were migrants but finally settled in <strong>Pasco</strong>. She is the oldest of three siblings. Her parents dream is to see all<br />

three of their children graduate from high school, something they were not able to do. “My parents have been a<br />

constant encouragement throughout my school years and I hope to set an example for my younger siblings,”<br />

says Sandra. “My father says that he will probably be crying during the graduation ceremony,” she<br />

added.<br />

Congratulations Graduates!

CHS Newsletter Page 7<br />

Seniors, Jacob and<br />

Casey Kasselder<br />

(twins) came into<br />

this world prematurely.<br />

Jacob, born<br />

the stronger of the<br />

two, was able to<br />

leave the hospital<br />

soon after birth and<br />

has not had any<br />

Casey Kasselder disabilities. Casey,<br />

on the other hand,<br />

remained in the hospital for several months.<br />

She was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy<br />

and her family realized that her life was not<br />

going to be an easy one. So, Casey began the<br />

journey of coping and living with her disabilities.<br />

In the third grade she received another diagnosis,<br />

she also had epilepsy. When she thought<br />

that things could not get worse, she received<br />

yet another surprise diagnosis, one she didn’t<br />

want to hear. The doctors told her that she had<br />

Triumph Over Obstacles<br />

been misdiagnosed at birth, she did not have<br />

cerebral palsy, but a rare hereditary disease<br />

called “Friedreich‟s Attaxis.” This disease<br />

affects the muscles and heart. By 8 th grade she<br />

was in a wheel chair. Casey said, “The hardest<br />

thing for me to overcome is trusting<br />

people and having to rely on others to take<br />

care of me.” Living in an all male environment<br />

at home, her middle school vice principal<br />

thought Casey would be better served if she<br />

had a female job coach. Chris Mayfield was<br />

assigned to assist Casey one-on-one and has<br />

been with her all through high school. The two<br />

of them have built a life-long friendship and it<br />

will be a very difficult adjustment not having<br />

Chris with her when she goes off to college.<br />

Chris comments, “Casey had so many issues<br />

when I was first assigned to her, very fearful<br />

and lots of trust issues, but she has overcome<br />

so many of these things. I‟m really<br />

proud of her for letting herself be open to<br />

trusting others.” How does Casey feel about<br />

graduating? “I‟m a little scared but anxious<br />

to move on,” says Casey. She plans on attending<br />

CBC to earn her AA and then transfer<br />

to Heritage University with the hope of becoming<br />

a rehabilitation counselor and possibly an<br />

inspirational speaker. Casey was very moved<br />

by Nick Vujicic (see page 8) when he came to<br />

CHS. He inspired and motivated her to not give<br />

up on pursuing her dreams.<br />

For Casey’s senior project, she organized a<br />

benefit concert/silent auction to raise funds for<br />

the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Along<br />

with her brother Jacob and several other senior<br />

classmates (their senior project too) they raised<br />

over $5,000. Casey loves <strong>Chiawana</strong> and has<br />

been active in leadership class, the Buddy<br />

Club, and is active in her youth group at church.<br />

Even though her life has had a lot of obstacles,<br />

she has risen above them and is excited to be<br />

one of the first graduates of CHS.<br />

Thank You Parents/Guardians<br />

Graduation is an exciting time for the<br />

graduating senior. It’s an exciting<br />

time for parents and guardians as<br />

well. The administrators and staff at<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> would like to<br />

thank you for the years of support,<br />

time, and encouragement given to<br />

help your senior reach this important<br />

milestone in his/her life.<br />

Graduation is a time to celebrate.<br />

May your efforts be richly rewarded.<br />

Graduation Practices<br />

June 1 & 2<br />

8:45 am @ CHS Auditorium<br />

June 3<br />

12:30 pm @ Stadium<br />

(all seniors need to be at practices)<br />

Senior Barbecue<br />

Friday, June 3<br />

11:30 am<br />

Edgar Brown Stadium<br />

(students will be bussed to stadium)<br />

Senior<br />

Baccalaureate<br />

Thursday ~ June 2<br />

7:00 p.m.<br />

CHS Theatre<br />

(everyone welcome)<br />

Graduation Seating for Seniors<br />

Attention Seniors! Last day to sign up for<br />

seating at graduation is June 1 st . Sign up in<br />

the library with Mrs. Harker.<br />

Senior Party<br />

June 4<br />

10:00 pm—3:00 am<br />

Lifequest in <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

(Road 68)<br />

Tickets-$10.00 each<br />

(Sponsored by parentsnot<br />

a school event)<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 8<br />

Students were spellbound as they listened to<br />

motivational speaker Nick Vujicic share his<br />

story on May 6 th . Born in Australia, Nick came<br />

into this life without arms, legs and only one left<br />

foot (with two toes). Of course, that presents<br />

challenges that most people can not even<br />

imagine. Propped on top of a table, Nick<br />

jumped around and gestured with his foot and<br />

spoke with much humor to his audience. His<br />

humor included remarks like, “I love to freak<br />

people out when they see me,” says Nick.<br />

Nick hasn’t always been the uplifting speaker<br />

he is today. He knows first hand what teasing,<br />

bullying, loneliness and depression is all about.<br />

In fact, when he was in grade school, he decided<br />

he couldn’t take the teasing any longer<br />

and wanted to end his life. He made two attempts<br />

to drown himself in the bathtub. On his<br />

third attempt, a picture flashed across his mind,<br />

he saw his mom and dad crying at his funeral.<br />

He made the decision then that he could not do<br />

that to his parents. So where did he find his<br />

strength to go on? He is the first to say that it<br />

isn’t him, but his faith in God that keeps him<br />

going and a belief that every person has a purpose<br />

in this life. He also attributes his family<br />

and friends for helping him get where he is<br />

today. When he changed his attitude, his life<br />

began to take a turn. He had to give a speech<br />

one day in class and after giving his speech, his<br />

teacher and several classmates began to cry.<br />

He realized that maybe he could turn his disability<br />

into a liability, thus the dream to become<br />

a motivational speaker.<br />

Nick Vujicic Inspires Students<br />

Motivational speaker—<br />

Nick Vujicic<br />

At 28 years of age, he is a college graduate,<br />

president of an international non-profit organization,<br />

and has his own motivational speaking<br />

company— “Attitude Is Altitude.” He is a<br />

sought after speaker around the world, speaking<br />

to churches, schools, conventions, corporations<br />

and even to presidents. In 2005 he was<br />

nominated for the “Young Australian of the<br />

Year.” He did not win the award but being<br />

nominated is a great honor in Australia.<br />

He challenged students to be over-comers<br />

when life throws you unexpected twists. He’s<br />

also not as handicapped as you would think. He<br />

has learned to write with a pen in his mouth, he<br />

can type 43 words per minute on the computer<br />

with his toes, he swims and plays soccer. “I<br />

did break my foot one time playing soccer,”<br />

jokes Nick. He used to pray for a miracle, now<br />

he hopes to be a miracle to someone else. He<br />

shared a story about<br />

a family who had a<br />

baby boy born just<br />

like him, left foot too.<br />

They were very despondent<br />

about their<br />

little boy and wondered<br />

how he would<br />

get through life. After<br />

meeting Nick, they<br />

realized that their little<br />

“Never give<br />

up, love yourself,<br />

and love<br />

others.”<br />

boy would be<br />

able to do lots of things in life they didn’t think<br />

he would. He became their miracle and he<br />

says, “I was so excited to see someone who<br />

looked just like me! You never know what‟s<br />

around the corner, but you have to go<br />

around the corner to find out.” Nick’s parting<br />

words to students were, “Never give up, love<br />

yourself, and love others.” He also has a<br />

biographical book out, “Life Without Limbs.”<br />

You can follow Nick on his website at:<br />

http://www.attitudeisaltitude.com/aboutusnick.php<br />

22 nd Annual HAAP Awards<br />

TRAC was the setting for the 22 nd annual Hispanic Academic<br />

Achievers Program (HAAP) Awards on April 29 th . With literally<br />

thousands of people in attendance, including 3,000 students from<br />

grades 4-12, who were being honored for maintaining a 3.0 GPA<br />

or above. As the evening wore down and the excitement grew, it<br />

came down to awarding $41,000 to Tri-City Seniors. Scholarships are awarded based on<br />

Hispanic heritage, financial need, leadership, civic and extra-curricular activities, academic<br />

achievement (maintaining a 3.0 GPA all through high school), and plans to pursue<br />

higher education. Twenty three seniors received scholarships totaling $41,000. Out of<br />

those twenty three, <strong>Chiawana</strong> had eight scholarship winners:<br />

Howard Durrant<br />

Socrates Escalera<br />

Conny Garcia<br />

Andres Herrera<br />

Jose A. Mendoza<br />

Jorge Negrete<br />

Daniel Ramirez<br />

Carlos Sandoval<br />


PNNL Awards<br />

Summer Internships<br />

The Student Research Apprenticeship Program<br />

(SRAP) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory<br />

has awarded four CHS students a paid summer internship.<br />

Students will spend fours days a week assigned<br />

to a scientist-mentor in a specific research<br />

area. One day each week is devoted to educational,<br />

career, and leadership development activities involving<br />

laboratory demonstrations, field trips, team building<br />

and communications workshops, and career<br />

awareness. This is a great honor to be chosen.<br />

Jose Mendoza (senior)<br />

Howard Durrant (senior)<br />

Brenda Villasenor (junior)<br />

Annaliza Mariscal (junior)<br />

Congratulations Riverhawks!

CHS Newsletter Page 9<br />

CHS DECA Chapter Receives Grant<br />

At the May 10 th school board meeting, CHS and PHS DECA Chapters<br />

were awarded grants from State Farm Insurance. State Farm agents<br />

Luis Garza, Scott Sintay, and Craig Griffiths presented checks to each<br />

chapter. <strong>Chiawana</strong> was presented a $2,000 check for their “Shift Into<br />

Safey” program. Each chapter submitted a grant proposal to State<br />

Farm to help raise awareness of two serious safety issues that affect<br />

teens. Both schools are using the grant money to create marketing materials<br />

and organize events to help students be aware of dangerous<br />

driving habits with the goal of changing students behavior behind the<br />

wheel.<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong>’s campaign is called “You Booze, You Cruise, You Lose,” a<br />

theme designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.<br />

The grant helped fund the “Every 15 Minutes” program as well, as<br />

wristbands and T-shirts to promote the campaign among students, staff<br />

and community members. The main focus is to ask students to not drink<br />

and drive. This is also the 4 th year in a row under Leslie Bell’s (DECA<br />

teacher) leadership that this grant has been awarded.<br />

Way to go Leslie!<br />

3502 Hovely Lane ~ <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

(located in 1st Place Development)<br />

Team <strong>Pasco</strong> Home Dedication<br />

“Team <strong>Pasco</strong> Home 2010-2011” was officially dedicated on May 25.<br />

This is the first year that <strong>Chiawana</strong> and <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> Construction<br />

Trades students, under teacher John Weatherby, collaborated to<br />

build a home. Formally called “The Bulldog House,” the name has<br />

been changed to “Team <strong>Pasco</strong> Homes,” for future homes. This is<br />

the 13 th home built since the program was implemented.<br />

There are many more students involved in the program also. Ag Science<br />

classes do the landscaping, Interior Design students select the<br />

interior colors, fixtures, carpets, etc. An accounting student helps do<br />

the bookkeeping. All of these students have an opportunity to apply<br />

for scholarships. Another key component is the many community<br />

members, businesses, and contractors that donate their time, products,<br />

or labor to the project. The program is one of a kind and has<br />

been recognized over the years locally, at the state, and national levels.<br />

The program has a non-profit board made up of community members<br />

who oversee the program and allocate the funds to run the program.<br />

This year the board awarded over $16,000 in scholarships. <strong>Chiawana</strong><br />

seniors received five of those scholarships: Michael Grimsley, Alex<br />

Licon, Octavio Zamudio, Yuriva Bueno, and Josefina Velasquez.<br />

Congratulations Riverhawks!<br />

Stage Flight<br />

(Left to right) DECA students Hailey Boice, Hannah Bosch, Scott<br />

Sintay (State Farm Insurance), and McKenzie Caughey are presented<br />

with a $2,000 grant at a recent school board meeting.<br />

Energy Solutions Scholarship<br />

Another sought after scholarship is the “Energy Solutions<br />

Scholarship.” This merit-based scholarship is awarded<br />

only to sophomores. Eleven Washington sophomores<br />

were selected to receive $2,000 in scholarship money.<br />

CHS sophomore, Kylee Anderson was one of those<br />

recipients. The energy Solutions Foundation is dedicated to the promotion<br />

of math, science, and engineering education.<br />

Way to go Kylee!<br />

We‟ve got talent, yes we do! May 11 th showcased the many talents<br />

of CHS during our first ever talent show. We even discovered a few<br />

hidden talents? Advanced marketing students planned and produced<br />

the show as a Junior Achievement company project. “Stage Flight”<br />

was the theme with Ky Burton as emcee (who is very talented himself).<br />

After an evening of performances, a panel of judges deliberated<br />

and made the tough choices for the top winners. Our CHS talent show<br />

winners are:<br />

1 st place—the team of Nick Longoria, Christian Jones -<br />

Miriscotta and Geramey Duckworth for their song writing<br />

and hip hop performance.<br />

2 nd place—Savanna Moran for her guitar/vocal performance<br />

3 rd place—Dennis Farrell for guitar solo<br />

A big thank you to our panel of judges as well as our staff, administration,<br />

participants and audience. It was a great night of entertainment.<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Seniors were presented a very real<br />

and emotional enactment of what can<br />

result from “drinking and driving” on May<br />

26 th . The “Every 15 Minutes” program<br />

is presented each year to thousands of<br />

students around the country. The twoday<br />

program focuses on high school seniors,<br />

and challenges them to think about<br />

drinking, driving, personal safety, and the<br />

responsibility of making mature decisions.<br />

Along with alcohol related crashes, it<br />

focuses on the impact that their decisions<br />

would have on family and friends. The<br />

event begins the day before the simulated<br />

crash, when students will be “taken” by<br />

the grim reaper, one every 15 minutes,<br />

throughout the school day. Students<br />

were not allowed to communicate with<br />

others as they were marked to signify<br />

they were “deceased.”<br />

The following day, students were brought<br />

outside to view a real simulation of an<br />

alcohol related crash. Students played<br />

the victims—<strong>Pasco</strong>/Kennewick firefighters,<br />

policeman, paramedics, and even the<br />

coroner responded to the simulated 911<br />

call. Responders performed exactly as if<br />

they were at a real accident, even using<br />

the “jaws of life” to remove a victim (who<br />

died) out of a smashed car. The whole<br />

experience was very chilling to watch.<br />

Onlookers<br />

“Every 15 Minutes”<br />

After the simulation, students regrouped<br />

in the auditorium to attend the funeral for<br />

the two students who died in the accident.<br />

The mothers of the deceased victims<br />

read letters to the audience, then the<br />

victims read letters to their family. There<br />

were lots of tears shed, adults and students<br />

alike. It was very intense and emotional.<br />

Many thanks to the City of <strong>Pasco</strong>/<br />

Kennewick for providing the cars and<br />

personnel to present such a vivid simulation.<br />

Also, thanks to the hard work of<br />

CHS Advanced Marketing classes and<br />

DECA students for planning and implementing<br />

the program. Three seniors<br />

(Hailey Boice, Hannah Bosch and<br />

McKenzie Coughey) wrote a grant which<br />

provided the funds for the event. The<br />

grant was awarded by State Farm Insurance.<br />

CHS Counselors, Carmen<br />

Zamora and Leadership students also<br />

helped with the program. At the end,<br />

students were challenged to stand up and<br />

take a pledge to not drink and drive.<br />

Thank you to Marketing teacher, Leslie<br />

Bell, who was instrumental in initiating<br />

this first CHS “Every 15 Minutes.”<br />

Don’t Drink & Drive!<br />

The Party<br />

The Victims<br />

The Passengers<br />

The Accident<br />

Breathalyzer<br />

Test<br />

Responders<br />

Jaws of Life<br />

The Mourners<br />

The Funeral

CHS Newsletter Page 11<br />

CHS Special Olympians Compete in Special Olymics<br />

Rally tunnels are the custom at CHS, sending our competitors<br />

off in grand style. It was no different on May 11 when<br />

our CHS Special Olympians were cheered and applauded<br />

as they loaded on the bus to compete in the 2011<br />

Special Olympics at Fran Rish Stadium in Richland.<br />

They were all decked out in their Riverhawk gear and<br />

pumped for a day of competition in track and field events.<br />

There was an abundance of smiles as each athlete finished<br />

his/her event. In the end, all were winners, as they<br />

proudly wore their medals and ribbons.<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 12<br />

Career & Technical Education (CTE) News<br />

CHS Students Receive<br />

Paid Internships at PNNL<br />

or Energy Northwest<br />

Each year Pacific Northwest National Laboratory<br />

(PNNL) and Energy Northwest select area high<br />

school students to receive a “paid internship” for a<br />

year. Out of 22 positions available, six positions were<br />

filled with CHS students. Those who will serve their<br />

internship in 2011-12 are:<br />

Jazmine Cartagena (Junior)<br />

Kellsey Flieger (Junior)<br />

Amjad Al-Shakarji (Sophomore)<br />

Kristen Carpenter (Sophomore)<br />

Rebecca Zepeda (Junior)<br />

Lesly Ibarra (Junior)<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> students impressed the interviewers with<br />

their professionalism.<br />

Way to go Riverhawks!<br />

Congratulations to CHS Floriculture Students<br />

Columbia Basin College was the setting for the 1 st Annual <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>District</strong> All-<br />

Day Floral Event on April 15. Over 20 floral teams competed with CHS winning four out<br />

of the five top places in wedding design, including 1 st place. “I am very proud of all 55<br />

of my floral students who attended the event and displayed great leadership qualities,”<br />

stated Kim Lehrman, Ag Science teacher. The winning teams included:<br />

1 st Place Team: Brenda Montalvo, Danielle Cantu, Valentina Steyla, and<br />

Jessica Farias<br />

2 nd Place Team: Elizabeth Cruz, Gabby Contreras, Jayme Quiroz, Jorge<br />

Negrete, and Olga Porcayo<br />

4 th Place Team: Claudia Jaime, Yeseli Salcedo, Yamiri Celis, Monica<br />

Contreras, and Claudia Lopez<br />

5 th Place Team: Isabel Velasquez, Luz Vaca, Laura Contreras, Cristal<br />

Paniagua, and Jessica Lesher<br />

DECA Students Fly to Orlando<br />

CHS DECA students Shanice Butts, Jessica Ibarra,<br />

Ashley Good, Deanna Boyle, and Atara Young left<br />

on April 29 th to attend the DECA International Career<br />

Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. The<br />

troupe earned the trip by qualifying at the State DECA<br />

Conference last March.<br />

Shanice, Jessica and Ashley competed in the Chapter<br />

Awards Project while Deanna attended the Chapter<br />

Management Academy and Atara attended the Senior<br />

Management Institute. They were able to interact with<br />

thousands of students from all over the country as well<br />

as other countries in leadership, networking and teambuilding<br />

activities.<br />

Of course what would a trip to Orlando be without visiting<br />

Disney World. It was a trip of a lifetime and one<br />

they soon won’t forget.<br />

1 st Place Team in Wedding Design (left to right): Danielle Cantu, Brenda<br />

Montalvo, Valentina Steyla, and Jessica Farias.<br />

Floral students<br />

participating<br />

in the all-day<br />

floral event<br />

at CBC.<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 13<br />

Who Will Wear the Crown?<br />

Five <strong>Chiawana</strong> students will be competing this<br />

summer in local pageants. Seniors, Courtney<br />

Campbell, Ashley Davis and Shanice Butts will<br />

compete in the Miss Tri-Cities Pageant on July<br />

23 at Kennewick <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong>. The Miss Tri-Cities<br />

pageant is a scholarship pageant and also part of the Miss America<br />

Program. Each contestant must present a platform to promote during<br />

their reign. All three girls will be singing for the talent portion of the<br />

pageant.<br />

Shanice Butts will promote “youth enpowerment”. She<br />

plans to get a degree in in business administration.<br />

Ashley Davis will promote “volunteerism”. She plans to<br />

study communications and attend law school.<br />

Courtney Campbell will promote “adoption.” She will attend<br />

Whitworth University and major in pharmacy.<br />

Two other CHS students, Jadelyn Breier (freshman) and Janae<br />

Calaway (sophomore), will be competing in the Miss Tri-Cities Outstanding<br />

Teen Pageant on July 22 at Kennewick <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong>. This<br />

pageant is part of the Miss America Outstanding Teen program.<br />

Jadelyn will sing and Janae will dance for their talent portion.<br />

Good Luck Girls!<br />

Thank You PEAK! Partners<br />

Curtis & Susan Dahl<br />

(John L. Scott Realty)<br />

Scott Sintay<br />

(State Farm Insurance)<br />

Special thanks to <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s PEAK! Partners, Curtis and Susan<br />

Dahl (John L. Scott Realty) and Scott Sintay (State Farm Insurance)<br />

for supporting CHS students/staff again this year. We appreciate<br />

all your time, efforts and contributions. Together we can accomplish<br />

more!<br />

May 2-4 was National “Teacher Appreciation Week.” <strong>Chiawana</strong><br />

<strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> is very fortunate to have a talented, dedicated, and qualified<br />

staff of teachers. Our teachers spend countless hours inside and<br />

outside of the classroom during the school year to help our students<br />

achieve their best.<br />

In addition to teaching, teachers are busy planning lessons, grading<br />

papers, chaperoning activities, acting as club advisors, and attending<br />

many meetings, workshops, and conferences. All teachers are lifelong<br />

learners and work diligently to inspire their students. Teachers<br />

do make a difference in students’ lives. <strong>Chiawana</strong> has some pretty<br />

classy teachers!<br />

Jose Mejia Receives the<br />

North Star Award<br />

Superintendent, Saundra Hill made a surprise announcement on May<br />

26 th during a recent staff meeting. CHS Math teacher, Jose Mejia was<br />

asked to come forward and accept the “North Star Award.” This award<br />

recognizes any PSD staff member<br />

who goes above and beyond.<br />

Nominations can be sent in from<br />

PSD staff members or members of<br />

the community. In this case, a<br />

parent of one of Jose’s students<br />

nominated him for this award. The<br />

nomination letter read, “Mr. Mejia<br />

has shown dedication to his<br />

students‟ success through monitoring<br />

their individual progress,<br />

communicating with students<br />

AAAS Awards<br />

(Afro-American Academics Society)<br />

The 35 th annual AAAS Awards Banquet was held at TRAC on May 22.<br />

Clarence Alford, a long time <strong>Pasco</strong> educator (retired), was very proud of<br />

this year’s honoree’s. He was instrumental in founding this organization<br />

back in 1976. The goal of the organization is to honor black Tri-City<br />

students academically who have maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA<br />

throughout their high school career. The organization is funded through<br />

donations and this year $30,000 in scholarships was awarded to local<br />

seniors. Over 300 students were recognized. <strong>Chiawana</strong> had three deserving<br />

seniors receive scholarships:<br />

Shanice Butts<br />

Pilot Lapaya<br />

Jasmine Hicks-Simms<br />

Principal, Teri Kessie congratulates Jose Mejia<br />

for receiving the “North Star Award”<br />

and parents on a regular basis,<br />

and offering his time before<br />

school to help with their struggles.<br />

I am amazed at the effort, care and time he puts forth to help<br />

each student be successful and accountable. He goes above and<br />

beyond for his students.”<br />

Thanks Jose for “being there”<br />

for our kids, congratulations!<br />

Congratulations Riverhawks!<br />

THANK YOU,<br />




Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 14<br />

National Nurses Week<br />

Erin Hultgrenn<br />

“FISH” Philosophy<br />

Be There<br />

Choose Your Attitude<br />

Play<br />

Make Their Day<br />

Carolyn Chapman<br />

National Nurses Week was recognized the week of May 6-12.<br />

The week honors the nursing profession and recognizes the<br />

dedication and hard work that nurses do on a daily basis caring<br />

for their patients.<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong> has two outstanding nurses, Erin Hultgrenn and<br />

Carolyn Chapman. These ladies take their job very seriously,<br />

making sure students take their prescribed medicines, helping<br />

with medical emergencies that arise (which is often in a school<br />

this size), instructs students in health care and keeps student<br />

health records up to date. Health aide, Lynn Urbach, also<br />

plays an important role here at CHS.<br />

Erin Hultgrenn was born and raised in <strong>Pasco</strong>, graduating from<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> in 1998. She received her nursing degree from<br />

Washington State University. In 2004 she started working in<br />

the <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>District</strong> after working several years at a local<br />

clinic. Her first assignment was <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> and then<br />

transferred to <strong>Chiawana</strong> when it opened. She also has a master’s<br />

degree in Public Health. Erin is married to Brian Hultgrenn,<br />

another PHS graduate, and mother to 2 boys, Cole (2<br />

yrs.) and Vincent (8 mos).<br />

Carolyn Chapman was born in Spokane, graduating from John<br />

Rodgers <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong>. She then attended Spokane Community<br />

college and graduated with a medical assistant certificate.<br />

She spent the next several years working in various doctor’s<br />

offices. She also worked for several doctors in the Tri-Cities<br />

after moving here. She took some time off and then in 1993<br />

she went to CBC to earn her R.N. degree. With degree in hand<br />

she began working for the <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>District</strong> as Mark<br />

Twain’s nurse. She retired in 2009, at least she thought she<br />

retired. She is working at CHS two days a week and two days<br />

at Rowena Chess. Carolyn said, “I‟ve never worked with<br />

older kids and when asked to work at <strong>Chiawana</strong>, I wasn‟t<br />

sure I would like it, but I have really enjoyed being here. I<br />

have enjoyed job sharing with Erin. She is great to work<br />

with as well as everyone else here.”<br />

Delia Santillan Is All About Helping Families<br />

CHS Home Visitor, Delia<br />

Santillan is an energetic<br />

personality at CHS that<br />

has a heart and a passion<br />

for our kids. She is the<br />

liaison or communicator<br />

between the school and<br />

parents. “My job isn‟t<br />

easy, but I love it,” says<br />

Delia. To stay so enthusiastic<br />

after more than 10<br />

years on the job says a lot<br />

about her.<br />

Delia seems to have a nose for finding<br />

out the needs of our students. For<br />

example, she was instrumental in gathering<br />

donations from staff when one of<br />

our student’s home burned down last<br />

fall. She collected all the donations<br />

and delivered them herself.<br />

Her official job description is helping<br />

migrant families fill out paperwork such<br />

as free and reduced lunch forms, registration<br />

packets for new migrant students,<br />

and eligibility forms for the migrant<br />

program. Finding resources for<br />

personal needs like clothing, school<br />

supplies, even personal hygiene products<br />

is also part of her job. She directs<br />

families to other Tri-City agencies for<br />

assistance when needed. Being a<br />

CHS Principal on Special Assignment,<br />

Robert Elizondo has announced<br />

that he is leaving <strong>Chiawana</strong><br />

after accepting a new position as principal<br />

of Riverside <strong>High</strong> <strong>School</strong> in<br />

Boardman, Oregon. He will end his<br />

duties here at the end of June and<br />

begin his new post on August 1, 2011.<br />

Elizondo has been with the district<br />

since 2002 at various posts; Dean of<br />

Students (<strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong>), Vice Principal<br />

(McLoughlin), Principal (Stevens) before<br />

coming to <strong>Chiawana</strong> as a Principal<br />

on Special Assignment. He has been<br />

a great advocate for students and has<br />

worked closely with parents and the<br />

community as well as being an avid<br />

supporter of <strong>Chiawana</strong>’s mission and<br />

vision. “It has been a pleasure and<br />

an honor to have served and represented<br />

you in our community. We<br />

have a wonderful school with great<br />

CHS Home Visitor-<br />

Delia Santillan<br />

families.<br />

home visitor means that<br />

she personally visits the<br />

homes of many of our<br />

students. She goes the<br />

extra mile for our kids and<br />

always with a smile. Being<br />

a child of migrant parents<br />

growing up, she<br />

knows firsthand<br />

the<br />

needs of<br />

these<br />

“My job isn’t<br />

easy, but I<br />

love it.”<br />

She started working for<br />

the <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>District</strong> in<br />

1981 as a home visitor, took a break to<br />

raise her family and then returned in<br />

2002 as a home visitor again. She has<br />

five sons, one who will be graduating<br />

from CHS this year (Rico Santillan).<br />

What does she like about CHS? “I<br />

love the warm friendly smiles from<br />

students and staff, everyone is so<br />

eager to help one another (students<br />

and staff alike). My favorite part of<br />

my job is being able to help others<br />

in need. We have a great leader, Teri<br />

Kessie, and staff. <strong>Chiawana</strong> rocks,”<br />

says Delia.<br />

Robert Elizondo Takes New Post<br />

people, where we push, stretch and<br />

challenge our students as we ignite<br />

world class learning. Keep up the<br />

good work, stay the course, keep<br />

loving kids, and most of all, have<br />

fun and enjoy making a difference in<br />

the lives of our students,” says<br />

Elizondo. CHS staff wish you much<br />

success in your future endeavor.<br />

Mission Statement: To ignite world-class learning, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.

CHS Newsletter Page 15<br />

Most Inspirational Teacher<br />

Each year, Kiwanis honors seniors along with<br />

an inspirational teacher voted on by the seniors<br />

themselves. This year CHS seniors voted<br />

history teacher, Heather Axel, as their most<br />

inspirational teacher.<br />

Principal, Teri Kessie, was all smiles as she<br />

announced Heather’s name, “I am thrilled to<br />

introduce to you a teacher who inspires kids<br />

to push themselves beyond what some have<br />

ever imagined they can do. If you ask students<br />

who have had her as a teacher they<br />

would say something like: Wow! She has a<br />

lot of energy! She makes learning interesting<br />

and fun all the time. She never gives up<br />

on us, even when, at times, we are—in her<br />

words—naughty. Not only is she a motivator<br />

for students, but also for teachers. She<br />

was an instrumental part of developing the<br />

foundational structures of <strong>Chiawana</strong> that<br />

have helped us to increase learning for all<br />

kids. She welcomes teachers who are<br />

struggling into her room to observe what<br />

she does, and will mentor new teachers<br />

without ever asking a penny for it. You exemplify<br />

the <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>District</strong> mission<br />

by always putting students first to make<br />

learning last a lifetime.”<br />

History Teacher, Heather Axel—Kiwanis<br />

Most Inspirational Teacher<br />

This energetic teacher is a <strong>Pasco</strong> girl through<br />

and through, graduating from <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong> in<br />

1993. She received her BA in social studies<br />

from Washington State University in 1997 and<br />

obtained her master’s degree in education from<br />

Washington State University Tri-Cities in 2002.<br />

She returned to her alma mater, <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>High</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> in 1998 as a history teacher, then transferred<br />

to <strong>Chiawana</strong> when it opened.<br />

She is never without a smile and says her mission<br />

to students is, “Educating students<br />

about social sciences is essential to them<br />

developing into a productive, knowledgeable<br />

citizen. I get to be a part of this development.<br />

It is amazing to see my students<br />

grow in their understanding of their nation<br />

and world,” says Heather.<br />

What does Heather like the most about CHS?<br />

“The things I love most about CHS are the<br />

staff and students. I love the people I work<br />

with here at CHS. I especially love working<br />

in my PLC. I feel like what we are doing<br />

makes a difference in what we are teaching<br />

and what students are learning,” says<br />

Heather.<br />

When Heather isn’t working, she is home enjoying<br />

her family. She and her husband, Gordon,<br />

have two sons, Drew (7 yrs) and Tyler (4 yrs).<br />

Thank you Heather for being an<br />

inspiration to our kids!<br />

Sadie Sparks Wins State Title<br />

Junior-Sadie Sparks<br />

Sadie!<br />

Other CHS track winners at state are:<br />

Junior, Sadie Sparks, takes the state title in the<br />

4A/100 meter hurdles at Tacoma this past weekend!<br />

Her winning time was 14.77. The rest is history,<br />

and history making it is, as she will go down as<br />

“<strong>Chiawana</strong>‟s first athlete to win a 1 st place state<br />

title.” Sadie said, “I was seeded No. 2 going in to<br />

the meet and wasn‟t expecting to win, but, I was<br />

the first one over the hurdles, so I just kept going.<br />

I also beat my personal record so that was even<br />

more exciting.”<br />

Sadie has been running track and field events since<br />

middle school at McLoughlin. She’s an all around<br />

athlete, playing volleyball and basketball for CHS<br />

(she likes being competitive). Congratulations<br />

7 th place/4 x 100 meter relay—Alyssa Conger, Sarah<br />

Pierce, Shelby Ellsworth, and Sadie Sparks<br />

5 th in shot put—Daniel Hughes<br />

2 nd place in javelin—Shelby Ellsworth<br />

Congratulations to all athletes<br />

for an outstanding spring<br />

sports season!<br />

Riverhawks are Awesome!<br />

Softball Fans<br />

Seniors vs. Staff Ballgame<br />

Thursday—June 2<br />

4:00 pm @ CHS ball field<br />

Come support your favorite team!<br />

(staff probably needs the most support)

CHS Newsletter Page 16<br />

<strong>Chiawana</strong>‟s DECA Chapter and FCCLA Club competed May 18 in<br />

“Project Goodwill,” a fashion show, at Tri-Tech Skills Center. Competition<br />

included <strong>Pasco</strong>, Kennewick, Hanford and Southridge <strong>High</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong>s. Students were challenged to produce clothing outfits designed<br />

from items donated from Goodwill. Creativity was the key to<br />

the competition. It was great fun seeing all the fashions that were<br />

created. Each team was judged in seven categories; Best Overall,<br />

Peoples Choice, Best Denim Outfit, Best Literacy Outfit, Best Donation<br />

Box, Best Portfolio, and Best Market. <strong>Chiawana</strong> won two categories<br />

out of the seven; Peoples Choice (DECA) and Best Literacy<br />

Outfit (FCCLA).<br />

1 st Place Best Literacy Outfit (FCCLA) won $200. Karina<br />

Johnson was leader and model. Dionicio “Muffin” Delgado<br />

and Roxie Toban was also part of the team. The dress was<br />

made out of books provided by Goodwill.<br />

People‟s Choice Award (CHS DECA) was awarded by the audience.<br />

Team was Tori Banks and Deanna Boyle.<br />

1st People‟s Choice<br />

Tori Banks & Deanna Boyle<br />

1st Place Literacy Outfit<br />

Karina Johnson

CHS Newsletter Page 18<br />

June 1<br />

June 2<br />

June 3<br />

June 4<br />

June Dates to Remember<br />

Senior Finals (3 rd -4 th periods)<br />

Graduation Practice @ 8:45 am—Auditorium<br />

Senior Finals (5 th -6 th periods)<br />

Graduation Practice @ 8:45 am—Auditorium<br />

Baccalaureate for Seniors @ 7:00—Theatre<br />

Senior Fest Assembly @ 9:13-10:48 am—Gym<br />

Senior BBQ @ 11:30 am—Edgar Brown Stadium<br />

Graduation Practice @ 12:30 pm—Edgar Brown<br />

Stadium<br />

Graduation @ 10:00 am @ Edgar Brown Stadium<br />

June 9 Finals (Grades 9-11)<br />

June 10 Finals (Grades 9-11)<br />

June 13 Finals (Grades 9-11)<br />

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL—Dismissal @ 10:30 am<br />

June 19<br />

Father’s Day<br />

June 20 Summer <strong>School</strong> Starts (June 20-July 15)<br />

July 4<br />

NO SUMMER SCHOOL—4 th of July<br />

Scenes Around CHS

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