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Artists’ Books Exhibitions

University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Tom Trusky Exhibition Cases

Special Collections Room, Bower Ashton Library

Bob Cobbing and the Book

2nd December 2011 – 31st January 2012

Curated by Lawrence Upton


No. 70 December 2011 - January 2012

Published by Impact Press at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol, UK


In t h I s I s s u e: nat I o n a l a n d In t e r n at I o n a l ar t I s t s ’ bo o k s exhIbItIons Pa g e s 1 - 8 an n o u n c e m e n t s Pa g e s 8 - 9

co u r s e s , le c t u r e s, co n f e r e n c e s & wo r k s h o P s Pa g e s 9 - 12 oP P o rt u n I t I e s Pa g e s 12 - 15 In t e r n e t ne w s Pa g e s 15 - 16

ne w ar t I s t s ’ PublIcatIons Pa g e s 16 - 21 re P o r t s & re v I e w s Pa g e s 21 - 22 st o P Pr e s s! Pa g e 22

Pl u s : Pr Iva t e P r e s s e s a n d f I n e P r I n t I n g In au s t r a l I a a n d ne w Ze a l a n d : a bIblIograPhIcal e x t r a c t , 2010

c o m P I l e d b y Jü r g e n we g n e r, lI b r a r I a n, br a n d y w I n e ar c h I v e , sy d n e y , aP P e n d I x Pa g e s 1 - 3

In Hendon, in the early 1950s, Bob Cobbing (1920 – 2002)

was Organising Secretary to a number of local artistic

groups including writing, painting and drama under the

title Hendon Experimental Arts Society.

Writers Forum eventually separated itself; and, in 1963,

started to become a major small press which, by 2002, had

published over 1000, perhaps as many as 1300 titles.

In this collaborative enterprise, Cobbing was first among

equals, as recognised by the title of the 1974 Ceolfrith Arts

Centre exhibition Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum.

Others came and went; but Cobbing persisted until, in

2002, a day before he died, he handed the running of the

WF workshop and WF publishing to Adrian Clarke and

Lawrence Upton, the product of several years consultation

with the two.

Clarke resigned in 2010; but Upton continues, assisted by

Tina Bass.

Upton has written extensively of Cobbing’s use of the book

as a medium for visual poetry in Bob Cobbing and the

book as medium; but this exhibition concentrates upon

introducing some of the publications themselves, especially

Pa g e 1 w w w .b o o k a r t s .u w e .a c .u k

ISSN 1754-9086

of Cobbing’s own work. Those who would have more

background are referred to the unparalleled 1970s essays by

Eric Mottram listed below.

Cobbing was a painter initially and then a poet. As Lawrence

Upton said of the exhibition he curated at Space Studios,

March – May 2011: “I can state my overriding thesis very

simply: Bob Cobbing, the painter, was poetic; Bob Cobbing,

the poet, was painterly.”

Cobbing resisted the notion that his books were “artists’

books”, which might seem strange; but his policy was, in

Mottram’s words, “enabling most people who wanted to buy

poetry not to be drastically out of pocket”.

To that end, he often published at below cost price; and,

often, he used the simplest production methods, including

ink duplicating and, later, office photocopying. Binding was

by office stapler.

Alternatively, he printed on cards and “bound” them in

envelopes and later, when they became commonplace, in

plastic document wallets.

When it was possible to use other printing methods, he did

so; and the 500th and 750th Writers Forum publications

were perfect bound litho-printed books, thanks to grant aid.

Using appropriate materials, Cobbing published a wide

range of artist-writers in a wide array of formats, sometimes

rather large, which made them difficult to display but

formally reflected their content. He took great care in the

making of the books, literally by hand in the majority of

cases: “The standard of production, however inexpensive,

began well and improved over the years, but never exceeded

the price the majority could pay.” said Mottram.

A prosthetics of poetry: the art of Bob Cobbing by Eric

Mottram is available as a pamphlet from Writers Forum

Bob Cobbing and the book as medium by Lawrence Upton

is web-published by Readings magazine at http://www.bbk.

WRITERS FORUM: A Successful Campaign by Eric

Mottram is to be found in Bob Cobbing & Writers Forum

edited by Peter Mayer, 1974, now reprinted by Writers


Welcome to My World: Artists Interpret the Globe

23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, USA

Until 31st December 2011

An invitational show co-curated by Robert Tomlinson and

23 Sandy. A stellar list of area artists are creating a piece of

art out of a world globe. Each artist will find a globe and

alter it, paint on it, collage on it, cut it apart or even electrify

it to create a totally new piece of art.

Pa g e 2 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Participating artists include: Mary Bennett, Allison Bruns,

Chandra Cerrito, David Chelsea, Sue Collard, Anna and Leo

Daedalus with Samuel Miller, Kerry Davis, Tamara English,

Adrianne Feldstein, Linda Hutchins, Heidi Kirkpatrick,

Laura LeHew, David Meeker, Bonnie Meltzer, Jim

Neidhardt, Cynthia Nawalinski, Jane Schiffhauer, Joanna

Thomas, Robert Tomlinson, Renee Zangara.

23 Sandy Gallery is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday,

Noon to 6pm. plus late on First Friday. We are also very

generous with appointments outside of gallery hours.

Please contact Laura Russell to schedule a visit.

We are located at 623 NE 23rd Avenue, just three doors

north of Sandy Boulevard in Central Eastside Portland.

Tel: 503-927-4409

Nicola Dale - Kindle

John Rylands Library, Manchester, UK

Until 29 April 2012

Kindle: v. light (a flame); set on fire

v. arouse (with reference to an emotion)

n. portable e-reader

Nicola Dale’s new artwork Kindle is inspired by the

changing format of knowledge and its current journey out

of libraries and books and into circuit boards and light.

Within The Old Map Room of the historic John Rylands

Library, the artist has installed thousands of hand-made

“candles” made from the pages of unwanted books. In

honour of the artwork’s surroundings, these are ordered

using a system unique to the work. In addition to Kindle,

the Library is also hosting a retrospective of the artist’s work

within the Crawford Room.

Kindle is present in association with Untitled Gallery. It

has been funded by Arts Council England. Kindle runs

until 29 April 2012 at John Rylands Library, 150 Deansgate,

Manchester M3 3EH, UK

The John Rylands Library is open Monday 12:00 - 5:00 |

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 | Sunday 12:00 - 5:00.

The Library will be closed for Christmas and New Year:

23 December 2011 - 2 January 2012.

Les Coleman - Diagrams

Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam

Until 17th December 2011

An exhibition of Drawings from Afterthunks and other

books by Les Coleman is on show at Boekie Woekie,

Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam until 17th December.

ABOT “Artists’ Books on Tour”

Until 8 January 2012 – in Vienna; 16 January – 18 March

2012 – in Prague; 26 March – 31 May 2012 – in Ljubljana.

On Monday, 27 June 2011 at the MAK in Vienna, an

international jury announced the winners of the Europewide

artist’s book competition Artists’ Books on Tour:

among 158 projects from 26 European countries, works

by five artists were chosen as winners and recognized with

prizes of € 2,000 each; 45 further works received honourable


A major aim of the competition was to gain an overview of

Europe-wide creative work in the artist’s book genre. A total

of 925 projects from all over Europe were submitted to the

artist’s book competition Artists’ Books on Tour. Of these,

158 projects entered the final round following three days of

preliminary deliberations by the jury. As a further central

element of the project, the MAK is updating and expanding

its database of illustrated books. Its holdings of this type,

comprised of around 2,000 objects representing various

artistic movements ranging from the Vienna Secession,

Russian Constructivism and Viennese Actionism to

contemporary works, will be digitised and made accessible

online to the general public.

The winning projects of the competition Artists’ Books

on Tour will be shown along with those recognised by

honourable mentions in the form of a mobile museum

which will make stops in Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana until

May 2012. At the MAK in Vienna, the exhibition Artists’

Books on Tour – Artist Competition and Mobile Museum

will be shown until 8 January 2012 in the MAK Works on

Paper Room.

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts /

Contemporary Art, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Pa g e 3 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

Fine Impressions

Printmaking and artists’ books in Melbourne 1999-2010

Cowen Gallery, State Library of Victoria

Melbourne, Australia

Until 16th February 2012

Fine impressions: printmaking and artists’ books in Melbourne

1999-2010 showcases beautiful limited-edition books by

20 Melbourne artists and printmakers. In the digital era

the future of the printed book seems uncertain, yet the

handmade artist’s book is a flourishing artform. Each of

these works is unique in its use of design, typography, paper

and binding, both drawing upon and extending the history

and tradition of the book. The artists featured include:

Angela Cavalieri, Daniel Moynihan, Bruno Leti, Inge King,

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

Cowen Gallery, Level 2a, Main entrance: Swanston St

Admission Free.

Edgardo-Antonio Vigo

The Research Centre for Artists’ Publications, Study Room

Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany

Until 29th January 2012

Conceptualism, Visual Poetry and Mail Art characterize the

comprehensive oeuvre of the Argentinean artist Edgardo-

Antonio Vigo (1928-1997). In the context of the military

dictatorship in Argentina, his art constituted a political

gesture. Through his rubber stamps, artists’ postage

stamps, text works and his statements, which participated

in a network of international artistic exchanges, he called

attention to the situation in his native land as well as to the

fate of his son – who “disappeared” in 1976 – and of the

thousands of other victims of the military dictatorship.

Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art

Teerhof 20 28199, Bremen, Germany.

From 5 - 11 December Annette C. Disslin’s Bleikloetzle

is running an Open Studio - Buchdruckatelier bleikloetzle,

Im Gewerbegebiet 10, D-73116 Waeschenbeuren


On show is a new series of Lyricards - large sized cards with

poems in English or German by writers lincluding Heinrich

Heine and Thomas Hood. These cards are letterpress

printed beauties: http://www.paper-fold.papiergebunden.


There will be a wide range of the completely new designed

Gourmand’s Books - specifically made for all who love

cooking, collecting and inventing recipes. Many of these

new books’ covers have been made from tea towel linen:


The range of Culinary books has grown, also there are many

new collecting books in country and vintage style:



New on the paper-fold-site is the Chest of Fabric, which

shows all the fabric on stock at the studio: http://www.

The Paradise of Individuality

Graphic Design and Artists’ Books from Leeds College

of Art Library’s Special Collections

Until 9th December 2011

“…the paradise of individuality…”, George Santayana’s

description of graphic design, is an exhibition of artists’

books celebrating the breadth and versatility of graphic

design from hand-set type to hand-drawn zines, comic

art and illustration. It includes complete facsimile prints

of the hugely influential De Stijl journal, highlighting

the typographic work of Piet Mondrian and Theo van

Doesburg. These are shown alongside artists’ publications

from Nobrow Press and Ensixteen Editions, and book works

by Andrew Morrison, Jane Kennelly, Michael Caine, Richard

Long and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The exhibition is a small sample of books from Leeds

College of Art’s Special Collections in the Vernon Street

Library. The exhibition will be open during term time,

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. The Library, Leeds College

of Art, Vernon Street, Leeds LS2 8PH. T. 0113 2028096


Art & project bulletins 1-156 /

September 1968 - November 1989

Christophe Daviet-Thery, Paris

Until 23rd December

Projects by Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Michael Riedel, Jérôme

Saint-Loubert Bié, Yann Sérandour, Eric Watier and

Johannes Wohnseifer. From the earliest days in 1968 when

the bulletin appeared Under the title of « Architectural

Research » the Small statement printed on the bottom of

the front page rings out with the spirit of its time: « art &

project plans to bring you together with the ideas of artists,

architects and technicians to discover an intelligent form

for your living and working space. Art & project invites you

to participate in its exhibitions which will explore ways in

which art, architecture and technology can combine with

you own ideas »

The importance of the bulletins as an archival source on

the period is unrivalled, both through the quality of the

original page-works and the calibre of the artists involved

all the key artists from this period contributed one and often

more bulletins: Robert Barry made four, Stanley Brown

made seven, Jan Dibbets six, Hamish Fulton three, Gilbert &

George four, Douglas Huebler four, Sol Lewitt five, Richard

Long seven, and Allen Ruppersberg two.

Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et Editions d’Artistes

34 rue Louise Weiss, 75013 Paris. Tel : + 33(0)1 53 79 05 95

www. blog:

Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, True copy, 2011

Until 17 December 2011

Florence Loewy books by artists, Paris

Exposition, portfolio, lancement du dernier numéro de

Böhm. Florence Loewy books by artists

9 rue de thorigny fr-75003 Paris

Tues - Sat 2-7pm

Pa g e 4 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Hand Voice & Vision

Artists’ Books from Women’s Studio Workshop

Smith College, Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library

Level 3, Northampton, MA 01063, USA

Until December 20th, 2011

Hand, Voice & Vision: Artists’ Books from Women’s

Studio Workshop features artists’ books by thirty-six

artists published over thirty years by Women’s Studio

Workshop. Curated by Kathleen Walkup, the exhibition is

a comprehensive retrospective featuring some of the most

influential contemporary book artists in America. The forty

works in Hand, Voice & Vision celebrate three facets that

characterize the artist’s book programme at Women’s Studio

Workshop: the hand-made mark of the book-maker, the

unique voices and viewpoints of a broad and diverse range

of artists, and the visionary nature of artwork that forges

new directions in the medium of book arts.

You Came and Our Tree Bloomed and Hands of Josephus II by

Miriam Schaer are included in Apocryphal, Traditional, Et

Al at The Georgia College Museum, in Milledgeville GA.

Curated by Shannon Morris and Jon Coffelt, the exhibition

is on now, until 15th February, 2012

For information about hours and location, visit


Gustavsberg Konsthall. Stockholm, Sweden

Until January 8th 2012

Founder members Tracey Rowledge, David Clarke and

Clare Twomey will be showing collaborative works. Artist,

bookbinder and conservator Tracey Rowledge is also a

founding member of Tomorrow’s Past.

Tracey Rowley

Tomorrow’s Past at

More information is available at



Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, UK

Until 11th December

An exhibition dedicated to print and publishing in the

independent arts. On show and for sale are a collection of

zines, posters and original works made newly available from

self-publishers and small press producers from around the


Featuring works from Booklet Press (JAP), Bongoût (GER),

Cafe Royal (UK), Catalogue Library (UK), Club Muscles

(CAN), Pete Willis / Dead Trees and Dye (UK), Jess Wilson

/ Duke Press (UK), Bartolome Sanson (FRA), Lachllan

Rattray (UK), Malcy Duff (UK), Mike Perry (USA),

Museums Press (UK), Nieves (CH), N.S.E.W (NOR),

Smalltime Books (AUS), Superclub (UK), Fiona Allison /

Tropical Waste (UK), Theo Simpson / Various Points (UK),

Victor & Hester (UK)

Good Press Gallery, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, UK

Good Press is open Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm

Marinus van Dijke

A walk, a hundred years, a reconstruction

De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal, The Netherlands

Until 11 December, 2011

Inspired by an article by F. Bins, published in Buiten

magazine in 1911, about a walk he took straight through the

dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland in 1910, Marinus van Dijke

decided to take the same walk one hundred years later.

In connection with these walks, Marinus van Dijke was

invited by the editors of the Slibreeks series to design the

137th volume. This chapbook has three parts with a map

in each one and is entitled een wandeling honderd jaar een

reconstructie (‘a walk a hundred years a reconstruction’).

The Johan Deumens Gallery in Haarlem also has artist’s

books by Marinus van Dijke available for viewing.

De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal

Zusterstraat 7, Middelburg, The Netherlands

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 1 pm – 5 pm

Admission free.


An exhibition of new works at Light Work

Until 16th December 2011

The show is in conjunction with the “Photography +

Publishing Photography Conference” (November 3-5),

a joint effort of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions

of SPE (Society of Photographic Education). McCarney

has also put together Contact Sheet, Light Work’s awardwinning

publication which serves as a catalogue/

Pa g e 5 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

monograph for artists exhibiting in the main gallery.

A special conference edition is published in a run of 250

which includes an original work of art.

Light Work gallery, The Robert B. Menschel Media Center,

316 Waverly Avenue, Syracuse, USA.

Keith Smith: Book by Book

Bruce Silverstein Gallery, 535 W. 24th Street, NYC

Until January 7, 2012

This is a rare opportunity to see a collection of Keith’s oneof-a-kind

work and small editions.

Les vitrines de l’artothèque en résonance in conjunction

with the Biennale d’art contemporaine de Lyon present:

Tout Va Mieu - Eric Watier & Gil J Wolman

Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu

Until 31st December 2011

bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, la Part-Dieu

30 boulevard Vivier-Merle 69003 Lyon, France

LINEAR B - A memorial project responding to the works

in the collection of artist Nikos Alexiou

The Stephen Lawrence gallery, London, UK

Until 6th January 2012

Nikos Alexiou’s avant-garde idea to bring together works of

modern and international contemporary art cannot simply

be regarded as a mere collection of artwork by other fellow

artists, since the compilation process is in itself one of the

artist – collector’s personal and ongoing artistic projects.

The Stephen Lawrence gallery, University of Greenwich,

Queen Ann Court, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row,

London SE10 9LS.

Emblem - Deconstructed And Destroyed:

A Homage To John Latham

Public Project by Christina Mitrentse

Trinity, Greenwich, London, UK

Until 31st January 2012

Emblem - Deconstructed And Destroyed, is a new public

Billboard installation by Christina Mitrentse commissioned

for the site viewable 24/7. Mitrentse’s work reflects the

legacy of the renowned British conceptual artist John

Latham (1921 - 2006).

The work forms part of Mitrentse’s acclaimed ongoing

project Add To My Library, recently exhibited at Art Work

Space. In response to John Latham’s book-relief sculpture

which penetrates the main window fronting Flat Time

House in Peckham, Mitrentse’s work takes the form of a

large-scale screen printed ‘Book Flag’, addressing the Trinity

building’s edifice, paying devoted tribute to this highly

important post-war artist.

For information on purchasing limited editions prints -

part of the Billboard please contact Trinity on:

T +44 (0) 7960 991 550

Trinity, 310 Creek Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9SW, UK

Thurs - Sun, 1 - 6pm, Last Fridays Of The Month: 1 - 9pm

Also by appointment. Site-Specific Work can be viewed

daily, 24 hours.

Mapping the Surface

Central Booking, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Until 15th January 2012

We are accustomed to looking at maps in attempts to find

direction, our relationship to a physical interpretation of

the land. But that land can be more than a city or country,

it can help us to navigate our bodies, to understand our

environment beyond its physicality into the realm of

cultural space, and to grasp an understanding though

the visceral. Cartographers can tell us more than just the

routes from one point to another, they can map terrains

of landscape or psychological space, that amorphous state

that adds up to a sense of a place beyond mere cataloging.

They can also reduce all to the basic, the pure essence of line

and plane. We may glide across the surface but there always

seems to be a rumble below it, roaming around a skin that

is, as skin is, porous and organic.

The altered, eroded, sliced and diced work of Doug Beube

challenges us to read geography in the third dimension. Jeff

Woodbury plays with our idea of mapping both physically

with the malleability of rubber maps and metaphorically as

we follow a path along a tree branch. Christina Mitrentse

folds, assembles and hides travel maps, subverting their

original intent, presenting us with an unreadable atlas as

Heidi Neilson utilises a traditional idea of cartography and

conceptualises it into an impossibility of a re-configured


The collaged artist’s book of Robin Price extends beyond

the 43rd parallel into a personal numerology. Cindy Kane

maps individuals we think we know in her writers series

and explores regions through their particularity of senses;

Dannielle Tegeder goes one step further and plots a highly

abstracted place in multi-dimensional space.

Haptic Lab, blankets a neighborhood, delineating

boundaries through the texture of materials with *Paula

Scher graphically interpreting regions, this one guiding

us through India. Alastair Noble takes cyanotypes, the

blueprints of architects, to emphasise the blueprint of

an environment sculpted by nature. Lilla LoCurto & Bill

Outcault have long used their own bodies and now others to

extend and flatten skin into a topographical journey.

Sabra Booth provides an animated excursion of the

gulf coast, mapping her experience of mapping the

environmental disaster, while Public Laboratories

photographs the spill from a bird’s eye view, allowing us

our own interpretations. The projects of Smudge Studio

(Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth) evoke a time and

place through the variety of consciously created elements

of documentation as Robbin Ami Silverberg creates a sense

of New York neighbourhoods through accumulation of

particular elements that brings the amorphous into the

more concrete. Central to Barbara Siegel’s sculptural piece

is a boulder that began a controversy over geographic

ownership. For another take on the complications of history,

Elena Costellian finds herself in a space haunted by the act

of its own past circling around, and documents the process

of her process of capturing it through a linear retracing.

However perceived, a map guides us to more than one


Art & Science talk 15 January 6-10pm

Central Booking

111 Front Street, Suite 210, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Known, Unknown, Anonymous, and On Death Row

Qbox gallery, Greece

Until January 14, 2012

Qbox gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition under

the title Known, Unknown, Anonymous and On Death

Row. The show combines artists who have been widely

recognized and engaged in the art scene with artists who

have not yet been known or they will never be as they

were not part of the art market. Since in our society the

constant demonstration of biographical “databases” has

been increased and the formation of a positive reputation

becomes a lifetime struggle, it is mostly common that

looking at someone’s name in an art exhibition could affect

our judgment upon the actual work. Despite the nature of

the art-piece a name carries all sorts of information and

holds a dynamic by-itself, which is something that artists

like Marcel Duchamp (pseudonym Rrose Selavy 1921),

Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg (Erased de

Kooning, 1953) have dealt with different ways in the past.

Among the known and unknown artists in the exhibition

are: Giuseppe Caccavale, Ellie Coates, Sileia Daskopoulou,

David Gates, Louise Lawler, Alekos Lorentis, Apostolos

Michailides, David Mathis, Adrian Piper, Ugo Rondinone,

Malick Sidibé, Tabakopoulos and Foundoulis, Rosemarie

Trockel, Karen Yasinski. A number of works by anonymous

artists are also included in the show.

Qbox Gallery, Armodiou 10, Varvakeios agora, Athens.

Pa g e 6 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m


The 9th International Book Art Festival, Poland

A touring exhibition from January 2012 – December 2014

Organised by Alicja Slowikowska, founder of the Polish

Book Art Project, The theme for the 9th Book Art Project

is Correspondence, a creative and wide umbrella title for

this Festival, to encourage the inclusion of unconventional

books: from book-objects, book-installations, unique books,

altered books and experimental works, to traditional limited

editions, fine press books, illustrated stories and so on.

The exhibition will be shown in art galleries and libraries

throughout Poland, between 2012 and 2014, and venues

abroad later in the programme.

The multi-venue tour launches with a Première Exhibition

from January – February 2012 at Plocka Art Gallery in

Plock, From March 2012 until

December 2014, the Festival continues to visit art galleries,

libraries and museums in 25 towns and cities over Poland,

with each venue having a local curator who will contribute

works to be displayed alongside the larger travelling show.

All timetable information on the travelling Correspondence

exhibition will be posted online, with a catalogue

accompanying the exhibition tour:

Elisabeth Masé - Give me a reason to love you

Works on paper and artists’ books

Until 23rd December 2011

Raum für Kunst, Literatur und Künstlerbücher

Totengässlein 5, 4051 Basel

Tel. 061 261 31 42 / 079 860 12 44 /

Various Portraits Joachim Schmid

les arts au mur and image/imatge, France

Until 17th December 2011

Several works including the new series Zwölf Frauen

are in two simultaneous exhibitions at les arts au mur/

Arthothèque de Pessac and at image/imatge in Orthez.

The exhibitions opened in the end of September and the

galleries swapped them in early November. The exhibitions

continue until December 17.

les arts au mur | Artothèque de Pessac, 16 bis, avenue Jean

Jaurès - 33 600 Pessac

image/imatge, L’Imprimerie, 15 rue Aristide Briand, 64300


New books you may want to have a look at, Zwölf Frauen,

Untitled Portraits and Around the World in Eighty Minutes.

You’ll find detailed information on http://schmid.

An exhibition with my football series O Campo will open

at BBK Bilbao on January 17th, 2012, and an extensive

retrospective of the last decade of my work including many

pictures that were never shown before will open at Zephyr

Mannheim on January 21st. My new book Bilderbuch will

be launched on the occasion of this exhibition.

For more details please visit:

Pa g e 7 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

Rare Beauty: Contemporary Visions in Books Arts

Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT,USA

January 17 - February 19, 2012

The annual Koopman exhibitions feature the work of the

current recipients of the Georgette and Richard Koopman

Chair in the Visual Arts at the Hartford Art School. This

year’s exhibition includes the work of the three 2011/2012

chairs in the printmaking department: Steven Daiber,

Pati Scobey, and Barbara Tetenbaum. Each of the three

Koopman artists have invited fellow book artists to join the

exhibition, which will include Julie Chen, Katherine Keuhn,

and Chip Schilling.

The exhibition will open to the public on Tuesday, January

17, 2012. The gallery will host a panel discussion featuring

all six of the artists participating in the exhibition, followed

by a public reception on Thursday, February 9, 2012.

A full-colour exhibition catalogue will be available for

purchase. Opening Reception: Thurs, February 9, 5-7pm

Panel Discussion: Thurs, February 9, 2012, 3:30-5pm,

Wilde Auditorium

Claire Jeanine Satin will be exhibiting several bookworks,

in the invitational show, “Apocraphal, Traditional,et al”

at the Georgia College and State University Museum in

Milledgeville, GA which will travel to other venues at the

conclusion of the show in 2012. She has also been invited to

exhibit her work at the San Francisco Center for the Book in

January 2012, in “the Accidental Book”.

She has created a “Film Dress” out of 35mm film and

camera parts for the Ft Lauderdale International Film

Festival 2011, which was presented at the Opening Party at

the Sunrise Civic Center in Sunrise Florida. It will also be

presented at the closing party on November 11, 2011 at the

Cinema Paradiso & the Manor, Ft Lauderdale, Florida.(I will

send you an image under separate cover).

The artist has received her 2nd Artist Residency to Venice

Italy for the Spring of 2012 where she will continue to

pursue her research on her bookworks. Her first residency

resulted in over one dozen of an ongoing series of WATER

BOOKS. She is proposing an exhibition of her Venezia

bookworks in Venice, in 2012.

One of her bookworks in the series ‘ARTYPING” which is

in the collection of the National Museum of Women in the

Arts, has been published in the 2nd edition of THE BOOK

AS ART, 2011.

Sharon Kivland. Amateur and Collector

Curated by Sotiris Kyriacou

IDEAS Store Whitechapel

9 December 2011 - 8 January 2012

321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

Spy Emerson - Consumption

Accident and Artifact, San Francisco, USA

Until January 4th 2012

Consumption: A century ago, it meant a deadly, wasting

disease. Now, it’s every citizen’s sacred duty, stoking the

insatiable engines of the GDP. In her new installation at

Accident and Artifact in San Francisco, conceptual artist Spy

Emerson examines consumption from every angle. Literally

setting the table for the holidays, Emerson has created a

veritable groaning-board of found and re-purposed objects.

All are meant to be consumed, and replenished, though the

duration of the show - including limited-edition dishware

designed by Emerson herself. In addition, Accident will

feature a sampling of Emerson’s flatworks, along with

original illustrations from Dr. Hal Robins, noted polymath,

and stalwart of Church of the SubGenius.

Accident and Artifact

381 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

More information available at



Crate Studio and Project Space, Margate, UK

Until 18 Dec 2011

Exhibition curated by Toby Huddlestone.

Artists: Vito Acconci, Black Argos, David Blamey, José

Arnaud-Bello, Sovay Berriman, Don Celender, Loz Chalk,

Rob Chavasse, Adam Chodzko, Desmond Church (with

Egle Kulbokaite and Sabel Gavaldon), Patrick Coyle,

Andrew Cross, David Cross, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard,

Anthony Gross, S Mark Gubb, David Hall, Rose Kallal,

Adam Knight, Frank Koolen, John Latham, Jamie Bracken

Lobb, Elizabeth McAlpine, Julie McCalden, Ronan McCrea,

Magnets, David Martin, Nelson Melo and Carolina Rito,

Suzanne Mooney, Lawrence Norfolk and Neal White,

Graham Parker, Kelvin Pawsey, Laurence Payot, Pedro Diniz

Reis, Andrea Schlieker, Anthony Shapland, Gregg Stobbs,

Barry Sykes, Aron Taylor, Sue Tompkins, Gavin Turk, Mark

Aerial Waller, Neal White, Carey Young + more.

Fri-Sun 12-6pm. Crate Studio and Project Space, 6 Bilton

Square, Margate, UK.

Out of the drawer

107 Workshop, Melksham, UK

Until 12 December 2011

107 Workshop invites you to an exhibition of fine art

handmade books and prints, both modern and taken out

of the drawer. Exciting discoveries are to be found within

the 107 collection and we have had the privilege to be

consigned books by groundbreaking artists. On display

there will be work by artists such as S.W. Hayter, Howard

Hodgkin, Patrick Hughes and Tom Philips. It is with

pleasure we also showcase new works on paper by John

Eaves and Celia Cook. Mon - Fri, 9am – 5 pm.

Weekends by appointment. 107 Workshop, The Courtyard,

Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 8EF, UK

Tel: 01225 791800. Fax: 01225 790948.


Wuthering Heights book sausage by artist and librarian

Katie Herzog. Referencing Dieter Roth’s literature sausages

made in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I have done a series of

performances using digitised books requested from the

public and downloaded, printed, shredded, and stuffed.

The work is meant to be a playful reflection of the Fluxus

state of the publishing industry, and to express a level

of absurdism present in the general public’s navigation

of copyright law and the politics surrounding digitised



CODEX Foundation is pleased to announce a new

collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and

the CODEX Foundation in partnership with Centro

Cultural Estacion Indianilla and Tonaltepec Global

S.C. inaugurating CODEXMEXICO. Please join us in

Mexico City in February for our special exhibition and


On February 16, 2012, the exhibit Libros de Artista will

open at the Centro Cultural Estacion Indianilla in Mexico

City. The exhibition is comprised of a collection of original

hand-made volumes printed in California and drawn from

the collections of Stanford University Library with an equal

number of artist’s books made by Mexican artists and

printers - a ground-breaking cross-border collaboration.

At the Mexico City inauguration, The CODEX Foundation

in collaboration with Centro Cultural Estacion Indianilla

will host an international forum of interested institutions,

curators, presses and individuals to begin a serious

discussion of the goals and strategies of implementation

of the mission laid out in the CODEXMEXICO Manifesto.

This discussion/action group is designed to seed not only

the study and art of the book in Mexico but eventually

spreading out to all Latin America.

Peter Rutledge Koch, The Codex Foundation

2205 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

Telephone 510 849-0673

The CODEX Foundation


Pa g e 8 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Bibliotheca - Amir Brito Cador

“Bibliotheca” is a collaborative project by Professor Amir

Brito Cador (School of Fine Arts – EBA/UFMG). An artistic

project and at the same time an academic research about

artists’ books and its relationship to the idea of a “visual

encyclopaedia”. I need 96 books to complete the inventory.

The project intends to give to artists and researchers the

opportunity to have primary information, to get in touch or

to see these books, not only their reproduction in the pages

of another book. If you want to collaborate, please visit:

GIVE and GET: probing value through exchange

Emily Artinian and Lin Charlston 2011

PIECE-OF-SHELL Chain of exchanges at The Small

Publisher’s Fair 10th and 11th November 2011:

I have exchanged a recommendation for a lovely film for a

piece of sea shell that resembles slightly unnerving lips.

I have given my own piece of work ‘Birdsong and

Harlequins’ in return for a recommendation of a film.

I have given a sixpence (1957). This has been my lucky coin

for a long time. I wish the receiver lots of luck. In exchange

for work from the last exchange.

I gave a free Tony Bennett itunes download and I took a

lucky 1957 six pence, I need luck! Sila

I left 3 travelcards that I have used over the last month. They

had a total value of £21.90. Now they are worthless!! Took

an itunes download.

I took three ”useless” travelcards in exchange for a small

pink pencil from the Affordable Art Fair.

I left a green pen and I took a pink pencil... I think it could

be a great promise.

“There’s a lot of rubbish in my handbag” yet I swapped my

favourite essence, a few drops left in the bottle, for a green

pen from Italy.

I swapped some stamps for lavender essence.

Swapped a little package (for collage) for one with stamps-

look forward to following its journey.

Make an exchange and join the discussion

Pa g e 9 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

Announcing the annual SFCB Holiday Fair!

Saturday December 10th 12-5pm FREE

The San Francisco Center for the Book is proud to

announce the upcoming arrival of our annual Holiday Fair!

Join us at the Center on Saturday, December 10 from 12-

5pm for drinks, snacks, mingling and to support the work

of local Bay Area artisans. Enjoy a hearty holiday selection

of hand-crafted stationery, letter-pressed goods, books,

journals, prints and more!

The event will feature live music, delicious food, and

the opportunity to browse our incredible selection of

handmade goods. There’s no better place to find hand-made

gifts for your family, friends and yourself!

SFCB, 300 De Haro Street, San Francisco CA 94103


Japanese Bookbinding:

A One-Day Bookbinding Course With Guy Begbie

Bath Artists’ Studios, Bath, UK

11 Dec 10.30am - 4.30pm £35

This is an opportunity to make and take away two bespoke

hand made books. Using Japanese side sewing techniques

you will be taught how to produce soft and hardback cover

books in a landscape format using paper based materials

and book cloth.

This bookbinding method can be used to bind sets of single

pages together using traditional Japanese sewing patterns.

The workshop is designed for participants either with

or without previous experience of bookbinding and all

materials will be provided.

Multi-Functional Pocket Sized

Hard Back Concertina Books

A One-Day Bookbinding Course With Guy Begbie

Bath Artists’ Studios, Bath, UK

Saturday 17 Dec 10.30am - 4.30pm £35

Back by popular demand just in time for Christmas.

Here is your opportunity to make and take away your

own uniquely designed handmade book. Learn the art

of bookmaking, crafting a multi-functional pocket sized

hard back concertina book containing a variety of page

sequencing, viewing configurations and pull out options

for display. Discover different methods of folding, sewing

and pasting and learn how to use various types of paper

stock, paper engineering and page cutting techniques.

The workshop is designed for participants either with

or without previous experience of bookbinding and all

materials will be provided.

Bath Artists’ Studios, The Old Malthouse, Comfortable

Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath BA1 3AJ

Tutor Guy Begbie. Guy is an internationally established

book artist and traditionally trained bookbinder. He is the

Book Arts Coordinator and lecturer at Hereford College of

Arts and has taught book arts in UK universities since 1995.

To Book a place on the workshop please contact Guy

Tel: 07989393015. Email:


The San Francisco Center for the Book’ Spring 2012

workshops are now listed online. Time to pull out your 2012

calendars and fill your nights and weekends with book arts

goodness! SFCB classics and new techniques/instructors

are all heartily represented. SFCB, 300 De Haro Street, San

Francisco CA 94103.

Creative bookstructures by Hedi Kyle

A workshop with Suzanne Schmollgruber from Ascona

Hedi Kyle’s extraordinary book constructions, found

between historical and modern designs, will be reconsidered

and further interpreted in this workshop. Artful folding,

cutting and sewing techniques will present numerous

variations of concertina to codex bindings. The aim

of the workshop is to create a collection of samples

which can be extremely inspiring for our daily creativity.

The teacher is Suzanne Schmollgruber, head of the

Bookbinding and Design Department at Centro del bel

libro, Ascona. Organised in cooperation with Leksands

folkhögskola and Langwe Books.

Time: 9 - 12 July 2012. Place: Leksands folkhögskola

Students: Max 12. Participation fee: 1060 EUR

The fee includes: Course, full board and lodging for 5 nights

and materials. Enrolments to:

Closing date: June 1, 2012. Information about boarding and


Information about workshop: or

Loose & Simple Bindings II

Summer workshop in Stockholm 2012

With Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo from Professione

Libro, Milan, Italy, July 28 - August 3, 2012 at Jouper

Design, Stockholm, Sweden

The aim of this seven-day workshop is to learn different

types of non adhesive constructions very useful in all kinds

of communication, in book arts as well as in conservation

bindings. New ways of thinking, tricks and techniques will

inspire you to continue develop your own personal style.

We welcome participants from all related professional fields,

such as graphic designers, artists, bookbinders, calligraphers,

architects and more. All levels.

Registration and more info through the BK network, at Jouper Design: or, +46 73 73 555 44

Wire Edge Bindings

A week-long workshop in Stockholm 2012

With Daniel E Kelm from the Garage Annex School

in Easthampton, Massachussetts, USA. October 29 -

November 2, 2012 at Jouper Design, Stockholm, Sweden

Whether you wish to produce an elegant codex of sewn

signatures - even one comprised of problematic paper

(pulpy and soft or thick and stiff) - or are interested in

creating a non-traditional book that is sculptural, wire edge

binding can help you achieve your goals. Wire edge styles

use metal wire along the binding edge. The result in all cases

Pa g e 10 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

is a binding that opens exceptionally smoothly and flexibly.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Registration and more info through the BK network, at Jouper Design: or, +46 73 73 555 44

The 7th Australian and New Zealand Rare Books Summer

School, 6-17 February 2012. Courses include:

6-10 February 2012

Artists’ books, zines and other collaborative ventures

Professor Sasha Grishin, ANU

13-17 February 2012

Botanical riches: the art of the book

Richard Aitken

13-17 February 2012

Ephemera: a collector’s key to the history of books

Professor Wallace Kirsop, Monash University

13-17 February 2012

The poetics of printing on the iron hand-press

Caren Florence, ANU

All courses will be held at State Library of Victoria except

the iron hand-press course which will be held at the Ancora

Press at Monash University, Caulfield Campus.

Rare Books Summer School, State Library of Victoria

328 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Fax: 61 3 9639 2978

Applications close on Friday 9 December 2011

Art Book Binding Workshop In Oaxaca, Mexico:

Capture Your Travel Adventures

Make a Handmade Box within a Book: August 1-7, 2012

Using handmade local papers, and found objects and

materials, you will learn to make a travel book with a

self-contained box to hold your collected artefacts. Each

participant will design a book, prepare the papers and

artefacts, stitch the binding, and make the box enclosure.

The enclosed box can hold art supplies, treasures, or

spiritual talismans. This is a unique art book design created

by our instructor Lisa Gilbert.

During this workshop, you will:

- Visit the Taller Arte Papel Oaxaca in San Agustin Etla

where local papermakers use the traditional methods and

incorporate regional natural fibers into the paper

- Purchase materials for the book at the local artisan’s village

- Browse other markets, museums, art galleries and artist

studios to incorporate the textures, colors, and artifacts that

exemplify Oaxaca into your book

- Explore the anatomy of a book and how to construct one

- Understand the fundamentals of the craft

- Construct a sturdy box integrated within the book

- Make the finishing closures (e.g., paper beads, braided

cords, etc.)

Pa g e 11 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

- Insert envelopes to hold extra treasures

- Apply foldout pages to extend your writing surfaces

- Collect ephemera to be used for decoration (photos,

collage elements, yarns, threads, buttons, beads, etc.)

- Use the pamphlet stitch to bind the signatures

- Participate in a book exchange, best of week show, and


Lisa Gilbert has been an enthusiastic book artist since

childhood. She has been illustrating professionally, and

teaching art and/or health for the past 20 years. Known

for her use of colour, finely tuned creativity, and excellent

technical bookbinding, Lisa has been invited to show her

work in three North Carolina exhibitions. She has studied

bookbinding, papermaking, and box making at programs

across the U.S., and most recently completed a Penland

School of Crafts program. She has taught bookmaking

classes throughout North Carolina, and has a reputation as

a patient, encouraging, imaginative, and effective teacher.

Lisa considers herself to be a “cultural navigator” – a welldeserved

designation since she has travelled to more than

25 countries. She purchases, collects, and uses exotic papers

on her travels, most recently from Panama, Scandinavia,

and India. Lisa has visited papermaking facilities and

bookbinderies across India and has fashioned books from

wood, papyrus, metal, mica, fabric, plastic, vinyl as well as

from traditional materials such as handmade and machinemade

decorative papers.

She attended Colorado Institute of Art, holds degrees in

art and business, and the PhD in health education from

University of Maryland. Her background is versatile and


Cost: The basic cost for the trip is $1,295. USD.

This includes six nights lodging double occupancy with

shared bath, six breakfasts, three lunches, four dinners,

transportation to the villages, all instruction and most

materials. Travel workshops of this type and length cost

more than twice as much! The program costs do NOT

include airfare, taxes, gratuities, travel insurance, liquor/

alcoholic beverages, some meals as specified in the itinerary,

entry fees, and some transportation.

To see photos of amazing Oaxaca, the project, your dayby-day

itinerary, additional travel information, or to ask

questions, go to:

BINDING re:DEFINED courses for 2012

American book artist Emily Martin will give two

workshops in Wiltshire, UK in May 2012.

This is her first time to teach in the UK and a not to be

missed opportunity to work with such a respected and

widely known maker of books. To view the details of these

and the entire programme for innovative binding structures


The State Library of Victoria in partnership with

Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford presents

Love and Devotion: Persian Cultural Crossroads

A conference at the State Library of Victoria

12th - 14th April 2012, Melbourne, Australia

This cross-disciplinary conference will explore cultural

convergences in literature, art and architecture, history

and philosophy from the time of Firdausi in the early

11th century to the present day, within the various Persian

empires, Ottoman Turkey, Mughal India and Europe.

The two-day conference coincides with a major exhibition

at the State Library of Victoria, Love and Devotion:

From Persia and Beyond (see at right). The conference is

presented by the State Library of Victoria in partnership

with the Australian National University and with support

from The Asian Arts Society of Australia.

Distinguished international guests and Australian specialists

will explore themes including Persian ideals of love and

devotion as expressed through the arts, intersections with

the west, and the contemporary legacy.

The conference keynote speakers are:

· Professor Charles Melville, University of Cambridge

· Dr Stefano Carboni, Art Gallery of Western Australia

· Dr Zahra Taheri, Australian National University

· Dr Eleanor Sims, independent scholar, London

· Dr Mammad Aidani, University of Melbourne

Register your interest: To request a registration brochure

(available October 2011), please contact the State Library

of Victoria: phone +61 (0)3 8664 7548, or email

About the exhibition: Love and Devotion: From Persia and

Beyond. This landmark exhibition at the State Library of

Victoria (9 March - 1 July 2012) will feature more than

60 rare 13th- to 18th-century Persian, Mughal Indian and

Ottoman Turkish illustrated manuscripts from the Bodleian

Libraries of the University of Oxford, as well as editions

of European literature, travel books and maps from the

collections of the State Library of Victoria.

It is co-curated by Susan Scollay, an art historian who

specialises in the art and culture of the Islamic world, and

Clare Williamson, the Library’s Exhibitions Curator and

co-author of The World of the Book.

A lavishly illustrated publication, with contributions

by scholars from around the world, will be available for

purchase, and the exhibition will be complemented by

a diverse programme of events and activities. For more

information, visit



Dates throughout 2012

1/ 2/3 day workshops

10.30am – 4.30pm in Crouch Hill, London N19

All Materials are included.

Various skills demonstrated and taught so that you make

and take home your completed book. £70 per one day

workshop. Minimum age 18. Please note these workshops

are not for restoring books. For further information please

contact Debra Thompson via contact page at:


Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium – 2012

A seasonal reminder from Denmark for readers of the


Do you like to spend time enjoying beautiful countryside?

Having time to talk and socialize with like-minded book

artists? Show and sell work and take part in a thoughtprovoking

symposium? Listen to good live music while

enjoying food and wine?

Then here’s an event for you. . .

This will be the fourth time that the restored merchant’s

warehouse by the waters of the Limfjord plays host to a

unique mix of book arts social and creative activity. The

2012 Doverodde Book Arts Festival & Symposium extends

what has been so special about previous events at this scenic

Northern Jutland location.

Events will begin at the waterside Limfjordcentret as before,

on May 17th with a one-day workshop: ‘Nature & Book Art’.

This popular feature of the Festival involves in-house

Nature Guide Søren Kiel leading a guided tour through the

local landscape of woods, hills and along the water’s edge.

This is then followed by a bookmaking/binding workshop

by designer and book artist Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck that

draws material – and inspiration – from the experience.

From May 18th – May 20th the book fair itself will then take

place. A grand opening on the first day will include music

arranged by an old friend of Doverodde, musician Regine

Brunke, playing with her friends from Kassel, Germany as in

previous years.

To view the full programme go to the websites: or

Additional Doverodde information:

Pa g e 12 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Top left: Stand area. Top right: Themed exhibition gallery (2011). Bottom left: Ingolf Lienau (violin) & Regine Brunke (cello) playing in the

Book Arts ‘Reading Corner’. Bottom right: Exhibitor 2011, Ahlrich van Ohlen, Germany.

International Call for Entries to our themed exhibition:

On the margins (May 17th- August 5th, 2012).

Deadline: April 10th 2012 with entry fee: 300 DKK (includes

a copy of the printed catalogue). Three works selected from

the exhibition will receive Doverodde Book Arts Center of

Denmark Award.

Booking a stand in the book fair (May 18th-May 20th).

Capacity: 24 tables (85 x 120 cm) maximum 300 DKK per

artist (includes some meals and refreshments – again check

out our website for details). Deadline: March 1st 2012.

Exhibitors may also offer ideas for simple and inexpensive

workshop activities (1 hour duration) by liaising with

Festival organisers.

A new initiative is the hosting of the Symposium: Artists’

Books Anonymous: On the margins, 2012 taking place

Saturday evening, May 19th. Papers are invited on any topic

relating to artists’ books / book art. See our Call For Papers

for details, deadline: March 1st, 2012.

Bookings for lovely accommodation in nearby holiday

cottages – a few minutes walk from the Limfjordscenter and

at 250 DKK per night, per person – is possible before March

1st. Again see info on our site under Practical Information.

Call For Artists

There’s also a new challenge for our fourth year:

Pa g e 13 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

Festival organisers invite an artist or artists-group to create

an installation on the 3rd floor of our unique exhibition

space: the Tower (a memorable landmark silo, from 1966).

See website: Call For Artists. Proposal deadline: February

1st, 2012 at 12:00 mid-day.

Writer in residence

We are also delighted to announce writer and artist Nancy

Campbell (see will spend time

with us before the Festival weekend developing new work to

be exhibited during the event.

Join us at the Limfjordscenter and be a part of making the

Festival & Symposium 2012 even more special than previous

years – don’t miss the opportunity to come to the edge of

Denmark to enjoy beautiful book arts and meet fantastic

artists and people in wonderful surroundings.

(If you are interested to see more images from the previous

Festival in 2011 go to

All information can be found on: or

Any relevant questions please contact the Festival Organiser

2012: Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck –



bookartbookshop’s Bookart Competition December 2011


all artists, writers, anglers, gardeners, cooks, scientists,

enthusiasts of all persuasions

To Celebrate

The Tenth Anniversary



20.02.2002 - 21.02.2012

We invite the creation of books on the theme

X =


What is to be done?

10 pages

10 copies

£1000 in prizes

Download the entry form: http://www.bookartbookshop.


Deadline: 15 December 2011


Minnesota Center for Book Arts is actively seeking new

Artist’s Books for consignment in its retail store.

MCBA has several large events planned for the months

ahead including November’s Book Arts Fest, and our

December Winter Book Publication Party. These occasions

draw collecting audiences and provide ample opportunities

to showcase new work. At this time, we are particularly

interested in artists’ books but we will also accept

submissions of prints, broadsides and handmade blank

journals. Submissions are accepted and juried on an ongoing


To be considered, please email a description of your work,

a brief bio, and digital images to MCBA’s Consignment

Manager Beth Carls at

Venice Summer Residencies 2012 at the Scuola

Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia

Artists’ Books, Printmaking, Painting/Drawing, Writing

The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia was

founded in 1969. In the large facilities in Cannaregio, one

of the most lively neighbourhoods in Venice, the Scuola

organises programmes for graduate and undergraduate

Italian and international students and offers studio space

for independent artists-in-residence.

To apply please email Deirdre Kelly:

or download the application form at:

Scuola Internazionale di Grafica

Cannaregio 1798, 30121 Venezia, Italy

Tel: 041·721· 950 / 041·524·2374 /

Call for Artists

Exhibition details regarding Artists Book Cornucopia

III, Abecedarian Gallery’s annual juried artists’ book

exhibition are now available. The exhibition will be held

April 20 - June 2, 2012 with an entry deadline of January

31, 2012.

Tony White will be jurying this years’ entries. Tony White

is the Head of the Fine Arts Library at Indiana University

Bloomington. He is an independent curator and book

artist who has been involved in the field for 20 years. He

is a founding board member of the College Book Art

Association and founder of the Contemporary Artist’s

Books Conference that has been held annually in New York

City since 2008. He has served on the editorial board of

the Journal of Artist’s Books and currently is Field Editor

for Artist’s Books and Books for Artists for the College Art

Association’s online reviews journal. His research interests

include contemporary artist’s books, print culture, the

intersection of craft and contemporary art, and professional

issues in art librarianship.

The full prospectus is available via PDF download from

Abecedarian Gallery’s website

or you can email to request

a copy.

Glasgow International Artists’ Bookfair 2012

We are pleased to announce Glasgow International Artists’

Bookfair 2012. Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2012

GIAB 2012 will be open to the public between 11am - 6pm

both days.

GIAB is a showcase of artists’ books produced by local, UKbased

and international artists. Books as artworks, old-style

letterpress books, audio books, sculptural books can be seen

and bought.

This exciting event will be held in the Exhibition Hall of

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, which is ideally situated in

a prime location on the corner of Sauchiehall Street &

Buchanan Street in the heart of the city. As ever, entrance is

FREE! There will also be the possibility of participating in a

range of bookbinding workshops.

We have updated the website so please take a look -

* If you are interested in booking a table, you can do this

online now - have a look at the menu item how to book

a table to the left of the website. The booking deadline is

Tuesday 31st January 2012

Pa g e 14 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

* If you are interested in becoming involved with the GIAB

& the event, why not contact us, we are always looking for

volunteers to help us out on the two days.

* If you would like to run a workshop, please email us with

details of the workshop

* You can browse through our participants from GIAB 2008

& 2010 on our website

We will continue to update the website, e.g. with details

of workshops available, so please keep checking for more


The next IAPMA Congress 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

FDH joins IAPMA at the Morgan Conservatory

October 17-21

The International Association of Hand Papermakers and

Paper Artists (IAPMA) celebrated 25 years in 2011, with a

series of exhibitions and events worldwide. “In Between”

International Paper Art Exhibiton 25yrs IAPMA is on show

8th Dec 2011 - 25th Feb 2012, at Hanegev museum

News and information is online at

IAPMA has a vibrant and varied membership encompassing

papermaking and paperarts including book arts.

The IAPMA Congresses are informative and inclusive, and

last year was held in Wonju, South Korea. Link to group


Members of IAPMA and Friends of Dard Hunter will join

together for a 5-day international conference hosted by The

Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Education.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA, October 17-21 2012. For more

information contact Gail Stiffe:


Online exhibition matchbox zines and bound and bagged


These projects began with a set of materials that could be

incorporated into a book in a bag, or a zine in a matchbox.

We were overwhelmed with and inspired by the standard of

the works we received. Ten of these are featured in the next

issue of the Australian Book Arts Journal, December 11. If

you wish to purchase just that copy, please contact linda@ for a copy at $20.00 AUD

(Australia) which includes postage and handling. Overseas

rates on request.

From books bound in kangaroo leather with imaginary

drawn maps to lithographs with minimal etchings, this

exhibition has brought together 33 artists from Australia,

New Zealand, the USA, Canada and the UK. The standard

of work is excellent and we would like to thank all artists

who submitted their work.

Pa g e 15 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

From Gracia & Louise. A link to the film of Gracia Haby’s

most recent artists’ book, Those First Aerial Travellers.

“The sixth tiny film in an ongoing series, this time we are

taking you to the moon in our hot air balloon. This artists’

book, The First Aerial Travellers, was made especially for

Hand Held Gallery’s In Suspense exhibition, November

2011. This film is our record of said book. This film is for

you to turn the pages, as it were, as Rudy Vallee (Home)

sings in your ear soft lullaby. Shh... we are in a library.”

Also from Gracia & Louise, a link to the artists “talking

about collage, collaborations, honeybee scissors and

Diana monkeys with Camila Galaz on her show Let’s Art

(episode #9) on Radio Valerie.” http://www.mixcloud.


Craig Atkinson of Café Royal Books has started a new blog

/ site. “It’s for me really but feel free to look! The ability to,

and process of recording a split second as a photograph

fascinates me. The new site is me kind of doing that and

noting how, perhaps, and the camera I use. I ‘try’ a lot of

cameras and tend to go back to the same one / two most of

the time.”

Book Works is pleased to announce a newly designed

website and digital archive that, for the first time, includes

material ranging from finished works to ephemera,

correspondence, photographs and manuscripts providing

an insight into the working processes of both the publishing

and studio sections of the organisation.

The website now presents a timeline, from the present year

to our origins in 1984, of Book Works publications, projects,

and events; examples of work from the Book Works Studio;

and a digital archive of documents, images and ephemera.

Banner Repeater is an artist led reading room and project

space, situated on Platform 1, Hackney Downs railway

station, London E8 1LA. Its reading room dedicated to

artists’ printed material provides an important bibliographic

resource, somewhere that all visitors to BR can browse,

alongside an ambitious exhibition programme of new art

work installed in a highly visible and accessible project

space. The reading room and project space is open 6 days a


FOLD - Clare Bryan, Sue Doggett, James Keith, Penny

Stanford would like to invite you to view their current

and new work on their new website:


New North Press has a newly designed website, including

letterpress videos at:

NEW: T.P. 2011 - Out of binding by Carmencho Arregui

Tomorrow’s Past Paris 2011 is on line. Visit here to see this

year’s bindings:

If you want to know about Tomorrow’s past binders and see

the description of their bindings and books visit:

Pauline Lamont-Fisher has a newly updated website.

“I have been making artist’s books for nearly 10 years.

My practice is principally based on walking but some of

my books have not involved walking at all, although the

idea for the book may have been formed on a walk.”

Word on Promotion or The Work of Art in the Age of

Digital Dematerialisation by Herman Schmitz

Published in dematerialised universe that is the Internet,

but keeping the classic format of the book, this book brings

together a site some philosophy, something of literature,

science, criticism, and my mental trips, coupled with a

graphic treatment specific to each page. This is a selfevident

example of the process of dematerialisation of the

artwork and present a way of promoting my independent

book to publishers and major media.

Rare Autumn has made some changes to her website.

With an extensive overhaul of the link lists, a resource for

book related stuff, such as libraries/institutions/collections,

people that make books, collectives/networks/small

bookstores & presses, etc.


New e-publications by Nicolas Frespech


Mots clés: portrait / emploi / qualités / décrire / candidature



“The books are definitely not works of art in the same sense

as paintings [...] They’re tied to a bookshelf. “Ed Ruscha

A Poem to Philip Glass

Barrie Tullett, The Caseroom Press

The book is a typographic response to the music of Philip

Glass. The original patterns were created on a Brother

Electric Typewriter, then photocopied and overlaid to

form patterns responding to a particular piece of music.

These were then taken edit and selected to form a sequential

narrative across the pages of the book. It is the first

exploration into a larger project.

If you like the music of Philip Glass, phase patterns,

typewriters and concrete poetry – this is the book for you.

The full sequence of images can be viewed at:

Further works will explore the format of the book as well

as other printmaking resources. Edition of 50, 2011, The

Caseroom Press, 200 x 143mm. £15


By Michael Hampton

Published by Banner Repeater 2011

Pamphlet ISSN 2045-8266


as a manifest, made up of two interrelated elements: a

revisionist historical survey, and a specially selected big list.

Together they constitute a new theoretical model for the

book per se, which for the first time treats the artists’ book,

not as a separate Cinderella species, but a form responsible

for the re-invigoration of the entire genus.

Pa g e 16 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Expanding the frame of reference for the artists’ book and

re-conceiving its content and structure is a move designed

to resolve once and for all the identity crisis which has

continuously beset it.

No longer a mere supplement to the conventional book,

it is time to challenge the exclusivity which has defined

a book as “artists’”, and further enhance the processes of

demystification and democratisation which contemporary

art must embrace if it is to survive as a critical tool, rather

than part of a banker’s investment portfolio.

The historical revisionism embodied in


shortcomings of the brackets hitherto used to classify and

delimit the artists’ book, opening the way for it as part

of a diverse bibliographic flora and fauna, to reflect the

catastrophic socio-economic conditions of the 21st century.

500 copies available, free from Banner Repeater gallery, or

by means of a 1st class SAE (A5 envelope) sent to: Michael

Hampton at 63A Grayshott Rd., London SW11 5TS.

Colin Sackett is publishing the first titles under his new

imprint Uniformbooks including Wordage.

The separate sections of the

book were written during

the twenty years up until 2011;

the allotted prose parts

are now butted together to

make a consecutive set.

The process of writing was

variously prescriptive and

artificial: transcription from

manuscript or speech, via

word processing and

assembly, to the final format

of a single leaflet or booklet.

Subsequently, most have been

published again, reformatted as ‘online texts’, where in each

case what was a paged sequence has become a scrollable

depth - a vertical and bottomless page.

ISBN 978 0 9568559 3 0, 64pp, 234 x 142, paperback,

December 2011, £9.00. Available from

Where Spheres Intersect

Stuart Mugridge

Earlier in 2011 Stuart Mugridge was one of three artists

commissioned by Chrysalis Arts to take part in a project

called Geo Art Cache. The idea behind the project was

simply to put art into geocaching.

Stuart developed a cache series called Where Spheres

Intersect. After much research into place narrative and

local topography nine geocaches were sited in the Upper

Wharfedale area of Yorkshire.

Would-be participants will need to register with www. (it’s simple and pain-free!) before they

Pa g e 17 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

take part. The series has eight traditionally listed geocaches

with the ninth only being revealed once you have visited the

others. If you succeed a prize awaits…

The prize is a limited edition artist’s book by Stuart with

one page dedicated to each of the nine sites. The pages are

screen-printed and through text & image explore some of

the hidden stories of the cache site.

The nine geocaches can be visited in a day by fit walkers but

are more realistic over two days… Or more, apart from a bit

of rain what’s stopping you?

The series will remain live until at least Spring 2012.

Screen-printed on 360gsm Lambeth cartridge with 2000

micron millboard covers. 34 in edition.

Published November 2011

m(other) love

A collaborative artist’s book made by Bridgette Guerzon

Mills, (Chicago, USA) and Hanne Matthiesen (Malling,


Produced for the 6th International Artists’ Books Triennial,

Vilnius 2012. “At work, you think of the children you’ve

left at home. At home, you think of the work you’ve left

unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself,

your heart is rent.” (Gold Meir)

Reflections on the dilemma of being a mother (the loving

mother sustaining and taking care of your children) and the

need also to be “yourself” (professional/artist/whatever).

Concertina format. 19 x 11 cm. Mixed medi, paper, fabric,

and encaustic.

Text and images can be viewed at: http://bgmartjournal.

New special edition booklet by Rick Myers

AFTERIMAGES (2010 / 2011)

In March 2010

I sent a book of

original drawings

to the poet

Douglas Blazek.

He responded

having read the

handwritten title


as being “AFTER/

MASES” and

enquired as to my

meaning of the

word “MASES”.

He continued in his

response to what

might easily be read

as insignificant

marks on paper,

yet his reaction seemed to suggest the absolute essence

of what I had been trying to capture with the drawings.

Without knowing the title, Blazek went so far as to mention

afterimages, specifically, within his text.

This special edition version is published a year following the

original book production. It documents the original book,

the drawings, and Blazek’s corresponding text. These first

ten copies are numbered, co-signed, and have an original

drawing tipped-in.

A numbered and co-signed, photocopy booklet, with

original drawing (Carbon black on BFK Rives paper).

12 pages, dimensions 20 x 13.5 cm, edition 10.Numbers

1/2/3/4 are priced at $90, 5/6/7 are $120 and 8/9/10 are

$150. To reserve a copy email:

New website:

New from LENDROIT Éditions

Jet Lag #6, #7, #8

Boris Olivier, Guillaume Verdon, Nickolas Mohanna

Jet Lag, a collection of zines dedicated to drawing,

photomontage and other graphic experiments.

#6 by Boris Olivier

#7 by Guillaume Verdon (shown above)

#8 by Nickolas Mohanna

Format A5 / 24 pages / 50 edition / 5 Euros each.

Coloured paper 80gsm.

LENDROIT Éditions / In Print We Trust

23 rue Quineleu - 35000 Rennes - France

+33 (0)2 23 30 42 27


By Rob Fairley

This book has taken fifteen years to put together and is a

deeply multi layered work working through text, images and

music. It exists in an edition of fourteen and while the text

in each remains the same (telling a strange autobiographical

Pa g e 18 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

story) the illustrations (over 100) are all hand finished and

provide a varied counterpoint … each copy therefore is a

form of variation on an original theme.

Two are 320 x 230mm bound in calf and slip cased…

one with the original ending and one with an amended

ending. 10 are 300 x 210mm bound in cloth and slip cased

… all with the amended ending. Two are bound by Jana

Liptak from New York (one in soft leather and one in beaten

copper) … both with the amended ending.

Books are printed on a variety of papers using a multi pass

inkjet technique; they include original gilding, cut outs,

drawings, stencils, rubber stamps and paintings.

POA. A selection of the books along with many of the

original works behind the publication will be exhibited at

Pa g e 19 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

the Open Eye Gallery between the 28th January and 14th

February 2012. 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3

6QE, UK. Tel: 0131 557 1020.

Compound (second edition), work present, work not

present, work borrowed work, and work undone.

Ralph Dorey

Compound is a rogue spoke from a lost work. Compound

is a bound composite of documentary images, instructions

for an application of sculpture and a one act play for three

sailors discussing the ontological implications of a future

parliament of noises, rock videos and marine geography.

Edition of 20 plus 5 artist’s proofs, 16 pp, 2011. BW

prepared laser print on 135gsm cartridge, plus coloured

laser copy paper, plus four dye inkjet plates mounted with

animal skin glue, perfect bound with red thread.


A renaissance of the Polaroid.

A new trend set by the Austrian company “The Impossible

Project”. This company saved the last Polaroid plant in

Enschede, The Netherlands, and are again producing the

legendary film but with experimental chemicals.


Photographs taken by Franticham in London in September

2011 with various SX-70 type Polaroid cameras from the

seventies, and using PX 70, 100, 600 and 680 from the

Impossible Project.

50 pages, 15 x 21 cm. Inkjet on superfine 118 gr. Mohawk.

Hand bound limited signed edition of 169 copies.

Screen printed cover. Each copy has an original polaroid on

the cover. 50 Euros / 70 US $ / 43 UK Pds.

You can order by email at

or with Paypal online at


d PlsUR of d Txt

Nick Davies

“There are many different types of intelligence and this

book aims to confuse anyone who holds on to our dusty,

outdated academic assumptions. This book is an attempt

at an Esperanto equivalent for our differing intelligences.”

Nik DAvEz

Text messaging has often been treated by our media and our

culture like the droogs from Clockwork Orange are treated

by the authorities: deviant vandalism, or ignorant

youthful impulse. Some of the establishment views the

mutated, condensed forms of this social media as ‘wrecking

our language’ 1 . But support for this social phenomenon

is developing, with Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy recently

proclaiming that poems were the original text messages,

all of which help us distill our thoughts and feelings 2 . Of

course this ‘distilling of thought’ and the accuracy that can

entail has caused our view of academic writing and the

philosophical work to become skewed. D PlsUR of d Txt

aims to subvert and confuse these cultural assumptions

through a work of collaborative translation. In this book

artist Nik DavEz (Nick Davies) has undertaken a task in the

lofty heights of academic translation, translating a book by

Roland Barthes called The Pleasure of the Text into the

demonised tongue of texters. But instead of concentrating

on the nuances of the original authors intentions, the

translation has been an anonymous online collaboration

with other texters aiming to create a text more socially

relevant to our contemporary lives. The original text has

been translated through the use of, an online

text speak database that web users can both add to and

learn from. From here the rest of the more complex esoteric

language was translated by hand before being inserted back

into for any others users of the open forum to

use (if they ever needed such ‘academic’ vocabulary!).

The result of this work is a book that confuses as much as

it enlightens. It celebrates the ingenuity in both forms of

language use, whilst bewildering anyone attempting to read

it through a mix of Barthes’ esoteric words and the texters’

innovative condensing of characters.

To further contaminate the literary culture that the book

aims to confuse, Nick Davies plans to donate the book

into every library he has ever visited, hoping to clog the

arteries of both fction flled regional libraries and dust flled

university collections.

The book is available in an edition of 160 copies (the

character limit of an SMS and Twitter) and as an eBook,

both available from the artist’s website (www.thetuber. and has been exhibited across the UK and in

Hungary with upcoming shows in Tokyo and as a part of

the shortlist for The Title Art Prize at BlankSpace in

Manchester. The editioned book costs £9.50 (+ £1.50 p&p),

whilst the eBook is £1.50, with all proceeds from the

eBook going to the National Literacy Trust.

To contact the artist please visit

or email:

1. John Humphreys in The Daily Mail in 2009

2. Carol Ann Duffy in The Telegraph on 6th September 2011

Pa g e 20 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Dale Schreiner - Thereafter

Published by Vela Noche

Thereafter embodies the process of coming to terms with

the fundamentally unanswerable questions: “Why did my

father’s wife shoot him to death and what prevents her from

recalling the event?” With the authorities’ inability to stitch

together a clear explanation of the driving forces that led

to the shooting, no one will ever really know what happened

or why.

While a 75-month manslaughter conviction may address

society’s need for justice to be served, it’s unlikely to put the

questions to rest for those immediately affected.

This book is the result of wandering alone, clearheaded

without thinking, making space for feelings to become

tangible. Photographing urban, yet wild and protected

parkland provides cover for wrestling with issues not

ready to be overcome. Its emotional terrain is respectfully

conveyed in the quiet, subtlety toned prints brought to life

on Moab Entrada archival paper by printer Lauren Henkin,

letterpress printed and bound in Musashi cloth and St.

Armand Old Master handmade paper endsheets by Sandy

Tilcock of lone goose press, with a short accompanying text

by the artist.

22 images, Moab Entrada rag, case bound, edition of 20,



Louisa Boyd - Mini feature

My work is inspired by the natural world, and the human

connection with it and I am fascinated by the innate human

response to nature. Despite the fact that many of us live

detached from the natural environment in cities with lives

governed by technology, we are still able to understand

the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. We can relate

to these themes with ease, understanding that a bird

in flight can display freedom, a flock can demonstrate

companionship and a forest pathway can show a personal

journey. The symbols need little explanation, they are meant

to be accessible to all; to illustrate the intrinsic human

connection to nature.

My interest in this area has developed over a series of

personal experiences and events that have led me to feel

at a distance from nature, periods of my life where I have

lived in cities and found it difficult to experience quiet and

Pa g e 21 w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k

serenity, and events such as the foot and mouth epidemic

in the UK that led to large areas of the countryside being

temporarily unaccessible. It is during these periods of time

that I recognise how important the natural environment

is to me and long to immerse myself in it and portray it

through my work, consequently the themes of restriction

and freedom consistently reoccur in my pieces.

Flock- 2009. Handbound artist’s book, formed by tearing, and

worked onto with watercolour and enamel paint.

Height - 12 cm, Diameter - 30 cm

Landscape within a book - 2001. Handbound artist’s book,

folded with a landscape image painted onto it in watercolour.

Height - 6 cm, Radius - 8 cm

Working with books sculpturally allows me to represent

these concepts. Pages can be used restrictively and may only

give glimpses of information contained within them due to

cut work, the way that they are bound and exhibited. Many

of my books are not meant to be opened with pages turned,

they are meant to be viewed only as a three dimensional

form. Some books depict birds flying from them, released

from their binding, others use the edges of the pages to

show a broken image of a landscape.

Paper manipulation 1 - 2002. Exploratory work with paper

25 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm

In other senses using the book itself represents another

move away from our cultural heritage, as they become

replaced by technology. I am not standing against the

advances we have made, only wanting to recognise the

importance of what has gone before. In such senses, the

process of bookbinding has become as important as the

sculptures themselves and the concepts behind them.

Recognising the beauty and skill involved in making books

is just as much part of the work. It is a slow process, and

requires patience, concentration and practice, but it is

calming and rewarding. The hand bound book stands

out in an age where we are used to fast results and

machine-made objects.

Take Flight - 2009.

Handbound artist’s book, formed

by cutting and tearing, and

worked onto with watercolour.

Height 14 cm, Diameter - 12 cm!/LouBoydArt

Materials and technique

play an important role

in the pieces, and I

dedicate a lot of time to

experimenting with paper,

pushing it as a material

and understanding

it’s fragile properties,

appreciating what it can

and cannot do.

I enjoy the sometimes

unpredictable nature

of the material. The

conscious decision to

leave these pieces without

covers exposes them and

their message and further

alludes to the delicacy of

our natural world.


6th International Artist’s Book Triennial

Vilnius 2012, Theme: “Love”

The previous Deadline of 15 November

HAS CHANGED to 9 December 2011.



Regard sur nos productions - Part I

mfc - michèle didier, Paris

Exhibition until Saturday December 24, 2011

After Inside a Triangle by Claude Closky, Ephemera

by Christian Marclay and Annette Messager’s albums, the

exhibition Regard sur nos productions will allow

mfc - michèle didier to provide a retrospective look on a

selection of its productions as a publisher of books and

multiples. In the exhibition, visitors will be able to discover

the editions by Claude Closky, David Cunningham, On

Kawara, Allan McCollum, John Miller, Jonathan Monk,

Klaus Scherübel, Jim Shaw, Josh Smith, Christopher Wool,

and many more.

All these works, and many more, will be exhibited at

mfc - michèle didier gallery in Paris.

66, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, F-75003 Paris.

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12 midday - 7pm

Subway: Temple, Réaumur-Sébastopol, Arts et Métiers

We wish all our readers a happy and peaceful 2012

UWE Bristol Exhibitions at Bower Ashton Library

Opening hours summer time: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Please call to check opening hours before travelling

as times vary during vacation periods.

Library main desk telephone: 0117 328 4750

If you have any book arts news, please email items for the

Book Arts Newsletter to:

Please supply images as good quality RGB jpegs (300 dpi)



Pa g e 22 t h i s n ews l e t t e r c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d in c o l o u r f r o m w w w .b o o k a r t s.u w e .a c.u k/b a n l i s t s.h t m

Private presses and fine printing in Australia and New Zealand :

a bibliographical extract, 2010, compiled by

Jürgen Wegner, Librarian, Brandywine Archive, Sydney

Jürgen Wegner was, until it ceased publication in 2006, the Australian editor of the ABHB,

Annual bibliography of the history of the printed book and libraries and its electronic version,

Book history online, until this too was discontinued. The following bibliography is an extract

from the expanded new series, the Annual bibliography of books and printing in Australia and

New Zealand, which is produced by the Blackdawn Press for friends and supporters of the

Brandywine Archive, Sydney (email:

The 35 entries below are for material published in 2010 plus any earlier material from 2005—the

starting date for this bibliography. Links are provided for items which are only available online.

The note “also available online” with no link is given where both a print and an online version is

avail-able. The numbers in the entries refer to the original reference numbers in the 2010


Alan Loney [electronic resource]. [S.l.] : Wiki-pedia, 2010. 1 electronic document. N: New Zea-land, now

Australian, private printer;; #10/733.

Ampersand Duck [electronic resource]. [Canberra] : Ampersand Duck, 2010. 1 website : ill. N: Web-site of

Caren Florance’s private press, Ampersand Duck; also includes material on her artists’ books; http://; #10/734.

Florance, Caren. Caren Florance, Ampersand Duck, Canberra, Australia [electronic resource]. Camden, N.Y.

: Letterpress Printers of the World, 2005. 1 electronic document. N:; #10/735.

Florance, Caren. ‘Game over’ broadsides [elec-tronic resource]. [Canberra] : Ampersand Duck, 2010. 1

electronic document : ill. N: Description of a series of broadsides by Natalie Azzopardi, “my first ANU EASS

Ampersand Duck Broadside Resi-dency recipient”; produced including wood type;

art/2010/05/ 13/game-over-broadsides/; #10/736.

Florance, Caren. Printing poets at Otago [electro-nic resource]. [Canberra] : Ampersand Duck, 2010. 1

electronic document : ill. N: Describes her work as Printer in Residence at the University of Otago’s Otakou

Press; 08/17/printing-poets-at-otago/; #10/737.

Florance, Caren. Stop the press : the allure of ink. IN: Artlink, 30 (2010) 2, p. 42-44 : ill. N: On the

resurgence of private and other letterpress printers in Australia; #10/738.

Gardner, Angela. Synthesis and opposition. IN: Australian book arts journal, 1 (2010), p. 10-11 : ill. N:

Three artists’ books in progress plus her training in letterpress printing and work with metal and wood type;


Holmes, John. John Holmes, Frayed Friskett Press, Dunedin, New Zealand [electronic resource]. Camden,

N.Y. : Letterpress Printers of the World, 2005. 1 electronic document. N:; #10/740.

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Kilmog’s Press’ lack of success in finding grants for its craft printing; #10/741.

Page 1

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Lindquist, Stephanie. The Lindsays : artists, wri-ters and publishers. South Bank, [Brisbane] : State

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University of Melbourne collections, 7 (2010), p. 43-48 : ill. N: Of The Golden legend (1891) from the

c o l l e c t i o n o f M o r r i s ’ f r i e n d , C h a r l e s F a i r f a x M u r r a y ; a l s o a v a i l a b l e o n l i n e ;


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Page 2

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Page 3

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