Energy is what we do - Systems Sunlight S.A.

Energy is what we do - Systems Sunlight S.A.

Energy is what we do




1.1. Vision 05

1.2. Milestones in the history of SUNLIGHT 06

1.3. SUNLIGHT today 07

1.4. Infrastructure 09

1.5. Quality 11

1.6. Respect towards man and the environment 13

1.7. Research and Development 15


2.1. Batteries for Industrial Applications 18

2.2. Batteries for Special Applications 20

2.3. Renewable Energy Applications 22

2.4. Power Electronics 24

2.5. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) 24

2.6. Generating Sets 25

2.7. SUNLIGHT Consumer Products 26

2.8. TOSHIBA batteries 27



Energy moves

our world…





At SUNLIGHT we create energy…

We plan and produce integrated energy systems that incorporate innovation and know-how. Our products have placed

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. firmly among the top battery manufacturers in the world.

At SUNLIGHT we develop energy sources…

We strategically invest in human resources and their constant evolution, in Research and Development and the

infrastructure of our manufacturing plant.

As a result, we are one step closer to realizing our Vision to establish SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. in the

international marketplace using business innovation, always with respect towards man and the




in the history of SUNLIGHT

1985 Exclusive representation of TOSHIBA batteries in the Hellenic market.

1986 Establishment of the “Batteries for industrial applications” sector.

1991 Acquisition of the SUNLIGHT Manufacturing Plant by GERMANOS S.A.

Extension of TOSHIBA representation in Eastern Europe.

1995 Design and production of environmentally friendly (Mercury-free) Zinc

chloride dry cell batteries.

1996 Production of batteries for SUT and SST4 torpedoes (Hellenic Navy).

1997 ISO-9001 approval (Quality Management System).

2000 New production line for submarine and industrial applications batteries

(Lead - Acid, vented type).

2001 ISO-14001 approval (Environment Management System).

New assembly line for telecommunication Power Supply Systems and

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS).

Pan European agreement with TOSHIBA Japan for the

distribution/development of TOSHIBA consumer batteries.

2002 New assembly line for Generating Sets.

New production line for Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply

Systems (APS).

New production line for Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA).

Strategic cooperation with THYSSEN GROUP - HDW GmbH for the

manufacture of submarine batteries.

2003 Strategic cooperation with ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH for the development

of torpedo batteries and their joint distribution worldwide.

2004 OHSAS - 18001 approval (Occupational Health and Safety Management


2005 New production line for Silver-Zinc technology torpedo batteries.

2006 Establishment of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.

2007 Business collaboration with VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

for the take-over of the military portable battery business unit.

2008 New production line of lead dioxide which is one of the basic raw materials in

the batteries production.


SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is active in the design,

production and distribution of batteries and energy

production systems with a manpower that exceeds 770

employees in Greece and abroad.

With a production range of more than 1,500 specialized

products, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. covers the energy

needs of sectors with particularly high demands, including

Industry, Transportation, Telecommunications,

Defence, Construction and Infrastructure.

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. ranks among the world's top

producers of energy products and systems. It has

concluded agreements from longtime collaborations

with internationally acclaimed companies in the

defence industry sector (ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH,


Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA) and leading

companies in the global market for industrial and

energy systems (CHLORIDE, AEG, DELTA



strengthens autonomous development and expands

international collaborations, the company's objective

remains the consolidation of a leading role in the global

market of energy systems and batteries for special


With an autonomous entrepreneurial presence in

seven (7) countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland,

Serbia, Germany and France), sales offices in the Middle

East and Spain, as well as associates in many

European, African, Asian and American countries,

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. distribution network ensures

the presence of its products in more than 100 countries.

Today, 80% of its turnover is in the area of exports.

We produce

1,500 specialized



collaborate with




We distribute

our products

in more than

100 countries

all over the world


We run

six high-end




The core of the company's growth is its Manufacturing Plant based in Northern Greece. The company has

systematically invested in the development of one of the most modern industrial units in Europe, according to the

strictest international standards.

In a total area of 142,000 m 2 , with indoor areas of more than 55,000 m 2 , the SUNLIGHT Manufacturing Plant runs

six (6) high-end production units that are recognized for their high specialization.

Cylindrical Zinc-Chloride cells

Advanced Lead-Acid batteries for submarine propulsion

Silver-Zinc batteries for combat and exercise torpedoes

Stationary and traction Lead- Acid batteries (vented type)

Sealed Lead- Acid Batteries (VRLA)

Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems

Aiming at the production of high added value and quality products, the assembly lines of the SUNLIGHT

Manufacturing Plant are used for:

Battery packs for military and commercial applications

Power Supply Systems for telecommunication applications

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)

Industrial Rectifiers

Generating Sets ranging from 5 to 3,000 kVA


We apply

a Quality


System according

to ISO 9001


High quality is one of the elements that characterize our products, as well as the production processes of the

plant. Since 1996, the company has worked to establish the Quality Management System in accordance with the

International Standard ISO 9002:1994.

The need for further improvement of quality arose from the constant development of the company, and so the system

was originally expanded in 1999 with the ISO 9001:1994 certification and, later on, with the ISO 9001:2000

certification. SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. adheres to strict management specifications which contribute to:

Determining the procedures required by the System and their application on the organizational structure

of the company.

Defining the necessary criteria and methods for ensuring efficient operation of procedure control.

Ensuring that necessary resources and information are available for support and monitoring of procedures.

Monitoring, measuring and analysing the procedures.

Taking all necessary measures to attain the predicted quality results and to constantly improve them.


ISO 14001

and OHSAS 18001


Respect towards man

and the environment

Respect towards man and the environment is an integral part of our philosophy. This principle inspires our

strategy and is reflected in our daily operation and practice. All of our actions are based on our emphasis on the

safety of our factory’s employees and the protection of the environment.

Health and safety management

The SUNLIGHT factory aims to ensure a working environment that applies the strictest safety and health

specifications and was certified according to the OHSAS 18001:99 (Occupational Health and Safety Management

System) in November 2004. Following the System, we apply specific management models so that our operation meets

the highest quality and time demands. As a result, we lessen the possibility of an accident or other harmful event for

employees and the environment.

Environmental management

Our sense of responsibility towards the environment directly affected the design of the SUNLIGHT facilities,

contributing to the:

Conservation of the physiognomy of the region.

Effective waste and emissions management.

Effective and economical use of water and energy resources.

Development and production of environmental friendly products.

Safe disposal of various types of solid waste.

Since 2001 we have applied an Environmental Management system of waste, having been certified by TÜV-

Hellas, according to ISO 14001. In this way, we supervise the daily operation procedures of the Plant according to

the strictest specifications of environmental management.



and Development

is a fundamental

principle and the

core of our action

Research and Development

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A focuses on the design, development and evaluation of energy production and storage

systems that incorporate state-of-the-art technology while they provide autonomous power supply systems for a

large spectrum of applications. We especially emphasize in renewable energy systems.

Since 1995 our Research and Development Department has led this effort at the SUNLIGHT Manufacturing

Plant. This department is principally responsible for the research and design of new company products with high

added value. Its employees closely cooperate with the SUNLIGHT Technical department to study, design and develop

new systems.

The company considers Research and Development to be the core of its future development, as well as a

parameter that adds a competitive advantage to the business.

To this end, over the past decade we have constantly invested in programs developed with our own resources, while

we also participated in subsidized programs. As a result, we have gained an important competitive advantage in the

energy sector, and our products have come to be internationally acclaimed.


Our products

are characterized

by high-quality

specifications and



SUNLIGHT products

SUNLIGHT products are distinguished for their high-quality specifications and the state-of-the-art technology they

incorporate. Based on this reputation, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. enjoys a leading position in the production of

batteries for special specifications and energy production systems worldwide.

Batteries for Industrial Applications

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA)

Vented Lead Acid Batteries (OPzS)

Traction Vented Lead Acid Batteries (PzS)

Ni-Cd Industrial & Portable

Batteries for Special Applications



Various defence applications

Renewable Energy Applications

Autonomous Solar Photovoltaic System

Autonomous Power Supply System (APS)

Electricity Production

Power Electronics

Power Supply Systems (Telecom applications)

Industrial Rectifiers

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)

Generating Sets

SUNLIGHT Consumer Products

TOSHIBA Batteries


Batteries for

Industrial Applications

Batteries for Industrial Applications

The broad range of SUNLIGHT industrial batteries

sufficiently meets, through various applications, the

energy needs of users in all sectors of the economy, such

as Industry, Transportation, Telecommunications and


Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA)

The technical characteristics of SUNLIGHT VRLA

batteries ensure their safe operation in numerous

applications (alarm systems, UPS, telecom power

supply systems, energy power and distribution stations,

photovoltaic hybrid power supply systems, etc.). The

product range consists of 8 high quality series (SPa,


SPHR) with service life ranging from 5 to 15 years.

Vented Lead Acid Batteries (OPzS)

Highly reliable and robustly made vented type

batteries are easy to use, with minimum maintenance

requirements and long service life. They are designed

with emphasis on safety and quality, and they provide

the ideal backup power source for any type of facilities.

Batteries for

Industrial Applications

1 2 3 4


2. 12V-1 OPzS 50 stationary

3. VRLA SPB 12V-100Ah

4. Ni-Cd SGL 102-2

5. 48V-550Ah (5 PzSH 550) traction battery

6. VRLA SVT-X 400

5 6

Traction Vented Lead Acid Batteries (PzS)

In accordance with Standard EN60254-2, PzS

(Traction) batteries offer high and constant

performance. SUNLIGHT Traction Batteries can be

equipped with a large number of accessories and

options, such as the SUNLIGHT airlift system,

designed to decrease charging times and increase service

life. Traction batteries are commonly used in forklifts, as

well as in various electrical vehicles.

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. offers the following series of

Nickel-Cadmium batteries:

SLM Ultra Low Maintenance Cells

SML, SMM, SMH Single Cells,

Pocket Plate Technology

SHG, SGM, SGL Block Batteries,

Pocket Plate Technology

Portable Mobile Radio Batteries

Ni-Cd Industrial & Portable

Nickel-Cadmium technology batteries are the most

reliable solution for a number of industrial

applications, since they offer minimum maintenance,

long service life and resistance to corrosion.


Batteries for

Special Applications

1 2 3 4

1. VRLA SL 12 CAM 28 for aviation applications

2. Ni-Cd 20 SL 20 for aviation applications

3. VRLA SUNGEL 12V-100Ah

for armoured vehicles

4. SNC 1444 for radio sets

5. 15ST29 type for 214 class submarine

6. SLST-C1 torpedo

5 6

Batteries for Special Applications

SUNLIGHT batteries for Defence Applications are

internationally recognized for their high quality and

innovative design and are manufactured according to

the strictest international specifications and military

standards. We have been engaged in strategic

collaborations with top companies of the international

market such as THYSSEN GROUP-HDW GmbH and


Submarine Batteries

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. has currently the capability to

manufacture submarine batteries for all conventional

submarine types with the application of three different


Technology II, Double Decker with "Tubular

positive and Lead Grid negative plates" (DD-Lead


Technology III, Double Decker with "Tubular

positive and Copper Stretch Metal (CSM)

negative plates" (DD-CSM).

Each technology demonstrates its own unique

performance characteristics and as such they can fulfil the

requirements of the most demanding users in terms of

high, medium and low discharge rates.

A significant number of countries have selected

SUNLIGHT submarine batteries to equip their Navy

(Greece, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine,

Pakistan, Peru, Poland etc.).

Technology I, with normal "Long Tubular Flat

positive and Copper Stretch Metal (CSM)

negative plates" (LP-CSM).

Batteries for

Special Applications

Torpedo Batteries

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is activated in the production

of torpedo batteries SUT & SST4 since 1996. In 2005, the

new production line of Silver-Zinc technology torpedo

batteries was inaugurated.

Silver-Zinc technology prevails in this field because of its

numerous important advantages such as, good behaviour

in low temperature, very good gravimetric and

volumetric energy density, high energy per mass

concentration, etc.

The new production line for torpedo batteries and cells is

equipped with state of the art machinery in a total area of

9,000 m 2 .

Primary torpedo batteries

Silver-Zinc batteries are available as Primary cells for

single use (combat battery application), providing the

needed power within seconds even after a long period of

storage, by inserting the electrolyte.

Secondary torpedo batteries

In addition, Secondary torpedo rechargeable cells are for

multiple use (exercise torpedo application), which allows

the torpedo to run with the same power and duration as

a combat battery provides.

The SUNLIGHT torpedo batteries range includes the

following types:

Combat: SLST-C3, SLST-C1

Exercise: SLST-E1, SLST-MK53

Cells for Exercise Batteries: SL120HS, SL90HS, SL40HS,


Various Defence Applications

The company focused on the special needs of the

defence industry when researching and developing a

broad variety of energy systems using the state-of-theart-technology



Chlorinated Zinc

Alkaline Units


SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. uses the advantages of the

above technologies to produce special specification

batteries for radio sets, telecommunication centres,

satellite communication and night-vision systems,

aircrafts, helicopters, armoured vehicles, tanks, etc.).


Energy Applications

Renewable Energy Applications

Contemporary international tendencies and

developments promote energy saving policies.

Following such developments, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.

consequentially adapts its strategy and systematically

invests in renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly,

maintenance-free and highly efficient, with long-life

operation and incomparably low operating expenses.

Taking into consideration these competitive advantages,

we design and construct cost effective and robust energy

solutions to the benefit of our clients.

The dedicated team of experienced engineers at

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. offers fully customized

products utilizing renewable energy sources, using

mostly solar photovoltaics. In special cases we design

and offer energy systems that include more than one

power source, in order to minimize system cost and

increase reliability.

In addition, we provide the following services:

Turn key solutions

Project development and management

Design and engineering

Installation, commissioning and training

After Sales support

Autonomous Solar Photovoltaic System

Autonomous solar photovoltaic systems are easy to

install and are the preferred solution for remote sites

where no electricity grid is available. These systems are

almost maintenance free and with minimal operation


The operation of the autonomous solar photovoltaic

systems, known also as stand alone solar power systems,

is simple. During the day the photovoltaic modules

(panels) will convert solar energy into electrical energy.

The produced energy is then used to supply the load as

well as to charge the batteries. The energy stored in the

batteries will supply the load during night hours or when

the solar radiation is low.

Autonomous Power Supply System (APS)

The combination of a solar photovoltaic array with a diesel

generating set offers supreme power system flexibility at

greatly reduced cost.

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. has developed integrated hybrid

solar solutions early on and is currently one of the market

leaders. The SUNLIGHT Autonomous Power Supply

System (APS) is a fully customized hybrid product

consisting mainly of photovoltaic panels, batteries and a

diesel generator. The batteries are kept separately from the

generator and both are placed inside a thermally insulated

shelter. Optionally, a wind generator can be provided.

The fundamental difference regarding the operation of the

APS and the solar photovoltaic system is the presence of a

diesel generator. When there is lack of solar and

electrochemical energy the generator turns on automatically

in order to supply the load and charge the batteries.

Electricity Production

Apart from its know how in Autonomous Photovoltaic

Systems, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is also active in

designing and installing photovoltaic stations connected to

the utility grid. Our long-lasting and valuable experience in

the field of renewable energy applications enables us to

provide our customers with the optimum solution that

maximizes their profit. Our “Turn Key Solutions” are easily

comprehensible even by users or investors that are not

well acquainted with renewable sources applications and


In 2000, we installed the largest grid connected

photovoltaic system in Greece in order to benefit from

the sales of electricity to the utility grid. Ever since, we

have completed a series of projects that required the

designing, supplying and installing photovoltaic systems in

the ground, building rooftops and facades.

Furthermore, we have provided solutions for demanding

applications in countries with harsh climatic conditions,

such as the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Our valuable experience in electricity production

secures maximum profits to potential investors and

minimizes their risks. These systems can be also

financially supported by institutional funds or

governmental subsidies. For example, European

countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece have

currently favourable economic conditions for the

installation of grid connected photovoltaic systems.

During the past decade, thousands of companies,

investors or homeowners, have installed photovoltaic

systems of various sizes and profit from selling

electricity to the utility grid. Favourable installation

surfaces are flat or hilly lands, factory and house roofs, as

well as building facades. The system design layout is

simple, with just a photovoltaic array and an inverter to

supply the produced electricity to the grid.



Energy Applications

1 2 3 4

1. Telecom power supply system SPSD 600A

2. SMR 50A Rectifier

3. Generating set SIS 200

4. SIV 25 KVA Inverter

5. UPS Protect 3.33

6. UPS Protect C

5 6

Power Electronics /

UPS / Generating Sets

Power Electronics

Power Supply Systems

(Telecom Applications)

Power Supply Systems distributed by SYSTEMS

SUNLIGHT S.A. provide state-of-the-art equipment for

fixed and cellular telephony base stations. They use

switch mode technology to convert from direct current

to alternating current and are characterized by:

High performance

High power ratio

Optimum dynamic conduct

and transport reaction

When combined with SUNLIGHT Lead-Acid technology

industrial batteries, they provide 100% support to the

critical loads of telecommunication applications.

Industrial Chargers

SUNLIGHT Industrial Chargers are proven to be one

of the most valuable partners for contemporary

industries with regard to safeguarding the best

coverage of critical loads. These chargers are suitable

for SUNLIGHT Lead-Acid and Nickel-Cadmium batteries

and are necessary for charging the units and for

securing their anticipated lifetime.

The design of SUNLIGHT industrial chargers focuses on

ease of use and credibility of operation. This is why

the systems are provided with control and indication


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Systems (UPS)

The broad variety of SUNLIGHT Uninterruptible

Power Supply Systems (UPS) covers the need of

critical loads. SUNLIGHT UPS systems are equipped

with fully digital control systems, with independent

control circuits for each respective part. They offer:

Excellent performance

Outstanding dynamic behaviour

Easy handling thanks to ergonomic design

Optional remote control operation

SUNLIGHT UPS systems are divided in the following

categories, according to power supply capabilities:

Power < 3 kVA

For the safe operation of computers, servers and


Power 3-10 kVA

For the safe operation of networks and computer


Power 10- 120 kVA

For the safe and continuous operation of

networks and computer centres based on digital

energy safe technology.

Generating Sets

The SUNLIGHT Generating Sets can be used either as

main (continuous use) or auxiliary (stand-by use) electrical

power production source (for example, in case of power

supply failure to the Public Power Corporation Network -


With a wide range of models for industrial use from

5 kVA to 3,000 kVA, SUNLIGHT Generating Sets are

available in three main types: open type, sound-proof and


Generating Sets can be used in areas such as:

Production units



Building Facilities






Power Electronics /

UPS / Generating Sets

Power >120 kVA

For the safe and continuous operation of highpowered

machines and the assistance of highstandard



1. SUNLIGHT Heavy Duty

2. SUNLIGHT Super Heavy Duty

3. MAXIMA alkaline

1 2 3 4

4. CYBERCHARGE rechargeable Ni-MH

5. SUNLIGHT Emergency rechargeable


6. SUNLIGHT Premium Xenon flashlight

5 6

SUNLIGHT Consumer Products

Consumer batteries are among the most important

consumer products that SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.

produces and distributes. Specifically, the following items

are either produced or packed in the SUNLIGHT plant.

The SUNLIGHT Manufacturing Plant can manufacture

and provide Zinc-Chloride and Alkaline batteries of all

types and sizes. Our plant can offer optional packing

and packaging solutions based on customer’s demand

and specifications. Blister, shrink, pillow, clam cell


Consumer Products


SUNLIGHT Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty

batteries for general use

MAXIMA Alkaline batteries

CYBERCHARGE Rechargeable batteries


SUNLIGHT batteries are packed in shrink (HD), blister

(SHD and alkaline) and clam cells (CYBERCHARGE line)

and are currently distributed in selected European and

MEA areas.

Private-label Products

Private-label products are constantly gaining a bigger market

share worldwide. More than three out of every ten products

sold in developed markets are private-label products with

obvious financial advantages for the end user.

packaging alternatives are available. All “Own Label”

batteries are ISO and CE Certified. Our clientele

includes major international retail channels.


The SUNLIGHT production/distribution pallet contains

flashlights made of strong material, which provide

excellent brightness, endurance and ease of use. The

SUNLIGHT flashlight range is distributed through many

selling points in Europe and MEA with the following


Premium Xenon

Krypton Super Shine


Emergency lighting

Fun semi-transparent


Alpha Alkaline



for general use


Super Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty

TOSHIBA Batteries

In 1985, our company signed the first contract with

TOSHIBA BATTERIES CO. regarding the exclusive

distribution of TOSHIBA consumer batteries in the

Hellenic Market which was expanded in 1991 covering

Eastern European countries. In 2001, the cooperation

with the international house expanded further and

covered the distribution/development rights of

TOSHIBA portable batteries in Western Europe. Today,

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is the exclusive

distributor of TOSHIBA batteries for Europe, as

well as for selected markets in the Middle East and

Africa areas.

The TOSHIBA batteries product range includes:

ALPHA Alkaline

The new TOSHIBA Alpha battery is the latest generation

of alkaline series. It has been formulated and constructed

to provide for the increasing demands of today's new

generation high power devices such as: PDAs, Audio,

Flashlights, Digital Cameras, Remote Controlled Toys,

and all high drain devices.

Alkaline for general use

Powerful highly reliable batteries which use manganese

dioxide for the cathode active material and zinc powder

gel for the anode active material. This series is available

in various sizes such as LR20, LR14, LR03, LR1 and 6LF22.

Super Heavy Duty

Their superior materials and new manufacturing processes

result in high output, outstanding discharge characteristics

and long shelf life. Super Heavy Duty batteries are available

in all sizes.

Heavy Duty

Their materials slightly differ to those of Super Heavy

Duty, with regards to formula or components. They are

are particularly suitable for applications such as

flashlights, radio cassette recorders and clocks.

In addition, the TOSHIBA product range includes

batteries of different technologies for a variety of

applications such as watches, digital cameras,

electronic games and calculators.

TOSHIBA Batteries


24 hours

per day,

365 days

per year

Technical and

After Sales Support

Our integrated customer service does not end upon sale, a philosophy that is reflected in the operation of a qualified

Technical and After Sales Support Department.

24 hours per day, 365 days per year, we support every need of our customers with our know-how, strategic

organization and readiness.

The Technical and After Sales Support Department of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. is based in Attica and covers a total

area of 1,500 m 2 . The facility provides:

Fully equipped spare parts warehouse

Excellent equipped electronic and electrical repair laboratory

Training room and exhibition of the full product range

Equipment for the monitoring of SUNLIGHT Power Electronics range

Special machinery for checking and charging batteries

Special equipment for the monitoring and maintenance of traction batteries

Due to its specialized knowledge and know-how, the Technical and After Sales Support Department offers

integrated services adapted to our customers' needs. We provide installation and maintenance services for Industrial

and Telecom Power Supply Systems, AC and DC distribution panels, air conditioning systems, UPS, generating sets,

industrial batteries and photovoltaic systems. We also offer service and technical support of telecommunication


The Technical and After Sales Support Department is able to meet every need, even in the most inaccessible area of

Greece, thanks to vehicles that carry experienced engineers and special equipment for maintaining and repairing all

SUNLIGHT products.

The SUNLIGHT After Sales Support exceeds the boundaries of Greece. Through our subsidiaries we provide high

standard technical support in every country where SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. has an autonomous local presence. In the

countries where the company is present through agents, the after sales support is offered by the local partners, but

always under the supervision and continuous support of the Technical and After Sales Support Department in Greece.





Great Britain
































23 rd km N.R. Athens-Lamia

145 65 Ag. Stefanos, Attica - Greece

Tel.:+30 210 6245400, Fax: +30 210 6245409


Neo Olvio, 67 200 Xanthi, Greece

Tel.: +30 25410 48100, Fax: +30 25410 95446


2-4, Brânduselor Street, Vitan Business Center,

6th Floor, District 3, 031256

Bucharest - Romania

TEL: +40 21 3517777, FAX: + 40 21 3617333


P.O. 1715 "Miadost" 4 - 1 Business Park Sofia Str,

- Bldg. 11A - Floor 4 - Bulgaria

TEL: +359 2 8079 190, FAX: +359 2 8079 188


Szyszkowa 34 str. - 02 - 285 Warsaw - Poland

TEL: +48 22 5758227, FAX: +48 22 5758258


18/14 Hvoiki Str., Block 25, Office 401,

Kiev- 04080 - Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 463 5735, Fax: +380 44 463 5735






Africa -

Middle East



Arab Emirates




Headquarters and

Manufacturing Plant

Saudi Arabia








Sri Lanka








Sales offices


uth Africa


Bulevar Vojvode Misica 37, II floor -

11000 Beograd - Serbia

TEL: +381 11 3063 950, FAX: +381 11 3063 959


Hyde Park - Le Westminster 12

Allee Rosa Luxembourg

95 610 Eragny sur oise France

TEL: +33 1 344 01634, FAX: +33 1 344 01639

SUNLIGHT Batterien GmbH (Germany)

Hauptstrasse 13-15, 90537, Feucht, Germany

TEL:+49 (0)912873916-20,

FAX:+49 (0)912873916-10

Branch Office

Elbestrasse 10 (TechnoMarl)

D - 45768 Marl,Germany

TEL:+49 2365 91 51 75,

FAX:+49 2365 20 59 10


Avenida Del Mediterraneo 9-2 o D

28007 Madrid - Spain

Tel.: +34 91 43 43 890,

Fax: +34 91 43 44 070



15 El - Hassan Str., Dokki Giza, Egypt

Tel.: +20 2 33 800 59, Fax: +20 2 33 652 93

comrade design



23rd km N.R. Athens-Lamia

145 65 Ag. Stefanos, Attica - Greece

Tel.:+30 210 624 5400

Fax: +30 210 624 5409

Manufacturing Plant

Neo Olvio

67 200 Xanthi, Greece

Tel.: +30 25410 48100

Fax: +30 25410 95446

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