Thermo Scientific Blood Banking Solutions - Thermo Fisher

Thermo Scientific Blood Banking Solutions - Thermo Fisher

Thermo Scientific Blood Banking Solutions

Reliable Solutions For Every Stage Of the Blood Bank Workflow


Sample Preparation




One reliable partner

with you every step of the way


A broad range of lowspeed

centrifuges for the

separation and preparation

of whole blood and

blood products.

Sample Preparation

Versatile, high-quality

centrifuges and accessories

for the efficient

preparation of blood



An array of instruments,

equipment and consumables

to facilitate blood

type testing, serological

screening and nucleic

acid testing.


A comprehensive range

of cold storage equipment

and consumables for

storing and safeguarding

valuable blood products.


Hiqh-quality laboratory

equipment and cell

culture consumables

for researchers working

with blood products.

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Reliable solutions for blood banking

Ensuring a safe, adequate supply of blood and blood products is one of society’s most

important priorities. Helping you meet that goal, day in and day out, is our priority.

We offer a complete range of high-quality products to support the key steps in the blood

banking process–from blood separation, sample preparation and testing, to storage, cryopreservation

and blood-related research. Our extensive portfolio includes centrifuges, cold

storage equipment, biological safety cabinets, CO 2 incubators, manual and automated

liquid handling products, plastic labware, media and reagents, software, services, and

more. So you have a single partner you can rely on every step of the way.

Expertise on demand. You also benefit from our proven blood banking expertise. Our team

of application experts can help you select the right products for your facility, whether it’s a small

research lab, a large blood banking facility, or something in between. They can also provide

valuable advice to help you optimize the safety and efficiency of your blood banking operation.

Plus, they can save you time with simplified ordering, installation and service.

Committed to your mission. Our goal is the same as yours: to help you safely process,

store and maintain the blood products needed to keep your community safe – and to advance

scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs.

Count on Thermo Scientific blood banking solutions to help meet your most critical needs:

• Capacity and Availability

Flexible solutions for processing, storage and preservation

• Security and Patient Safety

Solutions that help protect the integrity of blood products

• Reliability

Robust solutions built to deliver continuous performance

• Traceability and Compliance

Solutions that simplify tracking and tracing

• Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Solutions that make the most of your equipment investment 3

Blood Processing

The separation of blood components demands great care and efficiency.

Thermo Scientific low-speed centrifuge solutions are ideal for performing

rapid, controlled, low-speed separation of blood components. Our blood

processing solutions include centrifuges, rotors and accessories designed

to accommodate small-, medium-, and large-volume processing

requirements, with features that help streamline processes, protect

blood integrity, and enable reliable tracking.

A History of Quality

With more than 100 years

of proven performance in

centrifugation, Thermo

Scientific products continue

to set the standard for

excellence in blood

processing solutions. Our

Heraeus and Sorvall lowspeed

centrifuges have

earned a reputation for

outstanding performance,

ergonomics and reliability

in the lab, making them the

preferred choice in leading

blood banking facilities

around the world.


When separating whole blood into blood components, reliability and protocol reproducibility

are essential. Our large-volume, low-speed centrifuges offer outstanding capacity along

with unique quality-assurance features, together with built-in capabilities for regulatory

compliance. You can depend on Thermo Scientific low-speed centrifuges to deliver

uncompromising safety, reproducible results and trouble-free operation for many years.

Large Volume: Up to 12 Blood Bags

Heraeus ® Cryofuge ® 6000i and 8500i and

Sorvall ® RC12BP and RC3BP Plus

Efficiently process large volumes with our userfriendly

equipment. Our Heraeus and Sorvall centrifuges

incorporate advantages that streamline your

centrifuge workflow.

• Built to handle large capacities–up to 12 blood

bags in a single run

• Easy-closing, wind-shielded rotors ensure high

sample integrity and low energy consumption

• Offers five different inserts for double, triple, quad,

and quint

• 350 mL & 500 mL blood bags are included, as well

as a hook adapter for cord blood processing

• Readily available 230V - 50Hz single phase

or 400V 3-phase power supply

• Automatic lid locks, clear digital displays, and

conveniently arranged function keys

• Built-in data documentation system is available to

help labs implement GMP

Heraeus Cryofuge 6000i



Combining precision control with a PC

interface for enhanced traceability, the

KR4i offers more than 24 pre-programmed

separation profiles to improve reproducibility.

Programming precise program runtime

parameters is direct and fast using the

intuitive VIDEOset graphic controller.

• Process up to 12 quint or quad blood bags,

with or without filters

• Process up to 48 standard microplates or 12

to 18 deepwell microplates in a singe run

• High-capacity rotors available for pharmaceutical,

clinical, genomics, proteomics,

biochemistry, pathology research, RIA and

large-volume processing

Small Volume: Up to 4 Blood Bags

Heraeus Multifuge ® 4KR

Improve your productivity with the fastest

processing and highest throughput of any

four-liter centrifuge. This kneewell-size

unit rapidly processes blood bags or tubes

preloaded in clinical analyzer racks using the

newly-available diagnostic rotor.

• Sized to fit under the lab workstation,

conserving valuable lab space

• Noise level under 58 dBA

• Energy-saving design increases refrigeration

efficiency and minimizes heat output

Left to right:

LH-4000W Rotor


Heraeus Multifuge 4KR

Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i

Medium Volume: 4-8 Blood Bags

Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i

A flexible workhorse, the Heraeus Cryofuge

5500i offers a wide choice of rotors, including

wind-shielded swinging-bucket rotors, to

ensure high sample integrity when processing

preloaded clinical analyzer racks and microplates.

• Superior 32 standard microplate capacity

• Diagnostic rotor spins clinical analyzer

racks pre-loaded with tubes, minimizing

sample handling steps

• Reduced maintenance with brushless

induction drive 5

Blood Sample Preparation

To ensure the safety of the blood supply, all blood products must

be tested for blood type and screened for antibodies and infectious

agents. Our wide selection of centrifuges and accessories for blood

sample preparation and testing makes it easy to find just the right

unit to meet your needs, whether you’re working with blood tubes

or microplates. And with our innovative ClickSeal ® biocontainment

lids and a wide range of CAMR Porton Down-certified accessories,

handling potentially infectious blood samples is safe and secure.

Committed to Your Safety

Handling blood products

demands adherence to the

highest standards of safety.

Thermo Scientific centrifuges

and accessories are compliant

with safety standards from

leading international regulatory

bodies. Many of our

centrifuge accessories are

specifically designed to

minimize risk with innovative

features, such as

ClickSeal biocontainment

lids on rotor buckets.

Preparation OF SAMPLES

Our comprehensive line of products for blood sample preparation meet the needs of

clinical facilities of all sizes–from small-scale blood preparation protocols and hematocrit

preparations to high-volume applications demanding maximum throughput.

Cell Washers

Centra W Cell Washer

Simplify and accelerate the process of washing

blood cells for antiglobulin testing with trouble-free

automation. With the time-saving automatic wash

cycle, you simply load the rotor, close the cover and

press the start key.

Compact Benchtop Centrifuges

Heraeus Labofuge ® 200

A compact clinical centrifuge designed to meet the

needs of the most rigorous lab or clinical environment,

with maintenance-free operation. Comes with a

12-place fixed-angle rotor and a full set of adapters.

Heraeus Labofuge 400

This model is ideal for centrifuging average-sized

samples in routine laboratory applications. Designed

with state-of-the-art technology, it can be used for

practically all separations tasks–from high-speed

centrifugation in microliter rotors to gentle sedimentation

of animal cell cultures in conical tubes.


With its compact size and simple controls, this

centrifuge is ideal for small and medium labs and

medical offices. A choice of rotors expands the range

of applications supported.

Heraeus Labofuge 300

A small, economical medical centrifuge that

processes gel tubes and also spins blood samples

and glass tubes. Comes with a swinging-bucket rotor.


Left to right:

Heraeus Labofuge 200

Centra W Cell Washer

Heraeus Primo Series

These compact, high-performance centrifuges

offer efficient, flexible sample processing.

They enable high-performance or smallcapacity

sample processing with optional

rotors and accessories, and top speeds up

to 15,000 rpm.


Espresso & Heraeus Pico ® & Fresco ®

Our microcentrifuge range includes the

Espresso 12-place personal centrifuge and

the Heraeus Pico and Fresco microcentrifuges,

with speeds up to 21,100 xg. Compact and

versatile, our microcentrifuges are ideal for

microtubes, hematocrit determination, miniprep

kits and PCR tubes/strips.

General Purpose Centrifuges

Heraeus Megafuge ® 16

This one-liter centrifuge series offers

outstanding capacity, convenience and

value for routine applications. With its quiet

performance, compact footprint, simplified

operation and certified sample protection

with ClickSeal ® biocontainment rotor lids,

it is the ideal choice for routine clinical

lab applications.

Heraeus Megafuge 40/40R Series

Designed to provide outstanding productivity

and ergonomics, these centrifuges offer

quick, reliable and safe separations in a

compact footprint. The low noise level

and reduced energy consumption makes

them ideal for the most demanding clinical


Heraeus Multifuge X3F Series

The X3F Series is available in a floorstanding

configuration, occupying a smaller

footprint than a rolling cart to save additional

lab space. It is easily transported, positioned

and safely locked for enhanced flexibility and

improved ergonomics, providing the ideal

setup for smooth runs in total safety.

General Purpose

Centrifuge Rotor

BIOLiner ® High Capacity Swinging

Bucket Rotor

This high-capacity rotor delivers maximum

flexibility at 3500 rpm, with a variety of adapters

from 750 mL to 5 mL. Optional microplate

carriers accommodate standard and deepwell

microplates for greater versatility.

Top to bottom:

Heraeus Pico 21

Heraeus Megafuge 40R

BIOLiner Rotor 7

Blood Testing

Ensuring the safety and quality of the blood supply is a critical priority

for blood banks. We offer a wide range of blood testing solutions to

help ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of your routine testing

procedures–including blood type testing, serological screening, and

nucleic acid testing. You can be assured that your blood testing needs

are supported with innovative designs, advanced technologies and

proven reliability.

Blood Type Testing

Thermo Scientific liquid handling solutions provide excellent reproducibility

for your blood preparation and testing procedures. Our handheld manual

and electronic pipettes deliver maximum comfort and ease-of-use for

routine blood type testing protocols. For high-throughput requirements,

our automated systems provide maximum flexibility and scalability.

Manual Pipettes

Finnpipette F1

A new level of manual pipetting sophistication.

• Integrated antimicrobial surface protection

prevents contamination

• Light pipetting significantly reduces repetitive

stress injury (RSI) risks

• Set-and-forget pipetting button securely locks

volume adjustment

• Adjustable finger rest

Finnpipette F2

A manual pipette with all the right qualities.

• Advanced Volume Gearing improves accuracy

and precision

• Large digit display

• Very light and smooth pipetting action

• Fully autoclavable

Electronic Pipettes

Finnpipette Novus Electronic Pipette

Simplicity, comfort and functionality in an

exceptionally intuitive, ergonomic design.

• Brightest and clearest graphical

backlit display

• 10 different pipetting functions and

9 pipetting speeds

• Easy in-lab calibration and fully

autoclavable tip cone

Matrix Electronic Pipette

• Intuitive, step-based programming

• Individual speed set-up increases


• Expandable tip-spacing options and

multiple configurations


Pipette Tips

Finntip Pipette Tips

• Uniformly smooth, hydrophobic surfaces on the inside and

outside prevent liquid retention to ensure accurate and

precise pipetting

• Available in standard, filter, sterile and non-sterile

• Enhanced pipetting performance

• Wide range of tip sizes

Molecular BioProducts ART ® Pipette Tips

Designed for applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility,

ART Low Retention tips reduce sample retention

by three to five times compared to ordinary pipette tips

• Patented interactive barrier seals when exposed to

potential aerosol and liquid contaminants, trapping

them inside the barrier

• Save expensive reagents

• Improve sample accuracy

• Precise sample delivery

• 100% inert

Left to right:

Finnpipette F1

Finnpipette F2

Finnpipette Novus Electronic Pipette

Matrix Electronic Pipette

Finntip Pipette Tips 9

Blood Testing

High-Throughput Solutions

For labs requiring highthroughput

capabilities, we

offer powerful automation

solutions that can rapidly

process, group and test large

volumes of blood products

with high levels of precision.

We can work with you to

create an integrated platform

that combines liquid handling,

centrifugation, incubation and

ELISA assay processing.

Our flexible systems are

easily configured to suit any

throughput or workflow.

Automated Liquid Handling

Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser

This easy-to-use reagent dispenser combines the

most versatile features for reagent dispensing with

excellent dispensing performance.

• Wide volume range–0.5 μl to 2500 μl

• Versatile plate formats and plate heights–from

1536 to deep wells

• High speed and easy automation for higher


Matrix Hydra and PlateMate Benchtop

Liquid Handlers

• Provide low- to high-throughput solutions for a

wide range of liquid handling applications

• Easily adapts handheld procedures with intuitive

programming and configuration options

PlateMate 2x3

Designed to perform a variety of liquid handling tasks

for a wide range of applications, the PlateMate ® 2x3

automated 6-position liquid handler is compatible

with eight interchangeable pipetting heads, and a

total available volume range of 0.1 μl – 300 μl.

• Compact benchtop footprint

• Versatile 6-position deck

• Eight interchangeable pipetting heads


• ControlMate Software Interface

Multidrop Combi ® Reagent Dispenser

Matrix Hydra and PlateMate

Benchtop Liquid Handlers


CataLyst Express Robotic Arm

Automate blood testing with a flexible,

fully programmable liquid-handling robotic

arm. The CataLyst Express ® robotic arm can

integrate an ELISA reader, washer, incubator,

shaker, and even a centrifuge for blood

testing–or a Thermo Scientific KingFisher

Flex nucleic acid purifier with a robotcompatible

thermal cycler for PCR.

• Continuous, error-free operation

• Precise, repeatable motion

• Ability to handle a wide range of containers

• Capacity to easily automate loading and

unloading of complex instruments

Molecular BioProducts BioRobotix

Pipette Tips

BioRobotix tips provide the most advanced,

highest quality, and broadest range of automated

pipette tips for today’s liquid handling

workstations. Available in sterile, non-sterile

and optional ART ® filter technology for

complete sample protection, the Tecan ® -

and Qiagen ® -validated pipette tips adhere

to tolerances 400% tighter than standard

pipette tips.

• Percent CV results ranging from

Blood Testing

Serological Screening

We provide blood banks with reliable and flexible solutions to perform serological

screening for transfusion transmitted diseases–such as HIV 1 and 2, HbsAg, HCV and

Syphilis–to increase the safety of blood products. Our microplate instruments offer an

efficient serological screening solution for everything from sample preparation to assay

analysis and reporting of results. World-class quality and optimal performance help

ensure high sensitivity and specificity for the assays.

Microplate Readers

Multiskan FC Microplate Photometer

This robust, easy-to-use ELISA reader is ideal for a

wide variety of research and routine applications.

It offers proven performance and reliable results

through built-in self diagnostics, IQ/OQ/PQ and

verification tools.

• Wide wavelength range–340 to 850nm

• Fast reading of both 96- and 384-well plates

• Easy-to-use visual user interface with multiple

language versions

• Superior usability and logical workflow with

Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software

Microplate Incubator

iEMS Incubator/Shaker

This high-performance 96-well plate incubator and

orbital shaker delivers optimal performance for the

most demanding microplate ELISA applications

requiring temperatures of up to 40°C.

• Accommodates up to nine 96-well microplates

• Fits into a small bench space, making it perfect for

medium-sized laboratories

• Exceptional temperature uniformity across

the plate

• Efficient orbital shaking

• Superior sensitivity for ELISA applications

Microplate Washers

Wellwash and Wellwash Versa

These easy-to-use strip washers offer optimal

washing performance for reliable results. The

Wellwash ® is the basic model for washing 96-well

plates only. The Wellwash Versa is the advanced

model, capable of washing cells and 384-well plates.

• Large color display and intuitive graphical

user interface

• Convenient multiple language versions and

USB port

• Secure performance via non-pressurized

bottles and automatic rinse

Left to right:

Multiskan FC Microplate


iEMS Incubator/Shaker


Microtiter Microplates

Our microtiter microplates are designed to

match the demanding requirements of biotechnology,

life science and pharmaceutical

research laboratories.

• UV transparent microplates in 96- and

384-well formats

• Polystyrene plates provide excellent

optical clarity and are certified RNase/


• Polypropylene is resistant to most solvents

used in combinatorial chemistry

• Applications for polystyrene plates include:

– Antibiotic screens

– Serological tests

– Storing and screening compounds and

DNA libraries

• Polypropylene plates are low binding for

homogenous assays and storage

Nucleic Acid Testing

We offer fast and reproducible methods for nucleic acid isolation and

amplification for nucleic acid testing (NAT) procedure. NAT significantly

reduces the time between donor exposure to the virus, allowing earlier

detection of the infection and reducing the possibility of transmission via

transfusion. The use of pooled samples makes use of the NAT system


Nucleic Acid Purification

Kingfisher Flex Automated

Purification System

A highly versatile, automated magnetic

particle processing solution for purifying

DNA/RNA, protein or cells from virtually any


• Fully automated, high-speed purification of

nucleic acids, proteins and cells

• High throughput–up to 96 samples can be

processed in less than 20 minutes

• Expanded sample volume configuration

increases yield ten-fold

• Open and flexible system lets you

use any magnetic-particlebased

kit to meet your

application demands

Top to bottom:

Microtiter Microplates

Kingfisher Flex Automated

Purification System

Wellwash AC 13

Blood and Component Storage

Preserving valuable whole blood and plasma requires secure storage

that maintains consistent temperature levels for days, months or

years. Our cold storage solutions can address virtually any blood

product storage need. Our blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers

and cryopreservation systems are built for the long term, providing

rapid, reliable cooling and precise temperature control to safeguard

the viability of blood products until they are needed. And our barcoded

storage solutions help ensure the traceability of each and every sample.

Whole Blood/ Red Blood Cell Storage

We provide secure, worry-free environments for transfusion products with a complete

line of blood storage products that meet the highest international standards. Our

storage systems provide the temperature uniformity and stability needed to ensure

maximum sample integrity. And they meet a range of capacity requirements–from

convenient under-counter units to high-capacity models for large-volume blood storage


Blood Bank Refrigerators

+4°C Forma Blood Bank Refrigerators

For consistent, reliable protection of blood products

at a safe range of +1°C to +8°C, these quality systems

maintain consistent temperature regardless of

inventory load.

• Quick temperature recovery for maximum product

protection after door openings

• Monitor displays chamber temperature to 0.1°C

• Environmentally-friendly, mercury-free, LED

interior lighting

• Chart recorder standard on all models

• Factory preset to +4°C with auto defrost

• Five models ranging from 133L (4.7 cu. ft.) undercounter

to spacious, 1447L (51.1 cu. ft.) doubledoor


Blood bag capacities from 64 to 770*

+4°C Jewett Blood Bank Refrigerators

Assure maximum temperature uniformity and rapid

recovery from door openings with the microprocessorcontrolled

refrigeration and forced-air circulation of

these easy-to-operate units.

• High-density, CFC-free, blown-in insulation to

increase temperature uniformity

• Powerful, industrial-grade compressors for optimal

product protection

• Positive, forced-air circulation maintains temperature

uniformity throughout the cabinet

• Temperature range of +1°C to +8°C; factory preset

to +4°C with auto defrost

• Cabinet sizes range from under-counter to spacious

two-door units for large blood bank facilities

* Nominal capacity based on 450 mL whole blood bags


+4°C Jewett Blood Bank Refrigerators

+4°C Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators

Enhanced digital technology simplifies operation and

delivers greater temperature accuracy.

• Microprocessor controls feature a large digital

display with resolution to within 0.1°C; graphic

thermometer confirms proper operation

• 7-day chart recorder on all models

• Advanced frost sensors manage the defrost cycle

to minimize trace frost build-up for maximum

refrigeration coil efficiency

• Positive air flow system and industrial-quality

cabinet construction assure reliable, consistent


• Temperature range of +1°C to +8°C; factory preset

to +4°C with auto defrost

Blood bag capacities from 64 to 770*

• Five models ranging from 133L (4.7 cu. ft.) undercounter

to spacious, 1447L (51.1 cu. ft.) doubledoor


+4°C Forma Blood Bank Refrigerators 15

Blood and

Component Storage

Plasma Storage

We provide the highest quality storage solutions for fresh frozen plasma and recovered

plasma to ensure the integrity of transfusion and commercial products. All products

meet the highest international standards. Our ultra-low temperature freezers combine

unsurpassed reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation and

innovative features. You can depend on Thermo Scientific cold storage solutions to

safeguard your precious samples.

Plasma Freezers

Forma -30°C Plasma Freezers

These heavy-duty models offer industrial-quality

cabinet construction and extra-strength refrigeration

compressors in a size that’s right for your lab.

• Microprocessor control system manages positive

forced-air circulation

• Advanced defrost system minimizes trace amounts

of frost to maintain refrigeration coil efficiency

• 7-day chart recorder on all models

Jewett -30°C Freezers

This model is available in five sizes, ranging from

under-counter to spacious 1447L (51.1 cu. ft.).

• High-density, CFC-free, blown-in insulation reduces

gaps and increases temperature uniformity

• Powerful, industrial-grade compressors for optimal

product protection

• Standard features include hospital-grade plug, 1”

insulated access port and set of four 2” casters

Forma -30°C Plasma Freezers


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

TS586e -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature


Our new TS586e freezer offers eco-friendly

performance and is the most energy efficient

freezer in its class, using 40% less energy

than similar conventional freezers.

• 100% hydrocarbon refrigerants: no ozonedepleting

CFCs or high greenhouse warming

potential HFCs

• CE certified and WEEE directive compliant


• Water-blown foam insulation maximizes

internal storage while assuring consistent,

uniform temperature throughout the freezer

• Low noise emissions–at less than 49 dB(A),

the freezer can reside comfortably in the lab

without disturbing users

Forma -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature


Maintain red blood cells safely below

regulatory standards at -86°C (-123°F) with

the versatility of optional CO 2 and LN 2 backup

to ensure consistent refrigeration during

power outages.

• Energy-saving features plus comprehensive

monitoring and alarm systems with

visual and audible indicators

• Automatic voltage compensation assures

continuous operation during power spikes

and sags

• Upright freezer capacities from 368.1L

(13 cu. ft.) to 792.8L (28 cu. ft.)

• Unique double-door option for frequent

sample retrieval in the top chamber while

long-term storage remains undisturbed in

the bottom

Revco PLUS Ultra-Low Temperature


Safeguard your samples with ultimate

sample protection. These freezers combine

exceptional temperature stability and

rapid recovery time with outstanding

energy efficiency.

• 20% more heat removal capacity–quick

temperature recovery after door openings

for stable, uniform temperatures

• Capacities from 487L (17.2 cu. ft.) to 888L

(31.4 cu. ft.)

• 888L HD freezer offers the industry’s

highest vial-to-footprint ratio: store up to

70,000 sample vials

Revco PLUS HD -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Top to bottom:

TS586e -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Forma -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers 17

Blood and

Component Storage


Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of cryogenic storage, Thermo Scientific

cryopreservation solutions are engineered to ensure maximum sample protection and

peace of mind.

Controlled-Rate Freezers

CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers

Gain the flexibility to precisely control freezing from

+50°C to -180°C. Choose from pre-programmed freezing

profiles or modify them to your specific protocols.

• For accelerated freezing, dual solenoid valves

increase LN 2 injection volume, ensuring precise

temperature control to maximize cell viability

• Control the whole process on a Windows ®


PC with included software


Nalgene and Nunc Cryogenic Vials

• Designed for safe and efficient storage of cultured

cells in cryogenic containers, -80°C freezers and

liquid nitrogen tanks


• All sterile Nunc CryoTubes are manufactured in

a controlled environment using the highest quality


• Nalgene vials are leakproof (IATA) and Nunc vials

are DNase/RNase-free

CryoPlus Storage Systems

The CryoPlus Series LN 2 Storage System offers the

ideal combination of liquid nitrogen storage reliability

and microprocessor technology. These systems provide

precise and accurate control over all parameters

without complicated programming. Storage capacities

of up to 38,500 vials (2.0 mL) make the most of your

valuable laboratory storage space.

CryoPlus LN2 Storage Systems

Nalgene ® and Nunc Cryogenic Vials


2D Barcoded Storage Tubes

and Equipment

Matrix 2D Barcoded Storage Tubes

• Compliant with Human Tissue Sample

Tracking Regulations*

• For long-term storage, screw tops can be

removed and added with our handheld or

automated capper/decapper systems

• Pierceable tube design allows samples to

be accessed without removing caps

• Instantly identify and track sample information

with our Visionmate 2D barcode


*Contact your representative for details.

Water Baths

Precision Circulating Water Baths

• Faster warming and excellent temperature

stability for warming bags of frozen

plasma/platelets to 37°C

• Microprocessor control with digital

LED display

• Offered in 19L, 34.5L or 89L capacities

• Temperature range: 5C above ambient

to 99.9°C

• Meets ASTM E715 Class IIA standards

for uniformity

• Water flow directed around bath perimeter

• Stainless steel gable cover and diffuser

shelf are included

• Available in 120V and 230V

8-channel Handheld Decapper

2D Barcoded Storage Tubes

Precision Water Baths

VisionMate HighSpeed Reader 19

Research Applications

Researchers working with blood products need solutions that maintain

sample integrity while ensuring the safety of lab personnel at every

stage of the process. Our research solutions range from biosafety

cabinets and CO 2 incubators to cell culture plates and flasks to growth

media. So you have the advantage of a single, trusted source for all

your research needs.


We offer an outstanding selection of laboratory equipment and consumables to support

your cell culture work. Our Class II biological safety cabinets provide best-in-class

safety, ergonomics and energy efficiency. Our CO 2 incubators provide ideal growing

conditions to ensure the health and integrity of your cell and tissue samples. Combined

with our high-quality media and consumables, we can provide a complete solution for

your cell culture needs.

Biological Safety Cabinets

Thermo Scientific Class II biological safety

cabinets combine maximum protection with

maximum efficiency. These innovative cabinets

feature advanced, brushless DC motor technology

for dramatically improved energy efficiency, safety,

performance, and reliability.

• Reduces operating costs by up to 75% over traditional

cabinets with AC motors

• Increases comfort and encourages safe working

habits with the sloped front, bright workspace and

low noise level

• Maximizes safety through independent control

systems with our innovative SmartFlow design

and Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe)

Herasafe KS and KSP

Thermo Scientific biological safety cabinets are available

in a variety of configurations and certifications

to support any lab need, including the Herasafe KS,

Safe 2020, and MSC-Advantage Class II biological

safety cabinets.


MSC Advantage


CO 2 Incubators

Thermo Scientific CO 2 Incubators deliver longterm

performance, optimal growth conditions and

proven contamination prevention.

• Water-jacketed and direct heat chamber technologies

provide excellent uniformity and reliability

• Advanced contamination prevention including

HEPA filtration, sterilization cycles and pure

copper chambers

• Wide range of sizes – from 40L to 821L capacities

• Fast recovery time ensures optimal growth


• FDA 510K registered as suitable for use with

patient samples

Heracell 150i and 240i Incubators

• Intuitive iCAN touchscreen improves visibility

and control of important incubator information

• 100% solid copper interiors available

• Patented Rapid Response Humidity System

• Two convenient stackable sizes – 150L and 240L

• ContraCon 90°C moist heat automated disinfection


Heracell i CO 2 Incubator

Forma Series II Water-Jacketed Incubator

• Maximum thermal protection and fast recovery

from swings in ambient temperature and power


• Unique triple-wall, water-jacketed construction

assures optimal thermal uniformity

• In-chamber HEPA filter achieves Class 100

air quality

Forma Water-Jacketed Incubator 21



Water Purification Systems

Barnstead Nanopure

With four application-specific models, this premier

purification system delivers ultrapure water that

exceeds ASTM Type 1 water standards for critical

laboratory applications.

• Versatile design offers multiple dispensing and

mounting options

• Operational cost savings with high-capacity

Diamond Pack cartridge pack

• Global capability with multi-language display

Barnstead Easypure RoDi

Produce ultrapure water straight from the tap. This

system is ideal for laboratories requiring up to 15

liters per day of high-quality water.

• Designed for simple, intuitive operation

• Three cartridges in series provide increased capacity

over similar systems

• Monitoring system alerts user of water quality and

consumables status

Life Science Plastics

Nalgene and Nunc Plates, Flasks, Dishes and


Scientists around the world rely on the dependable

quality of Thermo Scientific Nunc and Nalgene

products for the most reproducible and reliable results.

Nunc surface technologies provide solutions for the

cultivation of all different cell types: adherent or

suspension, stem cells, macrophages, single cells, or


• The widest range of formats, sizes and surfaces–

from petri dishes and multidishes to multiwell

plates, tubes and flasks

• Leakproof filterware with fast flow-rate

membranes and Nalgene-certified performance

• Innovative products for growth, monitoring,

staining, transporting, and storage of all cell types

• Variety of surfaces–cell culture treated

(Nunclon), untreated, Poly-D-Lysine, Collagen I,

CC2, UpCell and HydroCell

Nunc EasyFill

Barnstead Nanopure

Nunc Flasks

Nunc Culture Dishes


Cell Culture Growth Systems

and Media

Nunc OptiCell Cell Culture System

Nunc OptiCell is a unique cell culture format

for growing, monitoring, and transporting

cells. It features two parallel gas-permeable,

cell culture treated polystyrene membranes

attached to a standard microtiter plate-sized


• Thin profile design maximizes incubator

space and reduces media consumption

• Two resealing access ports provide a

closed growth environment with sterile

fluid path, reducing risk of contamination

HyClone Media

High-yield cell cultures begin with quality

media. HyClone Media provides the quality

and purity required for meeting your research

needs. We provide a wide selection of media

and buffers for use in cell culture applications.

• System tested with Thermo Scientific

HyClone Sera to ensure product performance

and consistency

• All products are hydrated using Thermo

Scientific HyClone WFI quality water and

undergo 0.1 μm sterile filtration

• Manufactured using ISO 9001:2000-

certified processes

• Offered in a variety of packaging configurations,

including convenient HyQPAK



Nautilus LIMS

Our advanced Nautilus LIMS (Laboratory

Information Management System) solutions

ensure accurate, automated logging and

tracking of samples for future retrieval, helping

streamline and simplify sample tracking.

• Flexible, configurable LIMS easily implemented

right out of the box

• Developed in partnership with customers

in R&D environments

• Compatible with Microsoft* Office

• Designed, developed and supported within

an ISO 9001/TickIT environment

Nautilus LIMS

HyClone Cell Culture Media

Nunc OptiCell 23

Enabling excellence with

a spectrum of products

Our blood banking portfolio provides essential instruments, equipment,

consumables, reagents, media, services and software–tailored to the

needs of blood banking professionals.

Instruments & Equipment

2D Barcoding Equipment

Biological Safety Cabinets

Blood Bank Refrigerators


CO 2 Incubators

Cryopreservation Equipment

Microplate Readers

Plasma Freezers

Water Purification Systems

Laboratory Consumables & Liquid Handling

2D Barcoded Storage Tubes

Automated Liquid Handling

Chamber Slides

Conical Tubes




Pipettes & Tips

Plates, Flasks & Dishes

Media & Reagents

Diagnostic Reagents

Media & Sera

About Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader

in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to

make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With revenues of

more than $10 billion, we have approximately 35,000 employees

and serve customers within pharmaceutical and biotech

companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities,

research institutions and government agencies, as well as

environmental and industrial process control industries.

We create value for our key stakeholders through two premier

brands, Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific, which offer a

unique combination of continuous technology development

and the most convenient purchasing options. Our products

and services help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery,

and solve analytical challenges ranging from complex

research to routine testing to field applications.


Software & Services

Asset Management

Compliance Services

Educational Services

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Media Customization

New Lab Construction & Renovation

Parts and Accessories

Product Support Services

Professional Services

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