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Innovative Industrial Filtration - Hengst GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative Industrial Filtration

Individual solutions for all areas of application

Hengst – A Reliable Partner

Development, production and marketing –

all from a single source

Founded in Münster in 1958, the HENGST company is

today one of the leading manufacturers of filters and

filter systems worldwide.

The company offers the classic advantages of a familyowned

business: short decision routes, continuity of

company policies, and the ability to respond quickly and

flexibly to market conditions.

We attach particular importance to long-term customer

relations based on mutual trust.

Hengst guarantees

quality products

State-of-the-art production technology and

excellent quality standards ensure consistently

high-quality, high-performance products.

HENGST is certified in accordance with the quality

and environmental standards TS 16949, ISO 9001

and ISO 14001.


Filter Cartridges for De-dusting Units

Individual filter concepts

for every application

• Powder coating systems

• Sandblasting equipment

• Gas turbines (inlet air filtration)

• Welding smoke exhaust systems

• Pneumatic conveyor systems

• Crushing and mixing plants

• Filling and draining plants

We provide custom-designed filter concepts and a

comprehensive assortment of standard sizes in accordance

with DIN 71459. Select the filter suited to your requirements

from a wide range of dimensions and materials.

You can rely on our years of experience

in selecting filter surfaces, filter media,

mounting designs and stabilization methods.


The Cartridge Module

De-dusting cartridges made to measure

HENGST is the sole supplier worldwide

of embossed filter cartridges with lengths

of up to 1200 mm.

For cellulose and synthetic fiber media, we provide

system manufacturers and operators with decisive

advantages in terms of service life and operating costs.

HENGST cartridge modules with filter cartridges for

de-dusting units optimally combine the cost-effective

production of standard filters with maximum flexibility

and a wide range of choice to meet your requirements.

The selection of a filter medium suitable for a particular

application is followed by the manufacture of the medium.

Selection procedure for

Hengst cartridge module

1. Selection of the appropriate dimensions

2. Selection of the mounting design

3. Selection of the external stabilizer

4. Selection of the filter medium

As shown below, the symbols resulting from

these four steps combine to form the order number.


Mounting/Design External stabilizer Filter medium

Outside diameter


Filter area

Dirty gas side

(closed bottom)

Dirty gas side

(open bottom)

Clean gas side

Bayonet closure

Perforated plate

Expanded metal

Stabilizer band

Net stabilizer

No stabilization

Filter medium

mm mm m 2

327 1200 2 – 36

302 985 G O R B LB SM SB NS OS Designation

228 646

12 m 2

= 120

150 606

327 606 120 G OS Polyester


Filter Elements for

Cleaning Appliances and Power Tools

Filter elements for

cleaning appliances

• Vacuum sweepers

• Wet/dry vacuum cleaners

• Domestic vacuum cleaners

Vacuum sweepers

Our cellulose and polyester filters with round and flat

construction have ideal cleaning properties due to the

widely spaced pleats (System ProClean).

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners

From Hengst you can obtain flat pleat filters and filter

cartridges in various filter classes (e.g. BGIA: L, M, H),

with media made of natural and synthetic fibers.

These filter media can be further optimized depending

upon the type of application (e.g. oleophobic, hydrophobic,

nanofiber, meltblown or PTFE membrane media).

Domestic vacuum cleaners

We supply high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

and high-performance ultra-low penetration air (ULPA)

filters in accordance with EN 1822, made with glass fiber

media and washable media with a PTFE membrane.

To meet customer requirements, the materials used provide

continuous heat resistance for temperatures up to 100 °C.

Filter elements for

power tools

• Grinding machines

• Rotary hammers

• Wall chasers

We supply filter elements as well as complete filter modules.

The wide spacing between the pleats (System ProClean)

ensures a high dust-holding capacity and optimal cleaning


HENGST guarantees intensive support during the entire power tool development phase,

and also designs testing equipment in accordance with customer specifications.


System ProClean Flat Pleat Filters

ProClean –

the system with flexible pleats

Conventionally designed flat pleat filters have closely

spaced pleats, which are often rigidly held in a stabilizing

frame or cast component. The resulting small spaces

between the pleats rapidly fill with dust, which at best

can be only partially removed due to the rigid, closely

spaced arrangement of the pleats.

In order to solve this problem, we have developed

production processes that permit the manufacture of

flat pleat filter systems with freely movable pleats

spaced more than 5 mm apart.

Due to its outstanding cleaning properties, compact mounting dimensions and ease of assembly, our System ProClean

is used by many well-known manufacturers of original equipment such as vacuum cleaners, pneumatic conveyor systems,

drilling and grinding machines, shoe repair machines, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and wall sander.

System ProClean flat pleat filter

with trapped dust, before cleaning.

Outstanding cleaning properties due

to movable, widely spaced pleats.

System ProClean flat pleat

filter after cleaning.


Erosion Filters

Filter elements for wire, sink

and starting hole erosion units

Choose from our comprehensive program

• Lamellar and cartridge filters

• Galvanized and varnished versions

• With or without coupling

HENGST erosion filters protect the dielectric from

material removed from the working part or electrode,

preventing contamination which could lead to

malfunctions in the erosion process or even short

circuits between the working part and the electrode.

The long service life and improved resistance to collapse

are due to pleats with patented HENGST paper embossing.

Erosion filter elements are available with filter ratings

of 2 to 30 micrometers.

















Filter Elements for Special Applications

Fast, flexible solutions –

even for new applications

Examples of solutions already successfully implemented for special applications:

Filter elements for radiant heaters for livestock

These filters provide intake air filtration for gas heaters.

The filter elements are washable due to the use of polyester media.

Maximum safety is guaranteed by the use of materials resistant

to high temperatures.

Filter elements for rainwater filtration

Cyclone filters with patented support ribs ensure an efficiency of

more than 95 %. Adhesion forces draw the fluid through the filter

fabric to the clean water side.

Filter elements for switch cabinet air conditioning

Innovative, patented pleat filters permit a significant increase

in air filtration performance, while complying with protection

class IP55. The pleating also increases the service life, thus

lengthening service intervals.

We will be glad to find

a solution for your

application that meets

your requirements.


Quality is Evident in the Details

Filter materials and processing

at the highest level

Reliable filtration with a high separation rate and long

filter service life is provided by a large selection of BGIAapproved

filter media, such as cellulose, synthetic fiber

materials and glass fiber media.

Additional options are also available to meet your

requirements, including hydrophobic, oleophobic,

flame-retardant, conductive, antistatic and nanofibre

materials, as well as PTFE membranes.

To complete the quality program, optimal pleat

geometry is ensured by embossed distance holders

or adhesive beads applied online, in addition to

polyester band, expanded metal, perforated plate

or net stabilization.

All products are thoroughly tested

at HENGST via extensive measurement

and testing facilities.

Embossed distance holders

Adhesive beads

Stabilizer bands Expanded metal stabilizer Perforated plate stabilizer Net stabilizer


Impressive Quality

A good foundation

In addition to years of experience, state-of-the-art

technology is also essential in order to achieve an

optimal selection of filter media.

For example, media characteristics in accordance with

VDI 3926 are determined via long-term dust testing.

An investigation under realistic conditions is carried

out in four phases.

Differential pressure and residual dust content values

are recorded during the entire test. The test parameters

can be adapted to the design and operating parameters

of the filter system.

Based on the test characteristics, the following

values are determined:

• Cleaning intensity

• Dust cake formation

• Average residual dust content

• Degree of cleaning

• Total test duration (characterizing the service life)

By means of individual testing, the optimal filter medium

for a particular application can be selected. The foundation

is provided by cellulose, synthetic and glass fibers, which

are combined and processed as required for the application.

Service life is decisively improved by nanofiber technology

Nanofibers combine exceptionally good cleanability with high air permeability. When they are used in conjunction with

pneumatic cleaning systems, previously unattainable service lifetimes can be achieved.

Differential pressure after cleaning

72 mbar

70 mbar

68 mbar

66 mbar

64 mbar

62 mbar

60 mbar

New condition 1 2 3

Dust cycle

with nanofibers

Comparative measurements

Filter media with and without nanofibers

without nanofibers

4 5

Filter medium

without nanofibers

Filter medium

with nanofibers


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