Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

and Destratification Fans


HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are sometimes referred to as climate control systems. HVAC systems are mainly

installed in large buildings as they allow the air within the building to be controlled.

The main purpose of an HVAC system is:

• to create acceptable indoor air quaility

• to maintain temperature control

• to provide a cost effective heat/cooling system for the consumer

It is important to maintain efficient systems within buildings in order to provide comfort and good air

quality. Ventilating, cooling and heating can provide much comfort to the occupants and help reduce

other problems like frozen pipes in winter or airborne bacteria that can reduce the air quality and

affect health of its occupants. HVAC systems work in such a way as to reduce air components that are

protentially unhealthy and provide more comfort where there was none before.


Working from the diagram:

1. The boiler heats the air in the winter and the

blower circulates air through the building.

2. AC evaporator coil removes heat and humidity

in summer

3. Condensate line carries excess moisture to

floor drain

4. Compressor circulates refrigerant through

evaporator coil and expels heat outdoors

5. Cool or warm air supplied to the building

6. Thermostat sets temperature for your comfort

7. Air returns to furnace for conditioning

8. Humidity is added in water

9. Building air is cleaned before being


Destratification Systems

Destratification is the equalisation of air temperature within a building or enclosed space. Warm air

rises naturally away from floor level, customers and staff, whilst more dense cool air sinks, becoming

trapped in cold spots making it difficult to circulate. Destratification systems prevent this process.

The benefits of a destratification system include:

• Reducing heating costs by 20% to 50%

• Reducing cooling costs by 20% to 40%

• Reducing CO 2 emissions by 20% to 50%

• Recycling heat from machinery, lighting, heat gain etc


For further information and advice on any of our Energy AIR products and services please contact:

Ian Campbell, Energy and Technical Manager

Mobile: 075 8470 0087



• Reducing condensation

• Maintaining optimum working/retail environment

• Small, versatile, unobtrusive units

• Minimal running costs

• Simple to install with no ducting required

• Stand alone or BMS integrated

• No maintenance required

• Rapid ROI - usually between 12-30 months

• Reducing wear on existing HVAC equipment

• Works alongside all types of HVAC systems

• Eligible for carbon reducing grants/loans

• Simple, inexpensive and efficient CRC solution

Destratification systems main aim is to circulate internal

atmospheres and optimising heating and cooling systems to create

a uniform temperature to within 2C from floor to ceiling. The

diagram shows two thermal images of a building with and without

a destratification system installed. The top image is the building

without a the system installed - the heat has risen to the highest

point of the roof and the cold air at ground level. The lower image

shows a destratification system installed where the aire is much

more evenly distributed through out the building.

This results in significant energy savings and reduced carbon

emissions, as well as vastly improving internal temperatures and air quality.

Suitable for any building with ceiling heights from 2.5m to 31m, destratification fans successfully

save energy and control temperature in many applications including factories, warehouses, offices,

supermarkets, retail stores, showrooms, schools, leisure centres, greenhouses and aircraft hangars.

GRAHAM Energy Management (GEM)

GEM is committed to offering their clients the best

energy solution(s) while offering them value for money

and genuine savings that organisations can see the

benefit almost instantly.

Our energy technical team can provide a number

of energy saving solutions by simply analysing how

building systems are managed. By monitoring the

lighting, heating, air, insulation, doors, windows and all

aspects of a functioning building we can develop and

implement an energy plan to which your organisation

can make substantial savings.

GEM will offer a number of energy saving

recommendations. Depending on your budget we will

design a solution to maximise your energy savings.

From changing simple human habit to installing

intelligent energy saving systems.

As each client is different we will match the appropriate

product/service to the best suit your needs. We have a

number of suppliers all offering excellent products and

services but GEM strives to match your requirements

exactly and ensure that you receive the best quality

product and service available.


As customer values shift towards a greener future,

GEM in association with Ringdale, strive to ensure

organisations do not have to compromise on cost,

performance or reliability to achieve this goal. Going

green uncovers possibility, not limitations or sacrifice

GEM are continually innovating new ways to make the

process simpler and keep rewards high for our clients.

Give us a call today to see how we can help your

organisation be more energy efficient ...


Ian Campbell

Energy Technical and Services Manager

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BT12 6TA

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