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sustainable thinking

The kitchen and laundry

hygiene of tomorrow

thinking environmentally sustainable

With green efficiency, Hagleitner has set the ambitious aim to produce all chemical detergents

for kitchen and laundry hygiene without any of the critical ingredients. Today, we are

proud to announce that all Hagleitner chemical dosing products in these two important

categories are produced without NTA, EDTA and phosphates. These raw materials have been

substituted with environmental friendly alternatives carrying no adverse health effects. A trendsetting

ambition for the entire industry.

It feels great to know that the bedlinen you are sleeping in got its pearly shine from environmentally

sustainable laundry detergents. Plus, food seems to taste even better if the dishwashing

complies to the strict green efficiency criteria.

sustainable thinking

integral COMPACT system.

integral COMPACT is a highly cost-effective system combining chemicals with cutting-edge dosage technique

and innovative electronic for professional dishwashing machines. The result: sparkling clean dishes at significantly

lowered dishwash and cleaning expenses.

integral CLEAN

Art. No. 4220100119

Especially recommended for the removal of

persistent soilings. Excellent cleaning results

are achieved even with hard water. Highly


integral CLEAN WS

Results in a particularly powerful and intensive

cleaning effect. Excellent for water hardness

up to 5°dH.

The advantages:

� Economic and cost saving.

integral CLEAN ALU

Especially recommended for the removal of

persistent soilings (protein, sugar, grease)

from pots, pans, baking trays, whisks, tartrings,

etc. Economically applicable in softmiddle

hard water areas.

Art. No. 4220100519 integral CLEAN CL

Art. No. 4220100619

Art. No. 4220100419

Contains special bleaching agents and is

therefore ideally suited for such stubborn

stains as coffee and tea rings. Excellent for

water hardness up to 10°dH.*

* Disinfectants are to be used safely.

Always, read labelling and product information before use.

� Outstanding results due to dedicated, attuned concentrates which also support the self-cleaning of the

dishwashing machine.

� No detergent remins within the cartridge.

� Free programmable, mirco-processor controlled and password protected dosage computer enables exact


� The multiFILL cartridges are safe and easy to handle. No canisters on the floor anymore. Both handling and

storage is made easy due to the smaller, lighter packing.

� The all-automatic dosing makes direct contact with the detergent superfluous and, therefore, increases the

safety levels.

� Only sustainable raw materials according to the green efficiency concept are used.

� No needless transportation of water – active protection of the environment.

ecosol PROFESSIONAL system.

A quality-conscious commercial kitchen has to obey numerous legal hygiene rules for which professional support

is available to all HAGLEITNER customers. Our hygiene consultants and engineers are happy to help you:

� consultation and selection of the appropriate systems and products

� non-site staff training

� individual cleaning instruction charts

� signs and work place labelling

� HACCP folder and training

� control and check lists

� optimising cleaning costs

� installation, control and maintenance on dosage systems

� prompt delivery and service

� individual solution on cleaning demands

� checkup on the detergent concentraton

ecosol PLUS

Powerful detergent to remove difficult stains

(e.g. coffein, starch). Suitable for water hardness

up to 25°dH.

ecosol ALU

High-performance detergent to remove persistent

soiling from pots, pans, baking tins,

whisks, etc. Special ingredients help to protect

aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Suitable

for water hardness up to 25°dH.

Art. No. 4210300111 ecosol R

Art. No. 4210300313 ecosol GLASS

Free cost analysis and dosage comparision.

Art. No. 4210300213

Highly effective detergent to fight starch deposits

and heavy soiling. Suitable for water

hardness up to 10°dH.

Art. No. 4210500508

Efficient detergent to effortlessly remove persistent

stains such as lipstick or tea. Puts a

sparkling shine on all dishwashable glasses

while being easy on decor and material. Suitable

for water hardness up to 15°dH.

At a glance, the cost analysis shows the average dishwashing costs. This transparent cost overview helps to stay in

control and offers a non-committal product recommendation. This guarantees proper, economic and environmental

frienfly washing results. The dosage comparision also allows to directly compare your product saving if changing for the


Innovative Hygiene.

washing-cost analysis integral COMPACT system

system machine/location cleaner rinse aid disinfection

compact conveyor machine Hobart FUX/kitchen integral CLEAN integral BRITE N

water hardness tank capacity rinse water consumption tank fillings per day hours/day EUR/basket

10°dH 135 250 2 6 xxxxxx



havon PROFESSIONAL system.

State-of-the-art, intelligent dosing systems ensure the

precise dosing of our environmental friendly laundry


� Cutting-edge technology allows an easy, faultless

operation without interfering with the washing

machine control.

� Highest quality ingredients protect the washing

machine and boost the longevity of your laundry.

havon V8

Excellent heavy-duty detergent for workwear,

removes even mineral oil stains. Wash temperature:


havon U9 PLUS

havon E4

Extremely effective detergent with all bleachable

stains (e.g. red wine, fruit or vegetables).

Prevents grey haze. Read labelling and instructions

before use.

havon D10

Art. No. 4310100113

For pre and main wash at 30-95°C. Contains

optical brighteners and enzymes. Particularly

powerful with heavy grease stains on cotton,

blended fabrics and polyester fabrics.

Art. No. 4310100513

Art. No. 4310100713

Reliable, effective detergent to fight all known

pathogenic agents. Ensures a thorough

laundry disinfection without affecting the fabric.

Read labelling and instructions before

use. DGHM/VAH and ÖGHMP listed.*

havon B1

Art. No. 4310100913 havon A3

The ideal detergent with coloured cotton,

blended fabric and delicate textiles (table linen,

bed linen and towelling). Added colour

care agents help to protect the colours. Wash

temperature: 30-95°C.

havon K5

Liquid water softener to prevent limescale with

both laundry and washing machine, for longlasting,

pearly-white linen.

havon F12

Art. No. 4310100813

Art. No. 4310101013

Supports the cleaning efficiency and is very effective

with protein, grease and oil stains.

Art. No. 4310101113

Art. No. 4310101213

Powerful detergent to prevent grey haze and

yellowing caused by alkaline resp. detergent

remains and/or water with high levels in carbonate

by acidifying textiles during the last

washing cycle. Improves the skin-friendliness

and prevents skin irritations caused by detergent


* Disinfectants are to be used safely. Always, read labelling and product information before use.

Innovative Hygiene.


Regular function control and maintenance by our expert service team

Unique system solutions

Analyses of kitchen costs, analyses of laundry costs, comparisons of dosage amounts

for an objective decision-making process

Detailed monitoring of operating data



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