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Hobart College Newsletter 3 2011 - Tasmanian Academy







Visit from

Fuzhou, China

Issue 3




From the Principal...

American Diplomat visits Hobart College!

Premier’s Young Achiever Award

Welcome to our third newsletter for this year. With every edition I have the

opportunity to reflect on what has been happening in the College since the last

newsletter and I am always surprised at how much has been achieved in such

a short time. This newsletter showcases the recent Careers Expo, visiting

American Diplomat, Dan Callaghan, photos from the College Production,

Chicago, as well as individual sporting, cultural and academic achievements of


Hobart College is well known for its very diverse international community and

we have regular exchange programs with schools in China, Japan and Korea.

In early May we hosted a delegation of staff from our sister school in China

- Fuzhou Number 8 Middle School. 2011 celebrates the 30 year anniversary

of Fuzhou as a sister State to Tasmania so we have a very special relationship with this province and school. In the

September holidays last year I accompanied a group of teachers and students to visit Fuzhou as part of a school trip

to China and it was a fabulous experience learning about the Chinese educational system and culture. We are hoping

to organise another school trip to China in June 2012 so please see Debbie Halliday if you are interested in joining

this group.

We are now in the middle of the musical production season and it is very exciting seeing all the hard work from

the last few months come to fruition for the cast and crew of Chicago. The Performing Arts are such a vital part

of a holistic education and Chicago is a fantastic celebration of what can be achieved when staff and students work

together on a real life project. Congratulations to everyone involved in this production!

The Mid Year Assessment Period (MYAP) begins on Monday July 25 until Tuesday August 2. The examinations, tests

and practical assessments undertaken during MYAP are important milestones in the academic year. For pre-tertiary

subjects they provide students with the opportunity to experience formal exam conditions and it is a valuable learning

experience for students to reflect on the specific areas they need to improve on over the rest of the year. Although

exams can be daunting, there is lots of support available to help students with their preparation. Encourage your son/

daughter to talk to their Home Group Teacher about planning their study time and to take advantage of the subject


In conclusion, I would like to stress that it is really important to us that every student feels connected and supported

as a member of our college community. We value our partnership with parents and if you ever have any concerns,

please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Tracy Siedler

Interim Principal

Welcome - Nigel McBrien

In the last newsletter we farewelled Jo Pang; this time we welcome our new College Chaplain,

Nigel McBrien who began here just before Easter, scoring his first coup by arranging for My

Kitchen Rules stars Esther and Ali to attend the Food Fair. Nigel has lived in Australia for only

the past two years relocating from the North of Ireland. He brings a wide range of talents and

interests to his Chaplaincy role as he quietly settles into College life.

Farewell - Joellen Bird After ten years of teaching drama at Hobart College Joellen

Bird has decided to swap greasepaint for grandparenting as she brings her illustrious career as

one of the state’s top drama teachers to a close. Joellen produced many high quality theatre

productions from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the confronting contemporary

Australian play, The Boys. Students appreciated Jo’s exacting standards and the polish she

brought to both performance and production. Working with the ensemble groups in Theatre

Performance were among her career highlights. The College has appreciated the enormous

commitment of time and energy that Joellen brought to her classes, plays and musicals. She has

been instrumental in enriching the life of the campus through her vibrant productions.

Farewell - Ian Burleigh After eleven years of teaching Design in Metal, Plant and

Agricultural Science, Vet Engineering and Future Options at Hobart College, Ian Burleigh has

decided to leave teaching for greener pastures, literally. As a keen farmer, vigneron and beekeeper,

Ian will devote much of his time to the land and to sheep grazing. A very versatile and

multi - skilled teacher he has been instrumental in setting up, developing and contributing to a

variety of areas of the College. A former Fitting and Turning engineer, Ian opted for a career in

teaching and he has shared his knowledge and skills with his students, giving them the benefit of

his broad experinece. We wish Ian all the best in his retirement and in his future endevours.

On Thursday May 5 we had the pleasure of having

Dan Callahan the Political/Economic Officer at the US

Consulate General’s Office in Melbourne come and speak

to us. It’s not every day we get a chance like this, so it

was terrific to have so many interested staff and students

come along and gather in the Theatrette for an hour!

Dan led an interactive discussion on a wide range of topics

including the U.S/Australia Alliance and the relationship

our two countries enjoy, Afghanistan/lraq and a ‘Day in

the Life of a U.S Diplomat’.

The audience was keen to ask some tricky questions

and Kate Parrott got the ball rolling with her question

about international criminal courts and the United States’

role. Students were particularly interested to grill Dan

on what he thought about Bin Laden’s demise which has

featured prominently in the news.

Dan also plugged some of the opportunities that U.S

colleges and universities offer, so if you are interested in

studying in the U.S in the near future, please check out

www.educationuse.info/melbourne or

www.ThinkEducationUSA.com for more information.

2 3

We are proud to acknowledge that former Hobart College

dux, Stanislav Shabala, is the recipient of this year’s

Premier’s Young Achiever Award. After leaving the College,

Stas went on to complete a PhD at the University

of Cambridge and held a research fellowship at Oxford.

He is an ARC Super Science Fellow in the Astrophysics

and Environmental Geodesy groups at the University

of Tasmania and was awarded the Bok Prize for the top

astrophysics honours thesis in Australia in 2003.

During his time at Hobart College Stas won prizes for

Twentieth Century History, Chemistry and Physics and

the Ethnic Communities Council Prize for the highest

TCE score for ESL in Tasmania as well as being the 1999

Dux. His achievements at College were even more

remarkable, given that, as a relatively recent immigrant

from Russia, English was his second language. Physics

teacher, Craig Herbert, remembers having lots of

interesting conversations with Stas about the meaning of

the universe, “He was a very bright boy and what we

were doing at College was just laying the foundations for

him to build upon.”

The premier, Lara Giddings, made mention of the fact

that Stas, “has excelled academically to the point of being

internationally renowned in the field of astrophysics. This

is an amazing achievement for any pioneering scientist,

and Stas has achieved this at the age of 27.” Dr Shabala ‘s

work at UTAS involves the analysis of black holes.

VET Construction and VET Automotive

VET Hospitality & Kitchen Operations

VET Hospitality & Kitchen Operations

Certificate 1 and 2

This popular course prepares students for a rewarding

career in the Accommodation and Food Services industry,

currently the eighth largest employing industry division in


The course covers preparation and training for those

wanting a career as a chef, event planner, kitchen hand,

front of house, house keeper as well as part time work

opportunities in cafes, restaurants and hotels. Students

attain a broad variety of skills including how to understand

the needs of customers from different cultures, how to

deal with difficult clients, the competent use of coffee

machines, the business side of running a coffee shop

and the responsible service of alcohol. This blend of

theory and practical units on campus combines with

the experience students gain by going out on work

placements. The work placements cover a wide range

of different accommodation and food businesses such as

aged care facilities, five star to two star hotels, award

winning restaurants and local cafes.

A suggested pathway into this industry is to do

Introduction to Catering in year 11 (to make sure it’s the

area for you !) and then continue on to Certificate 1 or

2 in Hospitality or Kitchen Operations in year 12. This

then leads to continuing your studies at Drysdale and

specialising in your area of interest.

Student Profiles:

Joe is a year 11 student studying Certificate 1 and 2

in Hospitality. He is currently on work placement at

the Grand Chancellor and has worked in the Tasman

Restaurant in front of house breakfast service. He has

also done room service meal deliveries and restocked

mini-bars throughout the hotel. Joe comments: “The

work colleagues have been the best part of my work

placement; they have made my time there very enjoyable”

Thea is also a year 11 student. She has very clear goals

and is currently doing Certificate 2 Hospitality and

Certificate 1 Kitchen Operations. Thea plans to go to

Tasmanian Polytechnic Drysdale South next year as well

as continuing her studies at Hobart College by studying

English Studies 3 and Business Studies 3.

Thea’s goal is to be an event manager and she hopes to do

an Advanced Diploma at Tasmanian Polytechnic Drysdale

South and then a Degree in Business Management at

UTAS. Her current work placement at the Wool Store

has really helped her in making these decisions. While on

work placement Thea has been involved in the planning

and preparation of weddings as well as learning the

accommodation computer booking system.

“Work placement is great, because I learn so much more

in a short space of time; I am accelerating quickly through

the different aspects of the job because I am learning as

I go.”

4 5

Hospitality students run the Hobart College coffee

shop one day a week. They learn all aspects of the

business, including: deciding what food to make and

serve, the different types and styles of coffee, serving

customers, finance management, advertising and cleaning

responsibilities. Profits from the coffee shop, whilst small,

are used to purchase new equipment for the cafe. These

have included IPod speakers so that music can be played

while the coffee shop is in operation and cookbooks to

research new recipe ideas.

VET Automotive - Certificate 1

Certificate 1 Automotive is a course that is designed to

prepare students for a career in the automotive industry.

The course is quite general and it is a great introduction

into the exciting careers available in this industry. This

industry is massive and it is not just about vehicle servicing,

it could involve anything from audio installations to paint

or panel work.

You may even finish up working on a formula one team!

The course work consists of a theory component,

workshop activities and work placements in a wide

variety of related businesses.

Participants are encouraged to complete up to three

two week work placements in order to give them as

much exposure as possible to this diverse industry and

also provide them with direct exposure to employment

opportunities. The industry is very supportive of this

program and offer extra support for willing participants.

VET Construction - Certificate 1 and 2

The Vet Construction program at Hobart College

prepares students for a career in the building industry.

The Certificate program allows students to gain the

maximum level of qualification outside being directly

employed as an apprentice. The course allows students

to complete both theory and practical units identified by

industry as being essential to students wanting a career

in the building industry.

Students take advantage of the excellent workshop

facilities available at the College to simulate the work

environment and complete practical assessment tasks.

During the latter part of the year eligible students

undertake a work placement that allow them to gain

experience on a building site and make valuable industry

contacts. Students enjoy the practical side of the program

and in particular the team based activities and projects.

Photos to the left show students engaged in a team based

practical assessment task.

After completing the Certificate ll qualification students

are well placed to apply for apprenticeship positions in

not only carpentry and joinery but other allied trades i.e.

bricklaying, painting, plastering and tiling.

By choosing other subjects that complement their

construction program students gain the maximum

benefits from a college based Vet program.

“Come on, Babes, why don’t we

paint the town?”

The Hobart College Performing

Arts Department will proudly

present eight performances of

their production of Broadway’s

hit musical CHICAGO from June

29th until July 9th at 7.30pm in

the Mount Nelson Theatre -

Hobart College Campus.

This popular show has been pleasing audiences

the world over for many years and has been a

joy to work on. This year we have a large and

very strong cast of enthusiastic and talented

students who have worked incredibly hard to

make this year’s college musical one to remember

for all the right reasons and for many years

to come.



Directors ~ Bill Powell and Aaron Powell,

(no relation) along with cast and crew numbering

almost sixty including Choreographer

~ Marcia Lemm and Production Manager ~

Jarred Claydon, have slaved away since the

very beginning of 2011 to develop a unique

aural and visual extravaganza that will make

you want to rouge your knees and roll your

stockings down - and all that jazz.

All that is needed to make this a totally fulfilling

experience for all involved is large enthusiastic

audiences. Come along - back to the roaring

twenties in the US of A where jazz was the

answer and vaudeville reigned supreme. You’ll

certainly enjoy this opportunity. Support the

students in their quest to make CHICAGO a

special memory for everyone. Bookings can

be made now by ringing the College office on

6220 3133 or you can get your tickets at the

door. Hope to see you there!

6 7

Special consideration for TQA examinations

Hobart College Joins the United Nations

Your child may be eligible for special consideration in the end of year TQA examinations if they have a pre-existing

condition such as:

• physical disability / medical condition.

• specific learning disabilities (including reading, spelling and writing) which are not related to their general

ability level.

Special considerations may include:

• Additional time. (30 mins on a 3hr paper and 20 mins on a 2hr paper)

• In rare circumstances, examinations could be sat in two sessions (morning and afternoon) as long as they do

not have two exams scheduled on the same day.

• Use of a word processor or scribe.

• Special seating arrangements.

• Permission to move about, take medication or food.

All applications to TQA have to be accompanied by supporting medical or other relevant documentation and must

be submitted no later than the end of Term 2. No applications for pre-existing conditions will be accepted after this


TQA require that assessment reports accompanying the applications need to be dated no more than 3 years prior

to the end of 2011. In many cases these reports will need to be updated and this will require forward planning and


If you believe that your son or daughter would qualify for special consideration in their exams please contact

Judy White as soon as possible. Judy is available at College (ph. 6220 3133) on Mondays and Tuesdays all day and

Wednesdays after 1.00pm.

Please Note: The following links will provide students and parents with information about examination procedures

and academic integrity as required by the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA) for externally assessed work

and the end of year examination period.



Food Fair Wrap-Up

All who were there already know that this year’s Food Fair

was a roaring success when assessed from an entertainment

and community building perspective. So, the “people” third

of the triple bottom line is nicely covered. One day, it

would be good to have the energy, finances and expertise

to introduce a “planet sensitive” aspect to the Food Fair.

The other third relates to “profit” and we’re proud to

announce that, now the expenses have been met and the

counting has been completed, the 2011 Hobart College

Food Fair has made a profit of $1545.00 making it the most

profitable of any Food Fair, probably ever! Home Groups

were inspired to work together to do the best they possibly

could which brought out the generosity of students, their

families and their teachers who in many cases donated

ingredients so that profits were maximised. Cheques are

now in the process of being organised and sent to Milpera

State High School in Queensland and to organisations

supporting the responses to the Christchurch and Japan

earthquakes. Congratulations and thank you to the whole

College community.

In early April, Kate Parrott (Iran), Rhiannon McMahon (North Korea), Edward Croger (Belarus) and Kristof Wing

(Portugal) joined with over forty other Year 9-12 students from around the state at the United Nations Youth

Assembly (UNYA) Tasmanian State Conference.

Over the course of four days, delegates were educated about the inner workings of the UN, debated their hearts

out at Parliament House as the Security

Council, ECOSOC or the Human Rights

Council, spent a day at the Menzies Institute

listening to speakers from the Australian Youth

Climate Coalition, Thank You Water, and

YEAH!, tweeted copiously, had a reception

at Parliament House with the likes of Andrew

Wilkie, Elise Archer, Bill Harvey, and Scott

Bacon, authored and presented a ‘Youth

Declaration’ to those politicians in the hope

that it will provide a voice for Tasmania’s youth

and, above all, had a marvellous time!

From the 40-odd delegates, ten have been

selected to go to the national conference - the

United Nations Youth Conference (UNYC), to

be held in Adelaide during July. Two Hobart

College students, Rihannon McMahon and

Kristof Wing have been selected for the state


by Kristof Wing

1.4 Billion people in this world live on just $2 a day. Could you last one week?

From May 16 - 20 twenty-five students from Hobart College took up the challenge to Live Below the Line. This

campaign, run by the Oaktree Foundation in collaboration with the Global Poverty Project, challenges participants

from all over the country to taste extreme poverty, by living on just $2 worth of food. The World Bank defines

extreme poverty as living on just $2 Australian a

day (adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity) and this

is the reality for 1.4 billion people - the reality of

more than a fifth of the world.

L to R: Jesse Lynch, Jennifer Gason, Ruby Johnston and Sylvia Reddington

8 9

L to R: Kate Parrott, Rhiannon McMahon, Edward Croger and Kristof Wing

The campaign not only gave participants a greater

perspective on extreme poverty (as well as a deep

resentment for rice, lentils and oats), it also served

to raise awareness and funds for the issue. Money

raised goes to critical initiatives in Cambodia, East

Timor and Papua New Guinea, creating sustainable

education, youth empowerment and microfinance

programs to break the cycle of poverty.

During the week Hobart College hosted a breakfast,

in which participants cooked and ate chapatis

and held a lunch time fundraiser of live music and

tasty food (which, alas, us Live Below the Liners

served up, but could not eat). These events raised

over $250 contributing to the team’s total of over

$2,200 so far.

Nationally this is one of the fastest growing campaigns

and has over $1.2 million in only its second


Emma Campbell

Having won first place in the

First division of the Tasmanian

All Schools Orienteering

Championships in April, Emma

went on to represent Tasmania

at the National Orienteering

Titles in Western Australia at

Easter. She had a great competition,

gaining third place in the

Women’s 17 -20 Elite competition

Connor Yemm

In May, Year 11

student, Connor

Yemm, won first place

in the Solo Bassoon

section at the National

Band Championships

held in Adelaide.

Kate Parrott Wins Place in Geography Competition

Based on her results in the National Geographic Channel - Australian Geography Competition year 11 student, Kate

Parrott, has won a place at Geography’s Big Week Out, to be held on the Mornington Peninsula in October.

Biggest Morning Tea

Sixteen outstanding students are offered places in the Big Week Out – the highest

scoring male and female student from each State and the Territories (plus 2 extras).

Kate and her fellow winners will engage in a mix of stimulating and hands-on geography

activities, focussing on the challenges of managing the pressure of urban development

and tourist growth in fragile environments. The purpose of the Big Week Out

is to: reward high-scoring students from the Competition; serve as a showcase of

the excellent work that geography students and teachers are doing around Australia;

and incorporate the selection mechanism for choosing Australia’s team to the 2012

International Geography Olympiad in Cologne, Germany – the best four students

from the Big Week Out will represent Australia in the Olympiad.


Friday 22 July 2011

STUDENTS ARRIVE 9.00 am onwards with their schools

‣ Welcome in the Theatre by the Interim Principal, Tracy Siedler

‣ Assigned to Home Group teachers

HOME GROUP SESSION 9.15 am – 10.15 am

‣ Timetables issued and program explained

‣ Tour of campus

SESSION 1 Timetabled subjects 10.15 am – 11.00 am

RECESS 11.00 am - 11.20 am

SESSION 2 Timetabled subjects 11.20 am - 12.05 pm

LUNCH BBQ Lunch Provided 12.05 pm – 12.45 pm

SESSION 3 Timetabled subjects 12.45 pm - 1.30 pm

SESSION 4 Timetabled subjects. 1.30 pm - 2.15 pm

STUDENTS DEPART 2.30 pm with their high school group

On Tuesday, May 17 the Community Services Certificate

II VET class held a Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for

the Cancer Council. The students spent a month organising

the event. A great deal of work went into planning,

preparing and hosting the morning tea. Students liaised

with the Music Department for entertainment and the

Catering Class who made sweet treats. Students also

wrote to local primary schools and businesses to invite

them to the event. Over sixty staff and students attended

the morning tea and the class raised a total of $185.00.

As part of the process the students developed a range

of work related skills that will help them in their future

careers. Thanks to Coles Sandy Bay for contributing $25

toward the costs of the ingredients.

Students said the following things about being involved in

this activity:

“I learnt communication and time management skills.”


“It was fun. I learnt about serving food and working in a

team.” Taryn

“I got to know the people in my class a lot better.”


Students at “the biggest morning tea” - L to R: Stephanie Mayor, Katherine

Bellchambers, Yigezu Desalegn and Dejen Gebreselassie.

Staff enjoying “the biggest morning tea”

10 11

Ashley Young Painting Stephanie Ovari Photography Maxim Tooker Drawing

Important dates to mark on your Calendar...

July 1-9

~ Chicago - Musical production - see centre page

July 22

~ Orientation / Taster day for year 10s (Study Day for Hobart College students)

July 25 - August 1 ~ Mid-Year Assessment Period

August 23

~ Term 2 Reports mailed to parents

August 28 - September 2 ~ Mt. Hotham Ski Trip

August 31

~ Parent Teacher Evening

September 2

~ Term 2 ends

September 19

~ Term 3 begins

HOBART COLLEGE Olinda Grove MOUNT NELSON Tasmania 7007

GPO Box 1188 HOBART Tasmania 7001

Telephone (03) 6220 3133

Facsimile (03) 6223 8771

hobart.college@academy.tas.edu.au 12

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