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Bannockburn News

then she would leave me.

Problem is, I have just had a

big win. Should I tell her and

let us live a life of luxury or

should I keep it quiet?

A family business here

in Bannockburn since


Isa, John, Joe and David and

all of our friendly staff, who

have been with us for many

years, are here to make sure

that your visit to McQ’s is

special every time!!

Quality food served on time

and with a smile - every day!

A wide choice of starters, more

than 20 main courses all

freshly prepared on the

premises plus sweets to make

your mouth water!! And a

separate kids’ menu is always

on offer no matter when you

choose to visit McQ’s.

Lunch served

12 -2.30pm daily


all day Sunday

12.30 to 7.30pm

Evening meals

Friday & Saturday

5pm - 8:30pm

(last orders)

Fun Quiz on first Friday of

every month in the lounge.

9.30pm start

Saturday Cabaret with

the best shows the UK

has to offer



Free Karaoke

every Thursday and

Live DJ every Saturday

in the Lounge

McQ’s Has Talent Night!

Friday 18th September

Book now!

Call (01786)


Tartan Arms

Main Street



QMy neighbour has

some overgrown plants

that are now causing

havoc in my driveway. I have

taken it upon myself to keep

them in check but am now fed

up doing it. Should I continue

to trim her bushes or should I

say something?

AYou see the problem is

you’ve been so helpful

that your neighbour

is now taking you for granted.

Some would say that you’re

clearly a very nice person and

that you’ll get your reward in

The Bluebell Wood


ormer Bannockburn

Situated near St. Mary’s primary

school on Park Drive,

the Bluebell Wood was a great

place to build dens or hides.

Loose branches and hedges,

along with mossy bracken,

made an impregnable castle

or fort that Robert the Bruce

himself would have had trouble


The hedgerows grew an abundance

of brambles or blackberries,

so we never ran out of

food supplies. Besides these

food supplies, there was a shallow

fresh water spring nearby

which combined to sustain us

throughout our hard fought


Although the wood displayed

a glorious carpet of bluebells in

the spring, they hid a dangerous

boggy marsh, which we

had to negotiate very carefully

if we were to avoid getting stuck

ankle deep, or even sinking, in

the mud. Many a child had gone

home minus a shoe or sometimes

a pair of shoes because

of a misplaced step.

Some of the trees in the wood

were on a very steep slope that

provided an ideal place for a

homemade swing. A good length

of strong rope, tied around the

centre of a thick length of wood,

heaven. I disagree - I just think

you’re a complete mug.

Your neighbour isn’t daft and

has realised that she can put her

feet up while you go chopping at

her bushes.

I suggest you just rip the plants

out and leave them on her doorstep.

If you can’t bring yourself

to do that, why not move in next

door to me - I’ve got plenty of odd

jobs for a sap like you !

QThe wife hates me going

to the bookies. She

recently told me if she

found out I was betting again

The Bluebell Wood

and we were easily transported

from our medieval castle to the

jungles of Africa.

The track that cut through the

middle of the wood was a short

– cut to the Thunder Bridge, and

the railway line that carried the

trains from the Southern parts

of the UK, to nearby Stirling and

the North of Scotland.

I never knew who owned the

Bluebell Wood. Was it Stirling

Council, Bannockburn townsfolk,

or Gavin Miller, the farmer

who owned and worked the

land around it? Maybe one of

Bannockburn News readers

can tell me.

If you are interested in joining the

Bannockburn News committee, please do

not hesitate to contact the Editor.

AShe is just scared you’ll

both end up penniless

and living out on the

street. What she doesn’t realise

is that gambling can often be fun

and not everyone that has the

odd bet ends up living in a cardboard


The way I see it you have three


1. Tell her about the winnings,

buy her something nice and

promise you’ll never bet again.

2. Don’t tell her about the winnings,

keep them in a secret

stash and have a few more bets

since you’re on a roll.

3. Sling the greetin’ faced old

midden out and spend the money

on beer, fags and women that

know how to enjoy themselves !

Calling all


resident and motherof-two

Marie Kerr is calling

all Bannockburn bridesto-be

to put Sunday 13th

September in their diaries

now and head for the Albert

Halls from 12 midday

to 4pm for the Stirling Wedding


“It’s going to be a great

Show” said Marie, owner

of Kingdom Photos of Kippen.

She continued: “It’s completely

sold out to exhibitors;

both the upper and

lower hall will be packed to


“The whole event is also

being broadcast on TV!”

she added.

The Bridal catwalk show

is at 2pm so be sure to get

advance tickets from the

Albert Halls and save 20%

on the on-the-door prices.

We’ve got everything from

dresses, cars, jewellery,

make-up, hats, shoes, stationery,

venues, flowers

and even a complete wedding

day layout - and of

course - photographers.

It should be a fun day out

so we’ll hope to see you


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