Ever Episcopal Campaign The Final Reporton the


Ever Episcopal Campaign The Final Reporton the



The Final Report on the

Ever Episcopal Campaign



“Embracing challenges and modeling excellence

is the essence of an Episcopal education. It is the

foundation upon which our community is built and

is the common, unbreakable thread that binds our

founding fathers to future generations of Episcopal

students. Our new campus, and the generosity of

our community, embody this commitment. With the

ongoing support of parents, alumni, faculty, staff,

and friends, we will ensure that our tradition of

excellence lives on.”

Ham Clark, Fall 2006

Dear Friends:

This book celebrates the completion of an incredible journey.

In 2001 our new home was just a dream. “From here, they will see forever,” a trustee commented as he looked

across the valley. Literally, of course, he was referring to the expansive and magnificent vistas on 123 acres fronting

Route 252; figuratively, he implied the enormous promise of Episcopal in Newtown Square.

That dream was insistent. The trustees were visionaries. And the Episcopal family was inspired. Programs

— academic, athletic, spiritual, and artistic — had outgrown the Merion campus. Teachers would find new and

unforeseen opportunities to innovate and to enhance their pedagogy. Students would grow into their new campus,

becoming better learners, athletes, artists, and friends. They would be inspired by their surroundings. They would

see forever!

Five years later, on September 27, 2006, we broke ground in Newtown

Square. In August 2008 the moving vans arrived, and we began unpacking boxes.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Episcopal Academy community,

the dream had become reality.

It is with profound gratitude and pride that we tell you that $100 million

has been raised within the context of the Ever Episcopal Campaign, exceeding

the goal of $90 million and giving testimony to a community that believed. Very

few independent day schools in America have crossed that threshold. Even more

incredible is the fact that once the Devon campus is sold and all outstanding

pledges are collected, we expect that all debt associated with the move and the

construction of our new campus will be eliminated, paid in full.

The Ever Episcopal Campaign final report summarizes our amazing journey and lists the names of those who

made what was once only imagined now so tangible, so Ever Episcopal. We thank them.

L. Hamilton Clark Gretchen Burke

Head of School

Chair, Board of Trustees


Table of Contents

Prologue 3

Profiles of the Ever Episcopal Campaign’s Top Five Donors 4

Features of Campus Buildings and Spaces 9

Endowment Facts and Figures 18

Campaign Statistics 19

Full Listing of Campaign Donors 21

Campaign Leadership 31

Epilogue 32

The Episcopal Academy’s initiative to

build a new campus from the ground

up began with the acquisition of the

123-acre Lisiter Hall Farm property in

Newtown Square.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony in

Newtown Square was a cause for

celebration as construction began.

2001 2006

Construction crews rumbled onto the

land and began digging foundations for

campus buildings.

The Lower School was the first building

to have its foundations poured.

The Dixon Athletic Center roof took

shape and could be seen from Route

252, heralding the progress on our



The last steel beam was put in place

on the Dixon Athletic Center at the

Topping Out Ceremony in July of



“We have always

brought with us the

essence of who

we are to where

we are.”

—Jay Crawford ’57

When you walk around this magnificent campus with its beautiful vistas, striking architecture, and the sounds of

children’s voices, it all seems so inevitable. But what we’ve accomplished together, as a community, didn’t seem quite so

inevitable in the beginning.

It was May of 2001, at a spirited board of trustees meeting, that discussions about the possibility of purchasing land for

a new campus began in earnest. Several weeks later, with that land secured, we were able to begin to invent this new era for

Episcopal, an objective that would eventually include the participation of scores of Episcopal constituents who joined focus

groups, sat on planning committees, organized tours, worked with the architects, signed on to the fundraising team, built

a playground — the list goes on. The commitment of literally tens of thousands of volunteer hours and the generosity of

more than a thousand benefactors tell the story.

One person joked that, luckily, when we began this voyage, we didn’t realize how audacious and complicated it would

truly be. If we had, we may have been too intimidated to start. But I doubt that. There were several early decisions that

proved critical. Among the more important ones was the decision to go with a mix of world class architecture firms instead

of just one. It gives the campus a common theme, but a diversity of style that I think will wear well over the coming


On the following pages, we chronicle the individuals and families who have made this

remarkable accomplishment possible. Behind each gift of treasure or time lies a personal story

of what The Episcopal Academy has meant to that individual or family.

Our new home is a testimony to vision, passion, hard work, and careful planning. It

reminds us that if dedicated men and women come together, anything is possible. Mountains

are moved by the cumulative impact of a thousand hands.

As you walk around this campus, don’t just admire the physical manifestations, but take a

moment to marvel at the spirit and belief that created it — a spirit that began in 1785 with a

dedicated group that wanted to educate tomorrow’s citizens to lead and saw the importance

of faith in God in achieving that.

The physical location of The Episcopal Academy has changed many times over the years,

but the essence that fuels it, Esse Quam Videri — to be rather than to seem to be — burns

brighter than ever.

—Brian P. Tierney ’75

Trustee of the Academy

CEO, Philadelphia Media Holdings, L.L.C.

Publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer

The exterior of the Turner Upper

School took shape quickly.

The steeple was placed on the Class of

1944 Chapel at the Chapel’s Topping

Out Ceremony.

The Academic Buildings evolved, and

the sense of the campus green became

more defined.

The Class of 1944 Chapel took form,

and the design of alumnus Robert

Venturi ’44 was revealed.


The finished fieldstone face of the

Crawford Campus Center was completed

as Episcopal prepared to open its new

campus in Newtown Square.

An all school convocation was held in

the O’Neill Gymnasium to celebrate the

completion of the campus and the arrival

of the first school year in Episcopal’s new



“This gift and the

library it funds will

honor Roger

Annenberg’s memory

in a very meaningful


—Ham Clark

The Annenberg Foundation

It seemed fitting that, in the year that marked the 50th anniversary of Roger Annenberg’s

graduation from Episcopal, we would honor the memory of this respected member of the Class of

1958 by dedicating The Roger Annenberg Library. We thank The Annenberg Foundation for making

possible this critical resource on Episcopal’s Newtown Square campus.

In 1971 Ambassador and Mrs. Walter Annenberg funded the new library on the Merion campus

in remembrance of their son. While a student at Episcopal, Roger had been active on the Library

Committee, and close family friend Tony Ridgway was the school librarian. Some years later, The

1785 Bowl, Episcopal’s most prestigious award for philanthropy, was presented to Roger posthumously

and was warmly accepted on his behalf by Mrs. Annenberg and the Ambassador.

At that event we were reminded by Bob Bishop ’58, now treasured master teacher at Episcopal,

then Roger’s classmate and friend, that “back in our day, the literary editor of the Scholium had as his mission developing ways to

open the eyes and educate the sensibilities of Episcopal readers to the arts and to the various possibilities of language.” In 1957-58,

Roger was elected to that position. Bob remembers that Roger, “a gifted editor, nurtured by his family and such school sages as

Anthony Ridgway, Harry Harris, and Curtis York, would challenge his fellow students with a wide array of student writing that

commented upon artistic endeavors at school and in the larger world and that risked the art of writing itself, often through poetic


Bob went on to comment on the Scholium meetings that were frequently held at Roger’s home, where life-long lessons of

hospitality, civility and generosity were learned. “On those special occasions,” he reminisced, “students were inspired by the truth of

responsible journalism and the beauty of the surroundings. We were working on our school newspaper in the home of the editor

and publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer! It was amazing! It always seemed that we managed to do our job just a little bit better

during evenings at Roger’s. And strangely, but appropriately, the fruits of our schoolboy labor reside now in Roger’s library at


At their reunion celebration, other classmates too spoke of their many fond memories of Roger and expressed their appreciation

for the ongoing interest of the Annenberg family in the well-being of Episcopal. They, like

Bob, vividly remember the hospitality offered to them on so many occasions — for the

Junto, Episcopal’s debating society, of which Roger was president, the Scholium Board, on

which he served, and at the culminating class swim party and picnic after graduation.

It is important to remember that, in addition to the libraries at Merion and in

Newtown Square, the endowed Library Chair was also made possible by funding from

the Annenberg Foundation to honor Anthony Ridgway. It affirms Roger’s understanding

— even in his young life — of the purpose and significance of scholarship and remains a

brilliant testament to this Foundation and family’s support and stewardship of Episcopal.

The magnificent Roger Annenberg Library is not just a repository for books. It is a

an interactive place for minds to meet, students to share ideas, conduct research, access

information, and acquire knowledge with the support of state-of-the-art technology. The

members of the Class of 1958 remember a friend and are appreciative. Our students pay

tribute to that “friend” each day by the work they do in this transformational space that

bears his name. All of this was made possible by the generosity of a Foundation that has

done so much to make the world a better place and by those who knew and loved Roger

best. We are most grateful.


Class of 1940

While with an eye made quiet by the power

Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,

We see into the life of things.


“We are greatly

honored for having

had the privilege

of fulfilling the ideals,

spirit and traditions

so nobly set up by our


—Tabula 1940

It has been said that great things happen in moments of silence. It is not with the blaring of

trumpets or a clash of thunder, but “when the eye is made quiet” that change is affected, ideas are born.

The great men of the Class of 1940 certainly subscribe to that theory. Operating under the radar,

free of fanfare, they quietly but most effectively go about the business of making Episcopal as good

as it can be. Their numbers may be diminishing, but never their heart. This cohort of solid citizens,

principled souls, is capable of moving mountains! Despite diverse political ideologies, career choices, and

avocations, they are, with indisputable unanimity, one for all, all for one Episcopal.

Ever Episcopal, Ever the Class of 1940! Gifts from this heroic team funded The Class of 1940

Daniel J. Dougherty Field House and provided major support for the Crawford Campus Center,

tangibly demonstrating the depth and breadth of this class’s loyalty.

Their time was a storied time. War was being waged in Europe, and bombs were being dropped

on London. Frank Sinatra debuted with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Disney’s Pinocchio was released,

and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz wed. Yet despite the cacophony of war, the vagaries of celebrity, and the

distraction of newsworthy events, to these young men nothing seemed more important than the June

4th graduation ceremony of the Class of 1940 on the Overbrook campus of The Episcopal Academy.

They wrote in their Tabula, “…linking all together was a bond of class loyalty which was in

great measure responsible for whatever mark we made, and which we honestly feel has made a

class worthy to graduate from The Episcopal Academy. We are greatly honored for having had the

privilege of fulfilling the ideals, spirit and traditions so nobly set up by our predecessors.”

And they have continued living up to those ideals through these almost 69 years. Their

graduation sentiment has translated into commitment and action. Consistently in the vanguard

for Annual Giving participation, theirs is the first class to have established a 50th reunion gift

initiative, creating not one, but two endowed funds in 1990, one to support deserving students

who need financial aid, the other to pay tribute to faculty. Pioneers, indeed! A fund to honor

former Head of School Jay Crawford, critical support to enable the purchase of the land for

Episcopal’s new campus, and their indefatigable work to make the Ever Episcopal Campaign

successful were all spurred on by a class leader who has truly inspired his classmates with his

vision, leadership, and generosity. This is their legacy. This record of accomplishment has rendered

these stealth philanthropists, this class, the givingest in Episcopal’s history.

With joy and harmony, the distinguished members of the Class of 1940 truly see into the life

of Episcopal and tirelessly and generously work to sustain its excellence. Because they want it so,

ever so quietly, we salute them, we thank them, we love them.


Jane MacElree

Ask Crawford Hill. He will tell you about a teacher who drove him to school, a Dad who was a trustee, a wife who taught at

Episcopal, two brothers who attended Episcopal, a cohort of science faculty who are friends as well as colleagues, children who are

recent graduates, and a thoroughly engaged mother.

Crawford ’70 and his brothers Michael ’80 and “lifer” Tom ’75 attended Episcopal. Longtime teacher-coach George Greenwood

drove them to school. Children Connor ’03 and Hadley ’01 graduated recently. Crawford’s wife Suzie was a third grade teacher

at Episcopal from 1976 until 1981. And Jane Cox MacElree is the appreciative mother — grateful to the teachers who influenced

her children, impressed with the education received by her grandchildren, and proud of her son, Crawford, who chairs the Science

Department at Episcopal. The Hill/MacElree family history represents 89 years of connection to Episcopal, and the relationships were

the genesis of Jane MacElree’s decision to fund the Hill Science Center.

When you meet her, you can detect the perpetual twinkle that hides just behind her eyes. She is intelligent, inquisitive,

unpretentious, approachable, interesting, and interested. Jane MacElree is real. And she is busy. Mother to seven, grandmother to

ten, Jane is an entrepreneur, a civic leader, and a philanthropist. Her interests include her horse farm, travel, the environment, land

preservation, conservation, and education. She is an avid reader and an astute observer of the world and has expressed her keen

interest in Episcopal’s goal to prepare its students to confront the many global issues that will demand solutions in their lifetimes.

Her son projects attributes of a leader — enthusiasm, energy, passion, and ambition. A highly respected master teacher with

more than 30 years at Episcopal, he is fiercely loyal and genuinely proud of the faculty members in his department, his program, his

students, and his graduates. He has served on the Development, Executive, Head Search, Strategic and Master Planning Committees

and, with wife Suzie, is a major benefactor to his school.

Mother and son together are a force to be reckoned with. Their close relationship

is evident, and each takes pride in the other. You might say that Jane has had a front-row

seat during some of the most transformational times in Episcopal’s history. And there

have been critical junctures when she has influenced that history with her endorsement

and support. Of course, much of it she sees through the eyes of her son. She has greatly

appreciated the teacher-counselor–coach model that is woven into the fabric of the

school and has commended the academic rigor promoted by the faculty, which she

has witnessed firsthand, commenting on the freedom Episcopal gives its teachers to be

creative, innovative, and all that they can be. Jane has been heartened by the opportunities

offered Episcopal’s faculty to mentor and counsel. She cheered on her son and his

winning teams when he worked with the school’s student-athletes for 17 years, 11 as a

highly touted varsity wrestling coach. And for certain, Jane has had a unique perspective

of Episcopal’s science program and its leader. Through these many years she has helped to

shape and nurture both.

Over the course of Episcopal and Jane’s shared history, her interest and generous spirit

have prompted gifts to Episcopal’s Century III and Thresholds Campaigns, seed money

to initiate the community service program, leadership support for the land campaign, and

now a magnificent gift to honor her son and indeed the entire Hill/MacElree family.

Relationships are everything. We celebrate the many connections that bring together

our school and this truly vested Episcopal family. Jane’s extraordinary generosity and her

friendship have made a real difference for this venerable institution. The Hill Science

Center is testimony to that.


Bruce Mainwaring ’44

“What a unique

opportunity this

is, to be a part of

Episcopal’s history!”

—Bruce Mainwaring ’44

It has been written that there are two voices in this world, “one is of the sea,

one of the mountains; each a mighty voice.” Sadly, the author of this sentiment

never had the good fortune of hearing a third powerful voice, that of Bruce

Mainwaring ’44.

It was quite literally his voice that earned Bruce entrance into The

Episcopal Academy. In 1937 Dr. Alexander McCurdy, head of the Organ

Department at The Curtis Institute, was appointed choirmaster at Episcopal and

was directed to recruit 20 boys to sing in Episcopal’s chapel. Each boy received

a full scholarship. Bruce vividly remembers that day in February 1938 when he

was given the opportunity to become a mid-season substitute for one of two

recruits who had dropped out of the program. He even remembers the audition

piece that gained him admission. An 11-year-old boy soprano, he entered the

sixth grade with the understanding that support would continue until his voice

changed. Headmaster Greville Haslam, happily, saw the promise, and Bruce

stayed on to graduate with his class in 1944. On graduation day he was awarded

the Gold Medal for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, the Jarvis Meirs

Memorial Prize for Excellence in Chemistry, and the Navigation Prize.

Sixty-four years later this past September, Bruce became an Episcopal

“choirboy” again. With full and resonant voice, he sang a solo hymn at the

convocation ceremonies for Episcopal’s new chapel in Newtown Square. Full

circle. Bruce had not forgotten what went before and, with an extraordinary

lead gift, he had challenged his classmates to help fund The Class of 1944 Chapel, designed by classmate and friend Robert Venturi. In

a concerted effort and with generous response, the outcome was highly successful.

Through the years Episcopal has benefited greatly from the quality of his gentle but effective

inquiry into the functioning of its parts. Bruce has never lost sight of the larger agenda — to

develop a cohesive and intentional blueprint for renewal and change for his beloved Alma Mater.

Bruce has served as a leader for the Class of 1944 Summer Faculty Fellowships Program and

played a pivotal role during the school’s most recent strategic planning process. Bruce and his

wife Peggy together were instrumental in helping Episcopal secure the site for its new campus,

and, most recently, Bruce served as Co-Chair of the Leadership Gifts Committee for the Ever

Episcopal Campaign. He is a recipient of The 1785 Bowl, the school’s most prestigious award for


It is difficult to quantify the impact his many gifts of expertise, influence, and resource have

made on our school, our city, and our region. Suffice it to say that it has been extraordinary. For

certain, Bruce represents civic leadership at its finest, and those institutions and organizations

that have had the benefit of his voice of reason and civility remain most grateful. His notable

entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and intellectual achievements have created for him a life’s work of

operatic proportion. Episcopal gives him a standing ovation.

Jay Sherrerd ’47

“We cannot


the importance of

this project to the


of Episcopal.”

—Jay Sherrerd ’47

You had to know him! Those who did felt privileged. Such a force, so dynamic that even now you half expect to see him stride

through the door of Sherrerd Alumni House, bending his towering frame at the threshold, a half smile on his face, eyes canvassing the

room as if searching for the next challenge.

Consultants, strategic thinkers, university presidents, development officers, and fundraising gurus everywhere would have profited

by analyzing Jay Sherrerd’s leadership skills and fundraising acumen. Knowledge gained from that research even now would most

assuredly benefit their development initiatives, if not guarantee success. With that rare combination of intellectual prowess, personal

charisma, and an intangible force that refused to accept anything less than victory, he rightfully earned legendary status from here to

Princeton and back again. Fortunately for Episcopal, he was real. A “lifer” at Episcopal until his last two years when his parents sent

him to The Hill School, he successfully cultivated his friendships from Episcopal and took pride in his alumni status, Class of 1947.

The foundation was laid here,” he was quick to explain.

“Make no small plans, they have no magic to stir man’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans, aim high in hope

and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram, once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a loving thing, asserting itself with

growing insistency.” –Daniel Burnham

Big plans and a bold vision captured Jay’s imagination when he learned about Episcopal’s projected move. But if truth be known,

it was wife Kathy, a former trustee, who moved him from consideration of a campaign leadership role to determination that Episcopal

would win the day. And the rest is history. As co-chair of the Ever Episcopal Campaign, Jay set the standard as one of the Campaign’s

leadership donors. What delight he took in determining his gift’s various allocations: Sherrerd Alumni House, the Sherrerd Board

Room to honor his wife, a scholarship fund to honor his friend and fundraising

partner, Mike Shouvlin ’50.

Then he went about the business of winning other minds and hearts.

Those who were in his sights were flattered by his attention, impressed by his

conviction, engaged by his passion and sold by his reasoned approach. Because

he so genuinely loved to give himself, he truly felt he was offering others the

opportunity to experience the same joy.

Jay had a long and wonderful history at Episcopal. His wife Kathy was one

of the first women on the Board of Trustees, and his son Jay graduated from

Episcopal in 1978. Jay chaired his 50th Reunion Gift Fund, was a member of

the Steering Committee for the 2000 Strategic Plan, “The Challenge to Lead,”

and was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award and The 1785 Bowl.

He was a successful entrepreneur, highly regarded civic leader, and generous


Head of School Ham Clark adds one more descriptor, “educator.” “As one

of our leaders of the Campaign he helped to guide this important initiative by

giving of himself and teaching others the joy of giving,” Ham remembered,

“And because he was such a good teacher, there are many new philanthropists

at Episcopal and within the various other communities he served.”

Make big plans...



“I find it tremendously

moving that members

of my class of 1944

have become very

generous financial

contributors to this

new project.”

Class of 1944 Chapel

In 1948 Robert Venturi ’44 designed a virtual

chapel for The Episcopal Academy as his Master’s

Thesis at Princeton. Some fifty-five years later,

he designed a veritable chapel for his school’s

Newtown Square campus.

The Class of 1944 Chapel from the outset

was to be the physical and symbolic heart of

the campus. For that reason, the architect felt it

important that the building be visible from every

aspect of the site and, from a farther distance,

Route 252. Light, too, became an important

element of the design. A series of clerestories in

the ceiling were designed to create an element

of soaring toward the altar and an effective and

ever changing increase in natural light as aura

toward the sanctuary. The light wood pews were

intentionally arranged in a semi-circle, allowing

visitors to the chapel to face each other as well

as the altar, thus creating a stronger sense of

communal worship.

The Class of 1944 Chapel projects an intimacy in its quiet elegance. The open and spacious design provides seating for

900, thereby accommodating the Upper and Middle Schools together and affording more room for guests at commencement

and other major school events. Continuity is reflected in the usage of the cross that hung above the altar in Christ Chapel at

the Merion campus and the Merion organ, which has been greatly enhanced to fill the new, greater space with sound.

The Class of 1944 Chapel bears the name of a great Episcopal class. Inspired by a magnificent challenge gift from Bruce

Mainwaring ’44, an important

lead gift from the French Family,

and the loyal participation of

every member of the class, the

Class of 1944 Chapel is an

architectural expression of their

generous spirits.

—Robert Venturi ’44


Crawford Campus Center

The Crawford Campus Center is home to the arts, administrative offices, The Roger

Annenberg Library, the Ridgway Blackbox and main stage theaters, the Tierney and Lower

School Dining Halls, and a host of meeting spaces and classrooms for student and faculty

use — in short, it is the hub of school life. Occupying one entire side of the campus green

and covered in grey Pennsylvania fieldstone, the imposing facility, designed by Graham Gund,

provides the resources and services essential to quality of life on campus.

Whether they seek nourishment of the mind at the Roger Annenberg Library, of the

body in the Tierney Dining Hall, or of the soul in the Rugart Fine Arts Wing, students

and faculty can find it all here. The Roger Annenberg Library affords students and faculty

a double-height, wood-paneled, and light-filled space in which to grow the mind. Here

students and their teachers find the latest in research technology, 15,000 videos and DVDs,

8,000 reference works, 33,500 other volumes, and 36 computer stations. Tierney Hall

provides a comfortable and spacious dining room for the Middle and Upper Schools,

utilizing walls of windows and round tables to provide ambience and create community.

A smaller dining room is located next door and accommodates the Lower School students

and teachers.

The Rugart Fine Arts Wing of the Crawford Campus Center houses the

visual arts. Specific and appropriate spaces are dedicated to drawing, painting, and

ceramics. Photography laboratories, studios, and galleries complete the wing. The

music area claims ample practice space for both choral and instrumental music.

All of these venues are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, appropriate

lighting, and excellent acoustics. The Ridgway Blackbox Theater is located

near the 600-seat main stage theater and provides a 100-seat intimate venue for

smaller, student-written, or one-act performances, lectures, and movie screenings.

Seating is located just steps from the stage, enhancing the relationship between

cast and audience. All of these facilities are surrounded by communal space,

including student lounges, faculty commons, and small meeting rooms, serving

the needs of every community group.

The Campus Center is named in honor of Jay ’57 and Rosemary Crawford,

beloved members of the Episcopal community. Jay was the 9th Headmaster at

Episcopal, serving from 1973 until 2002. While Headmaster he led Episcopal

through its transition to coeducation, strengthened the arts program, increased

diversity, and oversaw the strategic plan of 2000. His leadership brought the

community to the decision to purchase the Newtown Square site. It is especially

fitting to attach the Crawford name to the Campus Center because it houses the

offices of Admission, College Guidance, and the Head of School, all of which Jay

occupied and grew during his long tenure as a teacher, coach, administrator, and

Headmaster at Episcopal.


The energy and


that emanates from

this building is truly


—Gina Buggy,

Director of Athletics

Dixon Athletic Center

The light-filled Dixon Athletic

Center, designed by architect Bernie

Cywinski of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson,

sets a new standard for competition

and practice venues. A visitor to the

complex enters under the signature

Cywinski wooden canopy and

immediately finds the pool and

basketball gymnasium. A cat-walk

above the pool and gym allows

visitors to view competitions on both

levels of the building simultaneously,

providing a stimulating environment

for the spectator. Student-athletes

frequently use this area to watch

their peers compete during breaks in

or after their own athletic practices.

Steel and glass further create an

open, communal atmosphere. Not

immediately visible on the first level is

a full complement of changing rooms, trainers’ areas, locker rooms, and support spaces.

The Dixon Athletic Center’s second level can be accessed by elevator and two generous stairways. Both stairways lead

to the The Sarah C. Madeira Squash Pavilion, which houses ten squash courts, and The Class of 1940 Daniel J. Dougherty

Fieldhouse, which can accommodate a number of events or

practice sessions simultaneously.

The Center has unparalleled training and competition

venues for Episcopal’s student-athletes. The O’Neill

Competition Gym provides a dramatic space not only for

basketball but also for community gatherings and schoolwide

events. The Burke Natatorium boasts a 35-meter pool,

which can be divided to accommodate two water polo

matches or swimming and diving practices simultaneously. A

fully equipped fitness center, dance and aerobics studio, and

wrestling room are also housed in the complex.

The Center honors the late Fitz Eugene Dixon, Jr. ’42

and his wife Edie, who have given so generously of themselves

to Episcopal for so many years as leaders, benefactors, and



Fields and Outdoor Spaces

Field space and other outdoor spaces were important considerations in the planning of Episcopal’s

new campus. The campus includes nine new full-sized athletic fields, 14 tennis courts, a track, and an

associated field events area. Two of the athletic fields are artificial turf and are home to the football,

field hockey, and boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams. The E. Newbold Smith ’44 Football Field honors a

legend at Episcopal who played every position on the field and was widely considered one of the

finest athletes in the school’s history. In similar fashion, the field hockey field, named Sonje’s Field,

honors the extraordinary contributions of Sonje Volla Moore ’95 to athletics at Episcopal.

Outdoor classrooms, cleared woodland areas, terraces, and intentional groupings of benches

provide ample room for students and teachers to study together under the sun. Student artists are

frequently seen on the campus green, painting the beautiful natural vistas seen from most any angle on

campus. The natural setting of the campus only serves to enhance the quality of work accomplished

there. Notable outdoor venues include the Hess Outdoor Classroom, serving Upper School students

and faculty, and the “Grove of Games,” a lawn located outside of the Dixon Athletic Center that serves

as a student recreation space. Both of these areas were given to Episcopal by Sankey and longtime

trustee Connie Williams, parents of alumnae.


Hill Science Center

Designed by architect RMJM Hillier, the

Hill Science Center is a study in effective and

efficient design, incorporating energy efficiency,

passive solar design, and ecologically sensitive

systems. It houses twelve laboratories and is

connected to the Turner Upper School and the

Middle School by corridors, maximizing its

energy efficiency and accessibility to students.

The Hill Science Center adds significant

laboratory space for both Middle and Upper

School science students and incorporates The

Doolittle Greenhouse and Wet Laboratory

for advanced ecological experimentation.

Laboratories are equipped for earth science,

biology, chemistry, and physics, providing

customized spaces for teacher and student.

The atrium and workrooms permit students

to study and work together in proximity to

their research. Its increased space, enhanced

functionality, technological capabilities, and

central location make the Hill Science Center

a state-of-the-art facility for Episcopal’s science


The Hill Science Center was funded

by Jane MacElree, who has an ongoing and

proactive interest in the environment and land

preservation. She has long been an advocate for

education, in particular science education. Her

son Crawford Hill ’70 is Chair of the Science



Lower School

The challenge facing RMJM Hillier, the architect of the Lower School, was a great one: to design a

nurturing environment that could also house the largest unit of the school and to create common spaces that

would suit the needs of a preschooler as well as those of a fifth grader. The task was to design a place where

seven classes of children from two Episcopal campuses would come together and become one. In answer, the

architect created a building that is divided into developmentally appropriate pods or modules of classrooms.

The design also includes communal spaces that permit the Lower School to come together as a unit when


Each of the Lower School’s classrooms is outfitted with computers and audiovisual capabilities. The

youngest students’ classrooms also contain individual restrooms and banks of cubbies, enhancing the students’

security and comfort. All students have access to the communal venues in the building, most notably the

Multipurpose Room, which is used for chapel, gym, and drama performances. In addition, The M. Turner

Family Library provides two separate reading nooks, one designed to meet the needs of the youngest students,

and another designed with older classes in mind. Two outdoor community-built playgrounds have been

constructed to provide safe play areas for Episcopal’s youngest students.


Middle School

The Middle School houses the sixth

through eighth grades and was designed to

provide a comfortable transition from the

embrace of Lower School life and the rigors of

Upper School study. The stone exterior of the

building faces the morning drop-off circle and

is etched with the values that are associated with

the stripes on Episcopal’s school sweater — Self

Control, Faith, Honesty, Courtesy, Kindness,

Generosity, Gratitude, Courage, Respect, and

Sportsmanship. The building was designed by

RMJM Hillier and houses 22 dual purpose

classrooms, each serving as both homeroom

and primary classroom. All classrooms are

outfitted with flat screen plasma televisions

and access to both the wireless network and

the community video library. The corridors

of the Middle School provide ample space to

display student work, reminding visitors of the

multi-media nature of the Episcopal Middle

School experience. Perhaps the most striking

and useful space in the Middle School is the

formal, two-story hall, whose walls of windows

open onto the campus green and provide ample

natural light. The study hall can accommodate

the entire Middle School for meetings and

is frequently used for private study or for

gatherings hosted by other units of the school.


Sherrerd Alumni House and Additional Campus Buildings

Sherrerd Alumni House is the home of the Alumni and Development Office. One of only three remaining original

buildings on the property, the building was completely restored by Hillier Architect Jim Garrison ’75 and houses some

of the artifacts and archival material from Episcopal’s long history. Made possible by one of Episcopal’s greatest friends

and advocates, Jay Sherrerd ’47, it affords alumni a comfortable place to visit when they return to campus. Its first floor

contains a library and a conference room. The remainder of the building is dedicated to office space for the Alumni and

Development Office.

Construction of Lowry House, which will be home to the Head of School and his family and was generously funded

by Dick ’54 and Carol Lowry, began in April of 2009. In addition to living quarters, Lowry House will provide communal

space perfectly suited for entertaining alumni, parents, and friends of the school. The Chaplain’s house will be proximate

to the Lowry House. Both of the residences will enable the Head of School and Chaplain to participate in community life

with greater ease.

The property’s other remaining original buildings are a farmhouse, which dates from 1732, and an associated

springhouse. These buildings will be renovated and repurposed. The farmhouse will serve as a residence.


Turner Upper School

The Turner Upper School was

designed by RMJM Hillier to encourage

collaborative learning and to make use

of the most modern teaching technology.

The gathering and meeting spaces support

community aspects of the Upper School

program. State-of-the-art technologies,

such as the flat screen plasma televisions

in each classroom, campus-wide

wireless network, and remote access to a

communal video library, are all important

educational tools available to students and


The Turner Upper School houses

24 classrooms, four of which contain

Harkness tables constructed to facilitate

class discussion. The entryway of the

building opens into the Coote Honor

Hall, an element integral to the building’s

collaborative design. Here students can

gather around the fireplace and enjoy the

view of the campus green as they study

and socialize. Class lounges and study

areas on each of the building’s three floors

provide additional communal spaces, and

department offices provide yet another

venue for informal student-faculty


Parents of three alumni, Bob, a long

time trustee, and Carolyn Turner thank

the faculty with this magnificent gift to




The Ever Episcopal Campaign was established with the dual purpose of

providing funding for the construction of Episcopal’s new campus in Newtown

Square and increasing the school’s endowment. Early in the Campaign

planning, the school highlighted three goals that endowment growth would

address: attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty, ensuring adequate

financial aid, and both assessing and enhancing the school’s curriculum.

A total of $11,959,734 was given or pledged to Episcopal’s endowment

during the course of the Ever Episcopal Campaign. Twenty-seven new

endowed funds were established. These funds include two endowed chairs,

four funds supporting faculty, and 21 funds for scholarship and other

student support. In addition to the gifts that established new funds within

the endowment, more than 200 donors made individual gifts to Episcopal’s

endowment. Episcopal is extraordinarily grateful to these Campaign donors, all

of whom have recognized the need to ensure the continuation of Episcopal’s

tradition of exellence.

Greville Haslam Head of School Chair

One significant Campaign effort raised

more than $5 million to endow the position

of Head of School in honor of Episcopal’s

7th Headmaster, Greville Haslam. Haslam was

Headmaster from 1921 – 1957. During his

tenure the Merion campus was equipped and

enlarged, enrollment tripled, extracurricular

and athletic programs were enhanced, the

curriculum was significantly broadened, and a

distinguished faculty was recruited and retained.

The fund in Haslam’s honor was initiated by

Walter Buckley ’55, Jay Crawford ’57, and Bill

Lilley ’55 and was supported generously by

Jay Sherrerd ’47 and many other Episcopal

graduates who remember and admire Haslam.

The fund will provide for the Head’s annual

compensation and honors a true Episcopal


Endowed Chairs

The Greville Haslam Head of School Chair

Howard E. Morgan Chair for Creative Writing

Faculty Funds

Corrigan-Beinkampen Faculty Enrichment

Endowment Fund

Brian Edward Breskman ’06 Memorial Fund for

Faculty Support

Crawford Hill Fund for Faculty Enrichment

Faculty International Study Fund

Scholarship Funds

The Aldridge Family Scholarship Fund

Susan D. and Richard M. Armstrong, Jr. ’56

Scholarship Fund

Shelly and Larry Brown Student Scholarship Fund

Burke Family Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1958 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1973 Scholarship Fund

The Crebilly Foundation Scholarship

The Michelle Deasey ’17 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Hamlin Family Scholarship Fund

Gadsden Family Student Opportunities Fund

Haas Family Scholarship Fund

The Havens Family Endowment Fund

The Hoplamazian Fund

Jerry and Raye Johnson Student Diversity Fund

The Harold and Edith Kohn Scholarship Fund

Kurz Scholarship Fund

Meyers Family Scholarship Fund

The Murdoch Family Scholarship

Robinson Family Scholarship Fund

The Michael Shouvlin ’50 Scholarship Fund

The Williams Family Scholarship Fund



Total Raised

The Ever Episcopal Campaign was structured in two phases —

the purchase of the land and the construction of facilities. A total

of $100,336,182 was raised in the Ever Episcopal Campaign:

$18,186,535 in Phase I and $82,149,647 in Phase II.

Breakdown of Campaign Donors

A total of 1,083 donors contributed to the Ever Episcopal

Campaign. The pie charts below delineate the participation and

total amount contributed by each constituent group. Please note

that donors are only counted in one group. A donor who belongs to more

than one group will always be counted in the group listed first below.

Phase I: Land Acquisition

Contributions for Land Purchase $ 18,186,535

Phase II: Construction of Facilities

Gifts & pledges directed to bricks & mortar $ 62,620,201

Gifts & pledges directed to endowment support $ 12,105,750

Bequests and Planned Gifts* $ 7,423,696

Total $ 100,336,182

*Bequests and other Planned Gifts are counted at actuarial or present value

% of Total Donors



Current Parents


Parents of Alumni








Participation by Constituent Groups

The table below explains the percentage of each constituency

group that participated in the Ever Episcopal Campaign. Please note

that donors who belong to more than one constituent group are counted in

each group’s total.

% of Total Dollars Raised





Current Parents




Parents of






Parents of Alumni








0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

*Includes corporations, organizations, and friends


Gift Table

Gift Level

Gifts Received

$ 5,000,000 + 5

$ 1,000,000 - $ 4,999,999 18

$ 500,000 - $ 999,999 18

$ 250,000 - $ 499,999 29

$ 100,000 - $ 249,999 77

$ 50,000 - $ 99,999 73

$ 25,000 - $ 49,999 98

$ 10,000 - $ 24,999 113

$ 5,000 - $ 9,999 128

under $ 5,000 524

Total 1,083

Planned Gifts

84 planned gifts contributed vital support to the Ever Episcopal

Campaign. Please note that outstanding planned gifts are counted at present value

in campaign totals.

Realized Number Value

Bequests 17 $ 6,276,442

Charitable Gift Annuities 3 $ 47,213

IRA charitable rollovers 24 $ 897,509

Life insurance policies 4 $ 95,704

Pooled income fund 1 $ 11,863

Outstanding Number Face Value*

Irrevocable bequest agreements 12 $ 10,070,000

Charitable gift annuities 22 $ 885,989

Charitable remainder trusts 1 $ 625,000

*Counted at present value in campaign totals




$5,000,000 +

The Annenberg Foundation

The Class of 1940

Jane C. MacElree

Mr. & Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring ’44

John J. F. Sherrerd ’47 †

$1,000,000 – $4,999,999

Mr. & Mrs. Garrison W. Brinton ’45 †

Mr. Walter W. Buckley ’55

Gretchen & Steve Burke

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Carrafiell ’83

David F. Crockett ’50 with Family

Edith R. & F. Eugene Dixon ’42 †

The French Family

John Gambone

The Hess Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Lowry ’54

Miriam, Brian O’Neill & Brian O’Neill, Jr. ’04

Mr. Anthony W. Ridgway ’34 †

Karl ’41 & Patsy Rugart

Mr. & Mrs. E. Newbold Smith ’44

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Tierney ’75

Robert & Carolyn Turner

Mark & Christine Turner

The Volla Family

Sankey & Constance Williams

$500,000 – $999,999

The Challenger Foundation

The Class of 1954

The Connelly Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy P. Coote

The Crawford Family

Graeme & Kathy Crothall

Mr. Warren S. Davis ’31 †

Mr. Edward L. Fenimore

Clay & Lynn Hamlin

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hondros

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Jones, Jr. ’53

Mr. Harry R. Madeira ’44

Mrs. George C. McFarland

Mr. & Mrs. George C. McFarland, Jr.

Christopher & Gina McHugh

The Pencoyd Foundation –

Family of Howard R. Morgan ’57

Mr. & Mrs. Philippe deMontauzan Register ’40 †

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Spofford ’42 †

Mrs. Sally M. W. Stone

Edward H. Vick ’62

$250,000 – $499,999

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Dulaney Bachman, IV ’53

The Berrard & Brown Families

The Brun Family Foundation

The Class of 1953

The Class of 1955

The Class of 1957

Sarah N. Cook †

Crebilly Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Dee †

Beth & Tom Gadsden

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Gordon ’43

The Haab Family

David W. Haas ’73

Otto Haas Charitable Trust #2

Peter H. ’72 & Louise A. Havens

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Hebard, Jr.

Ann Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Crawford Hill, III ’70

Deborah & Jonathan Hirtle

Robert, Carol, & Nicole ’11 Kutteh

Mr. & Mrs. D. Christopher Le Vine ’75

Mr. William Lilley ’55

Stacey & Chris McConnell

The McLean Contributionship

The Minnick Family

The Nolen Family

Peter & Karen Pierce

Anne & Bruce Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ryan ’82

Nancy & Benjamin Shein ’77

Roy & Sharon Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Wojdak & Family

The Zug Family

$100,000 – $249,999


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Adelberg

Mark & Patrice Aitken

Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Aldridge, Jr. ’51

Mr. & Mrs. Harris C. Aller, Jr. ’46

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Maxwell Armstrong, Jr. ’56

George ’75 & Carrie Bell

John Bishop Family

James W. Blatchford, Jr. ’49

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Branegan, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Brown

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bruder

Susan & Walter W. Buckley, III ’78

The Cannon Family

Charles B. Chadwick ’50

The Class of 1958

Keith & Melanie Cox

The Durovsik Family

Patrick & Michelle Egan and Family

Episcopal Academy Parents Association

The Espe Family

Mr. & Mrs. C. Henry Fischer

James B. Francis ’53

Russell & Candace Gantt

Dennis & Deborah Glass

Mr. & Mrs. J. Tyler Griffin ’41

John F. Hentz ’48

Tom Hill ’75 & Nancy Hagens

Mark Hoplamazian ’81 & Rachel Kohler

H. Alan ’44 & Dorothy Hume

Scott Isdaner ’71

The Jannetta Family

Jerry L. & Raye E. Johnson

Mark & Jackie Juliano

John & Lori Kelly

Jim & Marie Koegel

The Kohn Foundation

Dorothy J. Kurz

Charles Kurz II

Catherine Kurz McComb ’95

Charles Kurz III ’00

The Land Family


Charles T. Lee, Jr. ’41

E. B. Leisenring, Jr. ’44

Mr. James Logan, Jr. ’40

Douglas & Margaret Lurio

Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Madeira, Jr. ’72

Lewis N. Madeira ’38

Tim & Betsy McCarthy

Slade & Caroline McLaughlin

Mr. & Mrs. Collin F. McNeil

The Thomas J. Meehan Memorial Fund –

John Meehan ’86

Frank Antico Jr. ’85

Ted Pagano Jr. ’84

Francis J. & Marianna O Mirabello

& A. Paul Mirabello ’03

Mr. & Mrs. Britton H. Murdoch ’75

Dikembe Mutombo & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Henry N. Nassau ’72

Matthew & Heather Naylor

Russell & Suzanne Naylor

Albert P. Neilson ’48

Benjamin R. Neilson ’56

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. S. Northrop ’70

Mr. & Mrs. Davis Pearson ’43

Donald & Suzanne Pettit

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Radcliffe Family

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Reape ’80

Mr. & Mrs. Willard G. Rouse †

Mr. & Mrs. Shantanu RoyChowdhury

Mr. Vincent R. McGuinness

& Andrea M. Saxon, M.D.

Mrs. Ruth Schwab

Michael & Susan Selverian

Hank & Julie Schellenger

David H. & Inge F. Smith

Janet W. & George G. Smith, III

Harold A. & Ann R. Sorgenti

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Stanley ’39

Harold ’50 & Emily Starr

Mary B. Supplee & Henderson Supplee, III ’47

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Swan ’50

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Swope, IV ’52

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Toland, Jr. ’40

Mrs. Charles R. Tyson †

Bruce, Barbara, & Hilary ’11 White

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey F. Worden ’57

Dr. Kathy Zoll & Joseph Zoll

$50,000 – $99,999


JoAnne S. Bagnell

Bruce D. Ballard & Laraine Kazanjian-Ballard

Dee & Tom Bergstrom

Ruth & William Berlinger

Mr. & Mrs. George Boyd, V ’54

John & Lorraine Brown

Christopher D. & Lisa J. Butler

Dr. & Mrs. Edward W. Campbell, Jr. ’50

Kathleen, Maura ’98 & Caroline ’06 Cannon

Anthony & Donna Celentano

Richard Check & Christine M. Karnes

The Class of 1956

John R. Clendenning, Jr. ’57

Gretchen & Gordon Cooney ’77

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Crawford, Jr. ’44

Mr. H. Richard Dietrich, Jr. ’56 †

Winnie & J. B. Doherty

Amir & Maria Ecker

Anne & Jay Eisenhofer

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Fell, III

Jaimie & David Field

Kevin & Christele Furey

Mr. John F. Garrity ’48

William & Nancy Giles

Susan C. & Rush T. Haines, II ’61

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Hartzell ’78

Christine & George Henisee

The Stewart Huston Charitable Trust

The Ivey Family

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kelly

William A. Knowlton ’73

The Hon. William H. Lamb ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lee, Jr. ’52

Edward F. ’79 & Tracie M. Lee

The Lerman Family

Ted Madara ’82, Ann Madara Kraftson ’85,

& Don Kraftson ’85

Donna & Dennis Maple

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Martin ’49

Mr. & Mrs. David O. Maxwell ’48

Bill & Julie McDermott

Mr. Alan R. McGarvey ’31 †

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McLane

The McMullin Family

Dr. & Mrs. Randy Metcalf

Barbara & Howard Meyers

Bo ’51 & Peggy Mohr

Rhonda & James Mordy

Philip, Fiora, Dante ’15,

& Maximo ’17 Moyer

The Murdoch Families

The O’Reilly Family

David W. ’72 & Palmer T.H. ’68 Page

Mr. Thomas G. Patzau ’54

Greg ’80 & Patty Penske

The Peskin Family

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Porter, Jr.

Bill ’43 & Betty Ann Ryan

Ann & Jeffrey Semmer

The Shouvlin Family

Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Spear, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Spofford ’77

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Stetzer, III ’57

Neil & Leslie Stone

Don van Roden ’42

Robert Venturi ’44 & Denise Scott Brown

Sherry & Hall Vetterlein ’78

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Welsh

Marjorie Wetherill in loving memory of

Rulon (Buddy) Wetherill ’48

The Wilkinson Family –

Tom, Kathy, Lindsey ’07, Lauren ’10,

& Michael ’17

Mr. & Mrs. M. Curtis Young ’54

$25,000 – $49,999

Gary D. & Mary E. Ammon

Leonard E. B. Andrews


Mr. Duffield Ashmead ’43 †

Mr. & Mrs. Antonios Christos Backos ’87

& Family

The Barton Family

Karl Beinkampen & Elizabeth Corrigan

Lee Bird ’36

Mr. Joseph Breskman

Spike Buckley ’68

Todd & Anna M. Cassidy ’94

Mr. & Mrs. D. Hughes Cauffman ’34

The Ciccotti Family

The Class of 1982

Warren & Caroline Claytor

Harrison H. Clement, Jr. ’61

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Connelly

Drs. Debra & Steven ’80 Copit

Rick & Jeanne Craft

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Crawford, Jr. ’57

The Crestlea Foundation, Inc.

Frederic Dittmann ’71

Stephen Dittmann ’66

Erin O’Brien Dugery ’89 & David Dugery ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Ernst, IV

June S. Evans

In Memory of Anne Marie Fahey

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Finegan, Jr.

Mary O. French

Frenkel Family Foundation –

Alla ’89 & Adam Pasternack

Garino Family

Dr. Giselle Geddes & Mr. Patrick Scullin

Patrick & Julie Green

F. Hastings Griffin ’39

Charlie Grigg ’57

The Grims Family –

Marty ’79, Laurie, Sydney ’09, Carli ’14,

& Martin Cole ’14

Morrison ’58 & Fenella Heckscher

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Herman, III

Steven & Peri Higgins

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Hill, III

Thomas Hogan & Victoria Silbey

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Jacobsen

Helen Milne Justi

Mr. & Mrs. E. Brooks Keffer, Jr. ’47

In honor of Mr. William A. Kennedy ’55 †

The Klopp Family

Dean & Nina Laskaris, Charles A. Croasdale ’87,

& J. Scott Croasdale ’89

J. Richard Leaman ’80

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Lee

Francis ’77 & Anita Leto

Bruce ’79 & Robyn Leto

Ming Ming ’90, Paul ’92 & Peter ’01 Liu

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Loftus

James & Carolyn Losty

Mr. & Mrs. John N. McConnell, Sr.

James & Linda McEntee

The Alfred C. McGowan Family

Dewey & Patricia Mc Kay and Sarah & David

Mr. & Mrs. Hunter B. McMullin ’58

Maribeth & J. Thomas Moore

Mr. William B. Morris ’61

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Morris, Jr. ’76

E. Murdoch Family Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. J. Brien Murphy, Jr.

The Nakahara Family

Susan & Burn Oberwager

James C. Parry ’66

PGA Tour Championship Management

The Rando Family

Dr. & Mrs. F. Douglas Raymond, Jr. ’44

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Robinette ’45 †

Gardiner ’41 & Virginia G. Rogers

Catherine Jane Rosato ’91

Ross Family Fund

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Royer, Jr.

John Ryan & Mary Gregg

Margaret C. Satell

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Schneider ’48

Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Shah

Stephen J. Shanahan, Sr.

Kristen & Scott Sheffer

Mrs. & Mr. James Siegel ’52

Mr. Frank H. Simpson ’43 †

Mr. & Mrs. J. Brant Singley ’80

J. Derek Stephenson, Hon. †

William W. B. Stewart ’66

Jane & Michael Stolper

Mr & Mrs. Bruce W. Stone ’76

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Stone ’78

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Szafara

Dr. George Talbot ’66 & Dr. Sheryl F. Talbot

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Testaiuti

Kiono & Brooks Thomas ’49

Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Toland ’40

Mr. Daniel W. Wallick & Ms. Jennifer L. Mogck

Mr. William N. West ’55

Mr. Heyward M. Wharton ’39

Renata & Linton Whitaker

Richard & Faézé Woodville

Jean & David Yost

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. H. Hayes Aikens ’31 †

Dr. & Mrs. Todd Albert

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Allen, Jr. ’54

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Baggini

Mr. & Mrs. Whitney Hayes Baldwin

The Banky Family

Brad & Angie Baturka

Mr. & Mrs. R. Barclay Beahm ’52

Scott & Judith Beaumont

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Bennett, IV ’46

John T. Berlinger ’73

Nicholas Biddle, Jr. ’36

Robert ’58 & Sarah Bishop

Thomas H. Bishop ’72

William L. Bishop ’71 †

The Blommer Family

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Bradbeer, Jr. ’80

Mr. Medford J. Brown ’29 †

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Swift Buckley ’45

The Brumbaugh Family

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burt & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Burton, Jr. ’56

Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Carolin

Matthew ’08, David ’10, Stephen ’10,

& Courtney ’15 Carpinello


Mr. Fred G. Clark ’36

Ham, Ceci, Sam ’06, Christina ’06

& Julia ’07 Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Birchard T. Clothier ’54

CMS Companies

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Colen, Jr. ’57

Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Corrato

Mrs. Leonard V. Day ’58

Charles N. David ’58

Dr. & Mrs. Paul DeBacco

Mr. Richard H. Dilsheimer

William & Sally Dordelman

Bernadette & Jerry Dugan

Katharine & Bill Eyre

Dr. & Mrs. Rob Frederick

Louis & Rhoda Fryman

Samuel H. Galib, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S.

Grace M. Galib, Ph.D.

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gardiner ’45

Drs. John & Jane Glick

William A. Graham, IV

Tracy & Will Greer

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Griffiths, III ’54

Calvert C. Groton ’48

Vanessa & Sam ’89 Halpert

James B. & Sarah B. Harrity

Mr. Thomas S. Harty & Ms. Amy A. Bosio

Richard A. Henderson ’47

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hodge, ’62

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford C. R. Hood ’45

Mr. & Mrs. James W. B. Hole ’83

John W. P. Holt ’75

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Hopkins ’40

Mr. David M. Howard ’77 & Ms. Dale P. Schomer

Nancy Robinson, M.D. & Steve Imbriglia ’73

Scott & Christina Kearney

John & Janice Kelly

Charles & Linda Kinzig

Mrs. G. Lloyd Kirk ’41

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Lander ’44

Larking Hill Foundation

The Lawrence Family

Mr. & Mrs. Percy F. Leaper ’54

The Thomas LeFevre Family

Mr. & Mrs. Dana Thompson Lerch ’55

Andrew A. & Virginia B. Lewis

Crawford C. Madeira, Jr. ’36

Alexander McCurdy, III ’57

John M. Mirkil

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Mitchell ’73

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Morris ’67

Jeff & Meg Morrison

Mr. & Mrs. J. Edmund Mullin

In honor of Alexa ’08, Joseph ’10,

& Briana ’13 Narzikul

Carol & Charles Ogelsby ’63

Brooke Fesperman Olander ’84

Mr. Edgar S. Palmer ’54

The Panzer Family

Mr. & Mrs. J. Alden Philbrick, IV ’76

The Rev. Louis W. Pitt, Jr. ’40

Dan & Margo Polett & Family

Dr. & Mrs. James J. Purtill

Celian B. Putnam

Dilip Rajagopalan & Lini Kadaba and

Prasad & Pakaja Kadaba

Harley Rankin, Jr. ’57

Mr. William E. Rapp ’56

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Reder

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rettew, III ’50

In memory of William S. Richardson ’40

James O. Robbins Family Charitable Lead

Annuity Trust

Mr. & Mrs. E. William Ross, Sr. ’56

Lynn & Angelo Saggiomo

Karl Schoettle ’67

Scott F. Schumacker ’72

David R. Scott ’56

Edgar Scott, Jr. ’44

Dr. Peter F. & Sally G. Sharkey

The Silvera Family

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morgan Simpson

Estate of Mary A. Sonier

Drs. S. William & Lata Stavropoulos

Chris & Lauren O’Connor Sullivan ’88

Dr. William Z. Sun, Ms. Debra DeGrazia,

& Alexander Sun ’01

Jane R. & Page Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Tunnell ’47

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Vare, Jr. ’54

William M. Walker, II ’60

& Margaret B. Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Wall ’32

John, Mallory, & Greg ’00 Waterman

Mr. & Mrs. Roland W. Whitridge ’55

Frank & Kathryn Zirnkilton

$5,000 – $9,999


Don & Carolyn Avellino

The Estate of Mr. Philip E. Barringer ’33 †

Scott, Kathy, & Allen ’15 Barry

Mrs. William S. Baugh ’47

Tom Baxter ’58

Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Behler

Mrs. George deB. Bell ’42

The Right Reverend

& Mrs. Charles E. Bennison, Jr.

The Ashel P.H. Bloomer/

Caroline D. Bloomer Trust

Marc Breuers ’88

James. H Bromley ’56

Jon Butler ’67, Chris Murphy,

& Murf Butler

The Carella Family

James ’43 & Patricia Carson

Michael Y. Chang ’06

The Class of 1963

William M. & Sara Anne B. Clyde

Norman A. Cocke, III ’63

Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Colley ’56

Daniel T. Connelly ’99

David M. Cornell, II ’82

Katie & Andy Cox

Andrew F. Crockett ’01

Sandra G. Daly

John F. Dautrich ’70

Rick & Lora Davis

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Davison

Kathleen Chapman Degen ’01

Dr. Harry H. Deischer ’54

Fritz ’82 & Cheryl Denlinger


Mr. & Mrs. Biagio R. DeMento

Mr. & Mrs. R. Mark DeMoss ’80

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. DeOrsay, Jr. ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. DePillis ’83

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Deuber, Jr.

& Mr. R. William Miltz

Carl F. Deutsch ’57

Ramy Djerassi ’74

The Dockray Family

Mr. Thomas Dolan, IV ’41

The Farnham Family

Dick Feimster ’72

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Foxman ’83

Darrel Francis ’72

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh N. Fryer ’56

Walter ’58 & Judith Geggis

Sherry Geyelin in memory of Philip Geyelin ’40 †

Mr. & Mrs. A. Lynne Graburn, II ’53

Anne & Matt Hall

Don & Darcy Hamlin

Dorothy, Mark, Jocelyn ’04, & Caroline ’09


Beth & Chris Hanssens

Elie McKnight Haupt

Paul Stewart Hayward ’83

Maurice Heckscher, II ’60

Harry E. Hill, IV ’03

John J. Hill, IV ’58

Brooke Doherty Horgan ’95

Wayne Hurtubise ’49

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Irwin

& Robert Darlington Irwin ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jacoby ’83

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jamieson

Mr. & Mrs. Ward Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Jones, III ’87

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Judson, II ’48

Alison & Bill ’84 Keffer

Thomas D. & Maude Wood Kent

Mr. Richard B. Kern ’46

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Lander ’43

Mr. Robert C. Lea ’33

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Leisenring ’72

Pam & Greg Levinson

Richard T. Lyford, Jr. ’49

M Financial Group

The MacIntosh Family

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Mahoney

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. May & Family

D. Edward McAllister ’62

The McCann Family

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. McCarthy

Dan & Teresa McCormick

Pat & Marie McCormick

John E. R. “Brett” McGovern ’89

Sherman ’36 & Deborah Mehl

Mr. R. William Miltz

Jill & Ray Munder ’57

The Nickolas Family

Jane Oberwager ’91 & Raffaele Scalcione,

Andrew Oberwager ’93 & Ted Oberwager ’02

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Ott, Max ’15, & Dylan ’20

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Palumbo

Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Perate, Chloe ’11,

& Rocco ’13

Frederick Y. Peters

Richard Crawford Pugh ’47

Hannah S. Randolph

Noah ’14, Alexis ’16, & Ian ’20 Reape

Jean-Paul A. & Katherine H. Rebillard

Matthias Recktenwald ’14

Dr. & Mrs. Carl Regillo

Donald & Cynthe, Zachary ’12, Trevor ’16


Mr. & Mrs. James E. Rooks, Jr. ’63

Jacqueline & Richard Sabat

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Sando, Jr. ’89

& Holly Sando Rieck ’91

The Sarmiento Family

Marshall D. Sebring ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Sharpless & Family

William, Terry, & Chris ’05 Sherwin

Dr. Charles W. Shreiner, Jr. ’41 †

Joy & Gary Shugrue

Elizabeth Smith ’83 & Steven Hash

Dr. & Mrs. Thorne Sparkman, Jr. ’57

The Stewart Family

Tracey ’91 & Russell Stidolph

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Svigals

& Robert Wolfe Svigals ’11

Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Sykes, Jr. ’55

Mrs. Carl G. Torrey ’41

Frederick A. Tucker, Jr. ’51

Dr. & Mrs. Gary A. Tuma

Gerhard T. van Arkel

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Van Pelt ’54

Janice A. Gault & James F. Vander

Gardner ’83 & Amy Walling

H. Ross ’57 & Ann Hart Watson

Wayne & Vanessa Weisman

Addison R. West ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Whelan

The Whelen Van Dusen Family

Winged Keel Group, Inc.

Barbara Winner

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. (Woody) Woodring ’42

The Wright Family

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Zipf, Jr.

$4,999 and below*

Mr. & Mrs. David Acton ’51

Mr. L. Jay Agnes

Mr. Cary W. Ahl, Jr.

Ms. Connie Alexandrian

& Mr. Desmond M. McDonnell

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Allen ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Allman ’84

Mrs. Licia G. Allman

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Allman ’83

Mr. & Mrs. Robert X. Allman ’81

Mr. Vincent L. Allman ’81

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Altringer

James T. Amsterdam ’71

Ms. Doretta Andonucci

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Antonello

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Antonoplos

Ms. Gail I. Apfel

Mr. & Mrs. A. Joseph Armstrong ’57

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Arnold

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Auch, III ’82

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Auchincloss

Ms. Lauri J. Aylward


Mr. & Mrs. David F. Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Lucius Balsley

Mrs. George B. Barnard ’34

Mr. David J. Barnhart

Mr. & Mrs. John Barry

Ms. Sara F. Barton & The Rev. Hentzi Elek

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bast ’43

Prof. & Mrs. Daniel A. Baugh ’49

Mr. & Mrs. I. Croom Beatty, V

Dr. Katherine G. Beck

& Dr. Nathan Guerette ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Bell ’78

Dr. & Mrs. Peter J. Beller ’73

Mr. & Mrs. M. Bruce Bennett ’57

Mr. Christopher F. Bennett ’97

Mr. Peter A. Benoliel & Ms. Willo Carey

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Benson

Mr. David A. Bergen ’88

Ms. Carol Berger

Mr. Richard G. Berlin ’63

Mrs. Catherine Besa

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Besa

Dale Biegelman

Mr. Andrew Bilotta, CFP

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Binder

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Birch, Jr. ’44

Mr. Frederic H. Bird & Ms. Jean W. Little ’40

Mr. G. Reginald Bishop, Jr. ’40

Anthony deH. Bispham ’44

Mr. & Mrs. M. Parker Blatchford

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan L. Blatchford ’84

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Blatchford ’87

Mr. Michael A. Bloom

Mrs. Agnes L. Bollman & Mr. Jonathan J. Hendee

Mr. Richard C. Bond, Jr. ’55

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Booth

Mr. & Mrs. Luke H. Borda ’80

Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. Borkowski

Mrs. Patricia Boujoukos

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Braithwaite

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Breskman

Mr. Eric Bress

Mr. & Mrs. D. Mark Brian

Ms. Marian L. Brigg

Dr. Robert W. Bright ’57

Dr. Charles B. Brill & Ms. Lynn Godmilow

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Brinkmann

Charles M. Brinton ’37

Mr. James R. Brinton

Mr. & Mrs. Byard F. Brogan, Jr. ’49

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bronstein

David & Jane Brooks

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Brown ’44

Anthony & Cherie Brown

Mrs. Anne E. Brown ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bryant-Comstock

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney C. Buck

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Buckley, IV ’45

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Buckley ’43 †

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen V. Buerkle

Ms. Regina E. Buggy

Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Burak

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Butler ’88

George Edwin Byers, M.D.

& Mrs. Sally Byers ’53

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Caballero

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Callahan ’73

Robert and Kristen Callahan Family Fund

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Camp

Miss Scarlett N. Campitelli ’94

Charlie ’12 & Zachary ’12 Caraher

Mr. William J. Caruso, Esq. ’92

Mr. & Mrs. Sean T. Casey ’88

Mr. Howard B. Chadwick, Jr. ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Chagares

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Challis ’55

Mr. & Mrs. J. Lockwood Chamberlin ’44

Mr. Paul M. Chambers ’88

Stephen P. Chawaga ’76

Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Chiang

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Child

Ms. Margaret M. Chisholm

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Christen

Dr. David W. Christianson

& Dr. Anastasia K. Christianson

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Christos ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chupein, II

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Cicchitti

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Claffey

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Clary

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Clevens ’93

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Coale

Mr. & Mrs. William Coale

Malcolm Coates ’43

Mr. Wayne Coffin

& Mrs. Suzanne Siderio-Coffin

Helen Colson Development Associates

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Conger

David S. P. Conner ’33 †

Mr. & Dr. John & Winifred Constable

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Crawford, Jr. ’44

Peter D. Crawford ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis G. Creskoff

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Crossin

Ms. Elizabeth Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Dambly

Ms. Helen B. Darling

Mr. Jay B. Davis ’58

Mrs. Amy Loring Davis

& Mr. Daniel Walker ’88

Mr. Warren S. Davis ’31 †

Mr. Jeffrey A. Day & Ms. Erin G. Brady

Ms. Anita C. Deasey & Ms. Jane Egnaczyk

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Decker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. DeCoursey ’44

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Deger, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Dom Degnon ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Carlo T. DeMarco

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Demorest ’67

Mr. John C. Dempsey, III

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. DeNatale

Mr. Anthony A. DeSabato

Dr. Richard B. Devereux ’73

& Dr. Corinne K. Devereux

Lower School at Devon

Mr. & Mrs. Brian I. Dolan

Mr. Robert V. Donato, III

Mrs. Peggy Donnard

Peter S. ’76 Dooner & Deirdre Dooner

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Dooner ’83

Dr. Eric M. Dube


Mr. & Mrs. John D. Dugery, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Duncan ’53

J.J. Durant ’88

Mr. C. Thomas Egan & Ms. Donna Delauter

Mr. Paul H. Engle, Jr. ’44

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Ennis, Jr.

In Memory of Anne Marie Fahey

Mr. & Mrs. John Fahey ’88

Mr. Christopher C. Fallon, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Roderick C. Farmer ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Farrell, Jr.

Mr. & Robert C. Fernley ’40

Mr. & Mrs. W. Rowe Fesperman

Mr. & Mrs. Rufus C. Finch

Richard Fitzgerald

Ann & Dick Flannery

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Flynn

Mr. & Mrs. E. Michael Forgash, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jason R. Freeman, Ph.D. ’88

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Fryman ’81

Mr. Langdon H. Fulton ’44

Mr. & Mrs. Forrest L. Gager, Jr. ’40

Ms. Joanne Galette

Mr. Stephen Gambescia

Mr. & Mrs. Rex R. Gary ’73

Mr. & Mrs. C. Alan Geiger

Mrs. Suzanne K. Gerber

Mr. Joseph J. Geyer

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Giordano

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Goldston

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Goodman ’57

Mr. Donald A. Gordon ’43

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Gordon ’89

Mr. Jeffrey Graboyes & Ms. Adele Millhimes

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Graburn ’56

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Graham

Mr. Robson L. Greer, Jr. ’44

Mr. John P. Gregg ’65

Ms. Catherine M. Grimes

Ms. Joanne Grossi

Mr. Kurt A. Haab ’82 & Dr. Jean E. Haab ’84

Mr. Arthur H. Hacker, III ’55

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Hagar ’55

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Hahn

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Haines ’63

Mr. & Mrs. Lenard M. Haley

Mrs. Marcia K. Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. William Harkisheimer

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis J. Hart, Jr. ’63

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Atlee Harvey ’44

Dr. Holly L. Hedrick and Dr. Hans M. Haupt

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Hayes

Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Hayes

Ms. Annette M. Healey

Mr. Paul A. Heavener, II ’05

Mr. & Mrs. Gustave A. Heckscher, III ’56

Miss Kellen A. Heckscher ’97

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Heier

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Heil, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Henry ’33

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hershey

Mr. & Mrs. V. Steve Herzog

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence S. Hirshland

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Hofmann

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hollinger, II

Mr. Ralph H. Hood ’53

Mr. Andy P. Horbowy & Ms. Lynda T. Talbot

Randy S. Horne

Mr. & Mrs. Denny L. Howell, II

Dr. Barbara D. Hughes & Mr. Edward J. Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hughes

Ms. Catherine M. Hunt ’99

Mr. J. Dave Hunter

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Hyduke

Paul M. Ingersoll ’46

Mr. & Mrs. M. Roy Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Jackson, II ’63

Ms. Melva A. Jackson

Mr. Christopher A. Jahnle ’06

Ms. Sarah Jarvis

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Jarvis

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jefferis

Mr. & Mrs. Krishna N. Jha

Lindsey Johnson ’04

Ms. Susan V. Johnson & Mr. Steven Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Joline, III ’43

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Jordan ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Eli A. Kahn

Ms. Beverly Kapustiak

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kell, Jr. ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Kelly

Dr. Charles H. Kendall, Jr. ’57

Mr. Ronald B. Kennedy

Mr. Richard J. Kenny

& Mrs. Catherine C. Coyne-Kenny

Mr. James W. Kephart ’73

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Kiley ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. King

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Kirby

Mr. Malcolm Kirk ’79

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Kittleman

Dr. Andrew G. Knox ’41 †

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Kochinsky

Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Koelle ’60

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Kopp

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Koroly

Mr. & Mrs. David Kovacs

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kramer

Ms. Stephanie B. Kugelman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Kunik ’82

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Lambert

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Lander ’71

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lang ’88

Dr. & Mrs. E. James Langham, III ’57

Maria Lathran

Mr. & Mrs. Grey Latran

Mr. Adam Lavallee

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Letts

Mr. & Mrs. Micheal Levin

Mr. Drew G. Lewis ’91

Dr. Jacob D. Lindy ’55

Mr. & Mrs. J. Barton Linvill ’33

The Family of Amy Liu

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Liversidge ’58

Mr. Robert P. Liversidge, Jr. ’55

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lloyd, III ’55

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Logan


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Longstreth ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Emery W. Loomis, III ’69

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Lovell, III ’81

Mr. Mark C. Luff

Mrs. Patricia Ann S. Lunkenheimer

Miss Ashley K. Lunkenheimer ’92

Mr. William D. Machold ’63

Mr. James J. Mack & Mrs. Debra J. Kurucz

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Madey

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Magee, Jr. ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Maginnis

Mr. Eugene J. Maginnis, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Maier

Mary Agnes Malter

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Manion, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Manning

Frances & Alvan Markle, III

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Markman

Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Marvin

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Marvin ’88

Mr. & Mrs. William O. Master, Jr. ’55

Matarazzo Family

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Matthews ’57

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Mattoon ’49

Dr. & Mrs. Donald McCarren

Mr. John N. McConnell, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. McConnell, Jr. ’42

Dan & Teresa McCormick

Mrs. Kathleen A. McCullough

Ms. Marie T. McDermott

Mrs. Donald McDonald

Kristin McIlhenney ’90

Mr. Leighton H. McIlvaine, Jr. ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. McKeever

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McKeever

Ben McKinley ’80

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. McLaughlin, Jr. ’86

Mr. Martin M. McLaughlin

& Ms. Soly Abraham-McLaughlin

Peter McLean ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. McManus

Mr. & Mrs. Rory A. McManus

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew H. McMeekin ’91

Mr. & Mrs. David B. McMullin, Jr. ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Omar Y. McNeill, Esq. ’85

Miss Elizabeth S. McQuilkin ’03

Ms. Jean K. McQuiston

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Meaney

Ms. Helen Ann Meehan

Mr. Thomas J. Meehan, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Menk

Mr. John A. Meyers ’00

Ms. Johanna C. Mickel

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Miller

Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Milone

Mr. R. William Miltz

Ms. Patricia A. Mingey

Ms. Elizabeth Mita

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Molettieri, Jr.

Mr. Richard R. Montgomery, Jr. ’45

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Montgomery, II ’47

Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Moore ’44

Mr. Jack Morin & Mrs. Linda Coughlin-Morin

Nicholas Allen Morris ’05

Mrs. George L. Morrison, Jr. ’40

Mr. & Mrs. James Morrison

Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Muck

Mr. & Mrs. David Mullaney

Mr. James P. Mullarkey

Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Mullen

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Mulqueen

Ms. Margaret R. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Murray ’91

Mr. Richard S. Myers & Ms. Erin Langan ’91

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Naccarato

Dr. & Mrs. Frank O. Nagle, Jr. ’38

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Nansteel, Jr. ’63

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Nealis

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Neff, Jr.

Mrs. Harry R. Neilson, Jr. ’46

Mr. Mark R. Nicoletti

Mr. & Mrs. Karl E. Nigh

Dr. & Mrs. Philip Nimoityn

Dr. & Mrs. Philip T. Ninan

Mrs. Rosemary Nofer

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Novak

Mr. Paul O’Farrell

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ogens

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. O’Grady

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Olenski

Mr. & Mrs. Eric V. Orange

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Orr, Jr. ’63

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Ortlieb, Sr. ’82

Ms. Clara Oteri

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Owsiany

Mr. & Mrs. Sam J. Pace

Loyd ’65 & Debbie Pakradooni

Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Pakradooni ’57

Mr. & Mrs. Haig H. Pakradooni, III ’52

Valerie J. Palamountain

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Palmier

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Paolone

Rev. Thomas Y. Park & Ms. Lisa A. Park

Howard F. Park III ’51

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert R. Parker ’57

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Pauciulo

Dr. & Mrs. Lee T. Pearcy

Dona H. Pearcy

Mrs. Catherine E. Pearn

Mr. Alexander C. Pearson

& Ms. Kristin A. Lindgren

Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Pelletier

Max Perkins & Sarah Baker Perkins ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Petrakis

David Peyton ’70

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Mr. & Mrs. J. Peter Pierce, Sr.

Miss Elizabeth D. Pillion ’01

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Pillsbury, Jr. ’53

Dr. & Mr Rebecca A. Pollock, M.D. ’91

Mr. John L. Potter

Ms. Colleen Quinn

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Quinn

Mr. Christopher W. Raker ’63

Mr. Richard Ramentol

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Ransome, III ’44

Mr. William M. Rawle ’55

Vinod & Vyjanthi Reddy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Reed, II ’57

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Reedy, III ’88


Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Reese

Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. Regan

Mrs. Nicholas A. Rey ’56

Mr. Roger A. Reynolds, Jr. ’84

James F. Richter ’86 &

Kimberly Zinman Richter ’88

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Robb, Jr. ’55

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Roberts, Jr. ’56

Gardner ’44 & Margaret Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Rooks, Jr. ’63

John W. Rorer ’48

Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Rosato ’90

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard M. Rosato ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Roselle, Jr. ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Ross

Mr. Kirk E. Rothrock

Mr. James F. Rowe, II

Dr. & Mrs. Scott A. Rushton

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ryan ’82

William E. and Tamra R. Ryan Foundation

Col. (Ret.) Lloyd F. Sammons ’63

Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Samms

Mr. Walter H. Sangree ’44

Mrs. Susan Schwartz & Mr. Gordon F. Schwartz

Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Scott

Mr. Peter E. Scott ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Sellig

Cannie, Win, Francie ’05, & Blake ’08 Shafer

Mr. & Mrs. George C. Shafer, Jr.

Mr. William T. Shearer, III ’74

Mrs. Kathy M. Shelton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. Silverberg

W. Percy Simpson Trust

Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Singer ’30

Larry Singmaster ’60

Mrs. Kay Skjellerup

Jules Slatko

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg H. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Nevill Smythe

In honor of George Cauffman ’32

Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Sossaman ’63

Dr. William H. Spellman ’63

Mr. & Mrs. F. Gilman Spencer ’44

Mrs. Virginia S. Spofford

Mr. John L. Spofford ’74

Treadway S. Spratley

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Stagnaro

Ms. Georgia E. Stanley

Ms. Katherine E. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. S. Bertram Stiff, III ’63

Mrs. Deborah G. Stinnett

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Stoviak

Mr. & Mrs. James Stroup

Mr. & Mrs. John Stull

Ms. Lynne Stull

Morgan P. Suckow ’96

Mr. Scott Sullivan

Mr. Brian A. Sullivan

Mr. Andrew R. Supplee ’57

Richard Surbeck ’57 †

Dr. & Mrs. Henry L. Surprenant

Mr. Hase W. Taylor, Jr. ’57

Ms. Anita Tedesco

Mr. Donald L. Teegarden ’55

Dorothy Therman

Mrs. Edward Clifford Perkins Thomas, Jr. ’63

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Toal

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tobar

Dr. & Mrs. Joel A. Tobias ’55

Mr. Geoffrey Towell

Mr. Shawn P. Travis & Ms. Susan M. Van Rheenen

Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Trimble

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Troiani

Mr. & Mrs. Carter J. Trudel ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Trumbull

Miss Rosemary L. Trumbull ’06

Mr. Jonathan F. Trumbull ’07

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. H. Twaddell ’55

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Underwood

Charles H. Urban ’44 †

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Urbani, Jr. ’78

The Rev. & Mrs. Rudolph J. van der Hiel ’58

Mrs. Francis L. Van Dusen ’30

Mrs. Violet Van Zelst

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Vandergast

Dr. Matt M. Vegari & Dr. Sheila B. Vegari

Vegari Foundation

Ms. Kathleen Vick

Miss Christina W. Vick-Kell ’07

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Volpe, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Waldron, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Walsh ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P. Warner

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery I. Watkin

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Weaver ’55

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Weaver

Mark Weisheit ’91

Ms. Elizabeth Welch

Mr. & Mrs. Tobias W. Welo

Richard & Diane Welsh

Mr. Frederick W. Weston, Jr. ’42

Parents of Devon

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Wharton

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Whelan

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Q. Whelan ’74

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. Whelan ’87

Mr. Robert W. Wilkey

Mr. Richard W. Wilkinson

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Will

Ms. Ellen E. Winn

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Wolff

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Wolitarsky

Dr. Edward Y. Woo & Dr. Irene J. S. Woo

Ms. & Margaret Wright

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Yarnall, III ’40

Matt ’04 & Brian ’08 Young

Mrs. Roma S. Young

Drs. Joseph & Lauren Zebrowitz

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Zimmerman, III ’71

Mr. & Mrs. Marc H. Zisselman

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Zwann

* Please note that contributions toward the Brian

Edward Breskman ’06 Memorial Fund for Faculty

Support and The Michelle Deasey ’17 Memorial

Scholarship Fund are included in the Ever Episcopal





Master Planning Committee

Sidney C. Buck

Gretchen H. Burke

L. Hamilton Clark

Thomas S. Connelly

David F. Crockett ’75

Mark Devey

J. B. Doherty

Julie Green

Rush T. Haines, II ’61

Lenard M. Haley

Catherine J. Hall

Christine Henisee

Crawford Hill, III ’70

Margaret M. Hollinger

Paige Peters LeGrand

Francis J. Leto ’77

Michael F. Letts

Harry R. Madeira ’72

Christopher F. McConnell

Andrew C. McGregor

Stephen Morris

Mark Notaro

J. Brian O’Neill

Patricia Porter

Roy B. Simpson, Jr.

Brian P. Tierney ’75

Kenneth W. Tunnell ’47

Geoffrey K.Wagg

Ever Episcopal

Campaign Leadership

Campaign Co-Chairs

Gretchen H. Burke

H. Alan Hume, M.D. ’44

John J. F. Sherrerd ’47 †

Michael P. Shouvlin ’50

Brian P. Tierney ’75

Leadership Co-Chairs

Jay Crawford ’57

Jerry L. Johnson

A. Bruce Mainwaring ’44

J. Brian O’Neill

Campaign Committee

Patrice G. Aitken

JoAnne Bagnell

Elizabeth A. Corrigan

J. Gordon Cooney, Jr. ’77

Jeremy & Susan Coote

Jill H. Durovsik

James B. Francis, Jr. ’53

George W. Hebard, Jr.

John F. Hentz ’48

Crawford Hill, III ’70

Deborah J. R. Hirtle

Scott R. Isdaner ’71

Bob & Carol Kutteh

Francis J. Leto ’77

Richard W. Lowry ’54

Christopher F. McConnell

James W. McLane

Jim & Nancy Minnick

Jeffrey A. Morrison ’74

Alla F. Pasternack ’89

Roger A. Reynolds, Jr. ’84

Anne M. Robinson

Pia RoyChowdhury

Benjamin P. Shein ’77

Roy B. Simpson, Jr.

George G. Smith, III

Ed ’77 & Karen Spofford

Kenneth W. Tunnell ’47

Ray Welsh

Richard Woodville

James W. Zug ’58


“We can’t predict

the future, but

we can enable it.”

—Antoine de Saint-


The Episcopal Academy

Trustees 1998 – 2008

“Our vision is ambitious: we aim to become a

national model of educational excellence, to join

that elite group of independent day schools that is

widely regarded as being the finest in America.”

With that call to action, The Challenge to Lead,

Episcopal’s strategic plan, was introduced to its

constituents, and the journey to Newtown Square

had begun. That two-year extensive and intensive

planning process, involving more than 200 alumni,

parents, faculty, administration, and students,

had as its mandate to develop a clear vision for

Episcopal in the new millennium and to chart the

course of action to achieve that vision. We salute

and thank those listed below particularly for their

thoughtful and intentional work that provided the

foundation and produced the roadmap for the many

transformational decisions that have been made by

the Board of Trustees in the last ten years.

Fred C. Aldridge, Jr. ’51

Theresa A. Baena

Laraine K. Ballard

Garrison W. Brinton ’45

Robert J. Bruce

Leslie A. Brun

Walter W. Buckley, III ’78

Gretchen H. Burke

Raymond C. Burton, Jr. ’56

L. Hamilton Clark, Jr.

Thomas S. Connelly

J. Gordon Cooney, Jr. ’77

Jeremy P. Coote

Melanie B. Cox

James L. Crawford, Jr. ’57

David F. Crockett, Jr. ’75

Richard G. Crockett ’82

Katherine D. Crothall, Ph.D.

Christopher S. D’Angelo ’71

Robert F. Dee

F. Eugene Dixon, Jr. ’42

John B. Doherty

Debra L. Dupre

Richard P. Feimster ’72

James O. Flint ’83

Daniel W. Foster ’65

Elizabeth S. Gadsden

Samuel H. Galib, M.D.

Frederick C. Haab ’55

Jean P. Haab, M.D. ’84

Rush T. Haines, II ’61

Charles E. Haldeman, Jr.

Suchinda Heavener

Christine A. Henisee

Peri W. Higgins

Deborah J. R. Hirtle

Susan J. Hohnsbeen

H. Alan Hume, M.D. ’44

Scott R. Isdaner ’71

Jerry L. Johnson

Lori P. Kelly

Sandra P. Kenton

James J. Koegel

Ann Madara Kraftson ’85

William L. Laury, M.D.

Robert H. Lee, Jr. ’52

Francis J. Leto ’77

Howard H. Lewis ’52

Richard W. Lowry ’54

Alan W. Lukens ’42

Harry R. Madeira, Jr. ’72

Catherine Kurz McComb ’95

Christopher F. McConnell

Omar Y. McNeill ’85

Francis J. Mirabello

Margaret M. Murphy

Henry N. Nassau ’72

Richard R. S. Northrop ’70

Charles W. Ogelsby, Jr. ’63

J. Brian O’Neill

Patricia W. Porter

David J. Reape ’80

John B. Rettew, III ’50

Holly Sando Rieck ’91

Anne M. Robinson

Susan B. Robinson

James W. Ryan ’82

Benjamin P. Shein ’77

Michael P. Shouvlin ’50

Roy B. Simpson, Jr.

Brooks Thomas ’49

Brian P. Tierney ’75

Kenneth W. Tunnell ’47

Mark D. Turner

Robert E. Turner

John C. van Roden, Jr. ’67

Edward H. Vick ’62

Steven L. Volla

Amy P. Walling

Constance H. Williams

Geoffrey F. Worden ’57

James W. Zug ’58


Honorary Chair

The Rt. Rev. Charles E. Bennison, Jr.

Trustees Emeriti

Harry B. French ’44

Louis W. Fryman

Joseph K. Gordon ’43

Richard W. Havens ’38

Edward L. Jones, Jr. ’53

E. Brooks Keffer, Jr. ’47

Vincent G. Kling

William H. Lamb ’58

Edward B. Leisenring, Jr. ’44

Peter M. Mattoon ’49

Davis Pearson ’43

Daniel H. Polett

James L. Stinnett, M.D.

Jane R. Thompson

Donald van Roden ’42



In his introduction to this booklet honoring our

supporters, my friend Brian Tierney recalled some of

Episcopal’s storied past. From the earliest days of this

country, across young Philadelphia, through Merion

and Devon, to a pristine expanse of Pennsylvania

farmland, Episcopal Academy has already written one

of the great stories in American independent school


And I believe that it was in large part our unique

history, our great American story, that both drove us

and guided us as we accomplished what very few

independent schools have ever even envisioned, much

less attempted.

Our story, of course, is really written by hundreds

of amazing teachers and thousands of contributing

citizens sent into the world. As the Episcopal family,

we have savored every chapter. And now we move on

to the next, with an ever-growing enthusiasm, in the

belief that it will be even better than the last.

Thank you, all.

—Ed Vick ’62

Trustee of The Academy

Former Chairman/CEO of Young & Rubicam Worldwide


“Our new campus represents the culmination

of countless hours of time and thought and

planning so generously given by so many of

you. It represents the faith and courage so

impressively demonstrated by our board, our

alumni, and our parents to ensure this great

school’s strength and mission for generations

to come. We are here in this beautiful new

space thanks to all of you.”

Ham Clark, Fall 2008

Alumni & Development Office*

Paige Peters LeGrand, Director of Development

Meg Hollinger, Director of Special Projects

Sam Bloom, Director of Data Management & Research

Kathleen Cannon, Major Gifts Officer

Jeff Day, Director of Major Gifts

Winnie Doherty, Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Erin O’Brien Dugery ’89, Director of Alumni

Carolyn Jaeger, Director of Planned Giving

Bruce Konopka, Associate Director of Development

Theresa McElhone, Development Assistant

Mary Kay Naughton, Annual Giving Assistant

Sarah Baker Perkins ’01, Campaign Coordinator & Major Gifts Officer

Jennifer Slike, Director of Annual Giving

Nancy Taylor, Alumni Assistant

*As of the close of the Ever Episcopal Campaign, December 2008

The Episcopal Academy

1785 Bishop White Drive | Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073-0379

484-424-1400 Tel | 484-424-1600 Fax | www.episcopalacademy.org

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