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A Short Course in Medical Terminology,

Second Edition

C. Edward Collins

Instructor Resources

(available online/CD):

• Test Generator

• PowerPoint Slides

• Lesson Plans

• Classroom Activities

• Crossword Puzzle Builder

• Image Bank

Student Resources

(available online/CD):

• Full-Text Online

• Quiz Bank

• Games and Audio Drills

• Flash Cards

• Animations

February 2010/ 500 pp./ 130 illus./ Text: 978-0-7817-9883-9/ Text and Premium

Online Course: 978-0-7817-9979-9


•Designed for self-instruction or classroom use

•Fast, effective, efficient way to study

•Organized into two sections: Part One covers the basics of

terminology, word parts, and word analysis; Part Two is devoted to the

major body systems

•An Online Course is available for use with this text and guides

students through the book and offers a variety of assessment exercises

•NEW! Redesign of entire book for improved visual appeal and


•NEW! Addition of Learning Objectives to each chapter

•NEW! Enhanced deciphering medical documents feature allows for

practical application of chapter content

•NEW! Enhanced art program; addition of 40 figures to give visual

reinforcement of content

•NEW! Enhanced chapter exercises - more and more variety for fun


•NEW! Expanded content: Pharmacology in each body systems

chapter, Additional Pathologies

•NEW! Expanded content: New Appendices: Abbreviations, Medical

Word Parts, Error-Prone Abbreviations

•Premium Online Course is compatible with WebCT and BlackBoard

Medical Terminology Quick & Concise:

A Programmed Learning Approach

Marjorie Canfield Willis, CMA-AC

Instructor Resources:

• Test Generator

• PowerPoint Slides

• Lesson Plans

• Classroom Handouts

• Image Bank

Student Resources:

• Review Exercises

• Scored Chapter Quizzes and a

Final Exam

• Game Learning Activities

• Audio Pronunciation Glossary

• Electronic Dictionary by chapter

provided by Stedman’s Medical

Dictionary, 28 th edition

• Flash Cards

February 2009/ 464 pp./ 150 illus./ Text: 978-0-7817-6534-3/ Text & Premium

Online Course: 978-0-7817-9572-2


• Uses a programmed and contextual learning approach

• Meet the Patient introduces patients in realistic situations

• Core Term Components

• Self-Instruction introduces suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms as

term basics in increments

• Programmed Review sections help students take that information

and build on it to form new terms at their own pace

• Vital Statistics give students an opportunity to expand their

knowledge in a meaningful way

• On Closer Inspection boxes provide more content depth for better


• Rx for Success give tips and reminders, as well as specific pitfalls to

avoid when analyzing terms

• Key Terms Listing in each chapter provides written and audio


Medical Record Exercises provide students with real-world context

and a chance to apply knowledge in a practical way

• Color-coded Flash Cards located at the back of the text

• Artwork with full-color illustrations and photographs

• Appendices

- Easy-to-reference summary of medical term components

- Glossary of abbreviations and symbols

- List of the 50 most frequently prescribed medications,

including their therapeutic uses

• Premium Online Course is compatible with WebCT and BlackBoard

Instructor Resources:

•PowerPoint Slides

•Lesson Plans

•Word Search Activities

•Additional Case Studies

•Fill-in-the-Blank Table Exercises

•Image Bank

•Instructor’s Test Generator

•WebCT and Blackboard-Ready


Student Resources:


•Look & Label Figure Labeling

•Zooming In Questions

•Concentration Activities

•Audio Flash Cards

•Audio Drills (which can be

downloaded as MP3 Files)

•Listen & Label Exercises

Medical Terminology: An Illustrated

Guide, Sixth Edition

Barbara Johnson Cohen, BA, MSEd

March 2010/ 784 pp./ 320 illus./ 978-1-60547-604-9


•NEW!: User friendly design makes it easier for students to review content and

learn medical terminology

•NEW!: Robust ancillary program with PASSport to Success included, as well

as the addition of animations

•Detailed full-color illustrations demonstrate key points and make terminology

easier to remember

•Pretests at the beginning of each chapter prepare your students for material

that they will learn in the chapter

•NEW! Addition of dental terminology in response to reviewer feedback

•NEW!: Updated representation of health professions

•NEW!: Inclusion of written pronunciations for all appropriate terms

•Case Studies and questions show medical terminology used in context and

applied to real-life clinical situations

•Organization makes content accessible enough that text can be used as

part of classroom instruction, for independent study, or for distance learning

•Starter set of printed flashcards; NEW to this edition, ancillaries include

electronic flashcards of all terms in the text, as well as the ability to add

additional flashcards

•Special interest boxes throughout the text provide a closer examination of

different words and clinical perspectives with real-world application

•Say It Out Loud, Spelling Bee, and Sound It

Out Exercises

•Dictionary and Audio Glossary


•Case Studies with Questions

•Crossword Puzzles

•Multiple Choice, True/False, and Fill-in-the

Blank Questions

•Chapter Quizzes

•Word Building

•Flash Card Generator

•Interactive Games

Stedman’s Medical Terminology:

Steps to Success in Medical Language

Charlotte Creason, RHIA (Editor)

Instructor Resources:

•Instructor's Manual (PDF); Image

Bank; PowerPoint slides with Lecture

Notes; Lesson Plans; Test Bank;

Animations; Crossword Puzzle

Builder; Classroom Handouts (word

searches, crossword puzzles, and

medical scrambles); Medical

Record Library; and Web Links

Student Resources:

•Quiz Bank; Games; Additional

Medical Records Exercises;

Stedman's Glossary with Audio

Pronunciations; Electronic Flash

Cards; Flash Card Builder so students

can create their own flash cards;

Downloadable Audio Drills for MP3

Player; and Animations

October 2010/ 784 pp./ 400 illus./ 978-1-58255-816-5


• Mid-level medical terminology text perfect for instructors looking for

minimal coverage of anatomy and physiology and plenty of hands-on

exercises to reinforce learning. Each chapter alternates between term

presentation and exercises to ensure that students can apply what they

have learned immediately.

• Simple, straightforward writing style ensures students more easily

comprehend medical terminology

•A variety of exercise types keep the student engaged and build

throughout the chapter, progressing from recall, to word building, to

comprehension, and on to application and analysis; icons throughout

the text identify each exercises position in this progression

• The exercises emphasize real-world context: case studies place the

student in true-to-life situations, and authentic medical records allow the

student to experience medical terminology as it is used in the health

care setting

• Includes thorough coverage of key areas of terminology, including

pharmacology terms in each of the Body Systems chapters, plus a

separate chapter on oncology

• 16-page full-color Stedman's anatomy atlas for easy anatomy


• Robust ancillary program enhances the learning and teaching process

for both students and instructors

• Includes a starter set of printed flashcards to make studying a breeze

• Available Premium Online Course

Medical Terminology: A Programmed

Learning Approach to the Language of

Health Care, Second Edition

Marjorie Canfield Willis, CMA-CA

Instructor Resources:

•PowerPoint slides

•Lesson Plans

•Word Search Activities with Answer Keys

•Crossword Activities with Answers

• Test Generator

•Image Bank

•Chapter Outlines

•Overviews & Objectives

•Additional Medical Records/Case Studies

•Sample Course Schedules

•Body System Overview

Student Resources:

•Multiple-Choice & True/False Questions

•Figure Labeling Exercises

•Spelling Bee


•Games and Learning Activities

•Case Study/Critical Thinking

•In Context Medical Record Exercises

•Review or test mode capability

•Pronunciation Drill



•Answers to additional medical record exercises

2007/ 825 pp./ 240 illus./ Text: 978-0-7817-9283-7/ Text & Online Course:



•Bookmark is part of the approach and allows students to cover up the left-hand

answer columns while memorizing terms or completing exercises in the right-hand


•Actual medical records used throughout

•Review exercises and answers are at the end of each chapter

•Health Care Records chapter explains how terms are learned and reinforced

using medical records

•Pharmacology, in body system chapters, gives important drug terms

•Chapters organized to introduce types of terms the way a condition is

diagnosed and treated

•Starter set of flash cards with common medical term components

- Expanded chapter on basic term components

- Acronyms and Abbreviations chart at the end of each chapter

- Summary of Terms provides a comprehensive list

- Chapter Objectives checklist guides through the chapter content

- Text and Student Resource CD-ROM integrated through chapter

checklists, along with video chapter introductions to provide a more

interactive learning experience, and encourage use of the CD

- LiveAdvise is a free resource with every book offers free teaching advice

and online tutoring

- Customizable Premium Online Course available as an additional purchase

Medical Terminology: The Language of

Health Care, Second Edition

Marjorie Canfield Willis, CMA-CA

2005/ 648 pp./ 560 illus./ Text: 978-0-7817-4510-9/ Text & WebCT: 978-0-7817-5987-

8/ Text & Blackboard: 978-0-7817-5986-1

Online Course:

•A complete, ready-to-go

course that does not require

any additional content added,

but instructors may add their

own content if they wish

•Customized to the text by


•Different content from the

book and CD

•Course content includes

exercises, flashcards, weblinks,

and already created quizzes

and assignments


Medical records demonstrate how terms are used in clinical


•Each chapter includes:

- "Ancient artifacts" boxes with historical backgrounds for

commonly used terms

- Practice exercises with answers

- Medical Record Analyses practice examples give real

world experience

•Organized by Body System

•Chapter 1: Building a Medical Vocabulary is dedicated to time

management, sensory mnemonics, and flash cards use

•Chapter 4: The Medical Record orients to basic forms used to

document patient care

•Additional psychiatry and oncology terms

•Appendices include term components, abbreviations, and

symbols, answers to exercises and a listing of commonly

prescribed drugs

•Bonus CD has assessment exercises and audio pronunciations

•Laminated quick review guide packaged with the text

•Live Advise online tutoring and teaching advice is free

Online Course:

•Complete, ready-to-go course

does not require additional content,

but instructors may add if they wish

•Customized to the text by chapter

•Different content from the book

and CD

•Course content includes exercises,

flashcards, audio pronunciations of

key terms from Stedman's, chapter

quizzes, interactive labeling

exercises, the medical terminology

Power Learning self-assessment, and

a comprehensive word combination

reference chart

Using Medical Terminology:

A Practical Approach

Judi L Nath PhD

2005/ 957 pp./ 322 illus./ Text: 978-0-7817-4868-1/

Text & WebCT: 978-0-7817-5973-1/ Text & Blackboard: 978-0-7817-5972-4


•Takes a comprehensive approach immersing students in the language of

medical terminology

•Rich art program with an average of 25 images per chapter – featuring

many ACC artwork illustrations

•Students are required to use the full terms in context, rather than breaking

down words and memorizing word parts, lists, and definitions

•Tables throughout the text: Word Parts, Prefixes and Suffixes, Word

Etymology, Key Terms, The Clinical Perspective (summary table with all key

terms used in the pathology sections, and Common Abbreviations)

•Exercises throughout the text: Word Grouping, Word Building, Term

Practice, Key Terms Definition Tests, and Key Terms Spelling Tests

•Answer s for all exercises except Key Terms Definition and Key Terms

Spelling tests

•3-Level Learning System Exercises for Review and Application - A 3-part set

of review exercises for recall, review, and critical thinking

•Boxed content includes:

- Professional Profiles

- Case Studies

- Real World Reports - medical records the Case Study

- System previews - Narratives introduce A&P of the body system


- Fast Facts

- Lifespan boxes - age-related issues discussed in the chapter

- In the News boxes

•Bonus CD-ROM contains audio glossary of terms, Key Terms Spelling Tests,

and word charts

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the

Health Professions and Nursing,

Seventh Edition


2011/ 2512 pp./ 1000 illus./ 978-1-60831-692-2

Ancillary Assets:

• More than 40,000

pronunciations online

• 5,600 illustrations

available online


• Over 56,000 terms

• Nearly 65 valuable appendices

• 1,000 illustrations

• Anatomical insert by Anatomical Chart Company

• Written pronunciations for every term

• British alternative spellings

• Precision-cut thumb tabs

• A to Z organization for easier look up

• Over 46 leading consultants from the fastest growing

nursing and health professions contributed to the

enhancements of this latest edition

• FREE One year subscription to Stedman’s Online

• FREE version of Stedman’s PLUS Medical/Pharmaceutical

Spellchecker ($99 value)

Stedman’s Pocket Guide to Medical



October 2008 / 352 pp./ 25 illus./ 978-0-7817-9981-2

Ancillary Asset:

•Bonus CD-ROM includes:

- Image Bank

- Audio Pronunciation


- Spanish-English

pronunciation glossary


•Portable reference

•16-page full-color anatomy atlas

•Full-color design with printed tabs to quickly orient the


•Quick reference lists

•Quick reference tables

•Spanish-English content

•Audio pronunciations on CD-ROM including Spanish

•Image Bank

•Dedicated sections focus on commonly confused

terminology (including drug names), abbreviations,

acronyms, and symbols

Stedman’s Medical Terminology Flash

Cards, Second Edition


October 2009/ 1600 pp./ 455 illus./ 978-1-60831-178-1

Ancillary Assets:

•Question Bank

•Multiple Choice

Spelling Bee


•Fill-in-the-blank Exercises

•Audio Pronunciation



•New! Addition of illustrations to cards

•New! New full-color design

•New! Each specialty is color-coded

•800 generously sized 3x5 flash cards

•Easy-to-understand, concise definitions for each word or

word part

Medical Terminology Word-Building Exercises with

commonly encountered medical terms so you can put your

knowledge into practice

•Contains 800 flash cards made up of prefixes, suffixes, and

root words to help users learn the building blocks of medical


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