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Download a PDF version - Imagewear

Download a PDF version - Imagewear

2. Shell only 1. SHELL

2. Shell only 1. SHELL WITH FULL ZIP-IN LINER FOR MAXIMUM WARMTH 3. Liner only with sleeves on Liner has zip-off sleeves for freer arm movement. Bellows pockets on sleeve increase cargo space. 4. reversible liner ONLY with sleeves on 5. Liner only with sleeves off DAKOTA HYPER-DRI® HD2 7‐IN‐1 JACKET WITH REVERSIBLE T-MAX® LINER Rugged 600-denier polyester shell remains flexible in cold and wet, with polyurethane coating for water repellency. Lined with polyester for moisture-wicking comfort. Reversible liner (solar fleece on one side, ripstop polyester on the other) has T-MAX® INSULATION and zip-off sleeves. Colours: Black, Navy. Sizes: S M L XL 2XL 3XL. Style: I8E419 $179.99† Zip in the T-MAX® liner for maximum protection from cold. 6. reversible liner only with sleeves off 7. Shell with reversible liner WITH SLEEVES OFF 1-877-861-7101

WINTER ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE, BUT YOUR PEOPLE NEED TO. There’s no one solution for any challenge. So when your challenge is winter, Imagewear gives you hundreds of uniform choices that work together to keep your team comfortable. MEN’S DAKOTA STRETCH TWILL COVERALLS 8.5-ounce cotton twill with added stretch. T-MAX® INSULATION. Removable 3-piece hood. Two-way zipper. Main pockets expand for extra storage. Tool pockets. Knee-to-ankle leg zippers for easy on/off. Colour: Navy. Sizes: S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL MT LT XLT 2XLT 3XLT 4XLT. Style: I9E819 $144.99† 120-gram T-MAX® INSULATION adds temperatureregulating warmth. Nylon-trimmed cuffs, pockets and hems for durability. Zip in a Dakota liner (sold separately) for extra warmth. Zip-off sleeves convert jacket to vest for all-season versatility. T-MAX® INSULATION adds warmth without bulk. MEN’S Dakota Deluxe System Bomber Shell Style: 10406 $84.99† MEN’S Dakota QUILTED JACKET VEST Style: I7N319 $79.99† MEN’S DAKOTA T-MAX® INSULATED FULL-ZIP HOODED SWEATSHIRT Style: FZFL-002 $109.99† Some colours are not available in all sizes and styles. Please refer to product descriptions for availability. †Oversizes extra. 9

Download a PDF version - Imagewear
Download a PDF version - Imagewear
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