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2011 Annual Report to the General Assembly - Vermont Housing ...

2011 Annual Report to the General Assembly - Vermont Housing ...


Vermont Housing & Conservation Board AmeriCorps VHCB AmeriCorps engages 31 AmeriCorps members to serve with 25 housing, environmental and energy conservation organizations statewide, expanding the ability of these groups to mobilize volunteers and provide services including emergency shelter, housing placement, financial literacy, environmental education, invasive species management, and more. Members provide essential services while also developing leadership and job skills. 2011 Program Highlights From top: Happy campers in an after school program at an affordable housing development staffed by a VHCB AmeriCorps member; Member Jessamy Schwartz giving a live raptor demonstration in her position at the Vermont Institute for Natural Science; VHCB Ameri- Corps members were on hand to help homeowners in downtown Waterbury following the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene. For more information, visit: • VHCB was awarded a highly competitive, $1.1 million, 3-year grant to continue the Program, allowing it to expand its priorities to include energy efficiency. • The overwhelming majority of sponsoring organizations report their member has a significant impact on their reach, quality and range of services. • Nearly 100% of members last year reported completing the Program better equipped to address issues facing their community and to secure employment. • Each year, members directly assist an average 9,000 Vermonters with housing needs, including emergency shelter, financial literacy, and/or transition into permanent housing. • In the last grant round, members mobilized over 4,000 volunteers who provided child care, trail work, fundraising, construction of wheelchair ramps, and more. • Each year, over 7,000 youth participate in land stewardship activities through environmental programming led by members at nature centers, day camps and schools. • Together with volunteers, members annually steward an average of 15,000 acres of conserved and public lands. • Through weatherization and other energy efficiency measures, members helped reduce energy consumption of 730 affordable housing units over the last three years. • 21% of last year’s members were hired on by their sponsoring organization. 8

Vermont Lead Hazard Reduction Program In early 2011 VHCB was awarded a $3.1 million Lead Hazard Control Grant from HUD to assist more than 230 homes and apartments throughout the State through 2013. Since 1994, the program has controlled lead paint hazards in more than 2,000 units of housing serving low-income families. Over half of these units were assisted as part of major rehabilitation projects completed by Vermont’s strong network of non-profit housing developers and land trusts, and will thus remain perpetually affordable. The VHCB Lead Program provides technical assistance and direct funding for mitigation of lead paint hazards. Typical projects include window replacement, friction surface treatments, paint stabilization, and rigorous cleaning. Residents are relocated during the work and cannot return until clearance dust testing confirms their unit is safe. Technical assistance includes identifying all lead-painted surfaces, conducting a risk assessment, developing project specifications, assistance with contractor bidding, lab analysis and other services. Eligibility is based primarily on the income of the residents, be they owneroccupants or tenants. The program offers free training to meet the requirements of Vermont’s lead paint law for landlords, contractors, property managers and others. With its partners the Vermont Department of Health, Parks Place Community Center in Bellows Falls, and the Vermont Lead Safety Project, the VHCB Lead Program works to educate all Vermonters about how to prevent lead poisoning. Vermont has a lot of old housing, the majority of which was built before lead paint was banned in 1978. Because lead poisoning causes permanent, irreversible damage to young children, prevention is the only effective strategy. The HUD grant received this year includes an additional $100,000 to address other health and safety issues identified in enrolled properties and to train housing professionals in healthy homes principles. This additional funding is indicative of recent federal efforts by HUD, CDC, and EPA to take a more holistic approach to providing assistance for housing rehabilitation and hazard mitigation. The VHCB Lead Program has benefitted from the long-time service of current staff, two of whom have been with the program since 1996: Parents, landords, contractors, property managers and others: for information about lead paint safety, applicable regulations, and a schedule of free training sessions, visit Homeowners and in-home day care providers: to learn more about technical and financial assistance from the VHCB Lead Paint Program, call: 1-800-290-0527 or 802-828-5064 or visit: Remember, lead poisoning is always preventable. Ron Rupp, Program Director (15 years) Martin Bonneau, Senior Project Designer (15 years) Robert Zatzke, Program Coordinator (13 years) Diane Mackay, Program Assistant (6 years) 9

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