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Application Form for Debt Schemes 0032 -

Application Form for Debt Schemes 0032 -


INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIRD PARTY PAYMENT DECLARATION FORM (contd.) enacted by the Government of India from to time or any rules, regulations, notifications or directions issued thereunder. To ensure appropriate identification of the Third Party and with a view to monitor transactions for the prevention of money laundering, HDFC AMC/ HDFC Mutual Fund reserves the right to seek information, record investor's telephonic calls and or obtain and retain documentation for establishing the identity of the third party, proof of residence, source of funds, etc. It may re-verify identity and obtain any incomplete or additional information for this purpose. HDFC Mutual Fund, HDFC AMC, HDFC Trustee Company Limited ("HDFC Trustee") and their Directors, employees and agents shall not be liable in any manner for any claims arising whatsoever on account of freezing the folios/ rejection of any application / allotment of Units or mandatory redemption of Units due to non compliance with the provisions of the Act, SEBI/AMFI circular(s) and KYC policy and / or where the AMC believes that transaction is suspicious in nature within the purview of the Act and SEBI/AMFI circular(s) and reporting the same to FIU-IND. For further details, please refer Section 'Prevention of Money Laundering' under the Statement of Additional Information available on our website 8. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) COMPLIANCE It is mandatory for the Third Party to quote the KYC Compliance Status and attach proof of KYC Compliance viz. KYC Acknowledgement Letter (or Printout of KYC Compliance Status downloaded from CVL website ( using the PAN Number. Declaration Form without a valid KYC Compliance of Third Party will be rejected. In the event of non-compliance of KYC requirements, HDFC Trustee/HDFC AMC reserves the right to freeze the folio of the investor(s) and affect mandatory redemption of unit holdings of the investors at the applicable NAV, subject to payment of exit load, if any. For further details, please refer Section 'Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance' under the Statement of Additional Information available on our website

S T P SYSTEMATIC TRANSFER PLAN KEY PARTNER / AGENT INFORMATION Name and AMFI Reg. No. (ARN) Sub Agent’s name and Code/ Bank Branch Code ARN- 0032 Enrolment Form (Please read terms & conditions overleaf) M O Code Enrolment Form No. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Date of Receipt Folio No. Branch Trans. No. Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the ARN Holder (AMFI registered Distributor) based on the Date: investors’ assessment of various factors including the service rendered by the ARN Holder. D D M M Y Y I / We have read and understood the contents of the Scheme Information Document(s) of the respective Scheme(s) and Statement of Additional Information and the terms & conditions overleaf. I /We hereby apply to the Trustee of HDFC Mutual Fund for enrolment under the STP of the following Scheme(s)/ Plan(s) / Option(s) and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the respective Scheme(s) / Plan(s) / Option(s). The ARN holder (AMFI registered Distributor) has disclosed to me/us all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or any other mode), payable to him/them for the different competing Schemes of various Mutual Funds from amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me/us. Please (✓) any one. NEW REGISTRATION CANCELLATION Folio No. of 'Transferor' Scheme (for existing Unit holder) / Application No. (for new investor) Name of the First / Sole Applicant Name of the Guardian (in case of First / Sole Applicant is a minor) Name of the Second Applicant Name of the Third Applicant ISC Name & Stamp Particulars 1. Contact details of First / Sole Unit Holder /Guardian (if not provided earlier) 2. Name of 'Transferor' Scheme/Plan/Option Mobile Email Tel. 3. Name of 'Transferee' Scheme/Plan/Option 4. Type of STP Plan/Frequency (Please ✓ any one) FSTP Amount of Transfer per Installment: Rs.______________ CASTP Daily# Weekly$ No. of Installments: Monthly Quarterly Date of Transfer (Please ✓ any one) 1st 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th Enrolment Period*: From: M M Y Y Monthly Quarterly Date of Transfer (Please ✓ any one) 1st 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th Enrolment Period*: From: M M Y Y _______________ To: M M Y Y To: M M Y Y 5. Receipt of Document(s) by E-mail (Please ✓) (Refer Item No. 13) YES^ NO ^ The email address provided under Section 1 above will be considered for sending documents by email. In case of insufficient space, please fill up separate Enrolment Forms. #Refer Item No. 7 (a) $Refer Item No. 7 (b) * Refer Instruction No. 9 (b) / 9(c) overleaf. SIGNATURE(S) First / Sole Unit Holder / Guardian Second Unit Holder Third Unit Holder Please note : Signature(s) should be as it appears on the Application Form and in the same order. In case the mode of holding is joint, all Unit holders are required to sign. Date: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP (To be filled in by the Unit holder) HDFC MUTUAL FUND Regd. office : Ramon House, 3rd Floor, H.T. Parekh Marg, 169, Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020 Enrolment Form No. Received from Mr./Ms./M/s. ___________________________________________ 'STP' applications(s) for transfer of Units; ISC Stamp & Signature from Scheme / Plan / Option _______________________________________________________________________________ to Scheme / Plan / Option __________________________________________________________________________________

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