This Biography is dedicated to the beloved Mother of Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah

For the Sister to keep as a Treasure,

For the Nieces as an Inspiration,

& for the Family as a Memory…

Among the believers are men who have been

true to their covenant with Allah…

(Qur'an 33:23)


…So relate the stories perhaps they may reflect


(Student of Ilm, Al Mujahid, Al Shaheed Abu Dujanah

[Abu Muhammad] Maldifi Rahimahullah)

All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him; we seek for His help, forgiveness and guidance. We seek

refuge with Allah from the evils of our own souls and misdeed. None can mislead whomsoever Allah

guides, and none can guide whomsoever Allah causes to go astray.

I testify that there is no deity worthy of being worshiped except Allah. He is One and He has no

partner. I equally testify that ‏ُم ‏َح ‏َّم ‏ٌد صلى هلل عليه وسلم is the servant of Allah and His Messenger. May the

peace and blessing be upon the Prophet and his family and his companions.

“O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam (as

Muslims), with complete submission to Allah” (Qur’an 3:102)

“O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam) and from him

He created his wife (Hawwa), and from them both he created many men and women, and fear Allah

through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs

(kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you.” (Qur’an 4:1)

“O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allah and fear Him, speak (always) the truth. He will direct

you to do righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whomsoever obeys Allah and His

messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement (i.e he will be saved from the Hell fire and

made to enter Paradise). (Qur’an 33:70-71)

To proceed, it brings great sadness and sorrow to the heart and tears swell in the eyes while

recounting the memories of this great personality, but as in the ayah "…So relate the stories perhaps

they may reflect"(7:176) and "…incite the believers…" (4:84) has encouraged us to compile this

biography about our beloved Student of Ilm, Al Mujahid, Al Shaheed Abu Dujanah, also known as

Abu Muhammad Maldifi Rahimahullah. May Allah accept his tranquil soul; accept his Jihad, Hijrah

and Martyrdom. Ameen.

These few words would not do justice but may اهلل سب انه وتعالى accept this humble effort for we seek the

reward for this only in Akhirah when we are in dire need for the Mercy of سب انه وتعالى ‏.اهلل And I ask

Allah to benefit me and all the readers through this short concise Biography about the Personality of

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah and make one reflect upon and take from his life lessons to be learned.

Especially for the Talibul ilm and Muslim students of ilm of Dhunya whose hearts are sadly far away

from Jihad and Islam. And I ask Allah to richly reward all those who have played a part in producing

this book, for He is the One Whom we ask to soften our hearts and guide us to the straight path. He is

sufficient for us and He is the Best Disposer of affairs.


Days of Jaahiliyya:

He was a normal boy, who followed the set norms fed by the society since birth. Who was an only

son of a mother who loved him dearly for the sake of Allah. Praying the daily five obligatory prayers,

fasting but first priority was to excel in studies to achieve the goals of the Dhunya. Indeed, he was a

bright student who was good at languages and subjects of Dhunya. This was the typical life of

Jahiliyya for a youth of Maldives who had good akhlaq. Like any other youth of Maldives he was

taken up in the tidal wave of democracy and supporting the vicious cult that stood as a party system

deteriorating the life of Maldives into total darkness. During the days of Jahiliyya like so many

Muslims of today he too was in awe of the greatness of America that was published on the media

like poisonous venom. However, it was all to change as time went by. This shy, quiet youth showed

his utmost hatred and distaste making clear ‘Baree’ah” from America, its allies and puppet rulers as

he learned about their true hypocritical faces.

Discovery of Sunnah:

هللا After few months finally the exciting journey of high school days began. Little did he know that

had far greater plans stored ahead of him. His journey to the part of Religion that the سبحانه وتعالى

regime of Maldives tries so hard to keep away from Maldivians began with just a simple advice

about Sunnah ) (. He was told that the way of our beloved Prophet مُحَمَّدٌ‏ صلى هلل عليه وسلم was to

keep his Izar (lower garment) above the ankles. He graciously accepted this advice given with

مُحَمَّدٌ‏ صلى هلل عليه وسلم evidence but it was not enough for him. Curiosity about the Sunnah of Prophet

crept into his mind and heart, enveloping his thoughts lifting the darkness around him. Like any

other diligent student eager for more knowledge he began his journey into research about the

‏.مُحَمَّدٌ‏ صلى هلل عليه وسلم Sunnah of the Prophet


He began listening more to a Radio Channel called “Radio Atoll” which used to bring some programs

about the essentials of Deen and Sunnah, although the most important parts of religion like

Tawheed, Kufr bi Thaaqooth and Jihad were not explained as it should be.

The Beginning of the Journey towards Jihad:

(Surely this Qur’an guides to that which is most upright…). (Qur’an 17:9)

His passage towards Jihad began with his heart guiding him to the thought of wanting to recite the

Qur’an with its translation during that very Ramadan. For he did not want to rely upon just only

what the Shuyookhs taught in Maldives therefore, he turned to the first primary source. He took

upon himself to recite the Qur’an in Arabic while pondering on the translation though; the

sweetness of its essence is only got when one recites it knowing Arabic language in which it was

revealed to the Last Prophet صلى هلل عليه وسلم ‏.مُحَمَّدٌ‏ Even while reading the basic meaning of the

Qur’an what unfolded in front of the eyes of this “shabab” (young man) was shocking and thought

provoking. His eyes kept catching upon the verses of Jihad. It kept illuminating in front of his eyes for

questions kept arising in his mind for why were the Shuyookhs of Maldives not speaking about Jihad

while they gave many religious sermons about the basic matters of Religion. He continued to recite

the Qur’an with its translation while making du’a continuously to

to guide him to the

right path.

Choosing the Role Model:

هللا سبحانه وتعالى

By the end of Ramadan having completed his recitation of Qur’an his heart was completely changed.

The wahn (love for the world) that was attached to it had vanished replacing it with love of ‏.الحمد هللا

the Prophet مُحَمَّدٌ‏ صلى هلل عليه وسلم who became his role model and mentor. The love of Jihad had

taken a deep, firm root in his heart and wanting to participate in the battle field had preoccupied his


Learning Arabic language:

(….He guides whom He likes to the right path). (Quran 2:142)

In parallel to this he had started to learn the Arabic language from the available sources on the

internet and books as well as taking tuition from one of the Shaykh of Maldives. It didn’t take him

long to get a grip on the language and he was able to read the books of the Ulama available in the

actual language that they had written it in. All of this did not come over night but it was a lot of du’a

and help from هللا سبحانه وتعالى came and his tireless efforts and determination started to bore the

fruits slowly.

Mother’s conviction upon Deen:

For him it was not enough that he was the only one who got the knowledge of Deen at home.

Therefore, he kept asking هللا سبحانه وتعالى for the guidance for his family too. Especially his mother

هللا سبحانه whom he loved for the sake of Allah. During that Ramadan one whole night he kept asking

sincerely and desperately like any other pious child to grant the correct guidance for his وتعالى

mother. When the Fajr Adhan was called not knowing that her son had been awake the whole night

his mother came to call him to go for prayer. سبحان هللا What greeted him was something he would

always be grateful for سبحانه وتعالى ‏.هللا His mother's heart had completely changed and she spoke of

words that showed him the love of Deen by her. Indeed, the du’a of a pious offspring will be

something beneficial for the parents in their graves and in this incident it showed that even while

they are alive by the Mercy of هللا سبحانه وتعالى their du’a could be granted. الحمد هللا His mother's

conviction upon Deen became the greatest support for him to embark on his journey to come.

Relationship with Family:

According to his mother he was a loving, good, and obedient son who was the light of her eyes. She

would always find him busy doing his researches on his laptop and studying. He was dearly loved by

his one and only sister and her daughters. His sister once had mentioned affectionately that

whenever he is at home he is working upon knowledge related to Islam and Jihad. It became

something so constant at home that sometimes she felt that Al Qaeda Mujahideen are right there

inside their home.

During his absence she had recalled on the memory of him always coming from prayer and

bothering his little niece and having fun before he retreats to his studies. Like any other Muslim child

his niece is well aware about the situation in places like Palestine. So one day she expressed to her

mother that she wanted to go and help out the Muslims in need. Her only problem was that her

uncle Abu Dujanah would be too scared to go with her. Therefore, she doesn't have a mahram to

travel with her unlike her friend who already got her brother as a mahram. سبحان هللا Little did the

young niece knew by that time already her uncle was standing as a vanguard for the front line of


Meeting with a knowledgeable brother:

During this short span of time he met a knowledgeable brother on the internet who introduced him

to reliable Islamic sources and writings by Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taimiyya, Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-

Maqdisi, Shaykh Abu Qatadah Filistini, and Shaykh Sulayman Al-Ulwan etc. This brother became

his teacher with regard to Jihad and his companion in D’awah activities and advisor and beloved best

friend whom he loved for the sake of Allah. May Allah unite them under shade of His Throne on the

Day when there is no other shade except the shade of His Throne for loving each other for Allah’s

sake only. Ameen.

Constructive Comparison between Scholars:

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah kept eagerly reading through all the materials that were shared with him

by the brother and from his own researches. Nevertheless, he did not only depend on these scholars

who have undergone many trials for speaking the truth against the tyrannical Thaqoot rulers but he

even expanded his research to materials written by the Murjiah thinkers and other people who

spoke against Jihad. Afterwards, he made a constructive comparison between all of these scholars

and their fatwas on different matters in religion against what is in Qur’an and Sunnah. The truth

became apparent to him and he realized that the true scholars were the ones who stood up

speaking about the true Tawheed and making Baree’ah from apostate rulers and their man made

laws and their crusade allies. These were the only scholars who revealed the truth about Jihad as it

came in the Shari’ah. They were the ones on the correct Manhaj and put forward the goodness of

the Ummah before their own selves. And he understood that few were the true scholars who acted

upon their Ilm in this era of Fitnah.

Atrocity gone through in High School:

All these were happening in parallel to his life in Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE). This

high school is well known for its hatred for the ways of Sunnah while in its curriculum they teach

their narrow mention of Islam. For the past fourteen years the management has shown immense

mistreatment to the students who let their beard grow and kept their trousers above the ankle in

accordance to Sunnah. Allah knows best but their vicious attacks upon the students have led many

of them to be more resilient upon trying to find the truth about the Deen than any other high school

graduate in Maldives. Ajeeb indeed! Though it has a secular curriculum, so far from that very school

has come out many shinning stars in the path of Jihad and students whose hearts are filled with the

Islam. Allah Akbar!

(They want to extinguish light of Allah with their mouth but Allah will not allow except that His

Light should be perfected even though Kafirun hate) (Qur’an 9:32)

The atrocity upon Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah started to come his way with his young beard

appearing on his face. Being an academically and behavioral wise excellent student he did not have

any issue other than letting his beard grow in accordance to the obligatory Sunnah of the Prophet

. He was constantly sent home to clean shave, which he did not do so. Where مُحَمَّدٌ‏ صلى هلل عليه وسلم

upon, his mother was taken to speak about it and the reply she gave them was golden. She told

them that she would never ask her son to do something against an obligatory Sunnah even if he gets

expelled from the school.

After praying and making du’a he decided to drop out from high school having firm conviction that if

he left something for the sake of Allah, Allah would grant him something better. And indeed he was

granted something better. Innaalillahi wa innaa ilaihi raajioon.

Rows of Islamic Literature:

Upon leaving school, Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah got the chance to work as a cashier and salesman

in an Islamic bookstore. He left the institute of High School where he would constantly need to focus

upon other knowledge of Dhunya, and instead هللا سبحانه وتعالى gave him the opportunity to sit with

rows and rows of Islamic literature in front of him. His passion to read knowledgeable books would

be seen as time goes by. الحمد هللا His love for Islamic knowledge continued to grow with his new

found profession.

Beginning of participation in Jihadi Forums and D’awah:

Apart from this in order to increase his knowledge about Jihad he began participating in Jihadi

forums, and benefiting from various Jihad related information and the discussions with the

Mujahideen around the world. At the same time he began his D’awah activities by writing on his

blog called “Huneef”(huneef.wordpress.com). His brothers in Jihad discovered that this blog

belonged to him only after his belongings were given to them. May هللا سبحانه وتعالى accept his efforts.


Workshops and Seminars:

As much as he was benefiting from the outside sources to gather knowledge he did not dismiss

sitting as a student of the Shuyookh of Maldives. Nor did he follow the Shuyookh blindly like so many

youth of this era. During these months he made the most of the workshops and seminars conducted

by them. Though knowing full well that these Shuyookh do not explain the concepts as it should be,

nevertheless, he attended Tawheed and Aqeedah related workshops for he was very much focused

on having a firm base on these areas.

The way of the Companions were to blind follow Qur'an and Sunnah

The way of the new generation is to blind follow their Shuyookh

For it the Companions were promised Jannah

As for the new generation it was mere talk

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was someone who listened attentively to knowledge but he was

someone to be known to hasten towards verifying the authenticity of it before believing in it, making

action and conveying it to others. Especially with regard to the knowledge of Hadith.

Work Experience under Scholars of Maldives:

After some time he then applied to an available job under some scholars of Maldives. The job was

applied by many other graduates of Ilm. So logically thinking he had very slim chance of getting this

opportunity, but however الحمد هللا he passed the interview and the Scholars chose him to be best fit

for the work. What is written for someone will be attained by the person despite the odds that is

seen by the human eyes. Qadar of Allah takes precedence over any certificate of Dhunya, although

sadly most Muslims students whole heartedly depend upon this tattered useless paper.

With great enthusiasm he started his work in which he learned greatly under these Shuyookh. He

had worked as the typist for a Figh Book (the name has been omitted while editing this biography)

with explanation in local language. Also in addition to this he worked in the editing of the Tafsir of

the Qur’an in local language under the instruction of few other scholars. These works have been

verified by the scholars with tazkiya (reference letters) that were among the official documents that

belong to Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah.

Application for Islamic Studies in University:

Abu Dujanah Rahimahllah was thirsty for more knowledge as time went by. Therefore, he applied to

the ideal University that most student of Ilm applied to. University of Medina. He received the news

of his acceptance into this University while he was in the battle front of Bilad al Sham.

Life at the Madarasa:

After applying to the scholarship of the University of Medina he travelled to a foreign country in

order to start learning the Deen of ilm in a Madarasa affiliated with one of the most popular

University of this Era, for he did not wanted to waste his time to gain knowledge.

During his time as a student he was described to be a generous and kind person. When the students

went out to buy books, Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was always known to be the person to pay for

the books that other students wanted to buy.

On another occasion one of the friends of Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah described his journey to buy

the book, “Duroor as Saniyya”. In his earnest yearning to benefit from its knowledge Abu Dujanah

Rahimahullah made a lengthy trip to find this book to another city, for his love for knowledge was


His roommates related that they all had a budget pooled together for the expenses of the

apartment, and its treasurer was Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah. When this budget ran out without the

knowledge of others Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah would pay for the rent and other expenses from his

own pocket money that his mother generously had given him.

predecessors). These actions remind us of the great personalities of Salafu Saliheen (pious سبحان هللا

O My Beloved Friend! You embarked on a Journey, leaving us behind,

Knock on the door for Jihad:

To gain Knowledge in the Path of Allah, and return back to us,

Lo! It was never meant to be,

For a great call had your name inscribed on it!

As studies went by the call of Jihad came knocking on his doors.

The book shelves were already filled to the brim with Islamic books and he was heavily into سبحان هللا

studies. But in reply like an obedient slave of Allah he replied back with “labbaik ya Allah!”

(March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and

poor) and strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you, if

you but knew.) (Quran 9:41)

Yes, he had forgone his opportunity to get the seal of certification of being a Shaykh and attended to

the first priority he owed to هللا سبحانه وتعالى as a Muslim (Farl Ayniyyah).

“The first obligation after Iman is the repulsion of the enemy aggressor who assault the Religion and

the Worldly affairs.” (Ibn Taimiyya)

(But when the enemies of Allah place their swords upon the throats of the Muslims and terrorize

their young and their elderly and over take their states and violate their chastity, then it is

obligatory from among all the people of ability to fight them and spill their blood and make on

going Jihad against them until the full liberation of Palestine and all the countries of the Muslims.)

(Shaykh Sulaiman al Ulwan Hafizahullah)

He was a youth who showed time after time that he knew how to prioritize his actions in accordance

to Deen. And over and over again his firm tawakkal in هللا سبحانه وتعالى that if he gave up something

for the sake of Allah then Allah will grant him something better proved to be true. Innaalillahi wa

innaa ilaihi raajioon.

for granting him this opportunity that هللا سبحانه وتعالى His heart was filled with thankfulness to الحمد هللا

he had so eagerly kept making du’a for. He hastily wrote to his beloved mother trying to explain to

her that he was leaving for Jihad and giving her a detail explanation with evidences from Qur’an and

Sunnah. Before he could send this long letter to her, his mother contacted him. سبحان هللا She asked

him whether her beloved son had found a path to go for Jihad because she had been making du’a

for him to be able to join the blessed caravan. Allah Akbar! Indeed, the du’a of the mother for a child

‏.هللا سبحانه وتعالى was granted by the Mercy of

Embarking on the Journey of Hijrah and Jihad:

Putting his trust upon هللا سبحانه وتعالى with his back pack on his shoulder he embarked on his Journey

of Hijrah and Jihad. Carrying as much books as he could carry he travelled this difficult journey

crossing into the borders of Syria. He passed by the refugees that were fleeing from Syria and saw

some camped near the borders of Syria. These were people who once lived comfortably in their

homes now sheltered in flimsy tents that were worn out. For how long will the aid of food be given

to them by the neighboring countries until they become a burden upon them For how long will

they have to live as refugees It was becoming the next Palestine. It was a dreadful scene to see as

he marched forward.

Membership in AL QAEDA:

Finally, he reached to his destination and started his training under Tanzeemul Qaeda fi Bilad al

Sham Jabhat al-Nusra. For the very first time in his life he learned how to operate an AK-47. He

completed his training with great enthusiasm.

Launching of Bilad al Sham Media:

As soon as he completed his physical training he launched the site for Bilad al Sham Media

http://biladalsham.wordpress.com working on his responsibility in D’awah activities.

Enrolment in the Shar’ee Program for Mujahideen:

Apart from the physical training he had gone through many of the Shar’ee program for the

Mujahideen conducted by Jabhat al-Nusra. He studied under one of the most prominent Shyakh of

Jabhat Nusra Al Shaheed Shaykh Yauqub Rahimahullah, whom he considers to be the second most

knowledgeable Shaykh he met in his life. This great scholar was martyred recently. May Allah accept

the deeds of the Shaykh. Ameen. Apart from this, he continued to sit for studies with other scholars

of Bilad al Sham as much as he could.

Time spent in Ribaath:

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was described to be a very sincere Mujahid. Once during the Ribaath he

was seen sitting under a huge lorry with his gun so still and focused like a hawk. The kuffar’s tankers

were passing so nearby to the area that he sat, the soil beneath him rumbled. But Abu Dujanah

Rahimahullah sat pointing his gun at ready not moving a muscle for such long hours ready to counter

attack the Kuffar. He was a patient fighter who poured his ilm into action.

Whenever he goes on these duties of Ribaath he always takes his laptop or books to be read

whenever he gets a chance while he is on duty even inside the trenches.

His Bravery in Battle field:

During one of the battles in Aleppo (Raamoosy), after heavy clashes the Mujahideen gained ground

over the Kuffar. Nevertheless, as kuffar made a heavy advancement which made the Operational

Amir call for a strategic retreat Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah held his ground refusing to take a step

back and he kept moving forward. This made a lot of brothers beg him to retreat with them,

however he only gave into their request after there was a consensus among the Mujahideen to stop

at a point without completely retreating and establish a Ribath point in that spot. And الحمد هللا Within

the next two days the Mujahideen moved forward from that point and captured several areas that

belonged to Kuffar. He is known for his bravery and this was seen until his last breath. Innaalillahi

wa innaa ilaihi raajioon.


If he is not on duty of Haras, Ribath or in Gazwa he spent his time always seeking knowledge or

spreading it, or in contemplation. During these hours of contemplation Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah

would be walking in a circle lost in his vast thoughts of knowledge. And his worries grew with the

problems from Jama’t of Bagdhadi (ISIS).

View point of Jama’t Bagdhadi (ISIS):

During the first days when the Jama’t Bagdhadi (ISIS) issue broke out, he kept silent about it. He was

a student of ilm who believed firmly in imparting knowledge selectively to certain people while he

did not spoke about it to others. His practice of Tadarruj made him always wait for the appropriate

time to speak about the given issues. His stance against Jama’t Bagdhadi (ISIS) was only shown after

the Jihad Scholars made a clear stance against the group based on clear evidence from the Jama’at’s

actions and speeches. Hence, he began to give D’awah and defend the manhaj of Ahlul Sunnah wal

Jama’at. His last finished work that was published was “Clearing the Accusations against Ahlul-

Jihad and clarifying the errors of Jama'at ISIS”, which is encouraged to be read by the Muslims who

are seeking the knowledge sincerely.

It should be noted that because of his D'awah to clarify these errors about Jama'at Bagdhadhi he

suffered through many slandering and accusations. However, he took it patiently and did not waver

in explaining these errors with clear evidences from Qur'an and Sunnah and the fatwas of the



In this battle field getting electricity and internet was difficult therefore, whenever the electricity

and internet was available Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah would run towards his laptop to gain

knowledge and give D’awah to people on internet. This was something he was noticed for.

Yes, this war of 21 st century in a developed country is different from the other battle grounds of the

past. It is not only a battle of swords but a battle of mind. As much as Mujahideen are needed on

the battle front they are needed behind the keyboards daily. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the

Mujahideen are connected on the internet through various means available for them. Some old

school thinkers may mock the Mujahideen for using the internet but this blessing from

has enabled the truth about the battle of Syria to be revealed to the world and encourage وتعالى

Muslims to participate in the battle. Furthermore, it has lessens the opportunity for the Kuffar media

‏.الحمد هللا gain. to manipulate the news for their own advantage and

هللا سبحانه

Like a hard-working student of Ilm he was seen always with a pen and a notebook near him, or

otherwise it was his mobile or the laptop that he made his notes upon everything he learned from.

These notes have become books and leaflets on the internet. Some of his unfinished works are in

front us as we write his biography. Also his audio explanations were released on the twitter account

@BiladAlSham_Dhi of Bilad al Sham Media.

Under his management some of the writings of the Ulama were distributed to the civilians of Syria

to spread awareness about the correct Aqeedah of Islam. Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah had lot of

ideas for D’awah projects for Bilad al Sham Media. Getting funding for such work was immensely

difficult however, he collected funds for these Projects he had in mind.

Apart from this he was engaged in translating the Arabic works of one of the Shari’ee of Jabhat al-

Nusra on the internet. This quiet humble youth from Maldives is well known to the knowledgeable

scholars of Jihad and Scholars of Bilad Al Sham. And he is loved and adored by them for the sake of

Allah. Especially Shaykh Abu Sulayman Australi.

Writing Skills:

His ability to write was something extra ordinary. He was seen to write essays within a سبحان هللا

short span of time without looking at the references that are needed at hand however recalling

them by memory. And he spent a lot of his time writing beneficial knowledge and spreading it to

masses to the best of his ability. This was indeed a blessing that هللا سبحانه وتعالى bestowed upon him

at a time that is filled with Fitnah.

As an Usthaz (teacher):

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah also took upon his shoulder the responsibility of teaching the

Mujahideen about Tawheed and Aqeedah during his free hours. His last student of knowledge

described him as a pool of Islamic Knowledge. The student said that whenever he sat with his

usthaz, he would keep explaining to him one point after other quoting evidences from Qur’an and

Sunnah while writing these down for him at the same time. He was a teacher who taught with

enthusiasm that encouraged others to learn more about the Deen. Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was

also described to be someone who liked to keep his good actions hidden. His student narrated that

whenever the time for teaching began he would ask him to go sit in a place where others could not

see him. After his student sat there alone for some time Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah would come and

teach him the lessons. Also when others fell asleep in the night Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah would sit

up and make sure that others are sleeping before he started studying, reading his books, and

هللا سبحانه recitation of Quran. He was an example for his students and they loved him for the sake of


Social Life:

Even though he is known to be humble and quiet Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was seen smiling and

laughing with his Mujahideen brothers. He had a pleasant personality and had great love for

chocolates. He participated in cooking and doing other chores that are needed to be done in the

station. Besides this he was known to be a brother who liked to help out the Mujahideen with any

difficulty that they have.


Like so many other Mujahideen that has proceeded before him, Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah has seen

amazingly wonderful dreams. Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah had kept notes on his dreams, and the

following are some of his dreams that were written by him. Some of the noted dreams were dreamt

before coming to the land of Bilad al Sham and vice versa. (Some of the wordings are paraphrased as

the originals were found in the format of drafts).

1. Reviving of Knowledge of Figh:

Few days before going to a foreign country for studies, I saw in a dream that I entered a Masjid and

started making wudu from the taps near the front door. Then iqamah started and the taps stopped

giving water. People started praying but I went to the side of the Masjid to see if other taps were

working. And I saw, that side of Masjid was huge and there was once an Islamic civilization there

with Ulama and in other words the Masjid had a good history. I knew that in the dream by the

designs of the Masjid. The architecture of the Masjid indicated a good history of civilization and

knowledge. I turned on the tap of that side but no water came. The taps there was completely non

working. So I thought to myself that Fiqh had died in the Masjid even though it was once there .

So I said to myself that I must go and study and revive the Fiqh there. So from internet I met the

Great Imam Ali al Madini and he was happy to meet me. He said he was told of this meeting before.

And he asked me whether I was told of it. I said no .

Then I went for praying in the Masjid. One of my friend's friend was the Imam. My friend and I

followed him in prayer. This was not the Jama'ah which did the first prayer. This is another Jama'at

as I could not catch the first Jama'ah.

I remember I did teach in the Masjid and the water taps started working once more. So I said to

myself that Fiqh must be reviving now.

Then later we heard noises from outside and went upstairs of the Masjid to check upon the

commotion. We saw MDP protesters with weapons.

That’s all I remember of that .

2. Parts of Deen cannot be changed:

Recently I saw in a dream a Mujahid I know was sitting in front of me. And someone said to him

something like "Change this part of the Deen regarding Jihad and mislead the people in order to

hinder people from it ".

So that Mujahid pointed at me and said to that speaker something like "We can’t do it because he is

sitting here and refuting us”

3. Qur’an Recitation:

In Maldives I saw a dream; I was giving D’awah to a brother through face book. I showed him a

Qur’an audio with background video of nice landscapes. The type you see on YouTube. And then I

was inside the video and I traveled to a beautiful place with a water fall. Still in the background

Qur’an was loudly recited. On the water fall it was written in black color "Laa ilaaha illallah". And

then in a strong and powerful voice it was said very loudly :

رب العرش عما يصفون

(Lord of the Throne, above what they describe (43:82))

I think I woke up due to the strength of the voice.

(The brother in that dream is a real brother I used to do D’awah calling him to Tawhid and Jihad.)

4. Distribution of my writings:

I saw in a dream that someone had distributed in a Masjid some of my writings and the affect it had

was big and thousands were affected by it. They were embracing it or asking for more writings .

And I saw some people who spread fitna by thier tongues. So I harmed them. For example I saw two

journalists and I harmed one of them by putting some blue liquid thing to his mouth. There were my

friends with me who agree with me in regards to their evilness, but disagree with me in regards to

harming them due to their reasons. This dream was longer than that but I can’t remember.

5. After they killed me I was still alive:

When I was in Maldives, I saw a dream of me and an army entering a huge palace. We had

conquered it after waging Jihad against them. The palace was the Royal Palace. It was enormous and

very beautiful. The garden also was very large and very beautiful; I have never seen any place better

than that. I saw a weak wooden wall in the palace and I started to destroy it saying that the palace

was the palace of the Thaghoot and we have no need of it. But the other people with me disagreed

so I gave in to their opinion .

Then we divided into two groups. One group was to fight other lands and bring them under the

banner of Shari’ah. The other group was to remain and govern the conquered land. I was with the

first group to fight other lands. So I went to fight and it was night time by then. We were fighting the

army of my home country and I saw that they killed me. But I was still alive in the dream.

6. We left for the Sake of Allah:

One of the Muhajir brothers here saw a dream of himself, me and a third known brother. We were in

Maldives in the dream and a huge wave had prepared to splash upon us. So the dreamer thought we

would all be destroyed in this. It splashed and destroyed everyone except the three of us. So we felt

lonely. But the third brother said to us, “We are not a people who have to feel loneliness after such a

thing from Allah. Rather we left our families and loved ones on our own accord by our will for the

sake of Allah”

7. Dream seen by Abu Fulan Rahimahullah:

Abu Fulan Rahimahullah saw Osama bin Ladin Rahimahullah and Shaykh Abu Qatadah Filistini

Hafizahullah sitting together. They both looked beautiful and were wearing all white clothes. Then

Shaykh Abu Qatadah told him that Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was a very good person.

8. My Step Father’s Dream:

My step father recently saw in a dream that he met me near Henveiru cemetery. So he called out to

me to come and climb on his motor bike. So I did and told him not to tell mom as I am here very

secretly and I must go back (to Syria) soon .

Then in the dream later on he knew it was not really me and that the real me was martyred, Allah

has taken me away and I was very happy where I was. So he cried and cried in the dream.

Last Days in Dhunya:

During the Month of Ramadan Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah was seen reciting the Qur’an along with

its translation. He had advised and encouraged others on twitter to do the same.

He also participated in the Battle of “Tharraf” (Idlib) in which the Mujahideen gained victory over the

Kuffar base. One of the Mujahideen had explained that Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah showed a lot of

courage in the hour of Igthiham.

After Ramadan he got the chance to participate in the battle of “Madajin” (Idlib). He was seen in the

last minute running to get ready to go to the area where the battle was to take place. It was related

that the last night he spent there before battle he fell asleep while reading some books and he did

not speak much to people.

Dream of the Niece before Martyrdom:

Back in Maldives the young niece awoke for Fajr prayer seeing a beautiful dream. She told her

mother that she saw her uncle Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah in a dream. He looked really beautiful and

light was emanating from his face. He came to her and told her that he needs to go very quickly and

سبحان هللا lightening. bid her farewell. And she related that he left in a flash like

The Last Battle:

After Fajr Prayer on the land of Bilad al Sham the battle started fiercely in Madajin area. The

Mujahideen made an advanced attack towards the Kuffar. As the battle went on the Kuffar started

to heavily bombard from above, with their tankers on ground shooting their bombs aimlessly.

Muslims were equally heavily firing at the Kuffar with their Takbeer echoing through the valley. Abu

Dujanah Rahimahullah was in the group of Igthiham (the group of Mujahideen that storm the Kuffar

on first account). They gained victory over entrance checkpoint of Kuffar. The Mujahideen waited for

some time for the injured brothers to be taken back and because of the heavy bombardments from

the Kuffar. With their hearts engaged in the battle seven fierce heroes among the Mujahideen

unleashed an offensive attack towards the base with their AK-47s. And Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah

سبحان هللا men. was among these brave

Ah’ Shaheed (as we consider him to be):

As they went forward, in split seconds our beloved Student of Ilm, Al Mujahid, Ah Shaheed Abu

Dujanah Rahimahullah was shot and he passed away to سبحانه وتعالى ‏.هللا Innaalillahi wainnaa ilaihi

raajioon. Hasbuna’ Allah waniumal wakeel. May هللا سبحانه وتعالى accept him as a Shaheed and accept

his deeds and forgive him and all of the Muslimeen. Ameen.

Oh readers! Oh listeners! Oh lying journalists! Oh people who give grievance to the parents and

family of Mujahideen! Oh backbiters and slanderers! Oh you who sit back with women! Listen very

carefully and we first call you upon to fear وتعالى before you spread lies and falsehood.

هللا سبحانه

“This Journey bears witness that fuel and supplies conveyances are inevitable in this religion. Fuel and

supplies are nothing but corpses and blood. And that this Muslim Ummah didn’t and want be reluctant

in any day to give the examples of these great people who write down their history by their blood in order to

burn and supply for generations in the path of raising the word of Allah.”

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah, the coolness of the eyes of his mother took his last breath from this

Dhunya as a hero who fought against the Kuffar in the first row of Muslims. Who sacrificed his soul

cheaply for the sake of Allah in order to try elevating the Kalimah of Lailaaha illah Allah. He became

هللا a brick upon which the glory of Islam could stand upon. May he be among the Mujahideen that

Ameen. had smiled upon even while he was in Dhunya. سبحانه وتعالى

It was narrated from Nu'aym ibn Hammaar that a man asked the Prophet (saw): Which of the

Martyrs is best He said: "Those who, when they took up their position in the ranks, did not turn

their faces away until they were killed. They will be in the dwellings on high in Paradise, and their

Lord smiles uponm them, and when your Lord smiles upon a slave, in this world , he will not be

brought to account." (Narrated by Ahmad (21970); classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaani in al-

Silsilah al-Saheehah (2558).

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah believed firmly in Allah and strove hard to seek the correct Islamic

knowledge and made action upon it. At the same time he tirelessly kept making D’awah for other

Muslims to follow the correct Tawheed and Aqeedah, while he bore patiently the harm that was

inflicted upon him on this path. He continued his Journey in the path of Allah until he joined the

caravan of Martyrs.

Story of the Kalashnikov (AK47):

Our beloved Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah broke the front rows of Kuffar with the gun that belonged

to Abu Turab Rahimahullah! And on the side of this Ak-47 Abu Turab Rahimahullah had written

“Nasr aw Shahadha” (Victory or Martyrdom).

Indeed, Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah took his last breath in this Dhunya trying to give the rights of the

gun that belonged to Abu Turab Rahimahullah and most importantly striving in the path of Allah like

a humble servant. And trying to fulfill the obligation upon his shoulders to wage Jihad in the path of

Allah and trying to give victory to the Deen of Allah.

Wassiyah (The Last Will):

Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah left nothing except his books and laptop. If he had any money he had

given into the funding of D’awah activities. In his last will he had requested that his laptop be given

to Al Basira Media of Jabhat al Nusra. And his beloved books to be given away to students of

knowledge. This shows his immense love for Ilm.

After the Martyrdom

Since her son got martyred the beloved mother of Abu Dujanah Rahimahullah has been constantly

seeing the coolness of her eyes in dreams. May the beautiful dreams of her son be a means of ease

to her heart and may Allah unite her and her son in Jannatul Firdawus. Ameen.

She had narrated that in one dream she was shown the book of deeds of Abu Dujanah

سبحان هللا milk. Rahimahullah, and the page was in pure white like

In another narration she had explained that she had seen him sleeping tranquilly in a white

comfortable bed and in a white room.

A lot of his beloved brothers in the path of Allah have seen many good dreams since he had passed

away from this Dhunya.

May Allah accept the good deeds of Abu Dujanah Rahimaullah and the Shuhadha and forgive their

mistakes and sins and elevate their status and grant them the sweetness seeing the wajh of You Ya

Rahman Ya Raheem. And gather them in the company of the Prophet, his family and companions

and pious predecessors in Jannatul Firdawus. Ameen.


“And of mankind is he who would sell himself,

seeking the Pleasure of Allah, And Allah is

full of kindness to (His) slave”

(Qur’an 2:207)

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