Let's get active award Pocket Planner - BHF National Centre ...

Let's get active award Pocket Planner - BHF National Centre ...

Let's get active award Pocket Planner - BHF National Centre ...


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We are the nation’s heart charity, dedicated to<br />

saving lives through pioneering research,<br />

patient care, campaigning for change and by<br />

providing vital information. But we urgently<br />

need your help. We rely on your<br />

donations of time and money to<br />

continue our life-saving work.<br />

Because to<strong>get</strong>her we can<br />

beat heart disease.<br />

© British Heart Foundation 2012, registered charity in England<br />

and Wales (225971) and in Scotland (SC039426) G417 05/12<br />

Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong><br />

<strong>Pocket</strong> planner<br />

Get moving, have fun!<br />

bhf.org.uk/<br />

teachers<br />

Heart Helpline<br />

0300 330 3311<br />

bhf.org.uk<br />

Information & support on anything heart-related<br />

Phone lines open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday<br />

Similar cost to 01 or 02 numbers<br />

British Heart<br />

Foundation<br />

Greater London House<br />

180 Hampstead Road<br />

London NW1 7AW<br />

T 020 7554 0000<br />

F 020 7554 0100

This Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong><br />

pocket planner belongs to<br />

Welcome<br />

Your aim is to increase the amount of time you spend being<br />

<strong>active</strong> by trying new, fun activities. Move more sit less!<br />

Try and be <strong>active</strong> for at least 60 minutes a day, record<br />

your activities in this pocket planner and you will achieve<br />

the Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong>! Once you have completed the<br />

four weeks, you can send off for a cool certificate.<br />

You can also <strong>get</strong> a special Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> challenge <strong>award</strong><br />

by completing all four Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> weekly challenges!<br />

Have fun!

At the end of the week, add up your<br />

total minutes of activity.<br />

Every day, cross off or<br />

shade in a square each<br />

time you do 10 minutes<br />

of activity.<br />

Write down the activities<br />

you do during the week<br />

on the opposite page.<br />

If you do more than 60<br />

minutes on a day, write<br />

your extra minutes in<br />

the red box.<br />

If you did the Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> weekly challenge<br />

write down what you did.<br />

Aim to improve<br />

on your weekly<br />

totals each week<br />

by spending<br />

more time on<br />

your favourite<br />

activities.<br />

Well done!<br />

After four weeks you will have<br />

achieved the Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong><br />

<strong>award</strong>, don’t for<strong>get</strong> to send<br />

off for your certificate.

Week 1<br />

Activity challenge:<br />

Do something <strong>active</strong> with a friend,<br />

brother or sister after school.<br />

You could play...<br />

frisbee<br />

badminton<br />

in the park<br />

cycling<br />

rounders<br />

tennis<br />

• football • tag or chase<br />

...or even fly a kite or design a dance<br />

Remember to write down your<br />

extra minutes in the red boxes<br />

• Play ‘catch’. How many<br />

catches can you do<br />

• How many people can you<br />

<strong>get</strong> to skip in a long rope<br />

at the same time<br />

Activities I did this week:<br />

For my challenge I...<br />


Week 2<br />

Start<br />

Activity challenge:<br />

Walk, cycle or use your scooter<br />

to <strong>get</strong> somewhere instead of<br />

going by car or bus.<br />

You could...<br />

• Meet your friends and walk<br />

or scooter to school to<strong>get</strong>her.<br />

• Get off the bus a stop early<br />

and walk the rest of the way.<br />

• Use pedal power and cycle<br />

to school or to the park.<br />

• Walk, cycle or scooter to the shops<br />

with your parents.<br />

Remember to be street wise!<br />

Have you been <strong>active</strong> for more<br />

than 60 minutes today<br />

Activities I did this week:<br />

For my challenge I...<br />

You’re doing really well

Well done!<br />

You’re halfway towards your<br />

Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong>.<br />

You can now choose your <strong>get</strong>ting <strong>active</strong> sticker.<br />

Stick your sticker here or wear<br />

it with pride so everyone can<br />

see how much you’ve achieved.<br />

Don’t stop now...<br />

There are still loads of fun activities you can try.<br />

Place your sticker here<br />

On your own<br />

You could try...<br />

• skateboarding<br />

• skipping<br />

• roller skating.<br />

At school<br />

At home<br />

• Join an after school activity club.<br />

• Skip or play tag at breaktime.<br />

• Be as <strong>active</strong> as you can in PE lessons.<br />

• Playing volleyball with a balloon.<br />

• Dance to your favourite music.<br />

• Play badminton over the washing line.<br />

At the leisure centre<br />

• Try a new activity.<br />

• Go swimming with<br />

friends or family.<br />

• Join an activity club<br />

or sign up for a lesson.

Week 3<br />

Activity challenge:<br />

Make up a new <strong>active</strong> game<br />

and play it with a friend, brother,<br />

sister or parent.<br />

Think about...<br />

• A game you can play with<br />

two people.<br />

• What you need to play the game –<br />

try to make up a game that doesn’t<br />

need equipment.<br />

• How the game starts and finishes.<br />

• What the rules are – keep it simple.<br />

Try it out and play the game<br />

your way!<br />

Have you done any extra<br />

minutes today<br />

Activities I did this week:<br />

For my challenge I...<br />

Start<br />

This is fun!

Week 4<br />

Activity challenge:<br />

Do something <strong>active</strong> with<br />

your family.<br />

Start<br />

Go<br />

You could:<br />

• Go for a family walk or cycle<br />

at the weekend.<br />

• Go to the park and have a kick<br />

around with a ball.<br />

• Teach your parents a game you<br />

enjoy and ask them to teach you<br />

one they used to like.<br />

• Put on some music and have<br />

a dance off in your lounge!<br />

Can you do some extra<br />

minutes today<br />

Activities I did this week:<br />

For my challenge I...

Congratulations<br />

You have achieved the Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong>!<br />

Don’t for<strong>get</strong> to send off for your certificate.<br />

Did you complete all four weekly challenges<br />

If you did you can <strong>get</strong> the special Let’s <strong>get</strong><br />

<strong>active</strong> challenge <strong>award</strong> certificate.<br />

Keep it up... You’ve done really well at <strong>get</strong>ting<br />

more <strong>active</strong> but don’t stop now!<br />

Did you try any new activities Which ones<br />

did you enjoy the most Keep doing them<br />

and aim to be <strong>active</strong> for at least 60 minutes<br />

a day.<br />

If you are already doing 60 minutes a day,<br />

aim for 90 minutes!<br />

Please fill in your name and address below<br />

Name<br />

Address<br />

Age<br />

Postcode<br />

Your Personal Information The British Heart Foundation will keep your name, age and address on<br />

computer for sending information about children’s materials and activities that you may be interested<br />

in. We will not give these details to any other company or charity. We might contact you, for example<br />

to invite you to join the Artie Beat Club, or about a competition or to ask what you think about something.<br />

Please tick this box if you DO NOT want any contact from the British Heart Foundation .<br />

Tear this back page out and<br />

send it in an envelope to the<br />

address below and we’ll send<br />

you your certificate!<br />

Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> <strong>award</strong><br />

British Heart Foundation<br />

Greater London House<br />

180 Hampstead Road<br />

London NW1 7AW

Signatures<br />

Show this pocket planner to a parent, guardian, group leader,<br />

playworker or teacher.<br />

Ask them to confirm that you have increased the time you are spending<br />

each week on <strong>active</strong> fun and games and to tick if you have completed all<br />

four Let’s <strong>get</strong> <strong>active</strong> weekly challenges.<br />

I certify that<br />

(Write the young person’s name clearly here)<br />

Has kept a record of physical activity over the past four weeks and<br />

deserves to be congratulated for spending more time having <strong>active</strong> fun!<br />

Play your<br />

way to<br />

60 minutes<br />

a day!<br />

Please tick box if they have also completed all four weekly challenges<br />

Signature<br />

(Signature of parent, guardian, group leader, playworker or teacher)

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