Newsletter templates for school I

Newsletter templates for school I

Mrs. Zachary’s Class News


Parents- Please make sure your student

charges their netbook every night. We are

back to our regular schedule where we test

each Friday and we need our netbooks for

sure. Many of our netbooks are running

slow because our students are running

multiple programs at once. Please follow

directions at school when we open one

document at a time.

Math – Topic 9

The name of a fraction depends upon

the number of equal parts. The

common way to represent a fraction is

in the form a/b . The top number is

called the numerator and represents

the number of parts of interest. The

bottom number is called the

denominator and represents the total

number of equal parts. a/b can also

be used to say a ÷ b although b cannot

equal 0. Fractions can also represent

values greater than 1. 12/5 can be

changed to 2 2/5. Fractions and

decimals both represent parts of a

whole and can represent numbers

Language Arts / Reading

Greater than 1. Have your student show you our

math notes and teach you about how to convert one

form to the other.

Don’t forget to practice Times Tables. I am giving

quizzes every Friday. The entire class will be on

,4s and 5s and 6s next week.

Unit 3 Week 2 is titled “Thinking it Through”. What are some ways people use their wits to get

themselves out of tricky situations We will read about one who does just that. One skill that needs

to be learned is making sense of sequence. Chronological order of events can help us summarize

the action of a story. Look for clue words such as then, before, first, last, after, finally, when and

next. We gave a book report presented in First person. Now we will study THIRD-PERSON. A

narrator who is not in the story tells the story in Third-person. They tell the thoughts and feelings of

all characters. Finally, HOMOPHONES are two or more words that sound the same but have

different spellings and different meanings.


Have your student review on all week for their spelling test on Friday.

For homework go to my school website

This page >>>

January Birthdays

January Birthdays

Things to do

Science / Social Studies

Say Cheese

Happy Birthday to: No birthdays in January !

Things to Do (continuously)

1. Study Times Table facts and check with me

which number facts your student is on.

2. Review vocabulary.

Science We are almost done with Land Forms.

Please study the slide show and flashcards for upcoming

test. Many videos are on my website however, you may

need your home computer because some may still be

blocked on their netbooks.

3. Bring a water bottle every day to school.

4. Charge up netbooks every night.

5. Read 20 minutes every night and fill out

reading logs and return them with a parent’s

Social Studies We are learning about the

establishment of the 13 colonies and approaching the

Revolutionary War.

signature on Fridays.

6. Review your goals from SEPs.

Say Cheese birthday students!

Let’s have a fabulous year.

Thank You!

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