Columbus Carscape, Indiana, USA, 1987

Headwaters Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, 1980 -1994

River Walk, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, 1987

Titanic Quarter Masterplan, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2005

Titanic Signature Project, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2007

Lagan Village, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2007

Griffintown Development, Montreal, Canada, 2008

Great Charles Street, Birmingham, UK, 2007

V Building, Birmingham, UK, 2007

St David’s Centre, Cardiff, Wales, 2001

Aviapark & Gardens, Moscow, Russia, 2003

Arman Mall, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2007

Borabay Lakes Resorts, Kazakhstan, 2008

Academy Gardens, Athens, Greece, 2009

Su Bahçeleri Galata Limani, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005

Epicentre, Las Vegas, USA, 2006

Xentury City, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2001

Island Gardens, Miami, Florida, USA, 2001


Bluewater, Kent, UK, 1994

Fashion Island, Incheon, South Korea, 2007

Touchwood, Solihull, UK, 1998 - 2001

Shell Centre, London, UK, 2000

Eastern Quarry, Dartford, Kent, UK, 2001

Madinat al Hareer, (City of Silk), Kuwait, 2005

Mall of Kuwait, Kuwait, 2006

New West End, London, UK, 2002

Ebbsfleet City, Dartford & Gravesend, UK, 2002

Greenwich Peninsula, London, UK, 2002

BurJuman Gardens, Dubai, UAE, 1999

Dubai International Finance Centre, UAE, 2005

Charter Place, Watford, UK, 2003

Stratford Bridge, London, UK, 2003

Stratford City Centre, London, UK, 2003

Al Wadi Gardens, Riyad, Saudi Arabia 2009

Bab al Nur (House of Light), Dubai, UAE, 2007

Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens, Dubai, UAE, 2007

One New Change, London, UK, 2003

Bucklersbury House, London, UK, 2004

Manama Lagoon, Bahrain, 2007

The River Project, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007

Croyden Tower, London, UK, 2005

Castle Quay, St Helier, Jersey, UK, 2005

Water Gardens, Southampton, UK, 2005

Mid Valley Gardens, Phase 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2002

Mid Valley Gardens, Phase 3, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2007

Les Jardins De Poncy, Poissy, France, 2003

Le Parc des Collines, Mandelieu, France, 2001






North Lakes, Queensland, Australia, 2003

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2009

Darling Park, Sydney, Australia, 1991

Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia, 1995 - 1998

Tricentennial Park, Kurnell Peninsula, Sydney, Australia, 2002

Barangaroo Foreshore, Sydney, Australia, 2009

Mana Whenua, Auckland, New Zealand, 2002

island gardens · miami, florida, usa · 2001 - present · flagstone properties · The two towers of Island Gardens offer an

artful alternative to the hotels of Miami Beach and Brickell Avenue. An elegant address for the business traveller, the taller

Lighthouse Hotel takes its cues from the classic yachts of the 20s and 30s; its rooms fitted out in rich timber planking, accented

with brass and adorned with nautical charts and instruments. The sweeping curve of the neighbouring Wave Hotel mimics the

stretched canvas of a racing yacht in full sail. The restrained elegance of its 200 rooms and 50 suites is directly informed by the

lobby’s enlightening collection of Caribbean arts and craft, all deftly displayed under gallery quality lighting.

island gardens · miami, florida, usa · 2001 - present · flagstone properties · The East Coast’s largest waterfront development,

Island Gardens will radically transform the reclaimed land of Watson Island into a 51-slip mega-yacht marina. Strategically

situated between South Beach and Downtown Miami, the island forms a natural meeting place for citizens and visitors

alike. Having tied up alongside the spreading calliper piers its guests will be greeted by an active urban parkland, bounded

by fifteen restaurants, two boutique hotels, a maritime gallery and 220,000 sq/ft of retail. Gazing out across Biscayne Bay to

Miami’s twinkling lights the project’s western prospect boasts a wealth of shaded gardens and public promenades dotted with

fountains, follies and civic art.

madinat al hareer (city of silk) · kuwait · 2005 · amir of kuwait & tamdeen · Woven together by its ribbons of parks and

lakes the 25 neighbourhoods of the City of Silk promise a truly sustainable future for the Arabian Gulf. Deliberately scaled

around walk-able distances, each district acts as a ‘molecule of daily life’, addressing its citizens’ needs for food, faith, health

and education within the local community. Home to some 700,000 souls, the ambitious city master plan embodies Kuwait’s

future cultural, commercial and environmental aspirations. Wrapping around a new national park and wildlife reserve, its three

unique city centres draw upon the intricacies of Arabian geometry to concentrate the infrastructure of business, culture and

leisure amenities to maximum effect.

titanic quarter masterplan · belfast, northern ireland · 2005 · harcourt developments · Stretching out along the River

Lagan, this graceful armature of land and water will become the epicentre of Northern Ireland’s 21st century economy. Built

over 15 years, the £3 billion masterplan will transform the 75 hectares of Queen’s Island into the Titanic Quarter; a community

of 7,000 homes complete with offices, education, retail and leisure facilities. The sweeping lines of the verdant ribbon parks

lend the island a lyrical form, their informal woodlands and meadows creating a place for active recreation. The surrounding

street grid responds to the historic fabric of the shipyard site, preserving the city’s maritime heritage while ensuring public access

in perpetuity.

arrol & abercorn towers, titanic quarter · belfast, northern ireland · 2009 · harcourt developments · Rising high

above the River Lagan, the Arrol and Abercorn towers stand like sentinels, guarding memories of men and machines that once

laboured there. Standing alongside the historic slipways, the Arrol Tower recalls the mass of the famous gantry, built to cradle

the Olympic class liners. Like them it offers a 1st class service, treating guests within its 233 hotel rooms to bars, spas, restaurants

and retail, climaxing with a rooftop pool. The Abercorn Tower is an equally luxurious address, containing 253 apartments

within its streamlined two-hull plan. The sweeping form of its glass rain screen captures the profile of liners’ bows, as they sat

perched upon their bow blocks prior to launch.

lagan village, titanic quarter · belfast, northern ireland · 2007 - present · harcourt developments · The second

phase of the Titanic Quarter masterplan, Lagan Village will provide around 2,000 dwellings across three neighbourhoods. Covering

some 298,300 sq/m of floor space, it represents Northern Ireland’s largest ever planning application in terms of area and

investment. Designed at a human scale, the village places all the essentials of everyday life within 250 metres; a comfortable 10

minute walk that will reduce car dependency, promoting social interaction and healthy lifestyles. Largely self-sufficient, thanks

to its blend of residences, workplaces, amenities and cultural destinations Lagan Village will become a beacon community in

Belfast’s modern urban landscape.

mana whenua · auckland, new zealand · 2002 · auckland waterfront · This bold integration of Auckland’s waterfront into

a single consolidated masterplan offers a new home for the prestigious America’s Cup Village. Extending Victoria Park’s carpet

of green across Fanshawe Street transforms the muscular armature of Wynyard Point into a central garden mall that doubles

as quadrangle for a new ‘learning city’ campus of schools, offices, residential and retail. Enclosing Westhaven Marina and

Waitemate Harbour, it subdivides the water space into sheltered ‘rooms’, each catering to a different class of craft. A landmark

destination for the ‘City of Sails’, Mana Whenua would be one of the most extensive contemporary waterfront developments in

the Southern Hemisphere.

orabay lakes resort · kazakhstan · 2008 · ftg development · A clutch of world-class casinos clustered around the resort’s

Town Centre form the core of its adult entertainment offer. Here, their discerning patrons will be served by the finest hotels, casinos,

restaurants and spas to be found anywhere in Central Asia. Encircling these premier amenities is the glittering glass roof

of the Crystal Arcade: an indoor retail street half a kilometre in length. Strolling beneath its forest canopy of glass and timber,

visitors may browse a luxurious collection of gift and boutique retail concessions, interspersed with bars and cafes. The arcade

provides the perfect opportunity for indulging loved ones with recent winnings or simply celebrating success in style.

orabay lakes resort · kazakhstan · 2008 · ftg development · Making the most of its lakeside location, the hotels’ Waterfront

Winter Gardens are a vital linkage between the town centre and shore. An entourage of spas line its upper terrace, allowing

their reclining guests to soak up views of the tranquil waters. Beneath their sleepy gaze swirls a secret sub-aquatic glass tunnel,

connecting the promenade to a crystal island pavilion. A signature piece for the scheme, this Glass Splash provides a VIP suite

for dining on the water’s surface. In addition to the finest cuisine, its guests will enjoy ring-side seats for the nightly ‘Fire and

Ice’ show that lights up the lake with its pyrotechnic displays.

su bahÇeleri galata limani · istanbul, turkey · 2005 · flagstone development corporation · The artful aquatic gardens

of Su Bahçeleri promise to reconnect Istanbul to the blue waters of the Bosporus. By extending the city’s rich green spaces

down to meet the lapping banks of the Golden Horn it creates a triumphal terminus for luxury cruise liners. A versatile public

arena, its star and crescent centred reflection pool can be rapidly drained to magically reveal a patterned plaza beneath its

surface. The theme of water is continued by a shallow canal running down the tree-lined retail street, animated by the flags of

many nations to reflect Istanbul’s international role as the port where East meets West.

water gardens (royal pier) · southampton, uk · 2005 · dandara development / anglo-irish bank · Presenting Southampton

with one of the world’s most comprehensive mixed-use waterfronts, the proposed Water Gardens bring a diversity of opportunity

and activity to the banks of the Solent. By relocating the Red Funnel Ferry Line to a more accessible location they

extend both city and gardens to the water’s edge. Sustainable and self-contained, its three urban villages embrace three new

marinas; each tailored to the lifestyles of its occupants. Backed by 150,000 sq/ft of retail space, an enhanced maritime museum,

signature yacht club and a greatly expanded Mayflower Park will create a robust mix of rich leisure experiences and

educational encounters for all who visit Southampton.

tricentennial park · kurnell peninsula, sydney, australia · 2002 · besmaw group · Spanning the historic Kurnell Peninsula,

Tricenntenial Park touches both Botany Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Using a network of parks and tree-lined drives, this

concept design distributes a series of new residential districts along a crescent-shaped arc of finger lakes. The southern shoreline

supports a host of hotel, retail and leisure resorts hugging the curve of Bate Bay Boulevard. Just metres from their abundant

amenities, swimmers and sailors can safely enjoy the waters off Holt Beach, protected by the Merries Reef. A gift to the citizens

of the Sutherland Shire, this plan extends and maintains one of Sydney’s most verdant parks.

griffintown development · montreal, canada · 2008 · devimco ·The truest measure of any city remains the quality and

diversity of the experiences it offers. With its rich mix of complementary uses, a regenerated Griffintown will become one of the

world’s great waterfronts, making living, working, and dining along the Lachine Canal a routine part of Montreal life. New

parks, plazas and pedestrianised streets offer a network of vibrant public spaces to be enjoyed by all. An elegant Elliptical Arcade

forges a dynamic linkage between residential, retail and office elements, connecting them to the leisure amenities lining the

restored Peel Basin. The water’s edge bursts with cultural riches, with a procession of performance venues and dining pavilions.

Generating activity throughout the day, Griffintown will become one of North America’s most desirable leisure destinations.

urj khalifa sun dial · dubai, uae · 2009 · emaar · Commemorating Dubai’s record-breaking skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa Sun

Dial adds a new icon to the long Islamic legacy of architectural instruments. Set amidst the water park, its cantilevered form

corresponds to the latitude of Dubai, creating a monumental gnomon to record solar time. An oblong aperture permits the sun’s

rays to pierce the cool interior before passing through a ring of fretted numerals to project the hours upon the square beneath.

Here the two-tone paving becomes a calendar, tracing the sun’s analemma as it weaves back and forth across the sky. Harnessing

the sun whilst offering refuge from its heat, this piece creates a focal point from which the Burj Khalifa may be admired.

manama lagoon · bahrain · 2007 · retaj development · Manama Lagoon celebrates the intricate ornamental beauty of Arabian

gardens and the quality of life that they bring. Centred upon a pentagonal harbour at the gateway to the capital, its 2,900

prestige apartments form a waterside community of secluded communal courtyards and verdant public parks. The waterfront’s

array of bustling restaurants, retail, cafes and galleries create an inviting promenade for residents and guests. Embracing the

exclusive marina, the two arms of residential and serviced apartments take their cues from the signature hotels that anchor the

scheme, bringing their concierge culture to a wider audience. With a high-quality office component to complement the premium

retail and leisure, Manama Lagoon is destined to become one of the most desirable addresses Bahrain.

cockle bay wharf · sydney, australia · 1998 · lend lease development, australia · Cockle Bay Wharf personifies CivicArts’

approach to world-class waterfronts. A part of Sydney’s Darling Park, its lively waterside promenade is populated with an alluring

array of restaurants, bars, and cafés offering one of the finest alfresco dining experiences in the country. These amenities

transform the wharf into a leisure destination for guests browsing the 8,000 square metres of retail space, actively extending

the duration of their stay. The collection of hireable event venues and Sydney’s most dynamic nightclub keep the wharf buzzing

long into the night. Enriched by specially designed fountains, clocks, and timber colonnades, Cockle Bay Wharf is Australia’s

most animated waterfront.

darling park · sydney, australia · 1991 · lend lease corporation · Occupying a 3.5 hectare site in Sydney’s central business

district, Darling Harbour stands as a benchmark for mixed-use development. One of Australia’s most prestigious commercial

addresses, its status derives from a generous programme of civic amenities that extends the luxury of a 5-star hotel into the

public realm. Nestled at the feet of three office towers, the Waratah Garden’s geometry of paths and parterres traces the floral

emblem of New South Wales. Within its looping walkways are planted over 1,000 plants, trees and shrubs drawn from every

continent of the world. Symbolising the diversity of the Australian population, it remains open to tenant, client and visitor alike.

darling park · sydney, australia · 1991 · lend lease corporation · Covering almost 100,000 square feet, the podium of

Darling Park’s three towers has become the largest corporate-sponsored gallery in Australia. Its expansive suite of rooms combines

restaurants, reception areas, meeting rooms, lounges and coffee bars to create the hospitality culture of a luxury hotel. An

antidote to the cold sterility of the modern office foyer, the richly furbished Forecourt is perhaps the finest multipurpose space in

Sydney. The billowing triangular ceiling of its Celestial Vault replaces the classical figures of the constellations with the native

fauna and folklore of Australia, beneath whose starry gaze unfolds a frieze of 15 panels telling the story of the nation.

castle quay · st helier, jersey, uk · 2005 · dandara development & st helier water front enterprise board · Restoring

the connection between St Helier and the sea, Castle Quay will rejuvenate Jersey’s waterfront experience. The hydrodynamic

forms of its three signature towers rise through a five-storey podium of boutique shops and restaurants, topped by waterside

penthouses. Animated facades of fritted glass and local stone poetically echo the gossamer quality of racing yacht sails as they

glide past the red granite cliffs. Its new art gallery, observatory, and landscaped gardens all complement the progressive programme

of civic art that pervades the scheme. Restoring the promenade as a public right of way, Castle Quay will quickly

become the most accessible, active, and iconic waterfront in the Channel Islands.

arangaroo foreshor · sydney, australia · 2009 · lend lease · Reflecting Sydney’s multicultural makeup, the design of

Barangaroo’s Global Gardens holds a mirror to its population. Arranged along a central Aboriginal narrative, the gardens create

a sequence of distinctive landscaped ideograms that graphically convey these different cultures. The red sandstone Rainbow

Serpent writhes from Headland Park to Southern Cove, connecting the garden rooms along the way. This undulating serpent

banks up at every turn to provide elevated views across the meadows, allowing cafes and kiosks to be discretely tucked beneath

its coils. A 1000-seater Garden Amphitheatre adds a verdant entertainment venue, while the Southern Cove climaxes in an

architectural ‘splash’ of glass and timber, as the Harbour Star pavilion acts as the official welcome hall.

arangaroo foreshore · sydney, australia · 2009 · lend lease · An ambitious concept for Australia’s largest mixed-use waterfront,

Barangaroo Foreshore represents some 800,000m2 of public and private amenities from residential and retail to hotels

and gardens. Wrapped around the feet of the waterfront towers, its retail and leisure podium supports both visiting and working

populations. The waterfront Forum and promenade offer diverse dining opportunities, including the Wool Shed Market Halls

with their lyrical floating canopies. The Glass Regatta forms the scheme’s glittering centerpiece, with water cascading between

its glazed fingers to flow on through overlapping ‘playing card’ pools. A fluid design that connects city to shore, Barangaroo

reclaims Sydney’s historic waterfront for its citizens.

mohammed bin rashid gardens · dubai, uae · 2008 · dubai properties · The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens offer an enlightened

model of urban planning that will reverse the Gulf’s corrosive commuter culture. Celebrating the intricate geometry

of Arabian art and science, their 56 million square feet of verdant parks and gardens divide an 880 million square foot city

into a network of sustainable neighbourhoods, each containing the molecule of daily life. Four new city centres anticipate the

needs of a 21st century metropolis; their geometric plans firmly restoring the genius of Islamic science, art, philosophy, faith,

and commerce to the Middle East. Scaled around walk-able distances, they provide easy access to food, health care, and education

for a growing population, completing Sheik Mohammed’s vision for a 21st century Dubai.

mohammed bin rashid gardens · dubai, uae · 2008 · dubai properties · Carving the patterns of the heavens into the desert

sands the rippling curves of the Union Canal record the celestial path of the Milky Way. Flowing out from Business Bay,

the canal describes a wide arc before rejoining the Gulf once more. Reversing the current trend for reclaiming land from sea it

brings the water to the desert, transforming 88km2 of arid dunes into valuable real estate in the process. Unifying the city’s

masterplan, this 21st century navigation functions as both urban artery and leisure amenity, open to citizen and visitor alike.

Its miles of lively, democratic waterfronts will make this garden city the envy of the world.

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mohammed bin rashid gardens · dubai, uae · 2008 · dubai properties · The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens offer an enlightened

model of urban planning that will reverse the Gulf’s corrosive commuter culture. Celebrating the intricate geometry of

Arabian art and science, their 56 million square feet of verdant parks and gardens divide an 880 million square foot city into

a network of sustainable neighbourhoods, each containing the molecule of daily life. Four new city centres anticipate the needs

of a 21st century metropolis; their geometric plans restoring the genius of Arabian science, art, philosophy, faith, and commerce

to the Middle East. Carving the patterns of the heavens into the desert sands, the rippling curves of the cooling Union Canal

mirror the celestial path of the Milky Way to complete Sheik Mohammed’s vision for a 21st century Dubai.

xentury city · orlando, florida, usa · 2001 · flagstone properties · Bounded on three sides by the renowned Walt Disney

World, this mixed-use concept development integrates offices, hotels, retail and leisure, with the garden and water architecture

of a great holiday resort. Bringing beauty to the routine of daily life, its canals, parks, gardens, and terraces celebrate the

flora of Florida while seamlessly connecting three distinctive quadrants to create a new civic centre. Six hotels, 1.5 million sq/

ft of retail, and 1.5 million sq/ft of office space radiate out from the intersection of Osceola Parkway and International Drive,

linked by a tree-lined ring road whose formal geometry befits the status of the prestigious addresses it serves.



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