Quest Takeoff and Quest Estimator - Concrete Equipment Inc

Quest Takeoff and Quest Estimator - Concrete Equipment Inc



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Maxwell Systems

Quest Takeoff and

Quest Estimator


Maxwell Systems

Quest Takeoff and

Quest Estimator

Maxwell Systems offers complete estimating

solutions for all types of construction contractors.

And we back up all our products with thorough training and support to ensure our customers

get the most out of our products. Read on to learn more about the advantages Maxwell

Systems can bring to your business. Or contact us directly today for the full story.

Maxwell Systems Quest Takeoff

Quest Takeoff is a program that will keep you at the forefront of construction software technology.

With it you can complete a digital takeoff of any structure shown on a set of blueprints, all without

actually using paper blueprints.

Key Benefits

• Exclusive digital takeoff capabilities enable you to save time and money

• Fully compatible with other Maxwell Systems construction management programs

Maxwell Systems Quest Estimator

Quest Estimator is the core of our Quest product line. Beginning with the digitized takeoff and

concluding with generating the final bid, Quest Estimator is just the tool you need to create a winning

bid, no matter what your specialty.

Key Benefits

Takeoff and estimating solution in a single convenient application

• Can provide you with unprecedented efficiency in the estimating process

• Unique features help ensure the accuracy of your estimates

Providing relevant, timely, and accurate

information, Maxwell Systems Quest Estimating

Software delivers valuable insight that can improve

the way you do business.

Estimating Technology Overview

Construction estimating technology has come a long way

from the days of pencil and paper. The introduction of

automated estimating brought unprecedented benefits

to the construction industry. And Maxwell Systems

continues to break new ground with the fastest, most

accurate and easiest to use takeoff and estimating

software solutions available.

Maxwell Systems serves all 16 divisions of construction

with comprehensive estimating and accounting solutions.

So no matter your expertise, it’s ours, too. Our awardwinning

software, matched with state of the art hardware

and unparalleled support, make Maxwell Systems the

right choice for any estimator.

Maxwell Systems’ solutions have innovative features no

other company offers. Our software can help you get

each estimate done quickly, correctly, and confidently.

You’ll be able to bid more jobs and make more money

than you thought possible.

Issue Affecting Your Business

Lack of efficiency due to outdated

estimating methods.

Working with separate, incompatible programs.

The Maxwell Systems Solution

Our automated takeoff and estimating software

can help you complete jobs up to 10 times faster

than before.

Maxwell Systems Quest Estimator is an all-inone

takeoff and estimating system that’s

compatible with other Maxwell Systems products.

Inaccurate takeoffs producing a flawed final


Takeoff has missing or hidden components.

Maxwell Systems’ takeoff technology is accurate

to within 1/1000 of an inch, so you can be sure

your numbers are correct.

Our 3-D Visual Assemblies enable you to

examine every element of a structure from every

possible perspective on a computer screen,

helping you ensure everything that should

be on the takeoff is actually there.

“My Maxwell Systems estimating software is not a canned solution. It’s more flexible, and the end user is able to do what

they want to do. It adapts to your way of thinking. I can see profits directly linked to our use of the system. Maxwell Systems’

software enables us to bid jobs with profits and overhead in mind. And it gives us a good sense of profit and loss as we work

through a job. We were never able to do that before.”

Fred Weber

Founder, Weber Construction

Maxwell Systems Quest Takeoff

Are paper blueprints going out of style

Maybe not just yet. But more and more companies are

discovering the advantages of digital plans every day.

Maxwell Systems can provide the digital takeoff

technology you need to keep up with the competition.

A good estimate naturally begins with an accurate takeoff. Maxwell Systems Quest Takeoff can help

ensure that’s exactly what you get each and every time. There’s simply no more precise program for

calculating your areas, lengths and quantities.

What sets this takeoff program apart from every other is its state of the art digital takeoff capabilities.

With Quest Takeoff you can perform a takeoff of anything found on a set of blueprints without ever

touching a set of blueprints!

While paper blueprints may still have a place in construction, they are no longer a requirement.

Digital takeoff can save you thousands of dollars on blueprints; further, it can spare you the hassle of

working with those awkward, bulky paper plans for good.

Quest Takeoff is available as a standalone product or

bundled with Maxwell Systems Quest Estimator.

With this digital takeoff program you can

perform a takeoff off anything found on a set of

blueprints. You can take digital plan files from

an online plan room, CD-ROM or other source,

in many common types including PDF, TIF, GIF

and CAD formats, and upload them directly

into the program. Digital takeoff can save you

thousands of dollars on blueprints and spare

you the hassle of working with bulky paper


Once your digital plans are imported into the

program, just select the appropriate cost item

library, choose a cost item, and start tracing on

your computer screen with a mouse.

This versatile program lets you flip, rotate and copy

structures, which saves you from having to retrace

identical structures. It also lets you customize your

cost item libraries, or import them straight from

other programs. And when your plans are suddenly

changed, it lets you instantly compare your new plans

to the older ones.

Use the Link feature to attach any file – a

photo, etc. – that is relevant to the takeoff


Key Benefits

• Exclusive digital takeoff capabilities allow contractors to save time and money

• Compatible with other Maxwell Systems construction management programs

Maxwell Systems Quest Estimator

Estimator is the core application for all Quest estimating solutions. But don’t let the name fool you – it’s

actually an all-in-one automated takeoff and estimating system.

Quest Estimator, the industry’s premier estimating software, has unique features that can help you

experience unprecedented accuracy and efficiency – completing jobs up to 10 times faster than with

obsolete manual methods like pencil and paper. These will give you the opportunity to bid more work and

make more money.

Digitizing (calculating lengths, areas and quantities

of count items) with Quest Estimator consists of

laying your plans on a digitizer, setting the scale,

then tracing the plans with a stylus pen. After you

complete your measurements, send them to your

estimate to prepare your bid. (If you work with digital plan

files, you can even upload them directly into Quest Estimator

using an optional digital takeoff module, then digitize them with a

mouse. Read the Maxwell Systems Quest Takeoff section of this

brochure for more information.)

The Notepad keeps track of all your quantities and

cost item specifications, providing a convenient audit

trail for your job. It’s like a virtual legal pad with a

running list of everything on the takeoff. A mouseclick

lets you sort these items as needed, convert

items from one unit of measurement to another, or

get totals for your quantities.

The Database is a centralized storage location for

historical pricing on cost items that are relevant

to your specific type of business. You can create

as many customized databases as you want, with

unlimited cost items in each. If you’re already

using Excel or another Windows-based third-party

program, you can continue to use it. Just import

your data directly from that program into Quest


The Estimate is where your bid really

comes together. This feature enables you

to create cost breakdowns by the criteria

of your choice, generate lists of cost items

and view subsets and subtotals of your

estimate. You can also create estimate

templates with items you regularly use,

saving you from having to start from scratch

each time you do an estimate.

The Summary screen is where you

can subtotal costs from your estimate,

organized by work breakdown structure

codes. You have complete control over

which codes you subtotal. The Summary

screen also gives you the capability to set

baseline costs and compare any changes

in the estimate to those baselines.

Digitizer boards are

sophisticated electronic tools

that enable you to measure

quantities to 1/1000th of an

inch. Also known as tablets,

digitizers are faster, more

accurate and easier to use than

other types of takeoff tools.

They are available either as a

hard board (pictured) or in a

portable rollup version.

Picture the Winning Bid:

The 3-D Visual Assembly

Maxwell Systems pioneered the interactive 3-D Visual

Assemblies, which is like a graphical checklist that shows

your structure coming together on a computer screen.

This is a lifelike takeoff image that enables you to zoom,

rotate, go inside and even separate the components of any


Though sophisticated in design, interactive 3-D Visual Assemblies couldn’t be easier to use. After you’ve

digitized a structure, open the corresponding Visual Assembly. Adjust the parameters or quantities of your

components as needed. Then save the Visual Assembly and send it to your estimate to generate your

quantities and costs.

There’s no better way to create fast, accurate takeoffs. With just one measurement, you can complete your

takeoff and instantly price out dozens of cost items. And when you’re done with one project, you can save

your Visual Assemblies for use on future projects with similar structures.

Interactive 3-D Visual Assemblies will ensure you deliver an accurate bid, and give your clients a clear,

impressive picture of their investment. They literally help you picture the winning bid.

This feature is completely customizable to the type of construction you do. If concrete is your specialty, for

example, you’ll get a full set of concrete Visual Assemblies with Quest Estimator. We’ve created dozens of

Visual Assemblies for all standard structures and put them together in packages that cater to the unique

estimating requirements of your type of business.

Finishing Drywall

Masonry Block

A Small Sampling of Our Visual Assemblies

Concrete Slab: The expanded view enables you to separate all the

components of a structure and view them individually from any angle.

Sitework Curb

Framing Wall Timber

Tiltup Panel

Roofing Steep Slope

Fully Integrated Construction Business

Management Software Solutions

For a fully integrated system, look to Maxwell

Systems’ accounting products. These integrate

directly with our estimating products, providing you

with the convenience of a complete construction

management solution from one company.

also enjoys an unprecedented overview of their

entire business process from takeoff to cash. A

Maxwell Systems construction management solution

enables managers to get a true measurement of the

efficiency and accuracy of their team.

A fully integrated system is beneficial to everyone

from the estimator up to the chief executive officer.

While estimators and accountants benefit from our

programs’ accuracy and ease of use, management

Proposal Writer

Simplify the process of creating and tracking proposals with Proposal Writer. This optional module helps

Maxwell Systems estimating software users quickly accumulate bid details and produce proposals in the

format desired by your customers. A Proposal Wizard guides you through a three-step process to include just

the right amount of detail in every proposal. Proposal Writer features also include:

• Proposal Tracking: Proposal

Writer helps you organize

proposals by status and by

color coding for a quick look at

outstanding proposals.

• Memo Fields: Create memos of

unlimited length for in-depth

specifications. These

specifications may be visible

or hidden when compiling


• Historical Records: Proposal

Writer provides easy access to

historical proposals for reference.

Solid Solutions and Support from an Industry Leader

With over three decades of expertise in the industry,

Maxwell Systems is a leading provider of construction

business management solutions. We’re not here just

to provide you software, however; we offer complete

support and training to complement our products.

A Variety of Training and Support Options

Maxwell Systems has one of the most comprehensive

support programs available, including dedicated

customer service representatives, access to technical

support, software updates, training, and more. Our

technical support team is available to assist you

for emergency support 24 hours a day. We provide

updated versions of our software on a regular basis,

so you always have the best estimating technology

available. We also offer flexible training options;

participate in a training session at one of our corporate

locations, or learn closer to home at a regional training

session, in a private one-on-one session, or through

Training on Demand.

In addition, we offer professional services including

consulting. We can help you use your system to its

fullest potential and apply the technology to your

specific needs.

Look to an Industry Veteran

Founded in 1975, Maxwell Systems is an industry

leader in construction business management and

property management software solutions and

services. We’re dedicated to helping our 10,000

customers streamline their estimating, job cost

accounting, and project management processes and

improve profitability. Maxwell Systems possesses the

knowledge and experience to help customers grow

their business while maximizing the return on their

technology investment. Our headquarters are in King

of Prussia, PA, with offices in Baltimore, MD, Fort

Collins, CO, Santa Cruz, CA, and Sarasota, FL.

For more information on Maxwell Systems,

visit or call 1-800-688-8226, press 1.

© 2007 Maxwell Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Maxwell Systems, Quest, and Estimator are trademarks of Maxwell Systems, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the

property of their respective companies or owners.

Maxwell Systems has made all due effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document. Maxwell Systems assumes no liability for any damages incurred directly from any

errors, omissions, or discrepancies in the information contained in this document. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.


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