Black, White & Currant III Quilted Tote Bag - Henry Glass & Co

Black, White & Currant III Quilted Tote Bag - Henry Glass & Co

Henry Glass Fabrics Co. Inc.

Black, White & Currant III Quilted Tote Bag

By Color Principle

Cutting Requirements

7714-99 Black/Small White Flowers

(2) 2 ¼ “ x 20” strips, cut on bias for flap & outside

pocket (double fold)

(2) 18˝ x 21˝ rectangles for lining

(2) 1 ½˝ x 21˝ for tote top section

(2) 6˝ x 21˝ rectangles for inside pocket

(2) 4˝ x 17˝ rectangles for bottom insert

7716-44 White/Large Flowers

(2) 12˝ x 21˝ for tote middle section

7715-88 Red/White Flowers

(2) 9 ½” x 13”outside pocket

(2) 6” x 9 ½” flap

7710-98 Red Paisley

(2) 6˝ x 21˝ for tote bottom section

(2) 5˝ x 26˝ for handles


(2) Muslin 19˝ x 22˝ for quilt backing

Fusible fleece (or batting)

(2) 19˝ x 21˝

Medium weight fusible interfacing

(1) 6˝ x 21˝ for inside pocket

(1) 9 ½ ” x 13” for outside pocket

(1) 6” x 9 ½”for flap

(2) 4˝ x 26˝ strips for handles

Stiff fusible interfacing

(1) 4˝ x 17˝ rectangle for bottom insert

Fabric Requirements

Approximately 20˝ x 15˝ x 5˝

1 ½ yd 7714-99 Black/Small White Flowers Tote Top Section/Binding/Lining/

Inside Pocket/Bottom Insert

⅜ yd 7716-44 White/Lg Flowers Tote Middle Section

⅓ yd 7715-88 Red/White All-Over Flowers Outside Pocket/Flap

½ yd 7710-98 Red Paisley Tote Bottom Section/Handles

Additional Materials:

⅝ yd Muslin for quilt backing

2 pieces - 19˝ x 21˝ Fusible Fleece (or batting)

4˝ x 17˝ Stiff fusible interfacing for bottom insert

Medium weight fusible interfacing for pocket, flap and handles

Decorative Button, hook & loop tape or closure of your choice.

Tote Bag Body

Construction Notes:

Seam allowance is ¼˝. Press seams as you go. Be sure to follow

manufacturer’s directions if you are using closures that need to be

added during construction. It's helpful to label the pieces as they

are cut.

Join tote top, midddle and bottom sections together.

Make 2.

Fuse fleece to the wrong sides of the tote front and back.

Wrong sides together, place each fused piece on a muslin

rectangle. Quilt as desired. Trim edges evenly to 18˝ x 21˝.

Outside Pocket

Fuse interfacing to wrong side of one pocket piece. Trace

pocket curve onto paper to use as a guide. Fold each pocket

in half, align template to fold, and cut curve.

Layer pocket pieces right sides together. Sew around all sides

and top edge leaving curved seam open Trim corners and turn

right side out; press. Baste curved edge.

Bind curved edge as you would for a quilt, folding binding

ends in 1/4” to finish.

Center pocket on front of the tote bag, aligning bottom of

pocket with seam line between tote bottom and middle

sections. Sew around sides and bottom of pocket, double stitch

ends for reinforcement.

©2012 Henry Glass & Co., Inc. 1.18.12

Sew Front and Back

With right sides together, sew tote front and back together at

the side and bottom edges. Press seam allowances open.

To shape a flat bottom, fold the tote (with right sides

together) so that the side seam meets up with the bottom.

Pin the seams together. Measure 2 ½˝ from point and draw

a line. Sew on the marked line. Stitch again to reinforce the



2 ½˝

Trim seam allowance to ½˝ and zig zag stitch along raw edges.

Turn tote right side out.


Inside Pocket

Fuse 6˝ x 21˝ interfacing to the wrong side one of the inside

pockets. Place pocket pieces right sides together. Stitch along

both long edges, leaving the sides open. Turn right side out

and press. Top stitch 1/8˝ from the top edge of the pocket.

Place pocket on the right side of one of the lining sides. Align

the raw edges of the pocket with the side edges of the lining,

approximately 3˝ down from the top. Baste pocket in place

along side seams. Top stitch through all the layers along the

bottom edge.


Front side of lining


If you like, divide the pocket into three separate pockets by

stitching 6˝ in from each side. Back stitch to reinforce the


With right sides together, sew side and bottom edges of

lining. Leave a 6˝ opening in the bottom seam for turning

tote right side out. Press seams open. Stitch bottom corners

in the same manner as you did for the tote. Leave lining

wrong side out.


Press strips in half to mark center. Open and press ½˝ to

the inside along both long edges of the handle strips. Open

pressed edges. Place fusible interfacing on the wrong side of

the handle strip between the fold lines. Fuse in place.

Fold in edges again, fold the handle strip in half lengthwise

and press. Top stitch both long sides of the handle. Make two.

Fold handle in half crosswise to find the center. Mark with a

pin. Fold the handle in half lengthwise and measure 3˝ from

each side of the pin. Stitch folded edges together for 6˝ to

make a narrow section of the handle. It is easier to carry this



Trace curve onto paper and use as a guide for the flap. Fuse

interfacing to the wrong side of one flap piece. Place the two

flap pieces wrong sides together. Pin or baste. Bind around

curved edge as you would for a quilt. Baste raw edges of the

straight edge of the flap.

Measure 3˝ in from each side of the side seams and pin

handles to right side of the front and back of the tote,

matching raw edges. Place flap at the center of the right side

of the bag back, raw edges even. Pin. Baste close to the edges.

3” 3”


tote bag

wrong side out

Assemble Tote Bag

Insert tote body inside tote lining with right sides together.

Tuck handles and flap down into the tote, out of the way.

Align raw edges and side seams. Sew top edges together.

Stitch again over handles and flap for reinforcement.

Turn tote and lining right side out through the opening in

the lining. Pull lining out of the tote and stitch the opening


Tuck the lining back down inside the tote. Be sure handles

and flap are pulled out. Press top edge. Top stitch.

Bottom Insert and Closure

Layer the stiff interfacing with the lining fabric and fuse. Zig

zag around the four edges of the fabric covered rectangle.

Place in the bottom of the tote. (Adjust size if necessary.)

Add hook & loop tape, button and button hole, or snap to

complete the tote bag.





Press ½˝

©2012 Henry Glass & Co., Inc. 1.18.12

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