Providence St. Peter Foundation Annual Report 2012
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Providence St. Peter Foundation Annual Report 2012

Advancing the ministries of:

Providence St. Peter Hospital

Providence Mother Joseph Care Center

Providence SoundHomeCare & Hospice

Providence St. Francis House

Providence Medical Group


Providence St. Peter Foundation

Annual Report

Letter from the President

Sister Rita Ferschweiler (sitting third from left),

with fellow Sisters of Providence and Providence

leaders at the opening of the Critical Care Unit.

Sister Claire Gagnon, longtime administrator

(1961-74) of St. Peter Hospital, is seated second

from right.

Each patient and family that enters

the doors of a Providence facility is

touched by the mission: To reveal

God’s love for all, especially the

poor and vulnerable. Nowhere

is that more evident than in the

people, programs, equipment, and

work made possible by donors.

In October 2012, St. Peter Hospital opened a

new critical care unit (CCU). It was with great

pleasure that we unveiled a suite dedicated to

Sister Rita Ferschweiler, S.P., at the public grand

opening. Sister Rita attended with eight of her

Sister colleagues. Previously, the unit’s capacity

held 21 patients, and additional patients were

transferred to other hospitals outside the area.

Since opening the new unit, the number of

patients has risen, allowing more people to be

treated closer to home and family.


In addition to helping fund the new CCU,

philanthropy is playing a vital role in bringing

the Providence mission to others. The foundation

continues to have a keen commitment to nursing

education, from scholarships for those pursuing

a career in nursing, to on-site education to

obtain degrees, to funding professional education

for nursing staff. Many programs and services are

also made possible thanks to the generosity of

donors, including:

• Breathing management systems that allow

hospital staff to respond to life-threatening

codes and during operations and emergencies

• Development of a chronic care model for

home health patients with congestive heart

failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease (COPD)

• Enhanced interpretive services for patients

with limited English, who can be vulnerable as

they navigate the health care system, to ensure

quality care

• Basic assistance such as food, shelter, medication,

transportation, clothing, and other basic care

items for patients in need when discharged and

transitioning home

Donors also make many programs possible such

as Animal Assisted Therapy & Activities, No

One Dies Alone, Hospice Respite and Comfort

Care, and SoundCareKids – a bereavement

program for children who have lost a loved one.

As president of the board it has been

tremendously exciting to see the depth of

community support for the vast array of missiondriven

programs and services provided through

Providence ministries. The Foundation Board

of Directors elected and welcomed three new

members in 2012: Mark Naubert, Jennifer

Valdenegro, and J. Mark Wagner, M.D. I am

privileged to be joined by my fellow officers

Patricia Gilmer, M.D., vice president; Larry

Brooke, treasurer; and Ken Anderson, immediate

past president, and together, we extend our

deepest gratitude to all our board members,

volunteers, and donors.

Thank you for supporting the mission of

Providence so that our local communities

continue to have the best access to top-quality

and compassionate care.


Dan E. Davidson, D.D.S.

Board President 2012-2014

Left to right: James Reus, M.D.;

Fred Goldberg; Medrice Coluccio;

Dan Davidson, D.D.S.; Peter Fluetsch

Emeritus members


Providence St. Peter Foundation proudly

recognizes new emeritus board members

James Reus, M.D.; Fred Goldberg; and Peter

Fluetsch. Emeritus status was conferred in

2012. This distinction acknowledges their

many accomplishments and service as board

officers and donors.


Philanthropy advances outcomes for stroke

patients through technology

When it comes to a stroke, time is of the essence.

“During a stroke, patients lose 1.9 million

neurons each minute,” says James McDowell,

M.D., neurologist and Providence St. Peter

Foundation board member. “So the faster the

recognition of symptoms, the faster emergency

personnel can respond, diagnose, and provide lifesaving


When Liz Todd, RN, a stroke nurse for St. Peter

Hospital’s accredited stroke program, first comes

in contact with a stroke patient, she says, “They

often have facial droop, no movement in one

of their arms, or they may not move one side of

their body. They can also have visual impairment,

and slurred, incoherent speech, so those are all

important things to look for.”

is only effective when given up to 4 and ½ hours

after the onset of symptoms.

Liz says, “Alteplase was the first game changer in

stroke care. But to take advantage of it, we have

to have a rapid response when patients have a

stroke.” Liz emphasizes when symptoms of stroke

are first recognized, it’s important to call 911.

Once a patient arrives at the emergency facility,

“Our response is very impressive,” she says. Many

people are not aware of the work that goes on

behind the scenes, and Liz explains, “When 911

is activated, all appropriate emergency responders

are alerted. An ambulance rushes to the patient,

the emergency center is notified that a stroke

patient is on the way, neurologists are paged; we

are ready.”

Liz Todd, RN, St. Peter Hospital stroke nurse,

performs a stroke assessment

In the 1970s and 1980s, researchers were

investigating plasminogen activators, a protein

involved in the breakdown of blood clots. The

drug Activase® (known generically as alteplase)

was approved as a treatment for heart attacks in

1987 and approved for ischemic strokes in 1996.

The drug is given directly into a vein, and Dr.

McDowell says, “Alteplase acts just like Drano for

the brain - it dissolves blood clots.” Because of the

rapid pace at which brain neurons die, alteplase

“Alteplase acts just like

Drano for the brain –

it dissolves blood clots.”

~ James McDowell, M.D., neurologist


A patient suffering an acute stroke in an urban

setting takes a high amount of awareness and

coordination of emergency response. “Our

neighboring rural counties have an even higher

amount of difficulty,” says Liz, “but that has

improved with the addition of our telestroke

network.” Funded by a combination of

philanthropic and federal grants totaling over

$400,000, with the use of telehealth, patients

from neighboring hospitals in rural areas can

be connected in a split second using secure

high-speed connections. A robot rolls to the

patient’s bed and links with an on-call neurologist

who conducts a 15-point standardized stroke

assessment to determine the severity of the stroke

and if the patient is a candidate for alteplase.

had patients with an acute stroke collapse in our

neighboring counties, activate the 911-system,

and two days later, literally drive themselves

home from the hospital, having fully recovered

from a condition that otherwise ends in death or

severe, lifelong disability.”

Liz knows the importance of a strong stroke

care from firsthand experience. Her step-father

suffered from a stroke outside our region of

Southwest Washington which did not have an

active telestroke network. She says, “What we

have is a pearl for our greater community, and

I’m so proud of what we’ve developed with the

help of philanthropy.”

“We’ve seen amazing results with the

combination of the telestroke robots and the

use of alteplase,” says Dr. McDowell. “We’ve

Stroke Warning Signs

Use FAST to remember the warning signs:

FACE: Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop

ARMS: Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward

SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or strange

TIME: If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately.



Hospice volunteer James Forest unloads groceries for a family.

Volunteers hold sacred space at the end of life

Mason County resident James Forest first

became a nurse in 1984. When his grandmother

became ill, he became her primary caregiver.

James says, “I had the privilege of being with my

grandmother when she died, and that experience

left an important mark on my life.” The

experience so profoundly affected him that he

decided to help hospice, serving others in their

end-of-life care.

In 2011, James became a hospice volunteer for

Providence SoundHomeCare & Hospice, which

provides care to people in Thurston, Mason, and

Lewis Counties. Volunteers play many roles,

including giving respite – a small break – three

to four hours a week to caregivers who are caring

for family members. When asked what makes

a successful hospice volunteer, his response is

quick, though somewhat unexpected: “Not being

afraid of the dying process. It’s a natural journey,

and accepting this process reflects a healthy

attitude in our society that is growing.”

James enjoys his volunteer activities. “My

role varies from person to person and family

to family,” he says. Sometimes he sits with a

patient while the family is out, gets groceries,

or helps by reading to the patient. “I fill a need

for the family, whatever that is, and I establish a

relationship with the primary caregiver so they

feel comfortable leaving the home.”

Over 200 Providence hospice volunteers serve

the Thurston, Mason, Lewis county area. Sandy

Powers is the volunteer manager for Providence

Hospice. Additionally, Sandy has about 700

other Providence hospice volunteers in the

Seattle-Everett area. According to Sandy, the

respite program is absolutely essential, “When

we’re exhausted, we aren’t at our best. When we

can give those family members a rest, it helps

them and their loved one.”

Sandy says, “Volunteers, or anyone who is with

someone at the end of life, needs to understand

what being a peaceful presence is all about.

To be a peaceful presence is to sit in the

uncomfortable with another person, without

fixing or curing. To hold that kind of space

requires a lot of inner work.”

James says, “While I was with my grandmother

when she passed away, it doesn’t need to be

family for you to be profoundly affected.” The

11th Hour, respite and comfort care programs at

Providence SoundHomeCare & Hospice are all

supported by generous donations to Providence

St. Peter Foundation.

For information on becoming a hospice

volunteer, contact Hospice at 360.493.4689.

“When we’re exhausted, we aren’t at our best. When we can give those family

members a rest, it helps them and their loved one.”

~Sandy Powers, Providence Hospice Volunteer Manager


Expansion serves patients and bolsters local businesses

One of Peter Fluetsch’s earliest memories of

health care was watching his older twin sisters

graduate from nursing school. Both his sisters

trained at Providence St. Peter Hospital at its

second location in Olympia on Sherman Street.

Peter remembers, “I was seven or eight when

they graduated, and they both worked as nurses

into their seventies!” Peter became more involved

with Providence St. Peter Hospital while serving

as Mayor of Tumwater, and continued as a local

business owner, when he and his wife, Kathy,

founded Sunset Air.

As the hospital has grown over the last 35 years,

Sunset Air employees were increasingly able to

access health care nearby when in need. Peter

says, “The longer I was in business, the more I

appreciated the hospital.” Peter sites the expansion

of the Emergency Center, Bill Jones pediatric unit,

and now the Critical Care Unit emphasizing, “The

services we provide at the hospital truly touch us

all. The Emergency Center alone provides care for

over 65,000 visits each year.”

Peter’s family has also been cared for by

Providence, including his sister-in-law, Lucille

Fluetsch, who suffered from heart disease. Peter

says there were several times that the coordinated

response between 911 emergency services and

Peter and Kathy Fluetsch are among the

sponsors of new suites for critical care


St. Peter Hospital’s award-winning heart center

to save her life. Lucille passed away in 2012,

but the care she received helped maintain her

independence and quality of life while living with

heart disease.

The recent expansion of St. Peter’s Critical

Care Unit coincided with the hospital’s 125th

anniversary and was made possible in part due

to philanthropic gifts from the community,

including a new suite sponsored by Peter and

Kathy. Peter is only half-joking when he says,

“I told Dr. Rex Bolin, the medical director for

critical care, I was very happy to support the new

unit, just as long as I didn’t have to use it!”

For patients who have used it, the new CCU “Has

a more quiet and welcoming ambience,” says St.

Peter critical care nurse, Colleen Pattillo, CCRN.

“The large rooms with partitioned family areas

provide a respite from the often serious and life

threatening conditions our patients face.” Since

the unit opened in October 2012, the number of

patients being treated has increased. The expanded

capacity to care has meant fewer patients having to

travel out of our community for top-quality care.

Peter’s son, Brian Fluetsch, who served as

president of Sunset Air for five years, recently took

full control of the company as CEO, allowing

for Peter’s retirement. Peter says having great

health care nearby is equally important today for

businesses to succeed. “You can’t attract employees

without good hospitals, schools, and education.

These services help make a community whole.”

Pauline Fluetsch (seated third from left), Adele Fluetsch (seated third from right), graduate nursing

school at St. Peter Hospital in September 1946.

Twins Adele Fluetsch (left) and

Pauline Fluetsch (right), 1942.


Christmas Forest

The 25th Anniversary Christmas Forest was a

resounding success. During the five-day event,

more than $560,000 was raised, including

$180,000 to support the Sexual Assault Clinic,

serving our five local counties. Thank you to

our sponsors, donors, designers, volunteers,

and a generous community!

Save the Dates!


Emeritus Board Member, Gloria Strait,

thanks Jim Reus, M.D., also an Emeritus

colleague, for his dedicated work to raise

funds for Providence Sexual Assault Clinic,

the Christmas Forest Fund-A-Need.

Christmas Forest Special Events

Ladies Night Out......................................Wednesday, December 4

Silver Bells Breakfast.................................. Thursday, December 5

GALA Auction & Dinner.............................. Friday, December 6

Public viewing times and more information at


Compassionate care for our seniors

“When mom first had her stroke some 20 years ago, she did

rehabilitation at Providence Mother Joseph Care Center. She loved

the staff that taught and helped her become independent enough to

go back home and live independently for 18 more years in her

wheelchair. They helped her be able to garden and do the things she

loved to do.

She always told us, ‘If I’m not able to continue to live on my own,

I want to go to Mother Joseph’s.’ When that day did arrive, she was

pleased that she was able to go back. Our family is very appreciative

of the care and love she received while she was at Mother Joseph’s

Care Center.”

~ Family of Rosemary Dorian-Cunning-Stark

Rosemary Dorian-Cunning Stark, former Providence Mother Joseph Care Center resident


Raised Gifts by Motive

Raised Contributions (4-year)





General Response


21-Bed Expansion Appeal
















Estate Gifts



2012 2011 2010 2009

Providence St. Peter Foundation’s four-year

administrative and fundraising rate is 30.4%.

An audit of 2012 figures was not complete at time of print.

Providence Ministries Support (4-year)








“All that I know of tomorrow is that

Providence will rise before the sun.”

~ Lacordaire




2012 2011 2010 2009


2012 Snapshot of Providence Care

St. Francis House


Occupancy................................................. 100%

Households tending garden beds......................38

Average resident age.........................................77

Average annual household income.............$3,592

St. Peter Hospital

Emergency Center visits............................65,404

Babies born.................................................2,165

Total patients*.........................................304,008

Active Medical Staff........................................370

PSPH volunteers............................................310

Volunteer hours.........................................39,000

*Includes inpatients and outpatients

Providence Medical Group

Number of visits......................................234,076

Medical providers...........................................129

Family Medicine residents................................19

Providence Mother Joseph

Care Center

Total admissions..........................................1,053

Transitional Care beds......................................64

Long Term Care Community beds...................88

Number of volunteer hours.........................3,369

Providence SoundHomeCare

& Hospice

Hospice visits............................................36,377

Home Health visits...................................52,962

Comfort care visits.........................................582

Volunteer respite hours................................1,222

“Thank you so much for your caring support for our mom,

Liz Pastore, and for us during mom’s passing. Your No One

Dies Alone services allowed us to better emotionally and

physically handle her transition. With deep gratitude,”

~ Dianne & Mike Pastore


Honor Roll

Includes gifts made between January 1 to December 31, 2012; does not include in-kind contributions.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Honor Roll. Please inform us of errors or omissions by

contacting the Foundation at 360.493.7981 or

We gratefully acknowledge the many donors that supported the mission of Providence St. Peter Foundation in 2012.

Providence Society Donors

Providence Society includes Cornerstone Club

donors (those who have donated $1,000 or more

in non-event gifts) and the following Legacy Club

donors (those who have made provisions through

estate plans, charitable gift annuities, or other

planned gifts).

Legacy Club


Marite M. Butners

Medrice M. Coluccio

Diane M. Coulter

Dan Cushman

Dr. Thomas and Suzanne Fell

Judy and Stephen Henderson

Edward Hulbert

Dr. James Kruidenier and Susan Bryant

Dixie Linnenbrink

Robert and Mardel Lovely

Dr. Michael and Christine Murphy

Mary C. O’Leary

Rick and Pam Panowicz

Vera Lalie Price

Dr. Britt and Lorna Smith

Dr. Sherwood and Judith Smith

William and Feodora Stedman

Bertha K. Stoerchli

Evelyn L. Thompson


$1,000 and above

Dennis and Carol Adams

Dr. Gareth and Heidi Adams*

Virgil Adams Real Estate

Dr. Tony and Christie Agtarap*

Benita and Terry Akins*

Carol A. Albert Goldfinch*

Dr. Greg and Lahni Allen*

Allwest Transportation, Inc.*

AMS Law, P.C.

Anchor Bank

Dan and Patricia Andersen*


Dr. Julia Anuras and Dr. Calvin Kuo*

Dorothy N. Armstrong*

Jane C. Artz & Frederick J. Artz Fund The

Community Foundation of Southwest Washington*

Sylvia I. Barclift*

Bean, Gentry, Wheeler & Peternell, P.L.L.C.

Dr. Greg and Carrie Bell

Joseph and Karen Benefield*

Sarah Benson, R.N.*

David and Dorothy Bjornson*

Judy and Dick Blinn*

Brett Bolin*

Dr. Rex and Karen Bolin*

Scott and Renae Bond*

Steve and Michele Boone

Merlyn Borden*

Susan Botka*

Paul and Bonita Bourgault*

Priscilla V. Bowerman*

Dr. James and Linnea Bremner

Dr. William and Jacqueline Brennan*

Brenner and Watts Real Estate*

Larry and Donna Brooke*

Patricia Brower*

Jackie Brown*

Dr. Robert and Lynn Brunton*

Dan and Carol Buehler*

Beth M. Capek*

Capital Electric, Inc.

William L. Case III*

CellNetix Pathology, P.L.L.C.*

Kim A. Chase*

Gary and Lucille Christenson*

Clarus Eye Centre

Dr. Al and Tina Cohen*

Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc*

Medrice M. Coluccio*

Lucky Eagle Casino*

Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation*

Dr. William Conklin and Dr. Kathy Goble*

Jill and Steven Cooper*

Pat Corkrey*

Toni and Dennis Crisp*

Rebecca and Gerald Cross*

Dr. Diane Dakin and Stephen Bray*

Dr. Dan and Shelly Davidson*

Marcy Davis*

Keith and Donna Deline*

Dempsey Financial Services, Inc.*

Suzanne and Alonzo Dickinson*

Dr. Lowell and Ida Dightman*

Case and Mieke Doelman

Ralph and Linda Drews*

Lori Drummond*

Ear, Nose, Throat Associates, SW Inc., P.S.

Lorna L. Eberle*

William A. Ehlers, M.D.†*

Dr Wyatt Ehrlander and Dr. Lana Bur*

Dr. Rik and Kris Emaus*

Drs. Michelle and Dustin Engelken*

Susan L. Evans*

ExxonMobil Foundation*

Dr. Jay and Penny Farrer*

Dr. Craig Fleming and Deborah Jayne*

Brian and Valerie Fluetsch*

Peter and Kathy Fluetsch*

Linda and Hugh Foist*

Anne M. Foster Trust*

Fred Meyer Public Affairs

Elsie M. Friend*

Frost & Company, P.S.

Funeral Alternatives of Washington, Inc.*

Marilyn D. Gage, M.D.*

Dr. William and Katherine Garrett

Dr. William and Jacki Gavin

* Indicates a Providence Society member † Indicates a donor who has passed away

Dr. Patricia Gilmer and Hal Scogin*

Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Lakewold*

Dr. Telfer and Andrea Griffith *

Group Health Cooperative

Patricia M. Guerber*

Dr. Deborah Hall and Dr. Ronald Smith*

Chuck and Mary Hallett*

Diane and Dan Hamilton*

Jeffrey D. Hamilton, D.D.S., P. S.

Dr. James and Carol Hannum*

Vince and Tammy Hanson*

Dr. Joseph and Arlene Hartman*

Dr. Kevin Haughton and Dr. Rachel Wood*

Heritage Bank*

Dr. Thomas and Lisa Herrick

Dr. Katherine Hogg and Bruce Baker*

James Humphrey*

Saundra L. Hurst*

Deborah R. Hutton*

Dr. Annie Iriye and Steve Pogge*

Dr. Brian and Norah Iuliano*

Dennis and Mary Jensen*

Jimmy Z. Swan, M.D., Inc. P.C.*

Dr. Rodney Joe and Barbara O’Keefe*

Don and Louisa Johnson*

Keith and Mary Jane Johnson*

Andy Johnson & Company, Inc.

Dr. Andy and Liz Kapust

Dr. John and Mary Elizabeth Karpel*

Dale Keesee*

Dr. Richard P. Kennedy and Regina Ciurczak*

Kasia Konieczny*

William and Feodora Stedman,

Legacy Club members

Sowing a seed….

Estate planning is a promise to the future. It

is an opportunity to provide for the people

you love and to carry on the charitable work

that you believe in. Estate gifts are a vital

source of support for the charitable work of

Providence St. Peter Foundation. Learn how

to remember Providence in your estate plan.

To request complimentary estate planning

information, please contact Providence St.

Peter Foundation at 360.493.7981 or Learn

more at



$1,000 and above (continued)

Len Kosenski†*

LTC (Ret.) William and Catherine Koziar*


Dr. Richard and Darla Krug*

Dr. James Kruidenier and Susan Bryant*

Karen LaForce*

Dr. George and Linda Lamb*

Dr. Larry and Gail Larson*

Gladys E. Dvorak Larson Trust*

Dr. Barbara Lazio and Matthew Scher*

Dr. James and Michele Lechner*

Rich and Laura Lechner*

James and Patty Leonard*

Edward and Shirley Level*

Dr. Qiang and Danijela Li*

Lilly USA, L.L.C.*

Lenna and Andrew Lizberg*

Lee Lovrien*

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*

Douglas B. Mack*

Tony and Mary Mailhot*

Caroline J. Manger Insurance Services, Inc.*

Drs. Andrew and Majida Manista*

Hal and Inge Marcus*

Marine View Beverage, Inc.

Market Place Office Building

Denise and Jeff Marroni

Mike Marsh

Kathy Mashburn*

Dr. Cole and Holly Mason

Dr. Michael and Marybeth Matlock*

Pam and Bob May*

Richard and Deborah McAlister*

Ashley and Brent McBride

Chris and Jocelyn McCabe*


McDonald’s Corporation Matching Gifts Program*

Dr. James and Kathleen McDowell*

Dr. Trent and Mandi McKay*

McKinney’s Appliance, Inc.


Ann Mennewisch*

Dr. Michael and Sandra Merchant*

Cheryl S. Meyer*

Karla L. Meyer*

Edward and Louise Meyer Trust*

Rick and Ellen Middleton*

Allen Miller and Maureen Callaghan, M.D.

Law Offices of Allen T. Miller, P.L.L.C

Dr. William and Johanna Mitchell*

Ron Molitor, D.V.M.*

Ann and Tom Monaghan*

Donna R. Moore*

Jace and Sally Munson, M.D.*

Mark and Cary Naubert*

Dr. Tore and Bonnie Nielsen*

Nisqually Indian Tribe*

Nisqually Red Wind Casino*

Olympia Anesthesia Associates, P.C.

Olympia Emergency Services, P.L.L.C.*

Olympia Federal Savings*

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, P.L.L.C.

Olympia Sheet Metal, Inc.*

Olympic Dermatology and Laser Clinic, Inc. PS

Oral Surgery Associates Inc., P.S.

Panorama City

Rick and Pam Panowicz*

John and Sandra Parry*

PCS Structural Solutions

Dr. Dennis and Christine Peck*

Dr. Joe Pellicer and Dr. Kelvie Johnson*

Peggy M. Phillips*

Richard G. Phillips, Jr. and Marisa L. Wulff*

Phillips Wesch Burgess, P.L.L.C.*

Vera Lalie Price*

Susan G. Komen for the Cure*

Dr. Gerald Pumphrey and Carol Wintercorn*

Dale and Jan Putnam*

RadiantCare Radiation Oncology

TRA Medical Imaging

May Louise Rampton†*

The Rants Group*

Dr. James and Susan Raymond*

Sarah S. Reade, M.D.*

Hans and Helga Rebitzer*

Drs. Stephen and Penny Reck*

Kathleen and Rob Rensel*

Dr. James and Diane Reus*

Nancy J. Riordan and Charles Paeth III*

Pamela and Leigh Roberts*

Dr. Kevin and Maria Robinson*

Dick and Violette Rokes

Dr. Jay and Carla Rudd*

Saint Martin’s University

Kelle and Jay Schalin*

Kitty and Dan Schiffer

Theodore and Ruth Schmidt Estate*

Dr. Gary Scholes and Pamela Skene*

Joe and Marianna Schreiner

Robert and Jo Ann Scott*

Dr. Richard and Laurel Seaman*

Seattle Shellfish, L.L.C.*

John and Susie Senner

John and Mary Setterstrom*

Drs. Michael and Jennifer Shannon*

Jean Sheridan *

Significance Foundation*

Dr. Bruce Silverman and Dr. Courtney Nevitt

Raminder Singh, M.D.*

Dr. Navneet Singha and Bobby Bains*

Per and Lila Skoog*

Dr. Britt and Lorna Smith

Deborah A. Smith, M.D.*

Drs. Scott and Sheila Smitherman*

Smyth Landing, L.L.C.

Dr. Laurie and Richard Sorenson*

South Sound Radiology, Inc. P.S.

Dr. David and Ellen Stagnone*

Wayne and Jeannie Staley*

The Stars Foundation of Thurston County*

Karen J. Stay*

Craig and Debra Stephens

Linda S. Stephenson

Hans and Kat Stoker

Stormans, Inc.*

Gloria and Leland ‘Skip’ Strait*

Sunset Air, Inc.

Surgical Associates, P.L.L.C.

Gerald and Elizabeth Swan*

Patrick and Lisa Tagman

Joyce Targus and Glenn Green*

Priscilla and Thomas Terry*

The Cambia Employee Giving Campaign*

Thurston County Title Company

Thurston First Bank

Dr. Scott and Stephanie Tibbits*

Timberland Bank

Fred and Cherese Timmer

Dr. Ian and Erin Timms*

Titus-Will Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac-Hyundai

Cheryl R. Trumbel*

Tucker Family Foundation*

Sally L. Turnbull

Dr. Gregg and Lynette VandeKieft*

Evert Verschuyl, M.D.*

Drs. Mark and Kathy Wagner*

Diana Wall and John Specht*

Dorothy and John Walsh*

Sally and John Warjone*

Washington Business Bank

Washington State Combined Fund Drive*

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters

Dr. Haleigh and Michael Werner*

Dr. Lawrence and Daidre West*

The Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser


Bret and Monica Wilhelm, M.D.

Paul and Anita Wilkinson*

Joe and Leslie Williamson*

Mike and Sherry Willie*

William and Martha Wittgow*

Angie Wolle*

Howard S. Wright a Balfour Beatty company

James A. Wright*

Edna L. Zeller*


$500 – $999

Sandy Adams and Greg Devereux

Natasha Amick

Dr. Bryan and Summer Anderson

Dr. Shawn and Scott Andrews


Pam Arledge

Dr. Cheyenne and Aracelli Babcock

Judy and Michael Backhaus

Sue F. Beall

Carl and Arlene Beckett

Dr. Darrel and Traci Bell

Bob Blacketer

Kevin P. Blackmon, M.D.

Dennis and Connie Bloom

Thomas G. Bohon

Dr. George and Karen Bray

Michael Brennan and Cecilia Hall-Brennan

Grace I. Brewer

Dr. John Brottem and Susan Hettinger

Melissa and Dustin Bruce

Richard and Christine Brunner

Dr. Jennifer Burtner and Timothy Smith

Janet Byers

Dr. Kelly Cain and Judith Almasque-Cain

Colonel (Ret.) Robert H. Campbell

Dr. Frederick and Kathy Campos

Paul Carhuff

Chandler N. Caughie

Elizabeth and James Choate

Amy and David Coates

Dr. James and Emily Cockrell

Debra Cole

Complete Women’s Health Care

Dr. Bruce and Carol Cooper


Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry, Inc.

Michael and Susan Covey

Joanne and Bob Davis

Rachel Davis-Heintz

Donald R. Dawson

David and Mary DeLong

Dave and Val Deyette

Cindi and Kim Dinsmore

Dr. Bruno and Marry Ann DiScala

Dan and Jeri Donahue

Jack and Sharon Doyle

Ann Durrell

Shelley Earing

Beatrice C. Ellis

Julie A. Ellis

Tracey A. Engelke

Colleen M. Evans

Dr. Mark and Tami Flanagan

Sharon and John Frazzini

Dr. Kevin and Ellie Fung

Dr. David and Gretchen Gacetta

Jack Gagnon

Bill and Dana Garson

Gastroenterology Associates, P.L.L.C.

GBJ Architecture

Kate Gormally

Jerry Griffin

Sharon A. Griffith

Tom and Laura Hackstadt

Jim and Bobbe Haley

Dr. Jeffrey and Lorraine Hamilton

Christine M. Hansen

Steve Hanson

Dr. Richard and Marsha Harding

Matt Hardy and Marilyn Roberts-Hardy

Dwayne and Alice Harkness

Elizabeth and Gerry Hayes

Dale K. Hedden

Judy and Stephen Henderson

Dr. Edward and Carolyn Hoffman

Bill and Pat Holt

Stacey L. Hopkins

James B. Hutcheson, D.D.S.

Doug and Ann Howie

Betty J. Hutt

IBM Employee Services Center

Dr. Mohamed and Ranyah Ibrahim

IMS Shared Business Services

Bridgett and Tony Inglett

Denise Inglin

Dr. Brian and Renee Jackson

Jesse and Marjorie Jackson

Catherine and Mark Jacobson

Dr. Joanne Johnson and Bruce Kooi

Joe and Nancy Johnson

Andrew J. Kapust, D.D.S., P.S.

Lorie Khorsand

Sheri L. Leghorn

Edward and Sylvia LeRiche

Janet A. Lewis

Karen M. Lindsey and Milton Swecker

Dr. Jack and Sandy Lindskog

Laurie Lippincott

Pam and Mark Long

Robert and Mardel Lovely

Nathan C. Marcantel

Sandy Marchesano

Kathy and David Martin

Lisa and Michael Matson

Dr. Michael and Jeanne McDonald

Elizabeth B. McDonnel

Susan and Robert Meenk

Mended Hearts of Thurston County Chapter 130

Dr. Mike Menen and Dr. Phoebe Ashley

Martin and Annette Meyer

James L. Michaels

Lisa Minter

Linda Montgomery and David Hurst

Dr. Margaret Nice and Larry Ermold

NW Clinical Billing

Timothy and Carrie Oakley

Carol O’Hare

Dr. Carl and Susan Ott

Marjorie G. Parker

Philip E. Paroian

Gopi Patel, M.D.

Alice A. Pearson

Ken and Pamela Pekola

Dennis and Joan Peterson

Dr. Jennifer and Kurt Playstead

Keith and Chris Playstead

Port Blakely Tree Farms, L.P.

Push Rods of Hoquiam

Quinault Beach Resort and Casino

Karen Replogle

Jeff and Debra Robert

Marilyn Roberts-Hardy and Matt Hardy

Matt and Amanda Rosauer

John Rumsey

Danni Sabia

Helen Sabia

Dr. Donald and Alice Sampson

Victoria L. Schmidt

Dr. David and Chris Schoening

Dr. Timothy and Judith Scholes

Dr. Terrence and Camille Schulte

Small to Tall Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Clay and Susan Kathleen Smith

Dr. David and Lisa Smith

Jill L. Smith

Lisa and David Smith, M.D.

South Bay Veterinary Hospital

Steamboat Animal Hospital

Sharon B. Stone

Connie and Patrick Storedahl

The Legacy Group

Tamara Timmons-Sandquist

Jill V. Tokarczyk


Dana and Stephen Vandewege

Dr. Gilbert and Patricia Vorhoff

Dr. Bryan and Carole Wales

Brenda J. Warner

Bonnie Warrington

Washington State Patrol

Doris M. Wax

Dr. Ben and Melanie Webster

Kathy and Doug Whitlock

Cheri and Jerry Wilkins

Abigail M. Wolfe

Jocelyn and Kelly Wood

Worker Bees, Inc.

Janice Wu, M.D.

Craig S. Wynn

Dr. Gary and Ann Yim

Patricia Ann Zorn

Susan Zuelke and Rick Antles

Jessica Hoover, volunteer,

No One Dies Alone

“From the first day, the

kindness shown by explaining

your hospice program and the

swiftness of caring for Bob

became such a relief for

all of our family.”

~ Colleen Evans



$250 – $499

Jared Adler

Gerald J. Alfers

Jim and Leanna Allen

Sandra and Darrin Anderson


Joan F. Ashcraft

Ronald E. Bane

Vera M. Barry

Nancy and Stephen Bean

Bobbi G. Bensley

Dr. William and Diana Beppu

Sandy Bethune

Crystal Black

Jeanne L. Bostock

Bridges Rentals

Tracy L. Brown

Barbara L. Bruce

Dr. Tamara and Alex Bunn

Henry and Jo Burns

Karen and Walter Burton

Richard and Cheryl Burton

Terri N. Byers

Angela Cannady

Marjorie A. Caputo

Dorothy Carroll

Alma L. Carter

Dominick Caselnova III

Kay and Al Cassaw

Dr. George Chappell and Lynne Alfasso

Rick and Holly Chisa

Chaplain Annie Clay

Doug G. Cochran

Drs. Gary and Sue Cohn

Brian R. Cook

Dr. Debra and Brian Courville

Linda M. Davis

Kyle Dennehy

Carol Dolliver

Bob and Debbie Drugge

Cheryl Duryea and Mike Murphy

Robert C. East

Lynne Edele

Kathryn A. Fuller

George R. Gablehouse

Jim and Pat Gabrielse

Virginia M. Gambel

Olov and Shirley Gardebring

Dell Gibson

Geoff and Sara Glass

Angela Goode

David and Ruthann Goularte

Tim and Carolyn Graden

Robert Grey and Kathryn Guykema

Dr. Robert and Linda Gustafson

Judi Hambrick

Cheryl and Dennis Hartsook

Jeremy and Chrissy Hawkins

Barbara Hazelton

Robert and Patty Hellrigel

Henderson & Shelton Lawyers

Dr. Roy and Kathleen Heynderickx

Sherrie L. Hill

Glenn M. Hollinger

Jessica and Nathan Hoover

Julie V. Hosford

Margaret P. Howard

Kathy Hughes

J. Amy Hunter

Jeanette James

Daryl and Judy Jensen

Daniel Johnson

Dr. Lisa Johnson and Timothy Kelly

Sean R. Johnson

Nancy C. Jordan

George F. Kaszycki

Dr. Alex Kats and Natalya Rubel

Edmund Keck

Nancy D. Kelly

Craig and Amee Kiefer

Carole J. Kiewicz

Vonnie King

Terry and Wally Kluh

Elizabeth L. Knighton

Elaine M. Kuhnau

Robin and Roy Kus

Valda J. Lance

Milton and Mary Lou Lebsack

Daun Lenz

Elaine and Robert Lewis

Louise M. Libbrecht

Jenni Maiava

Georgene and Bill Marshman

Anna M. Martin

Cindy and Donald Mayo

Malcolm McClaskey

Rodolfo Mendez

Mercer Island Motor Club

Michael T. McDonald, D.D.S.

Lisa and Dwight Midles

Midnight Cruizers of Grays Harbor

Fred Millius

Mary Lou S. Milnes

Malachy and Mary Monahan

Todd Monohon and Mary Zozaya-Monohon

Patrick E. Morin

Dr. Carl and Susan Myers

Brenda Nelson

Barbara O. Norton

Grace T. O’Donnell

Diane C. Olson

James and Jean Olson

Michele Otto

Willie and Bob Owens

Lisa Parchem

Dr. Monti and Valerie Parrino

Mike and Dianne Pastore

Bob and Patty Pastore

Philip and Pamela Peters

Edward and Andrea Pollard

Thomas Polley

Grace Prigge

Puget Sound Energy

Dr. Tom and Kathi Rafferty

Peggy Ratcliffe

Donna Reyes

Kimberly Riano

Dr. Jack and Donna Rice

Sonja A. K. Ronning, M.D.

RRhoids Band

Debra J. Rutherford

Daren and James Sachet

Ellen J. Sawislak

Kristine Schmidt

Serendipity Childrens Center, Inc.

Deborah G. Shawver

Tim Shute

Sarah and Bob Simons

Rae A. Simpson

Sarah and Eli Skillman

Patricia Soloy

Soroptimist International of Olympia

Lillian Stookey

Laurie Suhrbier

Cindy Sund

Dr. Andrew and Kristen Taylor

James E. Taylor

The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program

The Statement

Dr. Per and Betty Tonning

Ralph D. Munro

Ans Van Uffelen

Dr. Shannon Vargas and Isaac Vargas-Gonzalez

Heidi A. Vasilauskas

Caryn D. Vaughn

Tammy Ventura

Ross E. Vogelgesang, M.D.

James M. Vosper, Ph.D.

Janet and Richard Wallace

Michael and Nancy Walsh

Melvin R. Wawrinofsky†

Dr. Charles and Karen Weber

Wednesday OA Group #45000

Sharon L. Williams

Sharon P. Williams

Dr. John and Hazel Willmarth

Lisa L. Withers

Worth Law Group

Wayne and Bonnie Young


Special Tributes

Thank you to the individuals and families who made gifts in honor or memory

of loved ones.

“We can never tell you

how your hospice visits

to us and our family

made a deep and lasting

impression of love and

caring for not only our

precious Chuck, but for

each of us. God bless you

and He does.”

~ Eleanor Battin

In Honor Of:

Ken Anderson

Pamela Arledge

Hanna Bacon

Pete and Patty Bergman

Tiffany Bibeau

David L. Bjornson

Frederick A. Campos, M.D.

Tracy Clark and Ginger

Geary Conover

John J. Dempsey

Lou Eeckhout

Jan, Stu and Luci Ferester

Sister Rita Ferschweiler, S.P.

Betty and Pat Gill

Patricia A. Gilmer, M.D.

Georgia LeeAnn Gore

Linda L. Graham

Matt Hardy

Elizabeth C. Hayes

Helen Humphrey

Amy Hunter

Serenity Hutton

Barbara Inglin

Sally Kauffman

Thomas Joseph Kerrigan

Kristi Lindberg

Bonnie McReynolds and Gretchen Lux

Janie Maki

Linda McMurry and Lucy

Jessie Harris Moore

Terry Olson

PAAA/T Class of 2013

Peter Policani

Patrick Rich

Nancy J. Riordan

Bret Ripley

Pam Roberts

Wynn Roth

Rae Simpson

Jan Smith

Julie Sokolik

Sherry Stacy

Providence St. Peter Hospital’s 125 Anniversary

Sund Family

Dorothy Wade

Cornelia ‘Conny’ Wenz-Kuzma

Angela ‘Angie’ Wolle


In Memory of:

Michael P. Abbott

Helen L. Abetz

Mark R. Adams

Ed Addis

Dorothy Adkins

Barbara Ruth Alfers

Jeffrey Lee Alverson

Donald Phillip ‘Don’ Anderson

Keith Evans Anderson

Anthony Daniel ‘Tony’ Andreas

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Andvick

Nemesio Antonio Armstrong

Wilbur C. Ashcraft

Deborah Bachman

Barry Jason Bailey

Joyce M. Baker

William A. ‘Bill’ Baker

Alvie Barnett

Steve Paul Barrish

Marvin R. Bartholomew

Charles D. ‘Chuck’ Battin

Angela Beaudoin

Edna Beck

Nick J. Bender

Patricia N. Benko

Doris Lee ‘Dodi’ Birkholz

Tamara Lynne Bolin, M.D.

Patsy Joyce ‘Pat’ Boone

Wendy Borden

Dorothy Jean Borup

Fred Boschetto

Rosemary Bowsher

Geraldine ‘Gerry’ Brandt

John L. Brennan

Robert Frederick Brewer

Bill Brickert

Dorothea Brickert

Marjorie ‘Marge’ Briffett

Helen Patricia Briley

Joseph A. Brousseau III

Joseph A. Brousseau, Jr.

Peter A. Brousseau

Howard R. Brown

Doris Burke

Alyce Callson

Albert Campbell

Eva Campbell

Marian Edith Campbell

Peter S. Campbell

Kenneth J. Capek

George H. Carle

Edith and Francis Carney

Dwight Caron

Logan Joseph Carter

Hattie Ann Churchill

Helen Cline

Marion Coates

Jack Coble

Mitchell Lewis Cohen, M.D.

Joseph Cole

Marilyn Connon

Robert Conrad

Wilburn Lee Cook

Carol Mae Cooper

Charles Kenneth ‘Ken’ Corrigan

David P. Coss

Gordon ‘Gordy’ Craig

Donald T. Crilly

Tim Criswell

Larry L. Crouch

Robert E. Curtiss

Ben and Evelyn Dahl

Roger Dahl

Ladeva Ann Dahlin

Karen Lowery Daly

Russ Davis

Mildred Dorothea ‘Dottie’ White Dawson

Stella DeBiose

David DiClementi, M.D.

Nancy Ann Donnell

James ‘Jimmy’ Dowdell

Mary Janet Droege

John ‘Jack’ A. Durrell

Patrick Tammany ‘Pat’ Easter

David Easton

Curtis R. Eaton

Gary A. Edele

Mary I. Edwards

Robert J. Edwards

William Arthur Ehlers, M.D.

Jeffrey David Eiseman

Maurice Vincent ‘Morry’ Eisenman

Jane L. Elder

Robert Eugene ‘Bob’ Elves

Doris Erickson

Wendell Ericson

Leonard A. ‘Len’ Esteb

Randy G. Evans

Robert ‘Bob’ Evans

Dahl Fansler

Morris and Pat Faulkenberry

Delbert Eugene Finch

Irving J. ‘Irv’ Flotree

Paul and Lucille Fluetsch



In Memory Of (continued):

Sharon Fulton

Beverley M. Funk

Jessie B. Gablehouse

Linda Jo Gates

June Frances Gateson

E. Penny Gibson

Maude Ann ‘Molly’ Gillette

Georgette Grabiner

Aaron Graham

Bob Graham

Ethel Graham

Linda Graham

Ethel Grauberger

Dirk Groenhuizen

Vivian Paulene Gross

Jean Elizabeth Grover

Ryan Edward Gudgell

Phyllis R. Gunstone

Aileen Ruth Haag

Shirley ‘Sally’ Ann Haider

James Augustus ‘Jim’ Haight III

Philip Willard ‘Phil’ Hall

William L. ‘Bill’ Hamlin

Randall Lee Hamsik

Richard ‘Dick’ Hancock, Sr.

Mary Anne Hanson

Wanda Hardie

Ellen Hart

Richard W. Hawley

James L. Heckman

Kenneth E. Hedden

Harold R. Hendrickson

Charles ‘Charlie’ Herrin

Richard Dean ‘Dick’ Hessler

Carole Jane Heston

Sheila Hettinger

Victor Hirsch

Doris J. Holiday

Susan Lee Holliday

Penny Hollinger

Dorothy A. ‘Dotty’ Honeycutt

James C. Hood

John J. Hoover

Eugenia Hughes

Joe Hunter

Lundy Hurley

Robert William ‘Bob’ Hutt

Dennis B. ‘Denny’ Ingham

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Eaton Irving

Richard L. Isaacson

Beverly Jackson

Charles Stephen and Winnifred ‘Winnie’ C. Jager

Marian M. Jennings


Marilyn Johnsen

Arnold Gale ‘Arnie’ Johnson

Janet T. Johnson

Kirby Johnson

Phyllis A. Johnson

William Albert Johnson

Arlone Marie Jones

Leonard Clinton Jones

Edith R. Keck

Erna H. Keesee

Ronald Kish

Barbara ‘Bobbie’ Klein

Don Edward Kohse

Bruce Kommer

Leonard Daniel Kosenski

Frances Kramps

Judy M. Lamm

Andrew John ‘Andy’ and Genevieve M. ‘Jean’ Lechner

Barbara Ann Lindholm

Dr. Robert Lindley

Edward Lindstrom

Vi Linnane

Bill Liska

Charles W. Locklar

Kenneth J. Longrie

Marlene Loonam

Ralph L. Lougheed

Lila Rea Lovrien

Cleo Lowe

Rafal J. Lukasiewicz

Raymond D. Luper

Kenneth Lyse

David W. Mack

Gary L. Mack

Robert W. Mack

Ruth A. Mack

Dan D. MacMillan

Jake Maki

Phyllis Malone

Maxine M. Manberg

William Marr

William ‘Bill’ Martin

Jeanne Marie Maxin

Donald Virgil McArthur

Dorothy McArthur

Helen Mae Parke McCabe

Lorna C. McCalley

W. L. ‘Mick’ McCoy

Shirley Audine McFarland-Joachim

Jack McGinnis

Margaret McGinnis

Mary Ann McGinnis

Lucille McLaughlin

Linda J. Melton

Mark Mercurio

Michael William ‘Mike’ Hougan Sr., DVM

Ervin Miller

Veryl F. Miller

Lillian and Max Ellis Millsap

Dorothy Mitchell

Miriam Morgan

Hermina Caroline Morin

Ruth Marie Morris

Dora Morton

Georgia Munger

Allan G. Munro

Violet ‘Betty’ Munro

Joyce Murphy

Rodney B. ‘Rod’ Murray, Sr.

Pauline C. Nasmyth

Marilyn Nault

John P. Neff

Dennis Ray Nelson

Thomas D. Noonan

Delores Yvonne Norris

Sophia R. Noski

Richard A. ‘Dick’ Nygaard

Fr. Patrick O’Hogan

Gilbert A. ‘Gil’ Olson

Shirley Ortega

Dick and Gloria Ott

Frederick Eugene ‘Fred’ Page

Jane Parke

Roni Evelyn Parker

“I was recently in your care

after double knee replacement

surgery. It was a little tough,

but with the help of caring

people at Mother Joseph Care

Center, I sailed through. So

much kindness and help and

encouragement. You are doing

a world of good, much more

than you realize.”

~ Aldona Minelga


In Memory Of (continued):

Elizabeth S. ‘Liz’ Pastore

Austin Paulson

Robert ‘Bob’ Pearsall

Edward William Penhale

Louise W. Perkinson

Barbielee Peters

Frank and Norene Peterson

John Joseph Pill

Marie Catherine Poppert

Ruth Provasoli

Harold Lewis Pumphrey

Wallace Kendall ‘Wally’ Quintus

May Louise Rampton

Dewey Ramsey

James ‘Jim’ Rennick

Duiane Edward Rice

Rosemary Riness

Jim Roach

Sam Roberts

David J. ‘Dave’ Rodewald

Christine Rodger

Robert E. Roe

Patricia L. Rogers

Roberta May ‘Bertie’ Rose

Warren G. Rose

Mayva A. Roskam

Darrell Emerson Ruck

Yvonne Corrine Klundt Ruege

Teofilo Juan Sandoval

Brian Joseph Schmaltz

J. Dan Schoedel

Dorthy Scott

Susan L. ‘Sue’ Scott

Vivienne M. ‘Viv’ Severtson


Hassan Shatila

Boyd Shipley

Delores ‘Del’ Sjoboen White Shull

John Shumway

Elma Siese

Myra Silverberg

Elsie M. Simpson

Karen Lee Skanse

Thomas L. Skillman, Jr.

Vernis V. Skillman

Susan Elaine Slosson

Daniel Merle Smith

Ian G. Smith

Russell D. Soll

James R. Spearman

Marge St. Amour

Olive Sterner

Charles L. Stewart

Marcia Stewart

Jerry Ray ‘JR’ Stoddard

Ralph Stormans

Islavene Mary Strozyk

Joseph Subitch

Gloria Tageson

Al Tekorius

Mary Ann Thomas

Roland David ‘Ron’ Thomas

Lou Tice

Roger M. Totten

Alice Florence Toups

Charles Tripp

Donna Faye Unwin

Alfred ‘Bud’ Van Dusen

Cleo Ann Venables

Captain Mac Melvin Walk, Jr.

Connie Walker

Dotha Mae Wall

Ray J. Wallace

Sandra Lea ‘Sandy’ Walsh

William Hollis ‘Bill’ Warrington, Jr.

JoAnn Waters

David R. ‘Doc’ Watson

Else Watson

Mercedes Wawrinofsky

Yvonne Pearl Weatherbie

F. Parks Weaver

A.J. Weiks

Dorothy Helen Weiks

Cornelia ‘Conny’ Wenz-Kuzma

Tom Weston

Alan Ray Wheeler

Walter Edward White

Bill Whitsell

Ronald W. ‘Stick’ Wilder

Elizabeth K. Wildrick

Georgine Sally Wilfong

Betty Wing

Lloyd Ronald Winter

Ivy Woods

Richard Wooldridge, Sr.

William Edward Workman

Diane Ethel Guyer Wright

Anthony ‘Tony’ Wyman

Animal Tributes

In Honor of:

Luci (Ferester)

In Memory of:





Bobby Lee

















Luci (Ferester)

Luci (Reade)














2013 Foundation Board


Dan Davidson, DDS, President

Patricia Gilmer, MD, Vice President

Larry Brooke, Treasurer

Ken Anderson, Immediate Past President


Judy Blinn

James Bremner, MD

James S. Hannum, MD

Don Johnson

Caroline Manger

James McDowell, MD

Rick Middleton, Jr.

Allen Miller

Ron Molitor, DVM

Mark Naubert

Joe Pellicer, MD

Richard “Mick” Phillips, Jr.

Patrick Rants

Jay C. Rudd, MD

Kevin J. Schreiner

John Setterstrom

Scott Smitherman, MD

Wayne Staley

Joyce Targus

Scott Tibbits, MD

Jennifer Valdenegro

Mark Wagner, MD

Cynthia S. Worth

Ex-Officio Members

Medrice Coluccio,

CEO Providence SW Washington Region

Daidre West,

Community Board President

Nancy J. Riordan,

CFRE, Executive Director

Foundation Staff

Nancy J. Riordan,

CFRE, Executive Director

Sandy Adams,

Operations Manager

Elizabeth Hayes,

Office Coordinator

Sara Polmueller,

Program Assistant

Kelle Schalin,

Special Events Manager

Jocelyn Wood,

Development & Communications Manager

Front cover photo credit (boy with dog):

Steve Bloom. Image used with permission

from The Olympian.





413 Lilly Road N.E.

Olympia, WA 98506-5166





























Your gifts allow us to fulfill our mission of sharing

God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable,

through our compassionate service.

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