Indemnification and Corporate/Organization Resolution


Indemnification and Corporate/Organization Resolution

Vanguard ®

Corporate Resolution

and Indemnification

Print clearly, preferably in capital letters and black ink.

Once you complete this form and Vanguard has it on file, you will no longer need to send us a certified resolution along with each written

transaction request.

This form must be completed by the secretary or other officer in your organization who can certify the names of those authorized to request

transactions or sign checks.

The resolution will remain in effect until you notify Vanguard in writing that it has been revoked and we have had a reasonable amount of time to

act on it.

Most forms can be downloaded from our website at Or you can call us to order them—or get assistance in

filling out this form—at 1-800-662-2739. Return this form and any other required documents in the enclosed postage-paid envelope, or mail to

The Vanguard Group, P.O. Box 1110, Valley Forge, PA 19482-1110.

1. Vanguard Account Information (The accounts must all be identically registered—that is, type of account, name of organization,

address, and taxpayer identification number. If you need more space, provide the information on a separate sheet.)

Vanguard ® Mutual Fund Accounts

Fund Number Fund Name Account Number

Vanguard Brokerage Services ® Accounts

Account Number Tax Identification Number

V –

V –

2. Officers Authorized to Transact

If your organization has a brokerage account at Vanguard, officers who sign below must check the box if they are employed by or

affiliated with a member of a stock exchange, the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., or the Municipal Securities

Rulemaking Board outside of your organization. Each person who checks the box must also enclose a letter signed by the

compliance officer of the member organization, giving approval for that person to act on your account.

If the officer certifying this resolution in Section 4 also has the authority to request transactions or to sign checks—that is, is one of the

people who signs below—then Section 5 must be completed.

Check if Stock

Exchange, NASD, or

MSRB Affiliated

Name (first, middle initial, last) and Title Signature

Name (first, middle initial, last) and Title Signature

Name (first, middle initial, last) and Title Signature

➤ S I G N A T U R E

Name (first, middle initial, last) and Title Signature






3. Number of Signatures Required to Transact

If a number is not provided, the signature of one officer listed in Section 2 will be required on written transaction requests.

Note: Telephone requests can be made by any one of the authorized officers.

4. Signature of Certifying Officer—YOU MUST SIGN BELOW

As an authorized officer of

FCOO-page 2 of 2

Name of Organization

I certify that each of the officers listed in Section 2 is duly authorized by resolution to act on behalf of the above-named organization in

connection with any Vanguard mutual fund shares or any securities owned by the organization. Each officer named in Section 2 is authorized

(1) to invest the assets of the organization; (2) to give instructions for the purchase, sale, exchange, or transfer of securities; and (3) to execute

any necessary forms in connection with those securities.

Each officer named in Section 2 agrees, on behalf of the organization, to indemnify and hold The Vanguard Group, Inc., Vanguard Marketing

Corporation, and each of the investment company members of The Vanguard Group, and their respective officers, employees, and agents,

harmless from acting on instructions believed by Vanguard to have originated from any officer named in Section 2. This resolution is to remain

in full force and effect until revoked in writing by an officer named in Section 2 and the revocation is delivered to Vanguard. The revocation will

not affect any liability resulting from transactions initiated before Vanguard has had a reasonable amount of time to act upon the revocation.

I am authorized and directed to certify the above and that these provisions conform with the charter of my organization.

➤ S I G N A T U R E

– –

Signature of Certifying Officer Date (month, day, year)


5. Additional Certification Signature—IF APPLICABLE

If the certifying officer who signed above is also listed in Section 2 as having the authority to request transactions or sign checks, then

another officer must sign below.

If the certifying officer is the sole officer authorized to act on the Vanguard account, then a bank officer, practicing attorney, or member of

a domestic stock exchange must sign below.

➤ S I G N A T U R E

– –

Signature Date (month, day, year)

Title / Bank or Firm

Vanguard Brokerage Services is a division of Vanguard Marketing Corporation.

© 2002 The Vanguard Group, Inc. All rights reserved. 2

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