iportal - the COINS USA Client Area


iportal - the COINS USA Client Area

iPortal Overview

COINS iPortal’s web-based approach to vendor self-registration and

management helps both contractors and vendors reduce administrative

time while ensuring compliance with industry standards.


The COINS iPortal is a web-based 24/7/365 solution

that helps both contractors and vendors (i.e., suppliers

and subcontractors) gain benefits in managing their


It covers the full life cycle of the contractor/vendor

relationship, including major processes such as prequalification

information collection; vetting and approval;

performance measurement and feedback; supply chain

management; invoice tracking; and eCommerce services

and transaction management.


The iPortal supplies a single electronic process that allows

vendors to register as potential partners, either through

self-registration or linking to approved partner assessment

services and data providers.

In the self-registration process, vendors enter their

business and trading information and complete electronic

pre-qualification questionnaires (ePQQs). Wizard-based

screens ensure that the information is provided in a

consistent manner and in the correct format.

With its enhanced ePQQ services, COINS iPortal manages

the contractor vetting, assessment and approval process

with contractor-specific questionnaires.

iPortal can link to vendor

profiles from approved data

providers, or vendors can

create separate profiles in

COINS iPortal.



Web-based assessments are integral to the COINS iPortal,

including both paperless Performance Assessments and

360° Relationship Assessments.

Performance Assessments enable project teams to

quantify a vendor’s on-site performance on a purchase

order (PO) or contract. Measures could include delivery,

work quality or safety. The vendor may review and respond

using its iPortal Trading Partner home page. Scores for

completed assessments update the vendor’s record in the


360° Relationship Assessments enable the contractor

and vendor to share perceptions of how they work together

and where their relationship can improve, helping to

strengthen their professional relationship and improve

project work. The assessment questions are flexible; for

example, they may relate to on-site safety or effective

design management. The contractor and vendor assess the

relationship according to the same criteria and both can

review the finished assessment summary within the iPortal.


Contractors can create iPortal “Supply Chain Groups”

that are specific to geography, type of project or trade and

then use these groups to support the project selection

process and manage communications.

For example, the contract can issue

questionnaires, system messages that

require acknowledgement, informational

notices and updates to specific roles

among the members of a Supply Chain


Data Quality

Quality of data is central to the philosophy of the iPortal.

COINS links directly to Constructionline and Builder’s

Profile (and other will be added) to ensure the data is

consistent across the industry while still allowing nonmembers

to enter data directly - all of this coordinated with

the COINS Central Repository. This creates a master view

of Vendor Data within the iPortal that is maintained by the

vendors to improve accuracy.

For example, Insurance and Health & Safety data are kept

on the system; expiration dates are monitored continuously,

with automatic alerts as an expiration date nears. This

helps minimize the risk to the contractor and can give all

involved confidence that an unexpected claim will not be



Contractors and vendors are both under pressure to reduce

administrative time while ensuring compliance to industry

standards like PAS91. Companies that do not address these

pressures open themselves up to the risks of poor selection

and decision making and losses due to non-compliance.

The positive impact of the iPortal will be quickly felt,

bringing real befits to all involved.

Manage supply chain

relationships with COINS


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