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Cy-Fair ISD mascots

Cy-Fair ISD mascots Casey Kirk, Shelby Santoy, Baylie Sundbeck, and Daija Wilkes share what it takes to entertain, dance, and cheer their teams to victory Uncovering the faces behind the masks of some of Cy-Fair’s high school spirit leaders Written by Kennan Buckner Select photography by Candace Cook To advertise, call 281-579-9831 or email CY-FAIR MAGAZINE FALL 2014 • 89

Jersey Village High School Student: Shelby Santoy, senior Mascot’s Name: Freddie the Falcon Pre-performance Ritual: “To stretch, then put the suit on and wiggle around in it a little.” Favorite Song: “End of Time” by Beyoncé Favorite Tryout Memory: “Looking like a complete dork while dancing and not being judged.” Best Way to Get the Crowd Going: “By doing what I call the ‘backward worm.’” What I Love: “Being most likely the first girl mascot at Jersey Village is exciting because it’s so unexpected. Because of this, I want to prove that I will be one of the best, if not the best, mascot that Jersey Village has ever had.” Cy WOODS High School Student: Baylie Sundbeck, senior Mascot’s Name: Chester the Wildcat Pre-performance Ritual: “I drink a ton of water and get to hang out in the Berry Center with my fellow mascot, Chloe.” Favorite Song: “When our drumline plays ‘Drop Like an Earthquake.’” Favorite Tryout Memory: “In my most recent tryout I entered the gym on a tricycle. It was hilarious!” Most Valued Character Trait: “What I love about Chester’s character is that he is a very friendly mascot, and everyone always wants to give him hugs and high-fives and take pictures with him. Kids really love Chester; he’s fun and friendly.” Favorite Prop: “I have used all kinds of props while being the mascot, but my favorite would have to be this fake, lifesize pony that I used for a pep rally last year.” Student: Daija Wilkes, senior Mascot’s Name: Sparty the Spartan Pre-performance Ritual: “I shake my arms, legs, and head and then run in place in order to get in my zone. It is really important to me that I become Sparty and let go of all of Daija’s nerves.” Favorite Fan Moment: “My favorite stunt to do is to go out in the crowd and mess with a fan. I play with their hair or propose to them.” Favorite Cheer: “Go, fight, win.” Cy Lakes High School Favorite Tryout Memory: “At my tryout for this current school year, somehow I got locked out of the gym area. I was standing in the back parking lot in my full mascot attire, and it’s about 80 degrees outside. The thing about mascot suits is it amplifies the temperature at least 20 degrees. So here I am, banging on a glass door with my furry hands hoping that someone will pass by me, but no one can hear me because my voice and knocks are silenced by my suit.” Most Valued Character Trait: “Sparty is a source of strength and school spirit.” Student: Casey Kirk, junior Mascot’s Name: Chloe the Wildcat Pre-performance Ritual: “Before games I drink a ton of water, and make sure to stay hydrated. I never eat a big meal before games.” Favorite Song: “When the band starts to play the ‘Hey Song,’ you know I will be jumping along. I love the spirit and energy it brings to everyone in the stands.” Most Valued Character Trait: “I believe 212 spirit is an extremely important character trait to have at Cy Woods. It is what us Wildcats live by, and it is important for fans to see that I support everyone putting in that extra degree of effort.” Best Way to Get the Crowd Going: “The biggest stir I ever caused was when I started crowd surfing at the Katy playoff game. The crowd went wild, and it was an amazing experience.” What I Love: “Although I love football, I want everyone to know I support our whole school. I was very blessed this year to be a part of the 2014 class that revived 212 and World Domination. I love to know that I had a little part in making that possible.” 90 • CY-FAIR MAGAZINE FALL 2014 Visit for Cy-Fair jobs, events, news and more.

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