Wild tulips


Wild tulips

In addition to the large cultivated tulips, there are also what are known as ‘botanical tulips’. These

tulips are particularly suitable for garden planting since they can remain undisturbed in the soil after

flowering and will emerge again next year!

Botanical tulips are also referred to as ‘wild tulips’ or ‘dwarf tulips’ due to their low height. Their

height is one of the factors that makes them perfect for planting in a flower bed as well as in rock

gardens and special little spots. With so many different varieties to choose from, they can create a

real riot of colour in the garden or even in flower containers.

Over the years, botanical tulip varieties have often been awarded the ‘flower bulb of the year’ title.

This says a lot about their rising popularity! The sizes of these bulbs are 6 to 10 cm. Smaller than

most wholesale tulip bulbs but their numbers will easily increase year after year. Botanical tulips are

not just exceptionally beautiful flowers in their own right but can also be combined with other

spring-blooming flowers.

These stunning tulips should be planted in the autumn garden and how to grow your tulip Choose a

sunny spot for them, and you will be enjoying their profusion of flowers from April to June. You

can also leave them undisturbed and they will pop up again the following year for another

wonderful display.

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