(September 2012) Week 38 [pdf, 7 MB] - The Jannali High School


(September 2012) Week 38 [pdf, 7 MB] - The Jannali High School

Jannali News

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As this edition of Jannali News

goes to press, the 2012 Year

12 class enter their last week

of formal schooling at The Jannali High

School. On behalf of the entire school community,

I’d like to convey our very best

wishes to each Year 12 student for their

HSC examinations (commencing with the

first English paper, Monday, October 15)

and for their lives beyond school.

September 2012

I’d also like to recognise the hard work of

staff to support Year 12 in their education

(often going “above and beyond” to ensure

students are as well prepared as possible),

as well as supporting their emotional wellbeing

and their social growth as responsible

young adults. In particular, I must recognise

Mr King who has done an outstanding job

in “being there” for Year 12, encouraging

and supporting them every step of the way.

At The Jannali High School we provide an

excellent academic education as evidenced

by the fantastic results achieved by our HSC

cohorts in recent years. We also pride ourselves

in providing an environment that encourages

students to become independent

in developing skills for lifelong learning as

well as providing a learning context that is

friendly and supportive within a moral

framework that emphasises values and

ways of working based on respect and care

Year 12 BBQ

Year 12 will be having a fundraiser BBQ at

Superbarn Sutherland on Saturday, 15th

September. The festivities will begin at

10am and we will be selling sausages until

2pm. All year 12 will be involved and we

would love to see as many parents and

students as possible. Funds raised will go

towards the many costs that come along

with finishing school.

P & C Meeting

Wednesday, 19 September

in the Library




Jannali News September 2012

for one’s self and others, and that celebrates

dedication and striving for the best.

I think Year 12 are a fine group of young

men and women who are capable of doing

very well in the HSC examinations and have

the grounding in the real world and sense

of moral purpose to make positive contributions

as Australian citizens in the 21st



Hearty congratulations to the following students:

Members of our Zone Premiership winning

winter sport teams—Junior Boys Basketball

Division One and Junior Girls Soccer.

Liliana Baum (Yr 7) and Emily Turner (Yr 7),

selected for the Sydney Region Middle

School Band for the Alto saxophone and

clarinet respectively.

Courtney Higginbottom (Yr

11) - recipient of a 2012 Sydney

Region Deadly Kids Award

recognising excellent achievement

and effort by an Aboriginal


Recipients of a Vocational Education and

Training Excellence Award:

Mason Bell—Construction

Jessica Currey—Hospitality

Cherilyn Dovey—Hospitality

Alison Curyer—Retail

Outstanding athletes who were selected to

represent Sydney East in the State Athletic

Championships: Maya Pele (Yr 8)

(shotput—placed 6th); Yasmine Tillett (Yr

9) (400 metres); Tiana Williams (Yr 9) (200

metres hurdles—placed 9th); Chloe Drinkwater

(Yr 10) (Javelin—placed 4th).


Jannali News September 2012


A reminder to all Year 10 students and their parents.

Year 10 students are required to attend school until December

19, 2012.

What follows is an article by Ross Gittins, the Economics Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald,

published August 27, 2012.

Sabotage Gonski and productivity will suffer

WE'VE just stuffed up a great opportunity to improve worker productivity. You didn't

notice I bet you didn't. It slipped past without the business people and economists who

claim to be so concerned about productivity noticing a thing.

It happened last week. The independent schools lobby came out in full cry against the Gonski

report's proposal to put federal funding of schools on a needs basis. As is now de rigueur for

interest groups on the make, the lobby claimed to have ''modelling'' showing 3200 schools

would lose funding under the proposal despite the government's guarantee that ''no school

would lose a dollar''.

Though lists of allegedly losing schools were leaked to the Murdoch press, the modelling

methodology has not been adequately documented, nor properly examined by the media or

anyone else.

But when this attack was combined with the opposition's decision to use Gonski for another

scare campaign, Julia Gillard went to water, promising ''every independent school in Australia

will see their funding increase under our plan''. In real terms, no less.

David Gonski and his committee proposed increased funding of $5 billion a year for schools

- government or non-government - according to their numbers of low-income, indigenous,

disabled, non-English speaking or remote-area students.

According to the calculations of Trevor Cobbold, of the public-school Save Our Schools

group, Gillard's promise of extra funding for independent schools regardless of educational

need could cost a further $1.5 billion a year.

See what happened Successful lobbying by the independent schools ensured that, however

much extra ends up being spent on federal grants to schools, more will go to privileged students

who don't need it and less to underprivileged students who do.

Should Tony Abbott win the federal election, it's likely little or nothing extra will be spent on

increasing resources for the education of the underprivileged. And that will be a lost oppor-


Jannali News September 2012

tunity to improve the future productivity of Australia's workforce.

And yet, we've heard not a peep from all those who profess to be so worried about our supposedly

weak productivity performance. Why not Two possibilities.

One is they're not genuine in their concern and are using the productivity scare merely as a

cover for their demands that government shift the balance of industrial relations bargaining

power back in favour of employers and cut the rate of company tax.

The more charitable alternative is that their thinking moves only in straight lines and familiar

ruts, causing them to frame the Gonski debate as one involving ''equity'' (fairness) rather

than ''efficiency''. Many economics-types regard equity issues as beyond their expertise or


But you don't have to think hard to realise Gonski represents a rare - and thus highly attractive

- case where equity and efficiency aren't in conflict.

When we think about human capital and its contribution to productivity improvement, we

tend to think of doing more at the top of the skills ladder. But it applies just as much at the


Leaving aside the eventual saving to the taxpayer, the better we educate the disadvantaged,

the greater the productivity of their labour and its value to employers. And even if few became

brain surgeons, their higher rate of participation in the workforce would increase their

contribution to the nation's wealth.

It's important to realise the opportunity for ''moving forward'' we stuffed up last week. Gonski

represented an attempted compromise in the unending public-private school battle, a

truce in the class conflict.

It involved an end to the division of federal school grants on the basis of schools' category,

with funding GROWTH based on the differing resource needs of disadvantaged students regardless

of which system they were in. No school's funding would be reduced no matter how

privileged, but in a relatively painless process over time the basis of funding would shift from

past entitlement to present student need.

This required the teachers' unions and anti-state-aiders to accept that independent schools

would continue to receive significant assistance regardless of need. It required privileged independent

schools to accept that, over time, their share of total funding would decline in favour

of the disadvantaged.

So who wasn't prepared to compromise The ideologically crazed unions No, the moneyhungry

elite schools - as usual, hiding their naked greed behind the camouflage of the cashstrapped

Catholic schools and some far-from-loaded, relatively new independent schools.”


Jannali News September 2012

SASS Recognition Week

From September 3—7, it was School Administration

Support Staff (SASS) Recognition

Week. Our SASS work in the reception

and finance offices, in the Home Economics

and Science faculties, in the Canteen, in the

Library and in the Print Room. As well, our

School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)

work with students with disabilities or

learning difficulties in the classrooms. And

our General Assistants work all around the

school maintaining and improving our physical

facilities and outdoor areas.

All of these staff perform jobs that are crucial

to the efficient operation of our school.

TJHS is extremely fortunate in that all of our

support staff not only are highly effective

and capable workers, they are also a wonderful

group of people who provide outstanding

support for students and staff and

are the friendly, welcoming faces who are

the front line of our interaction with our

school community.

We recognised our wonderful SAS staff on

assembly and they were loudly applauded

by our students. We also held a thank you

morning tea to acknowledge their contribution

to the life of our school.



Four of our Year 11 Hospitality students recently

catered for the annual VET Awards

breakfast at Sutherland United Serviceman’s


The students from Mrs Fox’s class were Jamie

Griggs, Maddison O’Connell, April

Grant and Bryanna Bury.

They assisted in preparing and serving

breakfast items for 250 students, parents

and teachers. Well done girls and thank you

for your efforts.


starts on the 14 th SEPTEMBER

Good luck to our new

summer grade teams!!


Jannali News September 2012

Year 12 2012


Jannali News September 2012



On the 22 nd August I, along with the rest of

Year 10, attended an excursion to Allphones

Arena at Homebush. Along with thousands

of others students from dozens of schools,

we listened to speakers and participated in

workshops to educate us on road safety

and the responsibilities that come with being

a driver.

It was titled “Bstreetsmart” and is sponsored

by Westmead Children’s Hospital and

all of the emergency services.

The day started with a realistic car crash

scenario, followed by a number of speakers

directly involved in road crashes/injuries.

The last two speakers were an organ recipient

and the sister of an organ donor, which

was very emotional.

The day was very moving and a great experience.

We would like to thank Mr Michael,

Mrs Peard, Mr Wilkinson and Mr Kent for

supervising us on the day!

By Hugh O’Donnell (Year 10)

WIN $10,000



Plus one lucky parent will receive $1000


Download your child’s 2012 school digital

image and help your school

During the lunch break we had the opportunity

to participate in workshops such as

wearing “beer goggles” to test our coordination

and testing an air bag.


w w w . a d v a n c e i m a g e . c o m . a u

*Prize winners must be 18 years or older and be

the parent or guardian of the student whose image

was downloaded.


Jannali News September 2012


The garden made by the students with assistance

from HotRock has mostly survived

the winter. Two of the fruit trees and some

of the passionfruit have been lost however

there was plenty of beetroot, spinach,

lettuce, broccoli and cabbage.

The Year 7 sustainability groups have done

a fabulous job, controlling weeds and

planting new seedlings. We have just recently

planted more peas, spinach and

beetroot. With the change into spring,

there was plenty of the old organic matter

to get rid of and the students suggested

making compost bays out of old plastic pallets

that were found around the school.

This aligned with the philosophy of “Reuse

or Recycle”.

The Year 12 Construction “TEAM” took less

than an hour to put the compost bays together.

Great job boys!!!!



On Wednesday, August 15 students from 7P,

8A, 9SC1 and all Marine Studies classes attended

a presentation in the Library. Titled “World

Ocean Issues” and presented by George Evatt,

it was an informative and eye-opening session

dealing with many issues affecting our oceans

such as pollution, overfishing and the need to

do more in general for our ailing seas.

George is an award-winning underwater

filmmaker and most of the videos and photographs

shown on the day were filmed by him

and used in documentaries for National Geographic,

SBS and ABC to name a few. George

highlighted the need for more awareness

when we choose seafood and how long it

takes for litter to breakdown in our seas (450

years for disposable nappies and 600 years for

PET bottles!).

I was pleased that at the end of the session,

many of our students had questions to ask of

him and I would like to congratulate everyone

for their excellent behaviour and attitude.

Thanks also to Mr Smith and Ms Peard for assisting

me on the day.

Mr Michael (Science Faculty)

The council supplied fifty tube stock plants

that have been planted throughout the

school. There was a range of small shrubs,

grasses and edible plants.


Jannali News September 2012


“Look up Maths in the dictionary and you’ll

find that the meaning is fun!” Anon

As part of Literacy and Numeracy Week,

TJHS launched its inaugural Literacy and

Numeracy relay. Year 8 students assembled

in the hall and an hour and a half of fun and

learning followed.

Thanks to the efforts of Ms Das, the school

hall looked more like a party venue with

balloons, decorations and prizes galore.

This wonderful setting inspired Year 8 students

to form teams and fuelled their enthusiasm

for learning.

Students answered a mixture of team and

individual questions encouraging team

work, whilst also allowing those that have a

preference to work independently the opportunity

to join the “learning party”.

The competition encouraged a friendly rivalry

between teams and on occasions

even some cooperation on a particularly

tricky problem. Individual worksheets were

completed and table problems were submitted

by the group “runner” (complete

with glitter hat).

The Year 8 students were simply wonderful

in both the way they participated and their

level of enthusiasm. Visiting educational

consultants (who were keen to observe our

innovative program) also complimented the

students on their behaviour and involvement.

Special mention must be made of our winning


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

The Brainy Bunch


The No Brainers

Special thank yous are extended to Ms Das

(Maths faculty), the English faculty, Ms

Baker and Year 8.

Other Literacy and Numeracy Week activities

to enjoy are the Poster competition,

the Literacy Bake Off and the Mathletics


Good luck in all of these activities.

Mr Allen


The class submitted some high quality work

for a recent assessment task. The task had

three parts, one of which was to collect a

sample of a native Australian angiosperm

(flowering plant) including flower, leaves,

fruit and seeds. They had to press, preserve

and display their samples with labels and


Jannali News September 2012

an explanation to show features/

mechanisms which may be adaptations for

pollination or seed dispersal. The photos

below show most of their impressive



On Wednesday, 22 nd of August, 8A ventured

into the city to the Ultimo Science Festival

at the Powerhouse Museum.

When we arrived we heard three scientists

and engineers talk about their work in the

field of science and engineering and how

they got to where they are today. We had

some Q+A time and Natarsha Trosser asked

how long it will take to make a new, faster

railway track; she then won a high powered

balloon kit. Lili Quinlivin asked a question

about what they have found about life on

Mars. She received a Triple J’s top 100 CD.

Callum won a shirt and Adam won a cap for

answering questions correctly.

We then left the hall and walked down to

the University of Technology Sydney to

have an interactive study on Crime Scene

Investigation, which was very interesting

and fun. We got to see a fake crime scene

and we had to work out what happened.

We got to make our own fingerprints and

we were allowed to take crime scene tape


We then walked back to the Powerhouse

Museum and had some lunch. We went to

a workshop about ways we can sustain the

Earth. We also learnt how to make an

amazing biodegradable plastic made out of

corn starch, which you can mould into containers

and other amazing objects.

I would like to thank Ms MacPherson and

Mr Smith for organising and supervising

such an interesting and worthwhile excursion.

Adam S



Please advise the school if

you have changed any contact

details including mobile

phone numbers and email accounts.


Jannali News September 2012


If you haven’t had a look at our new website,

go to www.thejannalicareers.com for

some great information and links to useful

career websites.

The designated week for Year 10 Work Experience

is 26 – 30 November, 2012. The

Student Placement form is available from

the Careers Adviser and is also on the careers

website in the Work Placement section.

It is anticipated that all Year 10 students

will be involved in some work experience

during that week. Normal classes will

not take place.

Year 10 students have applied to do various

“Get into VET” taster courses in Term 4 and

the information sessions along with interviews

took place on Monday, 10 September

and Tuesday, 11 September, depending

what course they are wanting to do. The

“Get into VET” courses will involve 2 days a

week at TAFE. The range of courses includes

Beauty, Hairdressing, Carpentry and Plumbing

(combined), Sport and Recreation, Information

Technology, Retail, Creative Arts

and Automotive.

Year 11 students will soon be invited to go

online and register for the University of

Wollongong’s Discovery Day which is held

in week 2 of Term 1 in 2013. This popular

event involves hundreds of Year 12 (2013)

students from all over NSW and is run over

4 days. The Jannali High School has nominated

Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 as our

preferred day to attend. Unfortunately, students

who do not register for their sessions

before the closing date in October, miss out

on going in 2013.

Lyn Hart, Careers Adviser Ph: 9542 4476


Recently 75 Years 7 and 8 students attended

the Regional Touch Football Gala Day.

The Jannali High School made up the bulk

of the competition, entering 7 teams in total.

All of our teams were coached by Year 9

PASS (Physical Activity and Sport Studies)


Congratulations to all of our teams who

competed with a positive attitude and great

school spirit, ensuring a wonderful day out

for both students and teachers. Well done

in particular to the Year 9 coaches; Stephanie

Dunn, Sarah Carroll, Yasmine Tillett, Ella

Hearnden, Sarah Davies, Erin Crumpton,

Evie Paton, Tiana Williams, Hannah Stepan,

Alison Rhodes, Tim Maher, Mark Hunnisett,

Javen Briggs, Harley Hill and Lachlan Cadden.


Jannali News September 2012


The recent Sustainability excursion to Futureworld

was a wonderful experience for

all of Year 7.

We were taught how to create our own sustainable

environment with tips like what

type of solar panelling is more affordable

and efficient.

We learnt about the flora and fauna in the

area (Illawarra River) and how we can keep

the environment in a pristine condition so

that these animals and plants can survive

and thrive.



The Sydney East U15 Girls Basketball Knockout

Tournament was held at Sutherland Basketball

Stadium on Tuesday, August 28. This

is a final eight tournament in which the top

eight teams in the Sydney East Region play a

round robin format to find the best two

teams. Jannali won the first two rounds of

the knockout format against Tempe and

Caringbah to qualify for this Central Venue


All the girls played with a lot of heart and determination

on the Tuesday but unfortunately

could not come away with a victory in any

of their three games. They played Woolooware

(Finalists), Heathcote (Finalists) and

Randwick in their Pool. Congratulations girls

on making it through as one of the top 8 basketball

U15 teams in the Sydney East Region.

I have had a great time coaching you and

look forward to what we can produce next

year in 2013. The team consisted of: Annalie

Thatcher (C), Maddie Badger, Danielle

Predkowski, Isobel Douglas, Elenoa Sautaraga,

Zenia Sautaraga, Maddison Hopgood and

Hannah Rhodes.

Mr Wilkinson/Mr Chapman (Coaches)

This was a fun and educational excursion.

By Aaron Reynolds


Jannali News September 2012


‘We say NO to bullying & harassment!’

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) has written a student friendly version of our

Anti Bullying Plan:

The Jannali High School is an excellent public high school.

Our teachers and students care for each other. We all work

together to support the needs of all students. We want all

students to know that they can tell someone if they are feeling

upset, and that they are not alone.

We believe that everyone must be able to feel safe and secure at school. We aim to

work together against all forms of bullying.

We define bullying as ‘continual conflict in ways which hurt another student either physically,

mentally or socially’. We understand that, despite the original intention, teasing or joking is

bullying if the victim feels threatened or intimidated.

The Jannali High School understands that situations of conflict can occur and we want everyone

to be aware that reports of conflict will be taken seriously and we will help support the

people involved. Our teachers and students work together to prevent further cases of bullying.

We also want our students to show us positive bystander behaviour, meaning: “If you see

it, stop it or tell someone about what you have seen!”

We take pride in the environment we have created to actively counter bullying. We have many

anti bullying programs that build resilience in our students, both in classroom teaching and

whole year group excursions.

We respond to any early sign of bullying to prevent it becoming a bigger problem. The Jannali

High School is very aware of the problem of bullying and acts effectively on it. Anti Harassment

Orders (AHO’s), welfare support and links with other agencies have ensured that out

students feel safe and secure at school. Our Deputy Principals, Ms Benson and Mrs Jones,

will discuss matters with all involved and respond accordingly.

If you have any problems or concerns about bullying please talk to your Year Adviser or

your Deputy Principal. If you prefer, you can even email the school on jannalih.school@det.nsw.edu.au

if you need help. We want your time at school to be positive in our

caring friendly environment.

We understand we are all responsible for wellbeing of every member of our school.

Let’s work together to support everyone at our school!


Jannali News September 2012


Dear Parents

The Jannali High School will be instigating some new procedures to deal students who are

arriving late to school without proper reason or parental permission. Please note that reasons

such as: “slept in” or “my alarm didn’t go off” are regarded by the DEC as unjustified.

Please also note that we understand that on occasions there are unforeseen circumstances that

cannot be avoided, and as such, we ask that your student /child be provided with a note or

that you contact the school to explain the situation.

The Department of Education and Communities policy states that “Regular attendance at

school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Schools, in partnership with

parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.” The school executive

has discussed this issue and have agreed to a change in procedures, in relation to dealing

with students who are late to school without good reason.

We are seeking your support in assisting your young person to school on time each day. At

The Jannali High School, we believe that getting to school on time provides not only a good

practice for our students‟ future working lives but also enables success at school.

Our school day starts at 8:37am when our first warning bell sounds. At 8:40am it is expected

that each student be at their Roll Call room, ready to quietly read his or her book.

Students who arrive after this time, but prior to 9:00am, without a note from their parents

will have the time of their arrival recorded on the roll and they will be required to complete

a detention at lunchtime with a member of the executive on that day.

Students who arrive after 9:00am, without a note from their parents will have the time of

their arrival recorded on the roll and they will be required to complete a detention at

lunchtime with either Ms Benson ( for Years 7,9,11) or Ms Jones (for Years 8, 10, 12) at

lunchtime to explain why they were late to school. At this point, carers/ parents may be

contacted to discuss concerns and seek support in getting your young person to school on

time. A „sms‟ will continue to be sent home for all students who arrive late (after 8:40am).

Currently sms‟s are sent for students who arrive after 8:50am. As an aside, could you also let

us know if your contact details have changed so that you can receive any sms‟s.

We understand that mornings are busy times but we are trying to encourage mature and responsible

behaviour in our young people. We would like to encourage our students to be in

the right place at the right time and to be prepared for their learning each day.

Please note that these new procedures are currently in place. If you have any concerns or

questions, please contact the school on 9521 2805.


Jannali News September 2012


Jannali experienced a very successful winter grade competition, with five teams qualifying for semi

-finals. Two teams qualified for grand finals. The Junior Boys Basketball Div. 1 and Junior Girls Soccer

won their grand finals becoming Port Hacking Zone Champions.

JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL Div. 1- Mrs Moses’s team had a great season. The team was made up

of a group of Year 9 boys who had varying skill levels. Some had not played basketball before and

scored their very first baskets in competition. After a reasonable start to the season, the team improved

week by week, remaining up the ladder and ending up in the grand final. They played one

of their best games for the season in the grand final ending up ZONE CHAMPIONS. Julian De Costa

has been voted the Best and Fairest player for this competition. WELL DONE Julian and all the boys

on such a successful season!

JUNIOR GIRLS SOCCER - This team was made up of a

group of Year 8/9 girls who had varying skill levels.

They have had various coaches during the season, who

have given them plenty of encouragement and advice

– especially Ms Helm and Mr Warwick. After a great

start to the season, the team coasted through the rest

of the season finishing third on the ladder. They played

Lucas Heights in the semi-finals, where they had a close encounter, only getting the victory in the

second half with a 2 – nil score. Playing arguably one of their best games for the season in the

grand final, Jannali looked very comfortable against Menai. Having the majority of possession and

scoring three goals to one, Jannali ended up ZONE CHAMPIONS for the second year in a row. Yasmine

Tillet has been voted the Best and Fairest player for this competition. WELL DONE Yasmine

and all the girls on such a wonderful season!

SENIOR GIRLS 5-A-SIDE SOCCER – This is the first time the Zone has included this sport in the

grade competition. Mrs Parnell’s team started well in the competition, but unfortunately missed

out on a hotly contested semi-final spot. WELL DONE girls on a hard fought season. You should be

very proud of the manner in which you have played the competition.

GIRLS JUNIOR & SENIOR NETBALL TEAMS - Ms McKay, Ms Das and Ms Mitchell’s teams fought

very hard during the season and deservedly two teams ended up qualifying for the semi-finals.

They both had to play the top team from Woolooware who had beaten them in the earlier rounds.

The girls played as they have all season with a lot of heart and determination but unfortunately

the result didn’t go our way. WELL DONE girls, you should be very proud of how hard you played

and the sportsmanship displayed during this season.

And finally but certainly in no way over-shadowed by the other teams’ efforts, was our JUNIOR

GIRLS OZTAG team coached by Ms Delaney. The girls have had a tough season, especially as many


Jannali News September 2012

of the players have not played the sport before. After losing the first few games, the girls showed

great Jannali spirit by utilising their own free time at lunch to train and improve their skills. That

elusive victory came only a few weeks later. Congratulations girls on the way you conducted yourself

over the season - a “never give up” attitude.

Congratulations to all the teams who entered into the winter grade competitions as all teachers

were very impressed with your manners, skills, and sportsmanship displayed throughout the season.

Mr Wilkinson, Sports Organiser


At the beginning of the term the Year 10 Visual Arts students completed a unit of work titled

'Sense of Self and Place'. The task was to develop a self-portrait which was either realistic or symbolic.

Their inspiration came from artists, artworks, cultural aspects and their world. All students

throughout the grade put in a great amount of effort.

Each year the Art Gallery of NSW holds an annual Portrait

Prize called the Archibald Prize. Three prizes are awarded,

The Archibald Prize, Packing Room Prize and People's

Choice Award. Our staff participated in a similar award

process at their recent staff lunch. Each staff nominated

three of their favourite works which they thought demonstrated

a high degree of skill and effort.

The following students won:

1 st place—Zofia Nicholls 2 nd place—Ruby Grant

Equal 3 rd place–Naomi Webb & Natasha Elliott

Each student received an iTunes gift card for encouragement.

These were presented at the school assembly

in Week 5. I would like to congratulate these students on

their achievement, well done.

Miss Veronica Williams

Naomi Webb

Zofia Nicholls


Jannali News September 2012


Our Community Service Program continues to be very strong at TJHS. Over 35 students from Years 9

and 10 volunteered at local kindergartens, primary schools and nursing homes every Thursday for an

hour and half for the last six months. The work that they do is always appreciated by the staff and residents

of the centres but it is the volunteers themselves who are the most rewarded. The feeling of

community spirit engenders not only pride in themselves but also in our school. There are a few students

who require a special mention as they have been volunteering since they started in Year 9:

Ruby Grant and Zofia Nichols; these girls have impressed the staff at the Jannali Neighbourhood Aid

Centre with their impeccable manners and willingness to help at all times.

Madeline Jarvis, Lara Drinnan and Kristy McKinnon have worked tirelessly at Jannali Preschool and

developed very close friendships with both the children and the staff.

Elise Williams, Karen Zuze, Jade Coleman and Ysabella Liehr have also volunteered at a variety of local

pre-schools and kindergartens and have gained the respect and adoration of their supervisors.

Rose Mead-Moore, Madeleine Smith, Naomi Webb and Frances Gilday who have been supporting the

hard-working staff at Oyster Bay Public School. These girls have helped many students develop both

playground and classroom skills.

Amelia Yates who has not only volunteered at Loftus Kindergarten since the beginning

of Year 9 but also helps out in the wider community in many ways and has volunteered

for over 165 hours and has been awarded with the highest certificate, a Black Opal.

Congratulations Amelia, you will be sadly missed when you leave next term.

I would like to not only thank these outstanding students for putting aside this time to

help others over the last 18 months but also to the many other Year 9 and 10 students

who have volunteered during winter the sport rotation this year. I would also like to

thank the staff at our local centres that allow our students the opportunity to gain skills

in their work environments.




Civic Industries

103 Cawarra Road

Caringbah NSW 2229

For further information please contact

Michelle or Ingrid on

Ph: 9524 0257

Civic Disability Services Limited supports around 100 employees working within

Civic Industries modern factory warehouse complex at Caringbah.

We are able to provide employment to school leavers and community members on or eligible for

the DSP!

Open Day Agenda:

10.00am —Arrival, meet and greet and a light morning tea

10.15am — Introduction to Civic Disability Services

10.45am —Tours of our Supported Employment Service

11.15am —Access to staff for questions and discussion time


Jannali News September 2012


Shop 2-3/61-65 Eton Street, Sutherland.

Tel: 9542 2255

"Specialist dental care for ALL children

and teenagers"

As a mother of two Dr. Hadi believes in a

“Friendly, caring & gentle environment”

Orthodontic treatment

braces at competitive prices, easy

payment plan, latest technology, faster

working & fewer appointments

expanders & early intervention


Laser technology for dental treatment &


White fillings & white crowns

Preventative care and early detection of


Sedation, 'happy gas' & general anaesthesia


Emergencies and new patients welcome

Ground level, parking at front

Our patients enjoy DVD entertainment

whilst being treated


30th Year Reunion—Year 10

Class of 1982

Saturday, 29 September 2012



Gymea Hotel

6.00pm onwards

(Purchase your own

meals and drinks)

RSVP: By Saturday, 22 /9/12

Marian Foulcher —



Mobile: 0414 476 457




Jannali News September 2012


The shop will be open in the September holidays:

Wednesday, September 26 th from 2.00-5.00pm

Wednesday, October 3 rd from 3.30-6.30pm.

The shop is located in the canteen (on the left hand side). An order form is

available from the front office, with sizes and prices. It is also available as a

downloadable PDF from the school’s website.


Jannali News September 2012


Monday, 17/9

Yr 11 final exams


Tuesday, 18/9

Yr 11 final exams


Wednesday, 19/9

Yr 11 final exams

P & C meeting 8pm in


HOTCOS Growing

Together Program Yrs


Thursday, 20/9

Yr 11 final exams

HOTCOS Growing

Together Program Yrs


Friday, 21/9

Yr 11 final exams

Yr 12 final assembly

10am in hall

Monday, 8/10 Tuesday, 9/10 Wednesday, 10/10 Thursday, 11/10 Friday, 12/10

Yrs 7/10 vaccinations


Monday, 15/10

Yr 7 exam week

Child Oral Health survey


Monday, 22/10

Yr 8 exam week


Monday, 29/10

Yr 9 exam week


Monday, 5/11

Yr 10 exam week


Tuesday, 16/10

Child Oral Health survey

Wednesday, 17/10

Child Oral Health survey

Yr 7 Youth Eco Summit

Tuesday, 23/10 Wednesday, 24/10

P & C meeting 8pm in


Thursday, 18/10 Friday, 19/10

Thursday, 25/10 Friday, 26/10

Tuesday, 30/10 Wednesday, 31/10 Thursday, 1/11 Friday, 2/11

Elevate Young Leaders


Tuesday, 6/11 Wednesday, 7/11

Yr 9 Mighty Men / Celebrating


Thursday, 8/11 Friday, 9/11

Monday, 12/11 Tuesday, 13/11

ESSA online exam


Monday, 19/11

HOTCOS Growing

Together Program Yrs


Tuesday, 20/11

HOTCOS Growing

Together Program Yrs


Yr 12 Formal L’Aqua

Wednesday, 14/11

ESSA online exam

Wednesday, 21/11

P & C meeting 8pm in


Thursday, 15/11 Friday, 16/11

Thursday, 22/11 Friday, 23/11

Peer Support Day


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