Tech Sheet - Solu-Cal

Tech Sheet - Solu-Cal


Soil pH Reducer




products utilize cutting


PHCA enhances the plant’s ability to convert

vital nutrients into an available form for plant

uptake and soil pH adjustment.

Lowering Soil pH with Sulfur on Turfgrass

Mode of Action:

Sulfur is oxidized by soil bacteria, thereby forming sulfuric acid which is the substance that

lowers soil pH. Warm temperatures, good moisture and mechanical aeration are required for

Sulfur oxidizing bacteria to function. Sulfur oxidation is minimal at soil temperatures less than

50ºF. Consequently, Sulfur oxidation in the winter can be limited. Sulfur that lies ‘dormant’ in

the winter will be oxidized when warmer temperatures occur. At 75ºF, the Sulfur oxidation rate

is approximately 1 5% of that at 85ºF. Applications are best made when temperatures are warm

enough for the bacteria to oxidize the Sulfur (70º - 85ºF), but not hot enough to accentuate

tissue burn.

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