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Are you looking for cost effective methods for getting new sales leads? We at Span Global Services develop targeted Nurse Practitioners Mailing List based on your requirements - industry, geographic location, job title, etc. With our database solution, you can reach a new collection of sales leads and begin your direct marketing campaign immediately. Our nursing specialist’s e-mail lists contain 10,000 plus medical executives who are constantly updated to ensure the quality and accuracy of the database. Nurses are excellent prospects for CME invitations, medical supplies and equipment and pharmaceuticals. So reach these people in the healthcare industry with our comprehensive and all-inclusive mailing database.

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4/2/2014 Nurse Practitioners Email List | Nurse Practitioner Mailing Addresses | Email Database

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Nurse Practitioners Email & Mailing List

Use Email Lists that are functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible.

Nurse Practitioners Email & Mailing List

The nursing community is a wide and varied field. Contacting them can be a daunting task for the email

marketer. Nurse Practitioners Email & Mailing List is designed to specifically cater to this need. It contains a

full list of contact information, both email and physical to reach Nurse Practitioners easily.

Healthcare Lists

Internal Medicine Email List

We are among the front runners in possessing the most updated contacts of prospective customers and

business technology users. The fields covered by Span Global Services include complete contact details


Contact name

Company name Company size


Physical address SIC code

Email address


Industry and more

Business contact number

About 50 such contact information fields are covered in our database which can be customized

according to individual needs. A dedicated team of telemarketing professionals constantly keep our

databases updated and verified at all times.

Orthopedists Email List

Oncologists Email List

Physical Therapists Email List

Hematologists Email List

Ophthalmologists Email List

Pathologists Email List

Radiation Oncologists Email List

Radiologists Email List

Get Samples

Businesses and professionals using this application in a range of industries are included in our list. This

mailing list / email list offers one of the most recently updated and largest databases in the globe.

Chiropractors Email List

Neurologists Email List

Nephrologists Email List

Our mailing lists are focused at enhancing the company’s B2B

Direct marketing


Event marketing and other

Online marketing campaigns

Span Global Services collates this mailing list through various sources including, public records, websites,

business cards, publications and more. We have also partnered with some of the leading magazines and

trade shows to source the contact details of leading decision makers in the industry. Individual customer

consent is taken before updating their contact details in the database.

Access our database of completely standardized records, updated phone and email data. The database

at our end is verified regularly to ensure maximum accuracy. Span Global Services offers mailing lists for

titles such as that include: CEO/President, CFO, CIO/CTO, COO, Owner/Partner, Vice Presidents ,

Directors, IT Executives, Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, HR Executives, Operations Executives,

Finance Executives, Business Development Exec, Controller, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Managers,

Purchasing /Procurement, Administration, R & D Exec, Others

Obstetrics Email List

Pediatricians Email List

Physical Medicine / Rehabilitation Email List

Anesthetists Email List

Gastroenterologists Email List

Neurosurgeons Email List

Athletic Therapists Email List

Family/Marital Therapists Email List

Hospital Administrators Email List

Hospital Email List

Hospital Executives Email List

Hospitals Decision Makers Email List

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Hospital Office Managers Email & Mailing List

Medical and Hospital Equipment Industry

Executives Email List

Medical Institutions Email List

Pharmacies Email List 1/3

4/2/2014 Nurse Practitioners Email List | Nurse Practitioner Mailing Addresses | Email Database

Physician Email List

Respiratory Therapists Email List


HIPAA Compliance Managers Email & Mailing

Home Healthcare Providers Email & Mailing List

Nurse Practitioners Email & Mailing List

Nurse Managers Email & Mailing List

Professional Career Women in Healthcare

Email & Mailing List

Office Based Nurses Email & Mailing List

Office Based Managers Email & Mailing List

Nurses and RN’s Email & Mailing List

HMO and PPO Managers Email & Mailing List

Nursing Home Operators Email & Mailing List

Rheumatologist’s Email & Mailing List

Surgeon Email & Mailing List

Pulmonologists Email & Mailing List

Otolaryngologist Email & Mailing List


Emergency Medicine Specialists Email & Mailing

General Surgeons Email & Mailing List

Psychiatrists Email & Mailing List

Orthopedic Surgeons Email & Mailing List

Diagnostic Radiologists Email & Mailing List

Internist's Email & Mailing List

Oral Surgeon’s Email & Mailing List

Gynecologists Email & Mailing List

Dermatologist’s Email & Mailing List

Urologist List Email & Mailing List

Plastic Surgeons Email & Mailing List

Family Practitioners Email & Mailing List

Nurses Email & Mailing List

Dentists Email & Mailing List

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4/2/2014 Nurse Practitioners Email List | Nurse Practitioner Mailing Addresses | Email Database

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