I learned that fighting is not the best - Green Tree Community Health ...


I learned that fighting is not the best - Green Tree Community Health ...

FALL 2009


Student Anti-Violence Education

“ I learned that fighting is not the best way to solve a conflict.

I also learned that adrenalin gives you lots of energy. Tension

begins to build, your heart beat increases, then breathing rate

increases and then you get STRONG. I learned that people

with guns are not always safe. I learned that if you see a gun,

tell a parent.”


Aid for friends

Awbury Arboretum Association


Youth Empowered to Succeed

Best Buddies International

Breastfeeding Resource Center


Center for Advocacy for Rights

& Interests of the Elderly

Crossing the Finish Line

Dragonfly Forest, Inc


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First United Methodist

Church of Germantown

The Food Trust

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Smith Memorial Playground

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Supportive Older Women‘s Network

St. Catherine LaBoure

Medical Clinic

Tabor Children's Services

Time Out Respite Program

at Temple University


Visiting Nurse Association

Community Services, Inc.

Women of Faith and Hope



AVP‘s SAVE Program teaches kids to understand their feelings and realize how feelings can affect behaviors.

It further teaches them to get the feelings and behavior under control to avoid a violent outcome.

David Olmo is the Director of SAVE (Student Anti-

Violence Education), a program of the Anti-Violence

Partnership of Philadelphia (AVP). Green Tree

Community Health Foundation has funded AVP since

2006. AVP's SAVE Program teaches kids to understand

their feelings and realize how feelings can affect

behaviors. It further teaches them to get the feelings

and behavior under control to avoid a violent outcome.

The SAVE Program is targeted to children 8-14 years

of age and teaches violence prevention by using anger

management, communication, problem solving, selfcontrol

and other non-violent conflict resolution tools.

Learning there are many different ways to get around a

violent or potentially violent situation is the key to this

successful program, which is nationally as well as locally


Conflict Resolution, Win/Win, Win/Lose and

Lose/Lose are some of the topics David teaches student

about. He makes them laugh and feel comfortable in

their own environment while talking and tackling the

“ My favorite lessons were

3 Solutions to a Conflict

because it gave students

different options on how

to solve a conflict.”

Keisha, 4th grade

By: Amy T. D’Amico

PHOTO: Mel Epps/Third Eye Productions, Inc

issues of violence and how to prevent situations.

During one of his classes a student talked about how he

saw a gun at a friend's house but while tempted to touch

it, refrained, remembering David's discussion on guns

from a prior class. In another class, a discussion quickly

turned to the possibility of a fight that was imminent.

Talking through the issues prevented the fight.


Another tool that David uses with his classes enhances

their “Active Listening” skills. There are many different

ways to show and use Active Listening skills he tells

them. Then he has them role-play showing that they

understand and accept what a person says by reacting

in nonverbal ways. To use verbal encouragement is

another tool that teaches: to use words such as “I

understand.” Kids learn to ask relevant questions

without interrupting, then restate the person's most

important thoughts and feelings in their own words to

show their listening skills. With these tools and others,

they can make the person speaking more comfortable

and therefore will keep them engaged to talk more and

not have situations escalate to violence.

AVP was formerly known in the 80's as Families of

Murder Victims (FMV), a victim assistance program

that provided support for those that had lost a loved one

to murder with individual and or family therapy, group

counseling in addition to advocacy. The early 90's

brought a tremendous change for FMV when it was

decided by the board of directors to expand its efforts

and services to promote proactive activities and a change

of name to Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia.

To learn more about Anti-Violence Partnership of

Philadelphia and their Student Anti-Violence Education

program, visit them online at www.avpphila.org.

To help support anti-violence programs join us at From Jai


Against Violence

Written by: Denise Berte,

Executive Director of the Liberty Center

Linette is an adolescent from Sierra Leone. Linette

was kidnapped by rebels at the age of thirteen. Linette

saw her family brutally murdered. Linette was raped

and paraded around her village naked. She was taken as

one of the “wives” of the soldiers which included being

gang raped, as well as working as a domestic slave for

the men who were brutalizing her. The women were

taken when the men raided and ravaged villages being

forced to witness acts of violence against innocent victims,

without reacting, as the leaders threatened that if

they cried they would receive the same treatment.

Linette was particularly cautious to avoid pregnancy as

she saw other captives who witnessed the execution of

their babies. After months, Linette was able to escape.

As she was tattooed by the rebels, upon her return to

her village she was attacked by the villagers who

believed that she was a rebel. She was beaten and

burned with hot plastic and ran to a refugee camp.

Linette was kidnapped by rebels at the age of thirteen.

Linette escaped to the United States, but had no documentation

and was immediately jailed in Pennsylvania.

She had no family or contacts in the US or an immigration

lawyer. She had psychological symptoms and

physical scars that remained a constant reminder of

her traumatic experiences. She was not allowed to

work by US immigration law and was ineligible for

medical, social or psychological services due to her

immigration status.

The Liberty Center for Survivors of Torture, a Green

Tree Community Health Foundation funded program,

works with newcomers like Linette who have been tortured

in their country of origin and are seeking to

start a new life in a safe place. The center provides

direct services which include the coordination of legal,

medical, psychological, and social services. The challenges

that survivors face include linguistic isolation, documentation

of their torture experiences, separation from their

families as well as the every day needs of housing,

employment, food shelter, in a political environment

lhouse to Firehouse. See pages 7 & 8 for more details.

that is at best indifferent and at worst, openly hostile to

them as immigrants.

The center utilizes professional and lay volunteer services

to provide all needs for over 150 clients with only 1.5 FTE

staff. The Liberty Center also provides professional training

and technical assistance to related service providers

and has partnerships with 5 international programs.

Due to Liberty Center intervention Linette was granted

asylum and released from detention. She found safe

housing with a group of women from her community

and is currently studying at the community college

level and working full time. She receives counseling

and has had a consultation for a pro-bono scar removal

by a local plastic surgeon. Through your support of

the Green Tree Community Health Foundation, you

too can be an active positive force in the life of someone

like Linette. Volunteers and contributions are

always appreciated and restore the hope in humankind

for victims of targeted violence. ■

Parenting Educator receives

“Asset to the Community” Award!

Green Tree Community Health Foundation is pleased to

announce that their Parenting Educator, Sue Endy, MSW

received an award from the Northwest E.P.I.C. (Equal

Partners in Change) Stakeholders Group located in

Germantown at the 2009 E.P.I.C. Stakeholder Summit

Recognition Banquet on May 30, 2009. At dinner and awards

ceremony, Nan Rhone, Director presented Sue Endy with the

“Asset to the Community Award” for her outstanding commitment

and effort towards the Northwest E.P.I.C Stakeholders

Group including the most recent Stay in School! Community

event for students and their families held on January 31st at

the Dorothy Emanuel Recreation & Teen Center.

The Foundation’s parenting program concentrates, of course,

on children and families, based on the premise that the best

way to improve the health status of children is to help the parents

develop good parenting skills so that for generations, children

can grow up physically and emotionally healthy, schoolready,

and prepared to become productive citizens. Parenting

Education is also another way to help the parents and children

in conflict resolutions. If adults and children can be helped

early on there would be less violence all together. Sue does

more than just parenting as conflict resolutions start as soon as

a child begins to express their wants. Sometimes children need

to learn that their wants aren't always going to be met. The

positive reinforcement that Sue gives and teaches to young

teen-parents and others will carry them further into life than

they can imagine. Teaching a child not to grab something but

to ask for it first will teach them later in life they need to use

their words, not actions to get positive outcomes.


Green Tree Community Health Foundation received The

Marguerite L. Riegel Award for an organization on Monday,

June 15, 2009 from Center in the Park, Germantown, at their

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and The Annual

Presentation of The Marguerite L. Riegel Awards and The

Distinguished Service Award.

Susan M. Hansen, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO,

accepted the award for the Foundation which was recognized

for its dedication to serving the needs of the elderly.

Marguerite L. Riegel, born February 1, 1892, was an

activist who spent her long life in community work. She

graduated from Germantown Friends School, established

programs at the YWCA of Germantown, served as the first,

Executive Director of Germantown Community Council,

founded the NW Chapter of the AARP and co-founded the

Center for Older Adults, which today is - Center in the Park.

This year’s award recipients exemplify the spirit and continue

the legacy of Center in the Park’s co-founder.


Sue Endy,

MSW, Parenting


The Foundation’s Parenting Program reaches more than 950

individuals and 24 organizations annually. According to Sue

Endy, “Many parenting issues are universal; however, some

are unique to the gender of single parents; others are unique

to grandparents raising grandchildren. The Foundation’s

service area is so diverse that I continuously reevaluate the

resources available and develop a comprehensive plan to deal

with whatever the specific issue is.”

In addition to the Foundation's direct service in parenting, it

also provides the services of Sue Endy to two of its

grantees-Build a Bridge and Maternal Wellness Center, for

curriculum development.

For more information on the Foundation's Parenting

Program, or to set up an appointment, email info@greentreecommunityhealth.org,

or call 215-438-8102. To donate

directly to the Parenting Program, please use the enclosed

envelope and mark the appropriate box, thank you! ■

From left, Lynn Fields Harris, Executive Director, CIP congratulates

Distinguished Service recipients Frances Moss and Robert Macbeth,

and Riegel recipients Celeste Zappala and Susan Hansen.

Green Tree Community Health Foundation not only received

the Reigel award for an organization, they also received a

framed piece of artwork of Center in the Park’s 40th

Anniversary Cookbook Cover, which was created as gifts for

the 2009 Riegel Awardees by Center in the Park Board

Member and Artist, Joan Reeves. ■


In addition to our Parenting Educator getting an award

and being recognized with an award from Center in the

Park, we would like to recognize one of grantees, The

Food Trust. Green Tree Community Health Foundation is

pleased to be a funder of The Food Trust. The Food Trust

was recognized by the White House Office of Urban

Affairs as a leader who contributed to the success of the

Fresh Food Financing Initiative in Philadelphia. Mayor

Michael Nutter hosted the inaugural visit of a nationwide

tour of emerging innovative urban responses to health,

economic development, workforce development and neighborhood

revitalization. Congrats to Yael Lehman,

Executive Director of the Food Trust. In attendance were

also Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, Secretary of

Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and Deputy Secretary of HUD

Ron Sims.


September 16th

Calling all women! Join us at the

Fore the Foundation golf and

tennis outing. Proceeds benefit

maternal care for uninsured women

in Northwest Philadelphia.

For information call:


or register online at:


September 24th

From Jailhouse to Firehouse Join us at 5:00 pm for a fun

evening that includes a private tour of the Eastern State

Penitentiary with cocktails and silent auction to follow

at Jack’s Firehouse Grill. Proceeds benefit anti-violence

programs in Northwest Philadelphia.

For information call:


or register online at:


September 26th

The Main Street Fair in

Chestnut Hill. Join us on

the grounds of Chestnut Hill

Hospital (8835 Germantown

Avenue) for The Main Street

Fair. From 11am to 5pm,

enjoy rides, games, food, art,

health fair and more. 60% of

the proceeds from The Main

Street Fair will go towards

the Elissa Messori Jacobsen

Nursing Scholarship Fund

administered by Green Tree

Community Health Foundation. The Fund was started in

2002 and has awarded scholarships yearly to nursing students

that meet the requirements of the fund. Since the

inception of the fund 64 Scholarships have been awarded

totaling $146,407 to 47 nursing students. Information about

the fund, eligibility and ways to donate to the fund are available

online, www.greentreecommunityhealth.org, as well as

at the Fair.


We've caught on to the latest craves, facebook and twitter.

Join our cause on facebook and/or follow us on twitter by

visiting our home page www.greentreecommunityhealth.org.


Being a Foundation that is rapidly growing we are looking

for individuals that are interested in helping us to grow.

Volunteers are needed not only for our retail thrift shops

(Green Tree Thrift Shop and Monkey Business) located in

Chestnut Hill but also for our office too. Green Tree

Community Health Foundation is dedicated to improving

the health of our community and in doing so we need your

help volunteering. With events that we host to mailings

such as this one there is a job for everyone! Please visit us

online to find out more about our volunteer efforts, email us

at info@greentreecommunityhealth.org or call us if you’re

interested, 215.438.8102.

Donating can happen in many

different ways. You can join our

Pooled Income Fund, Gift Annuities,

donate through Facebook, Network

for Good, American Express


program or Guidestar.

Call 215.438.8102 for more details.


6023 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19144


Susan M. Hansen, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO

Amy T. D’Amico, Editor

Board of Trustees

Craig Johnson, President

Charlotte Betancourt, Vice President

Francis Ballard, Secretary

John Friedman, Treasurer

C. Richard Cox | Anita S. Crielly

Tine Hansen-Turton | John Kimberly, Ph.D.

Maitlon Russell | Walter Tsou, M.D.

Cheryl Wade | English Willis, M.D.

Would you like to be on our mailing list?

Call 215-438-8102.

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Julie Good Rausch


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Helen Reifsnyder

Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Rodriguez

Alice M. Rogers-Mendoza

Ms. Eileen Rojas

Judith S. Romig

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rosenbaum

Katherine Rovine

Judge and Mrs. Edward E. Russell

Janet G. Russell

Ms. F. Louise Scarlett

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schelke

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Schofer

Mr. and Mrs. William L Schreiber

Mary S. Seelye

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Shepard

Nancy Shepard

Bonnie Shuman

Ms. Denise K. Singleton

J.O. Smith

Ms. Pamela Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith, Jr.

Mr. R. Justin Snow and Ms. Marion Murray

Mr. Jay Spector


Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Stacks, Jr.

Ms. Camille M. Stark

Marilyn J. Steeg

Ms. Joanne W. Stehle

Ann M. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stewart

Pauline L. Stitzinger

Deborah M. Stout

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Stroud, Sr.

Emmaneta and Albert Subers

Ms. Earlean Susman

Mrs. Mary Anne M. Thomas

James R. Thompson

Linda Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thorp

Ms. Mary Pat Tomei

Ms. Gail C. Tucker

Ms. Elizabeth Vale

Ruth and Mark Valentine


Wachovia Foundation

William B. Walker

John and Cornie Walton

Ms. Kathryn M. Wellbank and

Ms. Dorothy Sylvester

Ms. Carol S. Wells

Ms. Joanne D. West

Mr. William A. Whitehead

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Whiteside

Ms. Beverly M. Wilde

Ms. Camilla Williams

Kathryn and Thomas Williams

Mrs. David Wise

Ms. Edith S. Wittman

Ms. Bettey J. Wooden

Mrs. Jean Woodring

Yards Brewing Company

Ms. Lucille V. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Zibelman

Ms. Hope Zoss

*The Foundation extends its sympathies

to these families.

Gifts were made in memory of

Grace Belfiore

Joseph and Florence Danihel

Samuel S. M. DuBois

Kevin Gibson (“Daddy”)

Robert Glendinning

Mrs. Carter Irwin

Elissa Messori Jacobsen

Ruth Swart Kafes

Elizabeth Leach

E. Russell and Jane B. Lurwick

JoAnn McVeigh

Jeanne H. O'Neill

Robert Rovine

Robert B. Russell

Barr Smith

William Van Thomas

Gifts were made in honor of

The Breish Family

Chestnut Hill Emergency Room Staff

Green Tree Community Health Foundation

John Lockard

Craig N. Johnson

Eleanor D. Martin

Robert E. May, M.D.

Catherine F. McGuckin

Dr. William Mebane III

20th Anniversary of Mt. Airy Family Practice

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