Download Here (PDF, 2.5 MB) - Northwest Food Processors ...

Download Here (PDF, 2.5 MB) - Northwest Food Processors ...

Download Here (PDF, 2.5 MB) - Northwest Food Processors ...


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Provisions effective upon enactment in Jan ‘11:<br />

Expanded records access (101)<br />

User fees authority (107)<br />

Port shopping (115)<br />

Increased inspection frequency (201)<br />

Mandatory recall authority (206)<br />

Import certification authority (303)<br />

Foreign food facility inspection author (306)<br />

Whistleblower protection (402)<br />

May, 2011<br />

October, 2011<br />

Administrative Detention Interim Final Rule (207)<br />

Farm-related activities rulemaking (103)<br />

Prior notice of imported food regs amendment (304) <strong>Food</strong> tracing pilot project (204)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety Modernization Act<br />

Implementation Timeline for food processors<br />

January, 2012<br />

Produce Safety Standards NPR (105)<br />

GAP Update (105)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Defense Guidance (106)<br />

Nat’l Ag & <strong>Food</strong> Defense Strategy (108)<br />

Import numeric identifier study (110)<br />

High-risk foods list (204)<br />

State/local capacity survey (205)<br />

Grocery RFR postings (211)<br />

Foreign Supplier Verification Guide (301)<br />

Foreign Supplier Verification Regs (301)<br />

January, 2013<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety Plans for small entities (103)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> safety/security practices report (110)<br />

Lab Accreditation Program (202)<br />

Recordkeeping for high-risk foods NPR (204)<br />

Enforcement of Foreign Supplier Verification Regs (301)<br />

Foreign food safety capacity plan (305)<br />

3 rd Party Audit Accreditation Program (307)<br />

July, 2013<br />

<strong>Food</strong> testing procedures (202)<br />

Small Entity CPG on additional recordkeeping for high-risk foods (204)<br />

J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D<br />

July, 2011<br />

Registration Suspension authority (102)<br />

Small Entity CPG for registration suspension (102)<br />

Small Entity CPG for <strong>Food</strong> Safety Plans (103)<br />

Fish Hazards & Controls Guidance update (103)<br />

Small business fee burden assessment (107)<br />

DHS <strong>Food</strong> & Ag Coordinating Council report (109)<br />

Administrative detention standards lowered (207)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> safety training outreach activities (209)<br />

Refused entry notification (304)<br />

Smuggled food strategy (309)<br />

Version 1.0<br />

This document is subject to change.<br />

Visit www.nwfpa.org frequently for the latest version.<br />

April, 2012<br />

October, 2012<br />

Recall search engine (206)<br />

Biennial registration (102)<br />

July, 2012<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety Plan general provisions (103) Dietary Ingredients Guidance (113)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety Plan Regulations (103) <strong>Food</strong> tracing pilot results (204)<br />

Small/very Small facility definitions (103) Additional RFR requirements (211)<br />

FDA food sector study (103) Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (302)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety Plan minimum standards (103) Voluntary Qualified Importer Guidance (302)<br />

Farm–related Activities Final Regulations (103) Prior notice of refused entry (304)<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Defense Regulations (106) 3 rd Party Audit Conflict of Interest Regs (307)<br />

Sanitary Transportation Regulations (106) Regulatory audit standards (307)<br />

April, 2013<br />

Produce Standards Final Regs (105)<br />

Beyond 2013:<br />

Jan ’14: <strong>Food</strong> Safety Plans for very small entities (103)<br />

Jan ’16: Electronic registration (102)<br />

No deadline:<br />

Performance standards (104)<br />

Product tracing system (204)<br />

All Contents Reserved. Copyright © 2011


The passage of the FDA <strong>Food</strong> Safety Modernization Act transforms FDA’s food safety program by<br />

providing it with new public health mandates and enhanced tools for ensuring the safety of the food<br />

supply in the 21st Century. The central purpose of the new law is to better protect public health by<br />

preventing food safety problems, rather than primarily reacting to problems after they occur.<br />

Preventive controls<br />

FDA has a legislative mandate to require comprehensive, prevention-based controls.<br />

• Hazard analysis, controls, corrective actions<br />

• Produce safety standards<br />

Inspection and Compliance<br />

The legislation recognizes that effective, efficient, risk-based inspection is an important means of<br />

holding industry accountable for their responsibility to produce safe products.<br />

Imported <strong>Food</strong> Safety<br />

The legislation provides significant enhancements to FDA’s ability to achieve greater oversight of the<br />

food products coming into the United States from other countries.<br />

• Foreign supplier verification programs<br />

• Foreign facility inspection authority<br />

• Import certification authority<br />

• Qualified voluntary importer program<br />

Enhanced Partnerships<br />

The legislation recognizes the importance of strengthening existing collaboration among all food<br />

safety agencies – Federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, and foreign – to achieve FDA public health goals. It<br />

also recognizes the importance of building the capacity and training of state, local, territorial and tribal<br />

food safety programs as well as building labs and food safety programs, and other food safety activities.<br />

Source: FDA Strategic Priorities 2011 -2015<br />

<strong>Food</strong> Safety<br />

Modernization Act<br />

Implementation Timeline<br />

for food processors<br />


Organized in 1914, the <strong>Northwest</strong> <strong>Food</strong> <strong>Processors</strong> Association (NWFPA) represents the complex, varied<br />

interests of food processors in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. NWFPA is headquartered in Portland,<br />

Oregon, and has a current membership roster of over 450 member companies. Among these members,<br />

about 80 food processors operating over 200 production facilities throughout the Pacific <strong>Northwest</strong>.<br />

Changing to reflect the diverse background of food firms throughout the region, the Association’s<br />

membership has expanded over the past several years to include seafood, poultry, dairy, bakeries,<br />

specialty and fresh-cut.<br />

For more information contact Connie Kirby, VP, Scientific and Technical Affairs (ckirby@nwfpa.org, 503.327.2206)<br />

8338 NE Alderwood Road, Suite 160, Portland OR 97220 – Phone 503.327.2200 – www.nwfpa.org<br />

Version 1.0

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